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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  December 17, 2018 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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humor. and i just feel like i'm sad you are not doing another determine. i think everyone felt really sad that you weren't doing another term. but i really appreciate your environmental legislation. when you did home-sf, i was like, wow, that was brave of you. because when they first brought out home-sf, it was really a mess in the community. people didn't understand it they were not happy about it. when you picked it up and brought it out, you did a good job. and you have the best blueprint that anyone -- if anyone has looked at her blueprint, it's amazing, and it's katy because she rolled up her sleeves and did the blueprint. and i want to thank you for the kitties and puppies through the
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years and we should probably have one in our lap during our board supervisor meeting, petting it, stress relief. thank you. and i know your next venture will be amazing. >> president cohen: supervisor fewer. >> supervisor fewer: i've had the good fortune of sitting next to katy all this time i've been on the board. i want to say, katy, i know i wasn't your first choice for supervisor for district 1, in fact, i don't think i was your choice at all, but i never felt that way working with you. katy is the same age as my daughter. i'm this older woman, not knowing what i'm doing. and katy is so organized. i think you are extraordinary and fabulous. i tell everyone how fabulous you are. i don't think your district really realizes what a good supervisor you have been and you've set the bar so high for
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the rest of us. so competent. so smart. also, just so prepared and takes the job so seriously, where i'm not paying attention, you are on track all the time. i just think -- yeah, you are fabulous. you are going to do such wonderful things. i can't wait to see what you are going to be doing. you will grace the world with knowledge and compassion and level headedness and civility and also decency. so best wishes. thank you for your service to the residents of san francisco. thank you for being such a model to follow. and best of luck, katy. you absolutely deserve it. >> president cohen: supervisor
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stefani. >> supervisor stefani: thank you, president cohen. it's not lost on me that we are losing three incredibly strong, intelligent women on this board and i want to thank all three of them for running, serving with integrity and being role models for young girls everywhere. katy, thank you for helping set the precedent that legislative aides can get appointeded and win their seats. so thank you for that. [laughter] we first served as legislative aides together and i loved working with you, always being able to go into your office and talk to you about any issue that came up, and we were always usually on the same side of things. when you were the budget aide to supervisor chu and i became budget aide to supervisor farrell, what you went through and everything you taught me was invaluable. i wouldn't have been able to do
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the job i did if it wouldn't have been for you. i took your blueprint and went for it. i can't thank you enough for helping me. i've been so impressed with everything you've done. like supervisor brown said, watching you as someone that was an aide with us and become a supervisor, it's incredible. i want to thank you for the plastic straw band. my son, dominik asked me, he said, can you please ban plastic straws? you've done it. and thank you for everything you've done on the environment. i, too, care deeply about that. and look forward to picking up where you left off. i want to thank you for everything you've done for working mothers. as supervisor yee mentioned, lactation hubs and everything. there is one time you called me when ashley was coming back to work and she just had her baby. and you asked me what it was like to be a working mother. and that stayed with me. it struck me that you cared so
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deeply about providing an environment for one of your legislative aides that just had a baby. not everybody does that. in a society where working mothers need to work like they don't have children and mother like they don't have jobs, the fact that you took time to call me and ask about my experience for your aide is just -- it's amazing. and i -- you are that type of person. i love you. i'm going to miss you so much. and also -- i'm going to miss you a lot. the day you told me you weren't going to run for another term and you were down there by my side, as i filed my paperwork and they asked you at elections, they're reminding you, supervisor tang, today's the deadline. and you said, yeah, i know. and, anyway, i'm going to miss you. i hope we stay in touch.
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thank you for being my friend all these years and good luck in everything you do. >> president cohen: supervisor safai. >> supervisor safai: thank you, madam president. so many wonderful things have been said. i'm usually not at a loss for words. but this is -- i still haven't accepted officially that katy won't be on this board, but i guess the moment has come. she's been my b.f.f., as much as aaron tries to steal her away from me. i came in and bumped him to the side, for at least a small while. i just want to thank you, supervisor katy, for welcoming me when i came on this board. always making time to talk things through, talk about legislation, talk about the process. and making me feel welcome immediately. i know everyone is talking about your accomplishments and you nope what those are, but for your friendship, it means a lot to me.
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and i've really enjoyed the time we've spent together. you've certainly been tenacious. when you dig in on an issue, no matter the topic, i know it will be accomplished. i've watched you from a distance with extreme admiration in many, many instances. you've been a champion for your district. as your colleagues have said, your preparation is to be modeled. you always come really, really, really prepared. and i certainly appreciate that. and it pushes me to be that much more prepared. i also want to recognize and talk about how you have a calming presence. you have an ability to come in and no matter, if there's tension between anyone on this board, when you get involved, things smooth over and you have a way of talking with everyone. that's a wonderful, wonderful
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quality. that will being missed. thank you for keeping your word. thank you for standing by me on every single thing that i brought to you. and always being straight with me. we adopted a cat because of you, even though it drives me crazy sometimes. my son, who you share a birthday with, it was his present and he loves his cat. thank you for your blueprint. i copied it right away. there are many things that you were a model for. no matter what you do, no matter the outcome, continue to believe in yourself because you are extremely, extremely smart and head of the class. i will greatly miss our time together. thank you. >> president cohen: supervisor tang, my turn.
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may i say something? thank you. i wanted to say how much i've enjoyed watching you mature. i've known you since you were an intern, starting in the newsome administration. i think that's a unique point that you and i have in common, our evolution and growth and development really starts out of that shared moment in time. it been refreshing to share so many memories with you about newsom and our friend, franco, who we lost a few years ago. and i'm excited for you. i think you are probably the smartest out of the bunch, not squandering your good times, good, youthful years here at the board of supervisors, getting out while you can. [laughter] congratulations for making it to the finish line. it's been an incredible run you are a remarkable human
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being, smart, tenacious, fun, and you're a classy woman. when we disagreed, we were able to disagree and walk away and maintain a certain level of professionalism and mutual respect. i'm excited for the next chapter of your life, you and justin and your family and i have some flowers for you that i want to give you. it's been a great honor serving san francisco with you. the floor is yours now. >> supervisor tang: i will make my comments later.
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>> president cohen: let's go to the next item, supervisor kim. we'll reserve our individual remarks to the end. >> supervisor peskin: i was going to speak for about 20 minutes about supervisor kim, but i think that the community said everything that needed to be said. so i'm going to sit down. i'm kidding. i want to preface this tough goodbye, even though jane will not be far away and i will call her more than usual. by owning up to the fact that in 2010 when jane leaped into that shark pool called electoral politics, i was not with her. and i think it became a teachable moment for me. if people think that progressive litmus tests are a brand-new thing, they're not.
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that double standard happened to jane eight years ago from a lot of folks, including me. jane never held it against me. after i was -- i was off the board when jane was elected, i would come down here once in a but moon to whine about 8 washington that the board approved and the neighborhood put on the ballot or treasure island plan that got revisited with more density and less affordability for which i think i sued the city for a number of years. but jane would still take my late night calls. jane said, i don't know why i take your cause, but it was words to the effect of, i kind of like you or tolerate you. i was touched by that. later on, there was a fight
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about ceqa reform and we all went to jane. it was very esoteric, technical stuff. and jane jumped in when jane gets on to something, she was on to it. and that's where we started solidifying our relationship. later on when the balance of the board was at stake, jane encouraged me to come out of my peaceful, lovely, travel-filled retirement and she not only got me back in but gave me great volunteers who you heard from time from the tenderloin, who were remarkable at some point, she said, hey, you need a campaign manager from the community and with her
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permission, i asked sonny angulo, who said no, but after sufficient begging came, and the rest of that is history, but thank you for sonny. and then i asked sonny to be my chief of staff. and then she said no, but after sufficient begging. before i go too long, our offices are kind of like one office. we referred to ourselves as district 36 or 63. that's not just my relationship with jane, but ivy, or april or april -- bobby lopez. it's just been a remarkable. your office is the sweetest spot for me and my colleagues.
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there's a lot more to say, but on my first day back december 8 three years ago, we teamed up on 30 van ness and made the right decision, thank you, supervisor yee. i don't like back at that with regret. i think we did the right thing. the next week on december 15, we came back and did the impossible and introduced a charter amendment to take the affordable housing provision that was stayed in the charter out. we did the right thing. there was a lot of political shenanigans, but the thing that i would just love to show you and give you is our handwritten letter that we gave john arntz withdrawing our threatened ordinance setting housing fee requirement. boom. that's yours. now you have another copy. the list goes on and on.
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i want to say this, though, jane is tough as nails. i was going to use a different word. and it's interesting because jane tells me and others -- i'm sure everybody has heard this story, about how she goes into meetings and negotiations and people think she's the aide to the supervisor. and i've learned that you should not in any way underestimate jane kim. she will eat your lunch if you are not careful. and she will read you the riot act when you need it read to you. and i just want to say, as we are at the one-year anniversary of ed lee's passing and rose pack, who was my on-and-off-again friend and jane's dear friend, i know how much she adored you and she would be, i think, remarkably
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proud of the eight years you've had on the board of supervisors. and it's funny. i've been watching some of my colleagues and members of the public and folks that surround the board. a lot of people want to be you. but you are one of a kind. irreplaceable. and i want to end by saying, this is her 760th meeting of board of supervisors or committee, excluding transportation authority, excluding m.t.c., bcdc, and she took more than 11,700 votes in the last eight years. >> supervisor yee: i want to say of all three of you, you have such a thing in common --
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tenacious, really organized, passionate people. so i want to just put it out there that all three of you are that way. and three very smart human beings that i've learned a lot from. and it's -- so, jane, it's one of these things where i feel like you're -- you and katy to a certain extent, you are like daughters. and i don't say that in a disrespectful way. it's like -- >> president cohen: that's good to hear. >> supervisor yee: you, too. >> president cohen: oh, continue, please. [laughter] >> supervisor yee: it's one of these things, where i watch you and i watched you grow and i feel so proud of all three of you, jane, and katy and malia, because it's like, man, i wish my daughters would be like that.
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and you guys are just incredible. but getting back to some things. i really appreciate what you've done on the board. i wish i could have served all eight years with you in terms of overlapping. but i feel really proud that it's not only the six years we've overland but four years on the board of education. [please stand by]
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... for you to make that happen was remarkable. i think you got people behind you on that one. and then it's not the last thing, but certainly the last issue that we worked closely together to get the passage of prop c. and making history in the united states with this particular initiative, because in any place in the united states, it would be larger than most states in terms of investment to early education and helping working parents. and for us to extend it beyond the low-income and really understanding that the moderate and middle income families need help in san francisco. i feel really proud i've been able to partner with you.
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so all these things, i could go on and on. but i want to keep it at that. i think your passion for social justice. it rubs off on many of us in many different ways. so i want to thank you for that. thank you very much. >> president cohen: thank you, supervisor. supervisor ronen. >> supervisor ronen: thank you. oh -- i always feel so lucky that we agree on so much because having you on the side of whatever policy or whatever campaign we're fighting for is such a gift. because you are brilliant and you're articulate as can be. and sometimes when you're arguing for or against a policy, i just want to scream and cheer, even being in the seat next to
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you. that was amazing! i've done that the whole time you've been here. when i was an aide or when i've been your colleague, i pretty much felt that way the whole time. and i just want to thank you so much for what you've done for the city. and most of all for the people that are suffering and that are left behind. and that are homeless. and that are being abused by systems and people in the city. and you always, always stand up for those people. and i know that about you. even at times when we haven't been the best of friends, i always know you're going to be there and that you're going to fight relentlessly for those people. and that is a gift to all of us. and so i want to thank you so, so much for that. i also just want to say that
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having watched you put yourself out there and run for high offices, whether it was senator or the mayor, which is so hard and it's so vulnerable, and some of the attacks that have been lodged against you has made me more angry than anything that happened in the campaign world or the political world because they were so deeply unfair, so deeply false. and they were misogynist over and over again. and i just remember screaming at people and saying, that's just not true, i know this woman. and i know who she is and what she stood for. and watching the lies that were spread against you, i want you to know how hard that was for me even to watch. and how proud i am of you
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standing up with dignity and grace. not letting it stop you, not letting it get you down. and standing up and running for the next thing, because you knew you were the best leader to do it. i admire that so much. thank you for being that example for so many women in the city and in this world. i also cannot wait to see what you do next. i can't wait for all of the next ways you choose to use your talents to fight for the best policies and for the best for all people, the dignity of all people. and i just deeply, deeply thank you for your work all these years. >> president cohen: supervisor brown. >> supervisor brown: i remember when both you and supervisor
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cohen came if and i was an aide. when you first came in. at first for you, i was thinking, oh, our board meetings are not going to be as fun because your predecessor kept us rolling with f-bombs. but i was so proud to see two strong women coming in and you were both fierce. you didn't take any shit right away, which i really was impressed with. but what i really noticed about you, supervisor kim, is that you were -- you engaged in your community like really no one had ever seen. you were kind. you would listen. you would come in and just sit and listen. i know since we shared a border and i wasn't to some of those
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meetings as an aide, and you would listen for hours to people. you never looked at your watch or your phone or tried to run out, saying i've got another meeting. you were there. and i always thought is the kind of person that we want as a supervisor. and then after a year or two, i realized how smart you were. you were really smart. and we used to have a joke, being jane kim, in reference to being john malkovich, what's it like to be in jane kim's brain, because she's so damn smart. i watched you and i watched you take a neighborhood and build affordable housing and you really took that and made this amazing community for everyone to be able to live in and you did that with such care and grace. and really looking out for the
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people in this city. it wasn't just the community, but in the city, to have affordable housing. and i just want to say thank you and thank you for when i came on this board, for being kind and giving me advice. i really appreciate it. and i think you're really brave for a lot of the things that you have done. so i just want to thank you. and yes, you will be missed. >> >> supervisor mandelman: well, i'm going to miss you a lot, jane kim, although i know you're not really going away. i said this at this board before, but i'm so impressed with the way you used your time on this board. that you have both looked after the very most vulnerable, the very folks who need the most help, but have also -- and related to that and tried to do big things and pursued universal
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answers to problems and tried to create a right to higher education in san francisco and helped create a right to childcare in san francisco. and i just, that's a model i think for any of us who serve. i have also, you know, i came on the board having run a campaign about homelessness and knowing that it was really something i needed to dig into. i know that supervisor ronen had done that before me, but before either one of us were doing it, you were spending nights in shelters, interviewing every person in the city, looking at every program and digging in about what is at the root of our city's homeless crisis. not pursuing cheap and easy solutions that make people feel good, but don't really solve anything, but looking for real ways to make peoples' lives
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better. i appreciate that, like supervisor peskin, i did not support you in 2010. and didn't know exactly what kind of supervisor you were going to be, and i remember coming to meet with you sometime after you had been elected and bringing you some books [laughter] about land use i thought were important for you to read [laughter]. i like how ridiculous and patronizing. >> i still have them, though. >> supervisor mandelman: and the thing is, there are so many people in this building, so lovely, so well paid to explain to folks here how the interests of their clients are perfectly aligned with the public interest and i think it is really hard for folks who serve in these elected offices to keep track, what really is private interest,
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and what really is public interest, and you quickly in this role, without any particular background i'm aware of in land use, figured it out and figured out who to extract the most public good and value for the public. i want to thank you for that. supervisor peskin said you jumped into the shark pool in 2010. you actually jumped in a number of years before that. i think 2004 was the first time you had run, but lost that race. you went on to win. i'm a big fan of that model, winning some and losing some and going on and winning more. i'm excited to see what you're going to do in the future because i think what you've done in the past is amazing and we all have great expectations. thank you. >> supervisor stefani: thank you, madame president. when i was first appointed, supervisor peskin said, you
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know, jane kim is good people, you ought to get to know her. i regret that over the last year i haven't been able to get to know you as well as would have liked. i feel had you and i met in law school, we would have been excellent friends. there are so many things i admire about you, jane, your work ethic. i've seen you over the years, but your work ethic is amazing. your tenacity and passion for the underdog. i so admire that. you have been fighting so hard and so long for affordable housing and you know, free city college. although we may disagree on how we get there, i admire that passion to make sure people have a chance in life. and that is something that you do so well, above and beyond. and the world needs people like you. and i've also been fortunate to interact with some of your aides
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who i love and adore. ivy, sunny and april. they've been warm and welcoming and i thank you for that. i want to wish you the best of luck. like i said, the world needs people like jane kim. although you and i haven't had a chance to work that much together and maybe we're on the opposite sides of things or come at things differently, i want you to know i admire you and wish you the best of luck in your endeavors. i know you're going to do great things for people and watching everybody come out, tells me you have a lot more to do in this world and you are a true shining light in this world and will change a lot of people's lives. >> supervisor fewer: jane kim and i are good friends. in fact, jane kim knows a lot of personal information about me. [laughter] jane actually, we had
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this weird relationship. i'm kind of like her west coast mom. and she is -- >> you're my teenage mom. >> supervisor fewer: my political mentor. so, yeah, i have to say, no, i was with jane kim when she ran for supervisor and you guys were not. and jane and i, we stood on corners together and we showed them and we said, yeah, we're going to win this. it was a huge victory for a grassroots campaign. really, the first i was involved in that was that robust. i am going to miss you on the board, but actually i think when you're off the board, i'll be able to see you maybe more. because our lives are so busy. jane has -- we have fought many battles together, jane. and i think that through these battles we have emerged much stronger. and jane is like, yeah, we kind of go back. we have a lot of stories
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actually, i think, but the thing that i admire most about jane is her courage. and whereas she could be my daughter, let's face it, i'm 61. and i look to her for courage. and i think courage is a sort of muscle, the more you use it, the bigger it gets. and when i think about courage, i think about jane. i think about her fighting those fights at the school district. we authored many resolutions together. one of them being restorative practices and another one ethics studies in every one of our high schools. trying to transform our district to be more equitable and also to meet the needs of the students most majorirginalized. i think you stayed true to that belief all three years as
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supervisor. jane, having known you for so long, i know your parents, and we share mutual friends, i hope that we are friends forever. i hope we are friends until you're an old lady -- [laughter] and you're visiting me and i can still bake for you and have you over for dinner. and we can have it together and i hope we can remain deep friends, close friends. i hope that you know that you can always come to me and we can have a real honest conversation to help you any way i can and i know, i'm going to be calling on you. because i have two more years left on my term. so, jane, thank you for being such a good friend, and thank you for serving your district so well and thank you for serving the people of san francisco and being a mentor to me
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politically, and also, i think teaching me the value of public service and actually what an impact being a public servant you can have on a community that you really care about that is struggling. thank you. >> supervisor safai: that was really nice, supervisor fewer. you can see the connection between the two of you. you stole one of my lines, which i'm proud to say i also supported jane kim in 2010. my daughter was first born and we actually -- it's where i met sunny, i can remember the day i met jane when she walked into the janitor's union and we were one of the only that supported jane in her first run. campaign in the tenderloin, alongside sunny and bobby, with my daughter in the stroller. it was that time we started a connection. and you know, from that time on,
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any time the union asked you to come and be there with the members and stand by them on their contract campaign, that's where i got to see who you were, what you were about. you weren't just there when you were campaigning, but you were there when you were needed and your voice was strong. that's where we began. i have a lot of admiration. as supervisor ronen said, it's your courageousness. it's not easy to put yourself out there on a city-wide campaign and take the hits and keep standing and keep coming back and being a strong advocate. consistently. consistently for those that need a strong voice. i think everyone has highlighted that. there are so many things i could say about all three of you and they're all reflective, but on this board we began negotiations on inclusionary housing and we're ending negotiations on free city college.
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so many different big things you were a part of. that is just a couple. but truly being an advocate for your district and being such a strong voice for those that need a strong voice. i'll always appreciate that about you and i know you'll continue to do phenomenal things as i said yesterday. >> supervisor kim, i'm reminded eight years ago when we stood in the chamber and took the oath, we were both filled with so much optimism. it's been one of the things that i remember most about that day in january was when you stood at the head of the chamber and you expressed a korean phrase in korean to your mother. it was so beautiful. very touching. you commented about how you don't say it very often. and i remember looking at your parents and seeing them -- your father was stoic, he wasn't touched, but your mother was
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touched. your father was like a statue, he was really, wow. but your mother and one of the people talked about your legislative accomplishments which is fantastic. i want to talk about your personal fashion style [laughter]. and i just want you to know how much i truly have appreciated watching you come into the chamber, particularly when your hair is curled, because your curls bounce when you walk, with fantastic fashionable shoes and power suits so much so that you have now given me fashion advice that i am very grateful for. still going to get out to argent, but i figured we needed to lighten the mood, because people were talking about your character, legislative accomplishments, i wanted to go on record and talk about your fashion. and how much i can appreciate you putting thought into it.
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you put a lot of thought into your legislation, but you put a lot of heart into everything. the total package. and i want to present to you some beautiful roses as well, just as a token of our friendship. and symbolism of how much i've enjoyed growing with you as a professional. congratulations. >> president cohen: supervisor peskin. now we're on you. >> president cohen: just for the record, everyone had a mad rush for katy and jane, and there was no mad rush -- i just want you
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all to know -- [laughter] -- now it's starting to fill up. i have to shame the people into doing the right thing. peskin put his name on and took it off! [laughter] >> supervisor peskin: maybe it was a little joke. i wanted to see you get going. >> madame president, i rise to a point of privilege and it is my privilege to actually excoriate you for what you just did. that bravado. there is a lot of things i could say, but i want to start with your courage. that is the courage to stand up for police reform and to stand up to the police officers association and you have done that without hesitation, without fear about the political repercussions. and you stood up and opposed prop h around a measure about
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tasers that should never have been put on the ballot. you did not hesitate. and i think san francisco owes you a debt of gratitude around that very difficult issue. i can also remember my intense time doing what i did not want to do, which was sit on the budget and finance committee for one hellish week in the final weeks of 2017. and thankfully, you really had a very open ear and allowed me to get some of that stuff across the finish line. i should also mention that president cohen excoriated me in this chamber for 30 minutes on cannabis amendments i had offered, but ended up supporting the legislation to protect chinatown from gentrification, which i know is not a easy vote for anybody. but after giving me hard time,
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you listened to the community, you listened to the tenants association and i want to tell you how much i appreciate that vote. we had that tnc tax proposal, but ultimately we agreed to go to the state legislature and get permission. and buried in that tmc tax was the sunny way fair tax and i wanted it to live. i called malia up and explained it and maybe we could sink it into the cannabis tax and without hesitation -- i mean it was a three-minute conversation, malia said, i will take it, i will take credit for it. even though ben rosenfeld doesn't want to say it publicly, it could be worth up to $50 million a year. so thank you for the money. i'm sure you'll continue to do that work at the board of equalization.
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i'm going to miss your witisms and the way you run the board meetings, it's fantastic. it's super fun. i'm going to miss your staff. i think one thing that is really important in moments like this is supervisors, it doesn't matter how brilliant you are, doesn't matter how much you read, you're only as good as your staff. and you have had incredible staff. i like to call them by their last names. that's how i deal with them. kitler, but we're going to continue to work with them. russ is still around, i can't say his last name and the other who called by her first name
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yo-yo. >> supervisor ronen: oh, malia, what are we going to do without you and your humor and the surprising things you come up with? when you speak, i listen extra attentively because i'm always like, what is she going to say? you know? it's often times completely unexpected and what i -- i mean, i have to say as much as staff is really important, i love when you didn't read from the script that your staff prepared. i loved when you spoke from your heart and head because it was 100 times more interesting and often times incredibly thoughtful and fierce. i mean, i'll never forget the time that you just went off about immigrant rights and about
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how insane it was what was happening and the attacks on immigrants. and it was one of the most beautiful speeches about immigrant rights i had ever heard. i remember coming up to you and saying thank you so much. and everyone wanted to take a picture with you, because even though you weren't known as a regular immigrant rights advocate or activist, you sort of nailed it with your speech in a way that moved us all to the core. and that's what you have the power to do. when something strikes you as unjust or really pisses you off, watch out, world, because i don't know anyone can express it more powerfully than you can. and i mean that very sincerely. i also love about you how much family means to you. the amount of times that you
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have asked me how my daughter is doing, how my father is doing? nobody else has done that on the board in the same way you have. you are genuinely concerned, you want to know, you listen, you ask, you probe. and that has really touched me. and has created bridges, a friendship between us that i really thank you for. and i just want to echo what supervisor peskin said about taking on the p.o.a., with fierce bravery. thank you. thank you for taking that lead and making it safe for others to stand by you. but you really took the lead there and made it safe for everyone else. and i'll never forget you for that. and i won't forget you how thoroughly prepared and how you vetted our next police commissioners. you took that job so incredibly
7:49 pm
seriously and stood up and fought for your community that has been abused and battered by police all over the nation. and the thoughtfulness you took to that is again something i will never forget for the rest of my life. so congratulations on the board of equalization. i'm excited to see what you do there, but also just to watch you go in the world and watch the amazing things you do. thank you, malia. >> supervisor fewer: yeah, so malia and i have this thing, that i call her mean and i say, malia, you're kind of mean, but i endorse you and i say, malia, you're kind of mean, but you're great. or i say malia -- okay, so funny. i actually have to say when i first met her, who the hell does she think she is? and now i know. she knows who she is.
7:50 pm
malia cohen is bad-ass. she really is. i have to say. i have seen her on the budget committee. i have seen her at the police commission hearings. and when she is sitting there and asking those questions. and the real tough questions that we as supervisors should be asking, i say to myself, malia cohen is bad asdrubal cabreras bad-ass. she really is. i have to thank her for doing the hard job and grilling these candidates that will have jurisdiction over our police department which is so important. i have learned a lot from you in this budget committee. it's funny because i look at you and say, i have to ask these questions. no, it's okay, it has to do the budget, it's numbers and i like that.
7:51 pm
and again i can be malia's mother age-wise, but i feel that i am really learning from you. i think you're going to be great in sacramento. i think you are fit for higher office. i think you're imminently qualified. i think you represent san francisco and the bay area well. we are proud to have you go on and launch a career in higher career in public office. i think you will serve the state of california really well, malia. thank you for your service. and thank you for the voice of equity, race, of -- i'm going to -- when i say malia, this is wrong, and i bring something to you, you say, you're onto something, stay on that. for all those times you've told me that. i am going to stay on it, malia. and thank you, thank you for teaching me. i really appreciate it. the best of luck to you, malia. i think you're going to be great
7:52 pm
in sacramento. thank you. >> supervisor mandelman: i'm trying to remember how long i've known president cohen and i think it's been at least 15 years, because we met through a mutual friend, michael liberty. so a while ago. but i have so enjoyed this opportunity over these last six months to get to know you better. i want to thank you for the incredible kindness you've shown to me from the minute i joined the board, and even before then. you've always taken the time to help and offer advice. i'm going say you're terrifying. you're absolutely terrifying. if you cross malia cohen, she will call you on it, my staff is terrified. it is very effective [laughter]. it really is. and i think that quality is related to just the command you
7:53 pm
show in any situation. your fearlessness. up step in and control the press conference, the room, whatever it is. and that's such an amazing political skill and it's a leadership skill. and san francisco is lucky to have you in leadership and have you demonstrating that. and then finally, others have spoken about it, but your incredible humor. you lighten what could be otherwise boring or mundane or awful moments become better, because you're funny. >> thank you. >> supervisor brown: so, malia, i think people really underestimated you when you first came into office. and when you came into office, we were in an economic down turn, and i remember you going out and fighting for your community for your violence prevention programs, to get more money in there, for the homeless. holding the police accountable.
7:54 pm
that was something that you went in and you just jumped in. and i was so impressed. and with district 5 we share a commonality of having a high number of public housing and hud housing and some of the issues that go with having people from low income and just the things they have to face every day. and i was always so impressed how you were front and center on that. then when i came in to work for then supervisor breed, i thought, well, now she has someone to talk about with her hair. because she was always like i have to go talk to malia about my hair. i thought that was really sweet. how you both really connected and had this bond and became power. and i really appreciated that. and i really admired it. and the police reform and the
7:55 pm
tasers, i think you had so many cheerleaders even if you didn't know that. we were cheering for you, malia, and you have done such a great job on so many things. equity. when we talk about equity for the city, you have always been front and center. you don't apologize. and you're fearless. and when you became board president, i said, oh, boy, this is going to be fun. and it has been. and then i've actually been part of it. i really appreciate it. and i've always said, malia, tell us how you really feel. because you never hold -- this is how i feel, this is my opinion, there is nothing hidden, no hidden agenda and i really appreciate that. you're going to be a superstar at the state level. so thank you for your time and thank you for always being supportive of me.
7:56 pm
>> supervisor yee: okay. you know, i never told you this, but somebody approached me asking me, you know, the person was -- i won't say the name, but the person was interested in being on the police commission. and i said -- [laughter] -- i said, well you ever been grilled? can you stand up to that? what do you mean? i have a colleague that is going to grill you so hard you're probably going to cry. [laughter]. and my friend changed his mind [laughter]. because i have seen you do that. and i really appreciated it, though. especially for the police commissioner positions, because it's such an important position for one to hold and the
7:57 pm
decisions they make. it's very impactful to people's lives. so i really do appreciate that. you know, i also realize that we're going to lose our two low graduates for the first time, we won't have a lowell person on the board for a long time now. so i'm sad to see that go. and one of the things i learned to appreciate is your growth on the board. in particular, in the last few years, because i've gotten to see you more, through the budget process and for one -- especially this last budget cycle where you didn't just have to deal with all of us, you had to deal with -- not only one mayor, but two mayors -- >> three. >> supervisor yee: three. for one to go through all of that, i have to admire that. you did a good job in balancing
7:58 pm
everybody's needs. thank you for that. and i think almost everybody has said the same thing about your tenacity in regards to making sure you fight for social justice, you know, for all communities, but in particular the african-american community and you never let up and never compromised that. that's something we need more of. we need to stand up to p.o.a. and so forth. thank you very much for that are. i really will miss your rapid fire questioning that you get into every so often. i think also i agree that you're going to be great board of equalization member. >> supervisor stefani: thank you, madame clerk. president cohen, i remember my first board meeting after i was appointed. i was so worried.
7:59 pm
we were getting off to a rocky start as you had a resolution to make sure i was only interim. i'm really happy that didn't work out. [laughter] you know, you are my sister and i think there is something we'll always have that bond. and you were my mentor as well. and that has always meant a lot to me, that you've been there for me. i regret we never got to do our joint spin class fundraiser, but maybe another time. i also loved serving on the board. i think it's really been an honor and privilege that i've at least got to serve for one year with you. and especially on the budget and finance committee. i've had more fun than i ever thought i could on the budget and finance committee, because it's been unpredictable. it's been, you know, your mood is infectious. when you come in and you're ready to go. you can turn a whole room
8:00 pm
around, people just sitting there, you come in and you just shine. even supervisor safai came in on the trash thing and said, are you ready to talk trash? you even got him going. so i think i've had so much fun serving with you on that committee. i love budget and finance, but you've made it extra fun. also, too, the process you've created. having been, like i said, budget day. the process you created was to transparent. and i was really worried when we went to the process and wondering how that was going to work, but it was smooth and transparent and i think people really appreciated that. i know that i did. i hope we continue with your example. also, you're not afraid to be who you are. and i have admire thad. you know this last year with running, you know, for me, being, oh my gosh, if i say the wrong thing it's going to be bad, b


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