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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  December 18, 2018 3:00am-4:01am PST

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san francisco public works welcome all to enjoy the magic of the >> all right. we've got some holiday cheer for you. we hope you're ready. [singing "you're a mean one, mr. grinch"]
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grin [applause] >> thank you. >>.
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[applause] [singing "feliz navidad"]
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[applause] [singing "jingle bell rock"]
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>> once again, we are business casual acapello, and we are so excited to be here for the san francisco tree lighting ceremony. if you shoot videos or photos of us here tonight, we'd look to see us. our facebook page is bc vocals. this will be our last song tonight. we hope you have a wonderful
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christmas and happy holiday season. [singing "santa claus is coming to town"]
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>> let's have another hand for our wonderful acapella singers.
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[applause] >> and now we're going to get to the musical part of our program with our overtures, three songs that you know so
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well. [singing "san francisco"] [band playing "silver bells"]
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[band playing "santa claus is coming to town"]
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[applause] >> thank you. now, it's my pleasure to introduce the emcee for tonight, bill bottoms. bill, where are you? >> hi, everybody.
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how you doing tonight? that's right. let me lead you a little bit louder. how are you all doing tonight? [cheers and applause] >> that's right. do we have some small kiddos for the show. feel free to come right up front. we're going to have some stories and personal visitors. everyone, i'm bell bottoms. they were looking for an incredibly talented host. they could only find a jewish drag queen, so i apologize in advance. but what a wonderful city that embraces such diversity. i'm so, so proud to be here with you all. [applause] >> that's right. and apropos my division, the first number that i'm going to
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perform is by the queen herself, barbra streisand. [singing "jingle bells"]
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>> thank you all so much. thank you so much for being here. so we have an incredible show in store for you tonight. we've got a ton of performers. who here knows someone in the show, anybody? [applause] >> there we go. we have some fans in the house. beautiful. fantastic. let me introduce you, and i want to give some special thanks tonight. so i want to give, first, some thanks to the crew that has made this entire performance possible here at the civic center. i want to thank another planet entertainment who's helped with all of then tainment here tonight, and the sfgovtv northern nation, who have made donations for all of the toys tonight. let's give a round of applause for them.
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[applause] >> and who here loves to dance? anybody here loves to dance? yeah. we've got a few dancers. anybody got some moves? you've got some, little guy. got some dance moves? well, this next performance is by an incredible group of tap dancers. so this next group, the christmas tree tappers, under the direction of pam drake, the tap dancing christmas trees join us from dance ten performing arts center in alameda. over the years, they've performed in many parades. their fifth appearance in the macy's parade on thanksgiving day 2016 featured them with the muppets. so please, welcome to the stage
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the christmas tree tappers. [dance routine performed]
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>> let's hear it again for the christmas tree tappers.
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[applause] >> weren't they fantastic? what about you, kids? did you take the tappers? yeah. so much fun, right? they brought them because they knew i couldn't dance, and they knew i needed some help. the next group is the san francisco girl's chorus. they won five grammy awards, performing at the 2009 inauguration of president barack obama. the sfgc continues to empower young women from all across the bay area with its chorus school, which trains over 250
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young girls and women in vocal training each year. please welcome to the stage the san francisco girl's chorus.
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[applause] chore [singing "deck the halls"]
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[singing "silent night"]
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[applause] >> let's hear it for the san francisco girl's chorus.
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hi, folks. how great were they? fantastic, don't you think? [applause] >> okay. before we go any further, i want to let jeanette know, we've found tatiana. so mom, come back stage, and we have tatiana for you. i want to give a couple of additional things. none of this would have been possible without the civic center community benefit district, so if you could join me in a round of applause for the benefit district. thank you so much. [applause] >> and of course the office of
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economic and workforce development, so thank you so much for your contributions. thank you for being here. and next, i'd like to welcome to the stage rabbi sydney fran's. she represents congregation emanuel. you may or may not know, tonight is the fourth night of hanukkah. and tonight, we are going to light the menorah. do you want to say anything? >> happy hanukkah.
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[the hanukkah blessing] >> and for our next number, we're going to continue the hanukkah festivities, if you know the words, join in.ukk
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[singing "hanukkah, oh, hanukkah"]
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>> thank you so much. thank you so very much. and for this next act that we're bringing to the stage, we're bringing some poets to the stage -- oh, and they're over here. so please welcome to the stage, a special group of poets who are going to introduce their very own selves, please, come up. >> hi. when i say america, can you say scores? >> america. america. america. all right. you are welcoming the poets, the poet athletes of scores up here. poet athletes, what's that mean? what's that look like? well, what it looks like on every friday are these guys and 150 other kids who live in the
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civic center playing soccer. this is home court for america scores and these poet athletes. but tonight, they're bringing their poetry game out here, and tonight, they're going to celebrate the many traditions, the subversity that's represented in this community and this city, with a poem that we've written together. so they're getting their mics setup, but this is a poem to celebrate the many cultural and religious practices in community. thank you, thank you for letting us believe a part of this movement here to make this space friendly for all. i should have come with my own poem, here. ro
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roses are red, violets are blue, so glad to see you. all right. and these -- these poets are from moscone elementary school. they're from -- they're with coach ally. can we give coach ally a hand for coming out and giving the poets and parents extra support. as well. all right. thank you ready? america. america. america. [children reading poems]
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>> let's get another round of applause for those brave poets. weren't they fantastic? [applause] >> all right. so for our next act, we are welcoming to the stage that i had the incredible pleasure for the first time of singing with yesterday. let's welcome amy lazardo, an amazing artist who's performed at several places here in san francisco. currently, amy can be seen right across the street at the strand theater until december 16. >> you have 1.5 weeks. there are a few shows left. >> amy lozardo, everybody.
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>> how you doing? yeah. good. so much. thank you so much for being here. so happy holidays, everyone. we're going to sing a couple songs about something that doesn't really happen here in california, and i think you will appreciate these tunes, and i hope you have the most wonderful holiday season. feliz navidad to my people, and let's get started here. let's go. [singing "let it snow"]
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>> what a surprise, snow. let's keep singing about snow, yeah? how you guys doing out there? let me hear you out there. how you doing? you cold? a little bit. so am i. i have a very cute dress under naeth, but i'm not taking my jacket off. how you guys doing? let's give it up for our band. they're fantastic, yeah? [applause] >> you ready?
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yeah. [singing "white christmas"]
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>> thank you so much. if you're in the back, i hope you're enjoying the snow in the back. are you having a good time? [applaus [applause] >> yeah? yeah? all right. here we go.
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[singing "winter wonderland"]
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>> thank you all so much. i hope you have the warmest and coldest happy holidays, and
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there she is. >> let's hear it again for amy lozardo, everyone. [applause] >> wasn't she fantastic? and now for a little more dance and cheer, we're going to welcome back to the stage for a little more dance and cheer, the incredible christmas tree tappers.
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[tap dance routine performed]


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