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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  December 19, 2018 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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the last day of the old margaret hayward playground. that's worthy of some applause, i think. [applause] >> before i introduce the mayor, i just want to say thanks to all of the amazing community partners who have worked with us to pull this off. this was a complicated planning effort, and we have some really, really, really passionate community partners and stakeholders, who i'm going to acknowledge in a second, and city agencies, and we have just an amazing design that is really going to serve this neighborhood, that is really going to serve the institutions around this neighborhood, the nonprofits around this neighborhood, and we're so excited about this project. so my special guest here to the right is a community member that grew up in this park, and that's what makes this so special.
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i've had the opportunity to talk to the mayor about her own memories, playing in this park. this was your park, right? and so we are so honored to be able to think about the next generation, so let me announce or mayor and park -- our mayor and parks champion, london breed. >> the hon. london breed: thank you. i am so excited to be here today, because i spend many years in this park. in fact, this playground structure that is here is not the playground structure that is here when i was used to play. it was wood. it was made out of wood. we used to get splinters in that park on a regular basis. the swing -- the slide was really, really high. nisha, you remember that. the slide was really high, and we used to jump off the slide. i mean, we were -- we were -- don't do that. don't do what we did. i used to eat lunch here
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through the free lunch program, and i used to get snacks here. i played chess and checkers when kids played board games. i basically spent my entire childhood in this playground, and it was a place that was safe. it was a place that i loved to come to and language out, and i was so grateful that it was just in such close proximity to where i lived because it wasn't a far walk. and so renata, who was the rec director here at the time, she was absolutely amazing. and you know, we miss her dearly. she passed away a few years ago, but anitra is going to be the new person to run this rec place with a lot of the kids that are standing here behind me. and it does take a village, and it does take a lot of support, especially for our young
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people, who deserve to have every opportunity that is available to them. and it was because of programs like what existed here at margaret hayward playground is the reason why i was able to grow and to thrive in san francisco. living right across the street at plaza east, which didn't look like what it looks like now, too, large towers of public housing, and my grandmother, she raised me, and in order to get me out of her hair, she'd say go to the park to play. but it's amazing to be with all of you here because we are going to make this park, this playground, this rec center, we are going to make it into something that is absolutely incredible. in 2016, a plan began with so many community organizations
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began in this neighborhood to say what the people wanted, what the people who live here wanted, in terms of a new playground and recreation center, and how are we going to deliver to make this place an incredible place, not only for this generation, but for generations to come. so this $28 million project, $28 million -- [applause] >> the hon. london breed: it's going to usher in what i think is absolutely incredible. i'm so grateful for the leadership of rec and park and phil ginsburg and all the work that you continue to do to be a champion for our parks in san francisco. i am so excited that rodney -- is rodney here? yes, rodney and the ymca, and anisha's here. i'm excited that they're going to be implementing great
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programs that the ymca provides, and i'm looking forward to being here in how long, phil? >> 15, 16 months. >> the hon. london breed: 15 months when we cut the ribbon of the new recreation center and playground. and hopefully, the swings are going to be strong enough to bold adults, too. >> both of us. >> the hon. london breed: thank you, phil. appreciate it. because we are still kids at heart, and that's what parks do for all of our citizens. we want kids to get outside and play. we want adults and others to enjoy our basketball courts and our tennis courts and our rec centers and all that san francisco has to offer. so i just want to say thank you to the voters for continuing to support parks funding every time you see it on the ballot. thank you to the community of the western addition for not only supporting this and being
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actively engaged, but continuing to support parks in this neighborhood. and i guarantee you that even though this park is utilized, especially during the summer, this park, when it is completed, it's going to be hard to get into, i assure you of that, and i am looking forward to being here within the next 10 months to cut the ribbon so we can get to playing and swinging and enjoying ourselves. thank you all so much for being here today. >> thank you, mayor. [applause] >> did i say 15 months? no pressure -- yes, i did. you know, the mayor talked about the importance to her of being able to walk to a park, or maybe it was the importance of your grandmother being able to send you to a park. >> the hon. london breed: yeah, that too. >> you know, mayor, you ged to preside over the first city in
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america where everyone in the city can walk to a park. it really is an extraordinary thing that sets san francisco apart. so it's worth noting. it's my pleasure to bring up our newest district five supervisor for whom community is definitely first, vallie brown. [applause] >> ms. brown: thank you, phil. i remember when we were talking about this probably in 2000 -- and what was it? 10? >> it was a long time ago. >> i don't know. it's been a long time. but i want to thank mayor breed
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and parks and rec for saying that parks are important not only to this city, but this district. this district is very special to me, and the people who live around here. and i really am happy to see us keep moving forward with green space. but this process just wasn't a city hall or department effort. this was a community effort, and you have to remember, and all the people standing behind me, we have sheryl davis that used to be with mo' magic, and she was there, pushing for it. there's james -- where's james? he was part of it, also. and then, there was kelley groves, and barbara, who started the process. i know judith cohen is here. rodney's here from buchanan y, and then, spencer, are you here?
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oh, well, boys and girls club has been part of this, but you know, they're busy with the kids today. but one of the things that i really always admired and truly respect in the western addition is that the community comes forward and says look, what's best fore the community, and they look at it as a whole. and kids have always come first in this community, and that's all something i think we all some strive for when we're looking at legislation or we're looking at things in this city, what is good for the kids that are here, and i'm just really happy to be part of this, and i will be there in 15 months? >> you betcha. >> cutting that ribbon with mayor breed and everyone behind me, and kamaya from mo' magic. but thank you everybody for coming, and we'll all be back
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in 15 months. it's on my calendar. thank you. [applause] >> i should have said 17 months. supervisor brown started to introduce some of the community members, so let me acknowledge -- more formally acknowledge our amazing partners. judith cohen. you're going to hear in a second from chuck collins and rodney chin of the ymca. they've just been such amazing partners not just at this site, but all across the city. bobbie sisk from bethel a.m.e. bobbie -- without bobbie's help and bobbie's support and encouragement for this renovation, it might not have happened, so thank you, bobbie, for really understanding the bigger vision here. a special shoutout to gary
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cannonand melinda schrade. they've made an incredibly generous gift that will enable us to convert the fields us us into athletic fields that can be used year-round. we're just going to get more kids playing on the fields because of their generosity, so thank you very much, sacred heart. the mayor and supervisor brown gave a shoutout to sheryl davis, but sheryl deserves as many shoutout as we can give her. before that, sheryl running mo' magic was amazing. i was to recognize the western addition, prosac for all of
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their help. so many partners, and it just speak to see what the mayor said about the importance of this space. very briefly, let me just acknowledge the design and construction team because they are extraordinary. this is a design done by our very own department of public works. i want to thank mohamed and jen and the entire design team for their work. it is an extraordinary design. i want to thank the construction team, bachman. we ended up with a great, great contractor. they've worked with us on our civic center playgrounds. they really understand the level of excellence that is required of them on a city public works project. and i also want to acknowledge a special thank you to mary ellen keller. i am going to conclude with thanking my own staff, but before i do that, let me bring up chuck and rodney from the y.
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the ymca has been a long-standing tenant at this site, working with the kids to give them the love and support, attention, recreation, and culture that they deserve, and they are going to continue to be here with us. our partnership with the y is really extraordinary. it's at bodecker, it's all over the city. i am really excited for it, and with that, let me invite up rodney and gary from the ymca. >> thank you, phil, and thank you, mayor breed. the last time i saw the mayor here, we were having a program for kids about sugary beverages. and then, mayor breed came over and spent the better part of an
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hour with them, being involved with them on a really personal level. and i didn't have such the great appreciation for her relationship to this park, but it was clear in her relationship to those children. and i want to thank you for that leadership. also, supervisor brown, i may be the oldest person here right now, but i was born here. we lived on pine street, and the history of my family in san francisco really started in what we call the fillmore, and now the western addition. so this is really sacred ground for me personally, and a place where i had the opportunity to become who i am because of everybody who worked so hard for young people at that point in history. and now, we're on a different time frame, where young people are less visible in our city, and whether we need to come together and say whether or not we're going to have a city that really embraces young people, and the department of health is
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a focus of so much work, but it's also a folk you go of sheryl and so many other people that are here that enable us to do what we can for young people. there's not a representative of the boys and girls club, but let me be that person for a second and say they appreciate the opportunity to work together. as phil already said, we're working together in other parts of the city, and bodecker is a really complex and difficult community right in the middle of the tenderloin, and how community partners come together and not compete, but really learn how to come together and partner and collaborate in the margin of difference in the victory whether our kids are going to learn to thrive. i want to thank all of our leaders who come together to make us a better city. thank you very much. rodney? >> thank you, everybody. [applause] >> i just first want to say, what a beautiful day, and i
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first remember over six years ago when this bond was proposed and announced. i was standing up there on the stairs, and just imagining what this would be. and i must say that the current plans that the rec and park and the public works people have put together is beyond any imagination that i could have thought of. so nothing left to say but let's get it done, and i will make sure that we're here to do the work in the community. thank you, everyone. >> thank you, rodney. >> and what rodney didn't mention is like the mayor and like chuck, rodney lives just a block or two away, so the community roots grow deep. so madam mayor i don't remember, would you lead us in a ground breaking. let's get around this pile of dirt and put on our helmets. [inaudible]
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>> the hon. london breed: all right. you guys ready? you going to help me count? all right. ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. [cheers and applause] >> you got it.
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>> this lodge is home to some of the best fly casting pools in the world. these shallow concrete pools don't have fish. this is just a place where people come to practice their fly casting technique. ith was built in the 1930's and ever since, people have been coming here to get back to nature. every year, the world championship of fly casting is held in san francisco and visitors from all over the globe travel to be here. >> we are here with phil, general manage of san francisco rec and parks department at the anglers lodge. what do you think about this? >> it is spectacular, travis from oregon, taught me a snake
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roll and a space cast. >> there are people from all over the world come to san francisco and say this is the place to be. >> yeah. it's amazing, we have teams from all over the world here today and they are thrilled. >> i flew from ireland to be here. and been practicing since for the competition. all the best casters in the world come here. my fellow countryman came in first place and james is on the current team and he is the head man. >> it's unique. will not see anything like it where you go to compete in the world. competitions in ireland, scotland, norway, japan, russia each year, the facilities here in the park are second to none. there is no complex in the world that can touch it. >> i'm here with bob, and he has kindly agreed to tell me everything i need to know about
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casting. i'm going to suit up and next, we're in the water. >> what any gentleman should do. golden gate angling has free lessons the second saturday of every month. we have equipment show up on the 9:30 on the second saturday of every month and we'll teach them to fly cast. >> ok. we are in the water. >> let me acquaint you with the fly rod. >> nice to meet you. >> this is the lower grip and the upper grip. this is a reel and a fly line. we are going to use the flex of this rod to fling away. exactly as you moved your hands. >> that's it? >> that's it. >> i'm a natural. >> push both arms forward and snap the lower hand into your
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tummy. push forward. >> i did gave it a try and had great time but i might need some more practice. i met someone else with real fly casting skills. her name is donna and she is an international fly casting champion. >> i have competed in the casting ponds in golden gate park in san francisco. i have been to japan and norway for fly casting competition. i spend my weekends here at the club and at the casting pond. it's a great place to learn and have fun. on a season day like this, it was the perfect spot to be. i find fly casting very relaxing and also at the same time very challenging sport. takes me out into the nature. almost like drawing art in the air. and then i can make these
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beautiful loops out there. >> even though people from across the globe come here to compete, it's still a place where locals in the know relax and enjoy some rely unique scenery. until next time, get out and play! - >> tenderloin is unique neighborhood where geographically place in downtown san francisco and on every
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street corner have liquor store in the corner it stores pretty much every single block has a liquor store but there are impoverishes grocery stores i'm the co-coordinated of the healthy corner store collaboration close to 35 hundred residents 4 thousand are children the medium is about $23,000 a year so a low income neighborhood many new immigrants and many people on fixed incomes residents have it travel outside of their neighborhood to assess fruits and vegetables it can be come senator for seniors and hard to travel get on a bus to get an apple or a pear or like
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tomatoes to fit into their meals my my name is ryan the co-coordinate for the tenderloin healthy store he coalition we work in the neighborhood trying to support small businesses and improving access to healthy produce in the tenderloin that is one of the most neighborhoods that didn't have access to a full service grocery store and we california together out of the meeting held in 2012 through the major development center the survey with the corners stores many stores do have access and some are bad quality and an overwhelming support from community members wanting to utilities the service spas we decided to work with the small
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businesses as their role within the community and bringing more fresh produce produce cerebrothe neighborhood their compassionate about creating a healthy environment when we get into the work they rise up to leadership. >> the different stores and assessment and trying to get them to understand the value of having healthy foods at a reasonable price you can offer people fruits and vegetables and healthy produce they can't afford it not going to be able to allow it so that's why i want to get involved and we just make sure that there are alternatives to people can come into a store and not just see cookies and candies and potting chips and that kind
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of thing hi, i'm cindy the director of the a preif you believe program it is so important about healthy retail in the low income community is how it brings that health and hope to the communities i worked in the tenderloin for 20 years the difference you walk out the door and there is a bright new list of fresh fruits and vegetables some place you know is safe and welcoming it makes. >> huge difference to the whole environment of the community what so important about retail environments in those neighborhoods it that sense of dignity and community safe way. >> this is why it is important for the neighborhood we have
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families that needs healthy have a lot of families that live up here most of them fruits and vegetables so that's good as far been doing good. >> now that i had this this is really great for me, i, go and get fresh fruits and vegetables it is healthy being a diabetic you're not supposed to get carbons but getting extra food a all carbons not eating a lot of vegetables was bringing up my whether or not pressure once i got on the program everybody o everything i lost weight and my blood pressure came down helped in so
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many different ways the most important piece to me when we start seeing the business owners engagement and their participation in the program but how proud to speak that is the most moving piece of this program yes economic and social benefits and so forth but the personal pride business owners talk about in the program is interesting and regarding starting to understand how they're part of the larger fabric of the community and this is just not the corner store they have influence over their community. >> it is an owner of this in the department of interior i see the great impact usually that is
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like people having especially with a small family think liquor store sells alcohol traditional alcohol but when they see this their vision is changed it is a small grocery store for them so they more options not just beer and wine but healthy options good for the business and good for the community i wish to have more candlelig . >> i am mohamed nuru, director of public works, city and county of san francisco. i want to thank everyone for
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coming out today. today is a very special day. we are going to celebrate the ground breaking of our ambulance deployment facility. how about a big hand for just a new facility. [applause] >> i want to start by saying thank you to the voters because in 2016, the bond was passed, the public health and safety bond in the range of $350 million, and as part of that bond, $50 million was dedicated to build this new facility. and this new facility will replace the old facility, and many of you know what the old facility look like. but the new facility will be four stories, will house the city's fleet, will be able to provide training, will be able to provide a place where the
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paramedics and firefighters can really use to respond to the people of san francisco. you know, the people of san francisco have been passing these bonds because they have faith in us being able to deliver these projects, and we will deliver these projects on time and on budget as we have done in many of our projects. but today's very, very special because this facility is very, very important in the infrastructure to support our city. and with that said, there are quite a number of people. we will thank them as we go through the various speakers, but i will begin by thanking our mayor, london breed, for all the leadership that she has brought to the city and especially just making sure that every day people can enjoy beautiful san francisco. welcome, mayor london breed. >> the hon. london breed: thank you. good morning, everybody. i am so excited to be here today because this project is a long time coming, and i want to thank especially many of our
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paramedics who have waited so patiently for a facility that adequately meets the needs and the challenges that they deal with every single day, and i know that many of them are here today and they are excited and looking forward to this project, which we know will be completed in hopefully 24 months, on time, and on budget because we understand how important it is. the ability to respond quickly in an emergency situation in san francisco is one of our primary functions. and i'm proud to say that 90% of the calls that we get are being responded to in ten minutes or less, which is the national standard. the fire department has put a lot of work into getting us here as just a few years ago, many of us know, we were struggling with meeting that standard. back in 2014, we learned that due to a steep increase in the number of 911 calls, we were
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not meeting our ambulance goals in a timely manner. as supervisor at the time, i worked with our late mayor, ed lee, and we secured more than $47 million to invest in the fire department, which i was really proud of and thankful to mayor ed lee for his commitment. that money was invested in not only hiring more e.m.t.s and paramedics, but hiring more firefighters and t911 dispatchers. i also made sure that went towards investing in new ambulances and fire trucks, investing in new infrastructures and facilities. and in the past four years, we have definitely seen an improvement in our response time. the new facility will have the room to restock more than one ambulance at a time.
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i know the folks that do this job are really excited about that. it will also include a kitchen, training room, dining rooms, and lockers so our first responders are rested and ready for any emergency. and of course, most importantly, it will be seismically sound. all of these qualities will improve our emergency response time and help us with our first responders, help them do their very best job for the residents of our city. and i want to really thank so many people who brought us here today. tom o'connor and local 798, as well as the patient of our paramedics who serve our city all over san francisco with patients and treatment of the people they serve. i want to thank our fire chief for all the work that she's done in helping to lead this
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department and really focus on the necessary improvements and things that we need to do in order to make public safety or top priority. and i am just really excited because this was a promise made years ago, and now, this is a promise as a city that we're keeping, and it will definitely allow us to respond to emergencies in a more timely manner so that we can keep all residents of our city safe. thank you all so much for being here today. [applause] >> chair nuru: thank you, mayor. and now we'll hear from our district supervisor. this part of san francisco, we have standing right behind fire station number 9, but many of the city projects that have been coming to this neighborhood really improving the quality of life. just down on gerald, we have the new crime lab, we have the new shops there. p.u.c.'s building a facility
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down on evans. and the change is really good. so malia, welcome. >> president cohen: thank you. good morning. first of all, i want to take a moment on a somber note to say thank you to the first responders who are putting their lives on the lineup and down california. i know our own san francisco fire department often goes on the road to offer stance to neighboring counties, and i just want to say thank you. i also want to recognize the e.m.t. drivers that are driving the ambulances and responding to emergencies and unfortunately sometimes non-emergencies, but that's another conversation. i just want to say thank you. i feel like you can never say thank you enough, and i know that this department is very near and dear to the mayor's heart, mayor breed, as a former fire commissioner, is that right? so i also want to recognize all the people that volunteer their
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time to serve san francisco, the fire commissioners that are here, thank you very much. and of course, the department of public works, where would we be without the department of public works? my heart is just overflowing, as i stand before you, winding out my ten years on the san francisco board of supervisors, i am excited, and i'd like to formerly introduce you to supervisor-elect shamann walton, who's here. you should rest assured that he's thoughtful in his approach to policy as well as many social justice issues. i want to, again, recognize that in july of 2014, we learned that only 76% of ambulances were on-scene within ten minutes of life threatening emergency medical calls. and since learning this, i can tell you that i've personally had to call on an ambulance for
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one of my family members that became ill. and i mentioned this to the chief at the time, but i will mention it publicly, the service was impeccable. kindness, generosity, and thoughtfulness, professionalism all the way through. i'm grateful. yeah, shout out to the fire department. and as the mayor mentioned, there is a ten-minute national standard. as san franciscans, we can say that we can be doing better, don't you agree? san francisco's seven square miles. we can get this in a little bit faster fashion, and i think that community and city leaders came together to establish a working group to assist us with troubleshooting and most importantly to discover ways that we could improve. and since the establishment of this group, the ambulance response time has improved more than 25%, and i am so happy to hear this -- excuse me, more than 26%. and what we have done is we've been able to maintain a high
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average of about 90% since 2017, and you know, i think we're going to only increase our response time from this as we move forward. and the new ambulance deployment facility comes as a fulfilled promise that i believe we as electeds have made to the overall san francisco community when ed lee was still with us. and he committed to funding more e.m.t.s, more paramedics, firefighters and of course the important 911 dispatchers, in addition to the equipment, in addition to the vehicles. these people are needed to carrie ocare carry out the heroic effort. we're putting out $47 million -- as the chair of the budget committee, that's a lot. mohamed is also reminding me,
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it's plus interest. it is close to 50 million, but we won't quibble about that. i'm proud we are hosting this in this part of san francisco, a community that's shareholdering a lot of the responsibilities. it's important that we build in the fabric of our city the infrastructure that we need so that we can continue to be successful. and i will leave on this note, and i just want to again say thank you to all of the men and the women that dedicated their life to assisting us and being a first responder. i'm forever grateful. thank you. [applause] >> chair nuru: and now we'll hear from the president of the fire commission, mr. ken cleaveland. >> president cleaveland: thank you, mohamed, and thank you to our next member of the board of equalization, so congratulations, malia, on that. good morning. everyone, it's a pleasure to be representing the fire commissions.
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i have a couple of commissioners i'd like to recognize. michael hardeman and commissioner francee covington. it's been a long time coming to get this from planning to where we are today. i know some of my fellow commissioners have been on the commission up to 24 years, and it's been a discussion all that time. how can we improve our e.m.s. because that's obviously one of the biggest facility -- one of the biggest services that we provide to the city's residents and visitors, so it's a really proud moment for us today on the commission, for the fire department, and certainly for the department of public works to get this launched, and so i'm very proud to say congratulations on getting it done. congratulations again as mohamed said earlier to the voters. thank you for passing the bond that made this possible, and
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we're going to need another bond down the road so we can have another new training facility, so let's get that word out. so thank you very much, and i'm pleased the rain has held out. >> chair nuru: thank you. thank you. and now, a good friend of mine, good partner with public works, not just today's event, but many of the improvements to many of the fire stations and police facilities all over the city, welcome our chief, joanne hayes-white. >> commissioner hayes-white: thank you, mohamed. good morning, everyone. thanks for being here. as president cleaveland said, we're blessed with good weather. i don't know for longer, so my remarks will be brief. we're all very excited to be here today to envision what will be a state-of-the-art ambulance deployment facility. i'm very proud to mayor breed
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for her vision and leadership. as was alluded before, mayor lee, who was a champion of this facility. certainly president malia cohen, also keeping us on our toes in terms of response times, and making sure the whole city is served, especially her district, and congratulate is the supervisor elect shamann walton. i would say thank you to all the commissioners, the two that aren't here, in addition to president cleaveland and commissioners hardeman and covington are commissioner joe alioto veronese, as well as commissioner steven nakajo. thank you to the commission. certainly my commission is here, mark gonzalez, jean
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nicholson lieutenant t nicholson, lieutenant tom murphy in the back. section chief tony malloy, thank you very much for all the hard work. this is a facility that's very unique, nearly one of its kind in the state of california. we're building without a whole lot of blueprint or other facilities to look at. so that's why it took a lot of time and attention to detail to make this facility the great facility that it will be and that our members so deserve. public works, i will say i do consider director nuru a partner of mine. we come together. we have two other projects hopefully looking forward to being delivered soon, hopefully, before i retire. i know it's a top of your priority list as it is yours. thanks, mohamed.
1:45 pm
brian dahl also helped with this today. we brought good weather. also we look forward to holding accountable the contractors. i heard they're going to be off to a good start, s.j.amoroso. we also look forward to -- we had to work with the stararts commission, and that was an interesting process, but also a very educational process for us. i think we're most grateful, and i say we're grateful to the public that in 2016, envision saw the need for this facility, so it goes without saying it's the city voters that got it to where we're at. and before i save the best part for last, and that's our members, i do want to acknowledge we have p.d. presence, mike redmon, thanks
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for being here. under mayor breed's leadership, there's an expectation that we don't just work and fulfill our responsibility, but that it's it's cross collaboration. mostly, i'm thrilled to be here because of our members. the hard working men and women of the san francisco fire department. when i became chief in 2004, there was much needed reconfiguration. the fire department left d.p.h. there was a lot of stops and rt starts, we learned a lot, we reconfigured over and over. the facility you're currently in at 1415 evans has done a good job for us, but it's not nearly what you need, and we really appreciate as mayor
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breed said, your patience, your dedication, your hard work. every day, you put your uniform on. the workplace isn't great. i will look forward in retirement coming back when we cut the ribbon on this facility. i want to know that we placed a high emphasis on your health, your well-being, and your safety. not to mention the public is going to be better served. it's going to be a much more efficient model. so thank you for being here celebrating with us. i believe we have our department chapman lalain, ande we break ground, we'll ask the father to give a blessing. >> chair nuru: thank you. so if the commissioners, mayor, board president, if we would come over to where the shovels are, i will hand the mic to the chaplain, and in two years, we will be back here enjoying the new facility.
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>> i'd just like to ask a great favor of you if we could have a moment of silence for one of our paramedics, mike kirk, who died the day before yesterday, and hopefully we can remember him and his family. thank you. we're very proud of our e.m.s. division and of our fire rescue division, and we know those men and women constantly give of themselves, especially those who are in need of medical attention. so we ask for a blessing on all of them, a blessing on all those who are in need, and we ask that this new facility would help them in the performance of their duties. amen. >> amen. >> chair nuru: thank you very much. and we're going to count from five to zero and then just a little thing right there.
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all right. five, four, three, two, one. [cheers and applause]
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sustainability mission, even though the bikes are very minimal energy use. it still matters where the energy comes from and also part of the mission in sustainability is how we run everything, run our business. so having the lights come on with clean energy is important to us as well. we heard about cleanpowersf and learned they had commercial rates and signed up for that. it was super easy to sign up. our bookkeeper signed up online, it was like 15 minutes. nothing has changed, except now
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we have cleaner energy. it's an easy way to align your environmental proclivities and goals around climate change and it's so easy that it's hard to not want to do it, and it doesn't really add anything to the bill.
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