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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  December 20, 2018 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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>> let's hear it again for the christmas tree tappers. [applause] >> weren't they fantastic? what about you, kids? did you take the tappers? yeah. so much fun, right? they brought them because they
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knew i couldn't dance, and they knew i needed some help. the next group is the san francisco girl's chorus. they won five grammy awards, performing at the 2009 inauguration of president barack obama. the sfgc continues to empower young women from all across the bay area with its chorus school, which trains over 250 young girls and women in vocal training each year. please welcome to the stage the san francisco girl's chorus.
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chore [singing "deck the halls"]
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[singing "silent night"]
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[applause] >> let's hear it for the san francisco girl's chorus.
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hi, folks. how great were they? fantastic, don't you think? [applause] >> okay. before we go any further, i want to let jeanette know, we've found tatiana. so mom, come back stage, and we have tatiana for you. i want to give a couple of additional things. none of this would have been possible without the civic center community benefit district, so if you could join me in a round of applause for the benefit district. thank you so much. [applause] >> and of course the office of economic and workforce development, so thank you so much for your contributions. thank you for being here. and next, i'd like to welcome to the stage rabbi sydney
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fran's. she represents congregation emanuel. you may or may not know, tonight is the fourth night of hanukkah. and tonight, we are going to light the menorah. do you want to say anything? >> happy hanukkah.
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[the hanukkah blessing] >> and for our next number, we're going to continue the hanukkah festivities, if you know the words, join in.ukk
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[singing "hanukkah, oh, hanukkah"] >> thank you so much. thank you so very much. and for this next act that we're bringing to the stage,
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we're bringing some poets to the stage -- oh, and they're over here. so please welcome to the stage, a special group of poets who are going to introduce their very own selves, please, come up. >> hi. when i say america, can you say scores? >> america. america. america. all right. you are welcoming the poets, the poet athletes of scores up here. poet athletes, what's that mean? what's that look like? well, what it looks like on every friday are these guys and 150 other kids who live in the civic center playing soccer. this is home court for america scores and these poet athletes. but tonight, they're bringing their poetry game out here, and tonight, they're going to celebrate the many traditions,
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the subversity that's represented in this community and this city, with a poem that we've written together. so they're getting their mics setup, but this is a poem to celebrate the many cultural and religious practices in community. thank you, thank you for letting us believe a part of this movement here to make this space friendly for all. i should have come with my own poem, here. ro roses are red, violets are blue, so glad to see you. all right. and these -- these poets are from moscone elementary school.
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they're from -- they're with coach ally. can we give coach ally a hand for coming out and giving the poets and parents extra support. as well. all right. thank you ready? america. america. america. [children reading poems]
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>> let's get another round of applause for those brave poets. weren't they fantastic?
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[applause] >> all right. so for our next act, we are welcoming to the stage that i had the incredible pleasure for the first time of singing with yesterday. let's welcome amy lazardo, an amazing artist who's performed at several places here in san francisco. currently, amy can be seen right across the street at the strand theater until december 16. >> you have 1.5 weeks. there are a few shows left. >> amy lozardo, everybody. >> how you doing? yeah. good. so much. thank you so much for being here. so happy holidays, everyone. we're going to sing a couple
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songs about something that doesn't really happen here in california, and i think you will appreciate these tunes, and i hope you have the most wonderful holiday season. feliz navidad to my people, and let's get started here. let's go. [singing "let it snow"]
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>> what a surprise, snow. let's keep singing about snow, yeah? how you guys doing out there? let me hear you out there. how you doing? you cold? a little bit. so am i. i have a very cute dress under naeth, but i'm not taking my jacket off. how you guys doing? let's give it up for our band. they're fantastic, yeah? [applause] >> you ready?
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yeah. [singing "white christmas"]
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>> thank you so much. if you're in the back, i hope you're enjoying the snow in the back. are you having a good time? [applaus [applause] >> yeah? yeah? all right. here we go. [singing "winter wonderland"]
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>> thank you all so much. i hope you have the warmest and coldest happy holidays, and there she is. >> let's hear it again for amy lozardo, everyone. [applause] >> wasn't she fantastic? and now for a little more dance and cheer, we're going to
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welcome back to the stage for a little more dance and cheer, the incredible christmas tree tappers.
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[tap dance routine performed]
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>> okay. wasn't that great? [applause] >> i'm going to welcome amy lozardo back to the stage, but we need you to sing along as loud as you can.
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[singing "here comes santa claus"] ["you're a mean one, mr. grinch" playing]
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[applause] >> gimme that, and thank you for singing my song. and san francisco, could you pipe down? i'm trying to wallow in self-pity here. >> hold on. you're not santa klaus. >> oh, you wanted him? you guys don't like santa claus, do you? [applause] >> santa claus, boo!
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boo! [applause] >> well, what's to like about him? oh, i know. do you like santa claus because he gives you presents? you do? well, i brought you some presents. >> oh, you have presents? >> i do. >> maybe you are santa claus. oh, no. unrecyclable plastic. no. no, you're definitely not santa claus. >> you can say that again. >> well, i have an idea again. >> what? >> if you can just be quiet for a second. hey, kids, i think we can get rid of the grinch if you can do
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one thing for me. if we start chanting santa's name, maybe we can get rid of the grinch? >> no. [chanting "santa"] >> ho, ho, ho. >> i think i hear him. >> ho, ho, ho. [chanting "santa"] >> it's santa claus, everybody. >> oh, great. >> there he is. your cheering worked. thanks, kids.
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it's santa claus! [applause] >> merry christmas, boys and girls! >> yea! merry christmas, santa! >> is that the grinch? oh, grinch. >> that's my name. say it, don't spray it. >> are you harassing the children? >> well, no, we were just having fun till you got here? >> well, boys and girls, don't
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worry, grinch, i have something very special that may change your mind about christmas. >> i doubt it. >> i have something very special. it's a present, because i know when you share presents, you always have a good heart. and i know you have a good heart, too, grinch. >> oh, take that back. >> well, here it is. >> there's nothing you can give me -- >> here you go. >> is that really for me? >> it's a present made by the elves. >> oh, how sweet. >> oh, don't cry, grinchy. >> well, what do you say, grinch?
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>> oh, oh, i love it. >> can we all wish everyone a big merry christmas? >> this is one. merry christmas. >> oh, ho, ho. that feels like christmas to me. >> well, i don't have any bear food. what am i going to feed this thing? >> hey, i've got an idea. it looks like you both have really warmed your hearts. i think the grinch has turned a new corner. what do you think, kids? isn't he so sweet, so cute and nice? but santa, i know what really would set this night off. should we light this christmas tree? >> oh, that would be good. boys and girls, are you ready to light the christmas tree? >> that's wonderful. i'm so excited. at this point, san francisco, i would like to welcome to the
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stage some very special people from the mayor's office who helped make this entire event possible. so please, join me in welcoming naomi kelly, phil ginsburg, breanna torres, and mayor london breed to the stage. [applause] >> welcome, welcome, welcome, one and all. >> the hon. london breed: hello, everyone. welcome to the front yard of city hall, and happy holidays to each and every one of you. make sure that you come back on december 9, sunday. we're going to be having so much fun. a lot of face painting activities and fun things for the whole family. hi, everybody! are you guys ready to light this christmas tree? >> let's do it, boys and girls.
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>> the hon. london breed: have you guys been naughty or nice? okay. presents for everybody. hi, mr. grinch. >> hi, mrs. mayor. >> the hon. london breed: hi, santa. >> hi, mrs. mayor. >> the hon. london breed: i've been good this year. >> don't worry. we have a very special gift for you, too. >> the hon. london breed: all right. come on over, everybody. can you help me count? okay. we're going to start with ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. [cheers and applause]
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>> the hon. london breed: thank you, everyone. happy holidays. >> merry christmas, boys and girls. thank you for coming out today. >> you guys ready to light a tree?
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it's that time. all right. so good evening, everyone. my name's phil ginsburg. i'm the executive director of your san francisco rec and parks department, and i want to welcome you to the 89th, let me repeat that, 89th annual tree lighting right here at mclaren lodge. so let's start with a big round of applause for the young teen people musical company, and its director, on their recent first place win at san francisco's youth arts summit. they are an amazing, amazing organization, and i'm particularly grateful for the hanukkah song. so i'm so honored to be joined tonight by our amazing mayor, london breed. [applause] >> and our rec and park commission president, mark buell. [applause] >> and so i want to start by
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acknowledging all of the special people who are here with us tonight. these are folks that make this event happen that makes your parks the best park system in the united states, so they deserve some acknowledgement. let me start with senator -- state senator scott wiener, who's here. state assembly man phil ting. city college -- they're on their way. if not, they should be behind me. city board of trusties, john rizzo, chanel. on their way are trent rohrer, and the department of
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environment deputy chief jennifer katz, and a very special shoutout to a person who's come to every tree lighting since i've been general manager, but this is her last tree lighting at our fire chief, a big, big, big round of applause for our fire chief, joanne hayes-white. [applause] >> our amazing rec and park commission. i mentioned our president, mark buell. also here are commissioner cat anderson, gloria bonilla, tom anderson, eric mcdonald, and commissioner larry mazzola. i want to thank them. they -- the citizen members of the park recreation open space advisory committee. they help you make our park special. our president, stephen franz is
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here. i want to thank our amazing partners who make this possible. supporting us today is kaiser permanently, illuminate, our conservatory of flowers. all right. let tease talk about the tree we're supposed to light. mayor, we've been liethsing tre -- lighting trees around the city, but this is our official industry. this is a cypress that's over 131 years old, and despite losing a limb or two over the years, it stands super tall and super strong, and tonight, it's supporting over 550 lights.
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let's give it up for uncle john's tree. [applause] >> and then a few special people. i want to welcome the boys and girls for hamilton recreation center, who are here. let's give it up for hamilton rec. [applause] >> and none of this would be possibly without the hardest group of city employees. all my respect to our amazing department heads. madam mayor, your san francisco rec and parks department putting this on and they're amazing. i also want to give a big shout out to our tree toppers, all of our struck ral staff and deputy maintenance staff who make this possible. let's give it up for the rec and parks staff. [applause] >> we have the holiday train that is just over to my right that has been painted every
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year for decades and decades, and the last several decades, by our painting supervisor, joe padilla. the theme of tonight's event is world peace. may tonight's tree lighting shine a bright light in all corners of the world and provide peace to those in need. and speaking of peace, leading the way and bringing peace to our amazing city, please give a warm welcome to our mayor, who's going to light tonight's tree, mayor london breed. [applause] >> the hon. london breed: thank you, phil ginsburg, and the folks at the rec and parks department for keeping our parks green and beautiful. thank you all so much for being here tonight. when i was a kid, i would get my toys from station five, the
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firefighters. thank you, chief hayes-white and the firefighters spags tiev fire department. i used to go down to the emporium cat well. you remember the emporium cat well? tonight, as we light this tree, we are creating memories for the next generation of young people growing up in san francisco. it's something that i'm so excited about, and in fact, at city hall, in our front yard at civic center, we have an ice skating rink. we have incredible, beautiful playgrounds and activities and things for kids to do during the holiday season. this sunday, i hope you consider joining me in city hall. we'll have santa and face painters and hot chocolate and cookies, things that help create tomorrow's memories. so i want to thank all of you for being here tonight, and i
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want to ask for some assistance in lighting this tree. you guys want to help me out? come on over. come on, help me out. all right. you guys excited? you want to count with me? going to hold the switch? all right. here we go. ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. [cheers and applause] >> the hon. london breed: magic! thank you, ladies and gentlemen and happy holidays. [cheers and
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okay, thank you. this meeting will come to order. welcome to the december 5, 2018 meeting of the rules committee. my name is supervisor safai, and to my left, supervisor catherine stefani, committee member. ms. clerk, do you have any announcements before we begin? >> clerk: yes, be sure to silence all electronic devices. speaker cards should be submitted to the


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