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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  December 22, 2018 2:00am-3:01am PST

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>> this is the regular hearing for wednesday, december 19th, 2018. i would like to remind members of the public the commission does not tolerate criticism are outbursts of any kind. please silence your mobile devices that may sound off. when speaking before the commission, to state your name for the record. i will take role at this time. [roll call] >> commissioners, first on your agenda is general public comment members of the public may address the commission on items of interest for the public that are within the subject
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jurisdiction. with respect to agenda items, the opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting. you may address the commission for up to 20 minutes. >> does any member of the public wish to speak on a nonagenda advised a timeclock we will close general public comment. >> a very good. department matters. director's announcement. >> good afternoon. and from the department department staff. no formal announcements. i am happy to afford any questions you may have to answer at a fort -- future hearing. >> seeing none, item two is review of past events and staff report and announcements mean a good afternoon. a few items to share with you. this is our final hearing of the year. i wasn't able to give you an update on the pending mill site contracts but i wanted to let you know and reassure you that all contracts proposed for the cycle were proposed for the
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board of supervisors. they have all been recorded with the assessor's office. and that happened at the board of supervisors hearing in mid november. i also wanted to make you aware there are several pending landmark designations at the board of supervisors, and given that the committees will not have adjourned for the remainder of the year, these items will likely be picked up in early 2019. one is the paper doll in the north beach neighborhood. it needs a board introduction. second is 22 beaver street which has been introduced but needs a committee date for the land use committee. third is the former welsh presbyterian church in the mission. that needs a board introduction. and the diamond heights safety structure, which is at the board , however, to give you a quick update, the arts
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commission on public works are still working on that and a way that i mentioned at a previous hearing to ensure who is responsible for what portions of the artwork. i will give you an update on that likely in the new year as it moves forward to. i will point out that the main assessment coming back to this commission, depending on the content in the mo way and how it affects the ordinance, we will let you know about that in advance. and then lastly, as i am sure you have all seen, the planning commission commission his decisions on 49 hopkins. it generated a lot of interest in the media. i'm happy to answer any questions or provide a formal report to you any future hearing , but i did want to make you aware of what the next steps would be after talking to the project planner, and tina town from our enforcement division.
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basically because the project was approved with conditions under a conditional use authorization, the owner has 30 days to respond with a new permit showing conformance and compliance with the conditions as outlined by the commission. if there is no response within that 30 days, we will initiate cancellation of the permit to. once it is cancelled, the department would proceed with enforcement action. that is where it is today. i am sure, as you know, many details will continue to develop around this project. i'm happy to talk to you about that in the future. that concludes my comments. >> thank you. >> i wanted to make a comment which was obviously it was the shot heard round the world. the articles were in the bbc and the washington post. but what i found out yesterday was the house is actually not considered a historic resource.
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it has been characterized as a historic house and that is what is in the news about it. but it is ironic -- i was concerned the h.p.c. and the preservation staff were left out of this action, and then i read that it wasn't a historic resource. it changes the whole dynamic. it does not change the media, which is the planning commission did a very productive provocative thing to make a point. but it takes it out of our realm i was particularly upset when i thought this is a historic issue we have been looking for ways for the planning commission and the h.p.c. to come together and talk about this. and i thought what a perfect item. turns out it is not a historic resource. it does change the dynamic. thank you for following up with me on that. >> thank you. no further comment. we can move onto commission matters. item three as president report and announcements. >> the only announcement i want to make is we are looking to
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have a joint hearing with the planning commission to discuss issues such as this one. we want to process e.i.r. and have been looking at dates later in january. i think i had forgotten to write the right state in my calendar. the date that has been protest is of the 17th is not working but the 24th may work that needs to be confirmed. >> are you looking for a thursday or wednesday class. >> it would be a thursday hearing. we would come to the planning commission regular hearing and be on -- >> thursday morning probably around 10:00 am. >> okay. >> in the morning before the planning commission meets. >> the 17th is -- >> the 17th is not the one. >> the 24th. >> okay. thank you. >> the secretary will be in touch with us to confirm the
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final date. that concludes my report. >> i took four his consideration of adoption draft minutes for the hearing of the november 7th , 2018, and the special hearing on november 28th, and the regular hearing for december 5th, 2018. >> are there any comments before we go to public comment? at this time we will take public comment on the draft meeting minutes of november seventh, november 28th, and december 5 th. are there any members of the public who wish to comment on these minutes, seeing none, we will close public comment period to be have a motion to adopt the minutes class. >> so moved. >> on that motion to adopt the minutes -- [roll call] >> so moved. it passes unanimously 7-0 placing us in item five. commission comments and questions.
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>> are there any comments or questions? seeing none, we can move on. >> item six is historic preservation fund committee reports. >> thank you very much for coming. >> good afternoon, commissioners i hope you have a written copy of my report with you. and i should tell andrew and tim that this is slightly different than the one that i sent around to you about ten days ago because it incorporates some information that we just found out two days ago at our meeting on monday. if i could just point out a few things in the report that are changes from the last time i reported to you, we have to watch what new members on the committee. courtney who is a former member of your commission who has joined our committee, and gretchen represents the office of community investment and infrastructure.
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during the past 14 months, we have five projects that we have funded that have come to completion. we have funded five new projects , and we have continued oversight on six. of the five that have been completed, i must say i am personally very disappointed in the action of the school board and in refusing to accept land marking of the three schools from the 1930s. you can take a look at the new projects we have funded on the one still in progress. if you have any questions, i would be happy to answer them. if you look at the priority section, you will see that we have set out eight priorities two years ago, and of those eight, seven are either complete , or making appropriate
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progress towards completion. we are very pleased about that. one of them still has not yet begun the land marking of the buildings at the zoo from the 1920s and 1930s. we are still hoping to find a sponsor and a consultant who will take on that project. finally if you look at the last paragraph, and andrew and tim, this is where there are major changes from what you saw earlier, our current fund balance is about 625-650,000. and we had this information only on monday. it is as a result of accumulated interest, and also the closing out of several projects that had reached their termination date but not use all their money. so the money came back into the fund. we do have several proposals before us that could take up to half of that amount. and we have continued to look
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forward to the point of which the fund will come to an end once we have appropriated all the funds, presumably this committee itself will be dissolved once all of the projects we have funded have come to completion. we continue to be very hopeful that may be something like this will become a prominent feature for san francisco city government. it has served a very useful purpose over the years it was completed. we have begun some serious discussions among ourselves as to what a version 2.0 may look like. obviously it would require legislation by the supervisors. but i would be happy to take any questions about anything on the reports. thank you. >> i see one from mr fry. >> commissioners, i just want to give you an update on the fund committee projects that are still with the department, and i
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can give you an update on those if you are curious. >> sure. >> do that now? >> okay. >> to augment mr turney touch up report, to let you know the african american context statement, while not formally adopted, it is being used by the bayview cultural district working group. we have given the working group until january 14th to provide us some additional feedback and comments that they would like added to the document, and in working with the bayview working group, we are hoping to bring that to this commission for adoption in february. the sacred heart parish complex, the landmark designation, as you know, has been put on hold by this commission to allow the project sponsor time to talk to fire and building regarding some outstanding issues for their proposal. they did have that meeting. we anticipate that that project will also come back to you very
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shortly. we are trying to schedule a meeting with the project sponsor to talk about those next steps. hopefully this month, but if not , early in the new year. the residence historic context statement, staff has completed their review on the draft from the fund committee, and we are working with the consultant to finalize the evaluated framework so once the framework is complete, we anticipate bringing that before this commission. the ocean avenue historic resource survey, we received the revised findings on june 20th of this year. we did have another set of comments to send to the consultant and those were sent this month. the new deal was on december 6 of last year. the commission voted on the three pending designations. i wanted to mention that the
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school board has now hired a permanent facility's officer. i have a meeting with her early in january to talk about the three pending school landmark designations to get her up to speed and may have some more information for you at your first hearing in january. and finally, the san francisco latino historic context statement. the project sponsored estimated a first strap -- draft to the department and we submitted a set of comments to the sponsor, and a second draft, as well as in evaluated framework which is expected in early 2019. so those are the items and the fund committee pipeline that will be before this commission early in the new year. >> thank you. >> i have a couple things. thank you for the information about the sacred heart church.
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mr augusta who owns everything except the church had contacted me about the fact it wasn't moving, and he was wondering if it could be split into two. so he could get his part move forward, but i'm happy to hear that it sounds like we are pretty close. great. i am also extremely pleased to see the glen park station on here. it is one of my favourite buildings in the city of san francisco, and i was wondering when we could get around to doing that. that is really a great thing. and then with all this conversation about 49 hopkins this week, one of the things that i was wondering was in reference to comments about continuing this,, if a historic resource is legally -- illegally demolished, could there be, as part of the penalty, and something that could be discussed between the preservation staff and planning department, could the penalty, or part of the penalty benefit the city by going into the fund
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so that there would be some meaning behind the penalty because of the penalty would go towards educating the city about the framework of the city? i hope it may -- i thought it would be a way to help regenerate the fund. we hope there aren't many of them. >> and as you probably all know, the fund came about in the first place because of the illegal demolition of part of the old emporium building. we are still spending that money after all these years. >> that is all. >> thank you. >> i was in the san francisco main library yesterday, and saw the exhibit by them on the photography by richard rothman. my question pertains to the mother's building and as you project. so you say, has there been money allocated out of the fund but you haven't found a consultant to do the work?
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>> let me say something about the mother's building first and then about the rest of the zoo. we did allocate some significant funds to develop the plans for what needed to be done at the mother's building, and it is now up to the parks department to find the money to actually carry those out. apparently some work has been done, mostly to try to continue to keep the moisture from further damaging murals, and we continue to be hopeful that the park department will come up with the rest of the money that is needed to stabilize the building, and restore the murals -- restore the parts of the façade that needs serious work as well. regarding -- that building is already a landmark. there are two parts of the zoo that we hope can be landmarked in addition. the rest of the fly shock zoo,
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the part of the buildings are constructed in the 1920s, and there are still a couple of those buildings that exist and are pretty much intact, and then the wpa zoo, the buildings that were constructed in the 1930s by wpa. and most of those buildings and other structures are also intact , although a number have been repurposed, and the landscaping has changed significantly since the 1930s, but the structures themselves are pretty much intact and have not been significantly modified. so we continue to look for a sponsor and a consultant. so far no one has come forward. we are continuing to look, and we continue to be hopeful we will find someone. >> thank you. are the buildings at the zoo on our work program? >> not currently. >> just the mother's building.
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>> okay. r.h. thank you. >> are there any further questions? thank you very much for coming to speak. we will do public comment at this time on the historic preservation fund committee report. does any member of the public wish to speak to this item? we will close public comment. >> very good. that will place us on the regular calendar for items seven a through h. properties at eight fishermen's wharf, 489 terry françois
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boulevard, 395 sutter street, 355 castro street, 715 buchanan street, and others. these are legacy business registry applications. >> hello, commissioners. i am here from preservation staff. as you heard, we have eight applications in front of you today for your recommendation to the small business commission. i will start by giving a brief summary of each of the legacy business applicants, and then if any of the business owners are here, we will invite them up to speak during public comment. i will start off with the restaurant. it is a family-run seafood restaurant on fishermen's wharf that was opened as a fresh fish stall in 1925. he sold lunch items to the italian labourers who worked nearby. in 1932, he constructed the first building on the wharf, but
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unfortunately he died suddenly in 1933, leaving his wife to take over the business, and become the first woman to work on the wharf. this is the beginning of a major shift in which fishermen's wharf reinvented itself as the centre for tourism, entertainment to, and retail shopping. they played a role in the creation of the wharf retail and tourist districts. the business has remained in the family for its entire 93 years in operation and it continues to honour his past by using her original recipes. staff is recommending approval of this application and we are recommending the following features to be protected. the sicilian dishes including specialties of crab and clam chowder, original for shape neon signs, interior walls composed entirely of clamshells saved from diner's meals, and ephemera located along the stairway and the calamari room. that brings us to our next
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applicant. the bay view boat club. they are a recreational boating club incorporated in 1963 located in the bayview hunter's point neighborhood. however, the first meeting of the club was recorded at the shipyard and at hunter's point in april 17th, 1961. the club continued a long tradition of socializing that occurred around a repair shop and tavern beginning in the 1930 s. the stop is recommending approval of this application and we recommending the following features to be protected. the tradition of diversity and hospitality, the boating education program, the racing events including the plastic classics regatta, the volunteer membership run organizational structure, the mosaic mural and their building and stock. that takes us to our third applicant, couture designer european clothing.
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they opened it in union square in 1989 in the gale and building which is located in the conservation district. the store sells high-end european designer men's fashion customized to fit the needs of each customer. they specialize in serving people who have difficulty finding clothing elsewhere, often based on height, weight or disabilities. the store is located in the union square neighborhood which has long been associated with designer and high-end fashion boutiques during the 1980s. particularly sutter street was a mecca for menswear with 12 different independent men's retailers. staff is rampant -- recommending approval of the application. we are recommending -- we are noting that the business is 29 years of age. one year short of the 30 year requirement for the registry. however, we do find the applicants meet the terms for extraordinary circumstances.
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their lease will be expiring in 2020, and therefore their business is at significant risk of displacement. we are recommending the following features be protected. the high quality men's designer european clothing collection, custom fitted apparel for people who have difficulty finding clothing elsewhere, orange exterior awning and flag, and the large display windows. the fourth applicant is for your eyes only optometry. was founded in 1983. he provided -- they were especially important for people with aids. with a weakened immune system, they were at high risk of infections that commonly lead to
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blindness. he became sick from aids and passed away in 1992. before he passed he founded doctor kathleen kennedy to take it over. she started seeing patients and running the practice under the mentorship. she purchased the business in 1991. the business serves everyone, but it is notable that in the early years, 90% of for your eyes only patients were gay men and presently 60% of the patients identify as male at approximately 80% identify as lgbtq. most patients do live or work in the castro. staff is recommending approval of the applications and we are recommending the following features of the business for protection. high-quality optometric care, high-quality eyewear, original interior features including rounded wall corners, mouldings and hardwood floors. that takes us to our next application. it is a nonprofit senior service
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agency based in san francisco's japan town neighborhood established in 1971. because of language and cultural barriers, many older japanese americans were not able to access mainstream services at the time. recognizing this need to, the founders began helping seniors by providing them with information and assistance and applying for government health benefits and offering transportation services and walking scores to make sure seniors can leave and return safely to their homes. in 1999, they moved to their permanent home at 1715 buchanan street, which is the headquarters and home to the social services program. staff is recommending an approval of the application, and we recommend the following features for protection. we do want to note there are several current locations for the business, and all would be registered. that is the webster street 1581 webster street, 1840 sutter
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street, 1715 buchanan street, 1531 sutter street. these features are culturally sensitive care for seniors and their families that focuses on servicing the japanese-american community. the spirit of appreciation for older generations, sacrifices and hardships, of services including transportation, referral and outreach, health and consumer education, healthy activities, social services, meals and home support, adult social day care, in 24-hour residential address might care. our next application is for other avenues. it is a cooperative food store owned by a group of coworkers who manage the business together they began in 1975 as a small neighborhood store, run as a not-for-profit business by volunteer staff who are part of a grassroots movement called the food conspiracy. other avenues had storefronts open with a whole natural and
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food. they legally incorporated as a worker owned cooperative in 1999 in 20 -- 2008, they were able to purchase the building by borrowing money from rainbow grocery co-op, cheese board collective and to their own members for their down payment. staff is recommending approval and we are noting the following features for protection. commitment to quality natural foods and product, 100% organic produce, worker owned collective business models, a living wage for all workers and their storefront. next application is for st. mary 's pub. it was established as a st. mary 's tavern in 1933 shortly after prohibition was repealed. an unknown owner opened the tavern honoring the name of the roman catholic college that
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defined the neighborhood. the earliest known proprietary owner of the bar is was operating in 1935 and running a small restaurant there as well. by the 1970s, margaret herbert took over ownership and run the bar for 30 years. she sold the business in the 19 nineties. after a period, they sold the property in 2010. today, it is the oldest repealed bar in san francisco. staff is recommending approval of the application with the following features to be protected. the neighborhood bar character, the bloody mary selection, the neon sign, the high ceilings, booths and ephemera decorating the walls. our last applicant today is one of my personal favourites. ted's market and delicatessen. a frequent lunch place for me. it was founded in 1967 by a husband and wife team.
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ted and penny were both born in san francisco from greek immigrant families. it is a classic mom-and-pop shop in the south of market district. the story features a full delicatessen, catering company, and market with a wide selection of beer, wind, and liquor. it also has a large selection of foods prepared fresh daily. today, the store is running the same location by the second and third generation of the family, now including ted and penny's granddaughter, miriam. the staff is recommending the following features to be protected. the corner grocery store business model, the original red neon coca-cola sign, the antique scales and grocery store paraphernalia, in the greek and arab specialty food and liquor store selection. that concludes my presentation. i am available for questions. >> thank you. why don't we do public comment first and then we can bring it
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back to the commission. i will call the people up with speaker cards and then we will have open public comment and you will have three minutes to speak with a warning buzzer at 30 seconds before the time is up. [calling names] >> good afternoon, commissioners i am the outgoing commodore for the bay view boat club. 2008 and i was also commodore in 2017. our history dates back to 1961 when a group of old -- old salts began meeting at the shipyard at hunter's point. we now have a clubhouse half a mile from at&t park and a block from the soon to be completed chase stadium. it was originally raised on the side of india basin just
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adjacent to the tavern used by the allman brothers. it was moved by barge with the assistance of the brothers moving company at a tugboat. the lease agreement was granted by the san francisco port authority in may of 1964. the socializing and develop -- socializing developed naturally and evolved into the birth of the boat club. we have been incorporated since april of 1966. we are a nonprofit. although the environment is changing considerably, we continue the traditions and down to earth in rotary centred around recreational boating and established by the founders. the boat club and all volunteers is a an eclectic mix and has approximately 300 numbers. we hold membership with the pacific in our yacht club association, the yacht racing association and the recreational boaters of california. along with races including the plastic classic regatta back and our 35th annual his coming up this year. the founder will be speaking
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next. he has been in the club a little bit longer than me. along with the races, we -- the regatta pays unique tribute to sailboats with designs 25 years and older. they are not within. they are specifically nonwooded. that was a prevailing trend at the time, i believe. john can speak to that. we also have programs for members' children and an outreach program such as our very active youth sailing and women on the water programs. an annual toy drive contributing to project year, and we sponsor -- we are a sponsor site for the san francisco fire department's toy drive. and we are initiating this coming year a speaker series to coincide with our very popular branches. along with this, we hold many club hosted events, which give and promote entertainment,
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lectures, social affairs, celebrations, exhibitions and reviews on any and all descriptions. corporate events include the navy seal foundation, the monthly art while exhibit, charlie dancers and the yale university alley cats as well as other memberships. i thank you for your consideration and considering us as a legacy business. i'm happy to answer any questions if you have any. thank you. >> joan super. citizen of san francisco since i was three years old. that was 1946. i've seen the city change a little bit. anyway, your recommendation for the boat club will help keep it in effect for another couple of hundred years i hope. when i joined the club in 86, it
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was a yellow building sitting on the eastern shore of san francisco. there's nothing around. nothing could be seen. it was a big railroad yard across the street. now we have at&t park. the warriors, ucsf, hi tech, and a little eat -- the little yellow building is still there. we are still doing the same thing. we go out and do boating. we have a couple of beers. we lie to each other, and your recommendation will help keep that intact. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> kathleen kennedy while. >> good afternoon. i am -- i have been the owner and chief optometrist for your eyes only optometry in the heart of the castro for many years.
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i'm honoured to be here today to request your support for inclusion in the legacy business registry. we have been part of the fabric of the fabulous historic district for 35 years. optometry offices primarily just primarily serve the lgbtq community and we probably take care of the vision needs and we passionately support the visions of the castro. our neighborhood is a welcoming place that stand strong and united even in the face of bigotry or an epidemic. we are proud to be part of this unique community. during the early years of the aids crisis, our office is one of the few offices in the world where patients who had an aids or h.i.v. diagnosis can be open about that and new that they would be treated with compassion and respect. there were terrible fears of blindness from aids and to be
2:37 am
able to talk to your doctor straight out about what medications you were on and what your symptoms were, and not try to hide. it is very important. these patients knew we would treat them and we can treat them well and we will continue this tradition today. we treat all people with dignity and kindness no matter who they are, or whom they love. a few examples of other ways for your eyes atop -- optometry serves a community include sponsoring the gay bowling team back in the 1980s, membership in the castro alliance club which was the first gate lions club, provide free eye exams and eyeglasses for needy children. we love the castro. i personally feel extremely fortunate to have the honor of providing i care to our wonderful patients in this
2:38 am
dynamic village for decades. we do have a concern about our practice's future. our office has been very help -- happy in our victorian since the practice was founded in 1983. recently our building owner passed away and we have a new landlord now. he has not made clear to us what his plans are. we worry about what will become of us when our lease is up in 2020. be included in the legacy business registry and it would offer as protection when this happens. i request you support applications for legacy business registry so we may continue to serve and be a vital part of our beloved neighborhood for many years to come. thank you. >> thank you. maria davis. >> hello. i am maria. i have been the owner of the pub for the last eight years.
2:39 am
thank you so much for considering us. like shelley said, we are named after saint mary's college that was across the street. in 1933, when prohibition ended, we applied for a business license. it was the first business license at the end of 1933. it has been an iconic business in the neighborhood. the neon sign out front serves as a beacon of the top of the hill. rosa was the first known proprietress and she had a restaurant as well. they purchased it and changed the tavern to pub which was a popular thing to do at the time. later in the 1950s, the gentleman that we only know as a red implemented a payment plan for his customers and patrons who are charge per person and not per drink. depending on the length of their
2:40 am
visit. in the 1970s, the beloved margaret herbert took over ownership and ran it forward 30 years. she was beloved by regulars and in the eighties, the kitchen closed and she turned over management in the 1990s. after that, the bar became a run down and fell on hard times. she folded the business in 2004. the bar went up for sale in 2010 and myself, seeing potential in play, i bought it. i remodelled it and returned it to its former glory and took out the drop ceiling. i feel that it has become clean and safe and we are known for our bloody mary's. we have been awarded the best bloody mary in san francisco from 12 to a local newspapers. and in 2015, we are recognized by the u.s.a. today for the top ten -- on the top ten list in the bloody -- in the united
2:41 am
states. we have been voted the best dive bar and best bartender. our pub has hosted meetings for several groups including the college hill neighborhood association. the bar has been part of many community events including fundraisers for the harvey milk democratic club, the preschool, planned parenthood, mexican american legal defence fund, and many more. we are in establishment that marks the intersection of groups that have been at risk or have been priced out and displaced in recent years such as latinos, people of color, lgbtq, artists, musicians, et cetera. and long-term residents. while we welcome residents in the new city, sorry, i have
2:42 am
always felt a historical. honoring this history is critical in maintaining the general committee. it is one of the city cultural elders. we are a thriving business in the prohibition bar in the city. unfortunately the building is for sale right now. having the legacy business status will help us when our lease -- when our lease runs up in 2020. sorry for going over time. >> thank you. to other members of the public wish to comment, if so, please come forward. >> hello. my name is david and this is my daughter. it is an honor to be here today this afternoon, especially when
2:43 am
i usually don't get out of the store at this time of day. i want to thank the planning department in the commissioners for acknowledging ted's markets. a small business in south of market for three generations. i started when i was 11 years old. my parents paid me 50 cents an hour. so i learned from that because when my children were old enough to work, they started at 50 cents an hour. i want to thank everybody and i appreciate it. this is an honor. thank you. >> good afternoon. i am representing a 30 -- 32 shareholders from the restaurant i am fourth-generation and fifth
2:44 am
generation of growing daily. i am here to ask for legacy status for me and all of my cousins to honor our grandmother and grandfather, and to maintain our business for 100 -- for another 100 years. thank you for this opportunity. >> thank you. >> good afternoon. i am here today representing -- are like to thank you for considering us. as you know, for the business discussion including in your meeting packet, much has been provided to the aging population since 1971. the original site looked at 1581 webster street as a smaller space. the bridge conducted japan town
2:45 am
to center main buildings. in 1974, through a grant with the california department of aging, we began a japanese hot meals program for seniors, prepared and served on the site located at 1909 bush street. in 1986, the nutrition program moved to the japanese cultural centre located at 1840 centre street. we also operate out of the consolidated location. in 1983, the home located at 1531 centre street -- centre street opened its doors to provide residential and respite care for 20 seniors and social day cares for up to 40. removed as administrative offices to its current location at 1715 buchanan street in 1999 in the heart of japan town. thank you all for your consideration. >> thank you.
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>> good afternoon, commissioners i am here to support the application for the bay view boat club, and i am also really pleased to see how well the legacy status program is working i was part of the task force that put that legislation together. i am really very pleased to see how well it is working. we thank you for your support. thank you. >> thank you. >> hello. i am here to speak forever -- other avenues to support as a legacy business. i worked at other avenues for more than 35 years. i just retired in may and this
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is still my favorite co-op. many people do not know what a co-op is. so i use these questions from new shoppers. can anybody shop here, or do you have to be a member? do you have to be a vegetarian to shop here while. [laughter] >> everyone can shop here and you don't have to be a member. in fact, at other avenues, because it is a worker owned co-op, only the workers are members. and you do not have to be a vegetarian, although other avenues -- we do not sell meat projects -- products. they carry many healthy products we have been in business for 43 years. a cooperative is a business for service organizations that are owned democratically by its members. there were are all kinds of
2:48 am
co-ops where the shoppers are the co-owners of the business and causing co-ops for the homeowners that co- owned the building. these principles are usually posted in the facility. one of the principles of the cooperative is very important. it is called concern for the community. this means cooperatives work for sustainable development or their communities and other avenues that are very closely connected with the community. it is the community support that has made other avenues a successful business and worthy of achieving the legacy business status. thank you for your consideration >> thank you. does any other member of the public wish to speak to these items?
2:49 am
seeing and hearing none, we will close public comment. commissioners? >> thank you all so much. one of my most enjoyable parts of my service here is hearing the stories of your businesses, and your work for san francisco, you guys are the city of san francisco. you make the city a great place to be. i appreciate that very much. i do love the fact that today we are preserving food recipes, and bloody mary recipes. i also appreciate that the irreverent name of saint mary's, at a time of prohibition prohibition or just after prohibition, that it would be named for the catholic college that it was across the street. that was a pretty san franciscan kind of thing to do. anyways, i would highly endorse -- i would highly endorse -- endorse all of these. >> i want to suck into that. i also want to say how the
2:50 am
businesses are spread out throughout the city, but they are very engaged in each neighborhood. i really find it wonderful how much each of these businesses has reached out to the community in fundraisers, and supporting the neighborhood in a whole lot of different ways. so that is also really remarkable, especially given how hard it is for brick-and-mortar operations to continue to exist given the high rent here and how difficult it is for small businesses. i am always happy when we get to recommend approval of legacy business status. good job. >> thank you. >> i am particularly happy to see the boat club come up and have your support and all the testimony for all the businesses has been great today. i do a lot of work for the port in the city and up and down the
2:51 am
states and around the world. i'm thrilled to have another maritime legacy business be nominated. speaking of the wharf, i was there not that long ago. there are so many other restaurants that have come up around the city, as you know. it is fantastic. the place has been kept up my via -- marvellously. we nominated them and they have done a fantastic job too. i was really happy to see that. the other final comment i have is the cooperative representatives, you spoke about your principles for the cooperative and the discussion
2:52 am
-- the reason they exist is the loving and the care of the elders. to me, this is another element of our legacy businesses that we are hearing more about what guides them, their guiding principles, and the eyecare business in the castro. this is really inspiring. i like to think about that. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you all for your strong participation in the community, and i'm so glad to see so many generations represented here. i don't know how many -- four or five generations. that is great. and just a couple comments for staff on your first page for the legacy business registry, there is a typo that notes that the first owner died in 1993. i think that his 1933. if you can update all of us about the cab paid, and
2:53 am
hopefully to encourage blissful businesses to come forward and support the ones that are here today. i'm not sure if they are familiar with what we are trying to do and what we are trying to promote. >> i can speak to some of the plans we have in place. our staff will be meeting with the office of small business staff, i believe next week. not next week. that its christmas. soon. tomorrow. thank you. i don't have my calendar in front of me to talk about next steps for the program, especially now that the marketing plan has been drafted, and the logo has been designed, we feel like it is a good time to take stock of where we are and moving forward. we also got great feedback at the national trust conference. we want to take all the information, and come up with a
2:54 am
plan. rick will be coming to present to you his biannual report in january. then we can share more about our discussion tomorrow. >> i'm with the legacy business program. thank you very much for moving the item to the front of the agenda. with all the businesses here, that was really helpful. i appreciate that very much.
2:55 am
it's great to see so many interested businesses that contributed so much to san francisco, like you, commissioner, like to read about the businesses, i did note some of the businesses, at least one of them was perhaps a little shy
2:56 am
in saying some of the things, and i just would like to focus for a brief moment on this restaurant, for many years, i represented the martin family when they own and ran the camry. that's when i learned about the business community of the area and how important it was in being a center for the business people to meet there and through the organizations, help solve problems that were sometimes extremely difficult, and on the political front, both times when mayor brown was elected, his election night dinner and strategy session and opportunity
2:57 am
to vote, as it came in, was always held here. >> is there a motion? >> no, i was waiting for one. >> i move these businesses be approved. >> second. >> very good, commissioners, all the motion led to adopt recommendations for approval, commissioner black? >> yes. >> commission john? >> yes. >> commissioner? >> yes. >> highland? >> yes. >> so moved, commissioners, motion passes unanimously. >> congratulations. >> congratulations. [applause] >> commissioners, that places us on item 8, as of 906 broad kay, this is a landmark designation.
2:58 am
>> good afternoon, commissioners, desiree staff. we are recommending 906 broadway, known as our lady love church located near north beach president if i could get the powerpoint up, please. thank you.
2:59 am
906 broadway was designated as landmark no. 204 in 1993, and at time of designation, only exterior features of the building were designated. following the sale of the property by the archdiocese in 2016, the historical society recommended the interior be added to the preservation work program. on august 17th, 2016, hpc added the interior of 906 broadway to the designation work program and staff since prepared the draft in a report before you today. staff finds that the landmark amendment to include the interior is warranted. justification for amending the designation of 906 broa broadwas outlined in the designation report that i will briefly summarize. the subject building was constructed in 1912 with the history of the parrish of our lady dates back four decades
3:00 am
earlier as a campaign to fundraise for the spanningish language catholic church in north beach began in the 1870s. as depicted, the corner stone was laid in 1875 and building completed and dedicated in 1880. the gold rush of 1848 to 1852 attracted tens of thousands of people from around the globe to northern california, including many from latin america. experienced mexican miners arrived in large numbers as did others from central and south america. many of these were among the first 49ers and eventful settled in san francisco, especially at the southern base of telegraph hill. in the mid-1800s, this area was called little chile. many migrant workers settled in a diverse area of north beach that was known as the latin corridor where they lived
3:01 am
alongside italians,p


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