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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  February 1, 2019 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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men as well. >> and it misidentified 28 members of the united states congress, the facial recognition software did. >> i'm looking forward to seeing that legislation. >> i will also follow suit and say a few words about the exciting disruption that happened at the board of supervisors. i will say i was proud to see my daughter's teacher chanting in the chambers along with three other kindergarten teachers at her school i was saying outside at the rally, that i have the pleasure every friday morning of volunteering and my daughter's class, and what her teacher does is nothing short of extraordinary. she is alone, teaching 20 to five and six -year-olds, which if you have a kid, you know how hard it is to keep focus of one five or six -year-olds.
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i call her genius, it is the most amazing thing to get to watch that every week. she travels from the east bay to come into san francisco every day, which is a long commute, both ways, because she does not have enough money to live in the city. she is a single mother. that is what so many of our teachers are facing in san francisco. we have records they can see every single year at the beginning of the year. i'm worried whether or not my child will have a permanent teacher in her classroom at the beginning of next year. i worry every single year on whether that will happen. me, along with tens of thousands of other parents in san francisco, and that's because he simply can't afford to live in the city, and they can't afford to earn a salary that they are earning. all of the surrounding counties earn salaries that are much larger than san francisco unified school district. we cannot continue to keep this workforce unless we can compete.
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i see the clerk and the city attorney are getting very uncomfortable, because this is a conversation that we will have in the future, but i just wanted to appreciate supervisor peskin, budget chair fewer, and president the four presenting their proposal and their breakdown on how they think the $185 million should be divided. i agree with a lot of it, but not all of it, and one piece of it that i absolutely not agree with is the amount that we are allocating to the teachers. i am looking very forward to having that robust discussion in committee next week, but i just wanted to give a shout out of appreciation and all to all of the educators that came to the board chamber today, and really took and escalated this issue to the next level. next, i am joining with supervisor peskin today, and introducing legislation to launch san francisco's green new
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deal fund, and jumpstart the process of creating a public utility to replace pg and e. for years, we have been struggling to take incremental steps to give public power to san franciscans while pg and e. has spent millions trying to block us. against all odds, we created clean power s.f. in 2018, but the program still relies on the existing grid for transmission and distribution. with a? ticking on climate change, and their abysmal safety record, we must take urgent action. the rates we pay them go up every year, and in return, we get explosions and shutdowns and delays and invented obstacles to our transition to clean power s.f. no pg and e. is facing epic, civil and possible criminal liability for their role in the deadliest wildfire in u.s. history. with the mad scramble now to avoid b. -- bankruptcy, and with cpuc weighing options for a bailout, we need to accelerate our split from this country --
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this company. a profit driven utility is not working for us. i am sick of us putting pg and e.'s bill for negligent behavior , especially when they are giving fatcat executive salaries every single year, and outrageous bonuses, and more concerned about the profits that the shareholders then the safety of their customers. last year, san francisco voters overwhelmingly supported proposition 80, authorize a zine -- authorizing the s.f. p.u.c. to build its own infrastructure bonds. over the next several years, you will be able to use a secretion energy system for san francisco that is green, renewable, and publicly owned. having the green new deal fund in place will allow us to commit funds to jumpstart the process, and continue board oversight to see it through with the san francisco public utilities commission. i hope that my colleagues will allocate the windfall to this
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fund to support immediate assessment and planning, and to work through the budget process that spring to begin to fund the new infrastructure. s.f. p.u.c. is an effective, functioning utility with 100 years of experience providing safe, and reliable energy. we have less, but that is not our only option. let's invest in solar, wind, let's make the grade smaller and easier to protect and sustain. let's use the money that they have been using to pay their executive dollars to instead train san franciscans to build and sustain our green infrastructure. scientists tell us we have 11 years between making the difference between a catastrophe and a clean and new future. it is time to start outsourcing our energy. i hope you will join me in supporting these moves. i take ownership of our power system and make real investments in green jobs and infrastructure this is our green new deal.
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we needed for the country, and we will make it happen in san francisco. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor. thank you. i rise to speak on the situation that we are discussing in the next few days and fomenting restrictions on the taxi industry. this is something that has been vexing san francisco. i know supervisor peskin has been the list. for many conversations we have had. essentially, the proposal coming before us and becoming before the city of san francisco is to restrict some of the pre proposition k. permit holders and their access, and their ability to pick up as san francisco airport. this is something the board has proposed. this is something that the m.t.a. has discussed, and his
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thinking that as a way to balance out the industry's current shape, given the impact of t.n.c., given the impact of purchasing at the height of the market and the medallions that were sold in 2008, 2009, so we are trying to think about the best way to proceed in these circumstances. we want to ensure that the impacted preproposition k. and corporate medallion holders that will be impacted by the proposal will actually turn out the way that they predict. rather than spending more time at the airport, they can service the streets of san francisco. if you are secret -- if we are concerned about them not disappearing altogether. this is about 260 out of the 1600 permit holders, that is step number 1.
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we want to ensure that in the next 90 days we are asking them that this resolution that we are introducing that the data is given to us and we come back and we see the impacts of the proposal, but at the same time, we want to urge the san francisco airport board of directors and commissioners to look at restrictions on t.n.c.s, anyone that has been to the airport recently and tries to get into the departure area, or any area for that matter, is somewhat of a laissez-faire control, and the amount of pickup and drop-off there does not seem to be regulated in any way shape or form. if we are proposing restrictions on taxis, we are proposing controls on pickups at the airport, we need to also have an honest conversation about pickups of t.n.c.s at the airport as well. this resolution urges the san francisco board of commissioners and oversight authority and airport directors to look at
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restrictions on t.n.c.s as well. if we are proposing one, we need to propose the other. we want to have balance. we also want to have the data. in the next 90 days, we ask for that information to be presented to us, and we can make a better recommendation as who to proceed we do have the ability to discuss how it impacts the overall san francisco, and how the data is presented to us. with that, i want to thank supervisor peskin in his office with helping to work with us on that. i also want to thank supervisor fewer and supervisor haney for joining us in the conversation with the taxi medallion holders. this is not an easy conversation obviously the industry has been under assault for some time. i just want to say that the service that they provide, whether it is for the disability community, the elderly community , whether it is a consistent and constant form on
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the streets of san francisco, it is not provided in other realms of former transportation. this is an important industry to protect, and that is why want to have the full conversation with data. the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor. supervisor stefani? >> i have a few in memoriam his for today. >> i'm sorry, he reminded me, i have a couple in memoriam his. >> i would like to close the meeting in memory of edith andrews tobin, a world traveller and beloved resident of district 1212. she died in her home on wednesday can generate 23rd, at the age of 64. she was a six generation san francisco and, and was baptized at grace cathedral. the service celebrating her life will be held next week on monday , february 4th at three p.m. at grace cathedral. she attended the school on
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broadway and the santa catalina school in monterey before heading to brown university where she majored in human biology. she left san francisco in northern california and supported causes such as the edgewood centre for children and families, the haight-ashbury free clinic, grace cathedral, the asian art museum, and the cathedrals. she led a fashion show every august on behalf of the league to save lake tahoe, she took over the tradition from her father who launched the initiative in 1969. she was proud to spend her last summer there this past july. she will be remembered as an avid athlete, hiker, swimmer and cyclist. in 1978, she combined her love of cycling with a world traveller and embarked on a cycling trip including poland, czechoslovakia and hungary. and her brother his.
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she is also survived by her loving colleagues and friends in northern california throughout the world. the second in memoriam i would like to submit his on behalf of my self and supervisor peskin. we would like to close the meeting in memory of joseph but kelly, a beloved member of the north beach and marina communities. joe died on january 8th. he was a proud, native san franciscan. he attended marina middle school where he met his wife. after attending the college of marin, he began working full-time for the leather manufacturing business. the business started by his italian immigrant father. the company was renamed the kelly belt, and joe along with his parents, built the company into one of the most successful companies in the united states. joe and mary charlie on junior 27th, 1951 at st. vincent of paul church. joe was an integral part of the school and church community,
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participating club fundraisers such as the themed bazaars and dinner parties in the school cafeteria. the community knows the family well through their two restaurants. the kelly said the flower market and formally on chestnut street in the marina. they celebrated 28 years in san francisco this month. he is survived by his four sons and daughters. joe's greatest joy was spending time with his 11 grandchildren and nine in counting great-grandchildren. the past two summers, joe arrange for his growing family to vacation in maui. he made it part of his weekly routine to talk to the children and ask about their activities. our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, and all who knew and loved him. lastly, with supervisor peskin, we would like to close the meeting today in memory of peter
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mcallen. a beloved leader in san francisco, and the number 1 fan and champion of our san francisco giants baseball team. he passed away at the past sunday, generate 27th, at the age of 76. he was absolutely instrumental in supporting the giants team and franchise. he purchased a franchise in 1992 , and kept our team in san francisco. born in manhattan, he moved to california to attend stanford university. he was a strategic business leader and led safely as chairman and c.e.o. from 1980- 1993 before taking over the giants. under his leadership, the giants made the playoffs four times including an appearance at the 2002 world series against the angels. the foundational leadership and competitive spirit set the stage for the team to continue fighting for greatness, including more playoff appearances, an unforgettable world series championships in
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2010, 2012, in 2014. he will forever be demoralized at the iconic waterfront ballpark. he worked tirelessly to build this park without direct public funding in 2,000. some of his highest achievements achieved work on behalf of the community. he let the giants to become the first proposal --dash professional sports team to dedicate an annual team to fight against aids and h.i.v. with the creation of until there is a cure day in 1994. he formed a junior giants program that provided free leaks for children to play and learn baseball. he had a special drive to make the giants organization a close-knit family built on a rich history of those who came before. he assigned willie mays to a lifetime contract and brought back hall of famers to the organization to serve as special advisors. in 2008, establish the giants while a fan which serves as a
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tribute of the organization greatest players in the san francisco era. he will be added to the same wall of fame on february 9th. he was also fantastic partner to many in city hall. he built bridges and relationships to accomplish great things on behalf of the community. he is survived by his wife, their five children and grandchildren. he is also survived by his colleagues, friends, and members of the entire giants organization and family. our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and all those who knew him. also, i would like to join in supervisor mandel menchaca hearing on the availability of mental health services and drug treatment for san francisco's justice involved population. the rest i submit.
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>> thank you. supervisor walton? >> thank you. first i want to start off by thanking and commanding my colleagues for all of the thoughtfulness that has come into how we are going to disseminate the funding. i know that everyone has taken this serious and understands how valuable these resources are, i just want to say a couple of notes and i love it when my colleagues remind me that i'm not on the board of education anymore. i get a kick out of that. but in june 2018, the voters of the city passed prop c., resources for early care and child care programs, and prop ge resources to increase wages for educators and address the gaps in achievement. in november 2,018, the voters of the city passed prop c. which will provide resources for us to
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combat homelessness and all of these are equally important,, in all of these propositions, 20 what most definitely, and one most likely are being challenged in court. residents of the city have spoken and want resources for all of these initiatives and we can express -- expect these resources to go to the implementation and we are fortunate even though we have a lots of challenges -- lots of challenges to one -- to have windfall resources to help us alleviate the damage caused by lawsuits, we have an opportunity to support the will of the voters.
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props he passed in november 2018 to combat homelessness will yield $253 million annually. what i'm trying to say here is the voters of this city overwhelmingly supported and passed prop ge for educators, students and education as a whole in our city. the voters expect approximately $50 million per year to go towards funding this expectation i will continue to work closely with all of my colleagues and the mayor to honor the will of the voters, the education of our children cannot be compromised by these meddling court cases that are infringing on the ability. to provide the resources needed to improve education. i agree with supervisor peskin about prop a and the will of the voters. but prop a also gives the s.f.
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p.u.c. its own source of revenue , so we need to remember that as we talk about funding and how will be allocated. we are seeking state grant funding to support the cannabis equity program. last fall, senator stephen bradford brought statewide recognition to local equity programs by drafting and passing fb 1294, the california cannabis equity act of 2018. this act recognizes that the collateral they -- collateral consequences of multigenerational, over policing of cannabis activity has left so many individuals lacking the resources they need to successfully enter the legal cannabis market, and allocate $10 million to the bureau of cannabis control to grant
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directly to local jurisdictions with equity programs. san francisco and one of a handful of jurisdictions in the state of california with an equity program that has begun alongside oakland, los angeles, sacramento, and long beach. this means our city is well positioned to compete for a large portion of the $10 million , and state grant funding. since creating the verification system, the office of cannabis has verified over 240 individuals to seek cannabis business permits and since opening part one of the application, the office of cannabis has received over a hundred 40 applications from equity program participants. so many of these individuals require additional capital, and technical assistance during the permitting process, and this grant funding could help provide that. this resolution will authorize the office of cannabis to seek the state funding and makes clear that if the funding is
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awarded, it will come back to this board to seek approval for the acceptance of those funds. alongside the mayor, and the office of cannabis, i am excited for this opportunity to get the equity axle plug-ins the resources they need to. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor walton. president he. >> thank you, madam clerk. i might as well have a couple of sentences about this also. as you know, we will get through all of this at some point, and realizing we have a lot of needs in san francisco, realizing it has been noted for the ballot measures that the vote is passed , and as supervisor walton indicated, that the props see
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was for 250 million. the june props see is worth about hundred 46 million, and the prop ge is worth 60 million. we really need to look at those, and what it would really do for our communities and how we balance it with the needs that we have, and hopefully we will move forward, and think about -- you can think in terms of proportionally, how we would provide this, or strictly with numbers, or you could say, what are the greatest needs of that point. we will probably not get resources boy, we could do a lot
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of good stuff with it. and let's make sure that we do that. there something that all of us struggle with city wide in terms of how we keep on losing our rent-controlled buildings. it leaves our legacy businesses, we lose services because of a variety of news, rather -- whether the rent went up too high, in the city is being gentrified, and speculators by buildings and tear down what was existing, and never to replace it. so we deal with that constantly. we have a situation that probably looks that way on a little corner of judah and 19 th. there is a church there that houses a preschool that has been there for over 40 years and
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providing services to the community throughout san francisco, and they serve nearly 100 families every year, and now the church building is up for sale, and i want to do something with my colleague, supervisor mar, to send a signal to people that we can't sit here and allow for speculators to keep on taking our rent-controlled units we need to do it now, send a signal now, so i would like to tell everybody here that i will be introducing legislation in the form of an interim moratorium for that property, and again, is it going to stop anything totally, probably not, but it will send a signal that as a city, we will stand up and fight for these services.
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we will fight for the things that we are losing in the city that makes our city. i will be introducing that legislation really quickly. probably within a week or so. the rest i submit. >> thank you, mr president. supervisor brown? >> thank you. as we are all looking at the priorities of the city, and we have so many, i think education is the one that we all really care about, and making sure that our children have really great teachers that stay in the city, work in the city, to make sure that they have a consistency on teachers and they are there for them. but we also care about energy independence, and of course, the homeless. and i think all of us can't go to a neighborhood meeting, or all of the e-mails that we get about the homeless situation, and what are we going to do about it.
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so mayor breed and i are sponsoring legislation, and it is creative, and we are trying to seek some -- shake some fruit out of the tree. so what we are asking is the businesses that we normally pay into props see, while it is being litigated, to see if they are willing, are good citizens out there who care about the homeless and the social issues as much as everyone else does and they will give the money to the city that they will actually pay if we were not being sued in props see. and give it to us now. if they do that, we will give them a 10% tax credit, which is kind of a coupon for them, but it will be a situation that we
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are asking all of our wonderful businesses out there with that social conscience to do that now we need the money, we have so many needs, and so we are introducing that today, and i am hoping for the best. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor brown. supervisor fewer? >> i think i have about 15 items today that i am introducing. [laughter] >> i'm just kidding. i only really only have 12. today i am introducing a permit amendment for a ten year extension on the outside lands festival located in golden gate park. since 2008, this festival has highlighted and celebrated access as well as amazing local talent. this event has become part of a cultural entertainment fabric of the city, drawing many residents and visitors. this festival has a tremendous
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impact on the city's economic development. the economic impact analysis conducted for the outside festival shows notably that there was a $66.8 million impact creating the equivalent of 700 full-time year-round jobs. this proposal has a local higher component also, and a job fair that will be held in the richmond district so qualified residents can fill vacant positions for the festival. it is critical these jobs and opportunities are accessible for my residence and the residents of district for. this agreement also includes community benefit funds that supports a gardener for our parks, and improvements for neighborhoods adjacent to the festival, which is district one and district for, and i would like to thank supervisor mar for his cosponsorship of this. as a large event located in the backyard of my district, i prioritize it just prioritize making sure we are addressing concerns and mitigate impacts in the neighborhood. for the past two years, my office has held community
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meetings before and after the festival. bringing together recreation and parks, sfmta, sfpd and event organizers. to ensure that we are hearing directly from residents about the input and experiences so we are able to improve upon the planning each year to address feedbacks from the residents. i am committed to continuing to work with the departments and organizers around the festival. i am happy to work closely and crafting a substitute of his original ordinance appropriating the excess educational revenue augmentation fund. s. budget and finance chair, i have worked and balanced of what
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i'd understand to be the priorities of those on my board and community and labor city stakeholders. while this legislation may not be the perfect vision for any individual member of the board, or stakeholder groups, i am proud that it addresses the funding gaps left by legal challenges to three recent voter approved measures, including, not only significant investment on affordable housing in the spirit of prophecy, but also includes funds for educator wages for employees, and the spirit of prop g., and for early childhood educators in the spirit of baby prop see. will be scheduling this februart as a committee as a whole. colleagues, you are all welcome to attend and participate in the discussion. thank you supervisor peskin for your work on this legislation, and thanks to cosponsors.
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colleagues, i am working with other colleagues on language that will stay committed to the board to address the funding gap in the future, today i am introducing a resolution on the public bank. i have worked for the last two years to advance the cause of a public bank here in san francisco, and for the last year , the san francisco treasurer his office has been convening a municipal bank feasibility task force. while we understand that this is a significant undertaking, creating a public bank in san francisco is also an incredible opportunity, and one i will hope you will join me. the taxpayer money currently is held in public commercial banks.
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from predatory lending practices for low income communities of color, to finding fossil fuel extractions to firearms manufacturing, prisons, and detention centers, to charging the interest rates on loans for retrofitting schools and hospitals. but a public bank owned by the city and county of san francisco would allow the city to have more local control, transparency , self-determination, and allow us to move in a direction to achieve sustainable community investments, such as affordable housing, small business development, loans to low-income households, public transit, infrastructure, renewable energy , in addressing the student debt crisis. a major obstacle in the creation of a public bank is at the state of california does not currently have a public banking charter option, weather at the municipal , regional, or state level. i'm introducing a resolution today, supporting the efforts of the california public bank alliance, and introducing
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legislation to allow for the creation of a public banking charter, allowing a pathway for public banks and colleagues. i hope i have your support. a public bank for public good. it is time. finally, i would like to request we adjourned the meeting in memory of my dear friend, daniel wong. i would like to pause and remember the remarkable life of my friend, a loving son, brother , husband, father, and grandfather, a san francisco mint native, in a passive net --dash dispassionate member of the community. after a valiant three year battle with cancer. he has been succeeded by his wife, his children, one of four
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children, his family lives in chinatown until he was 15, then moved to the richmond district, in the mid-1960s, where he lived until his passing. as a child, he attended an elementary school, marina middle school, lincoln high school, and later graduated from san francisco state university as an adult, you worked for at&t for close to 30 years. for 68 years, he was known as a gentle, patient and quiet soul who was always generous with his time and love. he was giving, but not frivolous , friendly but knew when it was tougher time love. he was wise and humble, he was the model of respectfulness and selflessness, the kind of man that many people aspire and hope to be. he maintained a close circle of friends who knew they could count on his mentorship,
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friendship, and company, and a methodical handyman, he is always willing to help others with a variety of tasks, from home repair, to plumbing, electrical painting, woodworking passionate about nature, he was honored to be the cop and scoutmaster of boy scouts, he taught his kids and his friends the joys of backpacking, camping and fishing. he also left to volunteer his time at the middle school outdoor education program where he chaperoned his kids and other students, along with my husband during his trips. not only a lover of the outdoors , he was also an athlete , who was one of the fastest runners at marina middle school, and as an adult, he ran just about every morning for 40 years. he left going out and the other morning where he said he likes the coldness of the morning air and the quiet before the city woke. he led a full remarkable life, holding his family and friends close to his heart.
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you would not want to be grieved for long. he would like to be remembered as a wonderfully kind man who loved his family and friends, being out in nature, and enjoying the simple things in life, heat chopped -- taught the kids this motto. he is trustworthy, loyal, courteous, kind. that was daniel wong through and through. the world is undoubtedly a better place because he was and it. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor viewer. mr president, seeing no other names on the roster -- >> supervisor glass. >> thank you. i know it has been a long meeting. i have a couple in memoriam his that i would like to read into the record. the first of my in memoriam is coach mike prodi from city college san francisco.
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he is a long time football coach this past week, sadly, he lost a legend with the passing. he was a fantastic coach, and served to the students of city college with over -- for over 60 years. he was a mentor, a father, and had a lasting impact on every single player he met. he was a role model for every young man, and was a major contributor to seven national championships, football teams at city college. he was a cherished coach because of his passion, his work ethic, knowledge and communication skills. he will truly be missed on city college's campus. i would like to end in his memory. the other person i would like to end in memory of is the mother of our superintendent. his mother just passed away within the last two weeks. she was a longtime resident of the lakeview neighborhood. we would definitely like to honor her today.
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she was born in fort worth, texas in 1934, and to mr harvey, she was raised in fort worth and a proud graduate of the high school. she met the love of her life while working at a segregated cafeteria in texas. they married in 1956. he joined the navy after that, and they moved to san francisco, as part of a major black migration from the south. that is a major influx of families. after they moved to san francisco, they were blessed with three children. one of them being dr matthews.
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she was a proud member and joined providence baptist church over in the bayview. she was there for over 50 years, and she became a superintendent and won many awards and accolades. she was the first superintendent for the family. it is something they sat at her memorial. dr matthews was actually really touched by that because i had not occurred to him that she was the superintendent of the family a few years later, she became a paraprofessional, and had became a parent liaison. sheet surf there from 67 until all the way until 1998. and retired and lived out the rest of her life in the
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neighborhood being an active member of her community and church. she is survived by her children, and has grandchildren. she also has five great grandchildren. i wanted to end in her honor as well today. thank you. the rest i submit. >> thank you. apologies. condolences will be sent to all families from the board of supervisors for the in memoriam his produced today. mr president? >> why don't we go to number 63, public comments. >> the public may address the entire board of supervisors for up to two minutes and items within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board to include the december 4th and 11th 2018 board meeting minutes. item 64 is a closed session
2:42 pm
regarding existing litigation with pacific f. electric company item 65, an item 65 through 68, the items on the adoption without reference to committee calendar. two minutes are provided for the members of the public to express their comments. speakers using interpretation assistance will be allowed twice the amount of time to testify. if you like to display a document on the overhead projector, please clearly state such, and remove the document to return to live coverage of the meeting. first speaker, please. >> hello, supervisors. i am a san francisco native driver and founder of the alliance for independent workers advocating for gate worker rights. we unite in national movements and are calling for a real captivity placed on business operations in san francisco, as they do not have the same regulatory standards are restrictions as applied to other modes of transportation such as
2:43 pm
taxis. this has led to horrendous problems for all of san francisco. why a cop is needed, unlike the dysfunctional new york city up placed on vehicle numbers, our solution is a real limit to be placed on uber as its current number of vehicles. and drivers. we are adding drivers. no more vehicles or drivers to be added, thereby preventing uber from getting around the restrictions as they have done so effectively in new york city. according to a new york city taxi news report, new york city will onboard more uber vehicles during the period than it had a prior without the limits. a limit will help reduce traffic congestion, reduce accidents, decrease over exhausted drivers working more, and making less. it will reduce the carbon footprint that helps the environment, reduce driver oversaturation, makes it possible to earn a living wage,
2:44 pm
reduces unfair deactivation of drivers as they will not be easily replaced, reduce the impact of unfair competitive practices giving sfmta taxi and other public transportation a chance to survive. san francisco needs a real limit on uber. this unrestricted growth enables business models to spread like a virus globally. thousands upon thousands of drivers are taking to the streets in many major cities throughout the world, vocalizing the devastating impact these titans are having upon the rights of workers. limit it to now. no more drivers can be added. the world is watching. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good evening. i am a prop k. medallion holder, and i have been a full-time taxi
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driver for 30 years. i know i'm supposed to address this board as a whole, but if i could, i would like to share with supervisors that the m.t.a. not only intends to ban prek. medallion holders from servicing the airport, they also plan not to renew them in june. they intend to revoke those medallions. i personally know a driver, pre-k medallion driver who has been driving for more than 45 years. he shares his medallion with his wife and son to pay for their house where they live with their son and grandkids. so the m.t.a. under the thumbs of every mayor since gavin newsom has back stabbed the taxi industry at the same time, they use as a cash cow.
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so the m.t.a., and the city of san francisco, for not having the political will to challenge the cpuc and up the number of uber drivers operating on our streets without the very same medallions they sold to balance their budget. they should buy those medallions back. the only way for the taxi industry to prosper and coexist with the unfair competition we've been faced with for almost ten years, is to achieve a level playing field in the transportation for higher market i urge this board to stop this madness, to work with the mayor 's office, and our legislators in sacramento to challenge the cpuc, and achieve a level playing field in the markets. thank you. >> thank you for your comments.
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next speaker, please. i will just remind the public to address their comments to the board as a whole, not to individual members of the board. >> hello. my name is bob. i live in the richmond district, and i'm a member of grow the richmond neighborhood groups. we should invest in public transportation and we support local businesses. i'm here to talk to you about the proposals. the media has made a lot of news out of this. there is a lot of really worthy priorities, but everything is a worthy priority to somebody, and i am here urging you all to support the proposals that are allocating the most money to the department of homelessness and supportive housing, and the department of the mayor touch office of housing and community development. i will tell a simple story. i live out on the end of the richmond, and a neighbor of mine , her name was sarah, she had been living at the bus shelter. she had been sitting in a wheelchair, living in the bus
2:48 pm
shelter for months, if not years i don't know how long she had been living there. she needed help and care. our services in the city are backlogged. shelters are backlogged. the waiting list to get into the below market rate affordable housing is backlogged. we are not building enough of it everywhere in every district, luckily, sara was able to, with the health just help of my neighbors, get placed in an s.r.o. unit, and get help back and get off the street and get housed. that is what we want to see happen. there too many people suffering on our streets. is our number 1 priority. it is being made a pariah of nationally and internationally. it is what we need to be investing our money in. frankly i understand the desire to start pushing forward the pg and d. public power source. i am a fan of that. it is not our most pressing priority.
2:49 pm
after sarah cliff broke the story about how the city has been managing the department of public health and overcharging that has been happening at the hospital, all i will say -- >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> thank you. congratulations to our new faces over the past year, we've got a few of them. congratulations your ability to create teams and have a victory, it is very dynamic. i respect it quite a bit. let's keep score how many taser kills have we had on the peninsula this year? sorry, tasers don't kill.
2:50 pm
we are up to three. medicare for all, maybe we look at it, the va hospital for all. they are already set up. let's not forget subacute beds. we don't have any in the city anymore. let's not forget it. we have public schools versus a corporate cherry picking for-profit schools. let's make our public schools strong. pg and e.e., the ownership should be ours. the executives that we have lost complete trust in, our judge has ordered them to do their business because he feels they are inapt. the next board of directors, at least 50 5% labor, boots on the ground. marijuana, overly paranoid. police, compare the deaths to marijuana to alcohol in -- and tobacco. uber taxis are a disaster.
2:51 pm
part of a neoliberal let's the market will break things on the streets. what about the handicapped fans while they are gone or going. a housing plan that the people in san francisco can't be a part of. they can't move into new housing let's get that. seniors, whatever. housing design for our community , and of course, the reason why i am here. >> thank you for your comments. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hello. i live in the tenderloin, and i'm here to urge the board to spend the funds and prioritize funding for the proposition c. we clearly have a crisis on our streets.
2:52 pm
i can't walk outside where i live any day without running into one of my un- house neighbors. they are residents of san francisco, just like all of us, and they deserve the resources that the voters of san francisco decided to give them. we need more shelter, we need more affordable housing. and we need more mental health resources for these people. i understand everyone has all of their different priorities and what they spent don't want to spend their money on, and there is competing interest, but i really think this is the most effective money we can spend, the most effective thing we can spend the money on, largely because the money we spent on solving the homelessness crisis is money that we not only -- it is a moral necessity, but helps us not spend money down the road we spend an immense amount of money cleaning up after homeless
2:53 pm
encampments, and if every person you get off the street is one less person that you have to service on the street, which is inherently more expensive than housing someone in servicing them when they're in housing, so i encourage the board to prioritize funding in the prop see. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. welcome, supergirl. >> good evening and salutations. hello, congratulations on your appointment as a president, supervisor yee, too bad you are not the president of the united states. it would be better than trump, of course,. i was just at the campaign rally for kemal harris in oakland, and it was a wonderful experience, but i encountered some hatred there. an old ghost from the past, a buddy from a year ago, just
2:54 pm
because i'm a peacemaker, because i believe in unity, just like a lot of you do, and she said something really potent. she said, who are we, who are we as americans squat less answer that question to the world and to each other, right here, and right now. i want to tell all of you, this is my mission statement as the supergirl of san francisco. i'm here to bring education, entertainment, and enlightenment to a city that i falling -- fallen in love with for the last 30 years. i'm here to call out all groups of hatred and division and violence. that is not the way to unity. you can't have unity for the sake of unity, and then tell other voices that they have to be silent because we don't like what they are as a person and as
2:55 pm
being on this planet. so you will be seeing me during some -- doing some controversial things. some fun, and happy things to make san francisco smile again, and that is what i am here to do whatever you have heard in the community about me for the last two years, i want you to take a look at my actions and my words. i want you to examine me closely , because i am here to help. i'm here to give help. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. are there any other members of the public would like to address the board board during general public comment? mr president. >> seeing none, public comment is closed. madam clerk, please call the next item, item 64. >> can we do the adoption first class. >> mr president, yes, 65 through 681st. >> okay. call them up.
2:56 pm
>> sixty-five through 68 were introduced for adoption without reference to committee, unanimous vote is required for the resolutions. alternatively, any supervisor may require a resolution to go to committee. >> okay. supervisor peskin? >> i would like to sever item 67 , please. >> sixty-seven. i would like to sever 66. >> madam clerk, go ahead and call rollcall for 65 -- 65, 68 and 69? sixty minute -- on item 65 and 68... [roll call]
2:57 pm
>> there are 11 aye. >> these 20 what resolutions are adopted unanimously -- these two resolutions are adopted unanimously. by 766 i believe. >> item 66 is a resolution to support california state senate bill 127, complete streets for active living authored by senator scott weiner. >> okay. i just want to make a few comments on this. as you know, operation zero is a priority for me, and for many of
2:58 pm
us in this chamber. as authored, we have made significant strides in terms of engineering, but last year, we reported more than fatalities than the year before. a few weeks ago i heard from trauma surgeons at san francisco general that nearly one half of the 4,000 traumas received in the emergency room are from collisions. one half of those of the pedestrian deaths are collisions , and three fourths of the traffic deaths are people walking and biking. we must do everything we can and in our power locally, and at the state level to stop these preventable injuries and deaths. this is why i introduced a resolution in support of senate bill 127, senator weiner's complete streets for active living bill. currently the prioritize it --
2:59 pm
cars and trucks are prioritized above all others, so if someone requires caltrain to get complete pedestrian unprotected by great networks throughout california, and prioritize complete streets so that our roads are successful and safe for all users. the bill ensures that all users, such as people crossing the street to access homes and businesses, people cycling, or people riding the bus that are prioritized. s.b. 127 also secures funding for the pedestrians and bike improvements mandates, performance measures, and an engaging process with communities and local governments. senator weiner's legislation is aligned with san francisco complete streets policy, and are codified better streets plan.
3:00 pm
it should include pedestrian, bicycle, and landscape improvements as part as -- of any planning or construction in a new public right-of-way. that is why i am proud to join senator weiner, san francisco's bay area families for safe streets, and safe routes to school, the california bike coalition,, walk s.f. and american art association and supporting s.b. 127. i hope that today you will also join me in supporting this. >> i am 67. >> sixty-seven. supervisor ronen, are you speaking on 66? >> i am. i want to be out as a cosponsor, and say i am appreciative of this. i am working with senator weiner , as well as many different departments to address


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