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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  February 1, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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it should include pedestrian, bicycle, and landscape improvements as part as -- of any planning or construction in a new public right-of-way. that is why i am proud to join senator weiner, san francisco's bay area families for safe streets, and safe routes to school, the california bike coalition,, walk s.f. and american art association and supporting s.b. 127. i hope that today you will also join me in supporting this. >> i am 67. >> sixty-seven. supervisor ronen, are you speaking on 66? >> i am. i want to be out as a cosponsor, and say i am appreciative of this. i am working with senator weiner , as well as many different departments to address
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the interchange way, and to use that area, which is mostly owned by caltrain so it is safer for pedestrians, cyclists back and so we can potentially use some of the land in a much more productive way. i just really wanted to appreciate your work on this, president yee, and asked to be out of this is cosponsor. >> i would love to add to his cosponsor. that include supervisors mar, and haney. can we take this same house, same call? okay. motion passes. that brings us to 67. >> item 67 as a resolution to establish the position regarding liability for utility wildfire costs, and informing california legislators and regulators to protect consumers by ensuring that investor-owned utilities are held responsible for the consequences of their actions.
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>> supervisor peskin? >> thank you. i want to thank the cosponsors of this resolution. i also want to thank the deputy city attorney who is in the audience there to draft this, but it is perfectly expressing the sentiments that needed to be expressed. when today is pg and e. day. they filed for bankruptcy. we anticipated that. that is why the legislation is on the agenda, and a little piece of housekeeping on page 2, line one, we need to change that because it anticipates the bankruptcy and the bankruptcy has been filed. this as whereas recent reports will soon file for bankruptcy. we need to change that to whereas pg and e. has filed for bankruptcy and seeks a bailout from its rate pairs. that is what this is about to. i was a member of the board of supervisors in 2001 when they
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file for bankruptcy last time. what did they do? they went to the public utilities commission, not our public utilities commission, and they passed $7 billion onto the rate pairs. in the last ten years, the shareholders, the equity had increased from $9 billion, to almost $20 billion. that is coming out of the pockets of every single rate pair. we are about to go in closed session and talk about our existing litigation with pg and e. thing number 3, that is supplemental information that is before us. it includes $5.6 billion to defend the bankruptcy and to begin in the green new deal fund that you heard from supervisor ronen on the acquisition process
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so that we can be energy independent from pg and e. after the 2017 wildfire his, what did they do, they went to the state legislature, they got the senate bill passed, and they passed the cost of those wildfires onto the rate pair. we cannot allow that to happen again. that is precisely what this states. it says that they should repeal s.b. 901 given what we all now know, and that was before the 2018 fires. so i commend this resolution to you, i want to thank the p.u.c. for being more than cooperative. they have been enthusiastic in this effort, because of the documents, they have been holding the city hostage at the city and county of san francisco here is the map of city projects that they are holding hostage. they range from the police
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academy to thousands of units of affordable housing, to restrooms for our bus drivers. it is shameful, it is time to stop. the best way for us to do that, either through negotiations, or eminent domain, is to take control of the local distribution system. this resolution is a step in that direction. thank you for allowing me to speak on this day in san francisco. [laughter] >> okay. colleagues, can we take this item same house, same call. >> mr president, supervisor peskin has made in an amendment. >> i did make that one amendment , line one on page 2. if we can take this amendment -- is there a second? >> super -- seconded by supervisor walton. and we take this amendment without any objection? can we take this resolution as amended, same house same call?
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okay. it is adopted unanimously. okay, let's now go back to 64. >> item 64 is a board of supervisors convening in closed session, scheduled pursuant for the motion, approved on october 30th, 2018, and continued from november 13th, 2018 for the purpose of conferring with our receiving advice from the city attorney regarding existing litigation in which the city is a petitioner electric company is an adverse company pursuant to the california government code, and the administrative code. >> okay. members of the public, we will now be convening in closed session. we ask that you please leave the chamber.
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>> it is in the best interest of the public that the board not to elect to disclose is closed session deliberations. there is a motion by supervisor mandelman and seconded by supervisor.
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without objection safai, we will not disclose our deliberations. please read the memorial his. >> are you interested in continuing this item, or are you interested in just filing the item? >> i am interested in continuing >> we have to continue to a date certain, right? >> motion to file the item? >> do we need to? >> deputy city attorney, if one of you want to schedule another closed session, we will introduce a motion to set that closed session. you can file it and still hold an additional closed session in the future. >> is there a motion to file this item? okay. a motion made by supervisor peskin and seconded to file.
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with no objection, this item is filed. now, please read the memorial rooms. >> the meeting will be adjourned in memory of the beloved individuals. on behalf of supervisor fewer, prefer the late daniel wong, on half of supervisor peskin, for the late muriel, and anaïs schuster. on behalf of supervisors for the late anat matthews, and mr mike parody. on behalf of supervisor stefani, for the late edith tobin. and behalf on supervisor stefani and supervisor peskin, for the late joseph pacelli, and peter mccowen. >> okay. that brings us to the end of our agenda. madam clerk, is there any other further business before us today >> that concludes our business for today. >> thank you to all my colleagues for being patient tonight. the meeting is adjourned. .
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>> my name is naomi kelly the single-story for the 775 i started with the city and county in 1996 working for the newly elected mayor willie brown, jr. not only the chief of staff a woman but many policy advisors that were advising him everyday their supportive and nourished and sponsored united states and excited about the future. >> my name is is jack listen and the executive director of a phil randolph institution our goal to have two pathways to sustaining a family here in san francisco and your union jobs are stroen to do that i have this huge way to work with the community members and i think i
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found my calling i started in 1996 working for willie brown, jr. i worked in he's mayor's office of housing in the western edition and left 3 years went to law school of san francisco state university and mayor brown asked me to be the director of the taxicab commission and through the process i very much card by the contracting process and asked me townhouse the city purchaser and worked with me and i became the deputy administrator and . >> having trouble struggling to make ends meet folks will not understand what importance of voting is so we decided to develop our workforce development services after a couple of years offering
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pathways to sustainable jobs. >> (clapping.) >> we've gotten to a place to have the folks come back and have the discussion even if participation and makes sense we do public services but we also really build strong communities when i started this job my sons were 2 and 5 now 9 and 6 i think so the need to be able to take a call from the principal of school i think that brings a whole new appreciation to being understanding of the work life balance. >> (clapping.) >> i have a very good team around me we're leader in the country when it comes to paid and retail and furiously the affordable-care act passed by 3079 we were did leaders for the healthcare and we're in support of of the women and support. >> in my industry i feel that
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is male dominated a huge struggle to get my foot in the door and i feel as though that definitely needs to change this year needs to be more opportunities for i don't know women to do what tell me dream i feel that is important for us to create a in fact, network of support to young people young women can further their dreams and most interested in making sure they have the full and whatever they need to make that achieveable. >> education is important i releases it at my time of san mateo high ii come back to the university of san francisco law school and the fact i passed the bar will open up many more doors because i feel a curve ball or
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an where you can in the way can't get down why is this in my way we have to figure out a solution how to move forward we can't let adversity throw in the i'm senior project manager from affordable housing development. [applause] we like to start tonight with a
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long-held tradition of blessing of this land by pop [indiscernible] plaza draw your attention to the powerful ceremony. ♪
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[applause] on behalf our group, we wanted to say thank you. it's an honor to have the opportunity for us to give this small ceremony. we humbly are here offering these dances in honor of our elements of mother earth, wint and fire most importantly honoring our community. before we end, one of the things we wanted to really convey to you all, in building community is keeping the strong heart. i thank you from our elders, we are homegrown group from san francisco. we're here, very happy to be
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able send off to see them grow and develop all the beautiful people and agencies. thank you very much. in honor of our ancestors from mexico i wanted to say thank you before we end. please do not take pictures. ♪
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now this is in honor of men and women and our elders, those who have passed on and our children. we'll be facing the east in honor of the men. we are joined in a circle of community for love. ♪
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>> i want to thank our partner, chinatown c.b.c., norman, thank you. chinatown has share their expertise in this field throughout the process and through their actions have shown us what partnership looks like. so thank you. i also want to thank senior officials for their support and their ongoing hard work to make this project happen. then, there's the mission community who fought for this site. you took the leap of faith and
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trusted this team as stewards of creating your long-time home to get to know each of you during the community meetings we sponsored. your feedback translate translaa beautifully designe designed --k you. it's just one piece of multiprong strategy for affordable housing in this neighborhood. we now have over 1200 units of preserved and pipeline housing coming up. 1200 units in 4.5 years. however, we recognize that the housing crises in san francisco remains. we're only at the beginning of in journey and our path to
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address the housing crises. together we must create more new units so displaced residents can return to their home. more acquisitions of apartment buildings to keep families in place, more affordable houses a provide vital services to the mission, san francisco and beyond. more commercial affordable spaces for family serving distances. this must be done together, residents, must continue to fight the fight for what you need. community groups must continue to stand up and with alongside our community, investors must continue to finance projects that keep in place rather than displace. public officials must continue to push the limits of what can be done, given the limited resources available. i want to offer two last sets of thanks. first i want to thank the
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mayor's office and in particular, the san francisco mayor's office housing and community development, for trusting us taking this important development. we know you're working hard to deliver projects like this one and trying to address the needs while managing expectations and resources. thank you, kate. lastly, i want to recognize karen lee fang. we know how talented you are, how much you have achieved in such a little time and how you daily push yourself beyond your limits to meet the missions. thank you. >> we all know the mission of transition. we see the change all around us.
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for our future residents, it's here to stabilize their rivals. life is also about transitions and when we looked at what our vision was going to be, it was to stabilize those transitions. transition of toddlers, transitioning to pre-k, young ones going to their new grades, first generation high schoolers, helping our families succeed and our children to achieve. this is about keeping the promise. we're so excited that we're going to have 127 homes folsom. to provide a full resources for our families. so they don't i have to worry
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about this transition. we're so excited. with all of these folks there's advocacy involved to make this happen. we want to thank our city officials, funders, stakeholders, partners and community members we're celebrating today because all of us were part of fighting for folsom to be part of the city affordable housing. i want to thank our funders. san francisco mayor's office of housing and community development. u.s. bank for believing in us in construction financing and equity investment, california tax credit allocation committee and strategic growth counsel. we're using cap and trade dollars that will fund this
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development and bearing for permanent fitnessing. i like to introduce mayor breeder for her continued support for affordable housing. >> mayor breed: thank you. i'm really excited to be here today. this is a long time coming. i know that the mission community has tried to push for more affordable housing and it's taken years to get to a point where we're going to build 127 units on this site and we know that there are six affordable housing projects in the pipeline. today, in my state of the city address, i talked about taking a charter amendment to the ballot. sonjso we can do projects liking this faster. it shouldn't take years to gets a project that is 100% affordable housing done anywhere in the city. people need housing now and this
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will give us an opportunity to make sure that it doesn't take years reverend fong. i know you're ready to build it. i they're ready to be incredible community partners so that we have more housing in this particular community. more importantly, when we buildabuilding a housing, 40% be of the work we did years ago to pass neighborhood preference legislation. 40% of the units built in any affordable housing built in this community will go to the residents of this community first. that is significant. now supervisor ronan won't get all those compliments from her residents about folks who may not have access. we're going to make sure that
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the resources are provided so that the residents are submitting applications for the affordable housing that's built in your community. i'm so indicated. i'm always excited when there's an opportunity to break ground on a new project, especially because incredible partnerships that exist. we know there's more work to be done. not just with building new housing but preserving the existing affordable housing stock. we will continue to invest in our small size acquisition program so that we can acquire building and keep people housed and keep those buildings permanently affordable. we will continue to do all we can to coordinate with this community, to obtain more site and to make sure that we're investing in more affordable housing. the city is not done the best job of building housing period. we can do better. we are do better. we are do a better job of nation
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thesinmaking these right invest. working together, i know there's nothing we won't be able to do in our city. some of you may also have heard about the $300 million affordable housing bond that we are going to bring to the ballot soon. the goal is to make sure that when we need support for projects like this, they don't have to wait years. they don't have to wait too long. we are going to get some things done in san francisco and this project, as we all know, which is taken long time, it's going to be completed and going to be an incredible addition to this community, we want to make sure that we continue in this direction and same spirit and that the housing that's built in the mission is for the residents of the mission. thank you all so much for having me here today. [applause] >> thank you mayor breed.
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when meta to take affordable housing crises in the mission we needed to partner with an expert in the field. teaming up with chinatown cdc was a right choice. i like to invite executive director reverend norman fong to the podium. >> i'm supposed to thank everybody, she already did it. i'm supposed to introduce the mayor, she already did it. we're going to do it together now. people blessing, just repeat after me. we want to bless this project. you can yell, all right. peace! wall ping! justice!
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love, peace, justice and love. it's an honor from chinatown to the mission, working together like this and there's so much love and advocacy that put us together. i love it. we're going to do the shovel thing now. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! >> give me something here. >> i want to say congratulations. this is amazing. we are so excited.
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>> thank you supervisor ronan. i'm going to hand it over to preston. >> we're going to continue on with the program folks. preston here again with chinatown. it's an honor and so grateful to be standing in front of you guys today representing this wonderful partnership. i joined the project last fall. i've been getting more and more excited about the work we're doing here. we're not only building a construction, 127 units of new affordable housing, we're also able to permanently preserve three nonprofit tenants here in the mission. good samaritan family resource
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centre and mission graduates. i like to introduce marilyn to the stage. >> please come up to support me. i'll start while they make their way up here. it is really an honor to be at the groundbreaking of a development that was birthed from vision and people power
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solution. knowing we've been working on this site for more than 10 years prove this was no small feat. to thank the ancestors for taking care of this land and the creek below us. this particular victory is an example of the power of organizing, conviction and the success of demanding for more affordable housing. landlords won't stop evicting outrageously raising prices because greed knows no bound.
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it tiptoes quietly in the background while the rest of us are left to fight for crumbs to live in tha this city. take a moment to think of of loved one, neighbor, friend, acquaintance that have been displaced or lived in fear on a daily base. gentrification kills. there's stories into the spirit of this space about two men targeted by gentrification. the market is not here to build community, it's it destroys and breaks spirit. my friend was killed because of gentrification by the tools that makes gentrification possible and police brutality. they should be here today.
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when i see their names, [indiscernible] [speaking foreign language] this lot was won by organizing by creativity, by vision, by love and community. when we hear that affordable housing is not possible, here's what we show the nonbelievers, that it is possible here. 2060 folsom. that doesn't include the mission.
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our demand don't stop here. we are well aware there's more gentrification coming and not enough affordable housing to resist it. laws that aren't strong enough to the protect us. we have people power, abundance of hope and history of winning and this abundance goes on for generations, moving hearts and minds along the way. this richness, this profound energy of community will win us more affordable housing without compromise. everyday people can and have shaped our neighborhoods, that the mission. it is happening. you have to hear us and let us lead. we build by community design. we will defeat the monster and the mission and we will build 100% affordable housing on 16th and mission. we are fuel it with people power
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without compromise and led by our community. thank you. >> thank you so much. thank you for that heart felt speech. next up, i like to introduce mario from good samaritan family resource centre. >> thank you. that's a hard act to follow. i'm going to follow your lead. i would like to ask staff to join me please. please come up. good afternoon everyone i'm the executive director of good samaritan family resource
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centre. this is a beautiful day. i was speaking to reverend fong earlier, he was praying we wouldn't be sitting in the rain now. i grew up in the city in this neighborhood. we know that in the mission, we need the sun, we get it. the sun always shines on the mission. first i want to convey our sincerist thanks to the great meta team and the city and county of san francisco for county of san francisco for inviting us to be part ofa project. we know that for low income families in san francisco, there are two greatest challenges are cost of housing and theç cost d access for affordable early care and education. good samaritan is excited we'll be able to open new child
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development at this site. we're so honored to be por partf this mission. i want to thank our district supervisor and the mayor who had to leave, i know you share our hope that san francisco can be a city where all children and families can live and thrive. not just the fortunate few. that's what we're fighting for. we stand with you and i know together we'll achieve that vision. this is the first step to achieving vision. last and most importantly, i want to thank our community. the hard working parents who struggle each and everyday just to survive to stay in the city. we know what your sacrifices are. they are here. they are the ones who inspire us, all of us to achieve a city can truly be prosperous for all. all i can say is, thank you for
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your struggle and this project is for you. thank you again. [applause] >> thank you mario. last but not least, we have mission graduates. i like to introduce eddie coffman. >> all right. hello everyone. i'm eddy coffman i'm executive director of mission graduates. we as an organization are dedicated to ensuring that more student from the mission are prepared for and complete a college education each year. i want to thank hillary ronan and mayor breed and ccdc and the mayor's office of housing and community development for committing to the mission and to the nonprofits that worked daily to support the lives of mission students and families.
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we believe that higher education is the strongest tool we have to level the playing field for latino youth and families. mission graduates focuses on the whole family through our pipeline of services from kindergarten through college. casa will be a permanent home here in the mission that will allow us to continue to grow and serve more youth and students each year. joining me today are students from our elementary school, middle school and high school college access program as well as some of our parent leaders from our parent engagement program. we're all here to celebrate our new home. tonight, we're taking the first step to ensure that mission graduates continues to serve the mission district for the next 50 years. as a partner if this innovative housing development, mission graduates will be able to expand our programming, to ensure that more students not only graduate from college but find meaningful
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careers that will allow them to remain here in the mission. we're excited about this partnership aknow that together we can emphasize college as a means for economic equity and strengthen the fabric of our community. together, we look it make college the expectation, not the exception for mission youth and their families. thank you. >> can we get another round of applause? good samaritan family resource centre and mission grads? now we heard from some of the community partners, none of thus gets built without money pipelike to as.i like to ask liz
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come up to speak on behalf of u.s. bank. >> thank you reverend. hello i'm lisa gutierrez from u.s. bank. we are very excited to be here to celebrate the groundbreaking of casa, u.s. bank is proud to partner with economic agency and chinatown cdc to provide housing and services to vibrant neighborhood in the mission district. as a financing partner, u.s. bank provided commitment of $51 million in construction financing and $39 million in low income housing tax credit equity. as you can see by the agenda, financing partners, it takes a village to close a transaction of this magnitude. hats off to the team. this one was a feat at the end of the year. with that, i like to thank a few of my u.s. bank teammates in the audience here who play a role in this project.
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u.s. bank, we believe in community possible, which is the foundation for how we provide time and resources in the communities that we serve. community possible focuses on u.s. bank community investments in three pillars, which is home, work and play. the building blocks of all thriving communities where all things are possible. but the foundation is home and without a safe affordable place to rest your head, it feels impossible to move forward. casa embodies all u.s. bank three pillars with affordable housing and rent burden cities, education enrichment programs with good samaritan, and access to this beautiful park where children can play and families with gather. on behalf of u.s. bank, we are honored to be a partner ton this
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project and can't wait for move-in day which is one of my favorites to celebrate with newest residents. thank you all. >> thank you lisa. i would like to thank everybody for being here today, today is a historic day for the mission and for san francisco. you're invited to stay around and enjoy the beautiful park it's right next door to us. we will like to let you know that we look forward to having you coming back in late 2020 when the building built. it will be 127 homes for families as well as transitional age youth. thank you very much for being here and enjoy. thank you. >> okay. we want to especially knowledge
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preston and elaine for being the housing project team and also, i think we forgot to mention larkin street are help us too. anyone else? anyone else? >> i believe that shannon dodge, you're here as well in the back. shannon has been working on this project as well previously before preston joined. thank you shannon. that's it. thank you. .
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>> shop and dine the 49 challenges residents to do they're shopping with the 49ers of san francisco by supporting the services within the feigned we help san francisco remain unique and successful and rib rant where will you shop the shop and dine the 49 i'm e jonl i provide sweets square feet potpie and peach cobbler and i started my business this is my baby i started out of high home and he would back for friends and coworkers they'll tell you hoa you need to open up a shop at the time he move forward book to
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the bayview and i thinks the t line was up i need have a shop on third street i live in bayview and i wanted to have my shop here in bayview a quality dessert shot shop in my neighborhood in any business is different everybody is in small banishes there are homemade recess pesz and ingredients from scratch we shop local because we have someone that is here in your city or your neighborhood that is provide you with is service with quality ingredients and quality products and need to be know that person the person behind the products it is not like okay. who
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