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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  February 10, 2019 8:00am-9:01am PST

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for pedestrian, auto, and bus traffic that will increase rapidly. the project is slated for six years -- [inaudible] >> -- and changing housing requirements. this project has been on the pipeline for almost five years now, and it's time it is a part of it for our community. thank you very much. >> president melgar: thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good evening. my name is laura compoy, and i'm 30 years resident of san francisco in the mission district. and i oppose to the maximum. i have seen the big changes in the mission district. and not only we need
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beautification through gentrification, we have impact with each condominium new made in the mission. it has great impact on the economy and the whole levels in the blue collar neighbors. so please stop this project. it's not benefiting to the real people that we belong here. no beautification through gentrification. thank you. >> president melgar: thank you. next speaker from the middle aisle, please. [speaking spanish language] [through the interpreter]
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[applause] >> hello. my name is stephanie. i want to say no to the monster. my mom says we don't have enough money for those residents of housing here. i know those housing are going to be very expensive, and we don't have even enough money to afford to live there. i say no to the monster. thank you very much. [end of translation] >> president melgar: thank you very much. next speaker from the right side of the aisle. come on, folks. next speaker, please. >> hi. i'd like to apologize for the crying baby. my name is jasmine. i'm a san francisco native. i was born and raised here, and i support the 1979 mission project for many reasons. we need housing for all incomes. let's not forget about our working classes, and we should build it, basically.
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like i agree with the whole project. the project creates hundreds of jobs for people in the union, and i believe that's very important. and also about the whole shadow of the school thing, i was at one of the other meetings at another place, and they said they reduced the shadow, address well. i believe -- as well. i believe as long as we keep compromising, we'll come up with a better solution. >> president melgar: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, madam chair, commissioners. my name is norma garcia. i am a proud mission district native. i work in the mission, and i love the mission. and i second everything that the opponents already said. i'm not going to repeat that. what i will tell you is this: my brother went to this high school. my brother is an auto mechanic. he was displaced from the mission. he cannot afford to come back.
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he is one of many people who fit this profile, and i don't know if you know what it feels like to walk-through the mission, a person of my generation and to look around and to see very pow people i actually recognize, and this is where i was born and this is where i was raised. so my experience is not isolated. and everything that people said here about needing more affordable housing is exactly what we need. the monster is not going to open its door to my brother. the monster is not going to open its door to the people who say they need affordable housing. let's get real here. they've used deception and dirty tactics to try to get an advantage. thank you. >> president melgar: thank you, miss garcia. before we bring up the next speaker, i just want to remind that the community organizations have very kindly provided child care and food into the cafeteria and that's open to everyone regardless of whether you're here opposing or
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supporting this project. so for folks who have kids that are getting restless, there's child care and food in the cafeteria, please. [inaudible] >> president melgar: no, no. we're going to do it this way. thank you. [speaking spanish language] [through the interpreter] >> hello. my name is paola alarcon, and i
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want to say no to the monster. it won't benefit me, and it won't benefit the community. i've been living here 20 years, and i want to tell you, you know, that we are hard working people. we want you to listen to us. we want to earn our living, and i say no to the monster. ] e [end of translation] >> president melgar: thank you very much, and next speaker from the right side. >> hi. my name is tyrena langua, and m here to support the project. i also went to school here, too, and this is -- yeah. >> we need -- we need housing for all. build it. >> thank you. >> president melgar: thank you. next speaker, please.
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>> good afternoon, commissioners. my name's antonio diaz. i'm the organizational director at poder. i'm here to urge you to say no to the monster in the mission. for me, what's important is their approach to the community. i've been working on community based equitiable development in the mission in 20-plus years. in all that time, i have never seen a developer use such unethical business tactics as maximum. through their actions they have shown they are not and will not be good neighbors. some might say that we should only consider the technicalities of this project, but as we have seen from our national political climate, if we don't standup to bullies, they feel empowered to bully more.
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if this project is aof proed, it will unleash more of these tactics for other developers. i ask you, do you want this for the mission? do you want this for san francisco? say no to the monster, yes to marvel. thank you. >> president melgar: thank you. next speaker, please. [speaking spanish language] [through the interpreter]
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>> hello. my name is jennie baragon, and i've lived in the mission area 25 years. it's been about two years ago where my family and other five families were going to be evicted from our building. thanks to mira and the city, mira was able to buy the building and now we were able to stay in our homes. it's a very -- home full of dignity and also very affordable and that i can pay. i want to say no to the monster and yes to the marvel, and also, i have kids who are very proud to live here.
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thank you. [end of translation] >> president melgar: thank you. next speaker, please. next speaker, please. >> my name is arrestiiana, anda 19-year-old mission district second generation native. i grew up most of my life in san francisco until displaced to vallejo. now i'm 19 back in s.f. it's hard to find a place to live being a young woman in the city. growing up, i wasn't allowed to go to the lower mission alone. i am pregnant right now and i hope my baby can grow up in the whole mission save from duboce all the way to cortland.
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let's be a part of this change and build this project. thank you. >> president melgar: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening, everyone. thank you all for listening to the community today. my name is dr. stella garcia, and i'm an executive director for institute de la familia de la raza. families, single mamas, elderlies, people with disabilities, working class people no longer are able to find housing in the mission district. they are leaving, they are having to be displaced, and that mission district is a -- is a -- you know, a community which believes in -- in relationships and having a sense of the neighborhood. we have build businesses here, there has been many amazing,
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you know, developments here that support the culture and the social life of people, and i'm here to oppose this project because i think it's just one more set back for the working people, and affordable housing is the only priority we should be setting in this community. >> clerk: thank you. >> president melgar: thank you, miss garcia. next speaker, please, from the middle aisle. [speaking spanish language] [through the interpreter]
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>> hello. my name is lucero munoz, and i want to say i've lived many years here in the mission district. i want to say i want more affordable housing for the district and latino families. i'm asking you to build more affordable housing for the families. >> clerk: sorry. your time's not up. >> president melgar: no, go ahead. finish. >> for affordable housing. i live in richmond, and i have to pay a lot of money in transport. there's no more affordable housing. thank you. [end of translation] >> president melgar: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening. my name is donesha tucker.
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i'm a san francisco resident and a san francisco native. this project would be a great addition to the community. some may say don't do it, keep the character of the community, but that's not true. this project is preserving the culture and the character of the community. we need housing for all, not just some. some highlights of this project i like is the mercado. the mercado will give startup vendors an opportunity. it would be more foot traffic for surrounding businesses on top of a major transit hub that is getting busier by the day. another highlight i like is the art. not only would it be inside but it would be outside, as well. local artists is keeping the culture going. the mural already up know is a small kpamp -- now is a kmaul examp small example of what it would look like. i want to stay in the mission. let's be part of the change.
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>> president melgar: thank you. next speaker, please. >> we need a safer mission building. >> president melgar: thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you, commissioners, for being here, coming to the mission. i've lived here over 30-something years, and the last 35 years, we've been talking for housing for our families. i'm talking about people making 25,000, 35,000, 50,000 a year. we have a plan, we have a possibility with plaza, we have a possibility with the marvel. let's not waste time with the groups that want to bring people who do not live here yet, and let's focus on the people that are living here. we have over 3,000 students that can't find a place to live. my kids were raised right here. we're now in the process as artists and cultural workers to buy the temple.
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we need a building that's going to provide sun light for our children in the mission, and maravilla will provide that. please approve a development that will benefit the people of the san francisco. thank you very much. >> president melgar: thank you. next speaker, please. [speaking spanish language]
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[through the interpreter] >> hello. my name is tanya martinez, and i'm here to tell you i've been living here the last 20 years. couple of months ago, my daughter died, and now they're trying to evict me. i don't want to leave the mission. her memory is here, her life is here. i don't want to go. and also, i have so much having to deal with psychologists for my other daughter that it's very difficult to look for other housing outside of this city as i'm still trying to deal with the death of my daughter and helping my other daughter. thank you. i say no to the monster. [end of translation] >> president melgar: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening, planning commission. my name is joseph silva. i've lived in district nine my whole life and served over 15 years providing services for
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youth and young adults. i came here to voice my support for the 1979 mission project. growing up in this community, i've seen many changes both good and bad that impacted individuals and families alike. but in the long run, one thing that time has shown me for sure is that change happens for the better. the problem today is we see individuals and community leaders who push their agendas to say what works and what doesn't work for the community. the community has many segments, faces and voices that make the mission and the residents a diverse place. just because i represent a community that provides a different opinion doesn't make me a sellout. in the end, the goal is to get something built for the community. as i look around this room, i see long time friends and family members on both sides, and when this is over, we'll
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still walk-through the neighborhoods because this is all we know. >> clerk: thank you. >> president melgar: thank you. next speaker, please. >> clerk: i would like to remind members of the public to refrain from any out-burts. >> my name is celina lucero, and i'm a long-standing community member whose family has been in the mission, the same block for over 100 years, a block that's now turned into a desert, people who really don't have a sense of the history and the glory what was. i'm here today to stand? solidarity with our campaneros and campaneras. this train of gentrification has hit our community like anatomic bomb, creating toxic stress levels that we haven't
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seen before. the only way to slow this train is to focus on 100% proposed affordable housing. the proposed site is too much value to our community. it's our family hub, it's our transportation hub. at the end of the day, the math just doesn't add up. >> president melgar: thank you, miss lucero. next speaker, please. [speaking spanish language] [through the interpreter] >> hello. my name is maria barreira.
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they were trying to evict me, and i went and applied and won the lottery to be able to get an apartment, an affordable housing unit. and i do feel we need to build more affordable housing units so that more families can be able to afford to live there. i say no to the monster. [end of translation] >> president melgar: thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, commissioners, my name is morris pineda. i'm a san francisco native who is in support of the project because of the healthier zones i see this project will bring. i've also seen the changes they've done to marshall elementary school, the right to own they're doing, widening the streets for marshall. we're really looking into helping out marshall, not just
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market rate people. thank you. >> president melgar: thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello. i'm here with plaza 16 and poder because the mission is my home. a home that's being taken over by the corporate greed of companies like maximum. they take advantage of their economic power to exploit and profit off land that does not belong to them and off people who have broken their backs for generations to make the mission what it is today. in my experience, my parents used to own a local artisanal businesses down on 18th street. we were one of the many businesses that contribute to the community and cultural diversity, that kind of diversity that makes people want to live here, and no one
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cared when we could no longer afford rent. i saw we were being robbed of the right to live in a place that would be nothing without us. i am a strong believer in the fact that our very resistance is resistance, but i am an even stronger believer that we deserve more than just simply existing, we deserve to thrive. >> president melgar: thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi. my name is teresa teleso. i live here, and studied at mission high school. i come here to say no to the monster, yes to the maravilla, so thank you. >> president melgar:. thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi. my name is doug mcneil. i'm a business owner at 16th and harrison, and i'm president of the northeast business association. i represent property owners and businesses in the area. i had employees have to -- i've
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had employees have to buy houses in santa rosa, vallejo and modesto not because they couldn't afford houses, they're very well paid, but because they couldn't find housing. i think this is a great solution, i strongly support the project. >> president melgar: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is laura, and i'm the executive director of aroc. the arab resource organization center. we know what the housing and displacement has done for our community on a daily basis, people coming to us, asking where they can find housing, where can they accessory sources. and the city itself has acknowledged you have a problem with the displacement of
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working class black and brown communities, and we stand in solidarity with plaza 16 and the solutions they've offered you. as people in your positions, you've asked people and communities to come up with solutions, and they've done that. they've provided you with a viable solution to the problems of the mission district, they've given a presentation on it, and they've organized the community to be here to show you what it is the community actually wants, what you see here is a demonstration of what the people you serve want and now you have a choice to stand on the right side of history or not. >> president melgar: thank you. next speaker, please. [applause] [speaking spanish language] [through the interpreter]
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>> hello. my name is felicitas -- sorry, laura espina. i'm here with the plaza 16 organization. i work in the community, and i'm a counselor. every day, i listen to people's stories about eviction, displacement, even people living in their cars. i am here to say no to the monster. that project will not resolve
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the problems of the people that live here. i want you to talk with us and take advantage and focus on the opportunity that the marvel has to offer. [end of translation] >> president melgar: thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello. commissioners, my name is hans art, and i'm a native san franciscan, and i have an ought repair business about three blocks from this project. this situation has been 60 years in gestation because people don't want to be part of the solution, they want to be part of the prove. approve the project please. >> president melgar: thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm a mission resident and a senior at mission high. i'm here with the plaza 16
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coalition as a youth leader from poder because i oppose the monster in the mission. for the past two years that i've been with poder, i decided to stand for projects that affect families in the mission. i've witnessed a bunch of my friends and close family being kicked out of their houses which makes me feel like the next victim. this is a request for homeland. as a chicana, i feel like we are being colonized because of one man's greed. i want to influence future generations by stopping the monster. stop the monster and approve the marvel. thank you. >> president melgar: thank you. next speaker, please. [speaking spanish language] [through the interpreter]
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[please stand by]
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>> good evening. i am the director of community real estate. i am proud to say that i am a developer, of 100% affordable housing developer. this can happen. you can build 100% affordable housing in the mission. our city leaders have poured over $200 million in building 770 units in our neighborhood cats, and we need more. we all know how much luxury housing has been built, and we
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know how much we need in our neighborhood. 2400 homes to stabilize us back to 2010 levels. that is just getting us back to 2010 level so we can replace over the 8,000 households that have been displaced from the neighborhood. u.s. planning commissioners have the ability to shape our future in the mission. thank you for thinking about that future. >> thank you. next week or, please. [speaking spanish]
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>> voice of translator: i have lived here for ten years pick the last five years i have been working with the project mission promised neighborhood. i am here to oppose the project to, something like that is not a solution for the community. we need something affordable for all families in the community that will help the families and the school and there are other options. thank you very much. >> thank you, next week or please. >> worldwide, more and more people are moving into cities. i did as well and search for a better life. that is every ontological. trying to find the best way they can contribute to the world, in the best way they can care for their families. they have the same goals as a people who support and oppose this project. unfortunately, no city in the
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united states has done a good job of accommodating everyone who would love to, and benefit greatly from living in a city. nowhere is it more true than san francisco. that's why we need to find a way to maximize the total amount of housing built in san francisco, and when you spend years debating hundreds of units, the problem only gets worse. at its lowest income people that suffer the most. even if you were to double taxis, he still will not have enough money to build housing for everyone who left to live in san francisco, and shouting down and talking about people who shouldn't live in a community sounds more like a trumpet rally than san francisco. thank you. [cheering]. >> okay, folks. please settle down. next week or, please. okay, folks, please allow our community members to speak. >> thank you [speaking spanish] >> an executive director of option in the bay area.
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we work here in san francisco for the past 40 years, organizing and building leadership in the community. because we believe that san francisco is our home, and frankly, our work is about visiting people in their home, having one on one, trying to understand how we design our problems and solutions, and what we see in the mission, and across san francisco is not only the black and brown low income families have been displaced, but also our communities, working-class folks are living in a piled up situations because there is not enough housing. we are not talking about building something that is impossible, we are giving you an option. it will create rooms and houses in dignified places for the families that are already here. that is what we are looking for. in my community, we call this displacement. the others, deportation. it is time for us to be
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visionary and build the marble. and q. >> next week or please from the middle of. [speaking spanish] [speaking
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spanish] >> hello, good afternoon. i am here with the coalition 16,000 coalition, and the meta- organization. i am a mother, and a leader in my community. i'm here to oppose completely and totally the construction of a monster here in the mission. this project does not represent our need, only their own proper interest. much less it represents a stability for our family. thirteen the years living here in the area of the mission, and as time goes by --
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[please stand by] >> hello, good evening, my name is alexis, and i am here in support of the mission street project. i'm a san francisco resident and mother of two. i think this project will not only benefit the community of today, but the future generations to come. we are all aware of marshall elementary school, located next to the plaza, and the families
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that take public transit for these families deserve a safe and clean environment to reside in. i'm a former employee of mission for all, i can say with confidence that the people behind this project want nothing but the best for this community. my hope is that the sceptics of this project will see the positive change it will bring to the 16th street area. thank you. >> thank you. next week or, please. -- next speaker, please. >> hello, commissioners pick my name is beatrice i'm 55 years old, born and raised in the san francisco mission. i have lived in my house for 53 years, only with the gorge fortune that my parents were able to afford their home. i live about two blocks away from the 1979 mission on a little strange because natoma. i've seen all my neighbors disappear. there's about three original families. i don't know anybody, nobody wants to acknowledge me as well. my daughter's best friend lives down the block.
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they just had their rental raised from $2,700, $25,700, and having luxury homes builds a block away does not help. also, as far as marshall street is concerned, i was a parents there, and that is when i got familiar with maximus. they gave us false promises about giving us millions of dollars, and elevated parking lots where the sun wasn't going to hit a story higher, anyway, you guys know that we have already met our -- >> thank you. >> thank you. >> next week or, please. >> [speaking spanish]
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>> good afternoon. my name is antonia, i'm here representing meta and the parent council. i am against the monster in the mission because it is displacing our families and our homes for the construction here in the mission.
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they are not seeing our needs, and we want homes, affordable homes for our families, and i say no to the monsters here's what we need is affordable, 100% affordable housing access to more affordable housing like the marvel is proposing pit i want to say -- also, it helps meet the needs of the community and helps the families stay with low income. we ask the commissioners of the planning commission to stop the monster and construct the marvel. no to the monster, yes to the marvel. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i am a small business owner in san francisco since 1978, as a
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proud business in the mission since 1983. we now have people who work at our business who have to commute from martinez and the way down in the southern bay. we are very much in support of 1979 mission. i am the founder and current vice president of the north beach mission business association, and i ask you to support the project. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, commissioners. i am a former marshall elementary school parent, and i've been working with the plaza 16 coalition for five years to oppose this project, first of all, i want to thank you for coming out to the mission. i know this is something that you don't do often, and we really appreciate it.
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unfortunately, for two seconds i have left is not nearly long enough to talk about the deceptive and manipulative tactics that maximus used with marshall elementary school. it was extremely disrespectful and dishonest spirit fortunately we didn't buy their lies big to begin with, they approached us and this project had already been approved. it was a done deal. it was just up to the school to get on board and get our goodies that they were going to offer us. the only thing they ended up offering us was to elevate the playground, which none of the parents wanted, and they stated publicly that this was an idea that came from the parents. they are dishonest, and ethical, and they don't belong in this town or in the mission. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. [speaking spanish]
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>> what we need is affordable housing, not the monster in the mission. thank you. >> just a reminder, folks, that the middle aisle is for people who need translation. thank you very much. >> my name is raul. we moved to san francisco and the mission district in the early nineties. we have been living here in the same apartment for over 25 years. i graduated from mission high school, transferred to city
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college in san francisco and now attend u.c. berkeley. over the years i have witnessed firsthand the displacement of friends and family. we feel that my family and i will be next. we believed the marvel, no to the monster. >> thank you. next speaker, please. next speaker, please. >> sorry, he is losing it. thank you so much. i will be quick. i am in support of the monster in the mission. >> please keep it down. folks,. >> if you are confident in your arguments, you don't have to try -- >> if folks could keep it down and be respectful, i would
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really appreciate it. start again. >> thank you. this is a good project. it is a huge amount of housing. thirty 6% affordable is a lot. it is a very great -- great deal to build 100% affordable at the axis site and at the rob tillman site. without this project, it is not obvious that those two projects would become 100% affordable housing. so if this project goes forward to 200 affordable housing projects would also go forward. the less housing we have, the last displacement. displacement in the mission is driven by down zoning in the valley so if you want to fix displacement in the mission, you can make more room in the valley and this body has the power to initiate up zoning in low density neighborhoods. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. [cheering]. >> folks, please keep it down.
8:48 am
>> it has been a wild, but good afternoon. my name is jordan davis, and i am the former resident in mission. i say no to no trumps -- trump towers in the mission. i don't want any more rich white people moving here. we are not to name these. we are supportive of affordable housing, that is why we need to build the marvel in the mission instead. 100% affordable housing and community space. maybe we can get the funding to build affordable housing so construction workers could have jobs building these buildings. i just want to say, if your union supports gentrifying projects, you are nothing more than a fake scabby union. [speaking spanish] >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i am the program director of mission neighborhood research
8:49 am
centre, a program of mission health centre, an organization that has been in the mission for the last 50 years. we are here to go against the project. this continues. if you go ahead with it, it will continue to push our working poor, our families, our mission, we need to provide affordable housing. thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good evening, commissioners. my name is maria santiago. i am not a monster. i am a 40 year san francisco native it will provide 100% union labor and it will also provide affordable housing. at the end of the day, there is he said, she said, and there is the truth. the truth is we will, as a
8:50 am
community benefit from building at 1979 mission. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is melody. i oppose monster in the mission. i grew up in the mission, and i love my community. we have come together and i don't want them to displace anyone else. the commissioners and the planning department staff should remember this is -- it is a choice we make for our community. you need to stand with us and make a better choice for our future. >> thank you. next speaker, please. [speaking spanish]
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[applause] >> hello, commissioners. my name is blanca. i'm a mother of two children, and a -- i'm here with mira
8:52 am
housing. i'm also a mother, volunteer, and i have lived here more than 25 years. the mission is my home. my kids have gone to school here it is very painful to see more and more families being displaced. also, the elderly are being displaced. they have already worked, they have saved their money, but the money that they have cannot continue to afford the housing here. we are families, sometimes we have to work three jobs, and we still can't afford the housing here. so you and the commissioners, you have your jobs, we also have our jobs, and we deserve affordable housing with dignity. no to the monster, yes to the marvel. this is our city, and we want to stay here. >> thank you. next speaker, please.
8:53 am
>> good evening, commissioners. i -- seniors feel very tired. i heard a lot about the monster if you have any question why you don't get customers in the mission for all -- that must be reasonable. i should say to stop the housing problem. build more low income houses as soon as possible. first, the government to reduce expenses. we can get a win-win situation. second, the government will show the permitted times and the best method for housing people. we support mission for all. >> thank you. next speaker, please.
8:54 am
>> good evening, commissioners. i am with mission nimby. i am not here because i oppose the project in particular, i am here because i oppose the racist and classist process that has brought us here. rules that have been based on decades, a century of racism. rules that have been put into the planning code that protects places like presidio heights from apartment buildings like this, and forces them into rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods like the mission. you have the power to change this. at any point, anyone of you could introduce legislation to up zone the west side. why don't you? do it. let this be the last time that you tear the community apart, and force us to fight over scraps when the west side continues to appreciate their
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ever-growing property values. you can change this, you can stop this. please do. >> thank you. next speaker, please. [speaking spanish]
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>> good afternoon, my name is stacey. thank you for listening to us. i know you might be tired, but it is very necessary that you hear our voice. i have listened to lots of stories about people being displaced. i know we have all heard about it. it happens every day. and this also reminds me what is happening here with the monster is similar to what other landlords have been doing and manipulating, harassing, and lying to people to get their tenants to move or leave, and get them evicted. i have seen it happen to my friends. it is almost the same thing that they are trying to do with the monster. we are here, and we want to have better housing, affordable
8:57 am
housing, and better for the community. thank you, no to the monster, yes to the marvel. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, commissioners. my name is aaron johnson, and i am a lifelong mission resident. i'm here to voice my support for this housing project. i feel my communities overlooked there simply is not enough housing, and not just our district, or even our city, but our state as well. supply and demand are very real and simple. they are too many people and not enough housing. it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what needs to be done here. there have been so many changes to this project over six years. it is time we build it. say yes to the monster, no to the marvel. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello. i am from the housing rights
8:58 am
committee. [cheering]. >> i want to tell you first of all that it was within months of the announcement that there was going to be a monster in the mission that we started to see a mass eviction that was attempted right across the street because the landlord told a tenant that is -- that the building will be worth a lot more when they build the condos at 16 in mission. since then, we have been getting tenants coming into our clinic, all the time it saying, who live around 16th and mission, saying there landlords are telling them that when the monster is built, they will have to leave so they can get more money for their apartment to, because a value of their buildings will go up. this is not b.s. this is what we are seeing. it is obvious. there's no doubt in my mind. when you put luxury condos in a working-class neighborhood, you because displacement, you because property values to go up, and working-class and poor people are thrown out of the neighborhood. there is no sound -- doubt in my
8:59 am
mind, built up the marvel, not the monster. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. [speaking spanish] >> hello, i am here representing marshall school. right now i live in mission 16th in a very extensive
9:00 am
housing with my husband and my two kids. in each of us has three jobs in order to afford the home. i am here because i know the monster will give a big shadow over the school and we don't want that. we want affordable housing so we can apply and live in a decent home with dignity. and also with the elderly as well. i will say no to the monster, yes to the marvel. >> next speaker, please. >> hello. good evening, commissioners. my name is greg, and i am a lifelong native. i have been here all my life, born and raised, native of san francisco's mission district. i'm here to explain to you how i support this project. but first, i do want


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