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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  February 10, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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viermsal can come out. this is not a job, it is -- environmental can come out. this is not a job, it's a lifestyle, a community, and we're willing to help people any way we [gavel]. >> chair fewer: the meeting
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will come to order. this is the regular meeting of the budget and finance committee. i am sandra lee fewer, chair of the budget and finance committee. everyone should be seated. if you don't have a seat. we have room available in room 263 across the haul. i am sandra lee fewer, chair of the budget and finance committee. i am joined kbi supervisby sup stefani and mandelman. we are also joined by supervisor vallie brown. i would also like to thank sfgov for broadcasting this today. madam clerk, do you have any announcements? >> clerk: yes. [agenda item read].
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>> chair fewer: thank you very much. madam clerk, can you please call item number one. [agenda item read]. >> chair fewer: thank you very much. i believe we have kathy widener here from the san francisco public airport to present on this. >> yes, thank you. the item before you seeks approval for the six modifications to an existing contract with wcme joint venture for project management services for the airport's terminal three west modernization project. modification six would extend the contract through october 4 of 2023 and increase the
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contract amount by $36 million. the t-3 west project included renovating the western half of the terminal to seismically upgrade the structure, expand the connector, and expand gate capacity. as with previous management support contracts considered by the board, this multiyear approval aligns the contract duration with the term and -- excuse me -- amounts approved by the airport commission so that your approval is consistent with what has already been approved by the airport commission. the budget analyst and see reviewed and recommends approve, and i would happy to answer any questions. >> chair fewer: thank you very much. colleagues, do we have any questions for miss widener, seeing none, let's go to the budget and finance report. >> good morning, supervisors.
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this is severin campbell from the budget analyst's office. the board is being asked to approve the sixth amendment to the contract that increases it from its current amount of 14 million to 50 million. so the story of the contract is that the board -- the airport, as part of the terminal three modernization program entered into a competitive process with wcme joint venture and then amended the contract on an annual basis. modification number four was submitted to the board for approval. they're now requesting that the board approve the contract in its entirety. the other $50 million budget is actually consistent with what the original project budget was for the term knowledge three project manage -- terminal three project management scope, and it is consistent with the
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amendment, so we recommend approval. >> chair fewer: thank you. let's hope it up for public comment. are there any members of the public that would like to make a motion? seeing none, public comment is closed. [gavel]. >> chair fewer: would you like to make a motion? >> supervisor mandelman: i'll make a motion we move this to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> chair fewer: thank you. motion approved. madam clerk, item number two. [agenda item read]. >> chair fewer: i believe kathy widener is here from the san francisco international airport to present on this item. >> thank you, chair fewer, and supervisors stefani, mandelman,
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and brown. this lease is for 627,414 square feet of joint space in the proposed terminal. it would add icelandair to the other airlines operating at s.f.o. the agreement -- the less and use agreement is the mechanism that allows airlines to provide flight operations and terminal rents to the airport. it also provides a common set of lease provisions and permitted uses of terminal space and provides the legal framework for the airport to make its annual service payment to the city. the airport's projected annual
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service payment for f.y. 18-19 is $46 million. it's very common that when an airline becomes a provider at s.f.o., that they become a signator to the lease and use agreement. the budget analyst recommends approval. >> chair fewer: thank you very much. colleagues, any questions? seeing none, let's hear from the budget analyst. >> yes. the board is proposing to add icelandair to the lease and use agreement. miss widener has summarized how that works. icelandair began operating at the airport in june 2018. they would then be a party to the lease and use agreement through june 2021. they will not have any exclusive use space. it will be joint use and space. the price set for these spaces
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is set annually by the airport. the payments to the i want under the lease are summarized in tables one and two in our report on page seven. i think the only thing we point out is that we are now in 2019, so the 2011 lease and use agreement does expire in a couple of years, and the airport then will have to go into a new negotiation for that, subject to board approval. >> chair fewer: thank you very much. let's open this up for public comment. are there any members of the public that would like to speak on item number two? seeing none, public comment is now closed. [gavel]. >> chair fewer: colleagues? any questions or comments? okay. so i make a motion to pass this to the full board with a positive recommendation. i think we can take that without objection, is that correct? thank you very much. [gavel]. >> chair fewer: madam clerk, would you please read item
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number three. [agenda item read]. >> chair fewer: thank you very much. i think we have kathy widener here from the san francisco international airport to present on this item. >> thank you. last item for us today. thank you, chair fewer, members of the committee. the airport is seeking your approval for a new coffee and quick serve concession lease with elevate gourmet in terminal three. the lease will have two locations that combine for 1,991 square feet and has a lease term of eight years with two one-year options to extend. elevate gourmet brands will pay the greater of a $375 annual guarantee or a percentage of gross revenues. the proposed lease was the result of a request for
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proposals process with elevate 2k3w gourmet the highest proposal. >> chair fewer: i think we have a b.l.a. report on this. >> yes. the resolution, the board is being asked to approve this lease between the airport and elevate gourmet. the page nine, page ten of our report, table one, does summarize the responders to the r.f.p. for this concession and shows the relative scores of elevate gourmet. revenues to the airport over the first eight years of the lease are expected to be about -- the minimum revenues would be received are three million. if the option is exercised, total revenues would be about 3.7 million. this is assuming there is an annual guaranteed rent and no
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increases. the airport does expect to receive the higher percentage rent under this lease, and we recommend approval. >> chair fewer: thank you very much. let's open this up to public comment. are there any members of the public who wish to comment on item number three? seeing none, public comment is now close does. colleagues, can we have a motion, please? >> supervisor stefani: yes. i'd like to forward this to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> chair fewer: i think we can take that without objection. thank you very much. [gavel]. >> chair fewer: madam clerk, can you please call the next item, please. [agenda item read].
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>> chair fewer: thank you very much. so we have many representatives from several departments here who are prepared to answer questions about some of the line items included in some supplementals that we are going to bring forward, but seeing that we have a large audience here today, i would say let's -- colleagues, if you don't mind, let's open this up to public comment, and then, we will hear from the budget legislative analyst. is that okay with miss campbell? great. and i'd like to note here that we are joined by supervisor
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gordon mar. supervisor mar, thanks for joining us. so i have some speaker comment cards. i will call these in the order that they are given to me. [names read] >> chair fewer: if you can lineup, please, in order. everyone has two minutes. please identify yourself, and you have two minutes to speak. to come on up if i've called your name. >> hello, everybody. my name is raphael picazzo. i am the president of seiu 1021 school district chapter. i am asking that the board approves $60 million to fund
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the educational system and giving our teachers their fair share of the 181 million windfall. our educational system's been neglected far too long and our teacher deserve what they're getting. i just ask that you take an honest vote and give our educational system and teachers their fair share. our children are too important to be undereducated by teachers that are not really here for them. i see these teachers in the room, working with our kids, staying late, putting in extra hours, extra money, extra time, extra money out of their own pockets to educate our children, even after-school programs. they're there for our kids, and they should be respected and treated, you know, teachers around the world are. good educators are hard to find and keep in san francisco, and
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these educators are putting extra effort in to stay in san francisco. i'm asking that you help them with the little bit of money that they're going to get from the raises that they received and not be taken away from them. thank you. [applause] >> clerk: madam chair, may i make a quick nouncement? there are currently eight supervisors convened in the chamber. we are now convened as a special members of the board of supervisors. >> chair fewer: all right. and i would like to announce that in the chamber, we do not allow plauz, but you can show your support by doing this with your fingers. okay. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i am here today to advocate that the moneys which the school district is requesting be given to them, the $60 million.
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ultimately, folks are going to climb up here and talk about salaries, but it is all about services and how we deliver services to the children, and how we improve the system and how we retain staff, and what kind of quality of staff we have. so i'm here today to ask that we make sure that the funding goes between today and 2021, and ongoing, hopefully. thank you so much. >> hi. my name is bridget early, and i've been at everet and my husband works at hectaarvey mi. when prop g passed for the first time ever, there was not a mass exodus by teachers.
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when kids returned in august, they saw the same faces. when i got my first paycheck with the extra 532.51, i was finally able to exhale. i am reminded to focus on what is in our control as teachers. we then continue on with the discussion around what we can do at school to help kids feel safe and loved. we live in a society where jails and prisons are built based on the percentage of kids who are failing reading levels in third grade. our military has more money than all of our public schools combined, the n.r.a. has been thriving for decades while grieving parents are trying to
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get bills passed to keep guns out of our school. i promise you that i believe in san francisco and i know san francisco wants to do things differently. thank you, gordon mar. i voted for you. thank you for voting for us. and speaking to all of you now -- [inaudible] >> chair fewer: thank you. thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> hello. my name's tom harriman. i am not a teacher, i am a paraprofessional, and my role is to support special education students in the school setting, a job i have been doing 28 years, and i tell you, i'm with
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young people. there's people that have been here a lot longer than i have. prop g was a good thing because the unique thing about special education -- >> chair fewer: excuse me. could you please speak directly into the microphone. >> okay. is that better? >> chair fewer: yes. >> okay. the thing about special education is they need consistency, they need people that can commit and stay with them long periods of time. that's just the nature of the work. it's labor intensive, and you can't change that. prop g was a good step in the right direction. when people came back from their summer break with the raise, their morale was better. that left us more time to focus on our jobs, focus on our
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students, look ahead. prop g, we're on the right course, we're going the right direction, we're finally doing the right thing, and we certainly hope that this board will be part of that. thank you. >> chair fewer: thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good morning, supervisors -- can you hear me? >> chair fewer: yes. >> my name is sherry linker, and i'm a retired san francisco unified core substitute teacher, and right now, i'm a day-to-day substitute with san francisco unified, and right now i'm here to ask you to help our students go forwards, not backwards. i am a constituent in supervisor mandelman's district, but over the years, i've also taught in all the supervisorial districts in all the cities.
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i've lived in this city over four decades, and i was fortunate to have moved to san francisco at a time when educators could afford adequate and secure and stable rental housing in the city where they worked. unfortunately, many of our educators who have moved to the city recently are not so fortunate, and i'm very fearful that we will lose these educators, which brings me to my first point. i'm asking all of you to please ket aside enough funds for eraf through 2021. one of the examples that this funding is needed for is to have the right number of people
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on the ground with the students. specifically, that means a healthy student-teacher classroom ratio. while this is necessary at all the city schools, the -- it's absolutely crucial in the hard-to-staff and high enrollment schools that i worked at for san francisco unified. and i've seen the difference that smaller class sizes make in these schools. appropriate ratios -- staff-to-student ratios make the difference between a -- [inaudible] >> chair fewer: thank you very much. thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good morning. my name is jeffrey finger. i'm a geometry teacher in district five. i left a lucrative career as a pa pastor to be in a classroom -- that's a joke. i'm here to ask that you
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earmark at least $60 million of eraf funds for holding us together over the next several years. we are in no way standing in opposition for those who are advocating that money to be given to the homeless. we are in solidarity, but god forbid, if you think we're in a crisis now, go ahead and not allocate this for the schools, and watch people leave here en masse. we finally have some degree of encouraged faculty at balboa high school because of the significant bump provided by prop g, and we can sustain some degree of wholeness and not have our salaries rolled back,
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and those salaries are already dramatically underfunded. we are historically underfunded. the teachers are not respected, and let's face it, money, money is what shows value of our occupations in this city, and i am asking, from the bottom of my heart, on the part of all of our teachers who are trying to stay here to play earmark those funds so that we can stay here over the next several years. thank you very much. i trust you to do the right thing. >> chair fewer: thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> hello. my name is sunshine roque. i'm a high school science teacher, i'm an immigrant, and i'm still holding onto growing up in district 11. in the story that i've seen since growing up here, we have seen a rise in homelessness. like the 2,500-plus students in sfusd that are considered
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homeless, we have seen a rise in evictions, like the 1,079 in district 11 that were evicted in 2017 alone, yet we're seeing a rise in development, a rise in rent, to the point that rent is 3,200 for a single studio apartment. we are putting more into planting trees and picking up trash than people who have called off a day of work today to remind you of your jobs. in the history of san francisco, we have seen many supervisors standing beside us at rallies, supervisors standing beside our students for photo ops, and the question is, where do you stand now? do you stand by your word to support the students, and educators, who are most at risk because of the choices you make?
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thank you. >> good morning. i'm kelley cutler. i'm a human rights organizer with the coalition on homeless, and you're here with the our city, our home commission, and we are here asking to support the our city, our home coalition to prioritize homeless housing for our neighbors. when i heard you read my name first, i was like oh, i wanted to get talking points from my colleagues. i've had experience with homeless and doing outreach and seeing folks out on the street, and the youth out on the street. and i'm seeing still -- i continue to see youth that i worked with over 15 years ago that are no longer youth, and they're still out on the street because we failed them. so really asking you to be investing in our youth and to break the cycle because if
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we're not investing in -- the same thing is going to continue happening. and that's about it. thank you. >> supervisor fewer: thank you very much. let me call a couple of more names. reynaldo dia. asea chapelle? earline de-santiago, judith baker, linda antwon, dennis kelly, teresa arreaga, santos majara. if i'm not pronouncing the names properly -- i just want to say i apologize. [inaudible]
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>> chair fewer: okay. thanks. [inaudible] >> chair fewer: thanks. all right. so line on up. next speaker. >> good morning to everybody here? my name is claire merced, and i'm a spanish teacher in the school district. i have been here for decades, and i know some of you personally. i just want to let you know that i stand totally for this funding for you to release the funding for education, for educators and education and our students. we have -- we have students -- this funding would allow for more of our teachers and support staff to provide the services that our kids need. and i am more about anecdotes, and i'm going to let you know about at least three students that need the services that are not being provided because of the lack of some of this funding. i worked a lot with minority
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students, especially latino students, and some of my latino students have been -- are the minorities, unaccompanied minors that came here. they -- many of these kids are traumatized. and one student that actually had his brother -- her brother shot in central america in front of her. she's traumatized. she's attending school in my classroom. i have another student, a female student whose father was actually taken out from home by i.c.e. i have another student that actually died by using drugs because he had no remedy, nothing, no services, so this funding is not for us, just educators, but it's to provide the services that our minorities and our students -- all of our students need. so i ask you to please consider putting that money where it's
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needed. this is one of the richest cities in the state of california. that money should be there. thank you very much. >> chair fewer: thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi. jordan davis, and i really think we need to grow the pie. supervisors of this city, ronen, haney, and mar, i'm here to ask -- we ask for a 171.4 million for the prop c bridge, and we can do both, teachers and housing together. as you know, i am transgender, formerly homeless and disabled. and when i was out on the streets, i didn't care much about these austerity lies. we could end transgender homelessness with only
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13.5 million, according to a little birdie that came in my ear over five years. furthermore, aside from the lost hospital that is st. mary's being inhumane and not reimbursement by prop c, any hospital receiving government funding raises the bells for me as a transgender. it's time we get together and advocate for teachers and housing together and stop being miserly. when people can't afford to live here, and people are homeless, it's time to cut the bullshit and grow the pie. >> i just have to echo what the previous speaker said. grow the pie. our senior and disability action, you know, one of our
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priorities -- and it's a very big priority is deeply affordable housing and mental health services. i know that the conservatorship issue is going to be coming to rules committee sometime very, very soon. before you consider that, first consider voluntary mental health and substance use services to fund those and give those priorities a chance to work. again, education, housing, all of these things, there's so much of a need, and -- and in themselves, all of them have priority. so again, let's grow the pot. we have a lot of smart folks in this room. we can figure a way out to figure out a way to get equity for all these communities that are in need. thanks very much. >> chair fewer: thank you, tony. next speaker, please. >> hello. i'm here to talk from the heart
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and for humanity. and there are homeless people out there on the streets without a shelter, which is an essential need, shelter. we all need a place to live, a place to lay our head. only then can we start to fulfill our needs emotionally and mentally, physically. there's people out there suffering with no toilets, and i -- i think, as far as humanity, it's something that we're supposed to do. we're supposed to take care of our fellow brothers and sisters and so we have to think from the heart and fill our hearts. the money -- there's enough money in the pie for homeless and for teachers that need to get paid. if it wasn't for teachers, we
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all wouldn't be here right now, not having any kind of education. so with that -- and i also think we need to -- testifiers and -- and lower income homeless people need to work together and don't -- there's enough money for both. thank you. >> chair fewer: thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> hello, supervisors. thank you and good morning. my name is curtis bradford, and i am the cochair of the tenderloin people's congress. yeah, the message from me is grow the pie, grow the pie. the truth is pitting teachers against the homeless people who are suffering on our streets is, in my opinion, irresponsible, unnecessary, and frankly kind of ugly, right? we're better than that. there is enough money to do both, and -- and there is a
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crisis out there, and it's part of a rainy day fund. take the five-minute walk over to my neighborhood in the tenderloin and tell me this is not a rainy day. tell me this is not a rainy day. if you're one of the people laying out there right now -- excuse me, i started to cuss. it's a real rainy day. in fact, i don't know if you know, but we in the tenderloin know we had somebody die right in our streets in this last rain storm, laying there, on card board, in a doorway, cold, wet, and alone. and if that person had had a shelter bed, i'm not certain, but i suspect if that person had had a shelter bed and access to services, they would still be alive today. so we can do better, we have to do better. there's enough money to do both. let's just get this done. thank you. >> chair fewer: thanks. next speaker, please.
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>> hello. my name's theresa cooper, and i'm here to support our city, our home. i'm in a group that's called singers of the streets. we are a homeless singer group. we help people out, we give them a meal. it's not really people in city hall, it's religious people that have cared enough about the people that died, cared enough that they are on the street, and to ring a bell for them. if we are not here to support individuals that live here in our city, i don't know what we are here for because if we're going to keep massaging the rich and hold onto all the money because other people are not worthy or they don't hold positions of authority, as a group, we have come together.
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our city is -- definitely has a mental health crisis. hello, i have a great time on muni or sfmta. the other mayor said, are we safe in this city? well, not if you've got a mental health person talking about beating people down because they don't have support, talking about beating people down. the fact that we don't have bathrooms -- all you have to do it look to l.a. to see the diseases that it caused, and people are definitely urinating in the drains. health problem. >> chair fewer: thank you. next speaker, please. >> greetings. first and foremost, i want to acknowledge the indigenous land that we stand on, and their slavery. and lastly i want to acknowledge those impacted by the cleerl actions of the united states. my name is reynoldo, and i live
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in district eight. i deserve and our students deserve, the narrative being pushed by the supervisors and the issues pushed against the homeless and educators, funds are needed in both and at all areas. at my site, there are houses with staff and students. you can't be comreply sit in the name of funding ed and finding solutions to houselessness. i think it is shameful to be comreply s complicit and explicit. thurgood marshall's an academic high school. it's a hard-to-staff school.
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please do not make it harder to staff by impacting our wages and limiting our resources. thank you. >> chair fewer: thank you very much. next speaker. >> my name is faisah chapelle, and i live in district five, of supervisor vallie brown. i've only worked at hard-to-staff schools in the tenderloin, bayview, and the mission. for me to afford a high quality preschool, i have to send my twins to school in oakland. prop g -- before prop g was passed, i was offered a position in redwood city making $7500 a year. i didn't want to accept it, because how could i live with
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myself, knowing i was leaving our students in the hands of another teacher or worse, l long-term subssubs. students are experiencing incredible trauma. they struggle academically. homeless need beds in this city, but they need schools, to be the structural and safe setting so they can ultimately learn. vallie brown, i, a black public schoolteacher who started her career in sfusd, i have two teaching credentials from s.f.
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state and national certification, i won't be able to afford my two kids to go to presill in my own community. please consider the funding necessary to fund our public schools. black teachers matter, blood count students matter. thank you. >> chair fewer: thank you. next speaker, please. >> i was born in tijuana, baja california. i am an immigrant when i came here age 11. i brought myself through berkeley, community college, and i am a fighter. and i'm here looking at your faces. i should be at my classroom looking at my students and working with my students. but i have to step out of my classroom to remind you that you have the power to fund us.
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you -- historically, this moment, you have the power. i don't think you should have the power. i don't think we should be kicked in the stomach by someone in irvine who filed a lawsuit because they don't believe in public education. i want to know if our supervisors believe in public education, that if they have my back and they have my students' back. i thought san francisco was better than this. i'm just upset that i should be with my students, smiling at them, but i am here, and i don't want to be here. i don't want to be talking about why we should be funded. i've been fighting my eviction. as you know, i am barely hanging on here. i have a seven-year-old boy, and i can relate to everyone who has to put their kids through preschool and pay $900 a month.
2:43 pm
we butt boots on the street. the voters voted for -- put boots on the street. the voters voted for prop g, and here it is. you should do the right thing and support the voters and support our public teachers that should not be here in the first place. they should be in the classroom taking care of their students. >> chair fewer: next speaker. >> good morning. my name is earline de santiago. see if i can make this work. okay. i worked for 22 years at the san francisco unified school district as a second career. i am now retired, and i work as a day-to-day substitute teacher as well as at uesf. just want to share with you that i am in support of you as well as the supervisors of san
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francisco. looking at the funds, 180,000 -- million, dividing them equitiablely, i serve as the chair for another institution, when you work with the budget, you know that it is sometimes hard, but i'm asking you how can you justify not treating education and homelessness equitiablely. just want to share one incident with you. last week, i worked at a school site over on the eastern side of the city. this is actually a school that i originally started working in when i first became a teacher in san francisco. what i noticed was that as a result of the passing of proposition g, the retention at that school site -- i think there was only one teacher that had to be replaced this year.
2:45 pm
the benefits of proposition g allowed the teachers to stay. while i was there, i have to say the children surprised me. they came up, and they said, how about lunch bunch? i said lunch bunch, what's that? they said, can we have lunch with you. so i thought one maybe would be -- [inaudible] >> chair fewer: thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> i support everybody who's spoken here. i'm a native, i went to san francisco unified schools. i also am a resident of visitacion valley, and i was also homeless here after getting out of the service in the 90's, and i recovered from that through the v.a. and
2:46 pm
through swords to plow shares. i am proud to be here in support for our teachers, but i'm hoping you can find funding to fund this windfall. it's a project that's been in planning since 1994. i personally have been involved since 1996, and that's maseo may apartments. it's a shovel ready project, and with a 16-to 18-month construction period, and it's $10.9 million short of that goal. it's shovel ready, and we would like to see that on the list. i know there are other veterans here that are in support of that, so i'll cede my time to somebody else. but thank you. >> chair fewer: thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> hi. my name is linda antwon, and i know a lot of you all know me.
2:47 pm
i'm here on behalf of carver mission high school, and my child's providers, southeast health center, dr. williams. i'm here because if we do not help our kids, how is our kids supposed to grow? and i feel like the providers is there to help our kids to grow and help, but our teachers is here to help our kids grow to learn to go out in the world and get what they want. i feel like san francisco has failed us because we all are voting for you that don't live on our side of san francisco. so until you walk in our shoes, the rent that we have to pay -- we don't have walmart out here. we don't have all this extra stuff as if we live out -- and i'm not going to leave here. i've been here since 1963, and i don't plan on leaving here.
2:48 pm
i want my kids to have what i had: schools that's going to help them, doctors that's going to help them. in order to go to school, they have to be healthy and do the other things they need to do otherwise they get sick. i want help from my schools, teachers. one of my students -- i have straight-a students in the class. don't you know, one of my straight-a students snapped. when you drive home tonight, you get on that bridge, i want you to think about what my child had to do because i don't want to take that risk to go over the bridge because basically i don't have the gas to go over there. so look at me. my name is linda. i helped build carver doors and walls. i'm tired of coming here and everything that we want, you all slap it under the rug.
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[inaudible] >> chair fewer: thank you, linda. i'd like to call a couple other names. lottie titus, sabrina frierson -- [inaudible] >> chair fewer: -- david strother, latiita blanc, tyron king, betty robinson harris, deedee workman. thank you very much. >> good afternoon. my name is michael lee. today, i stand before you as a community -- as a formerly
2:50 pm
homeless person. i came over here first of all today to acknowledge jeff kosinsky whose dedication and leadership to he rad indicating homelessness in san francisco is inspirational, and the board of supervisors should be emulating his example. this is not an issue of teachers versus homeless people. grow the pie. you want to talk about a rainy day? the other day in the south of market, in the midst of a rain storm, sfpd was evicting homeless people into the street. this time, they didn't take their tents. normally, they do. rainy day?
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it's not only a rainy day, it's a morally bankrupt policy which the city of san francisco is pursuing to terrorize homeless people. it is morally bankrupt. so when you talk about a rainy day fund, all you have to do is come out on the streets with myself or calle cutler or anyone from this coalition on homelessness, and we will show you a rainy day. it is morally bankrupt to continue that policy and to exacerbate it by pitting teachers against homeless people. we need to link arms in order to improve the quality of life for both housed and unhoused citizens here in this city of san francisco. [inaudible]
2:52 pm
[applaus [applause] [inaudible] >> chair fewer: thank you for your comments, sir. thank you. next speaker, please. [inaudible] [applause] >> good morning, supervisors. my name is judith baker. i've worked in early childhood education since 1967, and i'm still working. i support funding for the homeless, for sfusd educators and we are also asking for 20 million for early childhood educators for compensation. i'm quoting from a teacher, a preschoolteacher who can't be here. she said preschool educators are couch hopping, having our students go without medical and
2:53 pm
dental needs due to the high cost of living, and we're repaying school loans for the benefit of families we serve. i also want to speak for the children. the number of times i've had mothers come to the office saying my child is crying and doesn't want me to leave, and i have to leave to go to work. so i go to the classroom and hold the crying child so the parent can leave knowing that the reason the child is crying is the teacher has left and we don't know when we will get a replacement. 20 million so this does not continue to happen. thank you. >> hi, supervisors. my name is theresa arreaga, i am the executive director for public schools.
2:54 pm
next door for being with parents for public schools, i'm a native, spent 20-plus years working community and college access. i'm here today because we were early supporters of prop c and prop g -- baby prop c and prop g, knowing that our young people need people in the classroom and safe spaces to learn and grow, and only then can our families do what they need to do to succeed in this city. growing up in this city, i didn't realize until i went away to college that my experience was unique. i think these critical systems of early education and k-12 are so important. so i'm here to urge you to vote considerable resources out of awac to these areas. as other people have said,
2:55 pm
there's no reason for us to be fighting each other. this pie can be big enough. property taxes dedicated to k-12 are only 33% compared to 54% statewide, and early ed, even lower. so please, support our families, support our children, help us continue to be a place where we can live and learn and grow. thank you. >> i just want to say that strong schools build strong communities. and strong schools support kids. we have some awesome, wonderful teachers in san francisco. we have wonderful programs in our schools in san francisco. there are amazing things going on in san francisco schools. in the 25 years that i've been teaching in the district, i have seen a district that goes from teachers living close to
2:56 pm
the communities that they work in, having the time to give extra time after school to work and to give more to their students to a situation where teachers are living far away across the bridge and leaving the school district because they can't afford to live here anymore. in the last couple of years, last year or so, we actually hear voices from teachers who say they are going to say. you know, continuity is what makes our program strong. when people leave, they can't build relationships with kids, with the community. they keep us strong. so i just -- my name is julia fong. i didn't say that before. i work in district four. i'm a seventh grade teacher at lawton k-8, and i really want
2:57 pm
you to remember our schools and support on yur schools. thank you. >> good morning, ladies and gentlemen of the board of supervisors. first of all, i'd like to thank you, those what are not on the budget and finance committee to hear this. i think it's important. this year is the 50th year since i began teaching in san francisco at james denman -- at that time junior high school. i've seen everyone in the district receive a layoff notice, i've seen 1,000 people layoff notices. i've seen layoff notices go out for just enough people so we would qualify for expending rainy day funds. now, we have turned things around. during the time that i was in
2:58 pm
the eusf presidency -- uesf presidency, i had a drawing done by a second grade girl. it showed classrooms, it showed students, and the legend said a classroom is a place where you have students, desks, but most of all, you have a teacher. what we are asking for is full funding of the $60 million that we need to get through 2021 with the 7% raise that they've earned. we need that to continue having teachers in the classroom to continue the wonderful things that you've heard here. i hope you will do the right thing and fully support the $60 million that is needed for the schools.
2:59 pm
thank you. >> hello. my name is santos moreira, and i'm here today to ask that you respectfully balance the budget and help maintain the diversity of san francisco by keeping families here. just real quick, it's -- you know, this is one of the most expensive cities in the world, and on $15 an hour, that's only about $30,000 a year. it's pretty difficult to get to the next stages, so any money that could be afforded to the teachers, it goes -- excuse me. i'm a little nervous -- the teachers that need to be supported, and also, it shouldn't be a crime to be homeless or to be in a difficult situation, so with all due respect, please balance the budget.
3:00 pm
thank you. >> hello. my name is a.j., and i'm blessed to be here in this sanctuary city. i may be just passing through, but i have learned a lot, and i came here to learn in a sanctuary city and homelessness manner. however i may be homeless, but i'm not a bum, but i've learned from fools and from sages, and i also learned a lot from education as i graduated from cal state long beach with honors and on the dean's list. what i shall say is this. i have learned much in the streets, and i have


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