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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  February 10, 2019 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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ready to produce shelters, homelessness, supportive housing and mental health services we really need. thank you so much for your time. >> good afternoon. my name is donny fowler and i live for 18 years in the neighborhood between the castro and the mission. i have two young daughters. one of whom goes to harvey milk and the other will go to harvey milk. my wife and i are committed to san francisco public schools. we only ask that you, as board members, provide an equal commitment to our public schools. we need at least $60 million of the eraf funding to provide predictability our teachers need to make plans for their future. after all eraf means education. the money should be dedicated to that purpose. for supervisors fewer, yee and
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peskin, you are known as problem solvers and you have the expertise and knowledge to provide this stability for our teachers and to show you have their backs. for supervisors brown, mandelman, stefani please include public schools on your list as you make decisions. for supervisors mar, walton, haney and ronen, keep up the support. e means education. thank you. >> i am here as the mother of a first grader. as a family doctor at southeast center i'm here to speak on behalf of the students at flynn elementary school which is particularly identified as a pitch school. also, i'm probably more
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importantly for my patients at bay view and they deserve high-quality schools and teachers who will stay to from the mother of linda antwan who has been fighting for years in san francisco better. i talked to teachers of my students on a regular basis because they're not only teaching our students, they're taking and carrying for them. their physical, emotional, social needs everyday. they're working overtime to do it. our children need stable housing and they need stable schools. please fund our schools to the level requested by superintendent malt use.
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>> good afternoon, my name is beverly. i am the director of located across the street one on the city building and one in the state building. i'm here in support of funding $3 million of the money that is available for early care and education because our children cannot wait. we're not in opposition to the other requests that are coming fourth from sfusd and also homeless programs. we have to start with the youngest children if we want to make this equation work. i believe that together, all of us but you all providing the leadership, can figure these things out in terms of innovation and what will really speak to the future of our city.
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thank you. >> my name is matt and i'm here as a representative for district 4. i'm also here representing as a parent of public schools, as a former k-12 student in sfusd and as an after school provider within the city. i've heard a lot today and i have to agree with most of all of it. it feels very much like we're functioning in austerity times despite we're the wealthiest city in the wealthiest state in the wealthiest country that's ever existed. >> it isn't ok to put homelessness against children. i know the city can step up to that so the ask from cpac is again a mere $30 million for early care and education so that the earliest time we have to educate students is used well so they can enter k-12 prepared and ready to go. but, we have been fighting for years for parity with uesf and
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sfusd teachers and they're the lowest paid educators in the bay area. if they are also needing $60 million just to make their lives work and make it happen, we need that too. this will also help prevent teachers, our staff and early care education and our staff in after school from being added to the homeless population as well as their students. they do not get their education back. this is the one time they have to have it happen. please, support all of these efforts. please help prevent homelessness in the city. build more housing. please pay our teachers a decent living wage. thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is margaret baron and i'm a member of the dignity fund coalition and i am here not to ask for particular money for a particular group. i'm here today just to speak on behalf of seniors and people
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with disabilities which includes our vets, lgbt, h.i.v., aids sur vice viversurvivors. we want to make sure that the money that goes for homelessness, housing, behavior health, et cetera, that our populations are included as to be served by those services and the money that will be going to them. at this point in time, seniors and people with disabilities in san francisco are between 25 and 30% of the population. they are 20% of the homeless population with the 85 and older group, which is growing the most fast in terms of the homeless population we were told. we with appreciate to make sure that as the funds are used for this, that these populations are really included in benefiting from it.
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thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is sandy maury and i'm here representing the dignity fund coalition which is a coalition with 40 non-profit c.b.o.s in the communities providing services to seniors and adults with disabilities. my only point to you is as you look at the issues of affordable housing, the behavior health and homelessness, you include seniors and adults with disabilities in all these areas. we have many people who are veterans, who are people with h.i.v.-aids and who are homeless and in low income minority communities. thank you very much. i know it's been a long hearing for you but we appreciate the fact that you are here listening to everything. thank you. >> hi, i'm here with care 3 touch institute which is an
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organization that does holistic services for people isolated by age, income or illness. i'm here to stand in solidarity with all the other agencies that are here representing the need for more fund to go go into homelessness and housing. as a bay area native, i have seen things go to a place that i never thought i would see them go to. it's disheartening. the other day i helped with the homeless count and one of the things that was the biggest takeaway was how many people are living out of their cars. we see a lot of people on the streets. i work in the tenderloin and i walk by everyday and see a situation that seems to be getting worse not better. also, having this realization of the fact that i counted more people in cars than i did on the streets during that night was a big wake-up call to the fact that the numbers that we're actually calculating are probably much lower than the reality of what is occurring. so, i stand in solidarity with
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teachers as well knowing many of my friends are teachers and also struggling. i think it's important to give teachers a raise and at the same time if there's funds leftover, i do ask that we all work together to try to find some solutions to this crisis that is really hard to be around. thank you for listening and thank you for taking this time with us all. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is kevin carole i'm the president of the hotel council of san francisco. i also serve on the board of sf travel and the chamber of commerce. i know as you look at the issues today, both education and homelessness in the services for that, obviously those are all very, very important. i'm a resident of district 7. i work downtown. i'm the son of a schoolteacher as well. as you work on the priorities and as you work through this, i'm here to advocate and ensure the funding for homelessness,
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for housing, the funding that will help with those that are mentally ill that that is prioritizes as you look at the funding that's within these proposals that are before you. i thank you for your time and i thank you for your efforts and making this happen. i appreciate it. >> hello, david smith a district 5 resident. i work in district 5 at a high school. a continuation high school that serves the needs of students who are not making it in the regular high schools. there's a lot of teachers all over the district who are working hard to make sure our students are doing good. when a raise came in because of prop g at the beginning of the year, there was an energy shift amongst a lot of teachers. amongst some of the young teachers who are just arriving and some of the older teachers and they're feeling ok, we're
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now starting to make a living and being able to afford to live in san francisco. people were -- there really was a certain happiness and people were feeling like we were being taken care of. now with this possibility of us losing it, particularly the new teachers, some of them are just devastated with the thought that they might have to take a cut and the new teachers are barely making it at this raise we got at this time. so, i ask you put money towards education and of course we are also supporting all the services for homeless as well. a lot of our students are unfortunately come from homeless families. thank you, very much. >> good afternoon, supervisors,
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my name andy stone and i'm a proud resident of district 9 and i'm here with the san francisco aids foundation. i'd love to share with you why you think fund to go address the urgency of the homeless crisis. it's so crucial to our efforts to ending the h.i.v. epidemic. san francisco is committed to an ambitious plan of getting to zero h.i.v. transmissions from aids and stigma. none of these ambitious goals is possible without permanent support of housing and services for the most vulnerable people living with h.i.v. and those at risk of transmission. homelessness and h.i.v. are tightly linked. people who are homeless experience higher rates of h.i.v. transmission, have a more difficult time staying in h.i.v. care and adhering to their medications and experience worse healtworseoutcomes. with 7500 homeless people in san francisco and 3800 people who are unsheltered, the impact of h.i.v. on our city's homeless
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population is evident a year after year. new h.i.v. trance commissions in the city are among people who are homeless. in 2017, over 14% of new h.i.v. diagnosises in the city were among people experiencing homelessness. similarly, we know that the health outcomes for people living with h.i.v. are tied to housing status. increasing viral suppression rates improves the health of the people living with h.i.v. and prevents onward transmission. 32 people are suppressed with 85 people and virally suppressed. homelessness is a contributing factor leading to death with people living with h.i.v. rental subsidiaries to prevent displacement for long-term survivors are substance use and mental health services with harm reduction philosophies are similarly crucial.
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>> i have a grass -- every two years the city controller -- would you stop your time to get sf gov. >> you have a presentation on the presentation deck, please. >> it's just one picture. sorry guys. i didn't know it would take like this. i can just sort of -- so the city controller does a survey every two years of residents of san francisco and asks them how they think different parts of the different departments are doing. whether they're doing well or not. there is also a free response question asking what is the number one issue?
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it's free response many of this is not a list of things, please rank. people write in. the results are so stunning that is what i'm trying to show, there's a bar graph. the number one issue is -- here we go. you can kind of see it. great. so the number one issue is homelessness, 33%, the second issue 31% housing, the third issue cost of living and displacement 15%. those three are the same issue. so the top three issues are the same thing, which is housing, cost of housing, feeling like you are going to be displaced. the need for affordable housing and the need for housing security. 33 plus 31 plus 15 is 78%. which is stunning, right. i think from your point of view, it seems like san franciscans
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are divided because you get advocates coming to you and people are telling all different things. san franciscans are actually stunningly united. 78% of san franciscans say that housing, cost of housing, homelessness and related issues are their number one issue. so, i support the mayor's priorities for how to spend the eraf funding, all of it on housing and shelter and homelessness prevention but at least 78% of it should go to the issues that 78% of san franciscans all agree are number one. thank you. >> good afternoon, board of supervisors. my name is kimberley hill brown. i am the secretary of the san francisco public housing tentative association. i represent all family development under public housing through out the city. i was born and raised in san
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francisco. mostly living in district 10, 5 and 9. we represent. our board has been to the town hall meetings of district 6. we support all of our residents throughout this city. i say that to say that equity will not suffer wrong to be without a remedy. if hud only funds public housing, at 70% of the budget. we need to step in and make sure our portrayal in sunnyvale gets some of this pie that everybody is talking about. let's all sit down as flesh and blood, human beings, who have a legacy to leave in this city of saint francis. we are all people. let's eat together. let's make sure that we clean up
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our streets. if i was the 18-year-old kimberley, i would be standing here fighting for our teachers. for education. fighting for our young people in public housing. because those public housing students go to the san francisco union fight school district. we need to sit down and eat together. let's figure this thing out as adults for the future generations. thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm the treasurer for the public housing tenant association. this organization advocates for the residents of public housing and all of san francisco. if anyone calls on us for help. we amp la fie the power of our residents and provide safe and
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decent housing for low income households. we encourage community facility and advancing racial economic inclusion in equity. i support mayor london breed on the funding, as she is so willing to invest. this will make a difference in the lives of hundreds of families thriving those developments. thank you, mayor brown, mayor breed, for allowing sunny dale to be part of the 181 million-dollar funding. this gives the community hope. this is a responsible investment. we'll make an impact in helping our public housing population. i hope all of you supervisors, along with mayor breed, and supervisor walton, support this.
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thank you. >> good afternoon, everyone. my name is alita fisher. i'm a parent of four students within sfusd. one is a graduate of mission high school. we're in our 13th year in the school district. i'm also the chair of the community advisory committee for special education and i sit on the task force. and i'm here to talk to you today about the power of our schools as intervention. the foundation released a study a few years. it's called early warning. students not reading at grade level bit end of third grade are four times less likely to graduate from high school. for students from low income families, not reading at grade level by the end of third grade increases the rate to six times less likely to graduate. my personal story, i'd love to
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share with you all. my husband and i are former foster parents, we're adoptive parents and that recent high school graduate i talked about, she started measure a loma elementary school in first grade as a foster kid who was through multiple foster homes and a lot of trauma and had attachment disorder. where we got our support was actually through our school. our school social worker was the one who connected my daughter with the girl scout troop that helped her bond with her fellow students. and make lifelong friends. ms. pandolfy did the check in and check out to help her integrate into her day. i mentioned that graduate is a freshmen in college. studying political science. so hopefully we'll see her here in a few years. it doesn't have to be either or. our schools are really part of the solution in preventing
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homelessness so please fund them as such. thank you. >> hi, my name is margareeta. >> i am allocating for older
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families to handle the services they need but also stable housing. she is a mom and she really wants all the children to do better. >> she's doing volunteer work at the homeless coalition and she's really asking for us to have services for families for kids to have their own space where they can play.
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>> we're asking for your support just like we support you. we're asking you to support us so you can build more housing. thank you. >> good afternoon, my name is jason agar and i'm a resident of the district 11. i'm also the parent of two young sfusd students. i have traveled, in my work, doing presentations in classrooms all over the city. i've seen teachers working very, very hard in every school that i've been at. my wife would likely be here as well, however, she is a public schoolteacher and this is her
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21st year teaching second grade. i see how hard she works as well. the impact that teachers have is tremendous for children and allowing them to be successful in the world to fill in the gaps where maybe their parents or their family or community are not able to. they're essential. i don't envy you. however, i am proud that you are here to solve the current problem that we are facing with funding. because these issues are connected. of course i want to advocate for 60 million for funding to educators, however, i want to recognize that if you are hungry or you don't have a place to sleep, it can be very hard to learn. it's a whole package deal. i hope that you can craft the best solution possible for us. i'm sure that you will do your
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best. thank you. >> hello, my name is jackie fielder. i'm a d4 resident. i teach in the college of ethic studies at sf state. i get really infuriated when coming into here seeing how many dozens of people are here for those great causes. at least a thousand hours as gone into just preparing for this hearing and just throwing people out and giving people information. it's really sad to see in the richest, one of the richest cities in the country, people having to fight for scraps when we have 43 billionaires in this city. it's just unacceptable. it's on all you all to make sure that the pie isn't so constrained where we are having to talk in the same room and take days off of work and it's
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just -- i see a lot of my classmates skipping around. i went to stanford and skipping around on scooters like everything is fine and you have dozens of people in city hall packing and trying to tell their life stories and talking about death and it's just really infuriating to see that this pie and this pot is so small. so what seems obvious to me is you just grow the pie. i don't know what it will take to tap into the rainy day fund but it's like raining and pouring. right now the budget doesn't include anything for community-based mental health interventions so support the proposition that instead of the beds we fund to help. its up to you to tax the rich and make sure those 43 billionaires are contributing
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their fair share so this pie is not a as small. hi, my name is sasha. i live in district 10. i'm here to support the our city and our home propose a i urge you to spend $171 million as our city our home bridge funding and grow the pot using our rainy day funds so we can also pledge $60 million for sfusd salaries. as the sf chronicle in 2016 reported san francisco's teacher pay is 500th in the state despite our highest cost of living. spending $171 million not just on housing and homeless services but as funding our city and our home specifically is critical. prop c was approved by voters and includes critical funding for mental health services while other proposals do not. it will be reimbursed to the city when our city, our home
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passes through the court. please don't let business who don't want to pay their fair share of taxes, who make over $500 million a year in revenue, hold up the will of the voters by delaying the implementation of our city our home. the people dying on our streets today can't wait and neither can our teachers. this bridge funding is critical. thank you. >> joe wilson. hospitality house. just want to urge us to remind ourselves that they don't have to be any winners or losers in this discussion only champions. that's why we're here today. i'm actually thrilled to see so many compelling voices coming out and speaking on issues that are important to the community. as a point of a historical reference, the reason there is not eraf fund to begin with is
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that it's properly tax money that was stolen from the countries 25 years ago and resulted in billions of cuts to community service and human services. we're trying to set some of that right today. we can do that in advance to avoid pitting one class of people against another. poor people against dispute people against homeless people and our public schoolteachers. we do not need to do that. the question is simple. you're leaders. act like it. this is a opportunity to lift up the city and as previous speakers have noted, to throw down the gauntlet to the business community. this is how we're going to do business in this town. if you want to reap the benefits, you have to pay for
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them. because other people who don't have the opportunity to be billionaires, are paying with their lives as a previous speaker outlined, are dying on the streets. we don't need to have that in the city and county of san francisco. we're asking you to show us leadership. >> hello supervisors, debbie from the san francisco human services network. we have a momentous opportunity ahead of us today. i'm here to urge you to prioritize housing, homelessness and behavioral health in your decision surrounding the eraf funding. over 60% of voters approve prop c in november and it's striking the mayor, the board, the business community and the other members of our community agreed we need to act now to address the needs of people who are under housed and who are on our
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streets. the human services network believes that we need to start implementing prop c solutions immediately and these funds will be important to bridge the gap so that everything is in place and ready to go when the legal challenges are resolved. the expenditures that are consistent with prop c will be reimbursable to the general fund should the city be successful in its lawsuits. this will create a second windfall for the general fund in the future. we urge you, along with other speakers, to grow the pot. for example, by allocating the windfall one-time reserves. so that we can address the many other worthy and important goals that you have heard about today. it is not either-or, it is an and. but this is a rare and exceptional opportunity to address the crisis on our streets. and we ask you today, to prioritize housing, homelessness, health services.
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thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors, my name is kevin bogus. i work at col man advocates for children youth as a political directorment i'm here to talk about the needs in education right now. our schools are in crisis. in these funds can help to alleviate some of that. so i hope that you are going to do the right thing and make sure that money gets to the school district so they are able to make sure children in our city are educated. i want to call on you to find ways to bring more revenue into the city to make the pot bigger. our schools are in crisis and the amount of money beer talking about potentially giving to the school district is a drop in the bucket of what is really needed to make sure all children and families have faith that their schools and their neighborhoods and communities that you represent are really preparing them to be the next generation of leaders and businessmen and civil servants in the city of san francisco.
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so i'm here to ask you to do the right thing. to be champions for the people and find more money in dollars to bring into help address these structural issues that we have. thank you. >> thank you, supervisors for being here today. i trust that you are listening to the clients in the room and open minded about the conclusion of today's hearing. i work at the coal collision on homelessness and i'm asking you please fully fund the $171.4 million that the city home committee is asking for you and ensure this bridge funding there is the structure of the measure we passed in november. please fund our educators. these two groups are two sides of the same coin that we know our city can afford to allocate in full. we're all struggling. it is heartbreaking. please let's bake a bigger pie that nourishs the people and ensure that they have a future
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in this city that we all call home. you are our star bakers and we are counting on you to bake this big, delicious equitable pie. thank you. >> hi, i'm diana martinez, the program manager of the mission s.r.o. collaborative. i ask you you use eraf to fund our city our homes program so we can include s.r.o. acquisition and prioritizing to live in affordable housing units. it's important because the rents are skyrocketing. giving incentive for landlords to let the building disintegrate to tenants self-evict. i will use the utah hotel as an example. for years, the building has been infessed with pests. the manager harasses the tenants. the building is neglected and falling apart. a family in the utah reported leaks from the ceiling and the
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conduit unit in her room. this is a ghost ship fire situation about to erupt. the continues are so bad, tenants are forced to self-evict and units have been kept vacant even though there's a housing crisis. the utah is purposely not finding new tenants and stayed they're doing illegal construction to prep the building for affluent renters. the room vacancies in construction prove that they're putting tenants through hell so they leave and they can fix up the units to rent at a higher rate. families are living in this condition. they're living in these buildings. and imagine the psychological impact it has on those children. which is why we also need to use the eraf funding to prioritize getting sro families no appropriate low income housing asap. this is not just happening at the utah hotel, it's happening all over san francisco and you have the power to put an end to
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this. use it to buy sros and prioritize families to live in safer places. show us this is hope and you won't condemn immigrant children to live in sca squalor in this sanctuary city. >> hello, my name is sam and i work at the coalition on homelessness and i'm born and raised in san francisco in the richmond district. i know it's been a long day so i want to say three main things. one, grow the pot and expand the eraf funding like so many people have said before me. marginalize communities do not have to be pitted against each a we stand in solidarity and a budget is a moral document. in our office, we have people coming in soaked from the rain and are freezing to death.
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is this not enough to constitute an emergency and activate rainy day funds? i think that the answer is yes. two, asking to prioritize families and children currently in none of the budget proposals, even this one or the mayor's budget proposal includes funding for housing for homeless families, youth and children. we're asking that 20% go to youth and 25% go to families. currently it's only four single adults. the third ask is really to prioritize community-based mental health interventions. right now, there's a big focus on hospitalization and we ask that community mental healthcare is also included in the proposal. it's the most humane and cost effective way to address mental health conditions for homeless populations. and there should be a balance in funding for hospital as well as community services. so we're proposing to keep the
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san francisco general hospital proposal and replace the saint mary's beds with community mental health services. the saint mary's buzz, which are locked hospital beds are not eligible for prop c funding and are non reimbursable. instead, we can fund more mental health solutions. >> hi, jennifer coalition on homelessness. you know, i think we all know it's really cold out there. it's been wet. we know it's a coalition of two people that passed just on the last few nights. during that really precious transition that should be made as comfortable as possible for people, they experienced bone, wet, cold in their last moments. we're calling for full funding for the our city our homes
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proposal. we're not interested at all in being pitted against each other. our city our hope has not been funded in full. this is really a life and death issue. let me break it down. we started with the proposal from the mayor's office, which frankly was great. but it didn't have funding for prevention, it didn't have funding for families, it didn't have funding for youth, it didn't have funding for community behavioral health. but that pie did not grow. instead it shrunk. and not one of the community proposals got added back in. we have tremendous opportunities we're passing up in these current proposals in front of you. we have an opportunity to prevent thousand of households from becoming homeless. the word is let them go. we have an opportunity to house 200 vets at treasure island that we can break ground immediately. we have an opportunity to expand community behavioral health. instead, we're funding something that cost 140k per bed per year,
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it's nothing more than a jail masmasqueraded as a hospital be. we have an opportunity to get youth and families off the streets. we know teachers want full funding. we also want to fund the homeless proposals in full. we can do this. we have to do this because every lost opportunity equals a human life. a life destroyed. a life lost, another person out there dying in their last moments. thank you. >> any other public speakers? ok. really? seeing none. public comment is closed. just going to put that gavel down so that makes it official. i see on the roster president
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yee. >> thank you chair fewer. first of all, i want to thank the public for coming out and i've heard so many of you understanding all the different needs we have and expressing support all the way across. maybe there are a few people who advocate more for one thing than the other. no one i heard today saying there's no need for addressing the homelessness. there's no need to address the salaries, the salaries of our teachers whether they're in public schools or early education. i thank you for that. i think we heard it. certainly it's something that all of us in this chamber as supervisors want to address. i want to thank the budget committee for working out a proposal that we're going to be talking about. i believe that the proposal
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presented today is a very fair and balanced proposal to try to address as much of these issues as possible. thank you supervisor fewer for that. when we look at the windfall for the general funds at this point, which is really what we're talking about, and beyond that also. so, what we do have is sort of a balance approach. so, the main thing and issues that we have to deal with is whether or not or how, it's not whether or not, how do we support a third year of this funding to go to things that are in deed a third year of funding that would include not only the early educator salaries but also
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the school district, public school district salaries and some of the issues in homelessness and behavioral types of services that we need that are on going costs. that is what we're really talking about at the end of the day is how we continue our services. i think the proposal that we're going to move forward talks about this somewhat. i certainly will be one that will support any notion to provide funding for a third year for all these services. now, is the pot growing? darn straight it's growing. i have no doubt the pot -- it's a pie, right. the pie is growing. the pie is growing. whether it's going to be the typical baseline increases in
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our programs, or whether there's another year of windfall, or whether the school district, for instance, can identify some funding that they have not identified yet. i believe they have that and sitting down with the administration not long ago, i helped them identify another $6 million. it could be used towards our objectives today. i believe, also, that whether it's the governor providing more service or more dollars to early education feel that will increase the pie or grow the pie. whether the governor is going to make good with his word that we're going to have full-day kind arkindergarten, which we're already paying for it in our school district. any reimbursement to addition to
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what we're getting now is extra money that will grow the pie. i believe we'll hit all our goals and objectives. so, whatever language we put in there, chair fewer and the other committee members, i want to have language in there that reflects that we will fight for all these priorities whether it's the public schools, salaries, peace, early education salary, and some of the homeless pieces that need to have on going costs. [ please stand by ]
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>> i would like to frame our thinking around this funding. we realized that we are held in host stadge of a court case that actually is against the will of the voters. the voters of san francisco overwhelmingly said that ab prop c to take people off the child care wait list to give a raise to our early child care educators was so necessary and that passed in june. we had prop g, educator money
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salary for the san francisco unified school district educators. that was also passed by the public. they believe we ha -- then we he big clarks c these moneys from homelessness and housing was so important. san franciscans agreed that this is a huge issue. they also voted for that. unfortunately, none of these initiatives got a two thirds threshold. then the powers that be are now in court battle all three cases in a court battle and we don't know when that will be resolved. with this windfall of money, i i want to emphasize, this is a good thing to have. it is a good thing to have $185 million.
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our thinking was that we would separate some. you want to say that 185 will give us what we immediately can fund and need. it's not everything that we want. more funding is coming. ed to say that we wanted to make sure that the salaries for the raises, for the early childhood educators was in tact that the salaries for sfusd educators were in tact. then also, that our housing and homeless projects that are in the pipeline could be immediately funded. the mayor introduced a budget that had 185ing this thousand $s requested for homeless and housing.
5:54 pm
we had a budget that also included salaries. there are only two pieces of legislation ordinances today you will see item 4, item 5, one includes teacher salaries. one does not. it was a balancing act quite frankly. we looked at -- we had many conversations with the school district. supervisor yee was in contact with cpac. we talked to homeless coalition folks and we decided on a proposed budget that we are going to introduce today that actually includes raises for teachers, raises for early ed and housing and homeless services. is it a perfect budget? i would say, we are about
5:55 pm
$4 billion away from a perfect budget. dlot of thought and consideratin has gone in this budget. i have also worked with supervisor moore to grow the pot a little. he has some amendments actually that he would like also to introduce. i want to also say that we know that lot of our homeless funding, we neild increase funding and focus on our people and families in particular -- in my district, our seniors and people with disabilities. colleagues, even though i have amendments today, supervisor mar have some amendments. i suggest we hear from supervisor first to get a full
5:56 pm
picture. colleagues, i believe all of you have a copy of the recent amendment that put forth. supervisor moore, the floor is yours. >> i wanted to start by thanking all the diverse community members that took time to come to city hall to speak out about the needs that should be addressed through the eraf funds especially child care, homelessness and housing. also the interconnectedness of the issues. i thanks those who spoke to the need to expand the pie and per pursue new revenue and address these pressing communities needs. i want to assure i'm listening and as all my colleagues as we struggle individually and collectively over this
5:57 pm
challenging and important decision on allocation of this first pot of eraf funds. colleagues, announced yesterday that i authored an amendment to the eraf ordinance introduced by interview peskin. that's item 5 on the agenda. the intent of the amendment is to fully fund the gap in educator wage increases for both sfusd and earl educators. i want to thank supervisor if sr and ronen for working with me on this amendment. $52 million from the unanticipated eraf onetime reserve will be ilindicate be as
5:58 pm
fund it will be allocated to sfusd for teacher salary increases for fiscal year 2020 to 2021. before i go into further detail, i have a statement of feedback from my constituent. i held a townhall in my district on eraf based on a single question. how should we invest $185 million. the excess eraf funds gave us an opportunity to have conversations about city's priorities and the opportunity to seriously deliver on those priorities. through conversations, emails and townhall that drew over 100 diverse constituents, there are many priorities worth funding and any proposal should seek to reconcile that and offer balance for the diverse needs of our communities and city. adding this amendment will result in legislation that funds priorities of my constituents
5:59 pm
and many of your constituents. housing and homelessness, teacher salary, and early childhood education for at least two years through fiscal year 2022020 to 2021 using current ef funds. without this amendment educators will be left without community, our children and our future. loudly and clearly, i've heard from teachers and parents and students if the sunset and here at city hall. we need to ensure our teachers are paid fairly. a parent in my district wrote to me saying, at the end of the last school year almost all of the upper grade teachers left my son's school. only one veteran teacher remained while all the other teachers left for other school districts can paid more. this was disheartening for the teachers who left. the remaining teachers and most importantly for the students. how is this revolving door of
6:00 pm
teachers fair for our students particularly my oldest son who has special needs. our students deserve better. we need to plan for whole communities alongside investing in housing and solving homelessness. we also need to invest in our schools. by designated dollars, we have now to educators, we can assure them that they are valued. with the teacher and early childhood educator rivier reserd the board of supervisorsly sustain wagers and sfusd teacher and staff. if other city or sfusd revenue or legally available reserves are not sufficient to do so. this will close any funding gap for educator salary, estimated at $40 million to sfusd and $10 million to the office of early care and education. the purpose of the fund is to


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