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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  February 12, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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thank you to the bottom of my heart. i promise to stay grounded and connected in the communities that helped me become who i am. thank you. [applause] [please stand by]
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director mar >> continue to serve residents and workers in the months after the fire. they launch the chef for feds effort partnering with over 100 restaurants to support thousands of federal workers and their families throughout the longest government shut join in united states' history and served meals until the furloughed received their first back paycheck. world central kitchen activated hundreds of volunteers and chefs and tyler florence and his wife and business partner here with us today to feed bay area federal workers including employees of the coast guard, nasa, epa, citizenship services an department of agriculture and social security administration and the department of transportation. i want to acknowledge dan bernal from speaker pelosi's office. they worked hand in hand with world central kitchen to connect
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them to furloughed workers in san francisco and the bay area. on behalf of the san francisco board of supervisors i'm thrilled to honor world central kitchen and the many chefs and volunteers who helped ensure our federal employees had access to food during the shutdown. josé couldn't be here today but i'd like to invite chef tyler florence and his wife and dan bernal from speaker pelosi's office to accept the certificate of honor on behalf of world central kitchen. >> thank you very much. supervisor mandelman. you did an amazing job. it's been a real absolute pleasure. president yee and the board of supervisors. i want to thank you for having us today. for the amazing commendation for
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work for a situation i think needs to be addressed on a much deeper level. that's how we feed people in situations of climate change and situations of political upheaval that happen from time to time we just went through as a nation. i feel so proud to represent not just myself but also the entire chef and culinary community because we're leading the charge in so many ways that feel so incredible to be behind. the city of san francisco has all stood up for progressive ideas and josé andres is an amazing inspirational leader to us that worked shoulder to shoulder with him at world central kitchen. it's been an amazing year. we've learned how to deal with climate change and feed people
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on the drink of disaster. we were in the middle of the fire to a community that lost everything in the matter of 12 hours and didn't know where to go or what to do and didn't know where their next hot meal was going to come from and world central kitchen was on the ground within 72 hours of the disaster happening serving hot live meals to anybody and everybody they could get in touch with. i also want to thank nancy pelosi our dear speaker of the house from san francisco, california. our chief of staff, dan bernal, with me today, give him a round of applause, i want him to say a few words as well. the speaker's office was so instrumental in getting us into federal buildings here in san
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francisco to make sure that we could share our love and appreciation for federal workers that went 35 days without a paycheck. we wanted them to know someone cared and loved them and could take dinner home to their family that night and we sent federal workers here in the san francisco bay area that last week during the final part of the government shutdown. every federal agency we could reach out to, we did. the irs, nasa, fda and we distributed food and they were hap yesterday to have it. the question is here we are now.
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2019. the fire season of october and november is upon us again. what are we doing as a state for that and how are we ready to reach out to those in need if it happens again. i filled -- filmed a adopt -- documentary and refillfilmed th adds it happened and we stood up for our neighbors in the north bay as they were devastated. and 365 short days later, here we were again with a fire even bigger and more widespread with more devastation and more loss of life.
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the fire season is upon us and we need to address how we feed people and how we deal with climate change in a fragile state and what does 2019 look like? as fires have proven they don't care about any social economic class. they'll burn your house down in 20 seconds flat and the difference between haves and have-nots becomes clear when you need a bowl soup and the chefs were there in the past and will be there in the future on the front lines to make sure our neighbors and our community and nation and country and world are fed in the time we need. thank you very much. [applause] >> commissioner: would you like to say something, go ahead? >> i'm here on behalf of speaker pelosi to express gratitude to those who helped during the
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government shutdown. our office was connected with tollen and tyler. you know when you meet somebody when they see somebody's in distress or suffering and there's no option for them other than to help. they just dove in and dove in and helped. in addition to the agencies that were mentioned, the coast guard, the ninth district court were all served wonderful meals by chef tyler florence and paula la duc and speaker pelosi had the great privilege of inviting chef andres and tyler florence to be her guests at the state of the union to humidity -- highlight their important work to show the quences of -- quences of the longest -- consequences of the
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longest federal government shutdown. thank you. >> commissioner: thank you. >> commissioner: lastly, supervisor mar would you like to share your commendation? >> colleagues, i would like to give a special posthumous commendation in memory of an amazing woman who was a great inspiration to many community members in my district and throughout our city and beyond. grandma kim led an extraordinary life as a survivor, woman and
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activist and passed last week at the age of 92. taken from her home in korea she was a comfort women. women and girls rounded up by the japanese imperial armed forces in 13 asian pacific countries from 1931 to 1945. the ensured unfathom violence. after surviving a suicide attempt the found the will to live. she made her way home. kim spent decade in silence as she spent a life running a successful fish restaurant then in 1991 another south korean comfort woman survivor came forward to share her story of n
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imprisonment. kim became as she was meant to be, unstoppable. she gained international acclaim with her testimony bringing survivors together from all over the world including women in vietnam attacked by soldiers and set up the butterfly fund and started a scholarship for children in conflict regions. she denounce the inadequate reparation deal between south korea and japan in 2015 and gained notoriety for campaigning every wednesday outside the japanese embassy starting in 1992 which continues decades letter. she testified at the international human rights convention and was a plaintiff in the war crimes tribunal under japan's sexual slavery and recei received the person of righteousness prize.
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an estimated 23 200,000 victims endured sexual slavery only 239 in south korea came forward. she empowered herself and others. she overcame the shame and stigma and the silencing all survivors face. she served as a beak jon -- beacons for survivors around the world sharing her message, you are not alone. she fought until the end demanding justice for comfort women. the butterfly symbolizes victims freed from her hurtful past. in her memory let's remember the march for freedom of those of sexual violence and those oppressed and members of the comfort women justice coalition and education for social justice
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foundation are here to share in honoring this legacy. thank you for lifting up her story and continuing her fight. i'd like to invite judge lillian singh to share brief remarks. >> commissioner: before that we have supervisor fewer who would like to make a comment. >> commissioner: thank you, president yee. i'd love to associate my comments with [speaking french] mar this is a woman who led a life of determination and this say fine example of you cannot crush the human spirit. and when someone is speaking truth to power about their own experience and bringing it to the world and never forgive speaking the truth it's so appropriate we're honoring her today. this is again a woman who has suffered such atrocities in her life but did not allow this to
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break her human spirit and the resiliency of that human spirit should be celebrated today. thank you, supervisor mar, for bringing this forward. it's a woman who has a lesson today about speak her truth and actually not settling and demanding that reparations she was due in all the victims of the comfort who these comfort women deserve. thank you very much. >> commissioner: thank you. judge singh. >> i'd like to ask my co-chair to join me. this memorial is meaningful to us. in 2015 we came forward to ask the board to pass a resolution to support a comfort women memoriam. at that time, eric ma was the lead sponsor with other board
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members here and i was passed unanimously. both judge singh and i go by grandma and we joined her in the march before the japanese consulate. at that time she was pretty frail already. but her suffering is the suffering of hundreds and thousands of women and girls who were called comfort women sexually enslaved by the japanese armed forces. 13 asian pacific countries from 1931 to 1945. unfortunately, a lot of them have died just like grandma kim. today, we have approximately 23 korean comfort women still alive
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and 14 chinese comfort women still alive. i'd lake to invite you to come to our memorial to see this because the memorial is installed to eradicate sexual violence and trafficking throughout the world. i'd like to give the rest of my time to the judge. >> i'd like to thank this auspicious board of supervisors you're the best in the word at least in san francisco for your really compassion for the comfort women. taze -- taze it's a memorial for a group of women to speak on what happened to them in in 2008 the united nations security council passed a law that recognized rape during war is a crime against
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humanity. prior to that there was no jurisdiction against that kind of violence. and rape as a strategy of war is also deemed to be a crime against women, against humanity and a war crime. so we have to thank this group of women who really engendered the atmosphere and ethics to have this law passed so during times of war you're not allowed to rape and sex traffic women, at any time of course but especially during war. during war women are vulnerable. i want to ask supervisor fewer she came out for our memorial for her last saturday in the rain spo -- to support us. i'd like to present a gift for gordon since you're the one who
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made this motion and you scan share it with -- can share it with the rest of the board of supervisors. i made it myself. it's a photo of har harmony and the organization that's been working hard for several years. it's an organization that judge julie cheng and i co-founded and co-chaired after reretired from -- we retired from our judge's position to do that.
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>> let's move to our special order since it's past 3:00. so madame clerk can you go ahead and call the special order items, 20 through 27. >> clerk: 3:00 p.m. special order items 20 through 23 the public hearing for the 1052 through 1060fulsome and appeal of the determination of community plan evaluation. items 24 through 27 comprise the
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public hearing for the appeal of the california use authorization for the same proposed project and the motions associated with the persons interested in both the appeal for of the determination of community plan evaluation and the conditional use authorization. >> commissioner: okay. supervisor haney, would i like to make remarks at this time? >> yeah, so colleagues, we have a request from both the parties to make a continuance. i think they're both here and will come forward and make that request. i believe it's to continue to april 9. >> commissioner: before you do that, supervisor safai. >> i needed to recuse myself from the project from previous work. >> commissioner: what do you want us to accuse you of? >> i said recuse. >> commissioner: sorry.
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>> please don't accuse me of anything. >> commissioner: i guess we should take a motion to recuse supervisor safai. could we have a motion? motion by supervisor stefani and seconded by supervisor fewer. roll call, please. [roll call] >> clerk: on the motion to exclude supervisor safai. supervisor mar. absent. a motion to excuse supervisor safai from items 20 through 27 made by supervisor ste stefani. supervisor aye. roanin aye. stefani aye. walton aye. supervisor yee, aye.
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brown, aye. fewer aye. haney, aye. mandelman, aye. there are 10 ayes. >> commissioner: and supervisor safai is reused. before we take any action on this item do we have department staff to mike -- make any comments? seeing none, are you going to make a motion supervisor haney? >> to continue this to april 9. i believe in order for that to happen the parties have to agree to that. >> commissioner: can i have the parties take turn and acknowledge that agreement. >> i'm for the appellant.
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we agree to april 9th. >> attorney for the project sponsor and the project sponsor also agrees to the continuance to april 9. >> commissioner: thank you. with the understanding the items will be continued, we will now take public comments. are there any members of the public who wish to speak on the continuance? any speaker would be two minutes each. seeing no public comment, public comment for this is closed. [gavel] >> commissioner: supervisor haney, would you like to mation the motion? >> i move to continue to april 9. >> commissioner: seconded by supervisor mandelman. colleagues, we have a motion to continue items 20 through 27 to the board of supervisors meeting
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april 9. the motion to continue. can we have roll call on the item. >> clerk: without objection. >> deputy city attorney john gib ner i want to get something on the record. i understand based on conversations with the project sponsor and appellant the april 9th date was agreed to outside of this room the planning code sets certain time lines for the board to make its ult mall decision on this conditional use appeal and in asking for this continuance to april 9 the parties are weaving the time lines -- waiving the time lines. >> commissioner: thank you for the clarification. now, without objection? item 20 through 27 will be continued to the april 9th, 2019
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meeting. [gavel] >> commissioner: madame clerk we'll go back to item eight. >> clerk: a resolution to retroactively enter into an agreement for an intergovernmental agreement for substance use agreement for approximately $145 million for the retroactive term to june 15, 2018 to june 20, 2019 and designate the department of public health county alcohol and drug administrator to approve amendments for under 10% of the contracted amount. >> commissioner: do we have a speaker for this? >> clerk: supervisor peskin.
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>> thank you, mr. president and thank you for continuing to the one-week continuance last week as there were a number of retroactive approves -- approvals from last week's agenda and the individual from department of public health was less than clear in the explanation to why this was retroactive. i've since met with the acting director of the department of public health, mr. wagner, who is here who has a very cogent explanation and i want him to explain it because it's a case where retro activity makes perfect sense. mr. wagner to the president. >> thank you, members of the board, greg wagner department of public health.
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i understand the concerns around retroactive contracts. in this case the item before you is an agreement between the city and county and the state department of health care services. this is an agreement required for us to draw down state and federal funds under the drug medical waiver which allows us to draw medical for substance use disorder programming. we originally brought a contract to the board of supervisors approved in may 2017 shortly before the effective term of the contract. so we did bring that piece in. what happens with the contract the state makes amendments to them over time and the amendments allow us to draw down additional funds particularly federal funds for items negotiated between the counties, states and governments over time.
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we received an amendment from the state and it allows us to retroactively go back and claim medical dollars for additional costs we wouldn't be able to prior to the state of the contract. this amendment came into the term of the contract but it's a benefit because it allows us to claim the costs retroactively. we're bringing it forward because we feel it's a positive for the city and department. >> commissioner: thank you wagner for the explanation. >> commissioner: a roll call on the item. >> clerk: mr. goodman, there is no public comment.
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>> commissioner: roll call, please. >> clerk: supervisor mar, aye. peskin, aye. ronin, aye. safai, aye. stefani, aye. supervisor walton, aye. supervisor yee, aye. supervisor brown, aye. supervisor fewer, aye. supervisor haney, aye. supervisor mandelman, aye. there are 11 ayes. >> commissioner: okay. the resolution is adopted unanimously. madame clerk call items nine through. >> clerk: comprise flee resolutions approved by the airport commission item 9 approves the terminal 3 concession lease between gourmet brands sfo group and the city for an eight-year term with two one-year options to extend and
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375 minimum annual guarantee for meg for first year of the lease. item 10 the modification number 6 for management support service for the terminal 3 west modernization project with wcme joint venture to extend the term through october 4, 2023. the contract was increased for a new total not to exceed $50 million. item 11, a resolution to approve the term of the 2011 lease and use agreement between iceland air f and the city for joint used based landing fees for the term expiring june 30, 2021. >> commissioner: okay. colleagues, can we take the items, same house, same call? without objection the resolution adopted unanimously. madame clerk. >> clerk: 12 is an ordinance to amend the police code to require
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sellers or landlord to disclose to buyers or tenant the property is located within the flood risk zone delineated 100 year storm risk map as prepared by the san francisco public utilities commission and require the department of building inspections report a record include disclosure statement for property within the flood risk zone and determine the ceqa determinations. >> commissioner: this is relevant we're in the midst of the rainy season and climate change doesn't see a sign of slowing down. many low-lying residents are negatively impacted by severe flooding dur the heavy rain season. in 2017, i held a hearing co-sponsor supervisors fewer, safai and ronin. on short and long-term flood mitigation strategies because
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sfpuc identifies several neighborhoods in my district 7 as well as district 8, 9 and 11 as flood-prone areas. as consumers or prospective homeowners it's important to be informed to make informed decisions about insurance and other mitigation measures to protect your property. as a homeowner myself, i would want to know the information and imagine many of you as potential or current homeowners or tenant would want to know before a decision. this requires property owners to disclor -- disclose if their property is listed on the
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sfpuc100 year storm flood risk map. the map shows flooding from storm runoff and the fema map only lists those areas affected from open water ways. u using this model they identified property where's storm runoff is likely to occur during a 100-year storm. the term 100-year storm means an intense storm with a 1% chance of happening in any given year. publishing storm risk maps is only one way sfpuc is working to prepare community members for flood risks. klieg -- colleagues, i hope you will support this flood
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resiliency. so without objection? colleagues, can we take the same house, same call? without objection the ordinance passes. >> clerk: item 313 is revocable per noigs 650 indiana street llc to occupy and maintain a portion of the 19th street public right-of-way between indiana street and the interstate highway 280 with age art-focussed public pedestrian plaza to accept an offer and adopt the ceqa determine nage determination and finding. >> commissioner: the resolution is adopted unanimously. madame clerk call item 14. >> clerk: a resolution to grand
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revocable permission to 1532 harrison owner llc to maintain the public right-of-way between harrison street and bernice street within lgbt q leather focussed roadway to accept the offer of public improvement and dedicate the improvements to public use and adopt the appropriate findings. >> commissioner: can we take this same house, same call. objection the resolution is adopt. madame clerk call item 15. >> clerk: a motion to appoint michael papas to for a term of march 1, 2021. >> commissioner: objection the motion is approved unanimously. next item. >> clerk: a motion to appoint kisai henriquez.
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>> commissioner: the motion is approved unanimously. call the next item. >> clerk: motion to appoint karen rhodes to the park regulation ration and open space advisory committee term ending february 1, 2021. >> commissioner: the house has changed. can i have roll call. >> clerk: supervisor mar, aye. supervisor peskin, aye. supervisor ronin, aye. supervisor safai, aye. supervisor stefani, aye. supervisor walton, aye. supervisor yee, aye. supervisor brown, aye. supervisor fewer, aye. supervisor haney, aye. supervisor mandelman. there are 11 ayes. >> commissioner: this motion is approved unanimously. next item, please.
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>> clerk: item 18 a point to appoint cindy bakii of r to the pedestrian safety advisory committee ending march 31, 2021. >> commissioner: the motion is approved unanimously. next ite pem >> clerk: motion to reappoint christopher jordonek to the elections commission with i term ending january 1, 2024. >> commissioner: it's approved unanimously. items 28 and 29. >> clerk: they were considered by the budget and finance committee at a regular meeting monday february 11 and forwarded as committee reports. item 28 is an ordinance to aappropriate approximately $221.5 million of excess educational revenue fund property tax and rain day
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reserve funds for single-residence occupancy hotel, behavioral renovation and homelessness and behavioral health services, early care for sfsud for utility acquisition and assessment and baseline contributions and to establish a teacher and early care educator unappropriated emergency resource -- reserve for a utility substation. >> i'd like to sever item 28 and speak on the item. >> commissioner: for item 29, colleagues can we take this? >> clerk: i have only called item 28. >> commissioner: excuse me. supervisor fewer. >> after weeks of discussion we
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were able to reach consensus on the spending plan from the excess educational revenue augmentation fund. the legislation we're voting on allocates funding for affordable housing, homelessness and behavioral health services an educator salaries and unanimously co-sponsored by the board. as the chair of budget and finance committee i'm glad it reflects board priorities wells mayor breed as articulated in her spending proposal. colleagues, this is a powerful example of how to serve the needs of the community. this spending plan also addresses the three ballot measures that were passed by the voters in the last two elections which are currently held up in court. through this spending plan, we are communicating that we will not be held hostage by the legal challenges that threaten our
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ability to address homelessness or inadequate wages for education teachers. as san franciscans we are standing uniting. collectively we're united in demonstrating these issues are indeed priority. i want to thank all of our colleagues for their support and work to make this happen. thanks especially to supervisor peskin for drafting the original legislation and then working closely with my office on amendment. thank you supervisor mar to bring the proposal to create a new reserve fund for educator salaries to provide more assurance to the school district and thank you to mayor breed for working win my staff and to the city controller for the work on the legislation. thanks to budget member mandelman and stefani for the support and passing this on to the full board and how to president yee for his support
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and appointing me as budget chair to serve my colleagues and the people of san francisco in this capacity. and thank you to everyone and my colleagues for your co-sponsorship. through this one piece of legislation, we are are demonstrating our collective power and what we can accomplish together. i'd be remiss if i did not take this opportunity to thank my staff and in particular, chelsea for her hard work on this. i believe we could not have come to this unanimous co-sponsoring without her tenacity, thoughtfulness and patience and skill and thank you to the staff of the other offices for assistance. thank you again for colleagues. this is a fine example of the excellent work we can do together. >> commissioner: supervisor mar. >> thank you, president, yee. i wanted to thank supervisor fewer and her staff on the great
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work they did and got us to a good final outcome with unanimous support. i wanted to echo come comments and add my own. i'm proud of the package and collaborative efforts it took to get here. not all supervisors get to begin their term with a win fall and address the issues facing our city with new resource. while the legislation is not perfect, it strikes a balance between competing priority, short term and long term needs and aligns with our values. i wanted to highlight the community input. i and other supervisors held town hall meetings to engage directly with constituents. we held countless meetings to understand the impact of our decisions. i surveyed neighbors and read
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each message received. thank you colleagues for being open to compromise. the process say -- is a testament how to come together. i implore us to continually improve our community input processes because so many were not invited to the table and left unheard. barriers continue to persist between people and government. as we look to the budget season and reforms, let's commit to making an ever more inclusive process of engagement. thank you. >> commissioner: thank you, supervisor mar. i disagree this piece of legislation is not perfect. i think it's perfect.
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we have a lot of needs and mayor breed came to have the discussion of the mta's ask. and what we struck was a balanced approach to this particular paying attention to what the board wanted us to do which is so support not only homeless and the housing crises but the teachers' salary whether you're early educators or k-12. in particular i appreciated in addition there's been discussion recently about large construction we do and disrupt small businesses along the corridors.
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and i'm glass -- glad we will have revenues to address some issues we'll see in the future. thank you mar for bringing the amendment that closed the deal. i also wanted to thank all the supervisors because i saw everybody engage in this and for this to happen in the short time that it happened, i want to point out and thank supervisor fewer of the budget committee for pulling this all together in such a really short time period. it's almost a miracle. it can only happen in san
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francisco. did you have any more comments? colleagues, can we take this item, same house, same call without objection this ordinance is passed on first reading unanimously. >> madame clerk. >> clerk: item 29 is to appropriate 38 if the $38.1 million to the san francisco municipal transagency including approximately $19 million to purchase light rail streak and conduct energy efficiency audits and a mitigation fund and mandatory ought -- auditor and place a controller's resource pending confirmation of cash flow timing from the state of california.
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>> commissioner: supervisor safai. >> i want to echo some of the things said. thank you supervisor fewer and supervisor peskin, yee, all of us, collectively. and supervisor fewer held her ground. if we tried we wouldn't be able to meet all the obligations of the voters of san francisco in this amount of money but we were believed with riches as supervisor yee said to do something almost perfect. thank you to colleagues for supporting the request we made to add a $500 million mitigation funds and some individuals were
3:49 pm
concerned we were diverting funds from lrvs and vehicles nor city. in our dual role as commissioners and supervisors from small businesses tell us they've been impacted by the construction in the city, this is a small but strong gesture in the right direction to say in instances where we are attempting to increase transportation efficiency and safety and at the same time thinking with the small businesses along the corridors. we talked about the need to appoint an individual among the mta to facilitate the speed with which when businesses submit claims for reimbursement as their businesses have been adversely impacted.
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and with the light rail and examples done in the past with the puc, there's president -- precedence for this so thank you for your support on this important but small gesture. thank you, president. >> commissioner: supervisor peskin. >> i also wanted to add my words about how our new budget chair performed very ably bouncing not only different policy priority and many communities and it was tough sledding. through the president and to budget chair fewer, hats off to you. and the controller's office was transparent within the board as well with the mayor's office
3:51 pm
shared the information openly and it was helpful to the process. i'm not trying to start a fight between our branch and the executive branch, relative to the earlier exchange, i want to note item 29 is rather interesting in so far as item 29 is sponsored by the chief executive of the city and county of san francisco and given the way the charter works we can only reject an amendment to the mtas budget pursuant to the charter by a seven majority vote this body. the reality is this is actually the mayor's legislation.
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i wanted to say that for the record. >> commissioner: supervisor mandelman. >> i appreciate that and that would have been a far better response two hours ago. i wish that question had gone to you. i want to say as i inarticulately said early the whole package goes together. we we we were focussed in different ways. and i believe i heard from my colleagues and also from the mayor a commitment to close the remaining gap with funds we anticipate would be coming in another round of eraf. i don't think it's the last we heard of the lrvs and we'll be bringing relieve to the folks
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arriving. all those train lines and getting stuck in the tunnels for far too long. thank you very much. >> commissioner: thank you. colleagues, can we take the same house, same call? without objection the ordinance is passed on first reading. >> clerk: first to introduce new business is supervisor mar. today i filed the sunlight on dark money ballot initiative to dark money in our politics and close the corporate contribution loophole and limit pay to play practices. too many super pacs influence san francisco elections with no disclosures where the funds co from. while we say we banned corporate
3:54 pm
contributions we still allow some depending on how a business is filed the incorporation papers. too many developers with projects before this board still donate to candidates who may vote to approve their projects despite voters' clear attempts to limit these practices. initiate addresses all three issues. faith in government requires faith in our electoral process and dark money, pay to play and corporate influences are all marks against the trust the public places in us. voters deserve to know who is paying to influence their votes and decide to vote on the issues themselves and with the initiative submit with the november ballot they will. i'd like to thank the former ethics commission chair the sponsor and former assemblyman amiano and john gollinger who will be managing the campaign.
3:55 pm
while i'm the lead proponent my colleagues signed to put it on the ballot. thank you to supervisor ronin, peskin, mandelman, yee, brown and walton for your partnership. and finally today i'm also announcing that along side our ballot initiative, my office will be soon introducing an ordinance to reform a public financing program. speaker pelosi has made it clear embracing and expanding public financing is at the core of how we must protect our democracy and the congress made this their first priority by introducing hr1 the for the people act of 2019. while leader pelosi worked on this on the federal level, the board can enact the reforms at the local level here and now. i look forward to working with my colleagues on the crucial
3:56 pm
issue in the weeks to come. the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor mar. now to supervisor ronin. >> thank you. >> i'm introducing amnesty. do dozens of businesses are facing displacement due to violation of existing regulation. they're small, owner operator enterprises an most are health and personal services such as acupuncture and massage and closing the businesses on the same block would be a crisis for the mission. the ordinance i am introducing
3:57 pm
will prevent the displacement and provide amnesty under the planning code and allow the businesses to be legal non-conforming uses an thus allow them to remain as long as they file the appropriate recommendations within 30 days and i'm actively working to protect our manufacturing spaces. light manufacturing businesses provide working-class san franciscans with important blue collar jobs. the mission is one of the few neighborhood where's pdr zoning exists and we must protect these hard to find spaces. i don't want this legislation to be seen as opening the flood gates to other buildings where there are non-conforming uses to come in and ask for an amnesty. this is a very particular situation based on the size of the building and the
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displacement that would occur all at once. i think this is the right balance to strike within the short term and long term. the rest i submit. >> clerk: supervisor safai. >> thank you, madame clerk. >> i rise to present a request for hearing with president yee. we have an unfortunate incident. an owner of a bakery was robbed in daylight in the context of lunar new year. lots of families are carrying cash and being targeted as they leave the bank and this individual walked into his place of business at the good orchard bakery and assaulted by two individuals. he called 9-1-1 and english is
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not his first language and it took four and a half hours to show up. we have visited the owner of the bakery who now feels suspicious about working with law enforcement. we have reassured him of that. thankfully the two perpetrators were arrested. hopefully that will send a message if they're the perpetrators we ensure and want to ensure the people's safety in this climate. at the same time the hearing request for the department of emergency and it took a long
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time to respond. it's a deep concern of president yee. he accompany med to the place of business. we held a joint press conference with the chief and our insistence is to try to make structural changes. we believe the changes are moving forward but intend to have a hearing on the matter and get to the bottom of what the deficiencies might be. i will allow president yee if he would like later his opportunity to speak on this as well. we do this in partnership and i thank you for your support. the rest i submit. >> clerk: supervisor stefani. >> thank you, madame clerk. colleagues, i'm calling for a hearing on the gary parker gas line explosion with my colleagues supervisor fewer to conduct a full review of the incident including actions an event leading up to


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