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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  February 27, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PST

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feel really powerful and strong >> my name is been blind men, i am the commission president. if you are a member of the public and you like to speak, there are speaker forms that are located on the front table. you can hand those to our staff, or you can come to the microphone during public comment, either is fine pick we ask that everyone turns off their cell phones or puts them on silent, and that includes staff and commissioners. i want to thank san francisco government t.v. and media services for serve -- sharing this with the public. we will start with a roll call. [roll call]
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>> all right, thank you. the first order of business is public comment, general public comment, and this is for people to speak on any item that is not on the agenda for today. does anyone have anything to speak? seeing none, general public comment is closed. all right. the next agenda item is item number 2, approval of our minutes for february 5th, 2018. i will give you a chance to look over it, and let me know if we have a motion to approve the minutes.
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is there a motion? >> i second. >> does anyone have public comment on the minutes? seeing none, public comment is closed. [roll call] >> it is so moved. next agenda item is a report from our executive director. >> thank you. good evening, commissioners. i have a very short report tonight. i will have more to update you on at the march 5th hearing, but i wanted to let you all know of a current request for proposal that is out from the office of economic and workforce development, and this is for administering music venue, found mitigation assistance program. we are really excited to promote
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this. we have done some outreach around it. essentially, oewd will be working to award up to a hundred $50,000 to a nonprofit or an organization that would look into ways to administering funds to venues so that they can mitigate any sound issues. a soundproofing fund for a lot of our constituents, which we see as a need to, because we want to increase harmony between neighbors, residence, and music venues. so some of these projects may range in small amounts. it would be a quick win for an organization to administer funds. some of them, as you have seen come before this commission, are higher cost projects, but we are really excited about this, and we are hoping that there are bidders out there who are interested in this r.f.p.
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hopefully you are watching now and you can tell your friends about it. do you have any questions? all the details are in the item in your binder, and we have done some promotion on social media. we wrote a blog's well, so if you want to push information through your channels about it, all the information is there. >> thank you, very much. i just had some thoughts about that, the art and music in san francisco is suffering right now due to affordability, and part of the reason it is suffering is because it doesn't always make economic sense, like dollars and cents to actually have live music in your venues, specially if you are a smaller venue that doesn't specifically exist as a music venue. so that came out of an ongoing dialogue that we have had with the f. -- office of economic and
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workforce development on how to make more sense for small venues for places to actually have musicians and pay them to exist in san francisco. so this is just a spectacular idea to have a funds that people can apply to for soundproofing. there is not a venue out there or a small bar or restaurant that doesn't have one neighbor that lives close by that is causing that to have some discord. this is a really exciting program, and we can start with 150,000, we hope it is 150 million by two years. that is the goal. is a really exciting program. if the public or anyone has any good nonprofits to administer, we are all years. >> any other thoughts? >> his or any public comment on the report? seeing none, public comment is closed. the next agenda item is agenda item at four which is i a report
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from shawn burke. >> thank you, good evening, commissioners. not a lot in the way of new complaints this week. we did get one for brick-and-mortar at 1710 mission street, a new complainant, and one for, i don't know if this is at 382,434th street. it is the first time this particular establishment has received a complaint, as they were hosting entertainment for the first time. we will do an introductory e-mail between them and staff to see if we can get them in compliance. you will notice quite a few inspections for both inspectors, and one reason for this is that i've, created a form that allows them to track what they are doing in the field a little bit easier. i will pass around a printout of some of the questions that they are prompted to answer in the field when they inspect a
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particular venue. it is a form that was created with google forms, and it sort of makes it easier for them to hit more places over the course of the weekend. you will notice on their there's a couple of fields that are highlighted with a red asterisk and those are the required fields, but they are blazing through some inspections, as you will see just about a dozen since you received the report last week. so if you see on there that an inspector performed a routine inspection, that's what that is, it is just a quick rundown of some of the basics. the security team, how many security guards are out front, is the door open or closed, some of the good basic good neighbor policy stuff.
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they don't have time necessarily to stop by, get out of the car, into a full inspection inside, then they can pull up and do a quick one from across the street, from the car, a visual spot, of a venue. his of the majority of the inspections that you will see on the sheet, on the report, are in regard to those quick inspections t. one that doesn't fall in that category is the chapel 777 valencia. this inspection is due to a complaints that we received. the chapel is found to be in compliance. they visited this past saturday, and you will also notice that many of the inspection entries show one or both of the following entries that we have dropped off a copy of the establishment permits, or a copy
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of the new good neighbor policy. it is something that we have tried to do prior to the weekend to, his have copies of each of the establishment's permits with us in the field so we can drop off a copy if they don't have one, and so we can check conditions as we inspect. and we know the good neighbor policy was approved this past hearing, and we have been dropping all physical copies of that and talking to operators about the new policies. one noticee of violation from te riptide, we got a great response from the riptide. they took our warning to heart and have spoken to the band, and have spoken directly to us, communicated to us, what they hd sent to the band, and are taking their sound limits very serious moving forwardrd.
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and just one update to the ongoing complaints, section since last hearing, you will see , under temple, in addition to a sound curtains on order, temple has said to inspect just to be inspector that have a contractor hearing a sound barrier that will direct traffic one way or another. so the front door can be closed more of the time.r they are taking this very seriously between curtains and a lot of structure. hands on some plans and make sure to keep that complainant updated and make sure this thing's moving forward. any questions?
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so this is the second complaint we've gotten about prestige. this is an anonymous complaint, so it's tough for us to be in direct contact with a complainant and know that they're disturbed. these come in after the fact, so it came in sunday morning in regard to saturday night. so we haven't seen them hosting entertainment, but we've been in touch with them, and they say that they're going to be reaching out once they need a permit, once they start hosting entertainment. so up until now, they have said they are not. they are just hosting
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gatherings. >> sean, with regards to that site inspection check list that you showed us, what is sec out and sec in? is that security? >> yeah. because the way things operate in the field, i had to abbreviate some things accordingly. security in or security out just means how many members of security staff they find on the outside of the club and how many on the inside. >> okay. thank you. >> president bleiman: one suggestion on the sheet, you should put a time-day you were there. there's no time stamp here. >> so that's a great suggestion, and something that the form program automatically does, so any time they submit a form, it will date and time stamp the information into a spreadsheet. >> if evening -- good evening,
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inspector. one very brief comment. one, i see our ongoing inspection list. it seems to be growing with no complaint across the board. lastly, and you covered it, but i did have to reference, i have seen rip tide popping up lately, and spending much of my fo formative years out at taraval and the highway, if it's rocking, it can really shake the place up, but it sounds like you had a good chat with them. >> yeah. i think a routine notice of violation, sort of our first step in the process -- a second step. sometimes we have a quick conversation with them and then follow up with the notice of violation. one of the most thorough responses we've had to a notice
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of violation, so it sounds like they're on the right track. our inspector spoke to their sound person, and they got up to managers and owners, so i think we're good. >> okay. thank you. >> thank you. >> president bleiman: all right. thank you very much. is there any public comment on chief inspector's report? seeing none, public comment is closed. all right. our next agenda item is number five, which is a report from senior analyst dylan rice. >> good evening, commissioners. dylan rice, senior analyst for community and cultural events giving you an update on after events. it's been a while. so a major development in the cannabis legislation development world. a few weeks ago, there was -- excuse me -- there was legislation proposed at the board of supervisors that would
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give the office of cannabis the power to create a new regulatory framework, essentially creating a cannabis events permit. this is something that the state recently authorized with the passage of bill ab-2020, letting communities decide when and where they want to have cannabis events. the full legislation is proposed, and it's going to committee on february 27, if you're interested. i've been doing outreach, letting event producers know that it's happening, and if they want to share their thoughts at the hearing or with their local supervisor, they can do so. i'll just sort of give you a breakdown of what the legislation is proposing. it would basically give office of cannabis the local signoff before it goes to the state for the final signoff. this is for both indoor and
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outdoor events with cannabis sales and/or consumption. cannab cannabis consumption is 21 and up, and medical, 18 and up with cannabis approval. the big thing to know if you are a sponsor, unlike alcohol, you actually cannot apply for the permit to procure and sell the cannabis. you have to hire a state licensed cannabis event organizers to operate sales and assumption, and then, the retailers who sell the product also have to be state licensed, so that's a big thing to know. there's already -- you have to get -- basically, it's, like, a caterer, obviously, but it's not titled a caterer.
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basically, it says before office of cannabis gives their approval, other city departments have to sign off on it first. think of it like rec and park, or m.t.a. the rollout of this permit, assuming that it passes, would be a pilot program in the first year which could be renewed each year at the discretion of the director of the office of cannabis, but they're giving priority to events that sort of have three criteria, events that have been held on a regular basis, events that have received city permits in the past, and events that have had significant unregulated cannabis activity at the event. and the idea being that the permit would actually help reduce this unregulated activity or eliminate is. fees range -- it.
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fees range from 1500, depending on the attendance. there's a lot of support from the supervisors. we have mandelman, brown, haney, walton, stefani, and fewer all sponsoring this legislation. so that's a major development that could have major cultural and development impacts on events in the city as well as the industry. so the other couple of items i have are pretty brief. as you know, i am now the project manager and maintainer for the citywide master calendar and events, so i've been doing these orientation meetings with stakeholders departments, and i've been getting some great responses and engagement. rec and park is now sending me a weekly full calendar of events for me to cull from and
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add to the calendar. i'm getting periodic updates from the port and m.t.a. police, i'm working with them. they sent me an annual calendar of known events. a lot of the ones that i'm missing with, like, the first amendment events, and then i'm working with police districts to figure out if these first amendment events or parades are happening again. i'm still trying to reach out to the other departments. i've had good conversation with environments, transbay terminal, 311, city hall events office, as well as bill graham and parks alliance. there are still several more departments i'm trying to get meetings or information from. i'll keep you guys posted and then i'll do an evaluation or a survey six months down the
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road, just to find out are they using it, is it useful to their needs, what can you done to improve it. then lastly looking ahead to the entertainment night life summit, there will be an outdoor event component, so i'm working on that, just brainstorming with maggie today about that. we think that this idea of the cannabis theme has a lot more traction and a lot more opportunity to be magnified. those are the major events that i have. do you have any questions? no? >> president bleiman: all right. thank you very much. is there any public comments on analyst rice's report? seeing none, public comment is
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closed, and thank you very much for that. sorry. the next item is general -- please come up -- questions and comments. these are not -- general police comment -- questions and comments. the next item is regular agenda, discussion and possible action to adopt written comments and/or recommendations to be accepted by the executive director, planning department. >> all right. so this is for a residential development that is going in at 598 brannan street? and so before you this evening, you have the ability to make recommendations outside of the normal recommendations for this project as there are two places
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of entertainment within 30 300 feet, including the grand hotel and the utah. i'd like to hear more from the project sponsor. >> i want to say one thing before they start is i'm the one that kind of started the grand back in the day but i'm no longer affiliated with them. i've sold my shares, so i'm no longer affiliated with the grand. >> we probably should have contacted you, too. my apologies. >> i'm sarah, here to speak to you about the project. the project was designed to meet the goals of the central soma plan which was adopted by the board of supervisors at the end of last year, 2018. the project itself is actually
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made up of three commercial office buildings with ground supporting child care, industrial space and active retail, and it includes an affordable housing component. and i think probably pictures are worth 1,000 words, so if it's okay, i'd like to put a site plan up on the -- all right. so this captured most of it. i just think it's worth noting that the project itself, i mentioned the three office buildings. it's also going to construct and dedicate to the city a new one-acre public park as well as
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intersections at fifth and bryant streets to connect the park to the neighborhood. what you see here, the blue building adjacent to the park on the right is intended to be an affordable housing building of 60 to 75 units, depending on, you know, what kind of units we have, bedroom count, who the intended population is. it's likely construction and housing will be built by the mayor's office of housing and community development. so i think that's generally about the project, and i have other pictures. if you have questions, you're welcome to ask me. in recent weeks i've reached out to folks at the hotel utah and the grand. we're excited to open up a line of communication with them, not just now but as we move into the future so we can keep them
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updated about the future. then, we've engaged charles m. salter associates to prepare a sound study specific to the noise that could enter these residential units particularly when events are being hosted. i just wanted to make sure that you know that we're taking seriously the interaction between proposed residential units and places of entertainment. thank you. >> hello. jordan roberts with charles salter. just a little summary of our place of entertainment.
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we did one long-term analysis of the project site near building four that she mentioned is the residential building, an ambient measurement along the nonresponsive property line, a measurement of hotel utah noise levels. that was between 11:40 and 11:50 p.m., and then, we measured grand night club, as well, from midnight to 12:10 a.m. and our findings were that we recommended ratings of 35 along the facades to the northeast and northwest, and f-2-c ratings along the southeast and
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southwest iffacade. there is some sheetings on the building to the east of it. three stories tall, and provide some shielding, but we used our worst case estimate in our assessment. >> thank you. it's a big project. i remember when there was nothing down there, and i was getting complaints from wells street down the road just from the rooftop of the club. so there's a lot of detail here, so i'm just going to go real quick. exactly how many residentials are facing the grand which is actually facing the bay bridge?
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are they all office space pretty much or are they -- i'm seeing so many different angles here? is t >> there are some residences that are on the north, which is actually northwest, that the smaller facade of this building for -- you know which building we're pointing to? it's kind of removed from bryant street. it's further back along welch. yeah, maybe i can point to it. >> president bleiman: can you just point out on that map where the grand is, to orient
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us? >> yeah. the grand is here and hotel utah is here. and then, the residences are in the upper levels of this building, above the podium level. so there's windows -- down this alley, we can see a little bit of noise exposure, so that's why we recommended these windows. there's a couple levels above this building, so the lane -- line of sight might occur, even though the lower levels would probably be fine. >> president bleiman: so where the retail p.d.r. is, there's residential roof under the love that are existing -- loft that are existing right there? >> yeah. >> president bleiman: and when you took your measurements, was the grand open, friday,
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saturday? >> yeah. >> president bleiman: and you said -- okay. and what was your findings on that? >> let's see... >> president bleiman: the reason why i'm saying is in the past, there were a lot of complain complaints that was coming from the loft that's next door. there's a person that's on staff, so they managed to keep peace with these neighbors, but now that you're even higher than that, and sound rises, you know, i'm just wondering what your findings on that were. you find it -- you dealt with 11th street and all that. i mean, you find it in comparison, it's a lot more quiet in this neighborhood because, really, there's nothing much going on down
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there. yeah. our results were 80 d.b.c. for that short-term measurement of the grand and 67 d.b.a., which is similar to what we measured along bryant street for the hotel utah, so it wasn't much louder than a typical place of entertainment. >> president bleiman: and what time was this? >> midnight. >> president bleiman: midnight. friday or saturday? >> the 27, which was -- >> saturday, right? or that was sunday morning? >> sunday morning. >> president bleiman: sunday morning. well, it's saturday. usually, they -- okay. so there's a -- housing there, and then, i guess you've got the child's daycare center
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which is mainly all office or there's housing on top of that, too? >> office buildings above that. this building you're talking about? >> where the daycare is, child care? >> that's office building levels above that. >> okay. >> and so the residential is limited to this building. and yeah, it's based off of -- our findings are based off of the ambient plus eight d.b.a. and d.b.a. our ratings were based off of the ambient. >> president bleiman: are you recommending the -- >> we've beefed it up to 35, yeah.
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>> president bleiman: you beefed it up. okay. that's all i have for sound. why don't we talk to the sponsor -- yeah. anybody else, sound, more questions? sound? sound? >> thanks. >> >> president bleiman: okay. so the project sponsor i have a question. so this whole complex, how many people you expect to be -- you expect to house down there? >> in terms of the housing development? >> president bleiman: yeah. housing, everybody using the park. i mean, it's -- this is a big -- it's a big, big -- this is big, but it's misleading because i know a lot of it is office space. >> yeah. a large majority is office space. as i noted, it's that one building to the right of the park that's residential.
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60 to 75 units. mohcd will decide are we looking at former foster youth, are we looking at homeless, are we looking at single, family-size units? that isn't set yet, but i think looking at maximum 75 units to probably an average of two or 2.5 people, we're looking at between 175 and 200 residents max. >> and so the park, do you have a lighting plan for this park? >> not yet, but we're excited to work with stakeholders on this. we understand there's a lot of concerns between public safety and reducing public glare and the number of considerations we have for this neighborhood. >> for 12 years, i was pretty much security for the whole block. i got calls all the time. they were concerned about
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alleys. going down welch, i don't know where your parks is going to be. >> so the parking is going to be below grade; and hopefully the safety on the alleys will be improved significantly. >> the park entry will be on fifth? >> the parking entry? no, that will be -- that will be off -- is it okay if i put this back on? >> sure. >> along here, along frelon. there is an entry into the below grade parking. >> can we center on the park on your overhead? okay. so there's this red barrier where your park is. is it fenced off or open? >> no. that is the actual piece of property that will go to the city.
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so right now, it's a private piece of property, and offer it's developed, it will be dedicated to the city. >> so let's say people can't find parking on fourth because of the central subway -- normally, if it's busy continued grarks he they usually park on brannan or fifth, they walk down the sidewalk, but now, they're going to have a shortcut going through. they can walk-through this parkway past the park, fourth, onto grand. it's very important that this part here has lighting. >> yeah. and they will remain public streets, so we'll work with the public, d.p.w. to meet those standards, but we're happy with recommendations beyond those, as well. >> i know you're developing this -- as a developer, you're selling the condos. are there h.o.a.s that are going to have security at night in the park because when people
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are milling around, there's kind of a -- well, i don't know what kind of shelter there is on the corner, and that's always been an issue with the neighbors that i know that were living there. this park has been proposed for many years now. so now that you're making it happen, i want to know exactly how your plan is for security at night. >> yeah. so as i mentioned, the housing portion will go to the mayor's office of housing, the park will go to the city. we will retain ownership of the three buildings, and as part of the agreement in dedicating the park to the city, we will pay for 24-hour security on the park. it's important for us, too, because those are our buildings, and those are our assets. >> is there any kind of roaming or -- >> 24 hours. >> 24 hour? >> yes. >> okay. thank you. >> you're welcome.
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>> quick question. just looking for my notes now. >> if i can just go -- i just have a quick question while he's looking for his notes. what we're talking about is a night time population of up to 200 people, give or take? >> yes. >> hi. thanks for coming. >> yeah. >> so do you have any plans for entertainment at the public park. >> no, but we've heard a lot of requests for public activities. we'll have to work that out with the city who'll be the ultimate owner, but what we've heard again and again is people want to see programs events at the park. farmer's market is great. soma filipinas has approached us for a night farmers market. >> are there be placed to plug in the equipment?
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>> yes. there's no design on the stage right in and out. it's very flexible use. >> i'm glad you mentioned soma filipinas as the filipina cultural heritage district. are there any other proposals you're introducing for the filipina cultural heritage district? >> a lot of the work we're doing designing the park, i was not present, but i know a lot of our stakeholders are part of the community, and the filipino community, and we're talking about doing something that would be the best fit for the neighbors and residence dents that live there now -- residents that live there now. >> is this arts and culture be subject to the 1%. >> to the 1%?
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yeah. >> can you tell me about that. >> it's something to be decided with planning. >> so you haven't decided that? >> no, but if you have any ideas, we'd love to hear it what you have. >> what percentage is affordable housing? >> what do you mean by percentage? >> i'm just wondering if there's affordable housing. >> that building is 100% affordable housing, so all 60 to 70 units is affordable housing on this site. >> wow. that's wonderful. >> thank you. >> just out of curiosity, did you hear back from either the grand or hotel utah at all? >> i have not. >> that was my question. >> and i'd be happy to submit -- just two e-mails youch wrought, so they have all my information. and if you have anyone there at the grand or utah that we can
7:41 am
reach out to, let me know. >> yeah, i think that's something i'd like to see. i think the venues don't understand the significance of what's going on, so we try to make sure everybody knows. i think if people pour out of the grand and decide to go hangout in the park which would be a natural draw, then, the neighbors can start to have real serious problems with the grand because they're causing the issues. we try to think about those ahead of time and to deal with this before. so any way, yeah, i don't have anymore specific questions around it. sounds like the added d.b. rating on the windows is a good thing for those facing windows there, but we would just -- >> yeah. i just had one other point of clarification since it was brought up by commissioner lee around lighting again? that is a standard design consideration condition that we would offer to the planning commission after this hearing?
7:42 am
and it's just reads, during the design phase, the project sponsor shall consider an outdoor lighting plan at the development site to protect residents as well as patrons at the place of entertainment. that's a standard. >> yeah. we codified the commissioner lee lighting. it's dark back that. >> i think that's established. >> all right. i don't have any further questions. >> what's your name again? >> sarah dennis philips. >> you were with the city attorney again? >> i was actually with oewd. >> oh, my bad. >> it's codified. they have to submit -- you don't have to mention it ever again. >> one lamppost -- >> yeah, exactly. we know. >> thank you. >> okay. thank you so much. so it's been a while.
7:43 am
we recommend to -- the question be whether or not we recommend this forward with any additional conditions? in yeah. anything additional from just the standard. >> and the standard already involves the lighting plan. >> okay. >> yeah. >> okay. >> so -- and this is -- so we hear a motion on this? >> mm-hmm. >> we hear a motion to recommend this or not? >> so moved. >> second. >> i'm sorry, what was the motion? >> the motion is to recommend this forward with our approval -- >> with standard conditions? >> with standard conditions. >> i second it. >> before -- what were you going to say? >> i second it. >> okay. so now, we have time for public comment on this. is there any public comment on this agenda item? okay. seeing none, public comment is now closed. we can have our vote. [roll call] >> all right. it's been recommended. congratulations. thank you very much. the next agenda item is number
7:44 am
eight, hearing and possible action regarding applications for permits under the jurisdiction of the entertainment commission. we'll begin with the consent agenda which will be acted on by a single request of the commission unless a member of the commission and public requests an item to be removed from the agenda. >> good evening, commissioners. the first three applications are on consent this evening because they're all accessory permit. there was no opposition from the public and the recommended p.d. are standard. the applicants were provided about those conditions and there was no opposition from them. they're all aware of them and fine with them. so please let me know if i can answer any questions for you about these permit applications. >> seeing no questions, we do -- before we go, we do need to do public comment, so is
7:45 am
there any public comment on the consent agenda? seeing none, public comment is closed. [gavel]. >> can we make the motion first? >> oh, we didn't make the motion first. >> i would like to make a motion to approve the consent agenda. >> i'll second it. >> there we go. [roll call] >> all right. the consent agenda has been approved. moving along again, we'll get into our regular agenda here and deputy director acevedo, please. >> okay. the first permit applications on the regular agenda are for a change in ownership place of entertainment and mechanical aamusement device permits for the valencia room, previously known as the elbow room, located at 647 valencia street.
7:46 am
they plan to host local and touring talents, such as bands and deejays, as well as host private parties and special events. they are applying for the m.a.d. permits because they have pin ball machines. they are inheriting their previous owners sound qualities. they have their own in-house sound limiters and have worked with a sound engineer to install sound dampereners as -- dampeners as well as other
7:47 am
equipment. they spoke at the mission delores neighborhood association meeting about their plans for the valencia room, and they received a letter of support from them which is in your file. mission station approves this permit with no added conditions, and here to tell you more this evening is operating partner dobbin shea. >> hello. my name is dobbin shea. i am operating partner for the valencia room. i am also accompanied with steven schefsky, primary partner and landlord. operating partner sylvia holden, the sound whizes, jonathan larson and michael sefarido. we as a team would actually like to thank you.
7:48 am
we know with monday being a holiday, you had to take your work home, so we appreciate your time in looking over applications. i am here because this is a very exciting project for all of us. the elbow room's a legacy. it was a famous place before the elbow room, and luke and larry's, and before that, amelia's. ricky striker -- amelia's, i don't know if it was the first, technically, but it was the best known lesbian bar. it's what it got its listing as. we came in because as president bleiman said, we're losing or venues and we're losing our t art. our goal is to come in and
7:49 am
preserve the heritage that something like the elbow room provides. rather than figuring out what the market was, we could just ask the market, and inside of this 99.999% of people were not only in support of it, wanted to get involved in keeping this thing going. that other .0001% just wanted room to walk their dogs in the alley. i don't know if that really qualifies. i am open to any suggestions. i know this is a very esteemed council, and you guys probably have a lot of good insight, how do we make a better place? what do you think that there's now missing? i know you probably have questions, and i am here to
7:50 am
answer. >> thank you. so -- well, thank you for trying to keep our legacy club going. you know, it's a big thing now adays. we're just trying to hold onto our venues. i'm just curious, your background? >> my background? >> yes. >> well, let's say for the last ten years, i've been involved in this industry. i've been living in san francisco the last seven months. i'm from here. i spent the last seven years in brooklyn, at a bar that we turned into a neighborhood community center. it's a place that instead of having the 2500 square foot beer garden, we turned it into a flea market. we're in the community newspapers for that and in the magazines for the big other plea markets. i have been a -- flea markets. i have been a brand consultant. i've been a patron to pretty
7:51 am
much every bar in san francisco my whole life. i am accompanied by sylvia holden who has about 27 years of experience, started out also in san francisco. >> she must have started at, like, three or four -- >> someone had to get that in. >> flaws -- six was an open age to -- appropriate age to start serving alcohol. together, we have been involved in -- i like to say together. mostly her. as in operations, i tend to focus on the talent, the booking, the branding, direct, i guess idea machine part of the aspect, where she's the one on the floor doing most of the work most of the time, but together as a partnership, we've been involved in places like extra fancy, in brooklyn, smoking monkey, which started out as a five-time turnover place that has now become the
7:52 am
most successful place that the owners ever had. they're actually -- the history inside of these two, this is one of her bosses. this is the guy that gave her her first bartending job when she was six. >> my question is, what the elbow room did back in the day, what your plans are in the future? are you planning to incorporate some of old elbow room material and then put a new modern twist to it. it's an old building, obviously, and i know there's some upgrades going on, so whatever you're planning to do, i'm just curious, will it be able to maintain the sound, you know, 'cause i have no clue, you know, what you have in mind, but maybe you can share with us. but usually, new owners have this thinking that, you know, these buildings are -- have been doing entertainment so
7:53 am
long, but sound systems have changed and also neighborhoods have changed. there's probably a lot closer residents than there were before. so other than that, what's your plan? >> okay. plan? good question. the elbow room is definitely an old building. i think that our model as a whole is more restoration than renovation, so we are trying to salvage -- and i say the word try, stress the word try, as much essence of the old elbow room. unfortunately, old buildings, you lift one rock, if it's not broke, don't fix it, we need to fix certain things because they absolutely just cannot fly. the upgrades that we're doing in our restoration model -- i'm assuming that most of you have been there. i know miss weiland had, and
7:54 am
she stressed the thing that most people say. it's a nice place, good staple of the neighborhood. however, the bathrooms were a problem, and bathroom is saying it really generously. what we've done is on the floor first, we've taken out the bathrooms and put in three new stalled bathrooms with an a.d.a. compliant bathrooms. upstairs, instead of men's room and ladies room, we have now stalled. we've soundproofed and hard floored it. we have upgraded the lighting, as far as the electrical.
7:55 am
there is wiring disguised at plumbing >> are you doing any extra insulation in the roof? >> exactly. the stuff that's there -- we've taken over our predecessor's plan. we've interviewed most of the staff and especially sound, we've taken their model and upgraded it, so where everything was sheet rocked and sound dampened, we're putting it back with new stuff. we've increased our audience, by -- incompetent stead of having in the room, we had -- instead of having in the room, two speakers blasting across the room. instead, we've placed small speakers -- taken small speakers and placed them around the room to control the sound. as far as the type and art that we're doing, we're going to
7:56 am
keep it bands, primary deejays and art primarily, but it's a major part to have live music. does that answer your question? [please stand by]
7:57 am
>> it is a community-oriented place. it is very, very important to have the same places in this
7:58 am
room here in house is the way to go pick what we are planning to -- planning on doing is having in-house training programs as far as everyone is going to go through the lead training. i will tell you that it is a fun way to spend a saturday night. it is incredibly informative, and i have about 12 pages of notes, just in case there are any questions. >> i have been through it a few times. it is a good time to pick what we are going to do is do in-house. have every person on the floor he was able to have this education, so they can get it. at any point in compliance, one security person for every hundred. we want to make sure on a wednesday, we are expecting not to be blown out, but what if we do exceed 100 people? so myself, and other people on staff can step into that role. we want to have that is a very clear distinction. on nights that we know that we will have the venue and all
7:59 am
these things going, we will be staffed. on nights that we can't tell, we don't know if an extra hundred people are coming, it is wednesday at 7:00 p.m., and 100 people show up, we need to have someone on staff, we have them already on place. the sound engineers, to the landlord to, we will all know how to do this position, but we will also consult out. i have talked to rob. >> i know rob. >> i like him. he took a break out of his vacation to give me a call. >> i believe it. >> we walked it by him and he was in agreement with it also, another security personnel -- he teaches child psychology and parental communication, and we are going to get a plan from him so we can institute that in our bar. >> just a quick thought to, some of the things you are commenting on will fall into the
8:00 am
jurisdiction of the department of humour just consumer affairs. you might want to check out there website regarding guard cards, and also being a guard card employer. it is pretty straightforward stuff. >> was that the link that we supplied on the form? i think i try to look at something. it took me to consumer funeral homes. >> they were happy to help you. >> i think i called -- >> he is checking his wallet now >> there is the card. >> there is also an active link on our good neighbor policy for that. >> if he checked his voicemail there is a call to my voicemail today, sorry. >> best of luck. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you for coming in and i'm happy to hear there will be live music in that building. you talk about preserving the cultural -- culture and


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