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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  February 27, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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the conduct code. these are among the more complex of the kinds of enforcement matters that may come before the commission like ours both substantively and factually so the counterparts will provide training in the sub stabs of the law and in -- substance of the law and bestvative practices. investigator jef jeff discovered that the inspector general provides training in the kinds of work the enforcement division conducts. some training is only for their own personnel but some is opened up to counterparts at state and local agencies and we have chosen a couple of training opportunities that align with goals of the enforcement division and align with the professional development needs
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of the investigators to attend those trainings, availability permitting. the federal inspectors general keep all of those training spots open for their own staff and then would allow local counterparts in off the wait list. we do hope that our investigators will attend those trainings. a brief note on the bureau of delinquent revenue. there is not much movement there in the several cases the borough has been pursuing. the particular debtors they have been working to locate remain at-large, if you will. i can report that the commission signs officer has been undertaking a review of late fee collection efforts over the fiscal year and she has identified quite a large list of
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additional candidates that we can refer and so i should have an update on that in a month or two, the outstanding debt represents between 35 and $40,000 within this particular fiscal year. >> i'm sorry 35 to $40,000 in addition to the $101,000 listed here? >> correct. it is possible when the funds collection officer sends warning letters to the committees who have yet to pay their late fees they will pay those fees as opposed to requiring us to refer them over. you may or may not see all of those committees on this list in a future report. i'm happy to receive other questions. >> any questions for mr. pierce? public comment?
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>> agenda item 11 discussion of executive director's report an update of various programming and operational highlights since the last meeting. >> i want to dive into one area that is very important interest to the commission, the budget. first i want to highlight some of the outreach going on over the past month and that you will find yourselves in the next several weeks as we move into filing statement for form 700 filings and ethics training. our office partnered with the city attorney's office and the management employees to provide five sessions for city managers to be a refresher on tools and resources they have to monitor ethics issues and to know where to turn with questions. we had about 80 city managers participating in the sessions.
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we also had the help to guide them through the conflicts questions. these were well received we are excited to ten that down the road. we know it is very helpful and the managers are hungry for knowing what assistance is available to them as they navigate ethical issues in the department. we were happy to do that and appreciate the city attorney's role in that. we have over the last month been working to prepare materials for the annual filing process to chair's question a moment ago. because the annual april 1 filing deadline for statements of economic interest falls on chavez day for only this year they have the deadline of april 2. we are notifying the departments to make that happen.
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there is a hiccup our ethics and sunshine training is due april 1st. we will communicate that so we know we can get the statements on time and provide assistance. we expect more information out in a couple weeks on that front. >> will there be more 700 filers electronically? that was one of the projects matthew was undertaking. i wonder if that is available for filers in this cycle? >> that is not available this cycle. there are resource constraintses that did not allow us to move forward on that. later in the spring we hope to achieve that. our target is for the april 2020 filings, if i'm correct. we will come back with more information. he know it is not in place this year. we will continue to do that for all designated filers in the
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city. i also would note we started sessions information sessions for the departmental filing officers over the last week. we are continuing over this month and into march with information sessions directly for designated filers and departments to provide assistance about what the filing obligations are, why they exist how they can access tools and resources to support them in that process. >> you may be curious about mus on our -- news on our hiring. we have had a very ambitious hiring plan underway over the last number of months. i am very, very happy to we have concluded the oral interview phase for each position. we have three positions that are now filled. they will be filled shortly and we look forward to introducing
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those new staff at the next month's meeting. amy lee who is a lead supervisor on our audit program will be our new principal program manager. jeff zoom walt who is an investigator will be the senior investigator. that is terrific for both staff to be seeing new responsibilities. we are excited about that. thirdly, we have somebody who is currently a member of the city family but moving to a new role to work with pat ford in our policy group. we will introduce a new policy analyst. bryan cox has been in the public defender's office doing legal work and he has experience from his days in new orleans working with the u.s. attorney's office. he is another grad from yale and
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the tulane law school. we will have more lawyers on staff. i am se excited about the team. i hope to have more news next month about the remaining positions. >> please extend congratulations to amy lee and jeff on promotions. that is wonderful to have the opportunity to take on more responsibility and himself in the case of amy to take on management role. that is terrific. congratulations, pat on getting much needed help. we look forward to meeting the newest policy analyst at the next meeting. that is great news. it is a long time coming. >> in terms of the budget, as you will know from my last report this month and last month. the budgets are due february 21, next week. we will as soon as we submit the budget provide copies and details. as you know the budget
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priorities the mayor articulated are similar to the commission's ongoing priorities. accountability for the services and programs we under take and outcomes through the city. we want to broaden the impact of the word city wide. it is encouraging to see people engaging us lengthy as it can be. there are a lot of areas we are not reaching. we want to do that as best we can with limited resources. we do that by leveraging the staff and through technology. the presentation that you saw from tyler field earlier is the kind of information we want to help equip the public with. it comes with going out to meet with individuals and organizations about that information, how they can access it and learning from listening what it is people want from torsion and how they need it and the ways they need it. we are going to be aggressively
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looking for additional resources in this budget to ensure we can continue on with needed technology to continue that kind of work. also importantly to expand it with a focus on improving and continuing to deepen the public engagement, in the policy arena or public disclosure. we want the disclosure to be a meaningful tool for the public. the role of money and politics in city government. the instructions are to identify targeted cuts. i mentioned last month. we will identify if we were to face cuts what the impact would be to the programs. there will be an impact in resources whether in the ability to retain staff and the positions we fought hard to get and the tools we allow staff to have to do the job. we have been in constructive conversations with the mayor's
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budgeted office to understand what they are looking for and for them to see how committed we are to doing the best we can and to demonstrate the need we have. it continues to broaden and deepen. we want to do that work effectively. we are all committed to doing it as effectively as possible. we are excited about the coming budget cycle. we are still analyzing data and putting documents together. we will have that next thursday as required. we are very focused on strengthening the programs that we have to impact the programs city wide. i look forward to answering questions and providing a deeper overview of the information at your next month's meeting as we start more in earnest in the budget discussions. >> thank you. it seems like the budgeting
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process taking more time every year. i would like to say if i can help in any way in terms of conversations with city hall to emphasize how important it is that we maintain our funding simply because this has been a two or three year effort in order to adequately resource the commission and up size, i think that is the word to be used accurately, to provide staffing levels needed and the dashboarding we saw which is an incredibly powerful tool that we need more of and to think we would have to cut staff because we have no program revenues that we can -- program dollars to cut, it would be people that would necessarily impact in the material and significant way our ability to deliver for the people of san francisco.
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anything that we can do to help prevent that from happening i'm there to do. i don't know if this is work that you have under taken already or in the city government context, in the corporate world benchmarks is well received. if we looked at oakland other los angeles a much larger jurisdiction but richmond. how large is the staff, what is the budget? how do we compare in terms of the total amount of the resources available if that would be helpful and compelling in any way. that shows we are grossly under staffed ordinary under funded. pat pat and i were talking where new york has an enforcement division of . >> i think we were talking about
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auditors. they have over 20, 25. >> 2 20 auditors. the overall staff of the commission is 24. it definitely impacts in terms of the workload mr. pierce has how many investigators you can put against that body of work. on words and upwards. >> any further questions from commissioners? public comment? >> i just want to join in congratulating the staff for their promotions. as these hires take place i assume you are creating vacancies in audit and investigative staffs. are they going to be lapsed in order to create some budget
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savings? that is the question i had or rather you plan to move quickly ahead to hire? you will go quickly? very good. there has got to be a. >> discussion and possible action regarding complaints received by the ethics commission. possible closed session. is there a motion foreclosed session? >> no. >> any public comment on agenda item 12? >> 13. discussion and possible action on items for future meetings? anyone have anything? >> we did want to announce that the april 19th meeting because of the path of -- passover holiday and other conflicting
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schedules have moved the commission meeting to the week prior. april 12, friday at 1:30 p.m. we will put the notice on the website so people can plan accordingly. thank you for your flexibility. >> could you send us an e-mail to update our calendars. it is the good friday and start of passover. >> did you say 130 time tim? thank you. >> any public comment? no. 14 additional opportunity for public comment on matters appears or not appears on the agenda pursuant to ethics commission by laws article 7 section 2. >> i did have a comment. when you promulgate legislation to amend a voter passed initiative, would it be a matter of law to attest that the
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proposal in your view by a vote possibly needs the requirement to further the purpose of the act or is that i am applied by four votes? if you get the votes to approve does that i am apply that it is furthering the purpose of the act? i would say not. we have done things in the past that we should not have done, in my view and the view of others because this provision was ignored. i think it is important to verify and there is a term for that when you file a motion. you have to -- it is verification, i think. you would verify or attest to the fact that it does, in fact, meet the requirements, in this
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case to further the purpose of the act. i only bang the gavel on this so much because i have seen things done that did not further the purpose of the act. i thought it was time for us to now that we are mature and grown up to deal with this question and maybe coddy fi. in the bylaws this concept we want to rare fee what we -- verify what we are doing here so voters have our assurances. i think that is important. >> thank you. item 15 is there a motion to adjourn. >> second. >> we are adjourned. wishing everyone a wonderful long weekend. we will see you next month. thank you. go.
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>> shop and dine the 49 promotes local businesses and changes san franciscans to do their shopping and dooipg within the 49 square miles by supporting local services within the neighborhood
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we help san francisco remain unique, successful and vibrant so where will you shop and dine the 49 hi in my mind a ms. medina
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>> it's great to see everyone kind of get together and prove, that you know, building our culture is something that can be reckoned with. >> i am desi, chair of economic development for soma filipinos.
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so that -- [ inaudible ] know that soma filipino exists, and it's also our economic platform, so we can start to build filipino businesses so we can start to build the cultural district. >> i studied the bok chase choy her achbl heritage, and i discovered this awesome bok choy. working at i-market is amazing. you've got all these amazing people coming out here to share
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one culture. >> when i heard that there was a market with, like, a lot of filipino food, it was like oh, wow, that's the closest thing i've got to home, so, like, i'm going to try everything. >> fried rice, and wings, and three different cliefz sliders. i haven't tried the adobe yet, but just smelling it yet brings back home and a ton of memories. >> the binca is made out of different ingredients, including cheese. but here, we put a twist on it. why not have nutella, rocky road, we have blue berry. we're not just limiting it to just the classic with salted egg and cheese.
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>> we try to cook food that you don't normally find from filipino food vendors, like the lichon, for example. it's something that it took years to come up with, to perfect, to get the skin just right, the flavor, and it's one of our most popular dishes, and people love it. this, it's kind of me trying to chase a dream that i had for a long time. when i got tired of the corporate world, i decided that i wanted to give it a try and see if people would actually like our food. i think it's a wonderful opportunity for the filipino culture to shine. everybody keeps saying filipino food is the next big thing. i think it's already big, and to have all of us here
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together, it's just -- it just blows my mind sometimes that there's so many of us bringing -- bringing filipino food to the city finally. >> i'm alex, the owner of the lumpia company. the food that i create is basically the filipino-american experience. i wasn't a chef to start with, but i literally love lumpia, but my food is my favorite foods i like to eat, put into my favorite filipino foods, put together. it's not based off of recipes i learned from my mom. maybe i learned the rolling technique from my mom, but the different things that i put in are just the different things that i like, and i like to think that i have good taste. well, the very first lumpia that i came out with that really build the lumpia -- it
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wasn't the poerk and shrimp shanghai, but my favorite thing after partying is that bakon cheese burger lumpia. there was a time in our generation where we didn't have our own place, our own feed to eat. before, i used to promote filipino gatherings to share the love. now, i'm taking the most exciting filipino appetizer and sharing it with other filipinos. >> it can happen in the san francisco mint, it can happen in a park, it can happen in a
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street park, it can happen in a tech campus. it's basically where we bring the hardware, the culture, the operating system. >> so right now, i'm eating something that brings me back to every filipino party from my childhood. it's really cool to be part of the community and reconnect with the neighborhood. >> one of our largest challenges in creating this cultural district when we compare ourselves to chinatown, japantown or little saigon, there's little communities there that act as place makers. when you enter into little philippines, you're like where are the businesses, and that's one of the challenges we're trying to solve.
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>> undercover love wouldn't be possible without the help of the mayor and all of our community partnerships out there. it costs approximately $60,000 for every event.
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undiscovered is a great tool for the cultural district to bring awareness by bringing the best parts of our culture which is food, music, the arts and being ativism all under one roof, and by seeing it all in this way, what it allows san franciscans to see is the dynamics of the filipino-american culture. i think in san francisco, we've kind of lost track of one of our values that makes san francisco unique with just empathy, love, of being acceptable of different people, the out liers, the crazy ones. we've become so focused onic maing money that we forgot about those that make our city and community unique. when people come to discover, i want them to rediscover the
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magic of what diversity and empathy can create. when you're positive and committed to using that energy. i'm scott adams. i'm board chair of the a.p.a. heritage foundation. we want to thank you for joining us this evening as we celebrate lunar new year, the year of the boar. we wish you and your family the best of fortune, prosperity and much happiness. we are a nonprofit organization dedicated to securing funds and coordinating resources to support the city's annual a.p.a. heritage organization festivities. our organization is made up of a very small board, and i'd like to introduce to you our
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directors. we have our treasurer, irene yee riley, our incoming treasurer, j.j. lara. board member matt mooey, and our founder and president, claudine ching. [applause] >> so although we're a very small organization, we're able to put on celebration events every year because of the dedicated members of the a.d.a. celebration committee, and that's a group of 30-some odd representatives of the community that makeup the a.p.a. community. so if you are a member of that group, can you please raise your hand? okay. everyone give them a hand. [applause] >> want to thank you so much for being part of the a.p.a.
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team. now please give a warm welcome to our president and founder, claudine ching. >> thank you, scott. [applause] >> thank you, everyone for helping to come celebrate lunar new year. today is the third day of the new year. some of us were in chinatown for the first day of the year with mayor breed, and when i friend, walter wong, celebrated the biggest celebration in chinatown with eight pigs, is that right? and firecrackers, so i want to acknowledge of the presence of the mayor who will be speaking shortly and the members of the council and community members of the so eve-- members. every year, we kick off events in the community with the lunar new year celebration. we can take the opportunity to tell you a little bit more
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about what we are doing for a.p.a. heritage month this year. some of you may not have been to our a.p.a. heritage month celebration, so i want to take the opportunity to talk about the a.p.a. heritage month. last year, we celebrated the 40th anniversary of the law that established this particular celebration. so the month of may, why is it the month of may a.p.a. heritage month? congress decided because of two reasons. the first day of 1943 marked the rival on may 7 of the first japanese immigrant into the united states in the record so that was one reason. and the other reason was on may 10 -- 1843 -- 1869 was the completion of the trans-continental railroad. so that's why the month of may was selected, and this year was
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the 150th anniversary of the trans-continental railroad. so for this year's celebration on may 1, as you all are invited to our event, together with mayor breed, we'll be celebrating two significant historic events. one is the completion of the trans-continental railroad, and the other one actually is the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the college of ethnic studies at san francisco state. this is unbelievable that to this date, although there are a lot of ethnics -- different studies classes in many universities and colleges, our san francisco state remains the only ethnic studies department in the whole country where asian american studies african american studies, all ethnic studies had a part of. this is a momentum decision.
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we are very happy to be celebrating these two significant occasions this year, and during our event, we will be presenting the second annual edwin mah lee public service award. last year, the winner was our assessor-recorder carmen chiu. we're very happy to have her -- in the month of may be able to bring to our city a whole month of activities. we have plenty of events because we have celebrations, partners such as the asian art museum, san francisco public library, and the country's largest asian american themed festival. with all of these organizations, i think we have a healthy calendar. but back to today, we are happy to be here, celebrating lunar
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new year. we are very lucky to be in a city that we have cultural offerings with the different cultural offerings. so some of you -- some of you may not have met mayor breed. mayor breed is a native of san francisco. she grew up in the western addition in the public housing, graduated from schools -- from schools in san francisco, from galileo, as i remember, and without taking the time to read the mayor's long bio, many people have asked me how is it working with mayor breed? and i just have to say, i am not jewish, but if i were jewish, our mayor has a lot of chutzpah. no matter what issue she is addressing, housing,
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transportation, public education, every time i hear the mayor talk about this, she's open-minded. she's willing to look at other solutions of the city that have been -- of problems of the city that have been around for years and decades. so we're very proud to have mayor breed with us today. [applause] >> the hon. london breed: thank you, claudine. you know, when i first started on the board of supervisors, i attended this event, and it was always in room 201, in the mayor's conference room. and i would always say, claudine, we're growing. we need more space. and finally, she took me up on my word, and she decided we were going to move this incredible celebration to here, the north light court. this is our great celebration of our a.p.i. heritage month
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kind of kickoff. even though it's not in the month of may, it is during the lunar new year which is of course fitting that we celebrate such a time honored tradition here in our city. i want to thank so many people who are joining here -- joining us here today, including so many folks from the leadership, many of our sister cities, folks from manila, from osaka -- yes, you can clap -- from seoul, taipei, ho chi mint cities, places that we share more than our brotherly and sisterly loves, but relationships of community, of business, and a number of other things that are so important and vital to the success of not just san francisco but the entire world. i also want to take this time to recognize that we have a number of council generals who are with us here today.
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starting with the council general of the philippines, who is -- i hope i don't butcher your name council general. i apologize from the philippines, and his wife. thank you so much for being here. council general for the republic of korea is here, as well. and council general from japan. thank you so much for joining us. we have really an incredible relationship with so many of our sister cities as well as the council generals from all over the world, and san francisco, as you know, has been the gateway to the pacific, and we truly value our relationships which promote trade and cultural and educational exchanges. we -- we know sadly we're living in a time our immigrant population and our cultural diversity are sometimes not
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welcomed in other cities across the united states, but i want you to know that here in san francisco, it's not only welcomed, it's celebrated. it is celebrated in a way that really honors our rich history and our traditions. and we have many celebrations throughout the year, including during the month. we just kicked off black history month here in the rotunda in city hall, chinese lunar new year, which is amazing, along with an amazing parade and a number of festivities, and we will kick off asia-pacific heritage month, which we started celebrating in 2005. when i served on the board with supervisor -- well, actually, only supervisor president yee was on the board when we passed that resolution, making it official in san francisco. and here he is now, the president of the board of supervisors, along with his colleagues, and they'll be
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talking in just a minute. so i am just here to say thank you to so many of you, especially because as we know, it takes a lot of resources to put together so many amazing community activities that promote our diversity and our culture, and i just want to thank the a.p.i. heritage committee for their continued work and fund raising and bringing people together. and claudine, at this time, i'd like to honor you and the members of the committee with a certificate thanking you for your service and the work you continue to do every year, not only asking for support, but twisting our arm and making us all participate and help us to understand how important this is to so many of our asian communities around the city. thank you for being a real advocate for the a.p.i. community in san francisco.
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[applause] >> the hon. london breed: thank you, everyone. [speaking chinese language] >> so understand board president norman yee's here with all his colleagues, and from the dinner we have in chinatown recently, i was shocked to hear that every single one of the board members
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of supervisors speak beautiful chinese, japanese, all kinds of languages. so in the interest of time, because i understand that mayor breed might have to leave, so i'm going to ask you to maybe just say two lines of greetings in your own language, whatever you prefer. and try not to repeat what the -- what the preceding speaker have said, okay? but maybe we should start with president yee. >> president yee: thank you, claudine. [speaking native language] >> president yee: happy new year to every one of you. this is a great celebration that happens every year. i want to thank the a.p.a. heritage foundation to sponsor this every year because it really means a lot to our community. yes, mayor breed, it's true. in san francisco, we embrace
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our diversity. in san francisco, and probably the only city, the public school actually gets a day off for lunar new year. probably the only district -- we should give them a big hand. [applause] >> president yee: and that was made possible because of the leadership of supervisor fewer and myself and a few other a.p.i. school board members that were able to provide to say you know, it makes a difference to 50% of your students, and they made it happen. now another thing, every year, we get to look at the new stamp. by the way, claudine, i still have the original one, 1993, when you unveiled that, that was such a happening. this is something that took a little while to get the federal
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government, the post office to actually engage and make this happen for us because they didn't -- there was a little rip resistance there, but after a while, they said wow, this is pretty good. to all of you, to all of my colleagues here, we are here to celebrate, and we are here to honor the a.p.a. heritage foundation. so on behalf of the full board of supervisors, we'd like to give you this certificate. claudi claudine scott, would you come up and accept it?
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[applause] >> president yee: so come on up. just say happy new year. >> supervisor fewer: [speaking native language] [applause] >> good evening, everyone. my name is matt haney. i'm supervisor from district six. congratulations and thank you for all your work to the a.p.a. heritage foundation. i have to say i've been to a few celebrations around the year of the pig, but this is the first one that i've seen where there's a whole pig to eat. happy to celebration with you. >> supervisor brown: hi. i'm vallie brown, the proud
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supervisor of japantown. unfortunately, can you please tell me how to say happy new year in japanese? [inaudible] [applause] >> supervisor safai: good evening. my name is supervisor ahsha safai. happy new year. very happy to be here for the third or fourth year. congratulations to claudine and all the leadership for a.p.a. this is a wonderful celebration. i actually am also an asian supervisor from western asia, from the -- from the country of iran, so i'm going to say happy new year in farsi. [speaking native language] >> supervisor safai: thank you. [applause] >> thank you.
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ve we want to acknowledge d.b.i., the head, tom, and mohamed nuru from the department of public works. we have captain link from central station, and commander lozar. so the highlight of today's program is unveiling of the lunar new year stamp. as board of supervisors president yee mepgsed, inntion u.u u.s. post office issued the first series of stamps in 1993. this is the last year of the series of stamps. we are not sure if we're going to get the new ones. so there is a pgs for all of you to sign after the program because we want to make sure the united states postal
4:49 pm
service unders we in san francisco, just like many people around the country, we love our stamp that celebrate our cultural heritage. i would like to invite post master abraham cooper. >> good afternoon. or i should say good evening. you know, it's an honor to unveil the 12th and very last stamps and celebrating the lunar new year. as the post master of san francisco, i'm proud to present such a beautiful and meaningful stamp. it represents a lot of significance not only to the community but also to the people that we serve in san francisco, but our employees, as well as we celebrate, and they also celebrate lunar new year. the lunar new year stamp is
4:50 pm
currently available for sale at the local postal service and also independently also as booklets. the board believes to represent luck and good fortune but also symbolized hard work and generosity as trust and also sincerity. i'd also like to think that the postal service fits that description well as the relationships between the san francisco district community and the leaders that's in the room today. and without further adieu, i'd like to bring up the mayor as well as norman yee and claudine chan for the unveelg of tilinge
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chan for the unveiling of the stamp. [applause] [inaudible] [applause]
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