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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  February 27, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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into that and receive the waiver. >> so, just to be clear, i hear what you are saying about the policy has to be in place. this commission voted on that policy. that policy is in place. i don't understand what it's doing at the city attorney's office. the city attorney's role is to giffigive input to the commissin prior to the adoption of the policy. if the policy is going to be changed, it would come back before the commission so we can see the policy. you are looking at the policy-setting department. >> from the city attorney perspective, before we can formally have the waivers and everything from the f.a.a., they need to sign off on the policy as well. >> they who? >> the city attorney. >> didn't the city attorney sign off on it before we adopted it? >> they made comments which were
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incorporated. they were incorporated and went back for final review to the city attorney's office. >> then i would ask that that policy, when the city attorney has reviewed it and made changes, come back to the commission so that the commission can vote on it. the only current policy that's been adopted is the one we adopted two months ago. >> that shouldn't be a problem. the additional language was some of the f.a.a. regulations and outlining of that policy at the corporation of any f.a.a. waiver into the policy. we can coordinate that to come back to the commission. >> to the homeland security chief cochran, wasn't the f.a.a. waivers in there. i remember specifically talking about those when we voted on them. >> good evening, mr. president, commissioners, assist apartmentf deputy. because the drone is grant funded it goes to cal o.a.s. and
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they have requested the full city of the city attorney. we have the c.o.a., the f.a.a. favors arwaivers are separate. i really can't -- i know they are requesting a full policy before we order the drill. everything is in place. >> it was not considered to be a full policy and so the city attorney had to make it a full policy to satisfy the o.e.s. standards. >> correct. when that policy is full, it gets an aviation request form, which we already have. they want the full policy so we can't send them a draft. that's where we're at. >> i would expect that to come back to the commission for a vote. it's not a draft, it's actually anna proved resolution by the commission voted on by this commission. it's not a draft. i don't know. >> just putting it out there.
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if you can see what changes were made so we know what the policy is and vote on it up or down. appreciate it. thank you, chief cochran. >> yes, sir. >> good work on the chinese new year parade. we'll bring it back, absolutely. >> is there a time table on that. when you deal with other agencies it takes a while. >> mark corso was told next week. >> when are we going to see a drone at an emergency seen? whescene?>> i'm not aware of hog this process will take. >> so that drone, when we get t. the aviation request, we can purchase it and it goes to o.c. a. and i'm not sure how many days that bidding process is but we have quotes for that too.
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i don't have exact dates. >> six months? will we have a active drone in six months? >> depending on the purchasing process. >> depending on the city's office of contract compliance, o.c.c.? administration. so depending on how long they take, then the drone is purchased and then everything should be good to go. if you were to guess that, would you guess we would have within operational in the next six months? >> i don't guess for another agency but i'm hoping, yes. >> thank you, chief cochran. >> thank you. >> chief nickolson, the cancer test update from the fires of last year, did we know what the results of those tests are that local 798 did? >> no, they're in process. they're trying to get all the paperwork squared away and get -- i don't know what they are yet. i have heard rumblings about
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them. >> if you could make it part of your report when they come out. >> you got it. >> so i don't have to keep asking about it. you had mentioned that we have six engines over at shops being outfitted, just curiosity, why are those engines not outfitted at the manufacturer? >> because we have different equipment that we use and that we want to fit n into it. whether it's our sebas or our thermal imaging cameras, our radios, so wiring needs to be done and brackets need to be put in. that kind of thing. >> aren't these engines built to our specifications in louisiana or where they're built? >> yes. >> and so why couldn't they built to our specifications. isn't there a process by which we can by pass central shops and
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have this done in louisiana? or is there a specific reason why we're doing this? >> i think that it could be because the equipment that we have, that we use, is here with us and the risk of them doing something that doesn't work for us or something that doesn't fit is high. i don't have the actual answer for you, unfortunately they're not her here tonight. this is how it's been done in the past and it has worked for us. >> if you could get that answer that would be great and you can send it to me off line. i'm not sure if the other commissioners are interested. when i was at the d.a.'s office and i had my car, my plainclothes car we did it in central shots and it made sense
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because you buy a car off a lot and send it down there and have it outfitted. our engines are specifically made for us and there are a lot of different specifications are about san francisco. if you could get the answer to the questions why we don't have it done down there, that would be great. >> you mentioned the m.o.u. with gotc. i believe the predominantly purpose of that m.o.u. was to restore the historical vehicles, right. to create a mechanism by which was responsible by the restoration of the historical vehicles, isn't that right? is there another reason -- >> that's part of it but there's been a lot of back and fourth about what rigs are getting driven and when and by whom.
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it's about other artifacts that are stored. it's not just about who is fixing the rigs. >> ok. there's more to it. i was goini was going to say, wt to send someone out there to see if they're salvageable because they've been sitting out in the rain for two years on treasure island in that saltwater air out there. i would find it hard to believe if anything is salvageable out there. >> i was out there not too long ago and there are some vehicles that are stored inside and there are several that are outside that were covered by tarps for a while. we are working -- the bureau of equipment is working on getting the rest of those rigs that were not stored inside covered up outside again. they're building a temporary
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structure. >> could you let us know which ones were stored inside and which are stored outside. or at least by numbers. i was not aware some were stored inside. that's great news. i thought they were all being stored outside. i had actually visited treasure island twice, three times to see those rigs and they all were out there every time. maybe there's some that were taken in >> some are inside for sure. >> i notice in our packet tonight, there is a memorandum from the department dated february 26th regarding the fire commission's resolution 2018 to the peer support services unit resolution. i have read this and i've spoken to you and i contacted the chief early this morning and she asked me to speak to you about it since you were heading this. i just want to make it clear that this is actually not -- i
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want to make it clear to the commission that -- or you can make it clear if what i'm saying is not accurate. this is actually not in response response to the resolution that we passed. is that right? >> correct. yes, it's informational only. >> ok. because, if the resolution itself said that the department should give back to the commission within 120 days, of the adoption of the resolution, which was february 21st, the chief of the department shall deliver to the commission for consideration a memorandum sitting fourth minimum standards for a state of the art best practices peer support unit. i don't see any. the department should consider, and there's a number of things here including -- it goes on to
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read memorandum should demonstrate it is considered the following. the alternative and explanation required for an explanation required personnel budget, training, certificates, the elements of a peer support program, the protocol response, debriefing process, attendance, owoccasions of debriefing. it goes on and on and on. there are about 25 different things. none of those things are mentioned in this resolution and i just want to be very clear that my expectation as the drafter of this resolution, is that the memorandum that comes to the commission is actually responsive to the resolution. i know this isn't. and it doesn't bother me we're passed the date because it's a big deal and it will take a lot of time and resources to do but i want to make sure the memorandum we do get is responsive to the resolution that we actually passed 123 days ago. >> that is the plan, yes. >> ok. great. >> thank you so much chief nickolson.
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i really appreciate your time. i see the chief has added her name to the list if she wanted to respond. i'm not sure if you wanted to wait? >> thank you, very much, commissioner. at this point, prerogative of the chair, chief hayes-white. >> thank you, president. just briefly, obviously conveying this respectfully, loud and clear we hear what you are saying. i know when we talked, i earlier mentioned that i thought it was ambitious and you gracious lowl, let's give you 120 days. i think, i was always up front and candid it's ambitious. i think we have a very, very robust peer support unit. it's excellent. you compare it to most other department that's do not even have full-time employees and we're doing pretty well. obviously there's room for i am
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of proment am -- improvement, it's a transition' time. i'm going to retire. this is a top priority for me. i really always placed a lot of importance on the need for the ability for our members, whether it's through our peer support unit or other employee assistance programs to get the help that they need. i want to convey this is important. i want to also be very candid and straight up that probably, if i have 10 things i'm looking at right now and i shared this earlier with the president, i did bring this up to him. as chief nickolson said, as you know, the command staff works very diligently. they work long hours. i expect a lot of them and every time i ask they rise to the occasion. every single one of them that sits in the front row. if it were not for family issues, two of the other command staff members that are usually here are not and i let them go. what i'm saying is this is important. right now in this moment, as you
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are chief of department, for the top 10 things that i'm looking at is priorities it's in the top 10. candidly it's probably nine or 10. there are other things that i feel i'm placing a little bit more importance on before i transition for the department because you know why, i think we have a really good program right now. you and i both agree and we're both passionate that it can get better and it will get better. i think it's going to take a little bit more time. we will be responsive. we failed on the 120 days and for that, you know, i ask for forgiveness. we get it. i know chief nickolson gets it as well. thank you. >> commissioner. >> chief, listen, i have always said in the past that you as a chief in the department have been way ahead of this issue more than any other department. maybe there's one or two. you are right up there at the top of chiefs that has made this issue a priority. that being said, i have attended
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the stress. you have a lot of good people working for you. i have attended to stress unit meetings and i know that they have a lot going on on their plates. a lot going on on their plates. they're saving lives as far as i'm concerned. this is not been a priority for them. i understand that this is the bottom of your top 10. i totally get it. that being said, yes, you are right, we need to do better. i wrote a $30,000 check today to send 10 people to a peer support program and i wouldn't have to do that if we had a state of the art unit. so, i know we can be doing better. i want to be that department that has the unit that everybody looks at. i think this is a really dig deal. i think it's a big deal at station 49 especially. i think it's a big deal throughout the department and departments nation wide. that being said, i just want to
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make it clear that in my humble opinion, with all due respect to the chief and everybody that is working hard, this is not the response that i'm expecting. i'm going to keep asking for a state of the art peer support unit now that we're all clear on that. i appreciate all the work thaw guys are doing. but we really need a state of the art peer support unit. so i'm going to look to you, chief, and the next chief and to the extent of the chiefs here and look i said, 120 days didn't bother me because i knew it was ambitious but you have to put a date out there. that's how things get done. otherwise you don't get anything done. i mean generally, not you, chief. unless you put a deadline things don't get done. so thank you so much, chief nickolson. i'll keep asking and i'm absolutely welcome to be a part of this and help out in anyway i can. god knows i've got so much time. and this is a really important
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issue. so i am absolutely welcome to be a part of it. if it's the peer support unit, i will push and guide them. i think they do need a little bit of guidance on this particular issue. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you, very much. >> thank you, president. chief nickolson, i was unsure whether you said seven weeks or seven months or seven on station 5, asking for an extension. >> seven-day extension. >> seven days, good. ok. >> it's not official yet. it's just the word that is coming down. it's not in writing yet. >> that's seven days is not seven months or seven weeks, that's good. >> if you don't mind, can you just state again when the seven day from what date? >> march 29th. >> from march 29th. >> good. >> thank you. >> seven days is --
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>> so early april. >> great, thank you. >> uh-huh. >> congratulations on everybody on the easter bonds. that's good. you got steps to go but it's go ahead to hear that those amounts at the department was requesting. on the fire vote and the new station 35, i know when i was on the port commission we had the navy come in with -- i don't know if anybody pays attention to big giant ships at pier 50 down by the ballpark. they came in when i was on the commission asking for, i think we had three of them. one was named mow hogan and it ended up in oakland. the commission, and pretty much everybody, wanted to see what kind of space we could give them with not a lot of financial obligation because they were loaded down with emergency
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supplies. they hold a lot of supplies and the tsunami happened in indonesia. we have all these restrictions and rules and like the chief was talking about that get in the way. we had a charge the navy. we couldn't give them free space. some people say well, the navy has a lot of money. but that's not the point. they were there and if that ship is sit interesting who has first access in the event of an earthquake is us. we have any of those ships that could be in our bay is wonderful. but anyway, that's the problem. there is rules and things that get in the way of trying to -- so i would hope that everybody looks at the port favorably
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still and doesn't -- the drones. interestingly, i don't know if the commission brought this up because but there's been a lot of written and tv on drones and i'm sure you've seen some recently. i'm with you, i think sooner the drones the better. they all provide -- we didn't get an explanation but a few meetings back, they went over all the hurdles our staff is having to go through. they're doing the best they can. that's it. thank you. >> thank you, commissioner. >> thank you, very much. vice president covington. >> thank you, mr. president. i have several questions regarding the upcoming bond issues or the votes for the
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bond. you said that there was going to be a 600 million-dollar bond and $400 million was going to go for firefighting, $150 million for the new training facility and $125 million for what is now being called the firefighting emergency water supply system. so, those figures, 400, 150 and 125, mr. corso, correct me if i'm wrong, that comes out to be $675 million. so where will the other $75 million come from? >> i think i got it. maybe i wasn't clear. so $400 million in totality for the department out of 600 total.
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so, the breakdown would be 150 per training facility, 125 for the efws and 125 for the neighborhood fire stations. equally 400 out of the 600 total. >> ok. and the 125 million for the neighborhood fire stations is for repair and upkeep? >> so i would say more than repair and upkeep. so shower pan, more than just upkeep. it could be a new roof, it could be exterior paint, some seismic. >> so that $125 million does not include the two new fire stations that you made reference to. >> that's correct. >> at candlestick point. >> correct, not including those. >> where will those moneys come from? >> to be determined down the road.
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there may be some private funding for that based on development. it does not envision for the 2020 bond. those stations would be envisioned mid 2020s i would say and beyond that. >> ok. >> when that area gets more populated with residents. >> we'll return $150 million for the training facility. will that be sufficient for our needs? >> so we did our needs assessment. and that is what it was based on, to my understanding. and i don't know if that included land or not. do you know, chief? >> i don't believe it did. >> it did not. >> that's my question. otherwise this is a shot in the dark.
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we do need -- oh my goodness. we really need an update on this training facility. i can see it receiving -- every time we have a meeting. i don't know how you come up with the figure for purchasing that you have been built yet and you do know your land cost. that would just be for your second home and it might be for you some place and you have to know your land cost. this to me is a shot in the dark. i am terribly afraid and that we're going to be tens of millions of dollars off the mark. we're not going to get what we need if we have six acres and
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that's not going to be sufficient and we're looking for eight acres, this is going on far too long. please stand b[ please stand by]
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>> it is a dynamic -- dynamic and fluid environment. the entity we are looking to swap the land with, that is no longer viable given unforeseen circumstances. the other thing is, it is a general obligation bond, so this does need to go before the voters as well, and we have worked diligently for years, we have worked, and before even they came in. we know that there have been
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lots of delays on the redevelopment side on treasure island, but it is not a easy solution. it is one we continue. it is a vexing issue. administrators are aware of it, the mayor is aware of it, capital planning have argued vigourously for it. we will continue to promote the train -- training facility. >> hello, i have expressed my concern repeatedly regarding this. there has to be some kind of timeline, something. right now there is nothing. it is pie in this guy, and every meeting it is the same. -- pie in the sky. and every meeting it is the
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same. it is very frustrating as a commissioner not to have something that we can look at, discuss, and make decisions about, make suggestions about. we are talking about the next generation of firefighters for the city and county of san francisco not having a place to train. we are talking about not having a facility that other departments can send their members to to train under our excellent training staff. when will we have something? there is no timeline attached to this. so this $150 million that we have earmarked maybe off the mark i $100 million, we have no idea. >> i do believe we have briefed you and giving you a thick document in terms of what the
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needs assessment was, the peace, which was an essential piece, it is identification of a location, which, time after time, has not come to fruition, so we have done a lot of work in terms of what our needs are, is just a matter of working with real estate, working with capital planning, working with the city administrator, working with the mayor touch her office, and i agree with you. any support that you can, you know you have been an advocate for it to the supervisors, we have talked about the training facility. this has been a priority for us. i don't have the magic wand to just create 8 acres in the city. we have tried, we have knocked on many doors. and i know many of the commissioners have. i know the president was essential in getting these conversations to occur, but i can't be disingenuous and tell you we have a facility. a lot of the ideas that we have, a lot of the sites that we have looked at have not come to
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fruition. we definitely know what our needs are, and we have done that work, but the most important piece is the identification of . i would take less than 8 acres in san francisco. >> i acknowledge the hard work that you have mentioned, but i need results. i need results. barring results, i need an action plan that we will do this, this, and this and we need the commissioners to do a full-court press on this, something. i will move on. chief, can you talk a little bit about the number of people that were involved and that sort of thing. i thought you might go into a
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little bit more detail in your report but you didn't. >> typically, that's an operational report, so i would, although chief gonzalez was monitoring, he did not make it a scene. even all of that, including photos would be in the first part of the report. specifically we had four engine companies, the rescue squad, to truck companies, i think we had for truck companies. how many engines? >> at least three. >> which brooch -- broke off our search rescue. we probably had between 60 and 75 members working the incident. >> okay. chief gonzalez, do you have something that you would like to add? this is our first meeting after the unfortunate incident, so i think it would behoove us to at
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least have -- >> i will just commend the members. good evening. the members that went to that incident did a fantastic job. they did the best they could. i want to commend them for both responding to the incident, but i will have a comprehensive report during my operations report. >> so there will be two after action reports, because we also had the pg and e. >> yes, it since you brought it up, i want to commend a.c. hale who was the commander that fired, and the other members there that did a good job. >> very good, thank you. i think that everyone would agree that it was a really valiant effort on the part of the members of the department,
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and i have not been, i mean, i could not have been more proud of everyone, even though things did not turn out the way we had all hoped. it is important. while you are there, has there been any discussions with the park service with how to mitigate these kinds of things? >> as we have discussed -- >> i want to interject that i want to be mindful for the public to not get too far off the agenda, because they don't have the ability -- if it is not on the agenda, someone might want to come. i would suggest -- and i know chief conductor his console is well in his report, you talk about the operations report for the month preceding your date, but i would suggest that if we want to go into further
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regarding this incident, particularly the park service that maybe we put it on the agenda. >> okay. we talked about this, or at least i talked about it at the last meeting, and that has been memorialized in the very minutes that we approved this evening, so maybe that should be a separate agenda item at some point because the golden gate national recreation area is really in charge of that area. i do not take umbrage with anything you have said. that is fine.
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a commissioner had a number of questions regarding the stress unit, and one of the questions i had it was if the stress unit was called for the incident. >> yes, they have checked in with all the numbers. they did not respond to the scene, but they have checked in with all the numbers. >> thank you for that. >> regarding the drones, chief cochrane? >> president, commissioners, good evening again. >> so your timeframe, or your best guest -- guess as to when drones will fly is when? >> as soon as we get the letter, the draft policy, or the real policy, we will let it go
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through and we can order the drone. i don't know the exact number, but we are right there. everything else is set. >> along with the drones, we will need drone operators, how long of a training period do you anticipate? >> that will be myself and the assistant deputy chief. it is a 24-hour online class. we will have the drone to deal with. it is interesting that you don't have to go to drone school and fight -- fly a drone to get a license. we feel that we should also do that, take the 24 online class, and set up a full training program for future drone pilots, but to get off the ground, no pun intended, is myself, and the
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deputy chief as the safety officers. we respond 24/7. >> okay. so after that, i thought that for some drones, a mobile unit would be required, that there were many more levels of detail and activity that were necessary before you could actually launch a drone program. >> so we've done all that. we will have f.a.a. one '07 certifications from the ffa, which we have, that lets us fly. we will have that. the mobile vehicle will be my vehicle and the other safety vehicle. we drive into the incidence now.
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if the drones requested by a division chief, we will bring it. >> so you won't need a separate command centre? >> not additionally. in a perfect world, sure. we will be able to get it out there. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> considering the time, i will withhold any other questions. >> thank you very much. thank you very much. at the next commission meeting, we will have an operate -- a report in terms of the questions that were raised this evening. thank you very much. secretary? >> item five, retreat subcommittee update action plan. vice president covington and commissioner verne easy to
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provide an update on action to be taken following the september 25th 2018 commission special meeting retreat. >> at this point, is there any public comment on this agenda item? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners, i put this on the agenda because it was on the suggested list of subject matter, so i will rest -- refer this over to you, vice president covington. >> thank you, mr. president. we haven't been very, very busy on the commission, interviewing people for the position of chief of the department. it was four solid days, and there were many other calls on our time and attention, so the
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update on the retreat items took a backseat to all of that. however, we did have a short meeting, just the two of us, and he can speak to what it is that we discussed, but going forward, we will be having a meeting of several stakeholders, including the chief and the deputies, and other folks on staff so that we can really dig deep. but i will yield to the commissioner. >> thank you, very much. i am assuming we will continue this item, but at this point -- >> i would only add that we did meet on it. we looked at each of the items and all of the whiteboards notes that we went over in the days of the retreat.
6:41 pm
we did come up with a list of items, and as we looked at those items, we determined, in this meeting, that there were going to be different approaches to getting them done. some were legislated, some required budgets and don't require budgets, so we have decided, we would take a second look at those items perhaps a some of the resources of the department and determine a best strategy and prioritize those items, because some of them will be harder than others. some require legislative action, some required budgets, some even require a balloted issue, but my point is, different paths for different items that are on there, so it will require several other follow-up meetings. it will be up to the commission to determine which of the priorities, and how we attack each of them or what resource we
6:42 pm
allocate to attack -- attached -- attack each of those. >> we will continue this item and take advisement upon both of you as for when we should put this on the agenda. at this point, madam secretary, we will go into item six, but i will excuse the chief of department that needs to represent us at an event in the university of san francisco. with that, thank you. >> madame secretary? >> item six, commission report, report on commission activities since last meeting on february 13th, 2019. >> we'll take public comment on item six. the commission report. is any member of the public that wishes to give public comment? seeing none, public comment is concluded. may i have any questions or comments from the commissioners at this particular time?
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>> thank you. this is totally unrelated to be in commission duties, but it is a time that the commissioners have them make. this is pretty much a personal thing, but just to try and address the audience here, and members of the fire department and not staff, i guess the dozens of you, i would shoot for 29 years old. do a d.n.a. a lot of you probably put down what your nationality or your country, whatever you thank you are, and if you read the paper, at your age, you are probably not reading him, but he wrote an article about his wife doing the d.n.a., and found out that she
6:44 pm
wasn't 70% french, as she has thought all her life, she was around 60 years old, i think it was monday. anyway, she is 30% french, so i did my d.n.a., i will not tell you what happened, but it is mind-boggling to do it. you really want to know what you are, and people at your age -- i wish i had known when i was 29, but -- because for hundreds of people, i always told them what i thought i was, in a couple people thought i was wrong. it is quite amazing. it is very cheap. i'm not pushing any company, but for a youngster, like you are to me, you are all youngsters, do a d.n.a. my sun got it free for christmas. i wasn't going to do it, then he got mad at me, they did it on me five years ago. it was great. when you do your d.n.a., then you find out that so much more. that was it.
6:45 pm
thank you for the time. >> the suspense is killing me. >> i don't think that the city attorney -- let me tell you one thing. i think this will be okay. back up to the 16 hundreds to almost 1790, i was finished. i'm 1% finished. obviously nobody knew that. my ancestry went back into the early 18 hundreds, it's like the girl who is running for president who claimed she was all indian, right? on her bar exam when she took it, which is nice, anyway, she is like 128 indian. i am 1% finished so i can tell you that much, because nobody will hate me for that or like me for that, but the rest is even
6:46 pm
more fascinating. thank you. >> thanks for asking, i'm glad i got to share that. >> thank you very much. at this particular point, if there's no other commissioners at this item, i would like to report that myself and the commissioner cleveland did do a briefing to supervisor march agca office on february 10th and talk to the legislative aide i would also like to report to the commission that myself and other directors all visited supervisor peskin's office to clarify and understand and comprehend to make sure there's a court nation of terms of the reference of station 13, and the possible build up of that particular item. i would like to thank the chiefs and their invitation to their selves in terms of the chinatown
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parade, and the coordination department. there's approximately an estimated audience of at least 500,000 folks who come from throughout the day -- bay area. i also wanted to acknowledge the a.f.a. with its president, but most importantly, i wanted to acknowledge chief pays white to retires on may 4th -- chafe -- chief hayes-white. she does participate in this great appreciation in the chinatown parade as well. as a last point of information, i have, and we'll be talking to the commissioners. i have talked to the vice president, to commissioner cleveland about the importance of our budget advocacy that we should be trying to divide up among us five commissioners, the supervisors who are presently sitting as supervisors, some of
6:48 pm
us have a designated supervisors that we will visit an advocate. i have asked them to give us a briefing on information, as well as the chiefs in terms of e.m.s. six. as you recollect, we will stand fast with our budget, and not take cuts, but we also have a priority in terms of e.m.s. six with equipment and such. vice president covington, i believe you should take supervisor brown and supervisor walton, and myself will take supervisor haney. we did visit supervisor mar, but the rest of the supervisors that are presently sitting -- there is a time issue with this as well that we are all very aware of.
6:49 pm
there are so much priorities, but presently facing us is the budget issue as well. having said that, i will conclude the segment of the commission report. i will move on. madame secretary? >> item seven, agenda for next and future fire commission meetings. >> at this particular point, is there any public comment for terms of future fire commission meetings? public comment is close. on that, commissioners? >> i yield to the chief. i believe the chief had something to say. >> i'm not sure -- there was a memory of a retired member that passed away two nights ago. battalion battalion chief jack bogue. he -- his father was a renowned member of truck three as a captain and a well recognized and respected number. >> it is appropriate, chief.
6:50 pm
>> yes, thank you, mr. president. i would like to -- we had in our pocket general from the department which is the policy regarding animals on department property, i want to acknowledge and thank the public a k here today. it is not an easy thing. i would also like, i know we received several hundred e-mails to the commission office, and i would like this to be part of -- it was not included in the agenda today, because a lot of these can't be late and then we had e-mail issues, so i would like these to be part of the next agenda packet, acknowledge to us -- receive, as we deal with other correspondences back. also, as a future action item, as i had mentioned in the past, and to be more prompt about
6:51 pm
this, the incident out at fort princeton reminds us all of the importance of a safety, and i was working with president cleveland station on the sacrum cliffs resolution. i should have for you by the next meeting to be on the agenda as you deem. also, in regards to this order, and with respect to your support general order that we, a resolution that we passed back in october, i am going to propose -- let me first say that i believe in rules, and i believe in following rules, and i believe there is currently a rule in the department in regards to animals on the department. i believe that this rule, i think the filed code errors
6:52 pm
circle -- it ignores the fire department history, and i think that the policy itself is tone deaf when it comes to the issues that are actually facing this department from a peer support perspective. so i would ask the department to include a consideration of support animals in the future. support memorandum. but in the meantime, i am going to propose that we amend the file code, is the policy regarding animals on department property, merely to include, in addition to urban search and rescue canines, a peer support animal, and so i will draft that resolution and get that to you, mr. president, thank you. >> again, so i am straight on your suggestions, you are aware, you are talking about having the
6:53 pm
cliff rescue task force resolution prepared and up for discussion and possible action, possibly at the next commission meeting. >> yeah. the resolution was drafted a year and a half ago after we lost tori in june of 2017. i drafted it a month or two later. it is slightly different in that we would be recommending to the mayor's office to form the unit, but that drafting shouldn't take a while. i could get that to you shortly. >> you answered one of my questions because i was trying to comprehend the various entities of the department or other entities that would be involved. i know you mentioned the mayor's office. i know we talked about becoming a national component of that. i believe the coast guard would be involved. so all of those components would be checked off with and
6:54 pm
incorporated within the discussion resolution. >> yes. at the time of the incident, i went out and spend some time with the cliff rescue people. i met with the department afterwards once or twice. i can't remember exactly, but we did determine all of the different jurisdictions that touched the coast, at least in san francisco, and all of those jurisdictions are listed in the resolution. >> okay. as long as we are able to have a dialogue among the commissioners and be able to your resolution in terms of a really party discussion hearty discussion of comprehension, i also hear two different motions in terms of agendas. something in terms of a modification of the general order that we have, in terms of animals at the workplace, which is separate from what i am hearing, in terms appear support. is that correct, commissioner?
6:55 pm
>> is it separate from the peer support, yes. it may actually be in conjunction with -- consistent with the peer support unit, but i would like to do is amend the general order to allow the department to have a k-9 for peer support -- not a k9, and animal for peer support purposes. basically what we would be doing is saying to the department, we will change this policy and include a peer support animal, not saying you have to go out and buy one, but saying that when we received your copy of what a state-of-the-art support looks like, should it include an animal, which most departments, a lot of departments that have an animal for peer support purposes. i would imagine it would include an animal and that change will allow that. >> i needed a clarification on that because i thought you
6:56 pm
talking about two different action items. what i am hearing is an incorporation of one that is based around a rule with a possible policy change that you are looking at. i also assume the commissioners would be able to have a discussion in terms of what is currently out there, or whatever that means our because again, as we all know, there is a general order that is presently being applied to. thank you very much for that as well. commissioners? >> thank you, mr. president. just a couple of items. i would like to add to our future agenda, not necessarily the next meeting, but a resolution in support of the fire reserves, particularly as it pertains to there being -- being put into the academy classes, and special consideration should be given. i understand that we have rules
6:57 pm
of civil service and whatnot, but the idea that the men and women of the fire reserves are spending a heckuva lot of hours every day, every week, every month supporting our fire department, i believe they should to given some consideration. even though our resolution is a sense of what we are as a commission, and it has no legal binding power to circumvent anything regarding civil service rules and their qualifications through the process of being taking exams and having -- being interviewed and whatnot, still, i would like to see our commission pass a resolution in support of the fire reserves and commending them for their service and recommending them for serious consideration as future firefighters in the department. i would like to put that on a future agenda. >> okay.
6:58 pm
is there another item? >> i would like to have an update on our department strategic plan, which we worked very long and hard on several years ago, and i would like to see where we are as a department in terms of implementing that strategic plan. >> okay. >> i see two items you are suggesting an update on the strategic plan. we will leave it to the chief's office in terms of the appropriate nature of who will report and give that update. i also hear a possible resolution in terms of some efficacy of the fire reserves within the department. i'm assuming, i don't want to assume anything, that you would develop a resolution. >> i shall do that. >> in other words, you will take the lead on that discussion. as we all know, every resolution has a discretionary component to it before we go into a vote for resolution. >> thank you, mr. president. >> you're welcome. at this particular point, chief
6:59 pm
gonzalez, you asked us -- excuse me, to call for any public comment on the agenda. did i do that already? >> yes, you did. >> commissioners, before i go into adjournment and take a motion, chief gonzalez, you recommended that we had during this meeting in memory of jack bogue. i also would like to adjourn this meeting and the memory of the spirit of public defender jeff adachi. in terms of his advocacy, and his work that he has given as a public servant to san francisco. presently, there is a march that is occurring, or a vigil for the public defender that will conclude here at city hall. presently at this particular time, the japanese-american facility is doing a respectful memorial recognition as well, and as a part -- point of
7:00 pm
information, the city and county of san francisco will have an official memorial service, i believe, if service is the proper semantics, on monday, march the 4th at 11:00 am here at city hall. may i have a motion to adjourn? >> so moved. >> may i have a second? >> second. >> this meeting is adjourned. thank you.


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