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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  February 27, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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happened in book form for chances with those of the lessons that we have to learn to that we have to fight relentlessly in terms of serving those who are most most vulnerable the house i live in right now within a few bucks somehow tangi just to be a place where we play basketball when we were young people were became a shelter. the church became a shelter in the center to became a shelter for homeless families at one point in time these are the realities are now going in san francisco. the reality is that every metropolitan everything that you can go to you go into that you live in when i moved onto the street i live on. there was one. there was a family who worked for the post office of the family down the street who worked to the post office working people. there was another family across the street no those people got their care
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they have children could not replicate a duplicate the opportunity to that they had had when they were capable they could not duplicated replicate the opportunity to get my parents have to buy that. home by then home have that home in the security of home of just three rooms for seven people three bedrooms once one was at some points for seven people. we have to talk about that. what is our relationship and this is the question they will have to have beyond just the housing issue but other issues said what is our relationship to what is just what is our relationship i was doing simply doing a film called the last black man in san francisco was just at sundance right here. and i did what i could i forgot about the fact that some of those houses right in the west in addition belong to japanese families before
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they weren't you turned in 1943. we don't know we have to not understand that history saw what happened as it happened in los angeles as it happened in other urban areas on this west coast that those who are native cabinet those houses while others is our relationship only temporary. when we needed we were not needed them with disposed of we're abandon it. is that at the situation would not just only african-americans we see is was noted that the 6 percent. the population of out of african-americans in the city's on the 60 percent. put all people but people who are poor people are disadvantaged those people with the way the asian apply their dispensable so there's a kind of distance ability that that happens as a kind of way in which we had to figure out how do we live? and make this place live for all of us not beyond just the market permission when i
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worked in the mission depression with this vibrant community of men and women and language the common language said bonded together whether you from el salvador central america where are you from mexico. was a key with the strength to that and i remember all those book coming out there in seeing that being part of the mission hiring are being part of the missing cultural sit in all those things all those team. which embody embody people in who they are? their own identity their own history and their own possibilities of a future as well. you have to talk about that. that's good. larger context i wondered why i'm here. i'm here for the worked as she's done in leading this is leaving appealing the threat if we all know that we had no way you have to stand by her. if we had to command the civil war as well. and for all of us was
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really the man she does more than me. we do more you know what i say. so that's another thing but i want to thank you. it went coming out he has always we shot the film. part one company one location was right on the corner of palu in through it was right across the street from the office. my first office when i worked at a model since the summer of nineteen seventy one. and whether what will happen when it amazes me that it is i remembered those moments but i also what i remember most about that moment for genuine with the courage of passion the struggle of men and women in this community when i worked in it and i'll always remember that didn't always kept me i've learned so much in that process and hopefully hopefully i'd been able to raise some sunshine and let it shine somewhere else in the world and in this city in this country. thank you so much. applause good morning
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phones. i'm a little challenged by steps today thank you all for coming out. right along. my name is eric frown associate division director for housing immigration support services for charity this is one of the programs part i couldn't be more proud of that. i like the group introduce some the staff mexico's point rob k.j. erica. yeah let's see
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where ladies got no enemies here. such an honor to be here at this point in time i'd like to introduce you to one of our families who has come through the access point if they want to come forward until a little bit their story with this tonya this is the other here. the other three years in the house. who wants to talk for the family and fans really unbelievable to potentially think that our own facing each day that's going home. to is a true
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blessing. you have three folks. we are along very well mr. glover because it's game clergy we all appreciate you being here. there is a few more speakers along the way oh the person that we thank you very much. so what do i need to relinquish. i'm sure you can sing out a microphone and we're good to go. ok good afternoon. it is our great pleasure to be here today
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would have a representative from two of the gospel choir as a catholic churches in the city. sacred heart gospel choir is now over 45 years old maybe you will remember the followers sacred heart church. that was on fell and fillmore when that church was closed the members went to st. bernard parish that's on the page avenue we're also joined by members from the choir from st. paul with the shipwreck church which is down at the end of 30 streets james town and long with our lady of viewers church which is right over the hill it touches point we've got three catholic church is back. maintain the african-american musical tradition within the traditional catholic liturgy but he buried multicultural multi-ethnic congregations today and is dying crawl through the director of the same problem the shipwreck
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>> my apartment burned down 1.5
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years ago in noba. my name is leslie mccray, and i am in outside beauty sales. i have lived in this neighborhood since august of this year. after my fire in my apartment and losing everything, the red cross gave us a list of agencies in the city to reach out to and find out about various programs that could help us get back on our feet, and i signed up for the below market rate program, got my certificate, and started applying and won the housing lottery. this particular building was brand-new, and really, this is the one that i wanted out of everything i applied for. and i came to the open house here, and there were literally
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hundreds of people looking at the building. and i -- in my mind, i was, like, how am i ever going to possibly win this? and i did. and when you get that notice that you want, it's surreal, and you don't really believe it, and then it sinks in, yeah, i can have it, and i'm finally good to go; i can stay. my favorite thing about my home, although i miss the charm about the old victorian is everything is brand-new. it's beautiful. my kitchen is amazing. i've really started to enjoy cooking. i really love that we have a gym on-site. i work out four days a week, and it's beautiful working outlooking out over the courtyard that i get to look at. it was hard work to get to the other side, but it's well worth it. i'm super grateful to the mayor's office of housing for having this for us.
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okay don't trust me with a microphone but as a jon stewart has famously said i never met a mike i didn't like. so i am ready to get started. hi everybody. good morning. i'm jack gardner on president and ceo of the jon stewart company and on behalf of j.s. go on our development partners rich point nonprofit housing corporation and divining gong inc we are absolutely thrilled to welcome you to the grand opening of hunters view phase two. so yes. as to whether he would seem to be cooperating for the moment and so make sure you check out the downtown skyline views on your way out. or maybe you saw i'm already on the way in east bay is out over there. i used to say million dollar views but in san francisco julie more like 10 million dollar bill. so which we have reserved for some deserving
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low income residents of our community here at hunters view hunters view is the city's first host hope s.f. project to move forward and involves the revitalization of the old 267 unit hunters view housing complex. into an all new mixed income san francisco neighborhood with new infrastructure 1 4 1 replacement of the old housing units no displacement of residents new affordable and market rate units side by side multiple new parks and play areas. an extensive new community space part of which you're sitting in right now are community room in our new community center following our completion of phase one just down the road in 2013 which included a new infrastructure a new park and a hundred and seven units of affordable housing. phase 2 includes 15 million dollars in new infrastructure
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including new streets and sidewalks underground and utilities on the landscaping and a new many park just on the other side of the childcare centre and one hundred and seventy nine. new housing replacement and affordable tax credit units ranging from one to five bedroom units to meet the needs of our community. a new community center and a new mixed income childcare centre just across the way with the completion of phase two. we are proud to say that every resident of the original hunters view has now been rehoused fulfilling our promise that no household would be in voluntarily displaced by this revitalization effort so that any commitment and we're honoring applause but none of this would have been possible without the visionary leadership of our local elected officials including our first speaker she's a native san franciscan
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the former redevelopment agency and fire commissioner former president of the board of supervisors and a steadfast champion of affordable housing community development and a more equitable and just san francisco for all you know who i'm talking about. so it's my pleasure to bring up our very own mayor lyndon b. as i am just so excited to be here today. i just want to take us back because i want everyone to understand how significant this project is for the residents of this community. i grew up in housing in the western edition and when the housing developments were torn down about 300 units at plaza ease only two hundred units were built so it was clear that not every resident was going to return. and in fact so many never did. and here fast
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forward i ended up on the san francisco redevelopment agency commission and during a time when we were dealing with the shipyard and the revitalization of alice griffin ak double rock. and one of the things that i had expressed along with so many others that was so important. when we were looking at changing the face of housing revitalizing housing all over san francisco. we had to make sure that we didn't repeat the mistakes of the past. so providing an opportunity to allow residents to not be displaced and move out of san francisco and out of the communities that they spent their entire lives in was so critical to the success of moving these projects forward. task for when i became a member of the board of supervisors mayor ed lee was the mayor
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and the first conversation we have was my priorities he said. what's your priority. i said my three he said your top three priorities i said housing housing housing. we are going to change the face of housing in san francisco and this project is a shining example of what we can do when we do it right when we work together i lived in housing for over 20 years of my life some very similar conditions that existed. right here in hundreds view and when you have had to endure the kinds of conditions that existed in hunters view like they did in the past for over 20 years of your life and you are put in a position where you can help change that nothing would be more important? then tried to make sure that we change the future of what it means to be not necessarily a resident of housing but a resident of san francisco and
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so fulfilling as mayor lee would say old promises is important. making sure that this is a conversation that started way back in 2004 when gavin newsom was mayor trying to really make sure that we did this thing right and that we protect it. the people who deserved an opportunity to live in better conditions. this is a shining example of private community project done right. and i'm so honored to be mayor at this time celebrating this significant accomplishment a place that anyone would want to live anyone because again as someone who grew up in housing i remember so many people didn't even want to come to my neighborhood i remember when people didn't want to come to west point i remember the challenges that existed in this community.
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and we're going to change that. this is a first step. and there are so many people to think and making this possible. i want to start by thanking the residents. because as because the people who live here were skeptical. they were like wait a minute look at what you guys due to the western edition. we don't want any problems and the fact that the residents said ok we're going to take a chance and we're going to work with you and we're going to work with the city officials and we're going to trust you to do this thing right and we're going to hold you accountable. that means something. we made this possible because you trust it. our ability to make this thing work for you and so i want to thank each and every one of you i want to thank the mayor's office of housing and community development and
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kate hartley's here. it started with olson lee and those conversations in the commute the whole community rome and those were some tense conversations and so i want to thank. kate for her leadership the office of community investment in infrastructure and also where is theo theo is here. oh right there in the front video thank you so much for working with the residents you've become a fixture in this community and i know they all appreciate your work in your support on this project. i want to thank the california department of housing and community development for their investments thank you so much for supporting this project. you know it's difficult to get state money so it means a lot to have you here today. the developers of this project people i've worked with for so long that jon stewart company and i know john stewart is retired but he is still act kind of retire. not really okay well
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john thank you for not only supporting this project but the work that you've done all over the city. thank you all so much for your hard work. the baby hundreds point ymca they're going to be the providers and helping with services here and the san francisco department of health so that we could provide not only incredible facilities but we want to make sure we provide incredible services from our various nonprofit agencies and city departments and this wouldn't be possible without money right. so there's a lot of money involved in citibank and wells fargo. thank you so much for your commitment and supporting this incredible project. it really does take a village to make something like this incredible project happen and today is just really a day that i am so excited about a day that is no way overdue a long time
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coming. and so we are going to celebrate today yes but we are going to roll up our sleeves in this city and commit to making sure? that we rebuild and rehab every housing unit in the city and county of san francisco with over twenty six hundred housing units either replaced or rehab. we are well on our way. we are well our lives as and so no longer will this community feel neglected no longer will this community feel as though they're not getting the support the attention and the services that they deserve. as a part of san francisco and not only will i continue to provide that support as mayor but your new supervisor shimon walton will continue to lead this effort. so that this community has the support and representation that it deserves. your voices will
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continue to be heard at city hall because of your belief in our abilities to deliver for each and every one of you thank you everyone for all that you did to make this possible. as well thank you mayor for your unwavering support of affordable housing supportive services and ending homelessness in our city. most recently in the form of your proposed 300 million dollar bond which we are all in on and we're gonna get past. ok. for your comments reminded me that you know when gavin newsom spoke up here and look where he is now and governor brown was here a couple of years ago signing 15 housing bills in a historic signing ceremony down on phase 1 and so we have a habit of hosting current and future governors so no rush but i'm just sayin
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because i'd love to think that a future mayor of san francisco is here living here at hundreds view right now. so a launch pad for sure. so thank you so much for your support in your leadership. we're also very pleased to have our new district 10 supervisors sherman walton here with us today supervisor walton was elected in november of 2008 teens or a relatively new supervisor but another native san franciscan former resident of housing himself and a former president of the san francisco board of education. he has worked tirelessly to create opportunities for local education promote living wage employment jobs for our young people as a former executive director of young community developers why c.d. supervisor walton knows how important good housing and economic opportunities are for our community in our youth. therefore my sincere pleasure to introduce district 10 supervisor sharman walton as
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the morning that's about like that enthusiasm you know one. i just want everybody to give it up for san francisco. as much as i love san francisco district 10 is the place to be. so give it up for district team as as we talk about fulfilling promises as we talk about if you look at the beautiful housing that we now have here and as john said though he'd like to think that the future mayor. this city is living here and hundreds view and i don't know if we have a feature mayor living here in his view but i do know we have a current supervisor of district in that actually live right here in west point at 32 west point road and so it is my grandparents are smiling right now. to see
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what housing looks like now here and what i still have to think before i speak well we always will consider west point but what is now known as hundred view hundreds of you and it's just amazing to see all of the residents here. i know all of the work that has gone into this since. 2004 and since the development in the creation of hope isf wanting to fulfill dreams and promises going back to even which started at the federal government with the hope six work and everything in san francisco stepping up and saying we're going to make sure that we provide the resources to redevelop. our housing to make sure that the families that live in housing have buildings have facilities have a place that looks just as amazing as other housing here in san francisco and so we never want to forget that also just want to say that we have a lot of people who worked hard to make sure that this happened and i want us to all remember mama tessie as we
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live here as our children play here as our children attend the child care facility that is now here on site. we have to remember all the folks who worked very hard. as mayor bree talked about people not trusting the process people not trusting what was going to happen because of things that happened in other areas of the city and is promising. the one to one replacement saying that we would never let things that happened before happen again because we are going to work hard to make sure that we continue to fulfill promises so i want to remember testy in her honor i want to make sure that everyone remembers that name if you did not have an opportunity and experience to know her. a lot of our residents here i see. commissioner titus rosalie. i mean this is all of a collective of all of their work together mayor breed already think everyone who has done the work here or who will be providing services but i just want to say that this is a glamorous opportunity for us here in
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housing is a glamorous opportunity for us here in san francisco and please tell your neighbors your friends. the district tim really is the place to be. and that hope s.f. is going to be the most dramatic change and revitalization of housing that we've ever seen. and we're going to see it through together. thank you so much. applause well thank you very much for mentioning tessie esther because there is a definite connection here with our next speaker. and personal connection as well because when you talk about the process of meeting and building the trust yeah i was on the receiving end of that. so that's why i'm so glad here. i'm here for fulfilling these commitments. i'm really pleased to introduce our next speaker tyrrell tobias another native san franciscan
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in a long term hundreds view resident tyrrell on his son tyrrell junior who would be here but he's in school? he's got his priorities straight? moved into the first component of phase two a couple of years ago tyrrell not only lives in this beautiful complex but because of our focusing of employment opportunities through our contracting thousands and thousands of hours and job training and employment opportunities to residents of hundreds view itself and the surrounding neighborhoods he helped build this complex while working as an employee of evans brothers a local subcontractor that did demolition in sight work up here and as you mentioned his mother the late tessie esther well-known community leader who advocated tirelessly for bayview hunters point residents on housing environmental and social justice issues jesse's work helped form the vision of both the new hundreds view and the hope s.f. program itself and i can testify that
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she never shrink from reminding us of our commitments to hunters view its residents and the community latinos what i'm talking about so it's my pleasure to ask tyrrell tobias to come up and say a few words her out. applause good morning. trying to keep the energy that's the one came up here widow it is definitely an honor does he stand before you today i would definitely have my son here because i was i was just preaching to him about stepping outside your box and try new things and being in front of you guys today is a little nerve wracking but i wanted to lead by example for my son and i think that's very important. i just wrote a few words here today it's used me for being nervous but i'm excited nervous. applause
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what an honor it is to be stand before you today surely an honor to be speaking in front of our great mayor miss london breed. and all our city officials present to the staff of our hundreds of you office. ms. romano and all others involved. thank you for this opportunity for being so helpful and being an asset to our community. my name is to real tobias i've been a member of this community for many years making the transition from the old west point to our new surroundings i now live in the new hundreds view when my son to real tobias the second. i am also the sun miss tests yester who was an advocate community leader and matriarch for this community my mother started programs such as the mother's
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committee mothers against crime. bring in a san francisco food bank and being president of the tenants association as well as many others any chance i get to continue her legacy and lend a hand for community she loved so much i relish for the opportunity. and just like other influence your women from hundreds point missile louise westbrook osceola washington bertha freeman ruth williams and rosie lee williams also mr a religious walker i hope one day to have a street named after my mother here in hundreds view. like many we take great pride in our neighborhood. we want to see it flourish and be great i also had the pleasure of helping build a new hundreds view which i took great pride in as a construction worker.
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i've been a construction for eight years now starting right here in hundreds view and i want to say thank you to miss the team a home as many of us many of the programs that were promised to us ashley came through and it's a great opportunities because i've been able to make a career for myself and provide for my son and just be an example to so many people in the neighborhood that if given the opportunity. you could take advantage of these things and do great things and continuous so thank you guys for that opportunity as the hunters view community is filled with talented and ambitious people. sometimes we just need the opportunity to show just that during our transition. we've seen some bad days lost a lot of people but we still stand under better conditions. we still press on in our very brow
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proud to continue to build our community we can all live together in help this community flourish for our children and youth following us i thank you for your time and no other programs such as mary breeds and term program for our youth given them dreams beyond their imagination it's a great thing again thank you. and welcome to the new hundreds applause so should we just end there. i mean you know now i'm nervous excited. i got to follow that. okay it was hard enough with the mayor in this how. come on. all right. but you know tessa hester lane you know that's gonna ring to it. i'm like exchanging glances with my project manager over there and she's like note to self
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well well said well done and congratulations to all absolutely fantastic well ok so after political leadership and resident advocacy and construction what else does it take to make a brand new mixed income community a reality well that's right money lots and lots of money. the foundation of our financing plan was and has always been the one hundred million dollars plus provided collectively by the san francisco mayor's office of housing and community development the office of community investment in infrastructure and the san francisco housing authority. the housing authority still owning the land under the structures and providing rent subsidies to many of our residents so i just want to take a quick moment to say thank you and a shout out to the staff and the commissioners the leadership president trays lady of those fine agencies who have just been
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marvelous partners two j.s. ceo divining gong enrich point nonprofit housing during this long term effort. you know we could not have kept the promises and commitments we made to the community and the residents without their ongoing financial support these local dollars that i mentioned then leveraged additional and private funding sources many times over the first of which is represented by our friend and colleague ben metcalf a former affordable housing developer himself former high level hud official in washington d.c. and currently the director of the california state department of housing and community development hdd you're going to mention this but has provided over 50 million dollars in state funding to hunters view including the catalytic 30 million dollar infill infrastructure grant. that kicked it all off. many years ago two multi-family housing program loans and key money for our parks and with last
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year's passage of proposition is one and two at the state level in the six billion dollars of new affordable housing finance i know you're gonna keep it coming ben. so come on up and tell us about it. yeah. applause so you have a lot of the last time i was here in fact was 17 months ago when governor then governor brown and legislative leadership stood out there with the 10 multimillion dollar views. and signed in a package of 15 groundbreaking new pieces of legislation that promised a really a restart in the state's commitment to supporting projects like these and led the way for the proposition is one and two which recapitalize the sources that we had used for this project that put in place a new permanent source of affordable housing going directly to our local governments that helps make it easier just to build and zone and a title this kind of complicated housing so what a difference. you know two years has made in terms of where we are now today of
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course with a new governor whoo said yes great housing package good but let's keep going and you know campaigned on housing platform didn't miss a beat. god inaugurated on a monday dropped a proposal on a thursday the legislature calling for two point three billion more dollars. for the state to put forward at one time funds followed that up. a week later with a lawsuit against the city to wear down in southern california that wasn't doing its part followed that up with an executive order calling for state agencies and departments to scrape all their surplus lands put them into play for affordable housing. and much more. yeah of course it's no surprise that he you know this this governor. well he vittoria famously i think a couple of weeks into his term in mayor got all of the city department heads in a van and sent them all down right here to sort of show them make make sure they knew work that hard to get done and although that was a long time ago and a long time before the great
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work mayor lee and you madam mayor. even then made sure that when they walked away from that first trip. they were also making sure that they had some improvements in place and they were doing the work just to make sure this building community was livable until the good work of this could actually come come come to play. so yes. so thank you too do you jack. thank you to the elected leadership here to you met a mayor for your incredible leadership and you're passionate work in this supervisor walton mr. tobias thank you as well for all the residents who who kept the faith in this journey rich point dividing gong and also i want to really call out. margaret wherever she is there margaret as margaret my my friend and colleague as we were side by side 10 15 years ago working on parallel projects telling me what she was doing and me thinking boy
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that's she got the short straw in terms of trying to put together a complicated project that would never get done but she pulled that off. and i want to say personally also i worked here in san francisco's developer but at a certain point got began to get that each began to feel like we needed to get in. i needed to get into government to try and make government work better for supporting projects like these. and i want to tell you it actually was yeah tyler should be the kind of work that margaret was doing here. and jon stewart companies doing the city's every school was doing the sort of painted the way for folks at hud in the federal government to try and make this more of the normal and led to the choice neighborhoods program and the rental assistance demonstration some of that some of the items like got to work and assist on under the leadership of folks like shaun donovan carol galante when she was over there. and so for me to get to come back and see this. and to be a part of this is a real treat and a real honor and i just thank you for letting me share in this a little bit you know this is mixed income housing at its best. this is putting residents first in that process at its best. and it's
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the truest kind of private partnership that any of us get to participate in where everybody comes together and puts down marks and works collaboratively we did put this is one of the largest investment and say a california has ever made on any project anywhere. and it's one of those no regrets moves from the state of california yeah there might have been some of the things we could've done with that money but nothing that's gonna paint the way and be the symbol of where we want to go in the future in particular where we can go in the future as our elected leadership up in sacramento get serious about taking on affordable housing taking on the challenges of legacy housing and some of our neighborhoods that need that holistic approach to changing the trajectory for the folks who live in these in these neighborhoods so for san francisco for california and if i may say so for the nation as the collective us continue our quest provide housing for all thank you for the great work. everybody in this room has done to paint
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the way forward for the next generation of big bold transformative projects that we take on applause well and you think margaret already so i don't have to do that. ok. appreciate so in addition to local and state funding keep piece of our financing clan here at hundreds view was corporate equity provided in return for low income housing tax credits for that we turn to a long term financial institution well-known to us all. wells fargo bank wells invested almost 65 million dollars in tax credit equity here in phase through the three buildings of phase two. for which we are very grateful my pleasure to introduce senior v.p. and regional equity manager for wells fargo tim mccann applause thank you very much for allowing me to present today. this is phenomenal
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event with great speakers and there's a lot of people in here someday gonna get lifetime achievement the words for affordable housing so i feel like i don't belong here i wanted everybody to take a deep breath and lower the bar. doors because i that everybody has spoken extremely well and i'm not going to do it justice. but i my name's to mccann i worked for wells fargo and like jack said i lead light tech investment in california and were the investor as jack said in hundreds of you phase two which in my mind is two projects maybe it's three baby it's 10. i'm not quite sure and so i cannot be happier or more proud to be a partner not only with jon stewart and dividing gong but with everybody in the room providing the 65 million dollar investment that helped to build this and also the i just want to point out the sixty five billion dollar investment. i'm sure many of you. some of you do and some of you don't know how the lighter program works but
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the 65 million dollars that wells fargo invest in the property. it's a subsidize program but that's 65 million dollars stays with hundreds of you. to for the rest of eternity. it's not alone. we don't get paid back with by rants it's a little more complicated than that but that 65 million dollars stays with the property and 15 years from now you say goodbye that sixty five million dollars stays here so we're excited to be an investor. and in punters view and for eternity. sort of. so i'm part of a group called the community lending investment of wells fargo and what we did about 10 years ago during the great recession is that we formed a group that was consistent with wells fargo's idea to support the communities in which we serve. the communities where we are banks and we do business? we think it's really important that those communities thrive and we want to be part of providing capital fruit for
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those businesses and affordable housing. so what we i lost my train of thought. told you this is going to be a low bar so how we accomplish that investing in affordable housing is we we partner with really great partners like divided gong and jon stewart companies and we invest that capitals of the league can realize their vision. and we and we work with the local communities like the california department of housing and community development and the mayor's office of housing to make sure that they can meet their goals so we provide the capital to make sure that everybody can accomplish their goals and realize their vision. i want to thank all our partners at jon stewart and company. i want to thank. john stewart. i didn't really work with but i know you're the patriarch there and jack gardner margaret i always once they margaret mitchell but you didn't write that book margaret miller. and and
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catherine that's all. dividing going i want to thank rick divine and andrew berman and generally and i want to thank everybody in the room for being a supporter of affordable housing and i want to thank everyone for allowing us to partner with you and be part of this about. thank you as i'm taking a lot of notes ok no repayment of wells fargo. okay good well we'll let the federal government give you a tax credits and stuff too. i'm okay. that works for me. so anyway and it's too limited partnerships building three buildings. of the five blocks that are part of phase 2 but we'll geek out on that later. we're just going to keep it on track here. the last but not least of our financing came from another major community development lender city community capital. which provided over 100 million nobody's adding up all these dollars because then you're gonna be like how
8:50 pm
much of this thing cost. ok. anyway provided over one hundred million dollars in construction loans and over 8 million dollars in long term financing for hunters view. in fact over the years city has provided almost two hundred and fifty million dollars in financing in support of the jon stewart companies affordable housing efforts throughout the state of california for which we are very appreciative. we appreciate city community capitals confidence and trust and i am pleased to introduced v.p. andrew nathan son to say a few words for city apparently applause good morning everybody i know i know everyone's probably eager to get to the refreshments i'll try to keep this keep my comments brief. it is a real pleasure to be here today with everyone. to celebrate with jon stewart divining gong the city of san francisco the state rich point but most importantly the residents and
8:51 pm
community of hundreds of you and hundreds point. as we mark this milestone in the development the ongoing development of a neighborhood that was historically overlooked and you know jack does point out the oh you know that the numbers do add up. but really that's in part a result of underinvestment for a long period of time. and so i think the investments that we've all made are certainly worth it and and the beautiful community that we're seeing built here. we. there's absolutely no second thoughts or or the investments are are totally worth it. so on behalf of my colleagues at citibank i want to share with you how proud we are to have participated in this project and help finance. this very important project city
8:52 pm
community capital is the community development lending and investing arm of citibank like wells fargo we are committed to providing investments across all of the communities in which we do business. and we provide capital for affordable housing projects such as this helping individuals access safe clean housing. that helps helps them fulfill all their goals in their in their life you know i think i would also just like to recognize the huge amount of of effort diligence probably some cajoling long term thinking. sure short term urgency that it took on the development teams part. elected officials everybody involved to bring this project to fruition and bring it to where it is today. so again on behalf of
8:53 pm
citibank i want to thank everybody and congratulate everybody the residents on this beautiful new. community about yourself don't repay city. oh no way that was swells okay. you're gonna keep that straight. my bad. but it does take us when the immortal words of fdr be sincere be brief. be seated. i'm going to try. but just for a moment it reminded me when we were talking about gavin newsom calling up the department heads and come out and take a look at the four corners you know the for corner analysis of looking at the data that said what are some of the most troubled intersections in our city and a bunch of them were in the southeastern sector of the city and one of them was right outside and that's what led to mayor news then mayor newsom prioritizing hunters view. as the first locally sort of home grown housing
8:54 pm
redevelopment every housing redevelopment prior to that had been done with federal hope six dollars and mayor newsom said you know ok. we're not that popular in washington right now not sure we're gonna be seeing a lot of hope six dollars flowing to san francisco so it. we're gonna do it ourselves. we're gonna make a local commitment to turning around the most troubled and blighted housing complexes in san francisco even if we have to do it ourselves. now that decision led to the creation of hope s.f. which was a brand new approach to housing redevelopment because in many hope six projects across the nation. you know in the in the interests of creating a mixed income communities it meant the displacement of the existing residents and you know well-intentioned and some most hopefully cases. but you know take a voucher go somewhere lead it lead a new life now in san francisco we said no no. these are established communities we're not going down the wrong road
8:55 pm
of urban renewal that the mayor mentioned earlier a western edition fillmore etc. we are going to preserve that community displaced. no one. we're going to harness the value of that land to help pay for this ambitious endeavor by increasing some density and instead of sending the poor folks out to the higher income communities will allow those higher income households to come to hunters view. and invest in this community and create a new mixed income community what our master planning architect dan solomon calls a normative san francisco neighborhood where people of all colors all incomes all ages all abilities all backgrounds live side by side and it makes san francisco a truly special place so we are so pleased and honored to be part of that journey and to be with you here today. i know he departed from the script they're a little bit but that's that's from the heart. that's what it's
8:56 pm
about. and i'm just really proud to be part of this team in this group of people who've made that happen. so let me just say thank you to all the distinguished speakers here today into all the many people companies and agencies that have contributed their time their energy their hard work their money to the new hundreds view i wish we had time to recognize and thank them all. by name but time is short. and as andrew said i want to let you take some tours of the community center the childcare centre. look at the views have some refreshments chat and mingle i've name just a few really quickly here. first are founder and our namesake jon stewart. i just want to say thank you to john for the opportunity to work if you had to carry your vision forward of high quality double bottom line mixed income communities to our tireless staff margaret's already been mentioned well done margaret. you came on. again with us 15 years first thing i said was there's this hunters view thing. could you take care of it. call me for
8:57 pm
the ribbon cutting. who knew so but catherine its soldiers are project manager who's been doing face to really in the face of jon stewart company up here you know development is great but at last. even as long as this seemed to take. it's a 5 or 10 year process and then you turn it over to property management for the rest of forever and that's where the real work begins in many ways when you're building and then supporting that community and so i just want to shout out to our property management staff to knees and romina and the others that are up here every day and a chinese sort of hiding outside my partner dan who made sure everything was built up properly so a couple of our main consultants i just want to say thank you to our master planning architects methuen solomon or phase two architects david baker architects and paul at taggart our general contractors who did a fabulous job appear market rate quality durability
8:58 pm
beautiful cahill contractors and maybe brothers well done to them. our legal counsel lubin olson and i can't pronounce the third name of that firm are wellness center operator make sure you check it out the department of health. they're down there helping with wellness here in our community are childcare operator a local. operator and provider and employing many of our residents already friend dell job well done. our human capital partner though the baby ymca i'm on the board of the east bay why so it's a family connection. i'm really excited to be working with them. you all have done an amazing job designing building and bringing this beautiful new neighborhood to life. thank you all so very very much and thank you to all of you for being here today to celebrate with us concludes our program but i do urge you to grab a sandwich mixed mingle take a look at the site and just thank you and congratulations
8:59 pm
to all. thank you so much.
9:00 pm
>> chair fewer: the meeting will come to order. i am supervisor sandra fewer, the chair of the budget and finance committee. this is the february 27, 2019 meeting. madam clerk, are there any


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