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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  February 28, 2019 1:00am-2:01am PST

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first phase. and right behind it there is the treasure island chapel that we did numerous wedding ceremonies pickett also closed in 2016. the mansion was the home of many events. we had at least to a small events company for four years while they did small weddings on the lawn and receptions inside the building. the bay bridge ramps project, combined with constant construction on the island really makes it, not viable, quite noisy over there, but the facility still stands. and of course, next to there, we had pavilion by the bay, which
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was constructed in 2009, in conjunction with one of our tenants, wind valley catering, and numerous social and incorporated events happened at that facility. it was about 86600 square-foot facility. is a semi- permitted tent, and that was deconstructed and removed, at the same time in 2016. we have had the conference centre which was a variety of iterations in the past few years. it was a treasure island event venue with the oasis café, most recently done a lot of -- and currently the location of a processing facility for some of the rock and pavement that's being removed from various parts of the island. we still do have a couple of commercial tenants in the
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facility. come butch is made in the kitchen. we have a tea company in there, but it is no longer viable for events. that is a photo of the administration building. there is a lobby dressed up for the event. we still have the ability to do events in the lobby, primarily weekend events. we do not have the ability that we used to of displacing our tenant parking to the chapel lot , which is no longer available to us, but we do still do events in building one a lobby. we have done some filming there, and we plan to continue to do that. that brings us to the great lawn , and i have given you a before and after shots of what the great lawn used to look like. it was about 4 acres of open space, many corporate and social
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events happen to there . it has the iconic views of the city that everybody loves, and we still have the same views. it was probably a little less than half the size now. currently managed by a restaurant, and they still promote events they are. there is a photo of circus bella that just wrapped up on the great along last january. so still a viable event venue. a little bit of a tougher cell due to the construction that is happening all around it, but still alive, so to speak,. oracle open world appreciation event happened on the island for about ten years. that was the big concert every year that happened in conjunction with oracle open world. they brought over about 25,000 of their attendees, and about 200-250 buses, and you can see the map of the event. the red line indicates the fence
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line that the event would erect, so that entire area was restricted for about six weeks from load in to load out, and the challenge with the event, and the reason it ended is really from a transportation standpoint, you need a smooth path of travel to circulate all those buses in order to prevent major traffic issues on the island, and with the closure, it really became difficult to do, so they have relocated the events to oracle park, which was formally at&t park. i guess it is apt in its current location. for years, we had the san francisco international dragon boat festival, and the closed
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caption kind of obscures the footprint. this probably drew the most people to the island over the years. probably about 50,000 folks over the weekend it was a two day event, but it did not start out that way, it definitely built to that. besides clipper cove, the main event area was that area that was the parking lot between building 180 and hangar two. as you know, building 180 was deconstructed a couple of years ago, and that parking lot is no longer available to us. that is a construction area now. they will be getting ready to go through their with geo- traffic and no -- geotechnical improvements in that area. and again, traffic was the issue with all those cars, and the current road configuration really prevents us from safely putting on that event, so it is a lack of space, as well as a
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lack of roadway to manage all those cars safely on and off the island. of course, there was the treasure island music festival, which happened for nine years on the great lawn, the last year in 2016, we relocated it to the southeast corner of the island, and again, when the music festival was conceived, i would say 90 to 95% of visitors came over on private motorcoach so the event producer engaged, but with the advent of rideshare, it really shifted, and it became another traffic management issue. when you have that many cars coming on and off the island, you need to be able to route them and circulate them in a way
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that doesn't impacts traffic, inconvenienced the residence -- residence and creates safety issues. that really became the dealbreaker for the event with development. treasure festival, formerly treasure island flea market has been an ongoing event since 2011. you may remember it started on the great lawn. we successfully relocated the event to the east side of the island, primarily on avenue n., that event has really grown as well, and that's one that we are really committed to maintaining because the traffic impacts are manageable. it is an event where people sort of flow on and off the island during the day, and although they attract 2500, 3,000 people
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a day, there is ample parking, and with the implementation of a solid traffic management plan, we are able to safely, and pretty quickly get those cars on and off the island. we are looking at alternate locations, and alternate designs of the event as we get further into development with the work that's proposed on avenue n., but that's an event that we are committed to maintaining, just as long as we can. we also still have the ability to get creative with some of our space, most recently, we have the college football at half-time championship concert. there's a couple of snaps from there, and on the picture on the left where the crowd is, that is actually ninth street, and the stage was set up. we are able to use the closed portion of roadway to create
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this venue where they did the half-time broadcast for the football game, and that was seen by just about 30 million people, so that was some creative use and -- of space, and we will continue to determine ways to keep the island activated in a violent -- and a viable event venue. we have some commercial tenants who still promote their four events. they continue to a great lawn. they do events within their facility, as well as next to their facility on the lawn, which they manage. one area s.f. has found their home in that building, and they still do events in that facility, as well as some of the winery collective outlets that they manage on the island. and then a café, located in the old school building 33 promotes
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events as well. they are all fairly successful at doing that. with that, i'm happy to answer any questions. >> thank you so much for this presentation, because the previous conversation -- yes, we do have a lot of questions for you. >> yes, hello. this is a really grateful -- great way for you to turn -- pull it all together to show the types of events we have had it treasure island historically. and many of the event spaces that we did have have now been decommissioned because of the construction work that we will have. have we done an analysis on where these events might occur, large events in the new master plan that we have for treasure island, where there'll -- will
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there be spaces that will allow for the large gatherings that we've had in the past? >> i believe there will be spaces, particularly the waterfront park. it looks to me like a great location for events. there maybe some additional hurdles or hoops to jump through in order to do those events, such as with the c.d.c. and getting permitting within a certain area of the waterway, but i think there are opportunities for events to be promoted in those areas. we have not done a formal analysis on them, but that is something we will be looking at. >> as we go forward, especially if we plan our operations and income-generating ideas, event planning and where those events might occur becomes very important. can you tell us, for instance,
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when we did not start construction yet, in the years where he had the most events available, what was the income that we would get? >> probably just shy of $600,000 a year. >> i would like to ask, $600,000 a year, and what is now, this coming year, what will be the forecast, given the fact that we've started construction? >> we're going to the budget process now, and we anticipate where the revenues, probably about $250,000 a year in revenue. >> so it has dropped by more than half. >> it certainly has. >> thank you.
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>> again, this is really great. here are my suggestions. when fully built, there is no question that treasure island would eclipse the san francisco mainland, so we have a tremendous opportunity here to begin to be very proactive, and what you've given us here is really great to show where we have come from, and where we are going, and where we are going is going to be very complex, and very creative. we have the blessing, treasure island, also to benefit from san francisco tourism promotion. yes, we will have our own specific plan when we engage in the income-generating exercise. what it is, what is the division that we have for treasure island, but what i'm saying here is we also need to begin to pull
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san francisco tourism to begin to market treasure island. when you come out with the san francisco airport, at the international terminal, you should be able to see something on treasure island there. it might say works in progress, and all the beautiful drawings and plans that we have, it should be here, in new york. we should have something in there to say that in san francisco -- i mean, this is the time to start doing everything now, and if you work very closely with the san francisco tourism, we know that these folks advertise all over the world. they advertise all over there, they have a budget, and also, they begin working with the hotel industry, all these conventions. sometime some of these big attractions that are going to happen, for instance in 2021,
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2022 that planning has started right now, and that is how you go about. because all of the other cities in the world are vying for this now, and so you talk about the medical coal -- medical, convention, this is just a hypothetical. you have to begin now. we are supposed to make treasure island the number 1 attraction to compete with everybody. we will even be competing with the san francisco mainland. we need to start right now. your department, now is the time to look at your budget, and to begin all these exercises, and some of these things, historically that you have mentioned, for instance, we know that the wedding shop, or whatever, right now, but it needs to be moved somewhere. it still has some useful opportunities for us to be able to incorporate past or use of that facility, and to the future
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here. so the income generating exercise must have a comprehensive program, and that is where we are right now. we need to begin, not even waiting for the next whoever is going to be on the board to, but we need to help them develop the infrastructure that s., here, that we have at least embarked on a walkable exercise, that we can present to everybody in the city, this is how much we will need to. why am i saying that? it is just like the enterprise agencies. in order for them to become a full-fledged enterprise, sometimes they depend on the city for money, the airport, p.u.c., the ports of san francisco, they are the same. they are self-sufficient. but in order to be self-sufficient, they have dilapidated peers, they have water infrastructure p.u.c., what have they done plot they went to the city and said, we know where we are going.
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if you can help us to do this and all of that, this is where it will benefit everybody. san francisco proper is going to benefit from treasure island, so this exercise must begin now where we have supervisors and the mayor, and everybody, so at least they know that us here, are leading everybody into what treasure island's future will become. >> thank you. i am realizing, i didn't completely answer your question on revenues. historically, hangar three, we used for events, and currently have large forces promotional -- commercially least. in whatever cases we can, we look to those former event locations, and repurpose them in terms of commercial leasing, and in that particular case, we have more than made up for lost revenue on events in terms of commercial leasing revenue that we have been able to create. >> okay.
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go ahead. >> thank you. i think it's interesting to see all the list of past available venues, but i think what would be more relevant to this conversation is to see currently which locations are still anticipated to be a future event venues, just like more clearly seeing that, and to commissioner richardson's point about tracking it forward, what is your work program anticipating in terms of types of events, and just keeping us informed about whether or not some of these decommissioned events, or venues, maybe coming back online. for example, the whole dragon boat racing thing, i think i've heard a variety of competing anecdotes about it.
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i think some people have told me that the organizers don't actually want to come back, some have said that they actually do, so maybe some updates on that front would be helpful, and then in terms of one of the still ongoing events on highlands, is the flea markets. when are we expecting -- are we expecting to be able to continue at -- the flea market through all of construction? >> i don't know that we would be able to continue through all of the construction, but as we speak, we are working on ways to continue for the next several years, anyway. for example, there is some gas line work that will happen on avenue n., so we are working on ways we can refigure the market to use other areas in the proximity of the flea market now there maybe some opportunities
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for the flea market in some of the new open space. just because of the nature of that event, it is one that we can -- the producers can be flexible, and they want to be flexible, and it's been a great relationship. that's when we will look to continue just as long as possible. >> i can appreciate that. until we have delivered the open spaces, is probably difficult to have some these conversations with event organizers, because they probably want to see what it is like. as much as you can, if you can tell us where we are in the current time, and what you expect in the future in terms of available venues and events, and then i think there's also this officer's building near clipper curve at -- near clipper cove. is that a venue for events? >> a few years ago, we relocated quarter ten to the top of clipper cove. they are on top of the causeway.
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that facility hasn't been programmed yet. it is not occupied. we expect it once the causeway was completed that we will actively lease that building, and there's definitely been some discussion of that being moreau at -- more of a food and beverage outlets. it is not terribly large. i don't know if events are in the cards. that may be what you are a for -- referring to. >> i think it is. one last comment, i want to say that we do appreciate the work that you are doing because beyond just revenue generation, creating events on the written on the venue is really important to the vibrancy of the island, and also bringing in the cultural aspects onto the island, and allowing people to enjoy it, and sort of for the island to stay relevant even though we are going through this massive reconstruction. thank you. >> thank you speak to her. >> thank you. >> i did have one question about
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the international dragon boat festival. because of the events here, it drew the most people to the islands island. it was obviously very popular. i am just wondering, as we go forward with our plan for treasure island, is there the opportunity for something like a boat festival, for teams to be the great use of the maritime venue that we have, as well as the land area that is next to the water, that allows for something like the dragon boat festival to occur. is that something that we can attract again once we have gone through construction? >> quite possibly, whether it is a san francisco international dragon boat festival, or another festival, or working in conjunction with the treasure island sailing centre, clipper
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cove will still be viable, will still attract people even with the marine expansion. i fully expect to continue to do events out there. i know the sailing centre still does events, and perhaps i should have talked about the sailing centre a little bit as well. they have some regatta events coming up, some of the high schools have teams, and they are always doing races out there when they are in season. i expect we will be able to do some things out there, whether it it's the dragon boat festival or not remains to be seen, but we are interested in exploring all options. >> thank you. >> thank you, again for bringing this. the timing is extremely great, and very important. and we thank you for your excellent work in bringing the event. the successful and emerging trend is having all these multiple -- multicultural events
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throughout the country, throughout the world, and i mentioned again, something very important. when can we begin the dialogue with the san francisco tourism and all of this with the airport to quiet even right now, they are starting things again that i want to emphasize. we can pursue this right now. i just mentioned we own the airport, i mean millions of people passed through san francisco airport his. we know the officials down there, i think we need to embark on getting their own marketing going, and having a dialogue with the airport now. go there so we can select some spaces for when you come out of the international terminal, or in the domestic, we have treasure islands they are, and we keep generating, in all of this other stuff, let them see the landscape and the wonders we are generating here. let them see the vision for the
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architecture. we are definitely going to have hotels in there, we can begin to do that right now. san francisco, they also have some of these theaters. want to go to the theatre, they have some of these in there, they have the movie houses, why can't we utilize that, they don't need the commercials, they just say treasure island, works in progress. there are many activities we can do, and again, i like to cut through your department, initiate that right now. we can have the tourism come to this commission, and we tell them out of the budget, you need to start filming some video. if we don't tell them, they won't do it. so these are just suggestions. please, take them, and help us to put substance into all of this, and creativity, and this
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is the year to begin putting all the pieces together. thank you for your great work. commissioners, any further questions or comments? none. >> i just wanted to wrap up. i mentioned that jack also -- we have other events that are nonrevenue events on the island, particularly fleet week, the 4th of july, and new year's, which also -- always draw large numbers of visitors to the island. jack manages the logistics around those as well. and i just thought that in terms of looking to the future and some of the historical events in the future, i think, particularly for an event like the oracle world events, and some of the larger events, the two big impacts that will be
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more challenging when we have 20,000 residents on the island are as jack mentioned, the logistics of bringing the number of visitors to the island, obviously we will have better transit in the future, but to the extent that people are trying to come to the island via card or, whether that's their own car or an uber type of vehicle, those are big challenges to manage, but also for -- jack show to the area of the islands that was impacted. that project, best -- that event had an extended build in build out. it was impacting all of the roadways on that side of the island for a six week period, and that type of an event that has an extended load in and load out would be much, much more challenging in the future. the music festival had a more
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compressed load unit load out period, and we will have city side park in the future, but city side part, while it has a large amount of open space, it won't have that 4-acre lawn that the great lawn provided. and so it may be looking at events that may draw a similar number of people, but could be broken up into multiple venues in individual blocks of the city side park. the other thing is, as we go forward, the recreation fields on the island need some definition. in all of our images, they are depicted as for baseball diamonds, but the open space plan calls for us to configure those as multiuse spaces that could support soccer or gaelic football, or other types of programs.
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as that space is designed, and may have the flexibility as well, subject to other programming to accommodate a larger gathering of people. those are things we will continue to explore as we move forward. >> goods. thank you. >> thank you. >> we have gotten to the end of the next item, discussions of future agenda. >> item number 7 is discussion of future agenda items by directors. >> yes, i have. there was a chronicle article, as you know about the petra tech and its operations and testing in hunter's point, and the question of whether treasure island is the same company, and is the same people, and whether the results need to be looked at
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again. i think this is something which is something where we cannot fail. we have to have absolute assurance that the island is safe for the people who are going to be living there and playing their, and in some ways, because we have not evolved in constructing the housing, this is the time to do it, not after any future housing, or parks are built. would you perhaps comment on some of the articles' points, and also discuss what the staff and the navy are planning to do in terms of responding to some
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of the accusations that have been made. >> yeah, i can speak to some of the questions that were raised by the authors of the article and some of the work that the division that was involved in the problems that hunter's point has done on the island. at their more recent -- more recent work on the island was only done in 2017, where they decommissioned some groundwater investigation unit monitoring wells, so this was not a cleanup project, per se, but the removal of and backfill of ground floor -- groundwater monitoring was. that is not work that would have a direct impact on the cleanup or the suitability and transfer of property.
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they did have work that they were involved in on the islands that included radiological work. some of that work, for instance, they did scoping surveys for building 233, is part of the navy's cleanup, building 233, that was mentioned in this morning's article. this was a location in the 1950s, where the navy, there was a medium containing vial that was broken in that building. that building, in its entirety, and the drain lines from that building were demolished and removed by the navy, and handled as low-level radioactive waste, so to any concern that there work on that project, all of the
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areas that they surveyed have been demolished, removed, and handled as low-level radiological waste. there's not really a concern that any mischaracterization of their survey work led to a lesser standard of caution or care. another area where they were involved was in the scanning of two buildings that were slated for demolition. these buildings, i don't have the exact address is in my head, but they are within one of the solid waste disposal areas, so they are within a radio logically contained area where the navy continues to do work, and so again, that area is the subject of ongoing work in further investigation. another area that they were
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involved in was the removal of some radiological items that were identified by the california department of public health, in this case, they were directed to come and perform specific excavations in a particular location. so again, there is not a concern that they failed or would have misrepresented their activities in that location. so i can plan to speak on this and present further at a future meeting, or invite the navy to do so, but at this time, based on our review of the projects that they performed on the island and the navy's review,
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there haven't been any red flags that have come up for us. >> thank you. any discussion for future agenda items squat that is where we are so we can engage. >> i think, just building off of that topic, this is sort of something i had noted to myself to bring up as well. i think in your future report on the situation, i think it's really important to also help us understand further why independent testing would not be necessary, and i thank you started explaining that, but i think if you can provide a more comprehensive response to that, it would just help everyone understand why the treasure island situation is different than hunter's point, because it seems clear that the city is now saying, for the hunter's point shipyard project, independent
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testing, including experts from ucsf and berkeley are going to be necessary. so i'm just curious as to why, for treasure island that is different, where it seems like there as overlapping players on that side. i'd appreciate a response to that 80 future date, another thing that i think i would like to bring up again is a couple of hearings ago, the question around -- >> yeah. >> sorry. >> to the agenda, yes. >> okay. another thing that i think we need to bring back up is the question of the toll and the consequences of if the city elected officials were to go down this path of selecting a different alternative than what has always been planned, a webs the legal ramifications may be,
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or the developmental ramifications, just so that everyone in the community can understand that the use are not lights decisions, and that we need to be very well informed of the consequences of if we were to choose a different path, and i'm sure this is on a future agenda already, but if we could just get some clarity around the status of the housing delivery on the island, i think you would mention that you would bring that, especially the lot to us relatively soon, so i'm looking forward to that. thank you. >> thank you, again. this item is for future items on the agenda. i think for the public, before we had during this meeting, in the boarding rests on the regulators, so the history of
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the cleanup in this country, given the fact that they are -- there are several military bases that have been cleaned, so we will ship the bird into the people who are to the navy, to the regulators, the department of toxic substance and control, the california environmental protection agency, the u.s. e.p.a., and all the other regulatory agencies is for them to reconvene and get advisors here, and what is going on. there are protocols involved. so that is that. i just want to capture the use, based on the discussions we have had today on discussion of future agenda items, i think what i heard the commissioner say, what our interests are, moving forward, is that with regards to the parks and maintenance, we would like to have a framework of the future
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administration of that, and the entity that we talked about, based on successful models in the country and in the world. how we are going to do that, given that they have the bulk of the responsibility for some infrastructure and impacts maintenance. i would also mention that now is the time to start talking about marketing, some of the opportunity that we have as part of san francisco, engaging with agencies like the airport, or tourism, and see, even right now, what they could be planning to do to help us let people know that treasure island is going to come online, and is going to come online gradually, and that we are serious about doing the outreach, and commissioners also mentioned about the budget team. what it is right now we are doing that really gives the impact that we are looking at these parcels.
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how much they will cost in all of that, and we have also added the landscape architect to keep looking. now that they have these elaborate programs of accommodating visually impaired, the disabled, and how, when they get to the islands, how they will be crossing the street, how can we create an experience for those populations of seniors of the disabled that they will not experience this in san francisco. these kinds of things will put treasure island on the map. lastly, we have asked our department to begin the exercise to tell us now about all these wonderful events, based on the history of the island, and based on where we are going so we have our hands full. commissioners, if you have any other suggestions, please, let the director know so all of this
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can be incorporated. that is it. any last public comment squat seeing none, thank you for your time today. thanks. goodbye. >> thank you.
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>> i moved into my wonderful, beautiful, affordable housing march 7th. i have lived in san francisco since i was two-years-old. i've lived in hunters view for
1:43 am
23 to 24 years now. my name is vlady. i use titus and i am the resident commissioner for the san francisco housing facility. from the very beginning, this whole transition of public housing and affordable housing was a good idea. but many, many residents didn't think it would ever actually happen. it's been a life changing experience. and i'm truly grateful for the whole initiative and all those that work on the whole sf initiative. they've done a wonderful job accommodating the residents, who for many years have lived in delap tated housing.
1:44 am
now they have quality housing. i was on a street where the living room and the kitchen and stairs. it wasn't large enough to accommodate. the children are grown. i had the accomplish of having a dishwasher in my home. i really like that. [laughter] i really like not having to wash dishes by hand. we still do it from time to time. the mayor's office has been a real friend to us, a partner. we know that our city supports us. i love san francisco. just to be able to stay in my community and continue to help the residents who live here and continue to see my neighborhoods move into new housing, it's been a real joy. it's been a real joy.
1:45 am
okay don't trust me with a microphone but as a jon stewart has famously said i never met a mike i didn't like. so i am ready to get started. hi everybody. good morning. i'm jack gardner on president and ceo of the jon stewart company and on behalf of j.s. go on our development partners rich point nonprofit housing corporation and divining gong inc we are absolutely thrilled to welcome you to the grand opening of hunters view phase two. so yes. as to whether he would seem to be cooperating for the moment and so make sure you check out the downtown skyline views on your way out. or maybe you saw i'm already on the way in east bay is out over there. i used to say million dollar views but in san francisco julie more like 10 million
1:46 am
dollar bill. so which we have reserved for some deserving low income residents of our community here at hunters view hunters view is the city's first host hope s.f. project to move forward and involves the revitalization of the old 267 unit hunters view housing complex. into an all new mixed income san francisco neighborhood with new infrastructure 1 4 1 replacement of the old housing units no displacement of residents new affordable and market rate units side by side multiple new parks and play areas. an extensive new community space part of which you're sitting in right now are community room in our new community center following our completion of phase one just down the road in 2013 which included a new infrastructure a new park and a hundred and seven units of affordable housing. phase 2
1:47 am
includes 15 million dollars in new infrastructure including new streets and sidewalks underground and utilities on the landscaping and a new many park just on the other side of the childcare centre and one hundred and seventy nine. new housing replacement and affordable tax credit units ranging from one to five bedroom units to meet the needs of our community. a new community center and a new mixed income childcare centre just across the way with the completion of phase two. we are proud to say that every resident of the original hunters view has now been rehoused fulfilling our promise that no household would be in voluntarily displaced by this revitalization effort so that any commitment and we're honoring applause but none of this would have been possible without the visionary leadership of our local elected officials including
1:48 am
our first speaker she's a native san franciscan the former redevelopment agency and fire commissioner former president of the board of supervisors and a steadfast champion of affordable housing community development and a more equitable and just san francisco for all you know who i'm talking about. so it's my pleasure to bring up our very own mayor lyndon b. as i am just so excited to be here today. i just want to take us back because i want everyone to understand how significant this project is for the residents of this community. i grew up in housing in the western edition and when the housing developments were torn down about 300 units at plaza ease only two hundred units were built so it was clear that not every resident was going
1:49 am
to return. and in fact so many never did. and here fast forward i ended up on the san francisco redevelopment agency commission and during a time when we were dealing with the shipyard and the revitalization of alice griffin ak double rock. and one of the things that i had expressed along with so many others that was so important. when we were looking at changing the face of housing revitalizing housing all over san francisco. we had to make sure that we didn't repeat the mistakes of the past. so providing an opportunity to allow residents to not be displaced and move out of san francisco and out of the communities that they spent their entire lives in was so critical to the success of moving these projects forward. task for when i became a member of the board of supervisors
1:50 am
mayor ed lee was the mayor and the first conversation we have was my priorities he said. what's your priority. i said my three he said your top three priorities i said housing housing housing. we are going to change the face of housing in san francisco and this project is a shining example of what we can do when we do it right when we work together i lived in housing for over 20 years of my life some very similar conditions that existed. right here in hundreds view and when you have had to endure the kinds of conditions that existed in hunters view like they did in the past for over 20 years of your life and you are put in a position where you can help change that nothing would be more important? then tried to make sure that we change the future of what it means to be not necessarily a resident of housing but a
1:51 am
resident of san francisco and so fulfilling as mayor lee would say old promises is important. making sure that this is a conversation that started way back in 2004 when gavin newsom was mayor trying to really make sure that we did this thing right and that we protect it. the people who deserved an opportunity to live in better conditions. this is a shining example of private community project done right. and i'm so honored to be mayor at this time celebrating this significant accomplishment a place that anyone would want to live anyone because again as someone who grew up in housing i remember so many people didn't even want to come to my neighborhood i remember when people didn't
1:52 am
want to come to west point i remember the challenges that existed in this community. and we're going to change that. this is a first step. and there are so many people to think and making this possible. i want to start by thanking the residents. because as because the people who live here were skeptical. they were like wait a minute look at what you guys due to the western edition. we don't want any problems and the fact that the residents said ok we're going to take a chance and we're going to work with you and we're going to work with the city officials and we're going to trust you to do this thing right and we're going to hold you accountable. that means something. we made this possible because you trust it. our ability to make this thing work for you and so i want to thank each and every one of you i want to thank
1:53 am
the mayor's office of housing and community development and kate hartley's here. it started with olson lee and those conversations in the commute the whole community rome and those were some tense conversations and so i want to thank. kate for her leadership the office of community investment in infrastructure and also where is theo theo is here. oh right there in the front video thank you so much for working with the residents you've become a fixture in this community and i know they all appreciate your work in your support on this project. i want to thank the california department of housing and community development for their investments thank you so much for supporting this project. you know it's difficult to get state money so it means a lot to have you here today. the developers of this project people i've worked with for so long that jon stewart company and i know john stewart is retired but he is still act kind of
1:54 am
retire. not really okay well john thank you for not only supporting this project but the work that you've done all over the city. thank you all so much for your hard work. the baby hundreds point ymca they're going to be the providers and helping with services here and the san francisco department of health so that we could provide not only incredible facilities but we want to make sure we provide incredible services from our various nonprofit agencies and city departments and this wouldn't be possible without money right. so there's a lot of money involved in citibank and wells fargo. thank you so much for your commitment and supporting this incredible project. it really does take a village to make something like this incredible project happen and today is just really a day that i am so excited about a day that is
1:55 am
no way overdue a long time coming. and so we are going to celebrate today yes but we are going to roll up our sleeves in this city and commit to making sure? that we rebuild and rehab every housing unit in the city and county of san francisco with over twenty six hundred housing units either replaced or rehab. we are well on our way. we are well our lives as and so no longer will this community feel neglected no longer will this community feel as though they're not getting the support the attention and the services that they deserve. as a part of san francisco and not only will i continue to provide that support as mayor but your new supervisor shimon walton will continue to lead this effort. so that this community has
1:56 am
the support and representation that it deserves. your voices will continue to be heard at city hall because of your belief in our abilities to deliver for each and every one of you thank you everyone for all that you did to make this possible. as well thank you mayor for your unwavering support of affordable housing supportive services and ending homelessness in our city. most recently in the form of your proposed 300 million dollar bond which we are all in on and we're gonna get past. ok. for your comments reminded me that you know when gavin newsom spoke up here and look where he is now and governor brown was here a couple of years ago signing 15 housing bills in a historic signing ceremony down on phase 1 and so we have a habit of hosting current and future governors
1:57 am
so no rush but i'm just sayin because i'd love to think that a future mayor of san francisco is here living here at hundreds view right now. so a launch pad for sure. so thank you so much for your support in your leadership. we're also very pleased to have our new district 10 supervisors sherman walton here with us today supervisor walton was elected in november of 2008 teens or a relatively new supervisor but another native san franciscan former resident of housing himself and a former president of the san francisco board of education. he has worked tirelessly to create opportunities for local education promote living wage employment jobs for our young people as a former executive director of young community developers why c.d. supervisor walton knows how important good housing and economic opportunities are for our community in our youth. therefore my sincere pleasure to introduce district 10 supervisor sharman walton as
1:58 am
the morning that's about like that enthusiasm you know one. i just want everybody to give it up for san francisco. as much as i love san francisco district 10 is the place to be. so give it up for district team as as we talk about fulfilling promises as we talk about if you look at the beautiful housing that we now have here and as john said though he'd like to think that the future mayor. this city is living here and hundreds view and i don't know if we have a feature mayor living here in his view but i do know we have a current supervisor of district in that actually live right here in west point at 32 west point road and so it is my grandparents are
1:59 am
smiling right now. to see what housing looks like now here and what i still have to think before i speak well we always will consider west point but what is now known as hundred view hundreds of you and it's just amazing to see all of the residents here. i know all of the work that has gone into this since. 2004 and since the development in the creation of hope isf wanting to fulfill dreams and promises going back to even which started at the federal government with the hope six work and everything in san francisco stepping up and saying we're going to make sure that we provide the resources to redevelop. our housing to make sure that the families that live in housing have buildings have facilities have a place that looks just as amazing as other housing here in san francisco and so we never want to forget that also just want to say that we have a lot of people who worked hard to make sure that this
2:00 am
happened and i want us to all remember mama tessie as we live here as our children play here as our children attend the child care facility that is now here on site. we have to remember all the folks who worked very hard. as mayor bree talked about people not trusting the process people not trusting what was going to happen because of things that happened in other areas of the city and is promising. the one to one replacement saying that we would never let things that happened before happen again because we are going to work hard to make sure that we continue to fulfill promises so i want to remember testy in her honor i want to make sure that everyone remembers that name if you did not have an opportunity and experience to know her. a lot of our residents here i see. commissioner titus rosalie. i mean this is all of a collective of all of their work together mayor breed already think everyone who has done the work here or who will be providing services but


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