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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  February 28, 2019 4:00am-5:01am PST

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>> i also noticed that the vietnamese language program is not mentioned in the proposal or the budget. i just wanted to remind you that my son who was in t.k. when that program was approved still will be in third next year, and as far as i know, we haven't made any plans to fund teachers in the vietnamese language program. i also was moved by the folks who spoke for delac and professional development, and noticed there was a movement to cut t.k. from the budget. i'm curious to understand that funding and what's happening there. thank you have a good night. >> hi. i'm tracey brown gallardo.
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i'm a member of the peace adviso advise -- peef advisory committee, and i just wanted to tell you a little bit about the peef -- >> president cook: sorry, tracey, i wanted to wait until miss casco started your time. go ahead. >> so what happened is a lot of people have been coming to the peef advisory committing and pitching us proposals that they want to see happening at school does. it can be a whole new program for immigrant students, it can be community schools. we've had different pitches come to the peef oversight committee. we actually don't entertain new proposals. that's not part of the process, and i just wanted to share the process with board members because i'm not sure that you know that that's the process? so we are a group of very qualified individuals -- thank
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you for the appointments from you guys? we have the capacity to look at other proposals if there was a process that would be opened up? and with the eraf money becoming available in addition to what's already there, we're hoping that there can be some opportunity for us to given sig -- insight -- give insight. so i put this before you guys for consideration. there are definitely things that i want to propose and looking forward to make those recommendations? we're looking at a lot of pitch school recommendations. we want to recommend more money go to serve our african american students in the bayview and some services for immigrant students? and so we've kind of put in the recommendations but again, we're not in a position to advocate for them because it's not part of our process. our process is to review what
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is given to us by the district, and so thank you guys. if there's a new process with additional eraf funding, we would be happy to look at that. thanks. >> hello again. my comment i think follows very well on tracy's. i attended a recent peef c.a.c. meeting with the intention of proposing or going and asking for some proposals for students related to i.e.p.s. for example, peef funds would be great at funding our experimental field trips with students. often students with 1:1 aides get left out on a field trip. and we as a c.a.c., right now,
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we don't have a paid district liaison. our district liaison is two lines in the special education ombudsman's role. is that equitiable? i don't think so. last time i was up here, my pay grade was zero. so there's a lot of things we would like to do with peef c.a.c. if we had the opportunity to present. trust me, i could find recommendations to spend all of that eraf money myself. but yeah, we look forward to working with you and making recommendations and participate. thank you. [inaudible] >>. >> president cook: -- 2267 p-1, the 2019-2020 public education
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expenditure plan, also board policy 3460, financial reports and accountability, board policy 6152.1, math placement policy, board policy 5141.52, suicide prevention, and board policy 1312.3, uniform complaint procedures. >> president cook: section k, proposals for immediate action. there are none. section 3, board member
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reports. commissioner sanchez? >> vice president sanchez: [inaudible] -- we don't have a secure timeline on all the funding yet, but we're very hopeful that we'll be able to makeup the private capital campaign of -- let's see -- it's about 107 to $127 million that's still in traffic funds that we need to complete the project. it's a good presentation if the public wants to see it. just go to and go to board agendas and you can access it there. >> president cook: thank you. report from ad hoc committee on personnel matters. commissioner collins? >> commissioner collins: yeah. actually, we had a really engaging meeting? we only had one topic that
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really fits into a lot of what we're talking about, and a lot of the programs we can't really have unless we have qualified teachers, and for some of those programs, it's harder to recruit. so it was interesting hearing what the district was doing in ferms of both the personnel department, working with the multilingual department to reach out to native speakers and help them get into training programs so that they can fill some of these gaps that we have? and so that was interesting, and also just seeing the diversity of language programs in our district was amazing? we also learned about the challenges in hiring arabic and vietnamese teachers for our programs, and it seems to be holding us back from fully implementing programs and also especially in the middle schools but also for vietnamese, as well. so we were looking at ways that central office could better partner with community based
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agencies to help expand our capacity in both recruiting teachers and also just letting families know about some of the great programs that we have in our district. and so i'm looking forward to hopefully following some of that discussion up in the curriculum committee if there's an opportunity to discuss language programs and see how we can continue to look at implementation plans and how we can further really support the language programs and being as robust as we would really like to see. >> president cook: okay. thank you. last night, for buildings and grounds, we had two action items which were proposed name changes, and apparently one of them is a surprise, even though it's a public agenda. and we also have an update on the francis scott key development project.
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let's see...any board delegates membership organization reports? okay. and we are going to appoint commissioner collins and commissioner lam to the c.s.b. any other reports by board members? and we're also reappointing -- reappointing commissioner norton. >> commissioner norton: thank you. >> president cook: you're welcome. thank you. let's see...we have a calendar of committee meeting. budget and business services will be meeting wednesday, march 6, at 6:00 p.m. buildings and grounds will be meeting monday, march 25, at 6:00 p.m. that's by far the best
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committee meeting. >> vice president sanchez: better than rules? >> president cook: not even close. rules policy and legislation will be meeting monday, march 4 at 5:00 p.m. the ad hoc committee on student assignment will be meeting monday, march 18 at 6:00 p.m. the ad hoc committee on personnel matters will be meeting wednesday, march 13 at 6:00 p.m., and the ad hoc school district city college joint committee will be meeting to be determined. let's see, section m, other informational items? posted in the agenda is the staff quality reports. section n, memorial adjournment, we are adjourning our meeting tonight in memory of jeff adachi, san francisco's
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public defender. so we all have -- a lot of us have our own personal memories of mr. adachi, and from the suggestion and guidance of miss casco, i am going to read something that i wrote about mr. adachi, and if anyone wants to chime in afterwards, feel free. so this write up is called saucy like adachi. saucy, adjective. explain, definition. hip-hop artists have been using the term saucy for swagger. date, christmas eve 2013.
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time, 6:58 a.m. i googled the weather in san francisco to give you an idea of how cold it was. the top search results came from helico. even for san francisco, i rushed from my apartment to make the meeting on time and i made it on time, which is unusual for me. i couldn't be late for this meeting. 7:00 a.m., i see jeff adachi rounding the corner, as usual, his hair was slicked back, not a wrinkle in his custom tailored suit. he walked with purpose, the type of purpose where everything slows down slightly, like the movie scenes where the hero enters to assert order in the space. my disheveled state was the bad
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guy, and he was the order. he asked me if i needed anything to eat, then he cut to the chase. so school board, hey, so i don't get it. tell me why on earth would you want to do something like that? his eye set upon me with a serious gaze to ensure he wasn't joking as if concerned whether or not i was slightly insane. i fumbled through my answer for a while before he stopped me. yes, yes, stevon, those are all nice, but what are your plans? he began to ask deeper questions about the issues, started to share his concerns of our schools -- for our schools and their possibilities. his commentary about education started to shift into advice
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for how he could best navigate the road ahead. you have to be prepared for every meeting. trust in your story. it's a powerful one, and you have my support, stevon. add me to your list of endorsers. i thanked him. i didn't tell him he was my only supporter. that remains the case for the next five or six months as politicos played the game entirely and delayed to endorse me. i came back to his countless times with my ideas, thoughts, and questions. he always made time. he always replied. he had my back. jeff had our backs. whether it was the thousands of backpacks he gave out through the magic zone initiative, the resource offered the under
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privileged in court, the immigrants he wanted to protect from deportation, jeff had all of our backs without complaint and always with style. jeff was saucy. he had the old school charm of a man who knew how to pay attention to the little things. he gave gifts, wrote hah handwritten messages, but never talked about how he dressed. he let you do that. he showed up with others and never made himself the center of attention. i had the honor of public defender adachi swearing me in when i assumed public office. i took an oath before god and the constitution to defend san francisco against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
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i could never beat jeff adachi, but if i were in public office, i wanted everyone to know jeff was my standard bearer. jeff is gone. san francisco lost an important member of our community on friday night. for selfish reasons, i want another conversation. i want to share just how much of an impact he had on me. that's not possible for me or the thousands of people that jeff inspired. we have an example to remember, his legacy to carry, but none among us will ever be as saucy as the homie jeff, not one. rest in power, jeff adachi.
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closed session, section o. thus, i call a closed session of the regular board meeting. >> clerk: excuse me, mr. president, i think you have public comment. >> president cook: my apologies. at this time, we will take public comment for those who have submitted speaker cards for closed session items. we have cheryl lee and deborah eslaburton. >> good evening, commissioners. i'm going to give most of my time to debra.
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i'm the outgoing coexecutive director of the united administrators of san francisco, again, it's contract renewal time. i want you to really look at contracts with objectivity, really find out what the person is doing now, not what happened in the past, but what they're doing going forward. if they've been successful and their supervisor has recommended them for renewal, i beg you to really consider what the supervisors have to say. thank you. >> i wish cheryl wasn't leaving me, but good evening, commissioners, students, president cook, superintendent matthews, and staff. my name is debra eslavaburton. i i am now the executive director
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of the administrators of san francisco, and we are part of the federal association of school administrators afl/cio local three. i was born and raised in san francisco. went to all the schools in the mission, went to public colleges, and became a teacher in our district. but first, i was an active parent, outspoken, and they pulled me up to be a special ed paraprofessional, and i was so strong because i had grownup in the mission, i could handle it. i became a substitute teacher. then, i became a middle schoolteacher, and then for 13 years, i had the honor to serve our teachers as supervisor of pathways for paraprofessionals and teachers, and now i'm serving our administrators as part of the union. i'm here tonight to ask you to
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please renew contracts. notice some of them are for one years, some of them are for three years. we don't get tenured. you have the opportunity to see us over and over, so -- but i'm here for one special person that i have spent many years working with, and that's patricia deietrich. she's currently working in special education. i had the honor of going to graduate school with patricia, and we worked together in curriculum instruction and h.r. -- second -- i got her two minutes, so give me four. >> president cook: we can't transfer them over, but you can wrap up your time. >> okay. but i am -- i want you to know how sensitive she is. she's got the hard work to sit
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in special education i.e.p.s. i've been on both sides of the table. she's sensitive, she's thoughtful, and she advocates for a balance so that there are places that students can get services and a balance of accessibility to the mainstream classrooms. i also want you to honor the recommendation of our chief of special education, jean robertson, and our superintendent, dr. matthews. we recommend people from our hearts, from our knowledge, and from data points, and we put these out there to look at carefully. so as you go into closed session, and you look at those contracts, i'm asking you to renew patricia field dietrich. i'm asking you to think about what you put in place as far as
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working conditions for administrators, the resources, the performance feedback they need to make the improvements that you want to see. >> president cook: thank you. >> -- and the respect they need to do their job. so thank you, president cook, thank you, commissioners, and have a good closed session. hope to see everybody back in their jobs next year. >> president cook: section o, closed session. the board will now go >> president cook: peace, peace. welcome back. this is section p, following the closed session, we will now resume the regular board meeting. i will read the actions from tonight's closed session. number one, vote on employment
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contracts for unrepresented chief executive employees. i move the -- i'll move to approve the deputy superintendent for strategic partnerships and communication with salary set to grade m-28, step nine, for a second year term. can i have a second? >> second. second, even though we moved and seconded them in closed session, we have to do it again. [inaudible] >> got it. okay. second. >> president cook: roll call vote, miss casco. >> clerk: yes. [roll call] >> clerk: six ayes. >> president cook: i'll move to approve the contract for chief of student, family, and
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community support with salary grade -- with salary set to grade mg-6, step eight, for a one-year term. can i have a second? >> second. >> second. >> president cook: miss casco, roll call vote, please. [ro [roll call] >> clerk: five ayes. >> president cook: i'll move to approve the contract for chief of research, planning, and assessments with a salary set to grade mg-6, step eight, for a one-year term. can i have a second? >> second. >> president cook: roll call vote, miss casco. >> clerk: thank you. [roll call]
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>> clerk: six ayes. >> president cook: i'll move to approve the contract for the chief of staff with a salary set to grade mg-6, step seven, for a one-year term. can i have a second? >> second. >> president cook: roll call vote, miss casco. [inaudible] >> clerk: okay. roll call. [roll call] >> clerk: six ayes. >> president cook: move to approve chief of human resources, with a salary set to grade mg-6, step five for a term of one year. can i have a second? >> second. >> president cook: roll call vote, miss casco.
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[roll call] >> clerk: there's six ayes. >> president cook: move to approve the chief of special education with a salary set grade to -- with a salary set to grade mg-6, step three, for a one-year term. can i have a second, please? >> second. >> president cook: roll call please, miss casco. [roll call] >> clerk: six ayes. >> president cook: move to approve the chief academic officer with a salary -- [inaudible] >> chief of early education. >> president cook: i move to approve the chief of early education with a -- >> second. >> president cook: with a salary set to grade mg-6, step five, for a one-year term.
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got a second from miss norton. commissioner norton. roll call, please, miss casco. [roll call] >> clerk: six ayes. >> president cook: move to approve the chief academic officer with a salary set to grade mg-6, step five, for a one-year term. can i have a second? >> second. >> president cook: thank you. roll call, miss casco. [roll call] >> clerk: that fails, four ayes -- four nays, excuse me. >> president cook: move to approve the chief technology officer with a salary set to mg-6 step seven, for a one-year
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term. can i have a second? >> second. [inaudible] >> president cook: for the chief technology officer. i'll go back. >> clerk: thank you. [roll call] >> clerk: six ayes. >> president cook: i'll move to approve the chief of labor relations with a salary set to grade mg-6, step seven, for a one-year term. can i have a second, please? >> second. >> president cook: roll call vote, miss casco. [roll call] >> clerk: six ayes. >> president cook: i'll move to approve the chief of facilities with a salary set to grade mg-6, step seven, for a one-year term. can i have a second, please.
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>> second. >> president cook: roll call vote, miss casco. >> clerk: thank you. [roll call] >> clerk: six ayes. >> president cook: i'll move to approve the chief of policy and operations with a salary set to grade mg-6, step five, for a one-year term. can i have a second? >> second. >> president cook: roll call vote, miss casco. >> clerk: thank you. [roll call] >> clerk: six ayes. >> president cook: number two, report from closed session on two matters of anticipated litigation, the board gave direction to general counsel. the board, by a vote of seven ayes approved the contracts for two supervisors. the board, by a vote of three
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ayes, four noes, collins, lam, sanchez to provide notice to one contractor that their contract will not be renewed. the board by a vote of five ayes, two noes, approved issuing notice that the contract of one director will not be renewed. the board by a vote of seven ayes issuing notice that two principal's contracts will not be renewed. the board, by a vote of seven ayes approved issuing notice that one assistant principal contract may not be renewed. that concludes tonight's meeting. section q is adjournment. this meeting is adjourned. [gavel]
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>> item 3c is ss product and they sell milks, soaps, medicines, paper towels and more. in is the 75, they helped support their family. in 1999 the business controversied to the niece and nephews to worked together to keep s&s grocery in operation. item 3d is yuet lee restaurant.
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the business opened at 1300 stockton street on stockton and broadway where it is today. it was established by the husband and wife team. the restaurant name is a combination of both their names. they ran a family restaurant in hong kong for a number of years. when they immigrated to san francisco they brought the family recipes with them and in
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there are four draft resolutions for consideration by the small business commission. one for each of the legacy business registry applicants. note that a motion and support of the businesses should be a motion in favor of the resolutions. in the resolutions please pay close attention to the fiscal features that define the business. once approved by the sbc the businesses must maintain their physical features or tradition to stay on the registry. for armstrong linoleum company flooring and coverings and for world market it's eastern european goods and for yuet lee
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restaurant it features restaurant fare. i'm happy to answer questions. there's business representatives in attendance who would like to speak on behalf of the applications. >> thank you, richard. do you guys want to go right into public comment? okay. we'll open this up for public comment. let's hear from some of the business owners. >> the clerk: would supervisor fewer like to begin the public comment? ? have >> commissioner: first, thank you i'd like to recommend new world market. new world market used to be located two blocks from my own home. i frequent it all the time with my daughters discovering a lot of russian foods we had never
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experienced. when it moved to the current location on geary boulevard it expand the variety of foods it offers. in my district i have a large concentration of people who have immigrated from russia and they are russian speaking. this is the core of my neighborhood service for our russian community. not only do the russian speakers in my community depend on this one store, but all the members of my community, i believe, know new world market and have been there and purchased food from there. it's absolutely delicious. they have also expanded to an area where next door where they took over an empty storefront holding banquets and have parties there. i highly recommend this business to be part of your legacy business registry. i also would like to give a recommendation to yuet lee rest ran. a family my family and i have been visiting many years and have authentic cantonese food
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which is sometimes hard to find in san francisco. this simple restaurant so brightly lit on the corner of broadway and stockton was known to us for a long time as the coca-cola restaurant as it had a big coca-cola icon on it at one time. i want to say this is a restaurant that represent the chinese immigrants that came from canton, china and also from hong kong to eat really authentic food and also a gathering place for many families. when i'm there i also see many families filling full tables and also it's a popular tourist attraction in chinatown. commissioners, today, i give my recommendation for new world market and yuet lee restaurant and hope you'll give them the prestigious legacy award. >> commissioner: thank you very much. next speaker, please.
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>> thank you, commissioners. my name is lauren stu i work with the oewd. yuet lee is one of my clients. thank you supervisor fewer. sam lee the owner, has planned to come over but he had an emergency so he couldn't make it so "want to say some words for them to extend what supervisor fewer said. they are an icon in chinatown and i know when i worked with sam i know that because he has been around for over 40 years and has helped a number of his employees because of the job. they were able to support the families coming over from their hometown in hong kong or china.
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and they had been at the corner of stockton and brode w-- broadway and sometimes there's accidents. it may be minor or major but always offers help by offering shelter for the victims to stay waiting for paramedics. he always tries his best to help the community. two years ago there was a chinatown fire on pacific and stockton. he offered there were 19 living upstairs in the plaza. he offered two nights of free dinner for all the eldery who -- elderly and he took the business
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over from his parents and he said its very helpful for him to be named as a legacy business because it is named after his parents. that's what i want to say. i hope you can approve our recommendations. thank you. >> commissioner: thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm francis one of the owner of s&s grocery. i'm here because i really want you guys to recognize my aunt and uncle. my aunt worked really hard to get us here. worked day and night to petition our family here. today, she's not here with us
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but spiritual. and the family's been really passionate and hard working and dedicated to the s&s grocery. and they like the way we serve the community and we work really hard and one good thing about us is a lot of customers are single and they live by themselves and they always come to ask for help and one thing is they drop off the key us. that's really telling me the community trusts us and we've been here since 1959.
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also i feel like we're part community. and like everyone said they left their heart in san francisco and i can tell you guys i left my heart in north beach in san francisco. the thing about today is the landlord has been increasing more than 100% of our rent. that will force us to go out of business. if you guys would be able to recognize us as a legacy business it may be able to help support us to be there staying in business otherwise we'll have to and up want to thank you all the legacy program staff. they've worked hard and help us and aaron peskin's office in helping us try to get through the will lease situation.
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thank you everyone. >> commissioner: thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm liam caldwell owner of armstrong carpet and i appreciate your recommendation. we represent generations of craftsmen in san francisco doing this since 1946. i've seen at least two, working on three generations of installers and craftsmen coming through. i started working at armstrong in high school and used to take uni from high school and proud to own a shop 15 blocks from where i grew up.
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thank you. >> commissioner: thank you. any other members of the public? okay, seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner dooley? >> i want to say north beach love s&s grocery. i have experienced all your generations working there and i'm just so happy that you're still there. you're just part of our community. no one could be more deserving than you guys. >> commissioner: commissioner yee really. -- yee riley. >> i want to comment on the garlic and clams. they're the best at yuet company and armstrong company i walk by your shop almost every week. thank you.
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>> commissioner: any other commissioner comments? i want to thank armstrong carpet and linoleum, new world market. i've been to new world market because you also sell polish food as well as russian food. and s&s grocery and yuet lee i have been there many many many times. it's one of the better restaurants on broadway. congratulations. thank you for filling out these forms. it's very important that we get legacy businesses applications in because it's part of the fab lick of san francisco. -- fabric of san francisco. do we have a motion? >> i move. >> i second. >> the clerk: portion by commissioner dooley to approve all draft resolution for the
4:51 am
legacy. roll call vote. commissioner adams. >> yes. >> the clerk: commissioner dooley. >> yes. >> the clerk: commissioner dwight. >> the clerk: motion pass 2-0 with two absence. >> commissioner: congratulations. next item please. >> the clerk: item 4, board much supervisors file number 190109 business resolutions code and cannabis permits and application fee establishing procedures for the office of cannabis to issue permits authorizing cannabis sales or consumption or both in
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s unlicensed, unregulated
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cannabis activity. we requested a list from scott in rec and park to aask for a description that may include the events and 420 and strictly and how weird and pride fest and carnival. >> well, the grateful dead aren't playing anymore. >> that's not an exhaustive list by the criteria we would use. >> outside land is too much of a public serving event. they should be carefully curated to be highly cannabis specific. i'm not a cannabis hater. i just think because cannabis consumption unlike alcohol has an ex ternality that you can smell it and it's not pleasant to all, i kind of feel like this requires more scrutiny than just giving an alcohol permit to an
4:59 am
event. >> >> the office of cannabis is required to consult other city departments. so what other city departments and how do you ensure you have consultation with all of them. do you have a checklist? >> essentially this does not create a new permitting process. so for all the events referenced that would already be essentially applying for a permit, you would additionally support a cannabis events permit alongside it. all the regulating authority with regard to parks and rec, if appropriate, or the san francisco police department would still be responsible for issuing the permit. we'd just have the opportunity to issue a cannabis-specific permit.
5:00 am
it doesn't essentially replace it just a permit. >> a tack-on? >> exactly. >> commissioner: commissioner dooley. >> i wond her what your plans will be for -- i wonder what your plans will be for mitigating smoke like commissioner dwight said, not everyone likes pot smoke. i'm wondering what you're planning on going in terms of protected others not interested. >> commissioner: neighbors, for example. >> here's a question where we'd work with the department of public health for anyone interested in applying for a consumption permit to regulate that kind of event so as the not externalities associated with this. >> commissioner: i can see it at


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