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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  February 28, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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permit. it doesn't essentially replace it just a permit. >> a tack-on? >> exactly. >> commissioner: commissioner dooley. >> i wond her what your plans will be for -- i wonder what your plans will be for mitigating smoke like commissioner dwight said, not everyone likes pot smoke. i'm wondering what you're planning on going in terms of protected others not interested. >> commissioner: neighbors, for example. >> here's a question where we'd work with the department of public health for anyone interested in applying for a consumption permit to regulate that kind of event so as the not externalities associated with this. >> commissioner: i can see it at
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outside land. and pride and other events. it's already being done so you might as well legalize it and let's get a fee from it. i want to thank the supervisor, this is something we should be doing. other than the smell, because some people don't like the smell, i'm sure we can find something around that like a vapor or something. i know too much. anyway, i do appreciate this and feel it should be addressed now rather than 10 years down the line. commissioner dwight. >> commissioner: i do think to the extend some events have tried deliberately to become
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family-friendly, pride being one of them, restrictions on alcohol. we have restrictions on parks because they're supposed to be family friendly. and to the extent you position something as family friendly and outside land is open to teenagers, i believe it is, maybe it's not, we'll need to strike a balance between our liberal desire to normalize cannabis in our community here with family values. and with environments where there'll be underage people very impressionable. look at the influence the jull has had on our youth we have new addiction for high schoolers because it's cool to smoke this high-tech device. okay.
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and by normalizing this in the presence of children we make it harder for them to make their decisions later on because they're influenced by adults they're surrounded by. >> so applicants are required to designate a limited access area for young people who are not above 21 are prevented from entering that space. the office of cannabis and supervisor mandellman's office shared that view. >> commissioner: any other commissioner questions before we come into open public comment? okay. let's open it up for public comment. do we have any members of the public who would like to weigh in on this? come on us. -- come on up. >> i'm fernando alvarez i'm one
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of the licensed state organizers and i'm one of the five who has this license. though we could have done it at the county fair grounds i was interested in more boutique events, curated, 500 people and working with small business to get this done. i was closely watching a.b.2020 as it went through the legislation and became law january 1. i've been work the -- working with the office of cannabis and putting this in place and to your point around the odor management. one of the things i suggest for events within the city is it is vaporizer only. it doesn't get entire smell but reduces that. as an event organizer in the state working with the city i
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wanted to come up and suggest i'm for this. i want to be able to work with the city as well as the commission to do what we can to make this responsible and do it respectfully and engage the small businesses to help them. again my name's fernando alvarez the ceo and founder of pretend logics. >> commissioner: any other members of the public, come on up. >> hello, everyone. i'm perry jones the founder and ceo of joe r.s. a third generational resident in san francisco and equity applicant with the office of cannabis. first of all, i'd like to thank eugene for all the hard work you do with the office and for all of you guys for having such an open mind and allowing us to be here today. in a nutshell it would be a great opportunity to pioneer and
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thanks to the office of cannabis i graduated yesterday with honors and valedictorian and i had my eyes opened up to the industry with the history of it and benefits for veterans and those who suffer from cancer, etcetera. so coming from my experience from just being a consumer, it's opened my mind up theoretically and medically. so i'm hoping we can have more pioneering and leading, as we are in many ways, as we are and i think the events are a good thing even if it's just therapy groups for veterans and educating the youth. education is everything even when it comes to consumption and to be aware how to regulate when it comes to cannabis but as a
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city, i appreciate you're being open but i think it will be beneficial and for me coming from the population i'm coming from and with the budget i'm trying to establish myself as an entrepreneur and small business registered with the city, small business commission has been helpful in expanding my mind. this would be an opportunity for me to be able to gate-keep for other companies coming in the community and to educate. thank you, guys. >> commissioner: thank you. >> good afternoon. i'm ryan bush with a company called meadow. we're a software company and build technology for dispensaries, point-of-sale, management, track and trace and compatible software and we're an event holder licensee and we helped power portions of larger cannabis events like the emerald cup. we essentially worked to provide the technology backbone and
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taxation track team, inventory tracking for events. we're very behind the legislation and to commissioner dwigh dwight's point in make sure they remain family friendly. we were part of outside lands last year and it was away from the concert and you had to be 21 to be in the area and it was a running joke. grass lands was the only place in grass lands where there was no grass. you couldn't consume. people trying to sneak consumption were told to put it out and everywhere else in the festival people were smoking everywhere so i think this could address your concerns to have it contained and wristbands required and no alcohol in the areas. i think this legislation say great stepping stone and the way
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it's being laid out as a pilot program for the events i think it will be great to figure it out in the city and then open it up maybe in 2020 and beyond to more private events and different styled events people are looking to do. i have extreme support behind this. thank you. >> commissioner: thank you. >> hello, commissioners. it's lovely to hear such progressive legislation. i'm katrina one of the representatives then community partner organization looking to put on 420 this year. we're in huge support of this legislation. it's our goal this year. this is such a unique event for san francisco. it's our goal to make it as safe and enjoyable as possible. that would be by allowing the
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sale of clinically tested products and not worrying about the non-licensed products being a danger to people. we think this is great legislation going forward and where he have been working with the sbc to be flexible on the 60-day period. if this goes through today, there's a possibility we could have sales at the event this year and think it would be a huge help to help with concerns on the medical side and in general for the safety and enjoyment of the people there being able to have responsibly have an event that's safe and products there are safe. >> commissioner: thank you. any other speakers? seeing none, public comment is closed.
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one of the speakers said something a few minutes ago a young gentleman with the hat. people are going to do this, and i know from experience so i'm just going lay it out there for the elephant in the room. people go to outside lands or whatever, they're going to smoke. they do it all the time. the thing i like with the legislation is it not legalizes it because it's already legal but there's controls over people doing it and everything instead of people at the event 420 people selling illegally and stuff. you're legitimizing this and you're taking this and taking care of a problem. that's what i really like about this legislation. we've all been around. we've all been to events. and people are going to smoke whether you can or not.
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this legalizes it in certain spots and places so young kids aren't being exposed or not smelling this and that. this takes care of a lot of that. commissioner dwight. >> i like the designated areas so it makes it acceptable but within certain boundaries where today there's no boundaries so it impinges on everybody. i'm down with that. >> commissioner: any other commissioner comments. do we have a motion to support. >> move to support. >> second. >> the clerk: motion by commissioner dwight to support the file number as written and seconded by commissioner dooley.
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roll call vote. commissioner adams. >> yes >> the clerk: commissioner corvi. >> yes. >> the clerk: commissioner dooley. >> yes. >> the clerk: commissioner twice. >> yes. >> the clerk: motion passes 5-0 with two absent. >> commissioner: and thank you for coming out and speaking. i appreciate it. the commissioner appreciates it. thank you. next item, please. >> the clerk: item 5, approval of draft minutes from january 28, 2019 action item. >> commissioner: has everybody had a chance to look at the draft meeting minutes from january 28? looking good. okay. any comments before we go to pub comment? any members of the comment that would like to make comments on the draft meeting minutes? seeing none, public comment is closed. do we have a motion. >> approve minutes as written. >> second.
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>> the clerk: motion to approve the minutes as written by commissioner dwight seconded by commissioner dooley. >> commissioner: we can do a voice vote does everybody approve is an aye. any opposed? >> the clerk: motion passes. item 6 directors report on the office of small business and the small business assistance center department programs, policy and legislative matters, announcements from the mayor and announcements from small business activities. >> good afternoon, commissioners, regina from the office of small business. i work tonightly -- continue to see an uptick in the entrance checklist being submitted. we are also beginning to work
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with some businesses that are being required by their property owner to comply with the ordinance. what we're seeing is most the property owners have done the checklist. and now they're requiring the business to do the improvement because it is category one, most are falling under having to do an installation of the power door. these are the perfect situation the grant program that we've designed for the category 1 and 2s strapped to install a power door. we have been working with those business. in regards to the legacy business program rick is just about done in the business
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assistance grants. we have 105 grants. sow at the next meeting we'll able to give you a report on that and we are currently obtaining the pricing for our window cleaning certificates and plaques to start getting that initiated. and so we can now have certificates to hand to business businesses upon their being designated on the registry. and message -- massage i probably spoke to you about the last meeting and supervisor ronin has introduced legislation and the commissioner will likely be able to hear it because of the timing it has to go before planning but it will essentially be -- there's certain criteria
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businesses need to meet but it will allow these businesses to be grandfathered and approved non-conforming. then once they leave the space then the space they occupy has to turn over back to p.d.r. so there say meeting this coming -- is a meeting this coming friday in the morning with the tenant so it's not just the massage businesses but health services, psycho therapists, acupuncturists and all the business are not supposed spon to be there and having a meeting to let them know the steps they need to do for those that need to apply with b.p.h. and have designation
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and approval with planning to continue to have approval to operate there. that's taking place friday morning. then tomorrow afternoon our office with golden gate restaurant association is co-hosting a satellite presentation with the california commission on disability access. they've been creating a tool kit for restaurants. and so they are going about the state to meet with stakeholders to get feedback on the tool kit before they finalize it and make it available. they've been working with past inspectors over the years. so we're helping co-host it at the atrium. so we've had one new file that's been introduced and will be
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coming before you. we don't have it scheduled just yet but supervisor brown has introduced legislation that is requiring all brick and mortar business to access cash as well as cards as part of an equity issue. i'm not sure when it will come before the commission. i did make an announcement about it at the council district merchant's meeting and sent to mario the link so again this is something i think our merchant groups read and weigh in on. supervisor, fewer, i had talked to you several meetings back about the video cameras monitoring shoppers. because of the research done
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realize this is a much more comp complicated she's now put that legislation on hold for right now. so that will not be coming back before us because there's a lot of larger issue to be given consideration and the city actually has to be due to prop b, i think it is, in the last election the city has to draft requirements around privacy notifications. so that will apply to breakiusis doing business in the city as well. then, for the vacant and abandoned storefronts, so supervisor fewer and the land use committee ultimately did not opt the small business recommendations for having a
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period for the good property owners. it's having the final hearing in land use today right now. so it is moving forward as there's 30 days to register and that you have to pay the application fee when you register. what was adopted was d.b.i.'s recommendation is that's the entity that hires the inspector to do the inspection. they'll probably have a checklist similar to what we have for a.b.e. the inspector needs to follow and submit. and to your question, supervisor dooley, if any licensed individual does falsify the document, that is grounds for losing their license.
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then, i mentioned in the past there's a bill about electronic proof of purchase. proof of purchase receipts. so dominica will cross-reference this with supervisor brown to make sure there's any conflict there, we as a city, understand it and also this can help affect the city if the chooses too adopt supervisor brown's legislation and how will need to be communicated to the state. we have hired a public service trainee to help with client services and his name is walter
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mahey started about three weeks ago. that will help us with doing more client services. i will be reaching out to you all to schedule a retreat. we haven't done one in a while, in april. i now have confirmation for our move from 110 to 140 of the tax and treasurer's office. one side of the building. and that's now scheduled for the last week of april. then lastly, i would just like to suggest that we close in honor of jeff agachi. >> commissioner: do any of the members of the public want to mike a comment on the districter's report?
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seeing none, public comment is closed. next item, please. >> the clerk: item 7, commissioners report allows president, vice president and commissioner to report on small business activities and to make announcements of interest of the small business community. discussion item. >> commissioner: only thing i got involved with was i was involved with and participated in the neighborhood empowerment awards held two weeks ago here at city hall. there was a huge turnout from all over the city. i'm very pleased with how big that's becoming. any other commissioner reports? commissioner yee riley. >> i've been busy the last few weeks. first, i joined mayor breed for the lunar new year and i attend the mayor's office of housing and community development
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community forum in the tenderloin district. the hong kong economic training office annual gala attended by a lot of businesses from hong kong and businesses here to do business in hong kong as well and the new visitors center in chinatown is a collaboration and the mayor and all the elected officials were there as well. the asian pacific heritage foundation lunar new year party was here in city hall a few weeks ago. i attended the world premier of the people's mayor. a documentary about mayor lee. it was all sold out. also the coalition of the asian
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american government employee luncheon that was well attended also sold out as well. and this evening the mayor will be at the lunar new year celebration will be here at 5:30 in city hall. you're all welcome to attend. >> commissioner: commissioner dwight. >> i attend the monthly stdma meeting as i do in representation of the dog patch association and i was at the awards and they honored joe boss a very active advocate in our community in the dog patch. he passed last year. it was a nice commemoration of his efforts and his contribution to our community and his wife continues those efforts. it was well done. >> commissioner: commissioner
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corvi. >> thank you, president, adams. i regret that this will be my last meeting. it's been an honor and a privilege to serve with a wonderful group of people. i look forward to staying in touch with all of you and continue to do the great works you do for the city. and thank you so much for allowing know serve on this commissioner. >> commissioner: thank you. >> commissioner: thank you. >> commissioner: we'll miss you. >> commissioner: any other commissioner comments? do we have any members of the public that would like to make public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. next item, please. >> the clerk: item 8, new business allows commissioners to introduce new agenda items for future consideration by the commissioner. discussion item. >> commissioner: commissioner
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dwight. >> we had a presentation by a company called spacious. and spacious' business is to help business owners activate their spaces in off-hours. if you're a restaurant owner and your business is primarily dinner, spacious would assist you in activating your space say for the other times of the day, maybe breakfast through pre-dinner. they basically activate your space as a co-working space. the interesting thing is they had to cross with planning and landlords and there's discussion whether this puts the business in violation of their lease because this is a company that's an agent that received money for their services. planning isn't sure what to do
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with it but said we'll keep it on the down low right now. i feel like it's the he wielephn the room. let's talk about this. i think a great service to the small businesses who have rent 24/7 and nothing prevents them from offering meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. just because they're dinner only is because they choose to be or what they're serving. so i think we should invite spacious to talk about their business model and have a department that feels they need to weigh in on this and help clarify this. i think as the a great service for business i don't see how it's different than hiring a market cuonsultant for your
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business. i think it's a great place for us to talk about it because it isn't just an idea, it's an idea that has potential regulatory issues and let's get ahead of it and let's start the conversation before it gets presented to us. secondly, i love it when people do research for us. the san francisco chronicle home and food section this weekend, sunday, had a list of 47 legacy bars in the city, all 30 years or older. i want to thank ester mobley the wine critic and i'm sure the staff helped identify all the bars. but it's a great resource for richard and his team of one or more, i guess. there's a couple we leader board have on the registry but it's a great list. it does talk about the term
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legacy and talks about how we always bemoan the loss of these places but don't go there so it's time to familiarize ourselves with the businesses and help promote them and it's to highlight the businesses so we don't one day they went out of business and think, well, how'd that happen. but people don't go there and we have to patronize our local business. here's a good guide to 47 bars, some of which aren't on our radar screen. hopefully they'll do other vertical markets for us but it's a great resource. thank you to the sf chronicle and ester mobley. >> commissioner: commissioner. >> i'd like to invite all much you this wednesday i'm doing a charity event with captain joe angler from the northern district police station a
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fundraiser start at 6:30 this is wednesday at may's oyster house and would like to invite you all if you can make it, 6:30 to 9:00. anymore? any members of the public who would like to comment on new business? commissioner ortiz-cartagena. >> i'd like to close out new business but make a comment before we adjourn the meeting if possible. so after we conclude new business. >> commissioner: okay. any members of the public? seeing none public comment is closed. next item please. >> >> the clerk: sf gov tv show the slide. >> commissioner: it's our practice to remind you the office of small business is the only place to start your new business in san francisco and the best place to get answer to
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your question doing business in san francisco. the office of small business should be your first stop when you have questions on what to do next. you can find us online or in person at city hall and best of all our services are free of charge. the small business commission is the official public forum to voice your opinions and concerns about policies that affect the economic vitality of small businesses in san francisco. if you need assistance with small business matters start there in the office of small business. commissioner endrizzi. >> thank you to commissioner corvi, not the right moment but i didn't want to close out the meeting without expressing my appreciation for your service and i have appreciated your insight and input to the matters we hear on the commission. thank you so much for the service you provided to our
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small businesses. >> thank you. [applause] >> commissioner: thank you, all. i appreciate it. >> commissioner: and adjournment and we're going to adjourn the meeting in honor of public defender jeff adachi do i have a motion? >> i move. >> second. >> the clerk: motion to adjourn the meeting in public defender jeff adachi motion by commissioner dooley seconded by commissioner kore vi. >> commissioner: of of -- corvi. >> commissioner: to a vote. all in favor? any against? [gavel]
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>> good afternoon, and welcome to the land use and transportation committee of the san francisco board of supervisors for today, february 25th, 2019. i am the chair of the committee, supervisor aaron peskin, joined by matt haney, and sandra lee fewer. i wanted to start this meeting, as we will tomorrow, at the full board of supervisors, by taking a moment of silence for our public defender who passed away on friday
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evening, jeff adochi. i rarely do things like that, but i miss him dearly. our clerk is ms. erica major. ms. major, do you have any announcements? >> yes. please make sure to silence all cell phones and all electronic documents. le electronic devices. >> chairman: thank you, ms. major, and i'd like to acknowledge that we're joined by supervisor stefie, who is four minutes tardy. >> item number one is an ordinance for many of the buildings who are vacant to pay annual restoration fees at the time of registration, update the penalty for violations,
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and affirming appropriate findings. >> chairman: thank you, ms. major. before i turn the microphone over to supervisor fewer, i want to thank her because this is one of the rare instances where an ordinance has been co-sponsored by every single member of the board of supervisors. so supervisor fewer, i think you and your staff are on to something. and with that, the floor is yours. that's not on a meeting -- we can co-sponsor whatever we want, as long as it is not a ballot measure. >> thank you, chair peskin. most of the thanks, i think, goes to my legislative aide for working so hard on this, and something that we recognize is a problem not only in our district, but in all of the districts in san francisco. i'm excited to be moving forward on this legislation and ask you for your support in
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sending this committee today with a positive recommendation to the full board. when this item was before you on february 4th, i spoke about how we got here and why it is so important. on that date this committee approved two amendments at this legislation. in order to clarify the refund amount for property owners who lease out their property within one year of paying the annual registration fee, and to require a third-party licensed professional, rather than d.b.i., to conduct annual inspections on vacant properties to ensure they're maintaining the exterior and interior of the property up to code. my office worked closely with d.b.i. on this legislation, and they will simplify implementation without excess administrative burden. once again the purpose of this legislation is to increase the accuracy and affectiveness of vacant store fronts, to ensure they're propertyly prompted
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identified to remain safe, to avoid hazards and nuisances resulting from being vacant or abandoned. this ord nan will do the follow: ensure all vacant storefronts are properly identified and registered regardless of whether the property is being aver advertised or release. and to monitor or enforce registration requirements at the time of registration, and penalties for failure to register, and requiring annual inspections of vacant storefronts to ensure they remain safe and do not pose a hazard. i would like to thank the building inspection commission and the small businesses commission to their positive recommendations and all ten of my colleagues for unanimously co-sponsoring this ordinance. and i want to thank the golden gate restaurant
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association for the letters they sent in support of this ordinance. no one understands the importance of addressing this issue more than than our local restaurants and businesses, and i'm proud to have their support. thank you very much. >> chairman: thank you, mrs. fewer. mr. william strong, do you have any comments on baf behalf of the building inspection or your commission. >> thank you. as the supervisor fewer mentioned, we have been working closely with her and her staff for the past few months on this. we're looking forward to seeing it move forward and hopefully tightening up what is a complicated situation. >> thank you, mr. strong. is there anybody here on behalf of the small business commission? okay. are there any members of the public who would like to testify on this item. please come forward.
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>> okay. as i dislike closed storefronts as the next one, i would like to know if anyone would like to characterize the comments held by the local real estate and the chamber of commerce. and i am wondering into which city the inspection fees will look to, and for what purpose they may be expended. i would also like to know any such fees and inspection are both reasonable and thorough, and they are not conceived of as a punitive measure but as an instrument taken in the interest of public safety and the local commercial development. i have been surprised to find how cheaply storefronts can be held under lease in prime quarters, such as central north beach and the balboa triangle.
5:42 am
the relative business turnover and periodic business formation in these neighborhoods cannot nearly be attributed to the high cost of lease hold, but to the totality of rising overhead. in fact, the low cost of leasing may lead to an increase in business failure, owing to the relatively low cost of market entry which acts as a lure. of course, the enterprise failure -- well, of course enterprise failure fuels business development and redesign and remodel, and the repurposed restaurants have a tendency to flame out in a year or three. they may be doubling hit by loss of leaseholder, and to reconfigure the floor plan, as well as a need to reregister the renewed need for property inspection and fee schedule.
5:43 am
i'd like to conclude that the new enterprise might find itself at competitive disadvantaged with established businesses. >> chairman: i appreciate your comments. and, you're right, it is not all a function of leasehold prices. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisor. cory smith on behalf of the san francisco housing action coalition. you know, there is a bunch of different ways that we're trying to attack our storefront and problems. it is going to come as a shock to all of you, one of the ways we think is a really effective way of doing that is to add housing at all levels of aaffordability along our commercial corridors. we have so many great neighborhoods all over the city. i walk to most of my goods and services in my neighbourhood. i go for hardware stuff, i go to h.d. markets to buy
5:44 am
my groceries, and i get lunch just down the street. and when there are more people in the neighbourhood and more people walking around in the neighbourhood, we know they are spending more money. we've seen plenty of data specific to san francisco, specific to the merchant quarters in san francisco, saying that consumers spend the most amount of money if they walk. if we also add additional people to the corridor, that's an additional way we can help our small businesses across the city. thank you. >> chairman: i think that was a comment in support. i'm not sure. next speaker, please. all right. seeing no other members of the public for public comment, thank you for telling us about your shopping behaviors. are there any comments from committee members. >> thank you, chair peskin. i want to take a moment to thank supervisor fewer. this is a vexing issue for
5:45 am
our district, in particular. when i started my run for office and my goal to be a supervisor, this is one the issues i heard over and over again, the high rate of vacancies and empty storefronts in our district. so having the tool to be able to encourage and hopefully compel many of these business owners/property owners to do something with their space -- i mean, the goal is not really to collect money. this is just an encouragement tool to be able to rent these spaces and activate our commercial corridors. and if they don't, then we will collect the money and we will most likely put it back into something positive for the neighbourhood. i just wanted to thank supervisor fewer and her staff for pushing this forward. and i am in strong support of this. >> chairman: supervisor haney? >> i also want to thank and really congratulate supervisor fewer for your leadership on this.
5:46 am
i think it is extraordinary to have such broad support among all of the supervisors, but it is obviously because it is something that really directly affects all of our districts. i was on a walk with my staff down market street last week, and the thing that i think stands out the most, that is most glaring, even on our main thoroughfair in our city, are the number of vacant storefronts, and we were saying, there is one there, and there, and what are we going to do about this? so when this goes through and we're able to easily pull the exact locations, how long they've been vacant, what is happening with them, and have some tools at our disposable to affect that, it is going to be a great benefit to -- certainly to my district, district 6, where there are also a lot of public safety impacts on when we have these vacant storefronts. so i'm excited to continue to support this work, both with the registry and then
5:47 am
as we move forward to making sure that we're filling these vacant storefronts. so thank you for your leadership, and thank you to your legislative aide, who i know has worked a tremendous amount on this. hopefully this will be the last time we have to pass this to his committee, and we'll see it pass out of the board. thank you, and congratulations. >> thanks. >> chairman: colleagues, i call on the sponsor of this legislature, i want to add a couple of things. >> number one, as you all know, and supervisor fewer joined me at a press conference in north beach, where while there is still a re relatively healthy vacancies at 10%, it had jumped from 5% to 10% in the last three years. and i will be bringing forward to this body a piece of legislation that if we all see fit will be submitted to the voters with regard to a vacancy tax. so i just wanted to put
5:48 am
that on the record. the second thing i wanted to say is that while supervisor fewer thanked the small business commission for support of the legislation, i would like to respectfully differ just a little bit, which is that there are three recommendations that were actually recommendations to gut this legislation. and i completely disagree with the 7-0 vote of that body. and i just wanted to state that on the record because i can. with that, supervisor fewer. >> thank you, chairman peskin, and thank you, colleagues, for your support. i just wanted to mention a few things in response to some of the public comment that we just heard. one, that we did meet with the merchant associations, and they're in support of this ordinance. and also, as they realize that these empty storefronts actually hinder those commercial corridors from reaching their full potential. another thing is that this is not a fine.
5:49 am
this is rather a recovery fee. the recovery fee is what d.b.i. spends on actually doing the inspections of these vacant storefronts. and i also wanted to comment that an increase in market-rate housing can lead to identification, which can actually be detrimental to existing merchants as there is currently no rent control on retail space. and so what we're seeing is that when areas identify so quickly and massively around neighborhoods that many of these merchants that have been around for 20 and 30 years are now priced out because there is no retail rent control. so i just wanted to comment on those two public comment issues, and i want to thank my colleagues for their support. >> chairman: thank you. any other comments. supervisor stefie? >> i want to add one more thing that i think is really wonderful about
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this but basic, is getting the idea of the exact number, right? i mean, you went out and counted in your district over 156 properties that were empty storefronts, and that's much of the genesis of this legislation. and d.b.i. at the time had zero. so, i mean, understanding the scale of the problem, first and foremost, then allows us as policy-makers to get an idea. i understand that it is complaint-driven, and that is what you are referring to, so this is not a criticism of d.b.i., but at the end of the day, this will now encourage us and allow us to have an exact number of how many empty storefronts there are, and we can then begin to understand the scale of the problem, which is an important part of the legislation. i just wanted to point that out and say that that was really important. thank you. >> chairman: so which one of you colleagues would like to make a motion. to send this item to the full board. >> i would like to make a motion to send this item to the full board with positive recommendation.
5:51 am
>> chairman: can we take that without recommendation -- i mean without objection with recommendation. congratulations, supervisor fewer, and thank you. ms. major, the next item please. >> item number two is an ordinance in ordering the summary street vacation, bragdon street and within the perimeter of the farmers' market, approving jurisdictional transfers of property from the site of market and public works, and agricultural commissioner to the g.s.a., and a affirming appropriate findings. >> chairman: mr. stores, our county surveyor, my notes say this presentation is coming from claudia gore from the department of real estate. [inaudible] >> this is really a department of public works ordinance because they're the ones that come,. >> chairman: in that case, we should probably get mr. stores back up here. >> it doesn't matter.
5:52 am
who would you like? >> chairman: whoever wants to present. >> okay. good afternoon, chair peskin and supervisors. today is an ordinance before you that would do a vacant the remaining portions of three streets that are still within the decades-old alini farmers' market. if you need a lot of information about the history, we have that. but just generally, this started about 20 or 30 years ago, in 1989 and went over to 1993. in 2010, a general plan referral was done to get rid of the remaining portions of the streets that are within the market itself. there are no utilities within them. there is nothing -- they're not used for sidewalks or streets or anything. it is actually right in the middle of the market, where actually the stalls are located. this will continue that general plan referral to get rid of all of the streets and then transfer
5:53 am
the jurisdiction from d.g.w., and transfer it over to real estate division, which took over the operation and the management of the market i think around 2007. >> chairman: so simply put, this is a street vacation and jurisdictional transfer? >> correct. >> chairman: all righty. to the county surveyor, mr. stores. the floor is yours. he said for the record he had nothing to add. are there any members of the public who would like to comment on this item number two of a very short land use committee agenda? seeing none, the public comment is closed. this probably should have happened eight years ago, but it is good that it is happening now. it is but a paper transaction between various departments of the city and county of san francisco. is there a motion to send this to the full board
5:54 am
with recommendation made by supervisor stefie. we will take that without objection, and we are adjourned. >> san francisco is surrounded on three sides by water. the fireboat station is integral to maritime rescue and preparedness not only for san francisco but for all of the
5:55 am
bay area. >> fire station 35 was built in 1915, so it's over 100 years old. and behind it, we're going to build fireboat station 35. >> so the city's capital planning committee, i think about three years ago, issued a guidance that all city facilities must resist sea level rise. >> fireboat station number 35, construction costs are approximately $30 million, and the construction is over complicated because the float, it's being fabricated in china and will be brought to treasure island where the building -- the actual fire station will be
5:56 am
constructed on top of it, and then brought to pier 22 1/2 for installation. >> we are looking at late 2020 for completion of the fireboat float. the historic fire house will remain on the embarcadero. we will still respond out of the firehouse with our fire engine and respond to medical calls and other incidents raratin the district. >> the if a sill has to incorpora incorporate five to 6 feet of sea level rise. it's built on a float that can move up and down as the water level rises, and so it's on four fixed guide piles, so as the seas go up, it wican move and down with the bay. it does have a full range of travel from low tide to high tide of about 16 feet.
5:57 am
so that allows for current tidal movements as well as several extra feet for sea level rise in the coming decades. >> the fireboat station float will also incorporate a ramp for ambulance deployment and access. >> the access ramp is rigidly connected to the land side or more of a pivot or hinge connection, and then, it's sliding over the top of the float. so then that way, the ramp can, you know, flex up and down like a hinge but also allow for a slight -- a few inches of lateral motion of the float. both the access ramps, of which there's two, and the utilities, need flexible connections when connecting from the float and back to the building. so interesting power, water, sewage, it all has flexible connections to the float. >> fireboat station 35 will provide room for three boats
5:58 am
and one fire boot. >> we would like to establish a dedicated marine unit that would be able to respond to multiple incidents. looking into the future, we have not only at&t park, we have a lot of kayakers, but we also have a lot of developments on the southeast side, including the warriors stadium, and we want to have the ability to respond to any marine or maritime incidents along all of these new developments. >> there's very few design references for people actually sleeping on the water. what we really looked to were cruise ships, which are, you know, larger structures, several times the size of station 35 but have a lot of people -- a lot of sleeping, but they're really the only good reference point. and so we looked to the cruise ship industry that has kind of an index for, you know, how
5:59 am
ma many -- how much acceleration they can accommodate. >> it's very unique. i don't know about any other fire station built on the water in the united states. >> the fireboat's a regional asset that can not only be used for water rescue and stin wishment of fires, but we also do environmental cleanup. we have a special rigging that we carrie that will contain oil spills -- carry that will contain oil spills until viermsal can come out. this is not a job, it is -- environmental can come out. this is not a job, it's a lifestyle, a community, and we're willing to help people any way we
6:00 am
[gavel]. >> chair peskin: good afternoon and welcome to the land use and transportation committee of the san francisco board of supervisors for today, february 11, 2019. i am the chair of the committee, aaron peskin. joined to my right by vice chair supervisor ahsha safai and to my left by committee member matt haney. our clerk is miss erica major. miss major, could you please give us any announcements and then please call the first item. >> clerk: yes. please make sure to silence all cell phones and electr


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