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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  March 2, 2019 8:00am-9:00am PST

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next speaker, please. >> good afternoon and directors i'm the executive director of the city's grassroot advocate for accessible and affordable and always growing public transit. i'm in support 3rd street proposal and tens of thousands of riders use it every day and personally i use 3rd street often and it's an everyday occurrence to see them blocked. so we're thrilled this moves the transit only lanes to a center lane and build accessible island. we've been vocal with our concerns with private vehicles using transit -only lanes but thanks to the your direction and the planning team you'll looking
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into how they're impacting muni so thank you for that. i do want to echo some of the concerns we heard today and we're hearing this a lot on social media today in relation to the double right at folsom there's concerns with this being an issue with pedestrian safety and cyclist safety. i would ask for the team to look at the double-lane and if away want to build it hit but we're hoping you approve the proposal. >> commissioner: thank you very much. any further speakers. seeing none we'll close public comment and open it up for directors comments if there is any.
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and i want it ensure they add an additional lane of people and how do we -- and people don't abide for these or what the rules happen to be? >> in providing a lane configuration that respond those current activity, my belief and judgment from my years doing this is that that will mostly solve that problem through design. now, i won't lie to you we'll still get violators. people get frustrate the queues and they engage in dangerous behaviors and they turn around the boarding island from 3rd
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street and i cringe when i see it but it happens. i don't know we can eliminate that behavior. i don't agree provide second turn lane will encourage a de facto triple right-turn lane because the geometry doesn't lend itself to that. i also think it's important to understand we would not be proceeding if we weren't taking extra measures to protect pedestrians and in our view to improve pedestrian safety. does that help to answer? and you have less conflicts and most are going to the bay bridge. was that considered and if not, why not?
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the central soma plan envisioned a one-way cycle track and envisioned moving the turn lanes and widening the sidewalks. the cost would be displacement of loading or traffic lanes and in tracts -- we were able to talk to merchants on three or four separate occasions an managed to get hold of people. there's little off-loading for small businesses. what i heard is they rely heavily on the curb-side loading. it's well used.
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auto auto aa-and we can get rid of a lane of and on the have a bike lane you're looking at the impact. >> there's no way to do a floating lane or the old way of a lane next to the load ing? >> you could if you're pushing on the right side we're trying to get our transit lane out of the chaos near the corner.
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pretty soon you'd meet in the middle it's a question of what do you warrant to prioritize what do you want to prioritize in the context? >> i don't know how bad it is along 3rd street. maybe it's part of a larger question and fundamentally that's where it's all going. i know there's other hov-only lane and i don't know -- it's a less pedestrian business
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frequented way >> you see 400 cars going right at bryant it's because they're heading the hov line east of 2nd. >> i can't think the lane goes to bryant and you avoid turning onto 3rd if you go up bryant to hit the hov lane. >> if you're coming up bryant they cross over 3rd. and you see traffic coming from
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further south on mission bay and it's growing even with all the investment we're making and great transit facilities growing traffic demand out of mission bay. if you think of how you get from 280 over to the bay bridge, a lot of them will get off at king and then you have actually triple-left-turn lane from king to 3rd and 3rd to the right lane opportunities to access the bay bridge. >> i'm trying to think of other ways to refunnel the traffic. i think the takeaway is we'd love to figure out how to better manage that situation. >> absolutely. >> commissioner: mr. brinkman. >> i intend to support this and see where you're going vice chair borden and where supervisor eaken is going and we need a way to turn off the tap of the cars.
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thankfully the t.a. is studying that until we can turn the tap down on the cars we have to manage the flow of and that's what we need and want. i love the idea of a west side bike lane because when you look at the map 3rd street leads to kearny and that's a fantastic route for all the bikes trying to get across town. i intend to support this and i think you've done great work and it will help transit and pedestrians but at this point will not help cyclists. i know this could be a great route for cycling. it's not going happen in this iteration but there's nothing in this iteration that precludes that from happening in the future, is there? >> that's correct. you'd need to modify those.
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those ray relatively minor expense. and i would not be remotely surprised if one of those are back before you talking about more changes to 3rd street. >> everybody's commented they want this, that, more and if, and but we need this for the transit improvement and pedestrian safety up -- improvements an more. we need congestion charging and some are hov vehicles because looking at the cars in downtown san francisco most are at 20% capacity with a driver and
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nobody else at least some are hov. >> thank you for the work you've done on this and we'll probably be back for more on 3rd street i'm sure. >> commissioner: we have a motion and i'll ask for a second and won't cut off discussion. we have a second. is there further discussion? mrs. rubke. >> one of the public speakers mentioned intersection management. this is my neighborhood too so i know what she's talking about and understand the challenges but could you talk a little bit about that. if you have plans it goes down the project itself. >> south of market in particular
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on the bridge on ramps in the afternoon is the heaviest deployment we have of parking control officers. we have as you heard because we're great at controlling the unpredictable movements around portal the same applies south of market. we don't have as many as we'd like. and every intersection downtown at a traffic cop can't quite get to the staffing level but i hear the comments and i know she's been vocal and persistent and clear we need to control the on ramps and i'm hoping we can provide a better level of staffing at 3rd and bryant and other intersections that are a big concern. >> it is the most direct route
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from caltrain to downtown. i hear that myself and i brave that route. and we hear people say this is great and just a question in terms of the feasibility of coming back in the future and adding bike lanes. is there a reason it's more cost effective. looking at brannon street which is next on the agenda which is a lower-cost item to add in the bike lanes. is there a reason why there'd make more sense to add bike lanes now or as of the effectively later on? >> i apologize in advance for this without my planner designing the facility it's hard to say what the cost would be. in general, and this will sound
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silly but probably less so to you than others, $14 million is relatively an inexpensive project for us. we're not pouring a lot of concrete and that allows us to build faster and cheaper. could you stripe and put in a facility, a version exists. whether you want a concrete barriers between parking and traffic lanes and the bike facility is a cost element you'd have to factor in that is more significant than restriping. you also quickly will get into signalling issues in that situation which is an expense a lot of people don't realize. we're replacing a lot of the signals but if you were introducing the added factor of bike signal particularly two-way cycle facility on the one-way street you're talking about a
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bike-only signals and it involves more hardware at this point. there's a bike project as part of a relatively low-cost project i'm not sure it's the project people are talking about. >> commissioner: anything further if not we have a motion and second. all in favor please say aye. >> aye. >> anyone opposed? that passes. thank you very much. congratulations. move forward. >> clerk: item 12, approving traffic and modifications along brannon street and between delancy street and 8th street associate with the brannan street safety project.
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>> good afternoon. i'm cameron beck in the subdivision and bringing you a proposal to improve safety on brannan street. brannon vete is highlighted in yellow and the above map of soma. the majoritiship -- majority is on the vision zero between 2nd street down it 8th street. the whole corridor from the embarcadero to division street about a mile and a half is undergoing infrastructure upgrades prompt a san francisco public works repaving project. so sfmta decided to take advantage of the paving project
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to design a safer brannan street. the goals are prome air will focussed on -- primarily focussed on safety for all users and the projects anticipated along the cot -- corridor and this shows the typical configuration and two lanes in each direction and parking on both sides. so one very effective roadway safety treatment is to reduce travel lanes from four to three. this is typically called a road diet. it opens up space to stripe a dedicated bike lane. it shows the configuration with one lane in each direction separate a center lane and bike lanes would be installed in both directions an parking would remain on both sides. we will also use a suite of intersection treatment including
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upgrading to high visibility continental crosswalks and keep vehicles from encroaching in the crosswalks and daylighting at crosswalks for better visibility. traffic signals will include head starts and signalling timing will be updated given today's transportation demand. >> -- to dive deeper into the road diets are an effective way to reach the city's vision zero goals by reducing collisions overall as well as reducing crash severity. an stall road diet clarify the roadway lanes so intersections are better managed and safer. at the intersection there will still be two lanes as there are today. the difference is the left lane will be a dedicated left-turn
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lane. this eliminates the stress and last-minute maneuvering you experience today if you're attempting to go straight through but the driver in front of you decides to wait to make a left turn. road diets also reduce speeding when some vehicles go over the 25 mile-an-hour speed limit and the reducing the speed limit increases the chance of survivability in thecation -- in the case of accidents and make safer turns. this as a result of neighborhood meetings and we added commercial loading zones for the corridor, some parking will be removed along the corridor making room for turn pockets and better
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intersection visibility and 75% of the parking spaces will be retained. some were concerned with the traffic adjustment we also heard about traffic enforcement. we shared the concerns with the enforcement counterparts and we're adding right-turn pockets to help address the concerns. pinterest global headquarters occupies three separate offices between 4th and 8th street and their employees often commute by foot or bike and typically walk between the various sites. they support the safety improvements proposed in the project and are committed to advocating for safety of their neighbors as well.
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they anticipate the repaving to be done and the configuration would be activated during the summer and thank you for your time and i'd be happy to respond to questions. >> commissioner: are there any questions for cameron on this proposal? >> yes. thank you, good presentation. i see from the project plans wed between 8th street it's a parking protected bike line. >> i was home we'd have the closed captioning up here to sound you made. between 7th and 8th we have a parking protected bike lane. is that blocked because it's then connecting to the 8th street and 7th street bike route
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because the first question for everybody's going to be why is the entire project not a parking protected bike infrastructure? >> yes, specifically between 7th and 8th, i put up the project plans on the overhead. i'll call that westbound. this came out of the outreach directly on the block. the north side of the street is airbnb's headquarters. they partner with ride-hailing companies to provide commute subsidies for their employees. so we already know there's a high percentage of ride hailing and drop offs and pick ups at the corner. the south side of the street where you see the mid block outs the street narrow so we were able to add in the protected bike lane knowing there's be
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intensified pick up. >> there's nothing that precludes in the future this street getting a more up-to-date parking protected, bike lane in the future. >> there's nothing and in fact the central soma plan highlights brannan as one of the streets in that plan for further improvement. >> this is the first nibble at the street. thank you. >> any other questions? if not i'll call for public comment on this? hold on public comment for a moment. commission eaken you had a comment? >> that's exactly the right question. we know there are conflicts at the one intersection but i would imagine there's t.n.t. conflicts in terms of future projects there may arrive t.n.t. or other vehicle conflicts on the other sections. i just wonder if low-cost
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improvements have been contemplated to mitigate the conflicts before they arise? >> yes. we're adding more loading zones and the existing zones in front of some of the buildings along the corridor those are something we're cognizant of and can add more loading space. one block of the project area doesn't have parking meters so they're a great way to manage the parking and loading so we'll be proposing to add meters at the one block. >> have we contemplated the boarding island much like we're doing on valencia street where we have the boarding island because of the school. have we contemplated more islands that are not necessarily associated with transit? >> no.
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this is an issue where we want to build protected bike lanes and if we can figure out for drop offs and pick ups for boarding islands it would be better because people can get there and wait and it's a discernible place to say this is where i am. that's another challenge we have with the loading and unloading of t.n.t.s. they stop wildfire hay think the person is -- they think the person is and if we built these islands they would serve well for all kinds of pick ups and drop offs and for helping the drivers identify where to drop people off and pick them up opposed to all over the place they do now. >> i would say this project tries to get at that by looking at zones and times and places an extensions as we do more protected bike lanes we may see
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more island configurations but as we look to how to manage the curb and how some use of the curb is evolving from storing a single vehicle to more pick up and drop off, this is all part of what we're looking at about how to change the way we manage the curb to accommodate that change and use of the curb. >> separately, if we could maybe bring that to the board some time to talk more holistically about that because i know there are other contemplations for small business so let's talk about it. >> to your point, vice chair borden the valencia street protected islands with bording islands for school drop offs serve exactly what you're talking about. i know staff was interested in watching how they'd perform. you're right, that could be a good -- >> commissioner: okay. now public comment. my apologies. >> clerk: natasha alfonzo and christen lackey and christen
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rodgers. >> commissioner: welcome back. >> hello. i'm nasa ta sha alfonzo and the project is a follow the paving project which means the sfmta makes sure simple safety improvements could be installed. this inter-agency communication and coordination is not a standard practice and we wanted to recognize the city for doing that and thank them. it gives us quick action to reach vision zero so thank you again. the project includes important safety features including fewer vehicle lanes to cross and safer intersections an more time to cross. while they're all important, the project does not create a street that's safe for pedestrians the lack of mid-block crossings pose as a threat. it's known for long blocks and
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alleyways that's why it identified long blocks and alleys that intersect the street people cross mid block and it's legal at most but it doesn't mean it's safe and it's the city's job to ensure safety. while this phase doesn't include the crossings we urge the city to prioritize the creation of the crossings along brannan and many community members are asking for this so we need to you meet our safety of needs when walking. >> commissioner: thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> clerk: kristin lackey. alice rodgers. >> good afternoon, directors. i'm a community organizer on staff at the san francisco bicycle coalition. i'm here on behalf of our 10,000 members to speak in support of the project. currently brannan is a large
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employment center and connects 8th, 7th, 2nd and soon 5th it's a candidate for new bicycle infrastructure. this project while not the highest quality of bike infrastructure it's a step in the right direction. at the core the road diet will make it safer for all modes including motorists and product the protected lanes and the mixing zones leave a lot to be desired and encourage staff to continue to work to make the hot spots safer. to be clear it will be a bike lane for confident riders only while newer riders will have to pre main on the protect -- remain to the protected bake line. thank you for your work. as more people start riding on brannan we look forward to bring class 4 protected bike lanes to the whole corridor. thank you. >> clerk: alice rodgers.
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>> good afternoon again, commissioners. i live on south park and i mostly want to echo what walk san francisco natasha had said. note this is a project called safer brannan not safe brannan. i very much appreciate commissioner eaken's comments about mid block crossings. these are important. as the project manager mroet noted it allows -- noted it allows for high speed and it's important the one on jack lennon, there are two new buildings there. we're not going to be getting new high rises so the central soma plan will not be generating money in that area. so we desperately need crossings. there are people crossing for lunch at south park, kids, we have an increasingly aged
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community in the s.r.o.s in the south park. "understand it can't be part and parcel of this plymouth project but hope you'll find a way soon to give real attention to the mid block crossings and the development has already happened if you can spotlight the funding. >> commissioner: thank you very much. any further speakers? seeing none we'll close public comment. directors, if there's any comments, please make them now otherwise i'll entertain a motion. >> motion to approve. >> commissioner: second? >> >> second. >> commissioner: all in favor please say aye. >> aye. >> commissioner: any opposed? all right. mr. beck, the same direction to you, onward and upward. congratulations an thank you. >> clerk: item 13 authorizing the director to approve
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modificati modificati modificati modificati modification number 93 to contract number 1300 third street light rail program phase 2 central subway stations surface tract and system with the contracts of 1266-1 and 1266-2 with thales transport and security from tpc back to the sfmta and tncs design equipment procurement and operations start up and testing amend the definition for substantial completion for contract 1300 to relief tpc responsibility and atcs operations start-up and testing and reduce the amount of contract 1300 by $18,036,709.
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>> i'm albert ho the acting program manager. roberta just stole most my thunder. i'm here for a contract modification to construction contract with tutor perini for work control. it was contemplated in 2014 when train control was actually awarded by this board and subsequently by to the board of supervisors to basically get design, procurement and installation and start and testing of train control within the central program. that work was awarded to the central subway and reassigned back to the contractor tutor r por -- perini. we're requesting for approval for delete a portion of that
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work and the testing and elements and the contact will still maintain the installation of the equipment and then in doing so we'll want to re-assign it back to sfmta and central subway to have better management of the activities. part of the reason we're doing this is because based on the reassignment of the work for the last several years we've had some issues in terms of coordination between ourselves, train control and tutor perini contract where it's impacting our schedule and service delivery. by taking on this we're hoping to mitigate that element of work. we're asking basically to allow us to then take over and reassign this work back to the agency itself. with that, i'm willing to take any questions. >> commissioner: okay. any questions for mr. ho?
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>> clerk: mr. chair there, is no public comment. no member of the public has submitted a speaker card. >> commissioner: we'll close public comment and given you've had your thunder stolen and answered all of you're questions in one fell swoop, i'll entertain a motion on this item. >> motion to approve. >> commissioner: is there a second? >> second. >> commissioner: all in favor please say aye. opposed? thank you very much, albert. >> clerk: item 14 discussion and vote pursuant to administrative code section to move to closed section. >> commissioner: is there a motion? >> second. >> clerk: all right.
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item 15. item 16 appropriate for motion to disclose or not disclose information discussed. >> not disclose. >> commissioner: is there a second? >> second. >> commissioner: all in favor, please say aye. we will not disclose the contents of that closed session. >> clerk: that concludes the business before us today. >> commissioner: thank you very much, fellow directors.
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>> everything is done in-house. i think it is done. i have always been passionate about gelato. every single slaver has its own recipe. we have our own -- we move on from there. so you have every time a unique experience because that slaver is the flavored we want to make. union street is unique because of the neighbors and the location itself. the people that live around here i love to see when the street is full of people. it is a little bit of italy that is happening around you can walk around and enjoy shopping with gelato in your hand.
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this is the move we are happy to provide to the people. i always love union street because it's not like another commercial street where you have big chains. here you have the neighbors. there is a lot of stories and the neighborhoods are essential. people have -- they enjoy having their daily or weekly gelato. i love this street itself. >> we created a move of an area where we will be visiting. we want to make sure that the area has the gelato that you like. what we give back as a shop owner is creating an ambient lifestyle. if you do it in your area and if you like it, then you can do it on the streets you like.
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[laughter] >> what more could i say. and mary did such a fabulous job of talking about kaiser that i couldn't possibly add anything to that. thank you. that was. i did want to think and say kaiser is exceptionally proud to be a member of this community and the contribution that we make to the community are part and parcel of the tremendous fought pride that we face too
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many members who are in this room. just as a tiny little sidebar, nationally, it was just a shade on the 13 million members. i haven't -- i have opened enrolment forms. now, need to tell me for just a moment. i am going to introduce you to mere free, and they provided me a right, and it is a lengthy write up of the impressive accomplishments of this woman, so it will take me a moment to, okay. [laughter] honored to introduce agreed she first public office when she was elected by the voters of the board of supervisors all the way back in november of 2012 got representing district five in san francisco. we also would like to note that
8:42 am
district five includes san francisco's medical center on geary boulevard. [laugh she was born there for three years cap next she supervisor pack and was reelected to the present november 2016, and she was reelected president of the board two months later. there is no way i could remember all of this. as president of the board of supervisors, she has served as the second highest ranking official in san francisco, leading the legislative body of the city, and overseeing a 10 billion-dollar budget with 30,000 employees.
8:43 am
as city leader, she has focused on eradicating homelessness, increasing affordability, increasing affordable housing, and kaiser has appreciated deeply her partnership with the community benefit program, and the supportive safety net in our community. she is a native san franciscan, she was raised by her grandmother and the plaza ease public housing western edition. [applause] she, of course, graduated with honors from her high school, and attended the university of california, earning a bachelor of arts in political science, and a minor in african-american studies. she went on to earn a master master his degree in public administration from the university of san francisco. before her election as supervisor, she served as the
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executive director of the african-american cultural complex in the western edition for more then a decade, and as the san francisco redevelopment agency commissioner for five years. she was reappointed by gavin newsom to be a san francisco fire commissioner where she served until her election as the board of supervisors. please join me in welcoming the phenomenal mayor, for the great city of san francisco, mayor london breed. [applause] >> it is always so weird to hear people talk about you when you're standing right there. thank you, i was born at kaiser, and the community that i grew up in. thank you for delivering me. [laughter].
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>> good morning, everyone. this is a great opportunity to learn what people think about our cities, and for staff and i to really talk about the future of our city, and what we will do to make it even better than they are now. our city is deeply connected around housing and transportation and homelessness pick residents from both our cities across the bay to visit families, to work, to enjoy our nightlife and all of the great events we have in san francisco. we are to cities, but we are one region. as we are seeing our economy begin to grow, we face real challenges. we have not built enough housing, and we know, even though there was just talk of san francisco doing really well, i have seen to be too many of the people that i actually grew up in san francisco leave our city, and even leave the bay area because they couldn't find
8:46 am
affordable housing. housing that is actually affordable to their income. there are no easy fixes. and i know staff share my commitment to building more housing. we both believe in solutions, whether it is our work with the housing plan, that i know the mayor talks about a little bit more detail later, are partnering with state representatives and our new governor. housing can no longer be a city by city issue. we have to work, we have to work together, large cities or small, or the bay area will not be affordable for workers and family. our cities will never solve this crisis alone, that we can do better. since taking office, this has been my focus. to get rid of the barriers and bureaucracy that get in the way of housing production, and to build more housing for people of all income levels. san francisco, are ready in my
8:47 am
short time in office, i am moving forward with 300 million-dollar affordable dollars affordable housing bond. i directed my department of building inspection to get rid of the bureaucratic red tape that gets in the way of building we had 900 us -- accessory dwelling units backlogged. imagine putting 900 units on the market? eliminating the backlog, and most recently, i put forth legislation to eliminate the fees for in-laws, and affordable housing, 100% affordable housing during affordable housing projects, providing more affordable housing, and to get these in-laws into the market. [applause] >> i am proposing a chart -- charter amendment to make affordable housing and future housing as a right, so when
8:48 am
proposals are put forth that meet the zoning requirements, we need to get it built. no more delays, no more bureaucracy. most recently, i saw the affordable housing people clapping over there. most recently, i just appointed justin true with us today, as a director of housing delivery. his sole job is to cut housing development in half. you have a lot of work to do. you don't have that much time, i am giving you a year. we know there are many factors that go into our housing affordability crisis, so you can't just throw up our hands. we have to dig in, and have to get to work. otherwise our residents will suffer, and the economy will suffer. we also need to invest in our transportation system. congestion is choking our roads, in the transit system are suffering from decades of
8:49 am
underinvestment. we need stronger collaborative, especially to fund transformative changes, and to improve how we move people around the area. that means a second to translate some more people can access our mission bay neighborhood to get to the new center. means continuing to expand ferry service, and in fact, today, we are announcing the opening of a new ferry gate to san francisco which will double the downtown capacity. i am really excited about that. we are investing in public transportation, it is good for our city, but it is also good for the environment. fewer cars on our roads mean lower greenhouse gas emissions. our workers and residents need to real transportation options, and we will reduce congestion on
8:50 am
our streets and our bridges. as we build more housing and invest in our transportation system, we have to expand housing for homeless residents, was sadly, we know, so many of them suffer from substance use disorder and mental illness. i see what everyone else sees on the street. i frustrated, just like the mayor is frustrated, but i really am optimistic about the future and what we are doing to work to get people housed, and to get them the services that they need, and in many instances, a lot of work and wraparound services are required but while we have much work to do, in san francisco, we are seeing some results. in fact, at since i've taken office in july of last year, we have been able to get almost 1,000 people off the streets. almost 1,000 people. [applause]
8:51 am
>> we've done this by expanding our shelter capacity. we've added a number -- we've added 338 new shelter beds to our system, and we also did this by reconnecting people with their families and other cities across the country through our homeward bound program. we are working to meet what is an ambitious goal by adding another thousand shelter beds by next year. we added 50 new mental health stabilization beds, and by this year, we will add 100 more mental health stabilization beds to help people suffering from substance abuse disorder and mental illness. we have to provide a variety of solutions to address this challenge. it is not a one-size-fits-all, it is not an easy problem to solve, but i'm optimistic about the future, and what we are doing in san francisco. but we also need to invest in our workforce, because even with a strong economy, there are
8:52 am
people who are being left behind take our low unemployment rate, a sure sign of a healthy economy. when you look to meet those numbers, unemployment among african americans african-americans are three times that number, and among latinos are two times that number. we must try to promote everyone's success in the workplace, and in the community to make sure everyone is able to thrive in our cities. i will not be satisfied riding on the success of the incredible economy until we are able to bring everyone along. [applause] >> in san francisco, we have our city build program, which many of you in this room have partnered with us on, and we are grateful for that. is a little workforce experiments that has grown to be a model in the nation. we train -- we have an
8:53 am
incredible success rate of 80 4% of those hundreds being placed into permanent jobs, men and women from city build our building this center now, and they will build our next generation. and just as important, is they will have stable, good paying jobs because of the training that they received. and we are expanding beyond the city build, just last month, i got the news that every mayor hates to get, that one of our companies shifting its stores and laying off his entire workforce. hundreds of cherry drivers were going to be out of work, but working with our office of economic and workforce development, our m.t.a., and the teamsters, we quickly came up with a plan to get these laid-off workers with licenses.
8:54 am
we have a shortage of over 300 munimobile drivers, so what a great opportunity. for those who didn't have the proper licenses, we quickly enter that into our brand-new city ride program so we can help them get their licenses. we have a transit operations shortage that is hurting our city. and these drivers can help us with getting more buses on our streets, and getting more people trained to drive them. we look forward, we took a losing situation, and turned it into a win-win for the city, ad for the workforce. we have other efforts like our healthcare academy, our hospitality initiative, tech s.f., all these programs create opportunity for our residents to find careers in the economy. it is not only our adult workforce that i'm focusing on, i want to create opportunity for our kids so we can break the cycle of poverty and create new
8:55 am
pathways for everyone in our city. we can create the workforces that we need for the future right in our city if we begin to invest now. at 814 p.m., i got a job with the training program working in a nonprofit agency. i was in the polished mayor that i am today, really difficult to deal with as a teenager, but given this opportunity, i really learned what it meant to work in a professional environment, what it meant to earn a paycheck, and i met people who believed in my potential. it is where i started, and what led me to my current path. this is why i decided to launch what is my signature initiative, opportunity for all. i am committed to making sure that every high school student in san francisco has access to a
8:56 am
paid internship opportunity, in any interest -- any -- in any industry. [applause] >> whether it is the construction industry, healthcare industry, the city and county of san francisco, the tech industry, all of your companies will play a role in helping by providing a job for a young person, and if you are not prepared to deal with the challenges of teenaged kids, you can also help invest in our program by making a contribution so that we can place young people and in places all over our city. mentor and youth, if there are some great ways, i'm really excited about this program because it will change our future, and make things better for the next generation. by opening up the doors of opportunity to them. we can change what we see, and what we feel in our streets with your help. mentor a high school student
8:57 am
from our public schools, hire someone you might not traditionally extend a job offer to, but who may have the potential, engage with the next generation knowing it's not about how it benefits your company, but how you can change their life tomorrow. the way that we create a more equitable society, a better bay area, at bay area where we have just an incredible future with housing and transportation systems that work, and people who are employed, and less homelessness, is by making sure we are making the right investments today, and working together to accomplish those goals. again, i'm optimistic about the future. in the future starts today with our investment and our commitment to rolling up our sleeves and getting the job done , especially for the next generation who are counting on us to make good decisions today so that their future is brighter. thank you all so much today --
8:58 am
thank you all so much for having me here today.. >> shop and dine the 49 promotes loophole businesses and changes residents to do thirds shopping and diane within the 49 square miles of san francisco by supporting local services we help san francisco remain unique and successful where will you shop and dine shop and dine the 49. >> my name is neil the general manager for the book shop here on west portal avenue if san francisco this is a neighborhood bookstore and it is a wonderful neighborhood but it is an interesting community because
8:59 am
the residents the neighborhood muni loves the neighborhood it is community and we as a book sincerely we see the same people here the shop all the time and you know to a certain degree this is part of their this is created the neighborhood a place where people come and subcontract it is in recent years we see a drop off of a lot of bookstores both national chains and neighborhoods by the neighborhood stores where coming you don't want to - one of the great things of san francisco it is neighborhood neighborhood have dentist corrosive are coffeehouses but 2, 3, 4 coffeehouses in month neighborhoods that are on their
9:00 am
own- that volunteers. >> my name is mark a proud grand date i didn't all over san francisco residents are adopt rains to keep our sewer system healthy i'm adopted a grain draining i thought of a simple illusion to a big problem it will help out the neighborhood and be responsible for the places we live i want or apparent to the web site and