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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  March 4, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> thank you. we love you always. good morning, everyone. the meeting will come to order. welcome to the march 4th, 2019 meeting of the rules committee. i'm supervisor hillary ronen. seated to my right is supervisor saman. and seated to my left is gordon mar. our clerk is victor young. i would like to think charles cremenik, and i'm
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sorry for mispronouncing your name. mr. clerk, do you have any announcements? >> yes. please make sure to silence all cell phones and electronic devices. and include your documents to the clerk. items after today will appear on the march 12th board of supervisor's agenda, unless otherwise stated. >> mr. clerk, is it appropriate to call items one, two, and three together? >> yes, we can do that. item is a motion to approving/rejecting richard johns to the historic preservation commissioner for a term ending 2022. and item to is a motion for approving/rejecting the mayor's nomination of kate black for appointment to the preservation commitment for a period ending december 31st, 20022. and the third is approving/rejecting the mayor's nomination of andrew wolfum for
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reappointment to the historic commission for a term ending december 31st, 2022. >> thank you so much. i wan wanted to give an opportunity the three to come up and say a few words about their reappointment. >> i'm richard johns, and this would be my third term as a commissioner, occupying the historyancy. one of the important things changing this since i've been on the commission is our interest not in just buildings and monuments, but the people who created the buildings and monuments. so one of the things we are doing -- excuse me, doing now, is we have order of context statements. and those are mini histories of different ethnic and racial groups.
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so we can really learn where theylized they lived, when they lived there, how they moved through the city, and not just what they left behind, the brick and stones, but institutions they left behind, what businesses they left behind. what ideas they left behind that have helped us create what we now have. and when we study those things, we find, well, what we thought wasn't necessarily true. and it's very important for us to know that the latino community really started in the mission, but didn't last long, and the real roots of it are in front of the church of our lady of guadalupe, where the broadway tunnel cuts in, a neighborhood that was destroyed when ththat tunnel was built in 1952. and now a latino group has moved back to the mission,
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and it seems to be shifting various places. but along the way really significant contributions have been made. we're also finishing up the african-american context statement. and that, too, has had some surprising developments and twists and turns. so i would say that those are the things of which i have been most proud. with one exception, and that is how collegial our commission has been. we almost always rule unanimously. over 99% of the time, though frequently for different reasons. i don't think it is a sign of weakness. i think it is a sign that the commissioners are willing to listen to one another and take into account the concerns of each commissioner so that we have move forward together. >> thank you. chairwoman:
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ms. black? >> good morning. i'm kate black. i'm the new kid on the commission. i'm really happy to be here today. and i'm honored that mayor breed has submitted for your consideration my reappointment. if i'm reappointed, i will continue to bring 30 years of municipal planning and historic preservation background. most of my carrie career was in the public sector. so, like you, i know how hard it is to be prepared. it is very important to be prepared. it is important to work hard. it is important to listen to all of the stakeholders. i love being able to wade into controversial projects that have competing objectives. and with a lot of deliberation and help from my fellow commissioners, waive the competing
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objectives, and come out with a sound, dispensable decision, whether it is a really large project or really small project. i'm really proud to have been a participant in the city's groundbreaking cultural districts. and as a planner, i know there are other planners throughout the country copying us. and when i attended the historic preservation conference held her in san francisco, everybody was asking questions about it. it was very important legislation. this summer will mark 31 years since i moved to san francisco. i was then, as i am now, completely taken by this city. i love its welcoming, diverse population, the distinctive neighborhoods and cultural traditions, the small-town feel, despite its size. i love the fact that it is on the bay with the bridges, and it's a port city.
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as a preservationist, i love how the city built itself out over steep hills, and so optmistically rebuilt itself in 1906. and i love how it has evolved through the last century, resulting in today's agricultural and neighborhood identities. all of these things are what draw millions of people here, and people like me, who want to live and work here, and visitors and their money, who come each year to the city. as a planner, i know how important it is to evolve and adapt to modern needs, such as the city and region's desperate housing shortage, especially when it comes to affordable housing. i would be very honored to continue to serve on the commission. >> thank you so much. any questions, colleagues? no? thank you so much. mr. wolfrum? >> members of the rules committee, my name is
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andrew wolfrum, and i thank you for hearing our reappointments today. i'm up for the historic act tec architect seat, and i'm a principle at a an architectural firm in the bay area. i'm honored that i served on the commission since 2009. and the last four years as president. and in that time, the historic preservation commission has made many accomplishments. we've designated numerous landmarks, in underrepresented parts of the city. we've had a major focus on cultural legacy and cultural history, and the setting up of the legacy business registry, which we feel is very important. one of the major roles of the historic preservation commissioner is a more technical one, and that is
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we approve alterations to landmarks. how do you balance necessity and historic preservation, because a lot of them have barriers to entry, and we're trying to make the city more accessible to people, and how do you deal with failing building materials? in my professional work -- i've been doing this for the last 30 years, i worked on the san francisco ferry building, the officers' club, and some major important buildings in the city. that experience, understanding how to balance all of these technical problems, is really valuable on the historic preservation committee. i'm very excited about some of the new issues coming up on h.c.v., and it's a really important item, not only in looking to protect landmarks that we don't know about or
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potential landmarks and historic sites we don't know about, but also in clarifying the process so that if owners have a property, it is very time cotim consuming for them to know is it historic or not? so the survey will both clear a way to development in places where it makes sense, and it would also protect historic sites where they exist. so i look forward to your support. and i'm happy to answer any questions. >> chairwoman: thank you so much. any questions? >> thank you. >> chairwoman: i'll now open this open this item to any member of the public, including the former supervisor, kevin dusty. >> good morning, supervisors. thank you so much for welcoming us. i want to say i've known richard johns for 25 years. i have had the opportunity to work for him, and when
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i had the privilege of serving as a supervisor, i advocated strongly for his appointment, and i'm proud to hear of the work he is doing. >> thank you. >> good morning, commissioner. thank you for allowing me some time to support all three commissioners for reappointment. i'm a born and raised san franciscoan, and i'm kind of the general voice, the voice that kind of bridges the community with the commission and to help to define things in normal language so everybody can be a cultural and history historical preservation. and i strongly support the reappointment of all three commissioners. >> chairman: : thank you, and than thank you so much for your work. >> good morning, supervisors. i have a letter i sent last night.
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i'm aaron hyland, i'm a district 8 resident, almost 30 years, and i sit as the president of the historic preservation commission. i'm very pleased to support all three nominees. commissioner black is a seasoned planning professional, and her addition to the commission has been really well-received, and we look forward to her continuing on. commissioner johns has really kind of championed up to more consistent with our decisions that are clear and predictable, and that allows us to build more trust in the process and in the community. and lastly, commissioner wolfrum, he and i are both architectural commissioners. he is a well-respected colleague of mine. and lastly, i'd like to say that it might be unusual for the president of the commission to be lobbying the board for other commissioners, but what is really important
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on our commission is each seat has an expertise. in in that expertise, our city is really huge challenges, especially with affordable housing. and how that's going to be achieved along with protecting our historic resources, i think it's important that our commission has some continuity and some longevity, and some memory. so i support the nominations. >> chairman: : thank you so much for u all of your work. >> my name is cindy hysman, and i'm the executive director of the california preservation foundation. and i'm here to support the nomination of andrew wolfrum to the preservation commission. i've worked with andrew over the past 10 years in various capacities, through the california preservation foundation's
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work and initiative. i know andrew well. he has over 30 years experience in the architecture and design, and has worked on some of san francisco's most notable buildings, the ferry building, the former pacific telephone building, the san francisco city officers' club, and the city landmark, which was reused and an unused health facility, and converted it to over 150 units of housing. andrew is active in a number of organizations aligned with his professional interests, including having served on the board of trustees of the california preservation foundation. because of his experience and his acumen, the california preservation foundation appointed andrew to serve on a number of committees, including a recent appointment to serve as the co-chair as the california preservation design awards, and in this
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capacity is responsible for coordinating the work of a jury of design professionals, and is designed with reviewing some of the most diverse and interesting projects throughout california. for these and many other reasons, i support his nomination. >> thank you so much. next speaker. >> good morning supervisors, i'm sharon lie, and i have known kate black for over well over a decade. i'm here in support of her. she was my very first boss out of planning school. she gave me my start in urban planning and really enlightened me in appreciating historic buildings, as many other planners who came through her as a training gowned for other positions. in fact, we have multiple planners in san francisco planning that actually got their start with kate as well. i want to stress that, you know, kate has really shown a lot of dedication towards the public good.
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she has immense work ethic. i have known her to be super detail-oriented, and i know she reads everything that comes in her packet. she really does take pride and joy from her opportunity in representing san franciscans in part of being a stewart of the h.p.c. i also want to say kate is not only an affective mentor to so many young planners like me, but in her time as a department head, she has always been a supporter of diversitiy in her employment, in her hiring. in fact, the majority of her planners have always been either of minority, ethnic minority, or in the lgbt community. i know kate does not -- she probably doesn't even keep track of that, but it is very noticeable to the rest of us, as a minority myself. i would say for the city to continue to have someone like her
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representing on h.p.c. is certainly something to the public's benefit. thank you. >> thank you so much. next speaker. >> >> good morning, supervisors. my name is diane sidchampion, and i'm here as a member of the community to support the renomination of kate black. we served together on the nowi valleys democratic board, and i'm a long-time resident of district 8 and a retired union lawyer. i appeared before the rules committee when kate was first nominated for the historic preservation commission, and i'm even more pleased to support her reappointment because of the good work she has already done on the commission. she was instrumental in creating the castro lgbt district, and the african-american arts cultural district, developing new ideas for
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preserving historic buildings that will add new arts and nighttime activities, and supporting the central soma plan. kate is well-suited for this commission. she loves the city and has a wealth of experience and expertise from her many years working as a city planner. she is cooperative and collaborative. she does not let her ego get in the way. she is hard-working, diligent, thoughtful, and open-minded. kate gives due consideration to every issue. she has always listened to all sides, and makes a decision based on the facts rather than any preconceived notions. above all, kate has the highest integrity. i urge you to approve the reappointment of kate black. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. good morning. >> good morning, committee members. milmike buehler, president and c.e.o. of san francisco heritage. i'm here to speak in support of all three
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candidates before you for their reappointment. each offer their own experexpertise and experience, but they have proven to work very affectively as a group. they have distinguished themselves as a constructive voice in balancing the city's needs with its responsibility as stewards of the historic and cultural assets. heritage is particularly grateful for the current composition. and going beyond the mandate to embrace cultural heritage preservation, particularly through programs such as the cultural districts program. and some of you have been leaders as well in that effort. and their reappointment of the commissioners before you will ensure that the commission will continue to prioritize, sustain communities, and not just the buildings that
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compromise them. >> thank you so much. is there any other member wanted to speak? seeing none, it is closed. i want to thank you all for coming out today and all of the commissioners up for reappointment today. i think it is a point of pride for the city as the legislative aide for former supervisor david compostwhen he created the legacy business. and the program of the latino district, and as the supervisor who continued that work and created the over all cultural district legislation. i just want to say that working with the historic preservation commission and all of you has just been an honor, and a highlight. i've learned so much from each and every one of you. i completely support these reappointments, and i'm very excited for the work that you have ahead of you because i think that this is a brilliant commission
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that work together so well to constantly innovate. and it's definitely one of those go-to commissions for me when i have questions in this field. and the sophistication not only to understand sort of the urgency we have around developing more housing, and especially affordable housing with the necessity to maintain and protect our historic and cultural heritage in the city, and it is a difficult mandate and task that you balance so well. so i want to thank the mayor for these reappointments and thank you all so much for your work. do any of my colleagues have any comments or questions? >> yeah. i just want to echo chair ronen's comments in really expressing really strong appreciation for all of the work that
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commissioners wolfrum, johns, and black have contributed to the historic pressiohistoric presern commission. i appreciate hearing all of the work that the commission has been doing, particularly around the cultural districts and the legacy program, and including our ethnic and cultural -- the rich history of ethnic and cultural history in your work. thank you all for your dedication and your contributions to all of that. and i'm very pleased to support your reappointment. thank you. >> i just have a question for clarification? do we have to take these separately, or can we do them together? >> i believe if we make a motion to amend all three of these items, to delete the word "rejecting," and make a motion to recommend
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all three of them as a committee report to tomorrow's supervisors' meeting. >> i want to make a motion to delete the word "rejecting" and move all three recommendations forward with the positive recommendation. >> as a committee report. >> without objection, that motion passes. thank you so much, everyone. mr. clerk, can you please call item number four? >> item number four is a renominating eric for the coastal commission. >> i feel fortunate and lucky that san francisco has a representative on the coastal commission, and one that has a very strong voice, protecting our precious resources, natural resources. so i'm very supportive of this reappointment. colleagues, any comments or a motion?
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oh, sorry. can i please open this item up for public comment. seeing none, the public comment is closed. do you want to make a motion? >> sure. i make a motion that we forward this nomination for supervisor peskin's reappointment to california coastal commission. >> this is not a committee report. >> without objection, that motion passes. mr. clerk, can you please call item number five. >> item number five is a hearing to reappoint two people to the park recreation and open space advisor committee. there are two seats and two applicants. >> great. can we first here from rochene eisner. who i>> thank you.
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sorry. i get really nervous at podiums. i'm a third generation san franciscan, and as a teenager i participated in rec a park program called "midnight music." my friend and i got so much out of it. and i signed my kids up for programs, and tried to on many occasions. programs have never been available in my own community, and we've had to have very long commutes, and sometimes very difficult ones to access. before the 2018 election, i knocked on doors in my district, and personally talked to a thousand votervoters in visitation valley, and i saw a frustration with the lack of programs. there are only seven programs available, and there are zero arts programs available in bay
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view and park valley. and in contrast, some offer 56 programs. but we have twice as many children at district 8, more than 16,000, compared to 8,000. district 10 has the largest under 18 population, and the highest percentage of our population is under 18, and that's almost 22%, compared to a city-wide average of 13%. the 2016 charter amendment aimed to address these issues, but the equity matrix failed to appreciate the depth of these metrix. and vacancies have resulted in -- if i'm appointed to the committee, my goals would be advocate for increased equity in the areas with the largest population, such as children and seniors.
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and to advocate for updated metrix. and three, ensure adequate community outreach, and culturally competent instruction, and elimination of barriers. that's all. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. any questions or comments? >> definitely no questions. but i want to say this is actually an honor, my first appointment. ms. eisner, as you can see has done ,he research and understands the inequities that exists-aroun exists arounde resources in our city, particularly in terms of activities for our young people. i'm just excited to have her wanting and being willing to serve because i know she is going to fight hard to make sure we fight hard to address those inequities that exist. thank you so much for stepping up in this manner. >> i also don't have any questions, but as someone who had a chance to work with you for many, many
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years, informer supervisor compost's office, i have been impressed by your brilliance and by your work ethic and by your dedication to fighting for equity in the city. it has been long-term and consistent. and i just want to congratulate supervisor walton for having one of the coolest first appointments that anyone could possibly have. so thank you so much, christine, for all of your incredible work. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. next we'll hear from richard rotherman who is nominated by district 1 supervisor. >> supervisors, my name is richard rothman, and i'm here before you today to ask to be reappointed to park and open space advisory committee representing district 1. i'm a district 1 resident.
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i'm currently ending my term as first vice chair of the committee. and one of my goals on the committee is to make sure rec and park follows the equity measures improper "d," and that especially districts 10, 11, and 6 get the services that i think the rest of this city has. as a district 1 representative, two main issues: one is safe access to golden gate park, while district 1 borders golden gate park, our residents feel it is not safe to walk across fulton street, so i've been working with supervisor severe's office and the planning department to try to make fulton street a safer street, so our residents can walk and bike to the park. the second issue i've been working on is rec and
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parks' main issues is rec and park, but also it has three buildings with wta murals in them. while two are opened to the public, the other building, the zoo, has been closed since 2000. and i've sort of taken on my mission to try to work with rec and park, the zoo, and the art commission to reopen these buildings, which has these beautiful murals in them. my photo shows the main library through the 15th, and they're on my web page, >> i would be happy to answer any questions. >> any questions? thank you so much. is there any member of the public ho would like to speak?
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yes. >> my name is natalie gee, and i'm speaking on my personal support for the appointment. she is amazing, so... >> thank you so much. any other member of the public like to speak? seeing none, public comment is closed. i have a motion? >> i'd like to make a motion to move both names for -- i'm sorry, i want to, for c-14, move forward a positive recommendation, richard rothman, and for seat 12, move forward with a positive recommendation, roshene eisner. >> great. without objection, that motion passes. are there any other items? >> that completes the agenda for today. >> thank you so much. the meeting is ad journalist. adjourned.
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adjourned. >> shop & dine in the 49
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promotes local businesses and challenges residents to do their shop & dine in the 49 with within the 49 square miles of san francisco by supporting local services within the neighborhood we help san francisco remain unique successful and vibrant so where will you shop & dine in the 49 my name is jim woods i'm the founder of woods beer company and the proprietor of woods copy k open 2 henry adams what makes us unique is that we're reintegrated brooeg the beer and serving that cross the table people are sitting next to the xurpz drinking alongside we're having a lot of ingredient that get there's a lot to do the district of retail shop having that really close connection with the consumer allows us to do exciting things we decided to come to treasure island because we saw it as an
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amazing opportunity can't be beat the views and real estate that great county starting to develop on treasure island like minded business owners with last week products and want to get on the ground floor a no-brainer for us when you you, you buying local goods made locally our supporting small business those are not created an, an sprinkle scale with all the machines and one person procreating them people are making them by hand as a result more interesting and can't get that of minor or anywhere else and san francisco a hot bed for local manufacturing in support that is what keeps your city vibrant we'll make a compelling place to live and visit i think that local business is the lifeblood of san francisco and a vibrant community
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[laughter] >> what more could i say. and mary did such a fabulous job of talking about kaiser that i couldn't possibly add anything to that. thank you. that was. i did want to think and say kaiser is exceptionally proud to be a member of this community and the contribution that we make to the community are part and parcel of the tremendous fought pride that we face too many members who are in this room. just as a tiny little sidebar, nationally, it was just a shade on the 13 million members. i haven't -- i have opened enrolment forms. now, need to tell me for just a moment.
6:37 pm
i am going to introduce you to mere free, and they provided me a right, and it is a lengthy write up of the impressive accomplishments of this woman, so it will take me a moment to, okay. [laughter] honored to introduce agreed she first public office when she was elected by the voters of the board of supervisors all the way back in november of 2012 got representing district five in san francisco. we also would like to note that district five includes san francisco's medical center on geary boulevard. [laughter] she was born there for three years cap next she supervisor pack and was reelected to the
6:38 pm
present november 2016, and she was reelected president of the board two months later. there is no way i could remember all of this. as president of the board of supervisors, she has served as the second highest ranking official in san francisco, leading the legislative body of the city, and overseeing a 10 billion-dollar budget with 30,000 employees. as city leader, she has focused on eradicating homelessness, increasing affordability, increasing affordable housing, and kaiser has appreciated deeply her partnership with the community benefit program, and the supportive safety net in our community. she is a native san franciscan, she was raised by her grandmother and the plaza ease public housing western edition.
6:39 pm
[applause] she, of course, graduated with honors from her high school, and attended the university of california, earning a bachelor of arts in political science, and a minor in african-american studies. she went on to earn a master master his degree in public administration from the university of san francisco. before her election as supervisor, she served as the executive director of the african-american cultural complex in the western edition for more then a decade, and as the san francisco redevelopment agency commissioner for five years. she was reappointed by gavin newsom to be a san francisco fire commissioner where she served until her election as the
6:40 pm
board of supervisors. please join me in welcoming the phenomenal mayor, for the great city of san francisco, mayor london breed. [applause] >> it is always so weird to hear people talk about you when you're standing right there. thank you, i was born at kaiser, and the community that i grew up in. thank you for delivering me. [laughter]. >> good morning, everyone. this is a great opportunity to learn what people think about our cities, and for staff and i to really talk about the future of our city, and what we will do to make it even better than they are now. our city is deeply connected around housing and transportation and homelessness pick residents from both our cities across the bay to visit families, to work, to enjoy our
6:41 pm
nightlife and all of the great events we have in san francisco. we are to cities, but we are one region. as we are seeing our economy begin to grow, we face real challenges. we have not built enough housing, and we know, even though there was just talk of san francisco doing really well, i have seen to be too many of the people that i actually grew up in san francisco leave our city, and even leave the bay area because they couldn't find affordable housing. housing that is actually affordable to their income. there are no easy fixes. and i know staff share my commitment to building more housing. we both believe in solutions, whether it is our work with the housing plan, that i know the mayor talks about a little bit more detail later, are partnering with state representatives and our new
6:42 pm
governor. housing can no longer be a city by city issue. we have to work, we have to work together, large cities or small, or the bay area will not be affordable for workers and family. our cities will never solve this crisis alone, that we can do better. since taking office, this has been my focus. to get rid of the barriers and bureaucracy that get in the way of housing production, and to build more housing for people of all income levels. san francisco, are ready in my short time in office, i am moving forward with 300 million-dollar affordable dollars affordable housing bond. i directed my department of building inspection to get rid of the bureaucratic red tape that gets in the way of building we had 900 us -- accessory dwelling units backlogged. imagine putting 900 units on the
6:43 pm
market? eliminating the backlog, and most recently, i put forth legislation to eliminate the fees for in-laws, and affordable housing, 100% affordable housing during affordable housing projects, providing more affordable housing, and to get these in-laws into the market. [applause] >> i am proposing a chart -- charter amendment to make affordable housing and future housing as a right, so when proposals are put forth that meet the zoning requirements, we need to get it built. no more delays, no more bureaucracy. most recently, i saw the affordable housing people clapping over there. most recently, i just appointed justin true with us today, as a director of housing delivery. his sole job is to cut housing
6:44 pm
development in half. you have a lot of work to do. you don't have that much time, i am giving you a year. we know there are many factors that go into our housing affordability crisis, so you can't just throw up our hands. we have to dig in, and have to get to work. otherwise our residents will suffer, and the economy will suffer. we also need to invest in our transportation system. congestion is choking our roads, in the transit system are suffering from decades of underinvestment. we need stronger collaborative, especially to fund transformative changes, and to improve how we move people around the area. that means a second to translate some more people can access our mission bay neighborhood to get to the new center.
6:45 pm
means continuing to expand ferry service, and in fact, today, we are announcing the opening of a new ferry gate to san francisco which will double the downtown capacity. i am really excited about that. we are investing in public transportation, it is good for our city, but it is also good for the environment. fewer cars on our roads mean lower greenhouse gas emissions. our workers and residents need to real transportation options, and we will reduce congestion on our streets and our bridges. as we build more housing and invest in our transportation system, we have to expand housing for homeless residents, was sadly, we know, so many of them suffer from substance use disorder and mental illness. i see what everyone else sees on the street. i frustrated, just like the mayor is frustrated, but i
6:46 pm
really am optimistic about the future and what we are doing to work to get people housed, and to get them the services that they need, and in many instances, a lot of work and wraparound services are required but while we have much work to do, in san francisco, we are seeing some results. in fact, at since i've taken office in july of last year, we have been able to get almost 1,000 people off the streets. almost 1,000 people. [applause] >> we've done this by expanding our shelter capacity. we've added a number -- we've added 338 new shelter beds to our system, and we also did this by reconnecting people with their families and other cities across the country through our homeward bound program. we are working to meet what is an ambitious goal by adding another thousand shelter beds by next year.
6:47 pm
we added 50 new mental health stabilization beds, and by this year, we will add 100 more mental health stabilization beds to help people suffering from substance abuse disorder and mental illness. we have to provide a variety of solutions to address this challenge. it is not a one-size-fits-all, it is not an easy problem to solve, but i'm optimistic about the future, and what we are doing in san francisco. but we also need to invest in our workforce, because even with a strong economy, there are people who are being left behind take our low unemployment rate, a sure sign of a healthy economy. when you look to meet those numbers, unemployment among african americans african-americans are three times that number, and among latinos are two times that number. we must try to promote
6:48 pm
everyone's success in the workplace, and in the community to make sure everyone is able to thrive in our cities. i will not be satisfied riding on the success of the incredible economy until we are able to bring everyone along. [applause] >> in san francisco, we have our city build program, which many of you in this room have partnered with us on, and we are grateful for that. is a little workforce experiments that has grown to be a model in the nation. we train -- we have an incredible success rate of 80 4% of those hundreds being placed into permanent jobs, men and women from city build our building this center now, and they will build our next generation. and just as important, is they will have stable, good paying
6:49 pm
jobs because of the training that they received. and we are expanding beyond the city build, just last month, i got the news that every mayor hates to get, that one of our companies shifting its stores and laying off his entire workforce. hundreds of cherry drivers were going to be out of work, but working with our office of economic and workforce development, our m.t.a., and the teamsters, we quickly came up with a plan to get these laid-off workers with licenses. we have a shortage of over 300 munimobile drivers, so what a great opportunity. for those who didn't have the proper licenses, we quickly enter that into our brand-new city ride program so we can help them get their licenses. we have a transit operations shortage that is hurting our city. and these drivers can help us with getting more buses on our streets, and getting more people
6:50 pm
trained to drive them. we look forward, we took a losing situation, and turned it into a win-win for the city, ad for the workforce. we have other efforts like our healthcare academy, our hospitality initiative, tech s.f., all these programs create opportunity for our residents to find careers in the economy. it is not only our adult workforce that i'm focusing on, i want to create opportunity for our kids so we can break the cycle of poverty and create new pathways for everyone in our city. we can create the workforces that we need for the future right in our city if we begin to invest now. at 814 p.m., i got a job with the training program working in a nonprofit agency. i was in the polished mayor that i am today, really difficult to
6:51 pm
deal with as a teenager, but given this opportunity, i really learned what it meant to work in a professional environment, what it meant to earn a paycheck, and i met people who believed in my potential. it is where i started, and what led me to my current path. this is why i decided to launch what is my signature initiative, opportunity for all. i am committed to making sure that every high school student in san francisco has access to a paid internship opportunity, in any interest -- any -- in any industry. [applause] >> whether it is the construction industry, healthcare industry, the city and county of san francisco, the tech industry, all of your companies will play a role in helping by providing a job for a young person, and if you are not prepared to deal with the challenges of teenaged kids, you
6:52 pm
can also help invest in our program by making a contribution so that we can place young people and in places all over our city. mentor and youth, if there are some great ways, i'm really excited about this program because it will change our future, and make things better for the next generation. by opening up the doors of opportunity to them. we can change what we see, and what we feel in our streets with your help. mentor a high school student from our public schools, hire someone you might not traditionally extend a job offer to, but who may have the potential, engage with the next generation knowing it's not about how it benefits your company, but how you can change their life tomorrow. the way that we create a more equitable society, a better bay area, at bay area where we have just an incredible future with
6:53 pm
housing and transportation systems that work, and people who are employed, and less homelessness, is by making sure we are making the right investments today, and working together to accomplish those goals. again, i'm optimistic about the future. in the future starts today with our investment and our commitment to rolling up our sleeves and getting the job done , especially for the next generation who are counting on us to make good decisions today so that their future is brighter. thank you all so much today -- thank you all so much for having thank you all so much for having me here today. - working for the city and county of san francisco will immerse you in a vibrant and dynamic city
6:54 pm
that's on the forefront of economic growth, the arts, and social change. our city has always been on the edge of progress and innovation. after all, we're at the meeting of land and sea. - our city is famous for its iconic scenery, historic designs, and world- class style. it's the birthplace of blue jeans, and where "the rock" holds court over the largest natural harbor on the west coast. - the city's information technology professionals work on revolutionary projects, like providing free wifi to residents and visitors, developing new programs to keep sfo humming, and ensuring patient safety at san francisco general. our it professionals make government accessible through award-winning mobile apps, and support vital infrastructure projects like the hetch hetchy regional water system. - our employees enjoy competitive salaries, as well as generous benefits programs. but most importantly, working for the city and county of san francisco
6:55 pm
gives employees an opportunity to contribute their ideas, energy, and commitment to shape the city's future. - thank you for considering a career with the city and county of san francisco. >> my name is angela wilson and i'm an owner of the market i worked at a butcher for about 10 years and became a butcher you i was a restaurant cook started in sxos and went to uc; isn't that
6:56 pm
so and opened a cafe we have produce from small farms without small butcher shops hard for small farms to survive we have a been a butcher shop since 1901 in the heights floor and the case are about from 1955 and it is only been a butcher shot not a lot of businesses if san francisco that have only been one thing. >> i'm all for vegetarians if you eat meat eat meat for quality and if we care of we're in a losing battle we need to support butcher shops eat less we sell the chickens with the head and feet open somebody has to make money when you pay $25
6:57 pm
for a chicken i guarantee if you go to save way half of the chicken goes in the enlarge but we started affordable housing depends on it occurred to us this is a male field people said good job even for a girl the interesting thing it is a women's field in most of world just here in united states it is that pay a man's job i'm an encountered woman and raise a son and teach i am who respect woman i consider all women's who work here to be impoverished and strong in san francisco labor is high our cost of good ideas we seal the best good ideas the profit margin that low but everything that is a laboring and that's a challenge in the town so many people chasing
6:58 pm
money and not i can guarantee everybody this is their passion. >> i'm the - i've been cooking mile whole life this is a really, really strong presence of women heading up kitchens in the bay area it is really why i moved out here i think that we are really strong in the destroy and really off the pages kind of thing i feel like women befrp helps us to get back up i'm definitely the only female here i fell in love i love setting up and love knowing were any food comes from i do the lamb and that's how i got here
6:59 pm
today something special to have a female here a male dominated field so i think that it is very special to have women and especially like it is going at it you know i'm a tiny girl but makes me feel good for sure. >> the sad thing the building is sold i'm renegotiating my lease the neighborhood wants us to be here with that said, this is a very difficult business it is a constant struggle to maintain freshness and deal with what we have to everyday it is a very high labor of business but something i'm proud of if you want to get a job at affordable housing done nasal you need a good attitude and the
7:00 pm
jobs on the bottom you take care of all the produce and the fish and computer ferry terminal and work your way up employing people with a passion for this and empowering them to learn >> good morning, everybody. welcome to the rebirth of westside courts which was the second oldest public housing development in san francisco but also one of the most stable communities in san francisco, and we're here to celebrate today a new life, and you're going to hear more about what that's about today. my name