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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  March 5, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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sf foodwa . >> president yee: good afternoon and welcome to the march 5, 2019 meeting of the board of supervisors. madam clerk, will you please call the roll. >> clerk: thank you. [roll call]
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>> clerk: mr. president, you have a quorum. >> president yee: thank you. ladies and gentlemen, would you please join me in the pledge of allegiance. [pledge of allegiance] >> president yee: okay. on behalf of the board, i would like to acknowledge the staff at sfgtv, michael, maya, and
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jim, who make all the recordings available on-line. madam clerk, are there any communications? >> clerk: i have none to report. >> president yee: okay. colleagues, today we are approving the minutes from the january 29, 2019 board meeting. are there any changes to the minutes? seeing none, can i have a motion to approve the minutes as presented? motion made by supervisor peskin and seconded by supervisor stefani. okay. then without objection those minutes will be approved after public comment today. [gavel]. >> president yee: madam clerk, can you please read the consent agenda. >> clerk: items 1 through 12 are on the consent.
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these itemed are considered to be routine. -- items are considered to be routine. >> president yee: would any member like to separate any item? seeing none, madam clerk, please call the roll. >> clerk: thank you. [roll call] >> clerk: there are ten ayes. >> president yee: thank you. these items are finally passed unanimously. madam clerk, let's please go to the regular agenda and please call item 13.
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>> clerk: item 13 is a resolution to establish the property-based improvement district known as the soma west community benefit district, ordering the levy and collection of assessments against property located in that district for 15 years, substance to conditions and making appropriate findings. >> president yee: okay. supervisor haney, would you like to share any remarks on your item? >> supervisor haney: yes, and i think that everybody should have amendments that were passed out -- should be passed out. i want to thank you, again, colleagues, for supporting the continuance of this item from february 5. over the last month, i've had the opportunity to work closely with the steering committee, with affordable housing, developers, with nonprofits and with the office of economic and workforce development to bring forward a revised plan in front
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of you which you'll see the amendments. if you'll recall, the soma west c.b.d. has been working on it for a number of years, and we continued it to work out a number of remaining issues that needed to be addressed. the two amendments we have in front of you relate to two of the outstanding issues that we've been negotiating. one is the composition of the c.b.d.'s future governing board. usually, the good afternooning board itself will be -- the governing board itself will be included in the bylaws, so we're included in the management plan a commitment to include cultural organizations, educational institutions, nonprofit housing entities, small business owners and residents as part of the governing board. it's important to me and to the steering committee that we have
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a diverse representation on the future governing board to ensure its inclusion and governance and effectiveness. the second item, you'll recall there were some folks who came in who were concerned about the assessments on nonprofit owned parcels, so we were able to reduce the assessment by a total of close to 50%, so it will be about 47.5% reduction, so there are a number of affordable housing parcels and other nonprofit parcels that will receive that assessment. this addressed some of the concerns at the hearing and they're aware of this and understanding of this change. i want to thank steve gibson from urban place consulting and chris corgis from oewd for their work, and i want to thank the steering committee for
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working collaboratively with me and my office, abbie, who led the work to get us to this moment. so supervisors, i ask that you support the amendments in the c.d.b. amendment plan and ask that you join me in welcoming the new c.b.d. >> president yee: so supervisor haney, this march 5, 2019, is this the amendments that you're talking about, and what page are you talking about? >> supervisor haney: just give me one second here. so i don't know exactly where the amendments -- i thought it would be more in a form that
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exactly showed where the amendments are. >> president yee: no, we got a big old packet, unless somebody has it. okay. chris corgis, can you tell us what page we're talking about? >> thank you, president yee and supervisors, there are two kinds of amendments dictating what kind of members there will be. a sentence was added that states the bylaws of the nonprofit owners association will define a board of directors composition that meets both city and state law and ensures representation from nonprofit housing entities, cultural organizations/districts, education institutions, small business owners, residents, both property owners and nonproperty owners. that's the first amendment. the second amendment deals with the assessment formula and the best place to find that is in the engineer's report, in
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section 14 which can be found on page 14. and -- excuse me. on page 12, excuse me, there was a section added under land use considerations for nonprofit parcels and nonprofit housing parcels. the nonprofit parcels states that based off of discussions with the city attorney that nonprofit owned parcels would not benefit from that section, so the 7.56% of their assessment, that would be tied to the market in the communications portion of the budget was taken out of nonprofit owned properties.
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additionally, it was reduced in that specific section, so there's no conference of value to other properties. additionally, under the nonprofit housing parcel section, the steering committee elected to -- with supervisor haney's guidance agreed to negotiate a lower 40% rate by means these parcels do acknowledge that they are benefiting from other services such as the cleaning component but the c.b.d. has agreed to fund raise that 40% that they will not be paying in accordance with prop 26 and articles 13 a, c, and d of the state constitution. >> president yee: okay. there's been a motion to amend. is there a motion? seconded by supervisor ronen. is there -- supervisor peskin?
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>> supervisor peskin: mr. president, i don't believe that the instrument which refers to the revised management report needs to be amended. there's a restated management report before us, but i think -- and i can defer to either the maker or the deputy city attorney, but i think we can pass this as is. >> president yee: deputy city attorney givner? >> mr. givner: yes. deputy city attorney jon givner. in situations where the amendment has changed, the board will accept the amendment, and then adopt the resolution without amending it? >> president yee: should we accept the amended report without objection? seeing no objection, it's then okay, i guess. [gavel]. >> president yee: colleagues, can we have this same house,
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same call? >> clerk: no, mr. president. apprais supervisor haney came in. >> president yee: okay, with a role call on the amended report. >> clerk: yes. [roll call] >> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> president yee: thank you. madam clerk, please call the next item. >> clerk: item 14 is an amendment to amend the administrative ordinary to prevent police from questioning people who are 14 years old or
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younger in custody unless certain conditions are met providing for legal representation of the youth as defined in connection with the interrogation and mandating that responsible difficulties be given access to youth while police officers question youth. >> president yee: shall we pass this amendment on the first reading? without objection, the ordinance is passed. [gavel]. >> president yee: madam clerk, please read the next item. [agenda item read]. >> president yee: colleagues, can we -- supervisor peskin? >> supervisor peskin: thank you. i guess i'll -- if i may, through the president, to supervisor safai, just address the retroactive nature of this accept and expend and also, i
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don't know if you know the answer to this, but was this person -- insofar as we are amending the annual salary ordinance, was this individual already hired? >> supervisor safai: i don't know the answer to the second question, but the -- >> president yee: could you speak into the microphone? >> supervisor safai: -- i'm sorry. it's just a timing issue, but we were notified on the 15th, and so as quickly as we could get this packaged together for early january, that's when we did. but other than that in terms of if the person has already been
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hired, i don't know the answer to that question. >> supervisor peskin: through the president to the controller, does the controller know that -- the answer to that question? >> president yee: could we get somebody to find out before the end of the meeting. >> through the president, supervisor peskin, our office would not appropriate funds until the department has approved them. the board would have to answer the question related to hiring. >> supervisor peskin: related to? >> your question related to hiring. >> supervisor peskin: okay. is there somebody here from the department? >> president yee: can we take this at the end of the meeting and maybe continue it to the next item? >> sure. i'm happy to do that. >> president yee: maybe we'll get an answer to that. madam clerk, items 16 and 17. >> clerk: items 16 and 17 called together are ordinances authorizing to secure employees
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working at the san francisco international airport, securing a short-term line of creditor partner with one or more financial resolutions in the case of a government shutdown. >> president yee: okay. can we pass these on first reading? objection. these items are passed. [gavel]. >> president yee: madam clerk, please call the next items. [agenda item read] [agenda item read]
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[agenda item read]. >> president yee: okay. colleagues, can we take these same house, same call? without objection, these items are adopted unanimously. [gavel]. >> president yee: madam clerk, please call the next item. >> clerk: item 21 is a resolution to retroactively authorizeding the office of economic and workforce development to accept and expend a grant in the motorcycle of $200,000 from the humboldt state university program foundation to expend the capacity of the san francisco small business development center for the period of october 12018 to september 30, 2019. >> president yee: okay. can we pass this item? without objection, the item is passed unanimously. [gavel]. >> president yee: madam clerk,
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please call the next item. [agenda item read]. >> president yee: okay. colleagues, can we take this same house, same call? without objection, the resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call item 23 and 24. >> clerk: item 23 and 24 called together for the purpose of providing financing for the construction of a 100% affordable housing 52 unit multirental housing unit development for low and moderate income senior households at 735 davis senior apartments. item 24 is a resolution authorizing the execution to the mayor's office of a 53 unit multifamily rent will housi
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housing -- rental housing, and item 24 -- >> clerk: for the purpose of providing financing for the purpose of providing 100% affordable housing project at 88 broadway for low and moderate income how's holds. it adopts the appropriate findings. and item 26 authorizes the execution and delivery of housing revenue note for 55.2 million to provide financing for the project known as 88 broadway family apartments. >> president yee: colleagues,
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can we take these items same house, same call? without objection these items are adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call item 27 and 28 together. >> clerk: items 27 and 28 are being called together for the purpose of providing financing for the construction of a 100% affordable housing project, no place like home. item 27 authorizes and delegates to the mayor's office to apply for the county noncompetitive allocation award under the california deputy of housing and community development, and item 28 also authorizes the mayor's office to apply for a california department of housing and community development no place like home program which provides funding for counties to develop multifamily housing specifically for persons with serious mental illness who are homeless, krnicily homeless or at risk of chronic homelessness. >> president yee: colleagues, can we take these same house, same call? without objection, these items are adopted nandly. madam clerk, please call items
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number 29 and 30 together. >> clerk: items 29 and 30 -- >> president yee: no -- correct, 29 and 30. >> clerk: are being called together. item 29 accepts and expands a grant in the hmm of $467,000 from the california department of public health and item 30 is to accept and expand a grant in the amount of $271,000 from the california department of rehabilitation avenueses for the period july 1, 2019 through june 30, 2022 and waiving indirect costs. >> president yee: colleagues, can we take this same house same call?
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itemed are adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call item 31. [agenda item read]. >> president yee: colleagues, can we take this same house, same call? without objection, this ordinance is passed unanimously on first reading. madam clerk, please call the next item. >> clerk: item 32 is a resolution to authorize the fire department to donate a retired ambulance to the san francisco unified school district's health academy at john o'connell high school. >> president yee: colleagues, can we take this same house, same call? without objection, the item is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, call the next
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item, please. [agenda item read]. >> president yee: colleagues, can we take this same house, same call? without objection, this ordinance is passed unanimously on first reading. madam clerk, please call item number 34. >> clerk: item 34 is an ordinance to amend the building code to require vacant or abandoned commercial storefront owners to pay annual registration fees require annual inspections of registered vacant or abandoned storefronts, update the penalty for violations of the requirement to register vacant or abandoned commercial storefronts, and affirming the planning department's determination under ceqa.
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>> president yee: supervisor fewer? >> supervisor fewer: thank you so much, president yee. in 2018, only 40 storefronts registered and paid the vacant storefront registration fee in the entire city of san francisco. as part of a broader strategy to reduce the number of vacant storefronts citywide, the purpose of my legislation is to increase the accuracy and effectiveness of the existing vacant storefront registerly. better tracking will help that vacant storefronts are better monitored. this legislation is the result of months of collaborative work with small businesses and neighborhood leaders as well as d.b.i. i would like to thank the building commission, planning commission and the small business association and the golden gate association for the letter they send in support of
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this ordinance. no one understands the importance of this issue than our restaurants and small businesses. i would like to thank all ten of my colleagues for unanimously sponsoring this ordinance. we are all looking forward to having an accurate list of vacant ror fronts across our city. there will allow d.b.i. to better monitor and enforce the laws and allow the office of workforce development with the resources they need to activate their spaces. this is only part of the solution, and it complements ongoing efforts by the mayor and my colleagues. i would like to take a moment to thank and recognize my legislative aide, ian fragosi for his diligent work on this issue. it is only because of his hard
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work that we are able to bring this to you today with the support of ten sponsors. i look forward to your support. >> president yee: thank you. supervisor fewer, for your work on this. colleagues, can we take this same house, same call? item is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, call item 35. [agenda item read]. >> president yee: colleagues, can we take this same house, same call? without objection, the item is passed on first reading. madam clerk, call the next
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item, please. [agenda item read]. >> president yee: colleagues, can we take this same house, same call? without objection, the motion is approved unanimously. madam clerk, please call items 37 through 39 together. >> clerk: items 37 through 39 are called together as they are three motions to appoint members to the assessment appeals board. [agenda item read] [agenda item read] [agenda item read].
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>> president yee: okay. colleagues, can we take these items same house, same call? without objections, these items are approved unanimously. madam clerk, please call the next item. [agenda item read]. >> president yee: colleagues, can we take this item same house -- supervisor fewer? >> supervisor fewer: yes, thank you very much, president yee. i just wanted to comment a little bit about wendy as she is my -- i appointed her to the prosc. wendy has been an advocate whether it's the infrastructure programming policies, i know that wendy will ask the tough questions and make sure that the voices of communities that have been historically been
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underserved will be at the table. i work forward to working with miss aragon in her role on prosc. >> president yee: colleagues, can we take this same house, same call? madam clerk, please call the next item. [agenda item read]. >> president yee: supervisor fewer? >> supervisor fewer: thank you, president yee. kristin tieche is a seasoned bicyclist and has been actively engaged in improving the streets. this role will allow her to continue and amplify her role as an advocate. she also brings her experience and expertise as a storyteller to the committee as a bicycle film producer and brings a lens through gender equity in women just want to be safe, an award
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winning series about biking for women. i know she will be an advocate for safe streets and think critically about the intersections of age, gender and socioeconomic backgrounds as the b.a.c. shapes policy. thank you very much. >> president yee: thank you. colleagues, can we take this item same house, same call? without objection, this item is approved unanimously. madam clerk, please call the next item. [agenda item read]. >> president yee: supervisor ronen? >> supervisor ronen: thank you so much. first, i just want to say how excited i am about this reappointment and to recognize commissioner al commissioner elias is in the audience with her amazing parents, mr. and mrs. elias who came here to be with her today in this really important appointment in our city. i can't see you, cindy, but i just wanted to thank you for
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this amazing work. you know, being a police commissioner is a tough job. it's a job where you give so much of your volunteer time to the city and county of san francisco for really no compensation. and i just wanted to recognize that i appreciate all your hard work for this commission. i also wanted to make a comment to remind us how important the police commission is. i think it is one of the most important commissions that we have in the city and county of san francisco, and that's because it is a citizen's oversight committee. the way that our police department works in the city is the mayor hires the police chief who then runs the department which operates as a semi paramilitary organization with a very clear hierarchy.
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so the only voice that comes in to provide checks and balances on this system is the police commission. while the voice of the mayor tends to support the actions of the department, this board gets an important three voices on the commission. and i think that's why former supervisor malia cohen took seven hours last year to thoroughly vet the candidates for the role on the police commission and that this board unanimously adopted miss elias last year. but i have seen some actions on the police commission where the independence between the mayor's office and the commission isn't as strong as i would like it to be. and i think the reason we have
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citizen oversight of the police department is so we have checks and balances over this department that holds tremendous power over the citizens and residents and tourists and visitors to the city and county. i appreciate the way that cindy has been a consistent and independent voice on this commission, that she asks the tough questions, she demands equal representation both from the board appointees as well as the mayoral appointees, and i hope that you will continue to be that strong, independent voice on the police commission that stands up for the people of the city and county of san francisco. so thank you very much for your service, miss elias, and i'm going to be very, very proud to cast my vote for your reappointment today.
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>> president yee: supervisor fewer? >> supervisor fewer: thank you. i am proud to also support inciden cindy elias for her work on the police commission. i know it's a job that's demanding not only emotionally but of your time. i just want to say thank you and good luck to your next term, and i look forward to you working having been on -- being on this commission for a full term. thank you, cindy. >> president yee: supervisor safai? >> supervisor safai: yes, thank you. i just want to also echo the comments that were made. as the former chair of the rules committee, we did convene an extensive process. we had a series of questions, and there were multiple, multiple applicants, and it did take about seven hours. as a former chair, i don't think i've sat through a
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hearing that long or any hearing, other than a regular meeting of the board of supervisors. i want to say that by the time that process was done, and we asked some very consistent questions, meet and confer, position on tasers, use of force, how you plan to engage the community, how you plan to balance the needs of the department, and/or bringing us into the 21st century, there are some commissioners that have been there for sometime, and cindy had -- and commissioner elias had only been there for a small amount of time. but i think in that small amount of time she's exhibited her need to balance as many have said one of the most important commissions we have in this city and is dealing with some very cutting-edge issues as we move into a new era i think as it pertains to use of force, engaging with the community and working with our police department who put their lives on the line every single day. so i just want to say i'm very
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proud to support you. i'm really honored that your mom and dad came here today, and i'm sure that you talked about the process that you went through. but by the time we whittled them all down, it was very clear that commissioner elias was at the top of that class. i'm very proud to support her today and know that she will lead with a very strong voice for the board of supervisors on the police commission. >> president yee: thank you. i echo the comment that have already been made, and she's one of the few commissioners that check in with my office and we chat about issues, and that's very appreciated. colleagues, can we take this same house, same call? seeing no objection, the motion is approved unanimously. madam clerk, please call -- congratulations. please call the next item. >> clerk: mr. president, i believe it is 2:30 so rather
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than going to the 3:00 p.m.s, you can go back to the 2:30s or 3:00 p.m. commendations. >> president yee: i want to go to the special commendations. >> clerk: all right. it's time to honor our citizens, residents, and small businesses. >> president yee: all right. supervisor fewer and stefani, please share your commendations. >> supervisor stefani: thank you, president yee, supervisor fewer, for allowing me to speak first. colleagues, we all know we had a scary moment in our city when we had a three-alarm fire when there was a gas explosion. supervisor fewer were sitting in budget and finances that day. our aides started letting us know what was going on, and we were absolutely concerned about the safety of residents and when the fire was going to get
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under control. i think the fact that it took 2.5 hours shocked us all, but what i want to say to all of you in the audience -- what mayor breed stated in her state of the city, what's wrong with san francisco can be fixed with what's right with san francisco. and i saw what's right with san francisco is how our first responders were there, how our community partners were there, and this is about commending you today, making sure that people were safe, and that after the fire, people were taken care of. we are joined today by representatives of 11 city agencies, and i also want to say to that we are -- i mean, i'm actually shocked that nobody was injured and nobody was killed in this explosion, but the aftermath, people were devastated by the loss. i spent a saturday morning with two of the victims who lived above hong kong lounge.
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i want to thank director hui for meeting me and allowing them to go in and retrieve items. one woman came out with her dad's cub scout jacket and was moved to tear because she was able to salvage that. so just being with them and helping them get through that i think, again, shows what's right with san francisco. so i'd like to recognize today the department of emergency management. d.e.m. was our umbrella organization that coordinated all of our agencies and response. d.e.m. activated the emergency system, coordinated deployment efforts with staff on-site and provided language assistance for victims and the public at the scene, and i was there with mary ellen, and you were incredible. the san francisco fire department and fire reserves, our firefighters were on the scene for multiple hours,
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working tirelessly to contain a fire that could have spread extremely quickly to dozens more structures in the area. our fire department remained on scene until the following day to ensure the completefire was completely out and our communities were safe. i know that some of the firefighters have had resulting injuries from the resulting explosion and having to be there, containing it for 2.5 hours. or san francisco police department, our police officers were on scene immediately in assisting our firefighters to secure the perimeter so they could assess the situation and keep everyone safe. they were there into the night, i saw them there, so the firefighters could clean the area and direct traffic. oewd were on-site immediately to help us connect with businesses that were affected. they also provided language support to the owners of hong
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kong lounge, too, and to the residents who lived above them for 37 years and connected them with h.s.a., so thank you for that. our department of building inspection. d.b.i. was also immediately on scene at the fire to assess the structural integrity of the buildings. deputy hui and deputy director sweeney meet with the owners of hong kong lounge after the fire. they provided supervision for tenants to retrieve their belongings from the units. sfmta, our partners at the m.t.a. worked to divert traffic, the bus lines, and were there, too. they brought out buses to the site to provide a safe, warm place for people there to gather in the bus.
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parking control officers were there to assist with traffic. public works. they assisted with street diverse, transported necessary equipment to the scene and conducted an inspection of the safety of the streets. d.p.h. was involved, providing mutual support to d.e.m. and was ready to treat any potential patients affected by the fire. human services agency, they were on-site, helping with red cross. i was with them, again, at the schildter than even, they were ready and able to assist -- i was with them, again, at the site, and they were ready and able to assist. many agencies are still hard work at the scene, learning how
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to improve the response, improving responding to incidents, and helping those affected. i'm pleased with how the city responded in the aftermath of the incident. besides the departments that have responded, we had community partners who also stepped up. the red cross was there, working to help displaced residents in the immediately aftermath. they provided a hub there at st. mills, and medical's drive in, the owner -- mel's driver in, the owners allowed us to collect there. they provided a site for all of us to gather. and lastly, monalthough the owners, managers of hong kong lounge could not be here today, they were hero i didn't care. they helped evacuate all the
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diners who were in the restaurant at the time, and their actions helped save lives. i know the victims of this terrible incident appreciate everything you've done. i honor your service and commend you for representing the best of our city. you all really do represent the heart of san francisco, and i think we can all take pride in your actions. we have a lot to learn. i know we can improve upon some of our responses after working with the victims, but what you all did was commendable, and i thank you from the bottom of my heart, and with that, i would like to invite up chief hayes-white. >> president yee: before we do that, supervisor fewer? >> supervisor fewer: thank you. i'd like to associate myself with all of supervisor stefani's comments. although this isn't my district, it is right across the street from my district,
6:45 pm
and we work closely with my neighborhoods there. i want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the agencies that were activated to respond to this terrifying gas sfloegs. this was an unprecedented situation in our neighborhood, and it was due to the quick and collaborative response to this incident that the situation was able to get under control. we are truly fortunate that there were no injuries. i want to thank all the agencies for providing the immediate response on-site to support our residents and small businesses that were impacted and displaced and for the ongoing support following the incident to make sure that resources were available when needed. i want to thank oewd staff for responding on-site and staying in close communication with business owners and employees in language to ensure that they are provided wrap jarnd assistance and connected to
6:46 pm
resources, including disaster relief fund during this period. thank you to sfmta, usfta, and department of public works that helped with the navigation of detours in the area. this truly was an all-hands-deck effort and speaks volumes to the professionalism and interagency collaboration that we are so fortunate to have this in city. on behalf of my residents, i would especially like to thank san francisco fire department station 34, station 14 and 31 for what you do on an everyday basis to protect the richmond. as the wife of a retire police officer who served for 35 years in the department, i know all too well our first responders do not get enough appreciation for the hard work they do every day when we as civilians can run from danger, these first
6:47 pm
responders must run toward it to protect the public, putting their lives and safety in jeopardy. as someone running away from danger, i want to express my deep respect for the work you do on a daily basis, and to offer my sincere gratitude and proer appreciation. thank you very much. [applause] >> commissioner hayes-white: good afternoon, members of the board of supervisors, joanne hayes-white, your chief of fire department for another 60 days. at this time, i'd like to invite all of the firefighters present to come up and stand with me. this is a small sampling of the 130 firefighters that we had that day that responded to this incident. it's great to see everybody here.
6:48 pm
someone that couldn't be with us was the incident commander for the day, and that was assistant chief rex hale and his incident support chief, but we do have a batallion chief here who represents all those who responded when the alarm went off, and many others. what you saw on the 6th -- and thank you very much for acknowledging, supervisor st h stefani, and supervisor fewer, is not just the incredible team work of the san francisco fire department, which i'm very proud of, but as a city, the interagency collaboration that supervisor fewer talked about. incredible, all of the departments that stepped up, rose to the occasion, assists us with keeping that scene as safe as possible. miraculous that there were no injuries, i agree with you. it was very dangerous for a period of time there, and to me -- and it's been 29 years
6:49 pm
doing this, nothing short, like i said, of a miracle, really, that the amount of property damage was also limited. it could have been much further extension, given the gas leak for over two hours and 15 minutes. so my hat is off to all the members that i work with, and with that, i'd like to stand -- anyone that's here that had something to do with our response that day, i would like everyone to stand, and again, thank you very much. [applause] >> commissioner hayes-white: and i'm sure you may ask for other department heads to approach, but it was really a textbook approach to those who responded, starting with the d.e.m., starting with the
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department of emergency modifications. from that time, to all of the agencies assisting us and to the members of the fire department for containing, suppressing that fire, i'm grateful, and thank you very much. >> supervisor rone . >> supervisor stefani: thank you, chief. >> president yee: are we done? >> supervisor stefani: deputy chief manning? >> i'm going to call some people up. supervisor fewer and stefani, thank you very much for this recognition. the initial incident was on viewed by one of the officers that's coming up here. once she on viewed that, she called into the department of emergency management immediately and it was just an amazing response by all of our city partners. and throughout the incident, which you all know went on for quite a while, it was just a
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coordinated response. everybody did a great job. we worked so collaboratively, as supervisor fewer said, it was impressive. i was out there for probably 30 minutes, and it looked like an uncapped oil well. the fire was just blazing. commendable job on everyone's part. again, thank you. very impressive, and fire was eventually extinguished, and the officered worked very hard to get businesses and neighbors back into their properties to see the damage, assess the damage, see what was going on, what had happened. to this day -- if you've driven down parker avenue, you know the southbound direction is still closed off, so the work continues today. again, i want to thank you for this honor, and i'm going to bring up director carroll from the department of emergency
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management. [applause] >> good afternoon, supervisors. thank you, supervisor stefani and fewer. i think it's important to take the time to thank these people that do this work and this response. i just want to echo what everyone said. i won't repeat, but this was a miracle in a lot of ways that no one was hurt. these -- this -- these -- this is an opportunity that we can look back on, and so i just want to assure you as we do in every incident, department of emergency management is taking the lead on our action. we're looking for ways to improve, and i'm always thankful we can take that time, especially when we didn't have any injuries or death does. so i also want to recognize department of emergency management. we don't wear fancy uniforms, but if everyone could standup, and in particular, the dispatchers. i know some of the dispatchers -- here they are.
6:53 pm
so i'm so proud of this group. i was actually on -- [applause] >> these folks have such an incredibly difficult job. they are full partners with our first -- our uniformed and sworn first responders, and you don't get to see them, although you're welcome to visit us on the 911 floor. i happened to be on the 911 floor. it happened at the end of the day, so i got to see the calls when they came in, the great work these folks do, the great work with p.d. and fire in the events on the floor. and then, i did join supervisor stefani and elly, her aide, like, if i could hire her -- i won't, but she's really amazing when it comes to the stuff. i just want to again say thank you and just recognize a few
6:54 pm
other people. we have a new watch center that's part of our emergency operations center. i believe it was maybe their first day on the job? and so they got a great first lesson. so those folks are joe riley who leads them, susan clarke, paul marche, and anthony perez, who was their first day on the job. and then, my staff, kristin, was first on the event to working with p.i.o. you saw -- this was one fire with fairly limited impact and all the coordination that has to happen. so think about a larger event, and what we're really facing, and that's what i think about every day, so thanks so much, and thanks so everyone here.
6:55 pm
[applause] >> president yee: so what i'd like to do -- if you could take them outside, thank you. next up would be -- oh, by the way, thank you for your services, y'all. next up would be supervisor mandelman. please share your commendation. >> supervisor mandelman: thank you, president yee, and i think i have angie stitcher and jen meyer and daniel bergerac working their way up. so it is my great honor to honor the castro artwork today. every month, the castro art
6:56 pm
walk brings residents and visitors together in celebration of art in the castro. angie stitcher knew she wanted to create an event that encouraged visitors to enjoy the neighborhood on foot. in 2017, she met james capadona, the owner of the recently opened heart attack sf, and the two joined the castro arts association to open the first art walk in octof that year, today, the event features 17 artists from all over the castro. the castro art walk aims to bring visitors to local businesses, create and foster a sense of community between merchants and residents, and keep the arts alive and well in san francisco. through a monthly, self-guided
6:57 pm
walk, participants get the opportunity to engage with different art forms from drag performances to rotating gallery exhibitions. as art walk goers stroll to their next venue, they can catch live music in jane warner plaza. if you've never been, you're missing out, but not to fear. the next castro art walk takes place this thursday from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. put it in your calendars. here to accept the certificate of honor are angie stitcher, and i don't think we have jen meyer, although she is amazing, but we do have daniel bergerac, director of castro art, who is amazing. >> thank you. it's my honor and pleasure to accept this on behalf of not
6:58 pm
only the castro merchants, but the members who are dedicated to the castro art walk every month. i'm happy to nounce that we've increased the number of businesses in the first 18 months of the walk. gebhar again, it's every first thursday, so join us for an exciting night in our neighborhood. >> i just want to thank angie so much. when angie came and wanted to join the board of castro merchants, i said what do you want to accomplish, and angie said, i want to bring art to the neighborhood, and angie has certainly accomplished that. thank you so much. [inaudible] >> president yee: excuse me.
6:59 pm
[inaudible] >> president yee: so that concludes our special commendations for today. madam clerk, can we go back to item 15? >> clerk: yes, mr. president. item 15 is the retroactive accept and expand grant for domestic violence program does in the amount of 385,000 and the amendment of one salary position. >> president yee: supervisor safai? >> supervisor safai: yes. thank you, president yee. before i was able to say some wonderful things about this grant, we had the questions with retroactivity and
7:00 pm
applicablit applicablity. . >> commissioner murase: it's a multisector collaborative. we will be working with young community developers and vacat -- >> supervisor peskin: mr. president, i just -- if i may. we just have one easy question. we all know -- >> president yee: supervisor peskin, supervisor peskin, do we need a presentation, is that the question? >> supervisor safai: no, i'm sorry. so the question is, through the chair -- >> president yee: thank you. >> supervisor safai: -- has anybody been hired under this grant? >> commissioner murase: nobody has been hired because this is rs