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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  March 9, 2019 3:00am-4:01am PST

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barriers to employment, vocational assessment, and get them jobs. and for people who are unable to work because of disability, get them on s.s.i. disability benefits. those are the two goals, and to do that, there are four subprograms that get at that end. three of the four are governed by local ordinance, and one is governed by state law. and so what -- the four different program -- the four different subprograms. first is the general assistance program, and that provides short-term cash assistance and support services for indigent adults, and it is state governed and pssh "bohemian rhapsody" did you locally funded. people on g.a. or general assistance typically quickly transition to one of the other programs which are governed by local ordinance and funded by local ordinance. so the second component of capp is the personal assistance
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program or pays, and that's our workforce development program. the third is our supplemental income program, and that -- we put in their application for s.s.i., and during that time, they're able to get cash assistance, so it's building the case for s.s.i. application through. and then, the fourth is what we call calm, or cash assistance linked to medi-cal. and this is for people who are not eligible for s.s.i. but disabled because of immigration status. the fourth i'm sure you're familiar with is calworks. calworks provides services and income for parents and children under the age of 18. there's a 48 month or four year
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time limit on calworks. so after a calworks parent reaches the time limit, he or she can receive cash for his children or her children but not for themselves. so the state law -- state welfare and institutions code which governs general assistance and calworks forbids parents or children receiving calworks after the four year time limit. this is even if the kid under 18 is in the care and custody of that parent. so we can't change the state law here, obviously, but what this law would do would change the other three components of capp so that a single adult who has a kid under 18, but that kid is not in their care and control, and that adult had reached the limit -- the four
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year time limit for calworks can receive the other three components. okay. so it's -- it's -- i had to explain all that in order to explain that legislation. but happy to answer any questions, and again, it's a technical fix that impacts -- really, we haven't seen many cases. it's been from two to ten a year where we've capped an item for calworks, and we have to deny them for capp because of this issue with state law that was replicated for county ordinance. there are people that are ineligible that apply. happy to answer any questions. >> chair ronen: all right. so any questions? no? no questions. this makes total sense, and i really appreciate you bringing this forward, and i would be
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happy to cosponsor this legislation. i think it's really important, and i appreciate you filling this -- this small but very important gap. >> oh, thank you. happy that you would be a cosponsor. >> chair ronen: thank you. is there any member of the public who would like to comment on this item? if so, will ache have two minutes. seeing none, public comment is closed. -- if so, you'll have two minutes. seeing none, public comment is closed. [gavel]. >> chair ronen: on this item? without objection, this item moves forward with a positive recommendation. [gavel]. >> chair ronen: thank you, miss smith. mr. clerk, can you please read item number three. >> clerk: would you like me to read all the a-b items or just all at one time because we have
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some applicants that are applying for all three. >> chair ronen: i have a question for the city attorney. is it possible for an applicant to serve on more than one seat because i know there's one applicant that has has applied to all three seats. >> mr. givner: deputy city attorney jon givner. applicants can apply for multiple seats, and then, the board can kind of mix and match, deciding who fits into what seat, but i believe each person is applying to serve on a single seat. >> chair ronen: oh . i mean given that there are three assessment appeal boards, can a person serve on different boards? >> mr. givner: i don't believe so. >> chair ronen: okay. okay. thank you. and so mr. clerk, i'm sorry, are you asking if you want me to -- if you want me to ask you to read items three, four, and five together? >> clerk: yes.
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>> chair ronen: sure. >> clerk: item number four -- actually, item number three is a hearing to consider appointing two members, term ending september 6, 2021, two alternate members terms ending september 6, 2021, to the assessment appeals board number two, and item four is a hearing to consider appointing two members, term ending september 6, 2021, and two alternate members, term ending september, 2023. >> chair ronen: okay. the way i'll do this is i'll call up the members to the
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boards to which they're applying to. so if scott spertzel, kristina cam pan i can't, aa, kristina- bella come up, please. >> good morning, supervisors. when i was an alternate, i had the opportunity to work with both board one and board two, primarily because three is a newer board. you'll hear from a lot of applicants that are existing commissioners. it is a great group that we currently have, and the few that i haven't worked with, i'm
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looking forward to having the opportunity, my background, i'm a certified public accountant and a certified public examiner. so i'm eligible for this board because i'm a c.p.a. i think we're a good board because we have a mix of c.p.a.s, lawyers, and valuation experts. sometimes we get more of one than the other, but currently, we have a good mix. i think that covers my presentation. if there's any questions, i'm happy to answer them. >> chair ronen: thank you. any questions? no. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> chair ronen: next applicant. >> supervisors, how are you? my name's ed campana. i live in san francisco, been a member of the board for the last six years. board two, wound up working as an alternate on board one. wound up being reappointed to
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board one as a permanent member. my experience is i've had 30 years as a real estate broker, lived in noe valley for all those 30 years, and worked well with the board. it requires some experience, and requires getting along with three other egos or two other egos at the time. i'm glad to answer any questions you might have with regard to my reappointment if you have any. >> chair ronen: thank you. good morning. >> good morning. thank you. so i'm christie. i'm actually only interested in one board, but yes, i'm applying to the three. but any way, so i'm currently on board three, but my term's expiring for board three, so i'm applying for board one.
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>> chair ronen: but of the three boards, your first choice would be to continue on board three. >> no. my first choice would be board one, then board two, then board three would be my choices. i've enjoyed board three, but i would like to move to board two or one. they're just a little bit typically larger properties. my experience, i'm a certified general appraiser and been in real estate over 30 years in commercial, residential, and investment. and i think being an appraiser is generally official because you're comparing what the investor and public says the property is worth. it's something i've enjoyed
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doing, so if you have any questions, thank you. >> chair ronen: all right. excuse me, miss nelson? >> supervisor walton: just a quick question, miss nelson. would you rather serve as a permanent member of one of the appeals boards or an alternate? >> i don't know exactly what the time commitment is, but i'm open to either two. i guess my first preference would be an alternate. thank you. >> chair ronen: thank you so much. is mr. paul bellar here? is there anyone from the investment appeals board that might be able to speak on his behalf? >> i'm sorry.
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no. my name is dawn duran, and i'm the assessor for the investment appeals board, and i was going to answer the question about the difference between regular board members and alternates for the rules committee. >> chair ronen: okay. sure. >> regular board members are scheduled in a regular alternating pattern on our calendar, so they are actually scheduled in a regular pattern. alternates are usually called in when regular board members are not able to attend their board hearings as scheduled. so that's pretty much what the difference is between the two. and i'm here to answer any further questions that chair ronen, supervisor walton, or
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supervisor mar might have. >> supervisor walton: so when i look at investment appeals board, i see mr. spertzel. are you allowed to serve as a regular and alternate at the same time? >> no, he served as seat six. i believe his name is still there as the vacant seat. that seat has not been filled since he was appointed to board two -- to seat two as a regular board member. i believe that's why he's still list there had on seat six. >> chair ronen: good question. thank you, mr. walton. thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> chair ronen: okay. let's move onto assessment
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appeals board two, and we'll call up the candidates. anyone who is here, welcome to come on up. >> good morning, supervisors ronen, walton, and mar. my name is luisa mendoza, and it's an honor to be here seeking appointment to board number two. i own and operate a mortgage company, and i also do a lot of property -- certified property manager, and i've done appraisals in the past.
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my experience as a property manager seeing -- you know, working with the rent board, that affects the property values in the city. it's now becoming with -- with what's going on in the city, it's now becoming challenging and seeing the trends of what's happening. it will be a challenge to serve on the board as we see this market trend that's expected pretty soon. thank you. >> chair ronen: thank you so much. any questions? >> dawn duran again, administrator. regretfully, two -- two board members, mr. hershowitz and miss chung had sent in e-mails earlier, indicating that they were not able to attend this
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morning's hearing. i would read their statements on their behalf but unfortunately i no longer have them. i submitted them to the clerk and i believe to your offices. i do, however -- miss joyce lewis was here earlier, unfortunately, she had to leave, and she did ask me to read something on her behalf. so for miss lewis, her qualifications, i am an incumbent on assessment board two as an alternate. i am a licensed attorney with the state bar of california. professionally, it's been a privilege to work in public service at the local and federal levels. i assist family quaintances with personal real estate matters. as far as goals, my goal is to continue engagement and service for the government and residents of san francisco, the assessment appeals board offers
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me opportunity to meet people from all dedicated walks of life as well as the san francisco city attorney's office. while serving as a hearing or commission officer, it's been a pleasure listening to many unique and personal stories. some lessons learned are people desire an opportunity to be heard and respected. number two, assessment appeals hearings can be used as an opportunity to educate the public about property taxation, and number three, the board is a highly and respected board, staffed by excellent administrative staff. it is an honor to serve the city and county of san francisco. thank you. and i can hand this to the clerk. >> chair ronen: thank you so much. >> thank you. >> chair ronen: appreciate you reading that for her. >> thank you. >> chair ronen: okay. and the last applicant that we haven't heard from is estrella bryant or estrella bryant.
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good morning. how are you? pull the microphone. >> thank you. i would like to be reinstated to board three for assessment appeals board, which i have the term expires in september of last year, and i'm going on my second term, and i have lived in san francisco for 55 years, and 35 years at my current address on the potrero hill, district ten. i have been with the board, and i had my experience working for melvin belli offices. i had some experiences with kpmg for doing taxes with bank
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accounts. i have my education, bachelor's degree in accounting, and i majored in banking and finance. i have certificates in general institute banking doing trust accounts, conservatorships, and also conservator for the city of san francisco. i'm also married commissioner in the city of san francisco for 15 years, and i would like to be on the board again, and it was a pleasure serving with the appeals board. >> chair ronen: thank you so much. any questions, colleagues? no questions? thanks so much for being here. thank you. >> thank you. >> chair ronen: thank you. all right. i think we've heard from all of the applicants that are present, so now, i will open up this item for public comment. is there any member of the public who would like to speak on items three, four, or five?
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>> hi. gloria berry here. i would like to speak on behalf of paul bellar. i communicated with him a lot last year. i don't know a lot of the details of what this board would be doing, but i'm sure equity is at a high priority on his heart as far as doing the right thing. thank you. >> chair ronen: i appreciate that. thank you so much. is there any other member of the public who would like to speak? seeing none, public comment is closed. [gavel]. >> chair ronen: colleagues, the only question that i have is about mr. bellar, because he did not return calls today when we reached out for him, is that correct, mr. clerk, that you reached out and hadn't heard
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from him? >> clerk: i have not received any message from mr. bellar. >> chair ronen: okay. but miss berry did speak very well on his behalf. so i'm wondering what you -- what you think. >> supervisor mar: actually, i did have a question about mr. bellars application, as well. maybe it's for the -- i'm sorry. i forget your name. -- about the administrator for the board. he seems to be the only one that's being considered that's not an incumbent, is that correct? >> i believe so, yes. >> supervisor mar: and i wanted to see if he meets sort of the minimum qualifications? >> i believe according to his application, i don't think we would have submitted it to the rules committee if he didn't meet the qualifications. i believe he also -- i don't have his applications -- oh, here, i do. he is a licensed california real estate appraiser. he did submit his form 700, and
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he did submit a copy of his real estate license from the bureau of real estate appraisers. so it has an effective date of september 17 and an expiration date of 2019. i do believe the qualifications state that they have to have a minimum of five years experience. i don't know by looking at his license -- his license expires in two years, so i don't know if he -- if this is a renewal or if that's just the term, and he's been appointed longer. that, i can't unfortunately speak to by looking at his paperwork. i'm sorry. and i haven't had a dialogue with him regretfully.
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>> chair ronen: thank you. thank you for that. >> supervisor mar: that's helpful. >> chair ronen: supervisor walton? >> supervisor walton: thank you. i do know mr. bellar. he's a resident in my district, and he's been who's been actively involved in the past year in trying to do more in the community and do more for the public good, and he is someone who i think will step up and does have the qualifications, so i will be supporting -- well, i do have a -- a motion to make that includes his name. >> chair ronen: make that motion? >> supervisor walton: sure. so -- and i am -- i move that -- as we look at assessment appeals board one, that we move forward with a positive recommendation mr. spertzel for seat two, mr.
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campana for seat five, miss nelson for vacant seat six, and mr. bellar for vacant seat eight. >> chair ronen: without objection, that motion passes. [gavel]. >> chair ronen: do you want to keep going, mr. walton? >> supervisor walton: so for assessment appeals board two, i'd like to make a motion that we move forward with a positive recommendation for the -- miss mendoza for seat one, mr. hershkowitz for seat five, miss lewis for seat six, and miss chung for seat seven. >> chair ronen: without objection, that motion passes. and assessment appeals board three. >> supervisor walton: and for appeals board three, i want to make a motion that we move miss
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bryant forward with a positive recommendation for seat five. >> chair ronen: without objection, that motion passes unanimously. [gavel]. >> chair ronen: thank you so much, everyone, for coming and for your service to the city. we appreciate it. mr. clerk, can you please call item number six. >> clerk: item number six is a hearing to appoint one member, term ending 2020, to the parks and recreation committee. there is one applicant. >> chair ronen: miss aragon? >> good morning, supervisors. my name is wendy aragon.
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i -- when -- the seat had been vacant for a while, supervisor fewer asked me about -- and asked me if i would be interested based on the work that i do, and my being an alumnus of habitat board commissions leadership institute. so i was happy to serve because my term expired last year, and time just goes by so fast. but just a little bit about my experience. as i said, i am an alumni of boards and commissions leadership institute which trains community leaders to serve on boards, commissions, and leadership panels. when we were looking for a nominee organizations, we looked for organizations in the richmond district, and sandy did not feel any of them would
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want to nominate me, so we looked at poder, and they nominated me without hesitation for work that i've done in the past. we hold park and recs for work that they've done on community issues. i've challenged our department head, phil ginsburg, that everybody could walk to a park, rec center and open space within ten minutes of their home. that while true, for many people, that is not a safe walk. tenderloin, mission, bayview, excelsior, i have challenged that. this year, i'd like to move forward with challenging why our rec and parks process and programs process is not equitiable. for example, camp mather is not affordable for many kids.
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my parents worked a lot of over time and second jobs, and it was my responsibility to take care of my younger sister. i took her to parks, and we had to walk a mile to get to the park. one of my favorite cities is mexico city, and their parks are so amazing. everybody there feels they have a community gathering space, so i would appreciate being reappointed to this community and continue serving on prosac until my next term expires, and then continuing to serve on prosac. >> chair ronen: thank you. is there any member of the public who wishes to speak on this item? seeing none, public comment is
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closed. [gavel]. >> chair ronen: i just want to thank you for your work on this committee. it's extraordinary. i also want to thank you for bringing up the nonaffordablity of camp mather. i go there every year with my family. it's a city treasure, but it's very expensive, and i think that making that city resource more widely available is really important, and hearing you say that makes me really excited. please keep up that work. i will support you any way i can, so please continue to represent us well as you've been doing. really appreciate that, and with that, i will make a motion to repaappoint wendy aragon to the rec and park open space advisory committee -- what seat is it? sorry -- seat 13.
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i can move that to the board with a positive recommendation? without objection, this item passes. [gavel]. >> chair ronen: thank you so much. mr. clerk, can you please read item number seven. >> clerk: item number seven is a hearing to consider appointing two members, term ending november 19, 2020, to the bicycle advisory committee. two seats, two applicants. >> chair ronen: thank you so much. is christian tisch here? hello. and i see burt hill, as well, so you can both come up and speak to your applications. >> come up together? >> chair ronen: no, one after each other would be great. thank you. thank you so much for being here. >> good morning. good morning, supervisors. first of all, my name is
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kristen piesch. i've lived in the richmond district since 2007, and i want to help make biking a safe and inviting form of transportation for all richmond residents. i love the richmond district for its proximity to nature, bordering the golden gate park, presidio, ocean beach, land's end, making this neighborhood ideal for biking around. however, despite the richmond's reputation for being family friendly, it's not quite safe. every time i ride in golden
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gate park, i'm reminded of heather miller who was killed in 2016 in a hit and run. and about this time last year, two senior citizens were injured due to an out of control truck driver on geary boulevard. so we have a lot of work to do. these fatalities and injuries can be prevented? we can do much better for our residents, especially the most vulnerable members of our district. as a member of the bicycle advisory committee for district one, i will prioritize improving the public safety of richmond residents of all ages, genders, ethnicities, income levels, abilities, and cultural backgrounds. i am uniquely qualified to serve on the b.a.c. for many reasons. i'm an active and outspoken
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member of the san francisco bicycle coalition, a long time member and odd row indicate for sustainable transportation, safe street, climt resilience and vision zero. i've attended vision zero workshops to be better informed on how to reduce traffic deaths and injuries. as a profession, i'm a film maker, and i've had opportunities to present stories of real people who ride bikes for transportation around the world, locally, and nationally. as a graduate of city college of san francisco's sustainability program, i also understand the importance of elevating walking and biking as goals as the climate resilience goals of the city of san francisco. so as a city, we cannot be fully committed to achieving
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climate change goals if we don't make walking and biking safe and convenient for everyone. to wrap up, i've been active in richmond district campaigns to make streets safer, including arguello, masonic, and 8th ave. bikeways, i will continue to advocate for them while on the b.a.c. for these reasons and more, i look forward to serving on the bicycle advisory committee for district one. thank you. >> chair ronen: thank you so much. >> do you have any questions? thank you so much. >> chair ronen: great. thank you. >> thank you. >> chair ronen: mr. hill? >> good morning, chair. i'm going to be very brief because i think you've probably read your application already,
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and i kind of know i've been around for a long time with it. i will mention something that i overlooked. i am a childhood immigrant, and i contributed to the homelessness. i'll just take one moment and say that i wanted to, for the next four-year period, i am interested in expanding the bicycle advisory committee that has spoken about expanding bicycles into all active modes of transportation, nonautomobiles. we have a whole new generation, they're using bicycles, using facilities. they have no representation. but we meet regularly with the m.t.a., with the p.w., and i think it's upon opportunity to expand, but not only that, to include a lot more youth in our
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organization, in our government. and the second proposal is to look for the administrative title 14, administrative code to include that, but also to have a permanent youth member, who is a floating member, who's a 12th member. we work for consensus. so having an odd number is not nearly as much of a necessity as it would be for other committees. so with that, i'm open to questions if you have any. >> chair ronen: no questions. >> that was fast. >> chair ronen: okay. i'm now going to open this item up for public comment. if there's any member of the public that would like to speak, come up. hello. >> good morning. andy thornton.
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i'm a resident of district one, and i will voice my support for both of these applicants. you have in burt hill one of the city's if not the nation's foremost educators and ambassadors for safe, inclusive bicycling. kristin represents the other end of goodness, an expert citizen, not professional, someone, as you heard, who is not courageous -- extraordinarily courageous. kristin is one of those advocates who will speak up for everybody in an equal regard. i hope you'll give full consideration to both of these
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individuals. >> chair ronen: thank you so much. is there any comments or questions? no. just said i thank you so much for the work you do on this really important board, and i'm really proud to make a motion to send forward with a positive recommendation kristin tiesche for seat one and burt hill for seat seven with a positive recommendation. and without objection, that motion passes unanimously. [gavel]. >> chair ronen: thank you so much. thanks again for all of your hard work on behalf of the city. much appreciated. mr. clerk, can you please call item number eight. >> clerk: item eight is a hearing concerning appointing seven members, term -- my
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apologies. i believe there's -- i did -- there's an error in the title. hearings are appointing seven members, term ending december 31, 2020, to the sugary drink distributor tax advisory committee. the seat expiration date is listed in the agenda but is not correctly listed in the title. >> chair ronen: okay. is that a problem or -- no. okay. great. we can move forward. thank you. so we have seven seats and eight applicants, and i wanted to invite all the applicants to come up and speak. yes. if you want to just lineup over on the side, and feel free to come up in any order. >> point of clarity real quick. the expiration date was
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december 31, 2018? >> clerk: it's december 31, 2020. >> chair ronen: sorry. for this term. so you're applying for the term that ends in 2020, that's right. >> thank you. good morning, supervisors. happy black history month. my name is -- thank you. my name is joy jackson morgan. i am a san francisco native, specifically, a hunters point native. i have an m.p. h. in urban public health, 11 years of experience in research, currently healthy active living. and will i'm the current cochair for this advisory committee, along with robertovargas. i'm really proud of our work
3:41 am
that we have gotten done over this past year. we put the task that we were going to focus on community, and our recommendations exemplify that. 97% of our recommendations were implemented by the board and the mayor, so we were really proud on that. but this year, we're going to be focusing on food access, drink access, and the drinks that this will be targeting. i want to speak to jana and vanessa, who are not here today. they are the ones getting the work done. i am excited to continue doing this work with my committee, and i look forward to any questions. >> chair ronen: thank you so much. any questions? no questions.
3:42 am
thank you. next applicant. >> good morning. my name is dr. jonathan butler, and i am -- i would like to continue my reappointment as a committee member, representing seat number five. currently, i serve as the subcommittee chair for the data and evidence committee, and part of my role was to organize multidisciplinary groups of bay area scientists to help to form our recommendations. my work synergizes data with my work. i do community-based
3:43 am
participa participa participatory research. this has allowed me to collaborate with the y to address what i think is an important factor for obesity and diabetes, which is financial stress. so i look forward to continuing my work with not only the community but on this board, as well. so thank you. >> chair ronen: thank you so much. is there any questions? no questions. thank you very much. >> good morning, supervisors. my name is roberto vargas, and i work at ucsf in the community engagement health policy program. prior to coming to ucsf, i worked mostly in community based organizations and the school district, primarily serving young people out of low-income communities and communities of color in san francisco. and i came to ucsf to build partnerships between the
3:44 am
universities and communities to address health inequities. so i'm fortunate that my work at ucsf is to help figure out how we can leverage the research and science of the universities to support health initiatives, but i'm also fortunate that the mission of the program that i serve is to focus on health equity in particular because that matches with my own personal mission, which is to serve the communities that i was born and raised here in san francisco and that i identify most closely with. i was born in the mission, grew up there. live index bayview-hunters point half my life. and in the world around sugary drinks, we focused on that because that is one of the ways we found we could make a difference in chronic disease inequities in san francisco. we looked at all the different
3:45 am
priority health issues in 2009 across san francisco and understood that for the most years of life lost, those were around diseases like stroke, heart disease, diabetes, etc., which were all what we refer to as cardio metabolic diseases or diseases that are associated with what we eat or our level of physical activity. so we decided if we truly wanted to make a difference in the number of years of life lost for those communities disproportionately burdened by disease inequity, that we should focus on dealing with what folks are eating and making sure folks have access to healthy foods and spaces that are safe to engage in physical activity. so been doing that work since then. cochaired the bayview healthy active living zone for a handful of year, between 2012-2014, convened meetings
3:46 am
between policy makers and scientists to develop policies, including the soda tax policies of '14 and '16, and have been serving -- cosharing the soda tax committee for the last year. also, along with my colleagues at ucsf, providing policy to others cities, and i'd be happy to continue serving san francisco communities in this capacity. thank you. >> chair ronen: thank you. perfect timing. that was perfect. any questions? thank you so much, mr. vargas. hello. good morning. >> thank you to the rules committee, to chair ronen, to supervisors walton and mar. my name is john mal. i've served on the board of
3:47 am
directors on the american heart association bay area division for the past 16 years and i'm also the immediate past president of the san francisco marin american medical society. i also served as the chair of the u.c. service related toe bass owe disease research program which was administered $200 million in research revenue over the past three years. as a medical student and surgery resident as ucsf, i already never participated in an operation for a patient for obesity, but between 1998 and 2004, the national rate of stomach stapling soared by 800%, and the procedure became one of the most common that i performed at the end of my residency. by the end of 2015, nearly 1 million patients under went surgery for obesity. my understanding of potential
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prevention strategies are derived from a health care fellowship at ucsf where i learned the purpose of tobacco research from san francisco. my interest in serving upon the committee is to ensure that the intent of the voters in the passage of prop v is ensured. i would like to bring my personal experiences from clinical surgery, ucsf, and the office of the president to ensure that my experience can be applied to reduce the dual epidemic. i have attended community meetings as an observer and assisted in communications with
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city hall and the mayor's office. i believe that effectively disbursing the funds to advance health inequities will enable san francisco to continue to be a national leader in this important effort. honorable members of the rules committee, it would be a privilege to serve along the esteemed colleagues of our city. thank you for your leadership. happy to answer your questions. >> chair ronen: thank you so much. i had one question. your qualifications are obviously impeccable. the question is this particular seat that you're applying for asks for a representative of a nonprofit organization advocates for communities
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disproportionately affected. can you tell me which organization that would be? >> i believe the american medical society advocates for childhood obesity, so i would focus on being a chinese american myself a first generation. i believe that all minorities that are impacted should be a focus of this effort moving forward. >> chair ronen: okay. fantastic. any other questions? no? thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> chair ronen: thank you. hello. good morning. >> hi. good morning, supervisors. my name is derek ioke, and i'm applying for seat 16 which is
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seeking a person with expertise for children up to 16 years old. in the areas of health, i've helped children to invest in the healthy kids program, which established universal health insurance for children in the city and helped to establish the multidisciplinary assessment center at san francisco general and also helped to create an oral health response for children three to five years old in response to the report put together by the department of public health that shows there's an epidemic of dental caries in children.
3:52 am
my main area is in -- [inaudible] >> -- which provide community building, parenting education, and skill building and also help to provide concrete support to families to access basic needs assistance and also families who are involved in the child welfare system. i think that these experiences will inform my approach in serving on this advisory committee. i also have experience in a city grant making organization and i hope to be able to serve on this committee to add a
3:53 am
zero-to-five voice in their work and help them move forward in their organizational development. i have attended meetings for about five months as an observer. i have seen that they're a group of 16 hard working collaborative people that work in the collaborative spirit, and i think a good deal of credit goes to the cochairs who are seeking reappointment today, and i hope to have the opportunity to join them. >> chair ronen: thank you so much. any questions? i know that miss cordrero and baum couldn't be here today. okay. i will now open up this item to public comment. if you'd like to speak to any of these condid thes, now is your time. seeing none, public comment is closed. [gavel].
3:54 am
>> chair ronen: i just want to express how lucky we are as the city and county of san francisco to have such a group of distinguished people serving us in this capacity. there's been a whole host of articles recently about how effective the soda tax is as -- at improving public health, and i believe that's true, but i believe it's because we have an advisory board that's so incredibly skilled and thoughtful and diverse, and really integrated within the communities that benefit from this law. so i just really wanted to express my gratitude and my excitement about the impact that you're having on the health of so many people in san francisco, so thank you so much for your work. and i wanted to see if any of my colleagues had any comments or -- okay. want to make a motion? >> supervisor walton: so i'd like to move forward with a positive recommendation vanessa
3:55 am
baum for seat one, joy jackson morgue began for seat three, roberto vargas for seat four, john mah for seat two, jonathan butler for seat five, janet cordero for seat three, and jonathan ioke for seat 16. >> clerk: would you like to waive the residential requirement for joy jackson morgan, roberto vargas, and jonathan butler. >> supervisor walton: yes. >> chair ronen: okay. without objection, that motion passes. [gavel]. >> chair ronen: mr. clerk, would you read item number nine. [agenda item read]. >> chair ronen: thank you.
3:56 am
and mr. donald lee randall is here from supervisor stefani's office. >> thank you. supervisor stefani would like to have a continuance until march 18. we're still working on legislation and will bring this to you at that time. >> chair ronen: okay. great. i'll just open this up for public comment. is there any member of the public that would like to speak on this item or the motion to continue the item to march 18? seeing none, public comment is closed. [gavel]. >> chair ronen: with that, you want to make the motion? >> supervisor walton: move for continuance of item nine. >> chair ronen: to march 18, 2018 -- 2019, not 2018. past 2018. without objection, that item
3:57 am
passes. [gavel]. >> chair ronen: mr. clerk, are there any other items for today? >> clerk: there are no other items for today. >> chair ronen: thank you. the meeting is adjourned.
3:58 am
3:59 am
>> president trump: the federal government remains shut down. >> after publicly diluting losing for a government shut down for months, president trump finally got his wish. now nine cabinet departments, dozens of other agencies are shut down. national parks are suffering. >> for the last two weeks, our agency has been assisting the parks and some of the federal properties. we have seen overflowing cans that land's and, which has got quite a bit of visitors. >> we have been getting lots of heartwarming tea, because everyone wants a clean city, and everyone appreciates that someone cares, i'm very proud of our workers who will do anything
4:00 am
it takes to make sure our city is clean so that when people come to visit, the parks are not >> good afternoon. welcome to the land use and transportation meeting for today, march 4th, 2019. our clerk is ms. major. vice chair stefani is toy to my right. >> make sure to silence any cell phones and other electronic devices. items acted upon today