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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  March 12, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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into dark corners, keep bringing peace to the southeast corner of san francisco. i will use my pain to transform it into our collective gain. i will use my words instead of my fists because i know an eye for an eye will make the whole world blind. ghandi and dr. martin luther king moved mountains with their nonviolent ways, galvanized the country to make changes. time for us to step out of our suffering, to not suffer in silence, to speak up for justice. you'll find that suffering is actually the bread crumb that will lead you into the light and into the darkness. i know that firsthand. i wonder what lessons we can gain from our own personal pain. so, after an horrific crime we hear people saying we need public safety. well, i kept wondering what does safety really mean? i wonder when it takes to feel safe in these bodies that hold
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so much trauma. you all know what it feels like to keep checking behind you to make sure you are not stalked. these feelings of constant vigilance sends adrenalin through our nervous systems 24/7, stress over time, stress causes diseases, diseases of the nation. join me in a creative healing space, many spaces where people can feel safe, can be fully seen. where they can express themselves without judgment. lastly, i want you to remember these words by dr. martin luther king. power without love is wreckless and abusive. love without power is sentimental and anemic. power at its best is love
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implementing the demands of justice and justice at its best is power changing everything that stands against love. i hope your love for grandma, who represents all our grandmas, is not only sentimental, but can implement the demands of justice. i know all of our love can transform hurt. join me in this effort. thank you. [applause] >> thank you, everyone. >> president yee: thank you,
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susana. next i would like to ask supervisor mandelman, please share your commendations. >> supervisor mandelman: karen lee around? come on up. karen lee is amazing. she's tenacious, bay area native and valley resident since 2010. last year she received the letter that every tenant living in san francisco fears, she received a notice of the eviction at her building. this is the third eviction notice that karen has received and no fault eviction at various residences around san francisco. but this time karen decided to fight. she organized her fellow tenants and made it clear that she and her artist housemates would not
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go quietly. she was and remains determined to not be one of the hundreds of district 8 residents to be displaced over the last decade, and she's not stopped there, with just her own building. karen has taken the next step to help her fellow san franciscans. last week she organized and to get out the word to make sure her neighbors were aware of their rights and stand up for no cause evictions. last year she received a year extension, but that will expire the end of this month. karen will keep on fighting and continue to inspire others to stand up and in the best of san francisco, best san francisco tradition, organize and fight back. on behalf of the board of supervisors, i want to extend my heartfelt commendation to karen lee for all that she's done for
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her neighbors and the wider san francisco community. >> thank you, supervisor mandelman. board of supervisors. i'm karen lee. and i would like to tell you briefly the story of how i came to be standing here. our original landlord purchased what we lovingly refer to as the compound in 1970 and as an artist ab teacher, recognized her friends and colleagues were not able to afford to live in san francisco so she bought the property and rented the units below market to keep us in the city. three of the six units have been occupied by the same tenants over 20 years. we knew we had something very special, we cared for the property, fixings it ourself, and created an amazing sanctuary. also ran a small art gallery for
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emerging artists. last year she was forced to put the compound up for sale. what we didn't realize, we were a speculator's dream come true. long tenancy, loving care of the property and lower income meant we were prime target for speculation. speculators seek out properties with high percentage of seniors, disabled and low income tenants. rent rules are lower so the sale price is a song and speculators world. and then by simply clearing the buildings of tenants, the buyouts and evictions, increased property value by 20 to 30% and increases the profits more, as they renovate them to luxury units to sell at huge profits. nothing more than pure greed that are driving the evictions and speck la tory housing market this moment and it's predatory. in days of purchasing the compound, the speculator began buyout negotiations and
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threatening eviction. three of us took buyouts, two are still here. sadly the compound is not unique in the make-up. i know this for a fact. with these evictions, i became part of a new community. i learned my speculator was either do that to three other buildings the same time as us. thanks to cynthia at the housing rights committee, we all found each other, banded together and began meeting regularly to compare notes, warn each other of the tactics. adam is the speculator, we called ourselves the adam's family and i could not have had the courage to fight without them. i understand most people can't fight these evictions as i have been able to. ironically, i am also a small property owner and landlord. in 2015, my aunt passed away
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leaving my sister and i a rental property. inspired by my former landlord, teks, we chose to keep 50% below market to rent to librarians, teachers, non-profit workers. my sister is a farmer, i'm a gardener, combined income is laughable. my accountant said when i told him of our plans, i would like to remind you that you are in no financial position to be offering subsidized rents. in fact, the property manager we hired to help us at the beginning wanted us to charge twice as much for a unit and we told him we were not interested in charging that, he fired us. as the tenant in san francisco and a landlord in the bay area, i see firsthand how the framework of our housing policies tip in the favor of greed and speculation. and sb50 on the horizon is a
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developer give away. why aren't there incentives for landlords to keep units below market and offer affordable housing. why aren't they incentives to sell in the land trust and why as tenants when we get evicted, only to be informed no money to compete in the housing market. san francisco is not having so much of a housing crisis but an affordability crisis. all of us getting evicted joke, we can find lots of places to live in san francisco, just can't afford them. the tenants who depend on our affordable housing to live here are some of the city's most diverse and needed citizens. as policy makers of the city, i implore you to find ways to save our affordable housing stock a priority, because the greed is destroying the city and its communities. thank you so much. >> thank you, karen. i want to acknowledge cynthia from housing rights committee is
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here as well. thank you for being here. thank you for your work in my district and all of our districts. >> president yee: thank you. >> president yee: ok. thank you. now let's go to supervisor ronen. >> supervisor ronen: thank you so much. i would like to call up members of the defense of prostitute women safety project. hello, thank you so much for being here. this month we are honoring the
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contributions of women across the globe and it's a fitting opportunity to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of the san francisco-based coalition that works to increase safety for some of the most vulnerable women in our society. today i'm honoring the in defense of prostitute women's safety project. formed in 1998, the defense project is a collaborative effort. legal action for women, women in dialogue, and the u.s. collective. support services for women and lgbtq sex workers and to develop public awareness campaigns to educate the general public. project was born out of the historic reality that sex workers across the country have had to endure paralyzing stigma and increasing cycles of violence. due to sexism, bias and multiple forms of oppression, violence against sex workers is often silenced and often the violence
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is viewed as an unfortunate side effect of the job. some california police departments have referred to sex workers who have been brutally murdered as subhumans, classifying them as n.h.i., no humans involved. in defense of prostitute women safety project has been challenging these trends for their 20 years of effective advocacy. this ordinary organization is led by fearless women, working tirelessly to ensure the safety and dignity of sex workers through community outreach, education, policy advocacy. organizational motto is, when sex workers are not safe, no woman is safe. currently the project is working with senator scott wiener to pass bill 233 we have a resolution to support that as well, shields sex workers from the threat of prosecution when reporting violent crimes. this bill would extend local protections that we already have
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here in san francisco for sex workers to the state level and also prohibit the use of condemns as prosecution for sex work. thank you for your work to advocate for the rights of some of the most vulnerable women and gender nonconforming people in san francisco and throughout the state. we honor your 20 years of service and thank you for your 20 years to expand safety for everyone in our society. [applause] >> thank you very much, supervisor and all of you. we are very proud that the city of san francisco, where there is a strong sex worker rights movement, is working on ending violence against sex workers and we are the three groups that make up, sydney from women in
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dialogue, i'm from the u.s. collective, and attorney, and the three of us collaborate. we had a celebration in a city room before this hearing, and we look back at, you know, when we first started in 1998, and at that time you know, violent men, attackers of sex workers and other women were regularly let out on bail. you might remember the case of jack bowcan, attacked three women and was let out of jail, and attacked a fourth woman. three of them were prostitutes, twice, despite of 22 charges against him for violence he was let out of jail. and that was the kind of thing that happened at that time and sex workers were denied compensation for rape. and we had a year-long campaign to get the state compensation program to grant compensation which should be a right, it shouldn't -- you shouldn't be
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discriminated against and we won that fight. so, we feel like you know, in the 20 years we are seeing progress and as has been mentioned, there are city policies now. it took three years to get them where we met, we and other organizations met with the police and the district attorney's office for three years and hammered out the fact that sex workers can't report rape enough and afraid of the police they will be arrested themselves if they report rape. we got those policies, very solid policies for amnesty from arrest and prosecution reporting when you go and report rape, and we are very pleased that that's being extended to california-wide with this bill, sb233, which we are supporting. unfortunately, nationwide as we know, there are terrible laws coming down, one forcing more women out on to the streets
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where it's way more dangerous to work. we are seeing the streets in the mission as a result, you know, all areas of the bay area, more women out there in the streets, disproportionately women of color because of less resources and less access to safer places. very young women on the streets. people are horrified, what's going on? well, these kind of laws are coming down. so, you know, we are glad san francisco is setting an example as it always does and the state takes it up. and working to end violence against sex workers. thank you. [applause] >> president yee: someone have their phone on?
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>> president yee: ok. thank you. so, madam clerk, let's go back to our regular agenda and call items 12 and 13 together. >> clerk: item 12 is resolution to approve amendment number 1 authorizing the director of real estate to extend a lease of real property at 1360 mission street with fsp216 mission street llc as landlord, through september 21, 2020, base rent of approximately 321,000, 3% annual increase. item 13, resolution to authorize the director of real estate to
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enter into a lease of real property located at 729 filbert street with william j. piedmonte as landlord for a five-year term, annual base rent approximately 531,000. >> president yee: ok. roll call please. [roll call vote taken] >> clerk: nine aye. >> president yee: resoluted adopted, 9-0.
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madam clerk, next item. >> clerk: 14, approve amendment number 1, conard house and department of public health for behavioral health services to increase the agreement amount by 36.2 million, not to exceed 44.8 million and to extend the term by four years for total agreement term through june 30, 2023. >> president yee: same house, same call, without objection. this resolution is adopted. madam clerk, 15 through 17 together. >> three resolutions to authorize the fire department to expend and accept grants. 15, approximately $400,000 grant from the federal emergency management agency to purchase rescue boat, september 21st, through june 30, 2021. and $2.7 million grant from the
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federal emergency management agency for tools, and to waive and direct cause. item 17, the fire department training division, authorizes the fire department to accept and expend donation of a roof training prop valued at $24,000 from j and j roof prop. >> clerk: 15 through 17. [roll call vote taken] >> clerk: ten aye.
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>> president yee: ok. resolutions adopted. 10-0. please call the next item. >> clerk: resolution to retro actively, friends of laguna health, for the gift fund for materials, supplies and services at laguna honda. >> president yee: same house, same call, adopted unanimously. >> clerk: item 19, resolution to retroactively approve a contract agreement between the city and dominion voting systems inc., for the software and supportive services through march 31, 2033, 21-year options to extend, and not to exceed 12.6 million.
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>> president yee: please call roll. [roll call vote taken] >> president yee: thank you. resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call the next item. >> clerk: resolution to nominate supervisor aaron peskin for the north coast central seat on the california coastal commission. >> president yee: do you want to say something before i -- >> supervisor peskin: i would like to be recused. >> president yee: so motion to excuse supervisor peskin from
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this item. made by supervisor fewer, and seconded by supervisor mandelman. objection, supervisor peskin is excused without objection. roll on this item. [roll call vote taken] >> supervisor stefani: is it ok to proceed or -- >> president yee: can we -- rescind the votes, please. >> clerk: motion to rescind the vote. >> president yee: made by supervisor fewer and seconded by supervisor mandelman.
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vote is rescinded. supervisor stefani. >> supervisor stefani: thank you, president yee. colleagues, happy to carry this resolution to nominate supervisor peskin to the coastal commission. he has served on the commission since march of 2017, seeking reappointment for a four-year term through may of 2023. decades in experience of environmental and land use policy and he has proven to be a capable mediator on land use issues before the commission. diligently attended meetings and i know he will continue to do so for another term. if nominated for another term, he understands the need to balance public access to the coast with the need to prepare for the environmental impacts of sea level rise and i'm learning how true that is as i serve as his alternate on the bay commission. and commission for the north
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coast central seat on the california coastal commission. >> president yee: thank you, roll call, please. [roll call vote taken] >> clerk: ten. >> president yee: resolution adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call item number 21. >> clerk: motion to appoint roisin isner and richard rothman to the open space advisory committee. >> president yee: please call the roll.
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[roll call vote taken] >> president yee: this motion is approved unanimously. madam clerk, please go to committee reports. >> clerk: item 22, considered by the government audit and oversight government at a regular meeting on thursday, march 7 and was forwarded as a committee report. we have an ordinance to authorize settlement of multiple lawsuits filed by 1049 market street against the city. challenges the city's enforcement of the planning codes requirements for conditional use authorization for elimination of residential uses and the city's enforcements
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of planning and building code violations against the property owners of 1049 market street. settlement would provide for a loan in 2.4 million by the city. >> president yee: colleagues, same house, same call, without objection. passed unanimously on first reefing. >> clerk: supervisor safai for new business. >> president yee: that means pay attention. >> clerk: supervisor stefani. >> supervisor stefani: please defer. >> clerk: supervisor walton. >> supervisor walton: requesting resignation with supervisor haney from the city attorney to work on creating an independent and oversight body for the sheriff's department,
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allegations of misconduct allegations and consequences when allegations are proven. the san francisco sheriff's department as a law enforcement agency lacks an oversight body. multiple cases of allegations of mistreatment of inmates and district attorney's office dismissing a case against a former employee and two current employees of the sheriff's department demonstrates the need for oversight on the sheriff's accident. as we heard in the hearing at government and audit oversight committee last thursday, the sheriff's department should not be conducting their own investigations of allegations about misconduct. when the sheriff's department opens an investigation, they have one year to complete the investigation. in 2016, the sheriff's department opened up 62 internal investigations against their sworn deputy officers. of those cases, 30% were
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sustained. in 2017, sheriff's department opened up 58 internal investigations. and those cases, 26% were sustained. in 2018, sheriff's department opened up 119 internal investigations, and 67 cases are still opened. 21 cases forwarded to the department of police accountability. these cases were initiated on december 3rd of 2018. we continue to have families of inmates who have experienced abuse from sheriff's department reach out to our office as well as the public defenders office for support for public accountability of the sheriff's department and we can in the sit by and let this happen.
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-- this acknowledgement makes this legislation more inclusive by recognizing the surrounding nations that have moved in and out of this area. it a acknowledges the fact that san francisco was a site resulting in a large number of native people representing native nations throughout america, all of whom contributed to the vitality of this city today. these edits also remove incorrect references to resolutions from other localities and innovative and groundbreaking resolution that our neighboring city of berkeley passed for the recognition of the aboriginal people of this land. this closing i want to thank the first nations for their 526 years of indigenous resistance. and today i'm sad to report that on sunday a person experiencing homelessness died on the street in my district. at hayes and schrader.
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he was 64 years old. this is a small offering of acknowledgement of this person's death and therein their life. like all of us, he deserves dignity. there's so much that -- there's so much of this that is heartbreaking about his death, but perhaps most of all is that he is one of many deaths every year here. too many of these deaths are preventable. we know that basic warmth, shelter and health care and food can be the disimp difference ben life and death. this death is also emblematic of the growing number of seniors on our streets. as kevin feigen from "the chronicle" highlighted in his moving reporting this weekend, nearly half of older people first become homeless after the age of 50, and the problem is especially acute here due to housing costs. we must not be unaware of this
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plight of our neighbors or our seniors. in closing i would like to ask that we adjourn today's meeting in memory of the unnamed person who passed away on the street at hayes and schrader this sunday. may we pray for the dead but continue to fight like hell for the living. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor brown. supervisor fewer. >> supervisor fewer: thank you, madam clerk. i have a resolution in support of h.r.1384, the medicare for all act. the united states spends nearly twice as much per capita on health care as all other comparable companies and ranks only 35th in the world by global health standards. there's currently no relationship between what health care costs in the u.s. and the quality of care or the access to care. while the affordable care act had the expansion of medicaid in some states and limits on some insurance industry abuses, it's still left tens of millions of
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americans with a continuing crisis and in accessing care. according to a 2018 survey by the west health institute at the university of chicago, more than 40% of all u.s. adults under the age of 65 forego needed medical care. 30% fail to fill a prescription or take less than the recommended dose. and one-third said in the past year they had to choose between paying for food, heating, housing or health care. the inability to pay medical bills continues to be a leading cause of personal bankruptcy and people who need medical care should never face bankruptcy as a result of needing care. the medicare for all act would establish guaranteed universal health care for all u.s. residents. various stories, both conservative and progressive, have estimated that the u.s. would save from $2 trillion to $5 trillion over 10 years, over what our country is projected to spend under the current system due to massive savings in administration costs, lower
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prescription drug prices and improved efficiency through a uniform payment system without the waste for billing and marketing and profit taking. i would like to thank supervisors mar and safai and mandelman and peskin and stefani and walton for signing on as co-sponsors of this resolution. the board of supervisor adopted a resolution supporting california state senate bill 562, the californians for a healthy california act, that would have established a universal single-payer health care system in california. health care is a human right and i hope that i can count on all of your support and reaffirming this city and the county of san francisco's support for universal health care. thank you. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor fewer. supervisor haney. >> supervisor haney: colleagues, i ask that we adjourn today's meeting in honor of tess rosstein, tess rosstein
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was a self-described world traveler and a co-op founder and bicyclist. she formally worked at median. she graduated in 2012 from stanford with a degree in psychology and a focus on anthropology. she was known as a creative designer and an active community educator and volunteer. tess was deeply involved in her local community, advising and volunteering with bay area women against rape, race ford, a racial justice innovation system, and the digital public library of america. last friday around 8:30 a.m., tess was riding her bike to work along howard street as she did on most days, when she was tragically killed. she was just feet away from a protected bike lane. her friends and colleagues have responded with an outpouring of love and sorrow online. i think that i have received over 300 emails about tess over the last three days.
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and i wanted to take a moment to share some of their words. tess was courageously curious and open-hearted. and we feel lucky to have worked with her, one colleague said. and another colleague said, "tess was one of the most curious, fearless people here. she was never afraid to ask the tough questions. she was someone who owned the room and most of all compassionate. we were planning a trip to tokyo to meet our hosts and guests in two weeks. i will miss her." "tess was an incredible soul and i'm sad that she's gone. her death was not the result of a bike accident, it was a fatal collision that should have been prevented by a protected bike lane. her many friend whose have reached out to me over the last few days have expressed sadness, shock, frustration and anger. they also asked us to take urgent action to save lives. in honor of tess' life and cyclists who are impacted by
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street infrastructure, that is severely lacking, we as a board must increase our resolve and action to make our streets safer for everyone. to not put cyclists at risk we must put in place protected bike lanes for the full length of howard and fulsome streets and fast track progress on building our high injury corridor city-wide in the next year. i'm so very sorry that our city has failed tess and has failed to make our streets safe for pedestrians and cyclists. i mourn tess with her friends, family, colleagues, she was a kind, caring and compassionate soul she will be missed. thank you to the hundreds of community members who have reached out and may you rest in peace and possess, tess rosstein." the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor. supervisor mandelman. >> supervisor mandelman: thank you, madam clerk. i have a memoriam and to adjourn today's meeting in memory of angus j. white who passed away in palm spring, california, at age will 1.
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angus was born in 1937, in car michael california to joseph white senior and after graduating from high school in sacramento, angus went on to earn degrees from u.c. berkeley and the university of washington. he had a deep love of the french language and cuisine and in 1959 traveled to france where he taught english under a full fellowship. his passionate for music brought him to the netherlands in 1963 to pursue harpsichord studies before having a time in salzburg, austria. he liked to play his music written by bach. angus' love led him to write short stories entitled "after winter tales" and he was working on "the lavender blade" and he fell ill and passed thereafter. and he dedicated himself to service in each community. in the early days of the lgbt
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center, angus was a steward, helping to streab a resilient anchor for our community. he operated a charity that donated artwork for displays in hospitals and healing centers. angus is survived by his husband, thomas, and his sister bonnie white of washington, and several cousins in california and michigan and a world of beloved friends and admirers. he will be missed for his generous spirit and his colorful wit. may he rest in peace and the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor. supervisor mar. >> supervisor mar: there's been a lot of press coverage of tech companies set to go public this year. we have seen the aftermath when major start-ups go public before, including facebook and twitter, transforming hypothetical money into real money andmenting thousands of millionaires and billionaires overnight. referring to the potential consequences of these upcoming i.p.o.s, the "the new york
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times" said, quote "thousands of new millionaires are about to eat san francisco alive." as more companies look to go public, including lyft and uner and airbnb and more, i'm calling for a hearing on the impacts of multiple san francisco companies reportedly planning to hold public offerings in the near future. this includes business tax revenues and housing costs and gentrification in our city. i'm requesting that the comptroller and tax collector to report. thank you to supervisor haney for co-sponsoring this hearing request. i'm requesting information and policy recommendations from the budget analyst on how large i.p.o.s have impacted us in past and how they might in the future and how we as a city can mitigate the most harmful consequences. as a city with one of the largest wealth gaps in the world we must better understand the consequences of this extreme inequality and a rapid injection
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of new wealth. we have already seen this before. we have already seen new wealth pour into this city to the benefit of the few and to the harm of the many. we have seen its impacts, not just on our affordable housing crisis, but on traffic congestion and our transportation infrastructure, our public goods and services and the health and well-being of the people in communities who call this city home. we have a moral responsibility to stand up in the face of growing wealth inequality and demand that the forces fueling these disparities pay their fair share. and as we grapple with what's coming i will consider all possible policy solutions to address it. finally, i'm introducing an ordinance amending the campaign and governmental conduct code to modify the deadline for participation in the city's public financing program and the operation of the individual expenditure ceilings for participating candidates. in my race in district 4 last
3:43 pm
year, two of my fellow candidates were disqualified from participating in public financing due to the unclear deadline for filing their statements of participation. the administrative burden placed on grassroots independent candidates is high. and this ordinance will help to prevent this unfair outcome going forward by giving an extra three days to file this statement after the nomination deadline. in addition, this ordinance will authorize the ethics commission to increase individual expenditure ceilings as soon as this ceiling is broken by any amount. rather than waiting to adjust it until the full increment above the current ceiling is spent. this allows both the ceiling and campaigns themselves to be more responsive to outside spending by super pacts and it gives campaigns a better chance to respond. this also increases the incremental adjustments to the ceiling to $50,000 for candidates and $250,000 for mayoral candidates to better reflect the cost of campaigns
3:44 pm
and empower candidates to respond to outside spending and reduce the huge number of adjustments to the ceiling currently being made by the ethics staff, often multiple times per day. all together these amendments seek to streamline and modernize and improve a few comb poapts of our successful public financing program. my office has worked closely with the ethics commission and the ethics staff and outside stakeholders on these amendments. and this ordinance has already unanimously passed the ethics commission and now needs only the approval of this board to become law. i'd like to thank everyone who worked on this ordinance, including ethics senior policy analyst pat ford, and executive director leann pellam, and deputy city attorney andrew chin and the advocates, especially steve hill and john gallanger. colleagues, i look forward to engaging with you on this
3:45 pm
important issue in the coming weeks. the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you. supervisor peskin. >> supervisor peskin: thank you, madam clerk. i'd like to also close today in the memory of miss katherine liu lo. she was married for over 60 years to the late dr. lao and is remembered by the chinese community as his better half, but cathy was also a champion for social justice in her own right and admired for her willingness to stand up and to speak out for just causes, advocating for the most disenfranchised through any number of organizations, including ccaa, chinese for affirmative action and chinese hospital and scare and circle club and was the recipients of many awards and honors. she passed away peacefully in the east bay on february 18th at the age of 82, and is
3:46 pm
survived by their children, larry, randy and yvonne and grandchildren, brennan and lauren and marnie and the family invites family and friends to a funeral service at the chapel of the chimes in oakland this sunday, at 2:00 p.m.. and in lieu of families the family requests that donations be made in cathy's memory to 17 walter eulam place. and the rest i will submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor. supervisor ronen. >> supervisor ronen: i'm introducing a ordinance for the office of the district attorney to accept an extended grant in $2 million from the john dean mccarthy foundation. it's part of the safety and justice challenge, $148 million national initiative to reduce over incarceration by changing the way that america thinks about and uses jails. the hope and the reason that i'm talking about this publicly, because generally we don't, is
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because we're hoping that this funding will help us to eliminate the need for a replacement jail facility, something that i know that we're all struggling with greatly in this city. we don't want to build a new jail, but we know that we haven't reduced the population to the levels that we need to do and we have more work in this area. and we're hoping that this grant will help us in those endeavors. the district attorney's office and i are requesting that the president grant a 30-day waiver, given the high priority of this project and the need to expedite the hiring for the grant funded positions and the rest i will submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor ronen. supervisor stefani. >> supervisor stefani: today i have a resolution in line with supervisor walton's question to mayor breed and mayor breed's responses, about championing the kind of policies that would make our streets safer and making sure that we're investing in the right programs and investing in
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preventative measures to keep people out of the criminal justice system. the resolution that i'm introducing is in support of increased state funding for the california violence intervention and prevention program, known as calvet. it provides grants to community-based organizations that work to save lives by preventing violence. last year more than 120 city and community-based organizations submitted grant applications but there was only funding for 16 applicants. luckily, huckleberry youth service, an organization in district 2 and right on the border of district 1 and supervisor fewer's district, was one of the community-based organizations that received funding. huckleberry youth services for 50 years now has partnered with teens and families to overcome adverity by working to strengthen families and empower young people with services that promote safety in times of crisis. failing to address gun violence and all forms of violence has fiscal and moral consequence, costing california taxpayers
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millions annually in health care, law enforcement, and criminal justice costs. the financial burden on this date does not capture the toll of the lives lost, nor does the count for the effect on local communities which are often torn apart as a result of gun violence, domestic violence and all forms of violence. we know that california is a national leader in gun violence prevention yet it is underfunded and our state lags behind others with highly successful analogous grant programs. the current budget proposal has $9 million for calvet for the next fiscal year. this resolution asks legislators to increase that amount to $39 million. other states such as new york and massachusetts, allocate $1 per capita and $2 per capita respectively for similar programs. the funding level is only .23 cents per capita in california. an increase to $39 million will bring california more in line
3:50 pm
with states like new york. i would like to thank the activists out there that are championing this budget increase. and i know that this is an important step towards ending all forms of violence and the gun violence epidemic in our country. thank you. the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor. mr. president, that concludes the introduction of new business. >> president yee: thank you, colleagues. madam clerk let's go to public comment at this point. >> clerk: at this time the public may address the entire board of supervisors for up to two minutes on the subject matter of jurisdiction items, including the mayoral appearance. the approval of the february 5th board meeting minutes and the february 6th special meeting minutes, and the -- whether or not to go into closed section, that is item 26 and that is item -- 25, thank you, mr. president. and items 26 through 31 on the adoption without reference to committee calendar. >> president yee: okay. every speaker will be allotted
3:51 pm
two minutes and restrain from directing your comments to any individual supervisor or any items already heard at the board. so first speaker. you're up. >> thank you, honorable president, norman yee. angela calvillo, the clerk of the board, and honor members of the board -- the san francisco board of supervisors. my name is rubin david goodman and i'm an employee of the department of mental health. i'm also a retiree of the assessors office and i helped richard lee to be elected as successor. i'd like to speak in support of supervisor walton's effort to have an independent oversight of the sheriff's department deep tees. i, unfortunately, during the care not cash campaign was the victim of a savage beating by deputies in what is known as a
3:52 pm
safety cell. my only offense was trying to enter city hall to testify against care, not cash. i did not agree with gavin newsome's plan to take the few dollars that the general assistance recipients received away from them. as i was attempting -- as i was attempting to enter city hall from the grove street entrance, i had already passed the metal detector and a deputy was charging down the hallway to try to prevent me from entering city hall. he was charging -- i used a six-piece defense technique of non-violence resistance and laid down on the ground on my back hoping that the deputy would stop. and he called the intake at 850boin and told them that i had kicked him. i was grabbed by the deputies at the entrance to a safety cell, taken to the floor and savagely
3:53 pm
beaten. i had to force myself to my feet with blood running down my throat so thick that i thought i would choke to death. i was almost murdered by deputies in a safety cell. every inmate knows that in a safety cell it's an unsafe pla place. >> president yee: thank you. thank you, next speaker, please. >> clerk: mr. goodman, your time is concluded. >> good evening, the city by the bay, known as san francisco. we are here in city hall, y'all. i'm ace, ace washington. i'll try to get this in under two minutes. but i'm here mainly talking about the a2 area, the west end addition, you know it as
3:54 pm
fieldmore. but i call it "feel no more." [laughter] that the first time that you heard that? it's a well known corner. but the bottom line is -- i'm not here to criticize, just simply to analyze all of the lies that has been going on since 1948 from the invention of what we have known as redevelopment. now we call it ocii. and, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and everybody that got curls, i'm trying to tell y'all that this city by the bay needs some investigation from somebody bigger than room 200. and i ain't pointing a finger. would you call the f.b.i. in here? so are you new supervisors, you have the power to help out my supervisor in district 5. and i'm respectfully -- since i'm the fill more corridor ambassador, not the bastard, i'm
3:55 pm
the czar of outmigration. i drive that car. right now i'm asking respectfully -- i have it on video -- that all y'all get together and help my district 5 and let's have a public hearing on district 5. what's going on in the fieldmore? no black businesses. the feel no more -- i heard that they pimp no more in the feel more. that's how bad it is. i'm just literally talking. i got 14 seconds. so, again, -- [laughter] i know how to work this thing. i'm asking you respectfully for a public hearing. somebody be courageous enough, don't have me call it, to talk about what is having in field more. my name is ace. >> president yee: thank you, next speaker, please.
3:56 pm
>> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is kimberly hill-brown. i am the proud secretary of the public housing city-wide tenant association. i'm a resident of public housing. i started my work in community service as a young youth at the patrol neighborhood house with a mega-boys club. and through those efforts and -- through those efforts, year later after i returned home from college, i became an employee of the san francisco housing authority where i was in a department, community and supportive services, which was the only department ran by public housing residents. and we successfully case managed and the self-sufficiency
3:57 pm
programs and family coaching to residents of public housing. i'm here today because i'm very concerned about the conversions. although my site is going through conversions, our board is very strong and has a very good working relationship with our developer mccormick ballord salazar. and our concerns are met and we meet with them on a regular basis, but i'm here today because i've always advocated for the less fortunate, and a very diverse population. i would ask the board of supervisors in your districts you have -- you have senior developments that were once under public housing, who have transitioned to red and these residents are in a very critical distress situation whereas these
3:58 pm
developers are not sensitive to the needs. >> president yee: thank you, thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is joyce armstrong and i'm the very proud -- proud, proud president of the public housing tenant association, better known as phta. i'm a resident of the apartments where i'm also the president. and i would talk about rab but the seniors are more important today. i guess that i'll be back if necessary. in particular the building at 430 church, for instance -- let me read this so i will not run out of time. people with known health issues
3:59 pm
are evicted, on site services and not assisting them at all. donte ogram, mental issues, evicted. and i know that that they would be very upset. and carlos flag, mental health issues and evicted from 430 church street. and sherry gallow, mental health issues, 430 turk street. and anthony marks, mental health issues in court for eviction. and damon hart, threatened with eviction and he won his case, thank god. and dominica and mary brad ford, sisters mental health issues, 951 eddie, constantly threatened with evictions. people with mental health issues are evicted from properties and to fight it you have to go to the supreme court. what's with that? we wanted it rad but we want ready to displace us and the developers decide they don't want them and they sell it and start renting at prices that they want to.
4:00 pm
management is threatening them, and the seniors don't feel safe. they don't trust the management that lives on the site, coming in their house anytime they want with no warning. they violate tenants' rights and they are very unprofessional. there's a high turnover of the management and administration staff. there's a high threat of eviction and the management always threatens the residents with eviction. the sites are harsh... >> president yee: thank you. next speaker. >> my name is teresa lee and i stand before you today not just as a 28-year veteran of the san francisco housing authority but as a member of the sfiu local 1021 union and the child of a long-time community activists who through their hard work and tenant leadership fought for and won housing improvements for the low-income residents of san


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