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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  March 12, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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i see the bicycle coalition, people on bicycles, they -- they want their rights for safety and, yes, you know, i believe that it's a very difficult task to get everyone to be safe pedestrians, people with disabilities, seniors, you know, and unfortunately this is something that is going to affect every single person in the city. and i -- i just want to bring it up to everybody because the day that you want to take your mother or your father or somebody that you love to doctors appointments or get them safely across that bike lane -- it is a live lane. and it could caused aboutl causm and we need safety for the people and the residents to feel
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they have some support from the board of supervisors, if not beyond, yo you know, to make the decisions. a long time ago those ramps on every corner across the united states -- nobody wanted them, you know. and a lot of people like me, a lot of people like you, fight for these rights and now, you know, i believe that we need ramps in front of people's houses, you know, to get up on that curb, you know, because we are taking that curb for granted. and being close to that curb or having a wheelchair accessible ramp on that curb will help, you know, all of us live together. you know, safely on the streets. and, hashtag -- not hashtag, safe zero -- safety -- you know, safety for every citizen on the streets. including people with disabilities and we need to
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include them in our conversation and i don't want to see nobody hurt. thank you. >> president yee: thank you. next speaker. >> hi, my name is aaron mayfield and i am an eligibility worker at the san francisco housing authority for about 4 1/2 years. i'm here on behalf of my sfciu members and i'm here because mayor london breed released an article and basically letting us know that we may be in jeopardy of losing our jobs. as an employee among the several others here today who tirelessly serving this community i can note that the city and county finding value in the people that have worked and invested their time and efforts to this agency. while the agency has not had a positive reputation, we the employees as the face and forefront of this agency, have always remained focused and consistently providing positive
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impact on our community. all i ask is that while we are in transitional time of uncertainty, that you view us, the employees, as an assest that brings value to the community instead of a liability. [applause] >> clerk: before the next speaker i will remind the audience that your comments are welcome at the appropriate time but there is a board rule which prohibits applause or any audible sounds of approval. if you would like to share you are welcome to use your quiet fingers. thank you. >> hi, i'm harriet wood and i have worked for the housing authority for 25 years. san francisco housing authority consists of mostly african americans and minorities and we feel that the politics are trying to erase us from this city. we're employees and we're residents, we're the professionals that support and protect and we help the residents on a daily basis.
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upper management has strung us along and fooled us into conducting business as usual throughout the entire privatization process as it pertains to ready and the bombshell was just dropped about third-party takeover and we won't be considered or even be part of the new vision for housing. we, the employees, have been told countless times that the ready progress is the complete program that will have more units of housing to manage and there will be no job loss. in fact, we were told that more jobs would be needed. today we see that was not true. we the employees see mismanagement of funding in the agency and we have seen landlords that are no longer housing section 8 clients, complaining daily they want them to have containment. we see upper management travel to trainings and seminar and not educate or inform employees of what they have learned. we see the agency hiring staffing and pay them astronomical wages to do jobs that we the staff in place could
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do. and we the staff are made to work in hostile environments but we the staff are the true professionals, we helped residents, we make the best out of any situation. and we the employees work to service residents, obtain and remain in housing. we the employees assist the residents to get the services they need. we are in the business of housing people, not evicting people. that's why the populations in communities that we serve trust us and they count on us to continue to help them. the employees have no control of mismanagement issues or budget... >> president yee: thank you for your comments. >> i'm marvin harrell jr. i'm with the housing authority. in january of 2018, i filed a complaint with the department of
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fair employment and housing for hiring practices and promotional practices at the san francisco housing authority. there are no african american males in any upper management positions. in february, i filed a complaint with the san francisco housing authority board, the commissioners, along the same lines. but also relating to their financial practices as a result. and as it relates to the rent increases, and then in march, i filed a complaint with hud inspector general's office with the financial aspect as it relates to rent increases and their hiring practices, etc. in august 2018, the housing authority placed me on ad ministrative leave for trumped up charges that have yet to be proven with any truth to it. i'm on paid administrative leave for eight months. the relationship that i'm here today -- i could retire tomorrow -- the reason that i'm here today is because the san
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francisco housing authority has suffered tremendously. i have been there 13 years and it's never, ever been managed correctly. and the result of that is now these folks are about to lose their jobs. the services they provide to the low-income, less fortunate individuals in san francisco, are going to go away and then they're going to be put in disarray by a separate agency, a private agency. we're trying to prevent that. we want these jobs to stay in san francisco. today you guys have spoken on homelessness many times. you guys are about to create -- i mean, the housing authority is going to possibly create a lot more homeless people. we don't want that to happen. we wanted these jobs to stay and to go with the city of san francisco. have a good evening. thank you. >> president yee: thank you. next speaker. >> thank you for your time commissioners. >> clerk: pull the microphone close, thank you. >> i work for the san francisco housing authority and, again, thank you for your time today.
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i am here because we know that hud is requiring that this city take administrative action and control over the housing authority. but they don't have to third party administer, right? we saw with ocii and the san francisco redevelopment agency who was abolished by california state supreme court, taken over by the city, absorbed, and 50 employees from that agency were able to stay and to continue their work. and what we're asking here today is that instead of having a third party come in and to do the work that we already tirelessly do for the residents, is to allow us to continue to do that work and allow the city to come in and take over upper management of the agency. thank you for your time. >> president yee: thank you, next speaker.
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>> hi, my name is alexis and i also work at the housing authority. i just want to piggyback on what she was saying. you know, all of us employees are doing our job and it's management that is screwing us. you know, i'm a single mom. a lot of us are single moms and i lost my husband two years ago to cancer in march and i can't afford to be homeless. i can't afford to lose my job because of what management is doing. we ask that all of you here, hear what we're saying and please help us out. we're begging you and i'm begging you -- i'm begging you all, i can't afford to lose my job. neither one of us. we all got mortgage car notes, you know, some of us are single parents. like, we need all of y'all help, please help us. get rid of management. they're screwing up, not us. thank you. >> president yee: thank you. next speaker, come on up. >> good afternoon, everyone. my name is alvira navarro.
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i'm a junior clerk at the san francisco housing authority. i came in through the p.s.t. program. i used to sweep the streets of chinatown and i used to be in those alleyways playing hockey with those roach this is big. i even brought pie daughter to show her how the struggle is real and she said, mommy, i admire you. pie daughter graduated from organize, she's a duck, and he told me today, mommy, make me proud. she lost her father to gun violence. and i have been trying to keep my head up. and i have been responsible for maintaining and scanning and entering all tenant documents and keeping track of every document that comes through that mail and through that door. that is my job. and i do it very proudly. and i am a team player. and you guys are -- please help us. we... i don't know what to say. i don't want to be homeless. i live in the engelside and in
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between st. francis woods and lakeview. >> president yee: thank you, next speaker. >> hi, my name is carol holmes and i'm also an employee of san francisco housing authority. many of us -- my fellow 1021 members, have all asked ourselves why -- why us? and the only reasons that i can come up with is that just like they have all said -- mismanagement of funds. we have nothing to do with that. we are mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, we have so much on our backs that we cannot afford to lose our jobs because management has repeatedly mismanaged the funds. and each time they do the mismanagement of funds we the workers are the ones who are penalized for that. while they go on to get raises
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and bonuses because they have done their jobs. well, we have taken -- we have had our 7% taken away from us. and here we are now again, being put on the line, because of management. we're going to lose our jobs. we're asking you to actually help us to keep our jobs, to keep us so that we won't be homeless, so that we can keep our bills paid, just like the rest of upper management. thank you. >> clerk: thank you, next speaker, please. >> hi, my name is carolyn damian and i'm an eligibility worker. i have five kids and i need my job. four things that we need to survive is housing, food, health, and employment. with this letter that miss reid has sent us, our jobs aren't sure. so there's a way for us to have
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shelter and a way to feed our kids and our health -- our health will probably get worse because we won't have health care because we won't have employment if you outsource our jobs. we work hard and we have over 500 clients that we have to take care of. it's time consuming and we have a lot to do. i mean outsourcing won't make it better. just like everybody else said that we'll end with no job. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, board of supervisors. my name is radida mason and i'm one of the program managers in the section 8 department and one of the residents of san francisco, one of the few remaining african americans. i wanted today to just share some of the achievements that my members, fellow employees, have done with the san francisco housing authority. which is so important, because we do the work. so one of the things that we did was that we managed to basically transform public housing into one of the largest rental
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administration development conversions. we were against it but we did our work. so now we are the leader in that particular area. we've also maintained our standard designation in hud for our housing stature program for three years. and so i'm trying to figure out why are we being shut down and being contracted out. so what i would ask for you guys to do today is to make sure that we remain employed. that the city and county take over the san francisco housing authority, but that we remain employed. no contracting out sfha services. we are not the cause of the financial turmoil at the san francisco housing authority. i would love for you guys to make a commitment to us to make sure not one of our employers -- there's 237 employees affected by this, that none of us are displaced. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is kendra crawford.
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i wanted to first say this is a very uncomfortable thing to have to do to get up and -- the risk that we're taking is just showing the sacrifices that we're making for our families. to get up and get on tv -- anyway. so i want to say that my name is kendra crawford and i work for the san francisco housing authority. i was born and raised in san francisco and i live in hayes valley. i have two sons, ages 13 and 17. who are also going to school here in san francisco. it is an honor and a pleasure to be able to raise my sons here. as i was raised. my mother worked for housing authority for 25 years starting as a resident hire in sunnydale where we live. and the san francisco housing authority is my dream job and working in the communities where i lived, my grandmothers, my cousins and everyone still lives, even myself, is an honor and a privilege for me that i don't want to go away. the decision that is being made
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to impact our jobs, we want -- you ought to see a face and hear our stories to know what the decisions that are being made. if you are not the people who make the decisions maybe you're the influencers. so we just want you all to see our faces and hear our stories and know that this is about our families. it's more than money. this is something real to us. and we have been uncomfortable ever since that email came out. so when we're uncomfortable moment for me, i'm uncomfortable and i feel tha that is until wet i'm stable again. i want to say thank you and praying for a positive outcome for everyone. >> president yee: thank you, next speaker. >> hello, my name is amelia meana and i'm a housing inspector at the san francisco housing authority. i'm here on behalf of myself and all of my 1021 union members and all of the san francisco housing authority employees. i'm just saying -- i just want you guys to listen to us and hear us and know that we are
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hard workers. we want our jobs and we need our jobs and we are begging to keep our jobs. it's not our fault that we are in this position. again, i just wanted to remind you all that we have nothing to do with the finances, we didn't steal any money, we didn't mismanage any money. we did our jobs and we are performing standards and we do our job list. and i just want you guys to hear us and what we are asking is that the city take over the housing authority but that all of us keep our jobs. thank you. >> president yee: thank you, next speaker. >> hello, my name is volanda green and i'm a housing authority employee and a member of the union 1021. i've been an employee since 2010
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and ever since then i feel personally that my integrity have been attacked every year. i have never been to city hall and fought so much at any job that i have ever been in. and mainly it's the upper management against us. and each year i thought, why am i doing this? why am i fighting against people that i see every day that tell me that we're doing a great job and you're wonderful, we appreciate you. and it's just something that is all of us that this is where we are, this is our home. i was born here. and i see the effects of everything that we do -- every positive connection, every relation that we have, we know that people -- their mothers, their fathers, their grandmothers. we relate with them. and we're not just jblght workers and inspectors and managers. we're family members and community advocates for these people as well. and i just wish that it wasn't always against -- we always had
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to fight. but now i feel that it's for a reason and now this is just the top -- i've never had to fight so hard. and i don't think that we've ever had to fight so hard. i feel -- i'm feeling like a common human resource, like i can be thrown away wherever -- at the drop of a pin. and i wish that you guys would really hear us out and listen to us. we have been fighting for longer than i have been there. and just to look at the history, to take action and to really point the finger and grab the people that are really in charge and responsible for this, not us. thank you. >> president yee: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, my name is catalina pinata. and i'm also a native san franciscoian who lives in san francisco and i say that humbly. i have been with the agency for 27 years. and i urge you to please reconsider outsourcing our jobs,
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because if the new people come in they'll offer us jobs but they won't give us the pay wage to stay in san francisco. thank you for your time. >> president yee: thank you. >> good afternoon, my name is jasmin crow and i'm a project manager at the san francisco housing authority. i'd like to preface this by saying that i'm absolutely terrified of public speaking but i'm forcing myself to stand up and to say something today because my livelihood and the livelihood of 236 of my co hear workers is at stake. with the outsourcing of all of our jobs, we'll be losing 237 good jobs. these are jobs that pay a living wage, which is remarkable in the metro area, as expensive as this one. and my co-workers and i, we don't understand the logic behind throwing money for a for-profit third party consultant brought in from kentucky or texas or whatever. why do this when you have staff that know this work inside and out? we have staff with five, 10, 20,
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even 30 years of experience. why throw all of that away and punish the frontline staff when we are not the reason why the housing authority is in default? for me personally i have been with the housing authority for 18 years now. and one of my focuses has been on our senior and disabled residents, whenever they have reasonable accommodations needed in their apartments with grab bars and wheelchair ramps and hand rails. i love my job and it's something that i would love to continue doing for as long as possible. thank you. >> president yee: next speake speaker. >> hi, my name is samatra gerad. i'm a single mother of seven. i work for the san francisco housing authority for 21 years. when i got this letter from (indiscernible) i have had nightmares and i have just laid
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there. i see me losing my home. how can i make the payments if i don't have a job? so i'm asking for all of my co-works and to still be able to do my job. i'm 58 years old and i'll compete against these young people for jobs? they're not going to hire me. they're not going to hire me. so i see myself homeless or having to live with one of my kids. and i have already talked to them and they said you better fight for that job. [laughter] you know, so that's what i'm here today to do is to say that i want my job. i want to work for the san francisco housing authority. i've never taken anything -- a pen, even if i took a pen i brought it back. i am coming to you today to say i'm 58 years old, i have been with them for 21 years and i'm happy, i want to continue to work there. and please consider our jobs. >> president yee: thank you. next speaker. >> how are doing, supervisors?
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my name is marsh johnson and i have been with the agen agency 8 years. and we are all fighting for employment with our families and we'd love to stay with the authority. we know that the transition is coming, you know, it's been mismanagement for years. >> president yee: sir, sir, just a bit to the mike. >> it starts from the top and barbara smith is the head of the agency and so you can't blame the employees who work hard on the direction of her and upper management to make the mistakes. she's been doing this and it's not just her but it's been going on for years. mismanagement in the upper management division. so you have employees like myself who actually apply for upper management positions, at least seven times in the last three years, and i have a complaint against the authority for african american males not having an opportunity to expand their kroors. i have that -- careers. i have that as well.
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so this is not about me, this is about my employees who have been working hard and impact the city of san francisco. everybody has a story, everybody impacted, hundreds of citizens around san francisco. we have the experience, we know what we're doing. you absorb with us the city and we'll be okay. we'll impact this city for years and years to come. we just ask for the opportunity to do that. thank you. >> clerk: thank you, next speaker, please. >> good evening, supervisors. i just want to say that approximately eight to nine years ago i was on welfare. i had to take public assistance to help to support my daughter through public assistance and i went to the welfare-to-work program. and through that i was trained and my whole time that i was
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going through that program i wanted a good job. about eight years ago, eight to nine years ago, i was hired by the san francisco housing authority as a 90-day temp. in that timeframe i have went from a 90-day temp to a project manager for san francisco housing authority. and the opportunities that were given to me personally in the housing authority were wonderful. and it is my dream job. i have never known the meaning of "i love my job" until i went to work for the housing authority because i truly love my job. i would like to just agree with all of my co-workers here that i would like to see that if the city takes over that we get to keep our jobs. and that it doesn't make sense to put other people in. we have a feeling and a love for the community and i worked out as a property manager also in the patrol hill area where i got very close with my tenants who i
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feel like family to that area in bayview and in the whole area. and i as the ready project manager -- rad project manager, i have the opportunity to go back to these old properties when i as an employee come on, and the tenants still are happy to see us. and they ask how my co-workers are doing and they still remember us by name. thank you. >> president yee: thank you. next speaker. >> hello, my name is cindy gomez and i'm the commission clerk for the board of the commissioners of the housing authority. i'm here just in solidarity with my local 1021 members and i am really urging all of you to support us if and when there is a transition. this is a very tough time for all of us. i'm a san francisco native and i'm the highest earner in my family. so i do hope that i can continue
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to work for the housing authority and i can keep my job. you know, we really need all of your support. thank you. >> president yee: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, president yee and supervisors. my name is christina fong and i'm the deputy director of the municipal executive association, and we represent the managers of the housing authority. as you have heard from so many of the line staff and a few of our managers here, it's about keeping their jobs and it's about a solution to what's happening. as has been reported on april 8th, the city is to have an m.o.u. in place for transitioning the housing authority employees. it's 27 days from now. communication is key during this process. mayor breed's letter of march seventh, says that the city departments are to work closely
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with not only the municipal executives association but with the other unions as well to mitigate the impacts to the housing authority employees. however, we haven't been contacted by any of the city departments to discuss any transition plans. we need to partner with the city and developing a plan to assure continued employment of our employees of the housing authority. and we need to be able to show our members that the city is committed to their continued employment. the housing authority staff provide the only oversight that the city has to ensuring that public housing recipients continue to have long-term housing stability. our members and the staff at housing authority are dedicated, long-term employees and work with the san franciscoians on a daily basis to serve their housing needs. as those who grew up in public housing know, there's a dire need. and we encourage you to do
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everything possible to ensure the continued employment of these members and we need your support. thank you. >> president yee: thank you. next speaker. >> good evening, everyone. i am kwad joseph and i'm a representative with local 1021. the testimony that you have heard today is filled with emotion and frustration, understandably so. but what i wanted to do is to also let you guys know that mary palmer is yielding her time to me. but what i also wanted to let you know is to clarify and to specify what is our message here today. our message is not to point the finger at any individual person, but to highlight for you the problem with the privatization of public housing. there are two things happening at once here. the first is the attack on jobs of people of color. and the attack of housing of people of color and people with disability in the city. we will soon be holding a press
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conference and bringing the victims -- and by the victims we mean the people with mental disability that have been targeted, who have been issued eviction notices and who have been evicted in their places of residence. so we can't help but to conclude that this is an effect of a systemic racism and discrimination. what i want to do now is to highlight for you the effect of rad or the privatization of public housing throughout the nation. this study was done by the g.a.o. and it states that the department of housing in urban development put procedures in place to evaluate and to monitor the impact of conversions of public housing properties under their rental at assistance rad program. rad is authorizing legislation to have hud to assess and publish findings about the amount of private sector leveraging. husbanhud uses med ricks
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for the outcomes but the measurements with the share of private versus public funding for construction or rehabilitation of assisted housing has limitation. for example, hud's leveraging ratio found that some public resource... >> clerk: sir, we welcome your comments but there are no provisions to yield time. thank you, sir. >> president yee: next speaker. >> i'm david cannon, the san francisco director of sfiu 1021. it represents the majority of the workers at the housing authority and a few years ago we were involved in negotiations to -- that led to the privatization of about two-thirds of the unit of the public housing authority. and we warned the public housing authority and the city at that time that the privatization of these units was not the long-term answer. both for the residents and the workers of this agency. and we were told, no, in moving
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forward we actually are going to need more inspectors and more eligibility workers and the programs of today are earmarked for privatization, we were told that those programs would grow because those are the programs that we will keep and maintain. so to hear a few weeks ago now that the city has been instructed and it looks like the city supports the complete privatization of the housing authority, weigauthority we thia disaster for the residents and the workers. a city with $11 billion budget which absolutely can afford to absorb this unit as part of this city, we are asking for the city, yes, to take over the housing authority, but not to privatize and to move ahead with the privatization of all of the programs, including the programs that are for the oversight of the housing authority. without the housing authority there will be no oversight over these non-profits. in the long term we have seen what happened in chicago. in the long term what happens is that people get evicted. those units will no longer be units for public housing and san
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francisco will have no public housing program. and so we ask you to intervene, supervisors and to help us to stop this. we don't want people -- we're not here to ask for severance, we're not here to ask that people be made to retire. we want folks to keep their jobs and to keep them employed as workers for the city and county. we ask you for you to absorb this department. it is true they have a really hard time with the accounting so maybe that's an expertise that the city can lend to the housing authority. but not privatize the housing authority. thank you. >> president yee: thank you, next speaker. >> tom gilberti. i'm curious, did they ever catch the people that were spicing our weed with fentanyl?
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right here, right now, what we have is the community, the threads of our society, saying that we want to stay threads of the society. the city has the right to cut the threads right here, right now. and we don't want that. we don't want more neoliberal politics in the government of san francisco. four years ago i brought this magazine, overhead please -- into the city, it's "the new yorker." and it was about -- i brought it in and i mentioned that it was a good article on government lobbying. and friends of israel -- overhead again -- and it was the apac, and brian berg was
8:35 pm
investigating part of it and the article, and he ran for congress. and he basically said that they like you, you get $200,000 from apac, bundled from apac. and if they don't like you, your opponent gets $200,000. so that's a $400,000 swing. again, if they like you, they can influence 344 house of representatives to vote against the goldstone report, which basically favored what mr. barrett saw when he went to israel. and basically they see us, the house of representatives and congress, as basically up for sale so they just want us to play our game. life moves along, unfortunately, so did my time. >> president yee: thank you, next speaker.
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>> just another example of people in authority of position picking on people that are not their same size. each and every one of those people that spoke before you, they're unaware they can file a class-action suit against you, because each and every one are losing their jobs because of people in authority positions. that's a violation of the united states of america code service. they don't know it but they could file a class-action suit against that housing authority and incorporate the city of goddamned san francisco as an ak sethry after the fact. i'm here to speak up for not only people being prosecuted like the people who just left the building but speaking up for the homeless people who are having the police and the department of public works to gather and steal their property and claim that they're doing their job. i want them to quit messing with people that don't have nothing to do with that problem and don't have nowhere else to go. when the case law matter of the
8:37 pm
homeless people in the county and the city of los angeles, the federal district court judge, ruled as follows. the complaintants that were homeless that were having their properties stealing from the city officials got a $500,000 judgment against the city for taking homeless people's property. and just like the people in this county who are stealing people's property, i move to have you hand down a $500,000 judgment for all of those people that came in here last week and explained how the city is taking their property. it's disgusting. about 50, 60 people came in here and the people that didn't show up can't come here because of wheelchairs. the district court judge ruled that the city prevented the police seizing of homeless people's property and having other officers contact the b.i.b. to have the security officers to do so. and you're doing the same damned
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thing here by having the police call the department of public works to take their property. >> clerk: mr. goodman, you are not allowed to speak again, sir. >> president yee: sir, did you speak already? >> (indiscernible). >> president yee: excuse me. >> president yee: mr. goodman, thank you, mr. goodman. >> (indiscernible). >> clerk: please proceed, mr. de costa. >> (indiscernible) i'm ashamed
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of y'all, really ashamed. really ashamed. okay, now sitting in the chambers and pretend that you're listening to people and you're going to do stuff. some of you supervisors i am ashame of y'all. yowe are dying in the hadn'ts ad in the hundreds. the mayor, she's are sh she wasp us. and the supervisors out here, dark money. i have to go now, i'm sick. i have to get up from the bed and i have to go to 555 franklin to fight for this principle. that principle. to say to get a job.
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what is happening to our city? this is the land... reexercise the right of refusal. so if you have other plans or tribes, tell them to exercise the right of refusal and we'll embrace them and somebody who has this nonsense should talk to me once and for all. i'll give all of the papers that give me right to represent the first people. supervisors, the big one is coming. and when something like the big one comes, then you'll get the reality check. come on, man. some of y'all, i know y'all, you wanted to do good but your heart is not in the right place. how can you get a heart transplant or a brain transplant, sometimes you analyze this thing i think that
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is what y'all should go for -- a heart transplant and a brain transplant. thank you very much. >> president yee: next speake speaker. >> the mayor and supervisor peskin, affordable housing. a real estate developer who has invested over 60 properties, mostly in san francisco, only two residential units in 2650 high street, and planning and title company said that it was a two storiy two unit building with two bedroom when she purchased it. after he kicked out that tenant in the lower unit he changed it to -- the lower unit for a bedroom to a studio as entertainment facility. he cut off the roof to expand to
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build and adding a new roof deck. (indiscernible) and then added two more bathrooms and a den in the lower unit. he has another bathroom. he changed the two story to four story building and from 2,548 to 3,663 square foot building. the whole building is used by his family of four people and used that lower unit of three bathrooms to entertain his guests. when many low-income families in san francisco are living in a room and sharing a small bathroom and kitchen with other families. you have to power to set housing policy and you should consider the situation how we develop and eliminate the rental units for huge profits successfully. i don't have the time to show you but i do have a document to support my statements.
8:43 pm
thank you. >> president yee: thank you. miss may, through the president, if you, ma'am, would be as kind to walk down to my office room 273, my staff would like to get those documents and talk to you. >> okay, thank you. >> president yee: just turn left out of the doors and down the hallway to the right. >> okay, thank you. >> president yee: any other public comments? seeing none, public comment is now closed. okay, why don't we now -- madam clerk, call the reference calendar items 26 through 31. out of order. and we'll come back to item 25 later. >> clerk: items 26 through 31 were introduced for the adoption without reference to committee calendar. those resolutions on first reading today may go to committee at the single request of a member but those items on
8:44 pm
second reading today no longer are able to be subjected to that privilege. >> president yee: okay. supervisor mandelman. >> supervisor mandelman: i'd like to sever item 28. >> president yee: supervisor stefani. >> supervisor stefani: sever item 26. >> president yee: okay. >> president yee: any others, colleagues, can we take items 27, 29, 30, 31, same house, same call? without objection. these resolutions are adopted unanimously. madam clerk, we're on number 26 i believe, right? >> president yee: item 26 is a resolution to support california's state senate bill 281, authored by scott wiener to prohibit the sale of firearms
8:45 pm
and ammunition and to require the formation of a joint powers authority to develop the property for implementation to commence january 1, 2020. >> president yee: okay, supervisor stefani. >> supervisor stefani: thank you, president yee. colleagues, i support senate bill 281 to ban began show gun , because we have been trying to do this for years, not just san francisco but elected officials. this is the eighth time that we have tried to do this. we've had students, mothers and fathers, who have lost their children to gun violence out there protesting these gun shows over and over again. and they are protesting because there's more schools, theatres, churches, bars, and outdoor concerts and every other place in america that continue to be shot up in mass shooting after mass shooting. the reality that the
8:46 pm
glorification of guns and the widespread availability of them is a sick problem in this country that cannot be denied. today we are mourning oakland councilwoman macalhaney who lost her son over the weekend to gun violence. there are too many guns in this country and they are too easy to get. san francisco daily city and san mateo county have all unanimously adopted local ordinances banning gun shows in their cities and counties. and i ask myself, why haven't we been able to ban these gun shows? what has stood in the way, we all know that this bill also creates the cow palace joint powers authority. and when i answer that question, i realize that it's the state entity that runs the cow palace, the california department of food and agriculture. why have they continued to allow these gun shows to take place? why have they refused to listen
8:47 pm
to us over and over again? and it is my opinion that if they need these gun shows to sustain the cow palace, they are doing something wrong. those are not our values. these gun shows perpetuate this country's sick gun culture and any denial of that can only be rooted in insanity. i want you to know about the vendor that the cow palace has five times a year. the crossroads of the west, they're gun shows, list the cow palace on its traveling rotation. their shows in our neighboring state of arizona are the largest open air market for anonymous private party firearm sales in the country without background checks. but they get to come into our backyard and make tons of money at the cow palace. a research doctor at u.c. davis who follows these shows listened as a customer in san diego
8:48 pm
looked to buy multiple assault type weapons that would have been illegal here, and this is common, the seller told the buyer that he'd sell at the crossroads show in phoenix. this happens all the time. this country is awash with guns and yet we continue to try to get them to stop having gun shows at the cow palace and they won't. so when i have a bill in front of me that once and for all might ban the gun shows at the cow palace and it does create a local body that oversees what happens there, a local body where this board gets to appoint three members. a local body that is much more likely to listen to their constituents. i am going to support it. i hope that finally i hope that you will join me in supporting this today and i think that it's the only thing that we should be doing. thank you. >> president yee: supervisor
8:49 pm
walton. >> supervisor walton: thank you, president yee. first i want to thank supervisor stefani for introducing this resolution which i feel is important. this really allows san francisco and san ma may mateo county to t takes place at the cow palace and to decide the future of the cow palace. if we look at it over the years it makes no sense for us to allow within our city limits or near our city limits things like gun shows that promote and provide access to weapons that we don't even allow in our city limits, that we don't allow in the state of california. and it goes against our values. so not only will this give us the ability to stop the gun shows and to fight something that continues to go against what we promote and what we fight for here in our city, but it also allows us the opportunity to determine what
8:50 pm
activities, what events take place at the cow palace, or to determine what we want to do with the future of the cow palace as a whole. i cannot see any reason why we would not want that ability as this body and as this city to provide that oversight. and to have the ability to determine what happens in the place like the cow palace. so i'm very supportive of this resolution. i hope that my colleagues really get behind this resolution that supports -- this bill presented by senator wiener because at the end of the day this is something that we really should -- it should be under our auspices and to have the ability to control what happens at the cow palace in the future. it's snag we should be getting excited about. >> president yee: supervisor safai. >> thank you for putting this forward, as a supervisor that shares proximity with supervisor walton to this important piece of land i'm sure that it's
8:51 pm
already been said but 68-acres of land, that straddle both the county of san mateo and san francisco presents a phenomenal opportunity to have a conversation about the future of that --ed adjacent county supervisor, along with our entire state delegation is in support of this resolution. i think that it's an important conversation to have. and nothing in terms of what will be developed or would be discussed to be developed has been predetermined in any way. this is simply about controlling for the conversation about gun shows which would ban that once and for all and i think we all agree with that. and then allowing for a pathway for the joint powers authority, which our board is very familiar with, and it's very supportive of in many other instances. so we ask and urge you to support this resolution. and follow the leadership of our state delegation as well as the neighboring county supervisors. i think that there's been some confusion out there. i have heard some folks talk
8:52 pm
about this being a land grab or the opportunity to do some private -- none of that has been discussed or contemplated in any way, shape or form. and, again, i would just say supervisor it's -- scawz me they men are all in support of this important resolution. so we ask and urge your support today am. >> president yee: supervisor peskin. >> supervisor peskin: thank you, president yee. i wasn't going to say anything but i would just offer a couple comments. i am going to vote for it, not for the reasons respectfully that supervisor safai stated because most of this property is actually not in our county, but with the exception of a piece of the parking lot, the vast majority of that 68-acres is in san mateo county. and far be it from me to tell senator wiener how to legistate, but, frankly, i don't think that the governance piece and the sale of gun piece belong on the
8:53 pm
same piece of legislation. and it's a complicated piece of land-use politics in san mateo county. having said that i did check and senator hill who represents san mateo county is supporting sb-281 as is assembly member mullen and for those reasons i will be voting in the affirmative. >> president yee: okay, thank you, any other colleagues want to make any comments on this item? seeing none, colleagues can i take this same house, same call? seeing no objection, then this resolution passes unanimously. item number 28, please. >> clerk: item 28, a resolution to state the city's support of the national open to all campaign, to declare the city and county of san francisco an open to all city, to urge san francisco businesses to sign the open to all pledge and to urge
8:54 pm
the california state legislature to enact legislation in support of the open to all campaign. >> president yee: supervisor mandelman. >> supervisor mandelman: thank you, mr. president. colleagues, i thank you for considering the resolution before you today declaring san francisco open to all and i want to thank my co-sponsors, supervisor waltor and supervisor brown. and thank mayor breed and her team for joining us this morning to kick off the "open to all" campaign here in san francisco. for people in search of acceptance, refuge or opportunity, san francisco provides a safe place to be who you are. from young queers seeking a community that embraces and supports them to families who immigrate here to create a better life, san francisco welcomes and celebrates our diversity. unfortunately, in more than half of the country discrimination is still protected under the law. only 20 states have full legal protection against discrimination and public accommodations on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. hate-fueled attacks are on the rise with the f.b.i. reporting a
8:55 pm
17% increase in hate crimes in 2018. and as we in san francisco resist a president who works to divide us all we must continue to lead by example in the fight against hate. the resolution before you will do just that by officially declaring san francisco's support of the open to all campaign. open to all is a national campaign to build awareness and understanding about the importance of protecting people from discrimination and the bedrock principle that when businesses open up their doors to the public they should be open to all. and the open to all campaign was launched by the movement advancement project in the wake of the decision which ruled that owners of a public serving business could be granted exemption from anti-discrimination laws based on religious beliefs. thus, protecting the business' right to refuse to make a wedding cake for a gay couple. today open for all has support of over 200 national and state organizations committed to civil rights and racial justice and lgbtq equality and health care. and disability rights, including the aclu, and the lawyers
8:56 pm
committee for civil rights and glad and the aflcio and many more. it also has the support of more than 1500 businesses who have declared that they are open to all. that said, a city has not yet declared itself to be officially open to all as part of that campaign until now. though san francisco and california already have strong anti-discrimination laws and policies in place, participating in open to all will encourage other municipalities to join the campaign. and i'd like to thank claire fally, and mary anne thompson at the oewd, and the office of the small business and tom tomrano to work to plan and coordinate the launch to open to all. and thank you to daniel and the merchant association for their help to kick off the campaign this morning. colleagues, i hope that you will join me support of this resolution and the open to all campaign so that san francisco can send a message of acceptance and inclusion and safety to the rest of the country. >> president yee: supervisor
8:57 pm
fewer. >> supervisor fewer: please add me as a co hea-sponsor. thank you. >> president yee: okay. the house has changed, supervisors just left the room. can i take this item, same house, same call? without any objection, this item passes unanimously. madam clerk, let's go back to item 25 which is scheduled pursuant to motion number m m-19-015 approved - approve arkd on january 29th, 2019. >> clerk: item 25 is closed session for the board of supervisors to convene today with the mayor's office and the department of human resources
8:58 pm
with labor negotiations with labor unions representing city employees. >> president yee: colleagues, public comment has been taken for item 25 during general public comment. so we will now convene in closed session. members of the public, we ask that you exit the chamber and to lock the doors behind them. we will reopen the chamber once we finish with the closed session and the public will be allowed to re-e >> we are now back in open session. may i have a motion that the board finds that it is in the
8:59 pm
best interest of the public that the board elect not to disclose the closed session deliberations. the motion moved by supervisor brown and seconded by supervisor fewer. >> we need a roll call. please. [ roll call ] >> there are nine ayes. we will not discuss our closed session deliberations. madam clerk, please read the memoriam. >> for the record, mr. president, no actions were taken during the closed session.
9:00 pm
>> today's meeting will be adjourned in memory on behalf of supervisor brown for the late 64-year-old senior male who being homeless, was found passed away at corner of heys. on behalf of supervisor mainly y and for supervisor mandelman angus jay white and supervisor prespeskin cath lynn. >> that is the end of our agenda. is there any other further business before us today? >> that concludes our business for today. >> thank you, we are adjourned.