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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  March 15, 2019 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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comments? i do have a question. mr. sheehan, have you begun to expend these funds? >> we have not. >> chair fewer: i believe this is retroactive? >> that's correct. the late approval from abag is the running for the retroactivity. abag approve the funds for our government always at the end of the year. we run into this issue. >> chair fewer: thank you very much. seeing no questions or comments. let's move this with a positive recommendation to the board. you can take that without objection. thank you very much. madam clerk please call item 11. [agenda item read]
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>> chair fewer: thank you very much. i see that we have a representative from the sheriff's department here. however, i have been alerted that there is a fiscal impact on this item. with dot no have a b.l.a. report. i like to continue this item until the meeting next week so we can have fiscal impact from our budget analyst. >> we have no objection. >> chair fewer: any members of the public like to comment on item 11. public comment is now closed. we'll save our discussion for next week. i'll make a motion to continue
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this item until budget and finance committee of next week. without objection. madam clerk. please call item 12 and 13 together. [agenda item read] >> chair fewer: thank you very
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much i believe we have sarah emerald from mohcd to report on this. >> before you today are two resolutions requesting permission to enter purchase and sale agreement with two potential landowners. for background the hope s.f. project site received entitlements in march 2017 to revitalize the sunnyvale housing. this will incorporate new public housing replacement units and market rate units on site as well as new public utilities and retail space and another 30,000 square feet of public open space. this map represents the current right-of-way which is boarded to the east. the request today is for the purchase of 244 square foot
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parcels in the current culdesac of sun rise way. the current homeowner shown here has lot 6 and 23 has agreed purchase of the city small shaded pa parcels that flank the culdesac. the acquisition of these parcels will allow the developer to realize new grid with the existing sun rise way parcel. we'll be dedicated back to the city through additional legislation. this alignment will allow for the first infrastructure phase to start for sunnydale hope s.f. the first on site vertical housing development can commence which include 167 units of
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affordable housing with minimum of eight units on it. with that we are here to answer any questions you may have about the project. >> chair fewer: i see there's no b.l.a. report. is there any members of the public that like to comment on items 12 or 13? seeing none, public comment is closed. this is a small property purchase to round out our project hope s.f. colleagues any comments or questions? seeing none. this moves with a positive recommendation. we can take that without objection. are there any items before us today? >> there are no other items. >> chair fewer: thank you. the meeting is now adjourned. [meeting adjourned]
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>> this is a reminder to silence all electronic devices. the fire commission regular meeting, wednesday, march 13th, 2019, and the time is 9:023. 9:02. item one. roll call. [roll call]
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>> chairwoman: item two, general public comment. members of the public may address the commission up to three minutes on any matter within the commission's jurisdiction and does not appear on the agenda. the speaker shall address their remarks to the commission as a whole, and not to individual commissioners or department personnel. commissioners are not to enter into debate or discussion with the speaker. the lack of a response by the commissioners or department personnel does not necessarily constitute agreement with or support of statements made during public comment. >> at this moment, is there any member of the public that wishes to give public comment? please approach the podium. seeing none, public comment is closed.
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any questions, discussions from the commissioners at this time? madam secretary? >> item three, approval of the minutes, discussion and possible action to approve the minutes from the regular meeting on february 27th, 2019. >> any member of the public that wishes to give public comment on this item number three, approval of the minutes? at this particular time, seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners? >> i move to approve. >> moved by commissioner cleveland. >> seconded. >> seconded by commissioner hardiman. at this particular point, any questions or comments? all in favor, say yea. >> yea. >> madam secretary, the motion passes. >> chairwoman: item four, chief of department's report, report from the chief of
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department, on events within the department since the fire commission meeting on february 27, 2019, including budget, academy, special events, communications, and outreach to other government agencies and the public, and report from operations, deputy chief mark gonzalez on over all field operations, including greater alarm fires, emergency medical services, bureau of fire prevention and investigation, and airport division. >> thank you, madam secretary. chief hayes white, good morning. >> good morning. >> may i take public comment at this time, first, before you submit your report? >> certainly. >> public comment on the report? seeing none, public comment is closed. please, chief hayes white. >> through president
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nicoosho, she hasn't arrived yet. is it okay that i mention it before -- >> increase, chief hayes white. >> thank you, president. she is due to appear shortly, but just this morning, mayor breed announced her selection of current deputy chief of administration jeannie nicholson as my successor's chief of department. so many of us were there to support her and thank mayor breed for her selection. i know the fire commission was instrumental in this selection process. i think chief nicholson will serve the department very well. she served the department for over 23 25 years in various capacities, and you know her recently as the deputy chief of administration. i told her i will ensure a smooth transition as she moves into the role. i will always be available if she needs me for anything, as i will make myself available for the
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commission as well. so thank you for that. on to my report, this is activities since the last meeting on february 27th, regarding the budget. as you know, we submitted our budget with a cover letter from president nicoshio and i on february 21st on time. we will continue to work with the mayor's budget office as it relates to mayor breed submitting a balanced budget on june 1st. regarding acadamies, the 125th academy is in their seventh week. we have 51 members, and graduation is anticipated to be on june 14th at the scottish rite temple. we're anticipating hiring a class in july, and the 126th class, no date has been set yet, buc it will be in the fall. it will be made up of a 54 members. the list will be refreshed, and i believe it will capture those who have taken the test through february of this
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year. i'm also aware that chief sotto and his staff are hosting the chief fire marshal tomorrow. i know that has been a lot of work. thank you, chief, for preparing for that. on february 28th, president nicoshio, commissioner covington, captain patt and myself attended a meeting, where she announced collectively the city agencies that are involved in getting though approved have worked. so that was very good news, and i would like to acknowledge the great work of our fire marshal, dan, and his staff. i'll break from my report and ask that everyone rise and give a hardy congratulations to chief nicholson.
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[applause] >> congratulations, chief. >> thank you. >> on march 1st, i attended a ribbon-cutting for the new hospital, cpmc, located on franklin -- at the former cathedral hill, jack tarr site. i have not taken a full tour, but it is an amazing state-of-the-art facility that now serves our citizens and visitors. i also participated in two read aloud day.
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and i came back for the women's history month celebration, and then went out to the alamo school for another read aloud day. on the 4th of march, i attended a memorial for jeff adochi, and then i attended a meeting to discuss where the funds will be anticipated to be placed for the easter bond. on march 5th, the board of supervisors, specifically supervisor stefani and supervisor fewer, announced all of the agencies that responded to the parker fire where miraculously there were no injuries or fatalities given the magnitude of that event. that was very well-attended and we appreciate their acknowledgement. on march 6th, the director of planning and finance and i attended a
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meeting. and i believe supervisor -- excuse me, commerccommissioner cleveland, you met as well, to talk about the overall administrations. and that went well. i know ongoing there will be some meetings with all of the board members. on the 7th of march, i participated in a "hotel heros" event which acknowledges some of the great work being done at our hotels. it is an event i look forward to every year. last friday there was the irish flag-raising here and a table of us attended a commonwealth club luncheon honoring international women's day. and many of us, which will be in an historical photo, participated in a photo with mayor breed. she, in honor of international women's day -- and i know commissioner covington was there -- had a picture taken with many of the
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female firefighters and police officers. both uniformed and civilian in the department. and i know her office likes to do that. last month for black history month, she did it with some of the law enforcement in our black firefighters association. that picture is out somewhere, and we'll provide it to you. upcoming, we have the st. patrick's day parade this saturday. it gets under way at 11:30, and you're welcome to join us. and commissioners, i also did want to let you know that my executive assistant -- and i just like to give her a shout out -- she doesn't ask for it very often or very much -- she, after 16 years, is leaving the department and taking a job in the private sector. i'm really proud of her. it has been an honor to work with her.
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and that would be kelly. if you're watching, kelly, we'll miss you. [applause] >> and president nicoshio, i will ask you to join the meeting in honor of three retired members. before saying that, i did want to acknowledge the assistant deputy chief tony rivera's mother passed away. she sounded like an amazing woman. 96, nearly 97, correct? tony, we're sorry for your loss. ththere are three retired members, donald wilson, who passed away on february 21st, and he served with the department over 25 years, retiring in 1989. retired battalion chief jack boge, who passed away on february 25th, with over 34 years of service, retiring in 1990. and he had a long family history in the department.
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and finally retired chief aide david, who also went by doc lavalle, who i had the opportunity to work with. he died on march 9th, and served over 30 years with the department, retiring in 2000. thank you, that concludes my report. >> thank you very much. at this particular time, we'll have the commissioners chime in for comments or questions on the chief's report. at this particular time, commissioner alio. >> chief, i want -- obviously, there is going to be many opportunities to do this, but thank you for your service. i know it has been mentioned you've been with the department -- actually, you've been chief of the department for 15 years, but you've actually been with the department for 20... >> 9. >> ...29 years. i want to thank you for
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your service. a special congratulations to chief nicholson. the mayor picked this one right. the commission picked this one right. i look forward to working with you. i know that this job won't change you. and nobody is hoping that it does because you're amazing the way you are. and this department will be better with your leadership. it will be different. >> all good. >> you have tough shoes to fill because you're filling the shoes of a legend, chief hayes white is definitely a legend and has done an amazing job for this city. i think you're leadership will be different. it will be good, and i know that the members of the department are fully behind you, and this commission is also fully behind you, and we look forward to working with you. but big shoes to fill, definitely. and it is not just in the department, but it is also in the community. you have a chief here that
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remembers names like only my grandfather can remember names. and has a way with the community as well. so big shoes to fill, but we all look forward to working with you. congratulations to you, chief. >> at this particular point, thank you very much. vice president covington. >> thank you, mr. president. i echo the sentiments of my fellow commissioner and the chief of the department, still the chief of the department until may. and now that we're going to have a wonderful new chief, i think we should hear from her. >> we heard from her downstairs during the mayor's introduction of her. but can you please come up and give us a few words.
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>> good morning, deputy chief of administration jenin nicholson. good morning, chief, commissioners, sister maureen. it is -- i feel a little speechless at the moment. this is an incredible honor and responsibility. and i will continue to work hard and collaborate with all sorts of different stakeholders to move this department forward. and i'm thrilled. i'm excited. and i'm humbled about it. so thank you. >> thank you. are you chief of the department-elect, chief of the department -- is there an official way to -- we'll come up with something. >> you can just keep calling me chief. that's fine. that will work.
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[laughter] >> that's how our relationship has been up to this point. >> okay. thank you. first among chiefs. >> thank you so much, and congratulations to you. >> thank you. >> thank you very much, vice president covington. at this particular time, commissioner cleveland, please. >> thank you, mr. president. i wanted to congratulate you as well, chief nicholson. as the chair of the search committee, we had a difficult job. we had a lot of applicants, but the cream rose to the top. and i can't say how pleased i am that you were unanimously selected by our commission as a top candidate that should be our next chief. and so we look forward to working with you as commissioners, getting guidance from you, and giving guidance to you. and looking forward to a
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relationship that will continue the tradition of teamwork that has been the hallmark of joanne hayes white, our current chief for 15 years, who has been a hallmark of her administration. we look forward to working with you, and we're delighted to see you become our next fire chief. so thank you for applying. that's it. >> thank you very much commissioner cleveland. commissioner mik michael hardiman. >> thank you, president nicoshio. this is a great time to be a fire commissioner. the two chiefs, chief nicholson, who has had a little bumpy road in some of her personal things in life, and i think different roads get you to the same place. i think the chief joanna
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hayes white had a little smoother life growing up, and didn't have the problems that some people face, and it shows how different doors open for different people. we're not allowed as commissioners to talk about individual candidates, etc. that's one thing i don't even think we can talk about it at this point after it is all over with. i will say this -- and i just told the mayor this -- 100 people, trying to be honest and conservative, talked to me personally, not just from the fire department -- as a matter of fact, most people weren't from the fire department -- and it was remarkable. every single person that talked about a new chief said they hope it is somebody from within the department. that was amazing. and i never told the mayor that before. i never bothered her with that information, but i just told her now, this
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morning, at the announcement, that that happened. and there were candidates from out of the department that are very, very eligible to take this job. but what surfaced out of the interviews, which i think i can say, is quite amazing. the people that work in the staff, battalion chiefs, etc., all of the people that applied and were interviewed to be chief, we have a remarkable crew. and the new chief will decide who continues and who is in what position and that, and we don't interfere, the commissioners. but i wish that all of the public could have listened to interviews and see what a talented, brilliant, wonderful group of people that the fire department has, from the command staff on down. and that was the best
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thing. and people said to me, i bet you're glad this is over with. and i said no. i would like to interview everybody, every person from captain on up, to listen to them and to learn so much about them personally. so it was like the least boring thing i've ever been involved in. it was the most interesting thing to -- like you say, it is just too bad the whole public couldn't see how lucky we are. i welcome chief nicholson, and i'm happy that the mayor made the tough decision and picked the right person. >> thank you very much, commissioner cleveland. >> i forget to mention in my remark, when i was appointed in 2013 to the commission, i was the first member of the lgbt
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community on the commission, and so it is with deep pleasure that i see our first lgbt member as our fire chief. so it is probably one of the first in the country. and so for that, i also applaud you. and i look forward to working with you. [applause] [applause] >> thank you very much, commissioners. i would like to say, also, congratulations to you, chief nicholson, and your selection and appointment by mayor breed. i, at this particular time, would also like to thank the mayor in terms of her process and her awesome responsibilities as your selection for us in the department. it is called smooth and orderly transition. we take care of business. and for you, chief hayes white, serving as the chief department head for the past 15 years, it has been a remarkable career that you've accomplished.
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a reminder in terms of may 5th, that you're serving to that capacity, with all due respect to you, chief hayes white. and i want to echo why commissioner hardiman said as well, by our four-day interview of 10 different candidates, looking at the number of applicants, we, the commissioners, have done through a crash course, even an extensive graduate, post-graduate level on the indicate operation of the fire department on every aspect. everything that was done, everything that we're doing, every program, every aspect was duly noted. the great thing about the interviews is that every one of the candidates -- and i thank every one of the candidates for applying -- brought out the best in terms of what they perceive as the most important elements of the department. for us as the commission, for myself speaking, it is a renewed pledge to you,
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the members of the department, to the public, for us to have the best fire department that we can in this country. but also it's a brand new day. and part of that, chief nicholson, is the leadership that you'll amass behind yourself for this awesome responsibility. and i'm sure you understand and you heard from the commissioners that you have our support as well. so i wanted to particularly say that as well. looking forward to a smooth and orderly transition within the department. nothing better than to have one of your own, from within your department, to lead the department as well. so having said that, at this particular time, madam secretary, could we proceed with the operations report by chief mark gonzalez? >> good morning, president, commissioners, chief, maureen, and chief. department chief mark
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gonzalez, my operations report for february. there were two greater alarms. third alarm on february 6th, 3300 gary. there were no injuries. fire was determined to be accidental. incident commander was rex hail. it came in as an engine truck, and they immediately pulled a full box. on arrival, observed heavy fire coming from the gas pipe, the breached gas pipe in the street, on the 3300 gary. directed engine 10 to direct a hose line on 3300 gary from the exterior. and most importantly to get the people out if there was anybody in there. at station 38, hearing the radar traffic, operator o'hara, who is around somewhere, he notified chief hail of the incident, and division two immediately went to the
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street. once on garry street, the division saw heavy fire. division two immediately struck a second alarm. and proceeded to the command post, conducted a face to face with battalion 7. division 2 was the forth unit on scene. and division 2 now is on california and laguna, so that is quite a ways to get there. the prime problem was getting the gas turned off. they wanted to stop any extension into the surrounding buildings, including the that building that was across the street. there was extreme radiant heat also affecting that the building. bco co connell was distribution starter, and stopping fire in 195 parker, which was considered composure "c." battalion two, hicky, was directed to stop the fire from extending into
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exposure bravo. battalion 4 directed to keep the fire from ignited 23503250, across the street. there was primary search around the perimeter for missing construction workers. there were missing construction workers reported at that time, and a primary search in 3300 gary. confirmed with the police department to evacuate one block radius. and pg&e gas was in route. communication was set up in front of mel's diner. pg&e gas arrived on scene and estimated a one-hour window to turn off the gas. and they were directed to shut off electricity on parker, which was completed in a reasonable amount of time because there were wires also affected and dropping on to the scene. they were starting to lose division charlie, 195 parker, and division 2
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struck a third alarm, and staging was switched to gary and spruce. we used defensive procedures, hitting the buildings not affected with water, keeping them cool. reports from all four divisions indicate that the fire did not spread to more buildings, and water supply was adequate. at this point, it was a matter of holding strong until pg&e could shut off the gas. they had to do it safely not to cause more breaches or causing the gas to spread in through the pipes to other buildings. so they had to take their time. i understand there were 17 different areas they had to deal with to shut it off. they did a good job. all members -- all of our members did a great job in mitigating a very challenging emergency event that could have been disasterous. including the command staff that responded in los angeles, and pretty much the whole command staff, including the two chiefs, showed up. the second alarm was 1230
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paige at 3:00 in the afternoon. the commander was brook baker. the companies did a great job with this fire. it was a challenging fire in that they could see the fire coming out of a top floor unit and it was blown out, but they had a hard time upstairs in the hallway. there was a maze, and behind the door was barricaded, so we couldn't get in. very low visibility and very hot. our battalion chief -- he is totally calm, and he has commanded greater alarms, and he is top-notch. he kept the crews calm, they eventually got to it and put it out. he put other units in the buildings on the bravo and delta exposures to make sure they didn't breach those buildings. he did a great job with this fire as well. the other notable incident in february was the cliff at fort funston, that collapsed on to the two
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women and the dog. the entrapment and the commander was ni nicole jeradavac. the entrapment appears to have been a landslide on a steep slope. the recent heavy rainfall may have been the primary driving force for this landslide. "d" d-3 was not dispatched. she added herself to it. they did a fabulous job, as well as they could, in a very dangerous situation, where she noted in her narrative there were many subsequent minor collapses of the sand down below on to the area where the members can working. it was constant, and they had to reassess where to dig and where the poor woman was. unfortunately, there was one fatality. one of the major things that she did on scene, as well as b.c. merdock was to confirm that the woman
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wasn't pushed out to the water by the collapse. so they confirmed that by witnesses on scene. they all did a fabulous job. and also, the chief responded, as well as chief nicholson, who was there before the chief. chief waiting in the wings. i think that's the name we should call her. and congratulations, chief. you deserve it. so adding on the cliff rescue, i think all members did a great job, and it is very sad that the poor woman lost her life. on to other incidents, reported active shooter at the theater on february 15th. there was a panic due to circumstances revolving around a possible medical emergency, unfortunately. the occupants believed there was an active shooter. i think this happened during a part of the play where there might have been a gun that went off as part of the play as prop. and there was a mass exiting that occurred. it resulted in three injuries, including a
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broken leg and a cardiac arrest. all victims recovered. another notable incident on february 3rd, at al maialialimani. this incident was spread out for four city blocks on highway 101 due to a wrong-way driver. and there was collaborative assistance by the sffd. >> and a fire on blythedale avenue, and reports of children stuck was unfounded. nevertheless, our crews conducted a search based on this report. no injuries occurred. when we have reports of that, our companies go the extra mile as far as risk. they will go ahead of the hose line and without the protection of the hose line, they will search now if they get a report of that. you guys did a good job
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with that fire, even though, thankfully, there were no kids in there. and there was media responses for the parker file. fire. i live on parker, and i'm so grateful for your heroics on our streets during the gas line explosion, and you saved our e neighborhood. some of the functions last month, the chinese new year's parade, and the command staff attended that, and president nicoshio. ongoing outreach is going on. i could show you a quick power point, maureen. >> the operations report for february. >> there are pictures of the subsequent days of the cliff rescue. there is battalion chief
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crane, i believe that was the next day. you can see the area there, and they finally got the heavy equipment down there. an information session, lieutenant baxter is doing his usual cameo appearance on my power points. commission high career day, reaching out to the kids of this city, and giving them an overview of what it is like to be a firefighter. and then working for e.m.s. pier 28 bay rescue. community affairs. our p.o. in action. e.m.a.response. chinese new year's safety handout, part of our outreach. our current chief and the current police chief at
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the chinese new year's parade. p.i. o. safety meeting, along with assistant deputy chief cochran. station 16 reopening, i believe this was a great thing. the station was delayed, but in my opinion it is a great station and it is a nice layout. and i'm looking forward to station 5 reopening soon. there is the parker street fire. you can see how the gas is kind of shooting off towards the middle of the street. if it was shooting the other way towards the buildings to the left, those buildings would have been a lot more affected. as you can see, they also had to keep the buildings across the street wet from the radiant heat, and cooled down. and there is a chief giving her press, talking to the press. there is a picture of the
2:41 am
second alarm that was speaking about, that a.c. baker was involved in. it did get the exposure a little bit, and they did a good job overall, containing this fire to the area of origin. there is another picture of the fire after they knocked it. carbon monoxide safety day, it looks like down at the embarcadero, or the ferry building. thanks to commissioner verinazi, and the commissioners, all of the meetings you show up to. my favorite picture of you, though, was in the water. that was a while back. the safety tips. the gas safety tips. that goes out as part of our outreach. and as usual, any questions for the public, you can reach us on
2:42 am
twitter, instagram, facebook, youtube, and our website at that's the end of the presentation. thank you. >> a couple of e.m.s. updates. the cathedral hill hospital opened up on march 2nd. there was a lot of transporting of the in-patients. it seems to me they go in total very quickly. meaning they're not available for us to bring our patients to. i think there is still some transition work to be done because as you know, two of the other hospitals, c.p. c., and children's, we don't transport to them, and they're on the western side of the city. so we're making longer transports from the west side. we have to come more towards the center of the
2:43 am
city to drop off our patients. there has been longer waits at the hospitals overall because i would think they're not up to speed as far as how many beds they can receive, and i think it is affecting the whole system. the per diem program, thanks to training and andy for getting that together. i would like more nobodies. numbers. they informed me we have some gaps in our staffing. but it's not -- i've asked him to work with rob to come up with 8 and 10-hour opportunities to try to fill some of those gaps. a lot of our suppression members are volunteering for shichts shifts, both e.m.t.s as well. the refresher training -- thanks to e.m.s. for
2:44 am
handling that. >> can you give us the overall right now? >> the overall average from august, for just the medical incidents, is 36%. the overall average -- e.m.s. 6, there is a lot less runs in the medicals. e.m.s. 6 is 71%, but, again, they see a lot of the repeat callers. if you add them together as the average of non-identifiable, it only bumps it up to 37%. so it is around 37% for both. b.f.p.s doing a great job, as usual. the fire marshal is doing a great job on the investigation side as well. we want to talk to the union about the arson over time and their shifts. the staffing is good at arson, but the way the
2:45 am
overtime is hired needs to be looked at. as far as fire prevention, it really came to fruition how affective and important it was to get that 960 program in place, and use those retired members to come back and pass on some of their knowledge. the recent stop by plan check is humming, and that's what we want to hear. great job by dan to get that program started and in place, and great job to the members that came back and embraced it and the 960 retirement members that helped make it run so smoothly. we have an addition to the airport, an attachment to thisment this. i went down south to redmond city and met with two of the san mateo county fire chiefs. we want some of our chiefs to go to more of their meetings. some of our op chiefs and b.c.s to go to the meetings and help coordinate more of the interoperational that we do. there is a new hotel that
2:46 am
is going to open up there. if something happens down there, it is a high-risk. butt one obut one of the thingst would have -- he solved san francisco units for the fire suppression efforts, and he used the san mateo for e.m.s. a smoother way to do it would be if we could just integrate the units as they come. when you have a major incident at the airport, whether it is a second alarm fire at the hotel, or another plane crash, god forbid, you want to implement units as they arrive. what i got from that meeting is i believe that the balee battalion chief down there -- there isn't a chief probably in the san francisco fire department that needs an operator more. you need that operator to not only help the communications plan that needs to be in place, but they can coordinate and
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help that battalion chief that is trying to build that foundation of that major incident. so i told ali to set up the meeting with myself and jeff littlefield, and possibly the department head down there, to push that. i do think an operator down there is very important when it comes to building the foundation of a major incident. the battalion chief at that incident would be overwhelmed. and they have one battalion chief down there with an operator for almost the whole county. it definitely would be needed. that's my report. i'm available for any questions after public comment. >> thank you very much, chief gonzalez. at this particular point, we will call for public comment on chief gonzalez's report. seeing none from the public, public comment is closed. commissioners, at this particular point. >> the new cathedral hill hospital was opened, i
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think, two weeks ago? >> i have to look at the date, but approximately. >> march 1st. >> march 1st. and as a result of that opening, two of the hospitals closed, right? >> they didn't close. but they closed for our transports, correct? they're closed permanently then? i wasn't aware of that. i thought they would going to remain open, but not for our transfers. there is no medical at all? >> nope. >> i think i read something the chief put out that said they were closed entirely. they were closed for business. they moved all -- my concern is that i live, like, four blocks away from one of those hospitals, and it is my go-toto hospital in case of an emergency. it is on the city to do better to publicize. i know people are still showing up to that hospital with emergencies, and finding those doors to be closed. >> they've got to put out
2:49 am
a better message. >> better messaging, and we should talk to the hospital about that. maybe do something with them, maybe do some advertising on channel 26 or even on muni, because when you show up to that hospital and you're in an emergency situation and you don't know where to go, you're in a bad place. and those are the two hospitals on the north side that anybody would go to. so it's the children's hospital for children. does the new hospital even have a pediatrics unit? i see chief zanoff saying yes. and i don't even know that and i've got a kid. so am i driving all the way down to the mission bay? or am i going to this new hospital? >> so all of the functions that were on the california campus, which was the e.r.s primarily serving the pediatric patients, and then the former pacific campus, those e.r.s basically serve now at the new hospital. and all of the patients
2:50 am
are in the beds. it was very well-orchestrated. all of the in-patients were transferred to the new hospital. so i believe those facilities will be transformed. there may be some medical office buildings, that kind of thing. patient care has now been transferred effective the first -- the ribbon cutting i attended was on march 1st. >> maybe if we can have the hospital do better signage at this location, so people know where to go in case there is an emergency, so they're not showing up in a total panic and then wondering where it is they need to go. >> we could definitely advice them to talk to the hospitals to do that, as well as all of our outreach vehicles, we can put the message out even more, emphatically. >> chief, when we have ambulances that are active but not working, in other words, waiting for a call, maybe if we could have the ambulances in that area
2:51 am
that are active and not working, waiting for a call. >> pass out pamphlets like we do for surf rescue and cliff rescue? >> no, but even for the next couple of months have them sit there, have their lunch at the entrance there. i know people are showing up there. >> posted at the hospitals? >> posted at or near those hospitals. i've had friends show up in the last couple of days and a total panic. there hasn't been very good outreach on behalf of these hospitals, and these are people in a bad place that are showing up. anyway, some sort of solution because it is happening and there is a lot of confusion out there. and maybe do some of our own outreach ourselves. >> definitely have the p.i.o. work on it. >> we find ourselves in a situation where it is our mission and we can help. >> we can help. >> and maybe we can reach out to them and do a little better on that. >> absolutely. >> help them check the box. as far as i see, we do a
2:52 am
lot of outreach on a monthly basis. and i'm wondering -- and i noticed that two of the bullet points on the two and a half pages of outreach that we do has our cliff -- we do some outreach on cliff and rescues, on the dangers of our cliffs on our social media, and then there was one other bullet. the company is also out there, when they're doing their orientation, they will give information to the public as well. >> i'm wondering how affective that actually is. i know we're just one of nine agencies that actually serves the coastline. are we seeing a reduced number of calls? >> i know i gave updated stats to commissioner covington recently, right? i gave you stats on the cliffs and the surfs and how many there were? i would have look at it to see the reduction. it was a huge data sheet from michelle malik, but i
2:53 am
can look to see if there was a decrease. >> i would like you to share that as well. i see you've added extra pictures. >> anything to please the commissioners. >> i know there are a couple of commissioners that love those pictures. thank you, chief. >> you've got it. >> the commissioners, at this particular time, questions or comments for chief gonzalez and his operation report. >> i have some. >> vice president covington at this particular time. >> thank you, mr. president. and thank you for your report, chief gonzalez. >> thank you, maim. ma'am. >> i know that a number of these incidents, especially the very high-profile incidents happened some time ago. so it is good for us to have, you know, the pleat background and the greater alarms. i just wanted to thank everyone who responded and
2:54 am
coordinated this effort. it really was quite something. especially with the two and a half hour wait to make sure that the electricity had been shut down. and pg&e, i'm glad that you explained that will were a lot of steps they had to go through internally to make sure that things were safe because there has been a lot of criticism regarding that, but there was a reason for the delay. and i appreciate you laying that out. also, i was thinking about the gary glstle boulevard and parker incident, and when i put together our 150th anniversary, we did have a panel. i had to go into my archives to see what we were doing. that was a case study on the five-alarm mission bay
2:55 am
fire. and we had chief hayes white moderating the panel, and the panel included deputy chief mark gonzalez, you, and fire marshal daniel, battalion chief richard mcgree, and acting lieutenant steven mcguire, talking in detail about how the department responded to the mission fire. unfortunately, we did not videotape that. >> i know. and that was some of my best work. [laughter] >> it was. it really was. [laughter] >> and i think it would be very helpful for the department to have another panel like that at the san francisco public, to invite members of the department to come and to have it for posterity, so that people hear firsthand the planning, the
2:56 am
operations, the cleanup, everything, all of the aspects about this particular incident so that our firefighters who may have been off duty or may be coming into the department in the future will have that ?ftion. ?ftion. >information. >> i agree. assistant chief hail, and any officers or anybody that chief hail deems should be there, that shoulwould be a good thing. >> thank you. and thank you again for your report. >> chief gonzalez, at this particular point, i wanted to ask a question of clarification. you were talking about the numbers of h-8 they you feet werfelt were required. and you said in terms of the lack of h-8s,
2:57 am
members have been volunteering to fill the gaps, so to speak. my question to you is, when you talk about these volunteers, are these h-2 volunteers? you used the term "volunteer r.n. d.," and do they volunteer or are they being paid? >> to specify, they volunteer for overtime. they filthey do a good job. they fill some of the gaps. the h-8 program -- the assignment program is holding them more accountable to sign up for the required amount of time they have to sign up, and make sure they work the shifts they signed up for. it is working. it can be a little better, as far as the number of h-8s, and i think it was 16 that are going to pass.
2:58 am
some failed, and some withdrew. it is not easy to get these h-8s, but successful private companies usually have one-third ratios, so they can call in for people who don't show up or who are sick, and i think the same applies to us as a city agency. >> in terms of the numbers, ideally, what are the numbers you're talking that will idealed satisfy the operations concepts? >> the last time we looked at it, we counted it as 200 out in the street. in reality, we have 180-ish out in the personnel, assigned to ambulance shifts. so it would be one-third of that number. i still think we have to get to a point where our permanent members are up to 200o 200 or a little above that. the call volume has kind of levelled off. there was a meeting
2:59 am
yesterday and chief malloy said this month we're hitting 20 more calls a day. i think the e.m.s. staffing needs to be looked at as the chief and the rest of the command staff are doing as far as the budget requests. but whatever that final number is, 200 or 180, but it needs to be one-third of that number of h-8s. >> and did you say there is presently a class of h-8s presenting? >presently?>> yes, sir. >> when does that conclude? >> they start their ride-outs on saturday. so... >> okay. and point of information for myself and the commissioners, are these h-8 uniformed members? >> they have uniforms but not a badge. >> okay. moving forward in terms of your report again, it is a comprehensive report. i always like to read the
3:00 am
report, again, and i appreciate the photographs. i think it was a great idea to have the photographs on the screen so that the audience, as well as the general public, can be aware of what we have displayed. i think the photographs are very affective. i also, again, as you give your report, it encompasses and has many components of the department. i want to acknowledge chief zanoff as well. particularly were chief zanoff at jeff adochi's memorial, and i appreciate the kind of level chief zanoff and chief cochran gave to the members that were $. there. again, in terms of division of fire prevention and investigation, fire mar


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