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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  March 16, 2019 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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three-foot deep notch at -- as a proposed walk-in closet, see page 2, would provide more like that my adjacent window while not significantly decreasing the long length of that closet. i have spoken with pat mcdonald and we'll definitely feel boxed in by the top floor addition, in part because it is so tall, as she has sewn -- shown. keeping the ceiling height at 8 feet and making the top floor addition slope height 9 feet maximum would lessen the height of the addition of 19 inches could see page 3. it would make it less massive and martin scale with the adjacent houses. the san francisco design guidelines referred to floor to floor height as noted. >> please speak louder into the microphone. >> to make it compatible which seems like a fair request. we share concerns about the proposed façade design too. there is a long row of houses on this block built in the same year that have the same ceiling height and façade character.
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and 279 as part of this group. so discontinuity is important to maintain in any changes to its façades pick the san francisco design guidelines emphasize the same points. we see that the proposed design is incompatible with the block face in a number of ways. there are four examples. number 1, design draws on precedents from houses of a different style and from different block faces, see page 6. number 2, looking at page 7, although the proposed façade is taller -- is not taller then the current overall building height, the stucco wall portion would increase about 5 feet in height and so would be significantly out of scale with the adjacent façades. the problem is that the top floors is supposed to be raised 29 inches above his current level. see page 3, which is throwing many things off in the design. the guidelines asked, does the building seem oversized in relationship to the building around it?
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also related to page 7, the projecting building portion, this is number 3 pick the protected building portion looks awkward his with so much wall area under the area and so little above it. again, because of the 29-inch top floor level change. note how the ceiling height at this projection is about 6 feet as a result. also, entry portal is taller then the adjacent entry portal. the guidelines ask, to certain elements of the building seem to be the wrong size in relation to other parts, and can the dimensions of the project be adjusted to relate better to the surrounding buildings? the answer to both is clearly yes. number 4, the proposed windows do not match the current sizes and one is off-center, in the current roof and guardrail over the entry portal have been removed, so the proposed design does not fit well with the block face pattern in these ways either. the park improvement club provided a letter during neighborhood notification, see page 8, stating many of these same concerns about the
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additions and façades. it also noted concerns about inaccuracies in the drawings. for example, the façade at pat chechen house in mind have not been shown accurately in a number of drawings. see pages nine and ten and compare them with the photo on page 5. often making them look more massive than they are which raises questions about whether these drawings have visually justified the proposed design to the planning department and neighbors. given all of the design issues with the proposed façade, it seems obvious that the best solution is to either keep the existing façade and make only cosmetic changes to it, or at the least, keep the existing ceiling heights of the façade and use the other façades in the block face as guides to ensure compatibility of the new design with a block face character and scale. in conclusion, i hope the commission will support my concerns about the scale and sidewalls of the top floor addition and will require a façade design that is truly compatible with the block face
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in its scale and character. thank you. >> thank you. it's or any public comment in support of the d.r. requester his? okay. project sponsor? >> later. >> thank you. project sponsor? >> good evening, commissioners. my name is matt hollis, i am the architect and the project sponsor. my wife and daughters are probably watching from the live feed right now, and we will all be living -- and we currently reside at 279 bellavista temporarily, not living there, anticipating future construction our house was built in 1947,
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over 70 years ago. as the record shows, we're not the first house to propose a vertical or horizontal envelope expansion in the neighborhood. given the current housing crisis that was described at length earlier, i think we can be reasonably sure we will not be the last. we are proposing a 1600 square-foot increase to accommodate our growing family that observes the park design guidelines and the san francisco planning department residential design guidelines. per the planning department recommendations, we have minimized the overall height of the building to nestle the proposed second floor addition behind the massing of the façade i've got a drawing of that.
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could i do the overhead? thanks. >> pull it down. >> what you are currently looking at is existing, and the red overlay indicates the neighbor to the west which would be in cone whose representative just spoke, and this next drawing represents the proposed. so you can see that basically right now there is an area as we are essentially filling in.
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so the proposed vertical edition -- addition is not visible. aside from some improvements of the building façade, which have been outlined, the proposed vertical edition is nonvisible from the street. in accordance with the park design guidelines, we're working with the existing site topography rather then against it. the proposed site -- the proposed design seeks to take advantage of the sizable existing crawlspace that is below the street level and converted to habitable living space. we have maximize the allowable convertible area, mindful of the neighbor charge of foundations. we don't want to do anything massive around the front of the building and we are trying to concentrate the improvements to the rear portion. the horizontal addition to the
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back of the building is stepped below extreme level and is proportional to the existing pattern of rear decks seen on the house to either side. again, this is existing, and this is a portion where we are filling in, and this is proposed the 12-foot expansion of the building envelope is set back from both adjacent property lines by 3 feet to address concerns regarding diminished light and view to the areas below both neighbors charge at decks.
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the rear stairway which provides access to the backyard navigates the severe grades changes by tucking it discreetly into the . i should mention that as was mentioned earlier, a previous version of this design had a stairway popping up the back, but a rear neighbor had expressed so much concern about that, and as we pulled the building in on both sides by 3 feet, it seemed to make sense to try to make that stairway less obtrusive by nestling it in the 3-foot setback. it's also more straightforward and more buildable. we have maintained the massing of the street façade to preserve this scale and rhythm of the existing houses on either side.
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>> so the top row here represents the existing bro of houses and you can see 279 el avista. and being mindful of the massing -- mapping, we have sought to maintain the pattern and work with the existing pattern, rather than be -- stick out. the height of the building, the scale of the windows, the door opening have all been considered for planning staff recommendations, we are happy to continue to engage with neighbors' input as the front
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façade is further revised. in closing, after much consideration and hard work, we feel the design as submitted represents a sensitive approach to horizontal and vertical additions in the neighborhood. in anticipation of other homes, we feel the proposed design would be an asset to the community and serve as a model for future development. thank you very much. >> thank you. is there any public comment in support of the project sponsor? okay. you have a rebuttal. you can ask us questions too. >> yeah, my question is, i've forgotten it. they were two other neighbors who wrote into the planning department to kathleen campbell,
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and i in fact, later sent to those exact same two letters, including the maryland park improvement which was number 3 to david winslow, so i just wanted to have that on the record that i personally have proof that three people did object to this project. i would like to say two things. the back, the lower neighbor did disapprove of a deck that was supposed to come off the very lowest and that deck was about n determine, that was their main concern. they did not want people on that deck half that -- has the -- hovering over them. but i am envisioning a walkway, some steps, i totally agree the deck is good for their benefit, but there be a walkway, stairs,
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then going down to the side and into the backyard so the backyard would be accessible. on the massing thing, i wanted mr. hollis -- i wanted to mention that my house is incorrectly represented. it shows my house as being quite high, and it -- it is in fact not. it has a flat roof, so it makes it a little smaller, a little shorter, but that is not my issue. my issue is it is a false representation and it shows me house to be very high, almost matching his peak and my house is actually way below that. it does not even reach the peak of the neighbor on the lower side. so i would just hope that you would consider my -- is that it? >> that is your time. thank you, but you have a rebuttal also,.
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>> the one point i would make is the scale -- >> his please speak up because we can hardly hear you. >> i was not born with a voice. when you look at an elevation that matt hollis showed of the block face, it is true. i would say again, although the proposed façade is not taller then the current overall building height, the stucco wall portion which occurs at the top of which is at the bottom of the sloped roof now, would extend 5 feet higher. what we're talking about with the façade is something like that. 5 feet higher. erases the floor about 29 inches , about the height of a desk. what happens with the façades, if you look at the photos in that handout, everything is fine scale if that makes sense, smaller dimensions. so if you are increasing something 5 feet in height or floor height, it starts throwing everything off.
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so i would say although it is true, the scale fits the block, it is in the fine points that this really is an important decision to keep it in scale and fitting with the block face. i would just reiterate what jennifer has provided in the statement and say if the commission can support it, she would ask that the floor levels spee where they are now to keep the scale compatible with the block face, which has a very consistent design pattern. >> thank you, his or. okay. commissioner koppel? >> i'm sorry. what did you say? >> don't they have a rebuttal? >> i'm sorry, i'm so tired. you have a rebuttal.
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>> i guess i just wanted to provide clarification. this is a rendering of existing, which i believe is accurate. we've heard concerns that our representation of the neighbor façades were not accurate previously and we've attempted to try to make things as accurate as possible, and you can see that there is a flat roof, and the existing house at 279 bellavista has basically a different roof, as does jen's house. and what we are proposing is basically it is more of a straight, flat façade that is,
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in some ways, similar to pat's house, and she has a streamline house, and we are basically looking for -- to make it more contemporary then the existing, and we do not have a parapet. basically the roofline is able to accommodate the interior dimensions. >> okay. thank you. commissioner koppel? >> i know the area very well. this is one of those instances where on one side of the street, it goes uphill, the other side of the street it goes downhill, so the way to add onto the house is on the rear.
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we do think the front should match the existing houses as much as possible, so i would highly recommend that discussion continue, but i am in favor of the work in the rear as proposed >> commissioner moore? >> i personally do not have a problem with the scale of how the building expressed itself on the front because change and having a flat façade still is really keeping the scale. mr. winslow, when you hear the d.r. requester's are there other thoughts in your mind when you talk about scale? i personally i am not interested in actually lowering hides and accommodating something that i don't think will be resolved by doing that. >> if i can define the question in the form of an answer, to respond to the d.r. requester's issues, there is two things.
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it is the mass. you're adding three talk to 5 feet based on the proposal, but as you mentioned, it is -- it basically appears no different then the existing building because of the roof. what is thrown off, the contention of what is thrown office because you have floor plates that are different now, and so window proportions become important. what's really important in the design guidelines is that level of specificity of when, and in this context, in particular where you have extremely consistent block face character, which is defined more by the proportions of the windows, the stepping and the regularized pattern as it ascends up or descends down with the topography, the scale of the
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entries, and then there's relatively few things going on in these façades. i mean, they are beautiful buildings, but the building has a very nice detail at the parapet, and then brackets on that solid volume projecting out and a nice entry. and then there is horizontal bands. i think there is additional references that could be used in a modern way to respect some of those patterns in the environments that could still satisfy the modernization building. that is what we're talking about , as some of those levels of detail refinements on the façade. >> but getting back to my original question, that particular tuning is not basically achieved by lowering floor plates. it is in a subtlety where you deal with horizontal and proportional elements. >> i call it tricking the façade in other words, you can play and
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make up the deltas in these cases with windows that seem to do two things at once. they kind of match proportionally to the façade that we are talking about which happens to have a higher floor-to-ceiling then the existing neighbors, but at the same time, have some connection with the lines along the block face. you're kind of mediating two opposing things. >> i believe the addition to the rear is sensitive. i do think that them filling in under the deck is a good way of expanding the home but staying with the predominant massing. the recommendation is to basically take it but approve the modifications which deals with tuning the façades, so to speak. i would basically make a motion to do exactly that. >> second.
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>> if there's nothing further, there is a motion that has been seconded to take d.r. and approve the projects as proposed , working further with staff to produce those façade modifications. [roll call] >> so moved. that motion passes unanimously. >> okay. >> we are adjourned.
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>> thank you all for being here so early in the morning. and, i've got to tell you, we're here early because the fire commission has a meeting at 9:0:00 a.m., so this is the best time. nothing is more important to me in the city than public safety. and as a former fire commissioner, i've worked closely with the department on issues impacting our city. as a former supervisor, i saw how critical the department is in responding to fires and emergencies in the district. and as mayor, i see every day the important role that the department plays in keeping our city safe. and i know how critical
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this department is when a disaster strikes. we have some amazing men and women who go out every single day to protect our residents and to do the hard work. they run towards the danger. these men and women deserve a leader who has seen what they've seen, who have fought those same fires. who knows what all of them are going through on a day-to-day basis. and i am pleased to announce that i have chosen a leader for the department that has done all of that and more. it is my honor to announce that the next fire chief for the city and county of san francisco will be deputy chief janine nicholson. [applause]
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[applause] >> chief nicholson is a dedicated public servant and a tremendous leader and has put her heart into san francisco and the fire department. she has been a firefighter, a paramedic, a lieutenant, a captain, a battalion chief and deputy chief. she will be the second woman to lead this department after chief joanne hayes white, and the first lgbt fire chief in our city's history. [applause] >> she has survived being burned in a fire in 2009. she has survived breast cancer. she has been on the frontline fighting fires, and she has saved lives as a paramedic. she has done the complicated work as a deputy chief to manage
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multiple divisions. this woman is tough. this woman is resilient. this woman is a leader. and i am confident that she will lead the department on day one. before bring up deputy chief nicholson to the podium, i want to take this opportunity to recognize our current fire chief, joanne hayes white for her years of service to the city and county of san francisco. [applause] >> thank you, chief, for not only your work as chief over the years, but also your support during this really challenging transition. and i also would like to thank all of the members of our fire commission. we actually have a quorum here today. the number of interviews that they had to do is the number of interviews i
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never would want to do for any position. but they were absolutely amazing. president nicoshi, and commissioners, thank you so much for your commitment and the countless hours you spent to help us make the right choice for our next fire chief. i also want to thank so many of the men and women in the department, again, for your role, for your patience, and all of the work that you continue to do to make sure that our department is one of the best in the country. and, i see that tom o'connor is here. i didn't know you would be here? did you fly back from l.a. -- or d.c.? you didn't leave? i want to thank tom o'connor for being here, who was the executive director of the local 798
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union. i know sean buford is in d.c. and couldn't be with us. i see sherman tilman with the black firefighters -- so many people who played a role in helping to make this selection. and the former fire commissioner, thank you so much for being here. this was a very difficult decision to make, and i also want to thank all of the candidates who applied, as well as so many candidates who put countless hours into just really doing the work so that we could vet everyone and make the right decision here. thank you to our elected officials who are here, including the only supervisor who showed up this morning, supervisor walton. [applause] >> treasurer jose, and our city attorney, dennis. we have so many incredible leaders in our city.
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and now as we move forward to address what we know are serious challenges that we face as a city with public safety, i know we're going to be in good hands with our next fire chief. ladies and gentlemen, deputy chief janine nicholson. fla[applause] >> good morning, san francisco. i warned the mayor this morning that i'm a hugger, and she didn't want a hug. just give me the stiff arm. i'm good with that. i can respect boundaries. so good morning, everyone. first of all, i'd like to thank mayor breed for this incredible, incredible opportunity and honor. thank you so much. thank you chief hayes white for bringing me into your command staff. and thank you to all of my colleagues, all of you. i am excited to work for the breed administration,
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which is one of bold new ideas. i am honored to be able to continue to serve the citizens of san francisco. i am extremely humbled to lead this department and all of our firefighters, e.m.t.s, paramedics, investigators, inspectors, and civilians. one of the things i love about the fire department is that it is always a team effort. i appreciate the hard work you do every single day. 24/7, 365. you are my family. i love this city and this department, and i love being of service. i vow to work hard, to continue to carry out the mission and vision of the san francisco fire
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department, and to keep moving us forward in a positive way. thank you, all. and, mayor breed, again, with humility and determination, i accept. now let's get back to work. [applause] >> short and sweet, just the way we like it in the morning. i also want to take this opportunity to recognize our police chief, bill scott, who is here, and our sheriff, vicki hennessey. thank you both for joining us this morning. at this time, i would like to give our chief, joanne hayes white, an opportunity to say a few words. >> thank you, mayor breed. good morning, everyone. this will be even shorter and much sweeter. i'm thrilled to be here. i wanted to acknowledge mayor breed for her emphasis always and prioritization of public safety of first responders
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and the critical role that they play in our city. so thank you for that. and i'm also here to offer my heartiest congratulations to janine nicholson. she has worked diligently in over 25 years with the san francisco fire department. she gets the importance of teamwork, which is what we're all about. within our department and working with other city agencies. and i was really proud last year to promote her to deputy chief of of administration, where i think on top of her excellent career, she got a taste of what it is like to work and juggle different priorities. and you shined in that role. so i wholeheartedly endorse mayor breed's selection. and i wanted to acknowledge the fire commission and the panel that worked to select our new fire chief. we both guarantee, chief nicholson and i, a very smooth transition. i'm here working and i'll finish strong.
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i know nothing different. the next five to se six weeks will be a period of transition. chief nicholson and i will be working shoulder to shoulder to make sure this city is protected and safe. and that's what we commit to, and that's what the city deserves. thank you very much. and also to the command staff, everybody stand up that is here, that actually works in the fire department. tom sherman, olivia -- this is part of the team. thank you very much. deputy chief gonzales over there. and thank you to chief scott and sheriff hennessey and other department heads that are here as well. good morning, and have a great day. >> thank you, chief. and the folks who actually, again, did a lot of the heavy lifting, with the countless numbers of interviews was our fire commission, starting with president king cleveland -- when king cleveland served as
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president, and steve nicoshio carrying on that legacy. i wanted to ask our president of the san francisco fire commissioner, steve, to say a few words, please. [applause] >> thank you very much, mayor breed. we, on behalf of the fire commission, and cleveland commissioner, and covington commission, and commissioner hartiman, express our support. congratulations, chief nicholson. at this point, as well, we want to thank and appreciate the 15 years of service that joanne hayes white has served this great city. we are looking forward to working together to accomplish what we need to do. we are the fire department, we save lives, we respond to emergencies. we ensure that the buildings in san francisco are safe, and we make sure
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that our duties and staff are well-kept. thank you very much, mayor breed, for this. congratulations, and as we say, let's get working. thank you. [applause] >> all right. that concludes our press conference. there will be a swearing in at a later date. you all will be invited. i'm really excited about this, along with so many other incredible things happening in san francisco. thank you all for taking your morning to be here. and, again, congratulations to our new fire chief. and we will be happy to take questions on the side from the press. that concludes the press conference today. thank you.
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>> we know more must be done and
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can be done and community business districts are a way to enhance neighbourhoods and to make sure that our small business is still supported, and in this particular case, the nightlife is supported, small businesses and our restaurants are supported. our neighbours and communities are supported through extra cleaning services and power washing and additional security and ambassadors who have continued to make sure that soma west is a thriving community in the city and county of san francisco. we are so grateful to all the people who play an important role in adding number 17, community districts in the city, and also one of the largest community business districts in san francisco where the revenues generated here will not only pay for additional services, but will provide marketing and support to enhance the experiences of this neighbourhood. you know, what i love most about san francisco is when things
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work, and when things come together, and so this is one of those instances where everyone came together for one common goal, to make something amazing happen for a community that definitely deserves it, so it is my honour to be here today to sign this legislation so that we can start collecting the dose so that we can start investing the money, and so we can get to work to make this one of the best neighbourhoods in the city and county of san francisco. so thank you all so much for being here today. [applause] >> thank you. [laughter] >> welcome everybody. thank you so much for helping us commemorate this occasion and making what has been extraordinary hard work. now we would like to bring up the newest leader in this district, our supervisor in district six to kick us off as well. supervisor matt haney. [applause]. >> thank you. thank you may or breed for your
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support and leadership. i want to shout out my predecessor, supervisor kim who is here. she was a huge part of this effort. i want to make sure that we're so excited that we are having this advert -- event at the park the supports everybody and includes everyone in the neighborhoods. this is a neighborhood that has a lot of families, that has a lot of kids. a shout out to united players in the mirror here, because in reality, this is something that will benefit everybody. everyone will immediately see the quality of life improve because of what this community benefit district can bring to the neighborhood. i'm so proud of james and the committee behind me who worked hard to -- i think they had dozens and dozens and dozens of meeting. every time i looked up they were were inviting me to a new meeting. they really brought everyone to the table. this is going to be about
3:47 am
tenants, about small businesses, it will be about community organization, and it will be about how we can all work together to make this neighborhood better for everyone we know that west soma is an area of high needs. it is an area that gets a lot of 311 calls, a gets a lot of calls to my office about how we can get more cleanup, more outreach to homeless folks, and more safety and i am committed to being a partner with this this committee benefit district and its leadership to make sure we work together to see immediate and positive concrete improvements in the people who live here and their lives. so thank you for your leadership everyone, thank you for your hard work to otw d., to everyone who will be a great partner in this. thank you for wanting to work hard for a positive change. thank you all. [applause]. >> thank you supervisor haney. we all know it takes the hard work and diligence of so many leaders to make this happen, and
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someone who helped us champion this was a former supervisor jane kim. would you like to say a few words? [applause] >> this process was far longer than three years. it took many, many years, and i want to acknowledge so many people who were involved in this work. when i came into office, west soma was a collection of a lot of small alleyway associations, and it took quite a bit of work to bring these leaders together through the five months. they use a cornet with our office, and over time, and some of us starting on some other notes, many residents really pushed our office to provide more attention and care to these neighborhoods that do not have additional services and their benefits -- benefit districts.
3:49 am
and we wanted to see these additional services and in this part of the city that needs so much additional attention. so want to thank all the community benefit districts for your advice. i would like to recognize the office, who i always joked was a fourth legislative age. thank you, may or breed for providing additional resources in district six to make sure we cross a finish line, and most importantly, i want to recognize our resident leaders who spend countless hours volunteering to make this a reality while still holding down down there full-time jobs, small businesses , to james, to alex, and. and deborah, miriam and to the united players. it took a lot of doorknocking, a lot of meeting to bring this to
3:50 am
fruition, and this couldn't have happened without all of you standing behind me. thank you to supervisor haney, now my representative on the board for taking us across the finish line. and now as a constituent, -- when i need additional services, and i think no one will be happier than director new roux who is the person that i call every time i see something on the streets. thank you everyone for everything involved in thank you , may or breed for the strong support of our district. thank you. [applause]. >> a supervisor kim and supervisor haney and me or breed have all said, it takes community leadership to take extraordinary efforts in our neighborhoods. it takes someone who is willing to step into that role for all of us. i want to invite up the head of the steering committee to say a few words. >> i would like to thank our new
3:51 am
mayor london breed, and our new supervisor, matt haney. we have the same vision as they do, which is to take what is good in the neighborhood and make it even better. this process for me started when i neighborhood watch group on my block started and i saw that as a unified body, we could actually make a difference. we were able to work with the police venture, we are able to work with city officials much better, and i was excited to see how that was happening. i started to reach out and i started to talk to other people, and i realized that i wasn't alone in this endeavour. it was a people that are behind me, it was neighborhood associations, was other neighborhood watch groups, it was western center soma. these are all people in the neighborhood who were voicing frustration, but also believed in the neighborhood, and it was all of them who gave me the encouragement to share this endeavour, but it wasn't just me
3:52 am
, it was everyone, it was all the people that we reached out to, it was all the people that we connected to, it was the people who signed our petitions and assigned our ballots, and even the people who had opinions weren't necessary positive for us, we listen to them. we wanted to make sure that all their voices were heard when we reached out to people with our surveys and everything else. this was a collective agreements that we all just worked together i'm a soap -- i'm so appreciative for the committee, i'm appreciative for every single person that he spoke to along the way. i'm appreciative for our new supervisor and and our prior supervisor, and of course, our new mayor, london breed. [applause] as we get forward, this is entirely for the neighborhood and about the neighborhood. we are going to be starting off by housing three big events for the neighborhood to, and i invite everyone to join us.
3:53 am
our first one will be on may 1 st at soma arts from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. it will be called the some os c.b.d. kickoff meet and greet. you be able to come, asked questions, learn more about c.b.d. and be involved in figure out how -- are other two will be later in the summer and in the fall. definitely join us because it's all about the neighborhood and the community. the services will start in early 2020 and i look forward to everyone joining us. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you so much, james. we all know it takes the hood. so it really is a testament for all of you who have been doing such hardware in being the names and faces and voices to make this happen. i want to invite up misha from united players to say a few words.
3:54 am
>> hello, everyone. i work with the united players. i am a small business owner, nonprofit worker in the neighborhood with the soma youth collaborative. we support the school, with runs of the park, we are in employer who asked my staff to come into the neighborhood. i'm a mother who is raising my children in this neighborhood. i am wearing all those hats today and a party had to because this is huge, and it's just really a testament to what neighbors can do when they come together across differences, across economic status, across however long or short they been in san francisco, i am a native san franciscan. real people actually live here. this was an actual community. i am so proud of this effort today. our director always likes to say that we build bridges and not walls. because the reality is this is
3:55 am
ground zero for a lot of the change that is happening in the city. and while our neighborhood is a really -- has a really rich history and heritage, it is also the place for the future of this city. so this effort has really embodied our motto. i will bring up one story. there was a western soma voice meeting at our center, and james cain -- came and he had a box of needles that he had collected in the two block walk from our center to wherever he was. he had over 50 needles and some folks were upset that he had brought them to our place, but i left it because the reality is when you live here, day in, day out, it is a different experience than for folks who are maybe here from nine to to five, folks are here to visit a restaurant, folks who are here to come to an event or something i appreciated the dramatic way that he highlighted the problems
3:56 am
and whatever kids are experiencing in the neighborhood so this has just been a super embodiment of our motto. it takes the hood to save the hood and we are so excited about the positive changes to come. tenacity was unduplicated. i think this guy could do anything, and we just really appreciate and are so looking forward to get to the improvements that the c.b.d. will bring to our homes. thank you. [applause] >> thank you so much. it really is important for these moments to say the names of those who have been involved. i -- just indulge me as we list off the names. so many of us, whether it is our officers, the supervisors and the mayor knows, we are the vessels to getting your work done so you can see the benefit that you have in the community. i want to shout out again.
3:57 am
[indiscernible] >> my favorite part of my job. [laughter] [cheers and applause]
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>> thank you also much, thank you. [laughter] [♪]
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>> good afternoon, and welcome to the land use and transportation committee for the san francisco board of supervisors for today, monday march 11th. i am the chair of the committee and i am joined by committee member mattei haney to my left and shortly by our vice chair. miss clerk, do you have any announcements? >> silence also phones and electronic devices. completed speaker cards and any documents to be completed as part of the file and submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the march 19 the board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you. please call the first item. >> item number 1 is an ordinance amending the planning code to require all projects using the


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