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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  March 18, 2019 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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carleton, nicolle, and nate and nicolle are still over there, running the ship. and i've seen many iterations of council, including star and harry and roland and chip and denise, who was still with us. but one thing i will say about this particular group of council members, i'm excited because i've seen this group for almost two years together, i think, and you each represent a different lens on a particular disability. and i think that's really important to the city and county of san francisco. i think that this particular group really does represent people with disabilities in the city and county of san francisco quite well. i was chuckling while helen was talking because that is the type of dialogue i expect this council to engage in regarding
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some of the pit falls around accessibility in the city and council. so i appreciate you having me here. it's lovely to be here. i'm looking forward to seeing all of you in lots of different places in my new role as the disaster prep person, because as you all know, disaster preparedness means persons with disabilities, too. regardless of my position in the city, this is my commitment to you. i will always have a lens of accessibility and thoughtfulness and inclusion because at the end of the day, we are all going to be a person with a disability, so the more we have people like you with that advocacy, the more work we're going to get done in the city. so thank you for having me, i'm happy to be here, and thanks. >> all right, donna, thank you.
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[applause] >> no, i'm glad you spoke. i was going to give you an opportunity to do that. and we do want to hear from you. so now, is there anyone from the council who would like to make any comments? >> yes. through the chair, i would like to announce myself, denis. jim touched upon your thoughtfulness. you know, there's so many things i could say and i don't want to embarrass you so i think i'm just going to focus on a couple of points. you know how much you mean to me and the council. one of the things that stood
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out the most besides your compassion and understanding on disability issues how you respected and understood and worked with each member of the council through the years that i've known you. not just through commendation but sensitivity and understanding what they need in order for them to sit up here and do their job. of course you were great on all staff here on administrative work, you know, to support the council and to assist us, but a lot of times beside. you know, you're a colleague, a friend, an educator. you taught us a lot. whatever we asked you to do, even if it wasn't in your job description, you always did it. i want to thank you for that. i mean, we know that we always have colleagues and friends at m.o.d. that we work well and all treat us with respect, and like i said speak to the individuals that work there and
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the leadership, of course, but everyone is amazing that we work with, but i want to thank you for never getting impatient, never getting upset. i don't know what you were thinking, maybe, but you were really -- you were really great, and it was a pleasure. and i learned -- i learned a lot from you, so i thank you. and since you mentioned a little bit about what you'll be doing in your job, i'm going to open that up as a presentation opportunity in the future to come. >> absolutely. >> so i think you'll be stuck one way or another in coming back and seeing us. but thank you for all that you've done and the support in accommodating what i need to sit on the council here and making it, you know, very pleasant. so -- >> thank you, cochair. >> thank you. i will quit talking now. >> no, no, no, stay right there for just a few minutes. i just want to make sure in case anyone else wants to --
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>> election will be after you. >> okay, alex, you're on. >> oh, kay. >> i started it off, we had denise, alex, kate, maybe more. so -- >> i just want to say thank you so much for helping us out. and i'm not sure if you remember, i remember you saying you'd always come back, so once you got back, you helped me and retrained me. so thank you, and i'm sure that you're going to sit as soon -- sooner or later, so thank you. >> thank you, alex.
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and i'm glad you were able to make it work for you to come back and be on the council. you're a good fit. >> all right, kate. >> yes. donna, you're one of the first people i met once sitting on the council. you expect something from people that are on the council. i remember when i don't do something i think oh, i don't want donna to know but that's good because you have high expectations of the people that serve here. i appreciate that because it makes me feel that i'm valued as a member and i'm honored to be on this council. you're one of the reasons that i feel this way. >> thank you, kate. >> yes, you do set high standards. so i've -- i've learned from and benefits, as well.
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anyone else? >> through the chair, myself. i'd like to present her with an award. this is here by granted to donna donna adkins for excellence on the mayor's disability council. i'll walk it down with a little gift from the council. >> thank you, and i will, on monday, the first thing i will do is find a place in my office to put that. >> okay. >> do i see a giants flag? >> oh, yes. >> i think tickets would fit in there just fine.
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>> yes, thank you, sally. you will be missed, donna, that is for sure. >> okay. and i have one request for the council before i go. thank you. this really means a lot to me. if someone would be kind enough to reach out to council member kostanian, that would be the best. she's been on the council longer than i've been on the council, and she couldn't be here today. that would mean a lot to me. >> i will do that. >> both of the cochairs will reach out to her. >> thank you. >> thank you. so i think that's all. staff? would anyone from staff like to -- >> i don't think anyone from staff can say good-bye to
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donna. on behalf of our department, we miss you and we're so proud and privileged to have had the chance to work with you, and your spirit will always be engrained in the walls of what you're doing, so thank you very much. >> all right. anyone else from staff? let's go to the general public. there might be some folks out there who might want to make a comment or two. we'll go to the bridge. all right. what about the bridge line? they're not going to let me forget about the bridge line. anyone from the bridge line? no? all right. anyone from the public? >> not at this time. >> not at this time. okay. well, then, this has been a very meaningful ceremony to me, and to everyone on the council
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and the staff. and we're just so grateful to donna, again, gratitude and thanks. we can't express that enough. all right. so the next information item is number ten -- oh, no, wait a minute. let's go back to nine, public comment. items not on today's agenda but within the jurisdiction of the m.d.c., is there -- do we have any speakers cards? >> no, i don't have any -- oh, sorry. i don't have any speakers cards. >> okay. now we can -- any -- any public comment from the bridge? all right. information item -- let's see -- where am i at? yeah, correspondence. do we have any correspondence at this time? >> hang on. we're having a technical
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moment. one second. are we -- all is well? >> there's no correspondence. >> no correspondence? okay. let's go to item number 11. are there any council members have comments or announcements? >> none. >> hearing none, okay, very good -- well, no. if there's none at this time, maybe the next one. so that brings us to the final item, which is number 12, adjournment. do i hear any call for adjournment? >> i'll move to adjourn. >> all right. second? >> second. >> all right. moved and seconded, so i declare this meeting to be adjourned. [gavel] .
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