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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  March 22, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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able to -- for the board to monitor how treasure island enterprises is meeting the construction requirements and milestones that are set in the lease itself. otherwise we recommend approval. >> president fewer: thank you very much. i would like to hear from the city attorney that we have some proposed amendments here from supervisor haney's office and are they substantive at all? >> deputy attorney john gibner. no you can adopt these amendments today and pass it out to the board. >> president fewer: okay. let's open this up for public comment now. i have public comment cards. johns harrison and christopher notten and james hancock and jim paulson and steven bails and karen opierce and tim knee rious and linda richardson and sherry williams. please come up and you have two minutes to speak.
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first speaker, please. >> good morning, my name is steve bails and i'm with lion sails s.f.a. we're a fiscally sponsored project with the marina link. and our mission is to provide sailing instruction and hands on sailing experience in boats to blind and visually impaired sailors. we are in collaboration with the sailing center for the last several years. our program is april-november and at least one sailing day a month in. 2018 we provided sailing instruction for upwards of 100 visually impaired blind sailors and we also run a blind sailing racing program. so we teach individuals who have no experience in boats to sail as well as advanced racing clinics. and i'm speaking in support of
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the approval of the lease for the treasure island sailing center. without the support and collaboration of the treasure island sailing center, blind sailors san francisco would not be able to provide opportunity to these individuals in an area as ideal as clipper cove. and clipper cove and treasure island is an unmatched set of sailing conditions, from beginners to advanced sailors. >> president fewer: next speaker, please. >> good morning, supervisors fewer and stefanie and mandelman. this is a great day for us. my name is linda richardson, i'm not only on the board of directors of treasure island development authority, but i'm also the chair of the infrastructure and the transportation committee. i want to speak first on the sailing center. what you have here is basically what we're trying to convey to
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the public about the community benefit and the development of treasure island. what you have here is a first-class institution that will enable our kids -- kids from all of your districts -- to be able to utilize the island and i think that is the sailing center and the program they have is -- from what i have been told -- and around the country, we have it here. so the 66-year lease will enable them to do exactly all of the things. treasure island -- my commission has spent all of these years trying to bring everything to today. so, please, we would like for you to approve that. i want to talk about the treasure island enterprises. this is the first test case of the good public/private partnership. i want to commend mr. jim wallace for going back and forth and engaging with the community. this project is not only going
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to provide state-of-the-art but create jobs. as you see the labor unions and everyone here today is basically where you all will be helping us to make sure that when we come back to enforce the private/public partnership that we get your blessing and encouragement to go back and to be able to develop a first-class treasure island that is actually going to make your mainland of san francisco just a wonderful place. so thank you all for helping us. >> president fewer: thank you very much, miss richardson. next speaker, please. >> good morning, chair, commissioners, my name is carolyn moles-pierce and i'm both a member and the chair of the treasure island yuena buena island advisory group, and i have been there since its
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inception. to tell that you we've had hundreds of meetings and probably thousands of hours spent on these projects for treasure island is not an understatement. i am a huge supporter as a sailor of the sailing center, they do a phenomenal job in bringing opportunities to children who would not otherwise have these opportunities. and it's kind of a fallacy that only rich people have boats. rich people have yachts. those of us who love to sail have boats. and there's a difference. but the children who are brought into these programs learn so much more than just being on the water. they learn teamwork and self-confidence. so totally supporting the sailing center and its lease. as far as the marina, again,
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meetings have been held for years and compromises have been made, both sides have left unhappy. so i think that it was a good compromise there. so i urge you to support both items, number 7 and number 8, and help to make the complete treasure island with a special area. thank you very much. >> president fewer: thank you very much, next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, chair fewer and members of the committee. my name is jim hancock, the president and the founder of the san francisco sailing science center. a distinct inity from the treasure island sailing center. i would like to encourage you very strongly to vote in favor of both measures 7 and 8. i would like everybody to consider the aspects that make sailing unique as an activity. it's something that can be done from age 5 to age 95.
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and it can be done by individuals or by large groups. it can be done casually or at the highest levels of world competition. but maybe most importantly what i think that makes sailing special and why we should encourage the development and the support of this lease is that sailing helps people to develop -- young people in particular -- to have confidence and to learn leadership which are much needed skills in our society. treasure island sailing center has a long history of supporting and developing young sailors and i think that this measure -- this lease -- both of these leases -- items 7 and 8, should be supported. thank you. >> president fewer: next speaker, please. >> hello, my name is chris chillers and i'm a resident of san francisco. i'm a former employee of the treasure island sailing center
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and i'm currently an employee of another sailing school over in the city of berkeley. and i'm here today to urge the supervisors to support item 7 for three main reasons. number one, the youth access that the sailing center provides to the youth of san francisco is unprecedented. it's a model for other cities. and we owe it to the kids of today to provide memorable science technology, engineering and math experiences. and as a former employee, i have seen our fourth graders after this program and they remember it and they're over the moon about it. and number two, the development of the youth sailors that come out of this program and other sailing center programs, make them ready to be a part of the workforce in san francisco and around the country. as an employer in the bay area i have hired some of the kids that have come out of this program. and they're incredibly talented
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and ready for bigger and better things in the world. and number three, i'm a disabled sailing -- disabled sailor myself and i've been a part of the bay area association of disabled sailors. and the blind sailing organization that operates out of the treasure island sailing center. and that's been one of the more fulfilling volunteer opportunities in my lifetime. i've gotten to compete on an international level with the disabled sailors that have relied on the access provided by the sailing center. and it's an incredible thing that this sailing center offers. so, please, support item number 7, thank you very much. >> president fewer: thank you very much. let me call the rest of these cards, blaine pedlo and jay wales on and hunter cunning and john super and malcolm page. next speaker, please. >> good morning, supervisors.
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i'm chris knotten with the disabled sailors. we urge you to approve the long-term lease for the treasure island sailing center. the bay area association of disabled sailors, baads, wants to make sailing accessible to people with disabilities by having free sailing lessons at pier 40. we have partnered by having their instructors to teach a sailing summer program for kids with disabilities. it's supported community sailing and baads the racing program and we support the approval of the long-term lease for tisc, to allow sailing for people in the bay area who would nottize have access to -- would otherwise have access to sailing. and tisc's location at clipper cove in the middle of the bay is ideal because of the current -- the current protection offering. this means that kids, persons with disabilities, and novice
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sailors can safely learn to sail there. the city of san francisco should support tisc and ensure that there continues to be strong public access to sailing on treasure island. thank you. >> president fewer: thank you, sir. next speaker, please. >> good morning, supervisors. i'm sherry williams with one treasure island. we provided thousands of formerly homeless and low-income san franciscoians as part of the reuse of treasure island. i have been involved with the planning and the implementation of work on treasure island for over 24 years. and as bob noted the marina was part of the development plan since 1996. and so it's very exciting to see both the sailing center and the marina being considered today and we would strongly urge your support for both of these items. and the sailing center is obviously an awesome program providing incredible services. but i want to give a shoutout to the marina for the last intervening 20 years since they were selected and they have
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shown their commitment to an inclusive vision for treasure island and hiring folks who provide job training for, frankly, homeless and disabled individuals and supporting numerous community activities that help low-income residents on treasure island. so i thank you for hearing my remarks and urge support of both of these measures today. thank you very much. >> president fewer: thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good morning, chair fewer, members of the committee. my name is timothy wright and i'm with carpenters local 22. i'm here this morning with members of our local carpenters and pile drivers that would have the opportunity to work on a project like this. this meets a lot of the planning requirements that has been going on for a long time. we'd like you to move forward with this measure. and then on a personal note as a native san franciscoian, my spifort experience on a boat was a boat that my uncle had at that
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marina many decades ago. i am not going to date myself, but not much has changed there. when my son went and learned to sail, he learned a lot of character. the sailing school builds character. and leadership. these are things that can be carried over. and another thing about the treasure island, there are numerous carpenters that live on there, on the island, that have the possibility of possibly working on this project. so i'm asking you to move forward with this. thank you and have a good day. >> president fewer: thank you, sir. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm bill blackwell, local plumbers and pipers of san francisco. we hope that you support this project. that has been going on for a long time and we have been fighting this fight. the developer -- both sides have done everything they can to reach out to the community and to get the project right. we think they've done that and we hope that you support it. thank you. >> president fewer: thank you. next speaker. hello. >> chair fewer and supervisors, tim paulson, i'm the secretary-treasurer of the san francisco building and
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construction trades council and we represented over 32 unions here in town. and i know that there's been discussions about both the sailing center and in particular the marina been going on for quite a while. and i was briefed over the last couple weeks about the history and in particular of the marina, and i want to thank both the supervisor kim, former supervisor kim and supervisor haney, for conducting with the c.a.c. and so many different community groups the concerns that people had, including environmental concerns. and i just want to be on record as saying that the building construction trade supports both of these measures and has for quite some time apparently. so we urge you to move forward with amendments. thank you. >> president fewer: thank you very much, mr. paulson. next speaker, please. >> good morning. i'm john super. i'm not a native of this city. everybody tells me that because i moved out here when i was 3 years old so i'm not a native
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and i wasn't born here. but i lived in the sunset district and di done so since 1. please approve tisc and their lease. it's just one of the best locations on the planet to go sailing. and it teaches kids responsibility. i have a short anecdote. last fall my grandson took a six-week course, one weekend a week, out at tisc. on the last day he was cast off to sail by himself. i watched him for an hour out there messing about. and in that hour he built -- i could see it -- his ability to sail improved. when he pulled back into the dock he put his boat away and when he came walking towards myself and my son, he had a
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glint in his eye and a way of walking that indicated to me that in that hour he'd grown up. he'd learned responsibility, and i'll tell you what when you're out there by yourself there's no momma or daddy to help you. i wish we'd had a tic aresc when i was a young lad. thank you. >> president fewer: thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> hi, good morning, malcolm page, i work for u.s. sailing and have the responsibility of looking after the olympic department which means that we have to find, train and send athletes to the annual youth world championships. the pan-american games. and, of course, the olympic games. why if the u.s. sailing team looking to partner with treasure island sailing center and base themselves in the bay area? it's because the water and the tide and wind conditions that you find in the bay area.
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they are second-to-none within the world. of course, the bay area also creates great opportunity to education institutions and career opportunities for these young athletes that are coming through. and, of course, the bay area also has access to the technology companies that are on the doorstep in this city. and, of course, these are the components that will make olympic champions. but also i on one of the great by-products is the connection to the community. and hopefully these higher aspiring athletes will develop and inspire that next generation, the kids that treasure island sailing center bring into this sport. and, of course, one of the great things that just happened just recently, from the bay area through u.s. sailing has launched a grassroots program that will be launched and led out of the treasure island
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sailing center and out of the bay area. which will go national. so i urge you to support item number 7, the treasure island sailing center lease. thank you. >> president fewer: next speaker, please. >> good morning, my name is travis lunn and i'm the executive director of the treasure island sailing center. i'm in my fifth year with the center and i have been a life-long sailor. while our programs began 20 years ago with our founder and still board president, the very humble karissa harris-adamson, teaching young girls from the life learning academy located on the island, it's just blossomed and reaches another 2,500 youth and 500 adults through sailing instruction and 2,000 to 3,000 people access the cove and tisc and the bay through tisc each year through our outreach events and regattas and independent sailing. our programs run the gamut between life skills like goal setting and communication and respect and decisionmaking, while also teaching water safety
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and sailing to our academic programs which blend sailing with stem and california's next generation science standards. these academic programs are provided at no cost, including transportation, to the san francisco unified school districts, fourth and fifth graders. this year more than 1500 kids will come through stem programs and we'll pass 7,000 in total from all of your districts. each year we have week-long and three-hour programs to 3,700 kids from 37 growght groups around the bay. they are supported through grants by the department of children, youth and their families. and tisc has individual scholarships based on financial need and along with the stem sailing programs annually gives an average of 85 percent of its participants scholarships. and we have numerous funders to pay for all of these and we have become a very important part to our community and its families. but our infrastructure is aging
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and in anticipation of our new lease we have several challenging years ahead of us. we need as much time as possible to raise the funds that we need to build the best sailing center for our community and to continue to provide these perspective programs for future generations of san franciscoians. i urge you to move ahead with the lease. >> president fewer: thank you very much, next speaker, please. >> good morning, my name is bill landers and i'm part of the clipper cove community. first of all i'd like to thank everyone for the progress that's been made today. we moved quite a bit further than we had hoped. i would like to thank supervisor haney for their support and his staff. and the community stands behind number 7 and the approval of a long-term lease for the sailing center. and the fourth item on our concern is the two items that
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the tida has not met -- the financial -- the full financial analysis of the dredging and the environmental review. and we'd like to -- we support the continuing approval of this measure, but with those two caveats. thank you. >> president fewer: thank you very much, next speaker, please. >> good morning, committee. my name is blaine pedlo. and i had the privilege of being one of the first full-time summer sailing directors at treasure island. and that was in 2000. and i had the privilege of also sailing there as a member of the u.c. berkeley sailing team. we've had a number of people speak to their enthusiasm for the treasure island sailing center and the renewal of the lease. i want to speak to something else specifically. with the renewal of this lease that allows tisc to begin fundraising in earnest to support the program that they
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have. and in my line of work i work as a fundraising and development professional and i want to speak to the enthusiasm in the funding community for supporting projects like this. i think that this is both highly feasible and very likely to be supported well through both private foundations and individuals in the community and nationwide. and so i want to share my enthusiasm for supporting this project and let you know that i feel that this is a very strong likelihood of success. thank you. >> president fewer: thank you very much, next speaker, please. >> good morning, supervisors. my name is alex lanceberg with the construction industry and i.b.w. local 6. i want to encourage you to move forward, 10 years in the making, and i think we're at a good point. so really pleased to see this showing of support. the work by supervisor haney and his staff and bridging positions and forging compromise and
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looking forward to seeing this move forward. thank you. >> president fewer: thank you very much, next speaker, please. >> good morning, supervisors. i'm jay wallace and i'm a partner at the marinea developer. i'm here to just answer any questions if you like but i want to send out a shoutout to your colleagues, supervisor haney, and courtney macdonald had worked very hard to try to get us to a place where we are today where hopefully comp maze is in the air and we can all move forward together. as supervisor stefanie and fewer, as you know that we were here on june 5, 2018, with the resolution. it was supported unanimously by all 11 members of the board back then. in that interim period, the additional work has been done and we hope that it has been satisfactory. i am also here to tell you that all of our compromises have been made with the goal of enhancing
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the sailing center. there's no dispute between the marina and the sailing center that i am aware of whatsoever. in the very beginning we encouraged the sailing center. as we working through the master development we ensured that the sailing center had space to grow and thrive as the sailing center asked us to make accommodations to improve their programming, we did so. and that's where we are today. they have a great program. we will look forward to working with them and i stand here to tell that you we look forward -- or we also support item number 7 and we hope that you will support item number 8 as well. thank you very much. >> president fewer: thank you very much, next speaker. >> good morning, supervisors. my name is linda chu and i'm here wearing two hats. first. i'i'm with the dragon boatsassoe
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largest dragon boat festival in the united states. and we also run the largest dragon boat program in north america right here. for many years as you know that we were at treasure island and the treasure island sailing center was a great partner, very much aligned with our goals of increasing access to the water for recreational opportunities, for young people, as well as the san francisco and community residents. secondly, i'm the president of the elementary school p.t.a., and i'm here because our teacher can't be here, our fourth grade teacher who has for many years participated in this set, sail learn program. and she asked me to make a few remarks on her behalf. our school is focused on narrowing the equity gap and she see this is program as critical to that. she feels that sailing is traditionally a sport that many people have not had access to. and she's able to take all of the kids in our school, fourth
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grade there, to the program where they actually get to sail. they learn about science. i think that they're learning about alternative wind energies this time. it's very much aligned with the next generation science standards. and part of our school strategy really in narrowing the equity gap. and i would just say from both perspectives that san francisco is becoming more and more inaccessible to many people. and this is a program that firmly supports really increasing access to our wonderful recreational opportunities right here. thank you. >> president fewer: thank you. next speaker, please. >> madam president, and members of the committee, thank you. my name is john harrison. i'm a past president of treasure island and i would take time to explain the 50 years that i spent in clipper cove but there's two minutes. we're not opposed to a lease and we're not occasion posed to treasure island -- opposed to treasure island being a tenant.
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we're opposed to the portion of the lease that implies that attachment c to the lease is the final plan. nowhere in the resolution did that approve it and nowhere in the studies or the anal ease or what -- analyses has that been deemed to be feasible. there's problems -- dredging. it will have to be done not only initially. and the only thing that the yacht club and myself would ask is that you indicate that that plan is not final, and direct the tenant to explore other alternatives which could include as many as 400 berths than they sought. they're out there and it would be more money for the city and it would be a better facility but he needs to explore those alternatives and we ask you to direct him to do so. thank you forever your time. >> president fewer: thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm hunter cutting. i'm the coordinator for the city of clipper cove coalition and today i'm speaking on behalf of
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the sierra club, san francisco baykeeper, friends of the sailing center, u.s. sailing which is the national governing body for the sport of sailing in the united states, and the marina tenants and others. across the board, the members are -- say that there's been enormous progress made here today and we're pleased to see the sailing center lees move forward. we -- lease move forward. we're grateful for supervisor haney and his staff to move the lease forward and in reforming the marina proposal work that, quite frankly, should have been done by tida but was not. as you know the board set out five requirements for the marina project last year. the mayor's office proposal only met one of the five. today thanks to the work of supervisor haney, we have met two of the additional requirements, however, two requirements are still unmet. you still have not received the
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full fiscal analysis that you requested from tida. this is particularly disturbing because the state of california has found that this project represents a significant risk of default. as a result there's a significant risk that the city of san francisco is going to end up with a half-built marina that will block access to the rest of clipper cove. the environmental analysis on the eel grass bed says continued to be punted, which is a seqa violation because the city cannot defer environmental analysis to another agency. there's a division about moving forward so i can only speak for myself personally at this moment. i think that both leases should move forward, but the board should work to ensure that fiscal analysis and environmental review is done before the body leaves the board entirely. >> president fewer: thank you very much. any other speakers to speak on
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item 7 or 8 i 8? seeing none, public comment is closed. yes, supervisor stefanie. >> supervisor stefani: thank you, chair, fewer. i have a few questions. what happens if the tenant is not able to raise the funds -- i don't mean to be a pessimist or anything, but i want to find out what happens in that case. >> um... so the -- >> supervisor stefani: on item 7. >> on item 7. so the sailing center has performance milestones and if they fail to meet those milestones it could be considered a default but, of course, we'd sit down and assess their ability to move forward and try to work with them to meet those milestones. >> supervisor stefani: okay. is the approval required on item seven and 8? >> yes, both items need to go through becd for permitting.
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>> supervisor stefani: do you know when that happens? >> i believe that the sailing center is planning this summer -- yeah, as quickly as they can. and i believe that the treasure island enterprises is on that same timeframe. >> supervisor stefani: okay. i have now sat through two meetings on the alternate supervisor peskin. what if they direct the city to do something other than we have agreed to or we have put forth in the resolutions? >> if -- if the -- the extent of either project is constrained, then we would review with the tenants, you know, the terms of the lease if it affected the economics of it -- if the marina was smaller and we'd review the lease and bring back an amendment to the board. >> supervisor stefani: thank you. i want to make sure if they take any actions that conflicts with
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what we have done as a board that we find out about it. >> yes. >> supervisor stefani: okay, thank you. >> president fewer: colleagues, any other questions or comments? miss macdonald, i have a question for you. so we have heard -- it seems as though that a lot of this -- the opposition to item number 8 is about dredging. and i see that you have some amendments that actually address some of the dredging. so would you comment on that, please. >> sure. the -- so i think of the cove as having three distinct parts. there's the sailing center area. there's the marina where treasure island enterprises will be. and then there's sort of a broader clipper cove. the marina area responsibility for dredging lies with the developer with treasure island enterprises to maintain an
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access channel and access to the docks. for the sailing center, tida and the sailing center lease has agreed to maintain a minimum depth of four feet for the sailing center to be able to operate. there was a question around responsibility for the rest of clipper cove which we have always known is tida's responsibility. but in the amendments to the resolution we worked with tida to clarify that through funding from the c.f.d. that exists on treasure island, that tida would be responsible for maintaining depths within six inches of what it currently is so we can continue to maintain public access to the space. >> president fewer: thank you. we heard about the need for an environmental review. so has there been an environmental review on this project? >> my understanding is -- and maybe other folks can speak better to this, is that there's been multiple e.i.r.s done on this project. and after the board resolution last summer, the planning
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develop found that no additional environmental review was needed under seqa for the project. >> president fewer: thank you very much, thank you, miss macdonald. so, colleague, i wanted to say that i learned a lot about sailing today. and i'm going to have to go out and try that myself. and we learned i think a lot about some of the wonderful programs that are being offered through the treasure island sailing center and as a past public school san francisco unified school district board member, i just want to thank you for accommodating our public school students who, like myself, never had an opportunity to actually be on a sailboat or to learn about it. so thank you very much. so i would like to make a recommendation to accept the amendments on item number 8 and
11:35 am
then also accept the recommendations from the budget analyst on items 7 and 8. so let's make a positive recommendation for item number 7 with the recommendations -- adopting the recommendations from our budget legislative analyst. and should we vote on that separately? okay. so a positive recommendation to move item 7 to the board with the recommendations of the budget legislative analyst. we can take that without objection? thank you very much, colleagues. and then i'd like to make a positive recommendation for item number 8, as amended, or must we -- oh, supervisor mandelman. >> supervisor mandelman: the amendments before us and then there were amendments that were -- further amendments that were verbally read in. >> president fewer: okay, thank you, supervisor.
11:36 am
so as amended and with also including the new amendments that miss macdonald just brought forward to us, and also the recommendations from our budget legislative analyst, can we take that without objection? thank you very much. and now madam clerk. are there any other items before us today? >> clerk: no other items. >> president fewer: this meeting is adjourned. better.
11:37 am
san francisco department of . environment is a place where climate hits the street. we know that we don't have all the answers. we need to support our local champions, our local community to find creative solutions and innovations that help us get to zero waste. >> zero waste is sending nothing to landfill or incineration, using reuse and recovery and prevention as ways to achieve zero waste. the grant program is a grant program specifically for nonprofits in san francisco to divert material from landfill. it's important to find the san francisco produce market because there's a lot of edible food that can be diverted and they need positions to capture that
11:38 am
food and focus on food recovery. >> san francisco produce market is a resource that connects farmers and their produce with businesses in the bay area. i think it's a basic human right to have access to healthy foods, and all of this food here is available. it's a matter of creating the infrastructure, creating jobs, and the system whereby none of this goes to waste. since the beginning of our program in july 2016 to date, we've donated over 1 million pounds of produce to our community partners, and that's resulted in over 900,000 meals to people in our community, which we're very proud of. >> carolyn at the san francisco produce market texts with old produce that's available. the produce is always excellent.
11:39 am
we get things like broccoli, brussels sprouts, bell peppers. everything that we use is nice and fresh, so when our clients get it, they really enjoy it, and it's important to me to feel good about what i do, and working in programs such as this really provides that for me. it's helping people. that's what it's really about, and i really enjoy that. >> the work at the produce market for me representing the intersection between environment and community, and when we are working at that intersection, when we are using our resources and our passion and our energy to heal the planet and feed the people, nothing gets better than
11:40 am
>> chair fewer: the meeting will come to order. this is the march 20, 2019 meeting of the full budget and
11:41 am
finance committee. i am sandra fewer, chairman of the committee. i am joined by supervisors catherine stefani and raphael mandelman, he is on his way. a our clerk is miss wong. i would like to thank matthew ignau and michael balthazar and sfg sfgovtv for televising this meeting. madam clerk, do you have any announcements? >> clerk: please silence all cell phones and electronic devices. copies speaker cards and documents to be submitted -- includinged apart of the file
11:42 am
-- included as part of the file should be submitted to the clerk. >> chair fewer: thank you. madam clerk, please call the first item. [agenda item read]. >> chair fewer: this budget is up on the website for members of the public to review if you'd like. at the first meeting in april, this committee will be presented with a five-year financial plan as well as a ten-year capital plan. each of the remaining meetings in april will be focused on hearings on the board's budget priorities where we will hear departmental presentations on the current funding levels, partners, and programs. the intention of each of these hearings is to deepen our
11:43 am
understanding of the current status and funding gaps for each priority articulated by the board. on may 8, there will be a fourth budget hearing on priorities identified by two or more members of the board through the but jelt and legislative analyst's service process. my office will be scheduling hearings for key departments in june. colleagues, please let me know if there are any particular departments you'd like to hear from in may. more details will be coming in terms of the june schedule, and my office will be updating the calendar periodically with more details. the calendar is available at the link is budget information. colleagues, any discussion? if not, i'd like to turn this
11:44 am
over to dan gonchar from the b.l.a. >> hi. my name is don gonchar, and i will be presenting a brief overview on the budget's priorities. a total of 13 priority issues were identified by supervisors through an informal survey, and we will be researching and reporting on five of the areas, including public safety, housing, homelessness, mental health and substance abuse, and on this slide, you'll see that i believe that the schedule is for public safety to be heard on the 10th, housing and homelessness to be heard on the 17th, and mental health and
11:45 am
substance abuse to be heard on the 24. for public safety, supervisors have identified car break-ins, additional police officer positions, restraining orders, security for muni operators, prevention and response measures, multilingual community ambassadors and officers as well as block safety groups. for homelessness, the issues -- the subissues that have been identified by supervisors include capacity for bed and housing units, including supportsive housing, including accelerating shelter beds that have already been made. for shelters, the subareas, subdivision, antidisplacement measures, specialized housing for seniors, people with disabilities and veterans and workforce housing. and finally for mental health and substance abuse,
11:46 am
supervisors have identified the following subissues that they'd like the budget and legislative analysts to look at treatment beds, 5150 holds, and an increase in psychiatrists and intensive case managers. in addition to the issues that we will be presenting on in april, three issues were mentioned by two or more supervisors, including clean and green streets, minute make up organization funding to assist nonprofits and small business support. it is my understanding that a hearing is scheduled for may 8 to discuss these other policy priorities and potentially additional. so i also wanted to give a little more detail on what you'll be seeing on reports
11:47 am
from our office. we'll be researching data in the area, including the status of available programs, historical spending of these programs, performance measures to measure how successful we've been in addressing them, and identification of funding impact opportunities, and i want to go into little more detail on each of these. we're going to be providing background on appropriate programs across the city, including the department that oversee the programs, as well as the program's history, goals, and service populations. for example, for homelessness, last year, we provided a background on the department of homelessness and supportive housings two major pilot programs, the on-line pilot and navigation system and coordinated entry. we also provided information on the homeless veterans prams, emergency services and exit from homelessness programs.
11:48 am
we'll also provide an overview of relative spending with an emphasis on overview and spending and a breakdown whenever possible. regarding performance measures, we will collect and summarize relevant official performance measures as reported by the controller's city performance unit, which is housed in the city service auditor's division. nod to that, we'll be speaking with departments about other potential performance measures that they collect but that are not reported by the controller's office or that may not readily available. and now i'll quickly go over the performance measures that we have preliminarily identified for each of the policy areas. the question came up last week about these, so for public safety, we've preliminarily
11:49 am
identified crime rates including property versus violent crime rates, property crime by type, as well as investigation clearance rates, response times to calls for service and temporary restraining order service completion rates. for housing, we've preliminarily identified the bay area housing regional needs assessment. in addition to that we'll be looking at the goaled outlined in the mayor's office of housing and community development housing plan and strategic plan, such as number of units created by type. none of units preserved or maintained, increased affordability of rental housing, increased opportunity for sustainable home ownership, increased accessibility of rental and home ownership and
11:50 am
increased rate of evictions. for home ownership we've identified the number of families receiving rental subsidy, the number of individuals leaving homelessness due to placement and permanent supportive housing. the number of individuals reunited with friends and family through home ward bound. the percent of case managed families in shelters that are placed in permanent or transitional housing, enter a treatment program or are reyouity intoed with family. the number of individuals some treatment or placement after one year, and the available of year-round single adult shelter beds and those used. for the last priority, mental health and substance abuse services. we've identified several targets and we'll be looking at them compared to what the actual delivery has been,
11:51 am
including the number of unique mental health clients in treatment, the percentage of new mental health clients that are homeless, total units of mental health services provided, mental health services patients under 19, the number of unique substance abuse clients in treatment, the percentage of homelessness clients among substance abuse treatment admissions, and the total units of substance abuse treatment services provided, and we'll also be looking at program measures, measures that are specific to programs, including crisis residential services, long-term care residential services and out patient services, and under substance abuse measures, we'll be looking at narcotic replacement treatment, residential services and outpatient services. and finally, in our reports, you'll be seeing identification of potential funding impact opportunities, and the way that
11:52 am
we're going to be going about this is we're going to be looking at high impact budget impact opportunities by soliciting ideas from department staff, reviewing recent audit recommendations that address these issues, and reviewing last year's budget priority reports for previously recommends enhancements that have not been under taken, and that concludes my presentation. i'm happy to take any questions or comments. >> chair fewer: yes, supervisor stefani. >> supervisor stefani: thank you, chair fewer. on the mental health and substance abuse slide, you said the following subissues have been identified by supervisors: outreach services, increased capacity of residential treatment beds for individuals under 5150 holds or who present a danger to themselves or others. and then, of course increase in psychiatrists and intensive case managers. i would like to add something else, which is not those -- not more beds for 5150 holds, but
11:53 am
beds like hummingbird place. how many more do we need? we had a hearing in public safety last week, focusing on what happened when people are no longer a danger to themselves or others under a 5150 hold, and a lot of times they're being released back onto the streets. we had a discussion of how many more beds we might get to help that population in a way that gets them the help that they need or gets them to the next level of services. so if we could focus on that, step-down beds like hummingbird place. and then, the other slide i was looking at, b.l.a. analysis, b.l.a. will conduct analysis on each priority, including status of established programs. and i'm wondering if you're going to look at an analysis with other counties. sometimes -- i don't know if you've done that before or if you do that when we ask you
11:54 am
specifically on certain subject matter. i think san francisco provides more units of supportive housing than any other city, really, i think. but maybe we can talk about that. i don't know if that would be helpful. i don't know -- i'd like to hear if my colleagues think that's helpful. and then, i had one more question. on the performance measures, on mental health substance abuse services, is last line, this total use of substance abuse treatment services provided, and i'm just wondering how many beds do we have for detox centers, and then, residential treatment and also s.l.e.s, sober living environments. i'm not sure -- there's a plethora of substance abuse treatment services here, and it would be really nice to know what we have in terms of all of that that targets substance
11:55 am
abuse. >> yes. so that and the other bullet points on this slide are roll ups of -- i believe they're roll ups of more detailed targets, and i don't have that in front of me right now, but i could provide that to you after the hearing. >> supervisor stefani: okay. thanks. that's all i have right now. thank you, chair fewer. >> chair fewer: thank you. supervisor walton? >> supervisor walton: thank you very much, and thank you for compiling all the analysis from the board of supervisors. i do have just a question on the housing slide. as we talked about the subissues that have been identified, and i know that some of these do address affordable housing, but there's not a bullet point or subissue that has been identified as strictly affordable housing. is there a reason for that or -- >> yeah, because i probably should have been a little bit
11:56 am
more descriptive in describing this priority area, but when we say housing, i think what we're really talking about is affordable housing. so we can refer to it as that going forward, but i think that all these fall under that umbrella. >> i think it's just very important to highlight so that we don't -- so that everyone knows and sees. >> thank you. >> chair fewer: thank you very much. supervisor mandelman. >> supervisor mandelman: yeah. i -- actually, i was going to make another point but i wanted to reiterate and echo what supervisor walton says housing could be how could we incentivize more treatment and production. i think that we really want to hone in on opportunities for subsidized housing, for stuff that is not necessarily the market and the ways in which
11:57 am
the public sector can assist, so i think it is important to talk about affordable housing. on sort of -- i guess on both public safety and mental health and substance abuse, i think something i'm interested in, but i'm not sure it's a measure that you're going to be looking at is cycling. so folks who are cycling in and out of jail, who are getting 5150's and getting 5150'ed over time, so i would be looking at success measures and looking going forward at interventions that we could use that -- part of public safety is reducing the lyinglihood that someone else who has experience with the criminal justice system has that experience again, and we know that a lot of people are having experiences like that over and over again, and so what are the budgetary interventions we can do that. related to that, it's not
11:58 am
explicitly called that, but it's something we have to figure out what to do in lieu of the jail. and i think having those conversations are related. and then, i do want to also echo supervisor stefani's notion that we might -- that it could be useful to look at how other -- san francisco leads in a whole lot of areas, but i'm not sure that we've cornered the market on good ideas, so maybe checking out how other counties may be dealing with things differently would be useful. and on the 5150's for me, very much, i'm looking at ways to measure our success in reducing the number of times the same person gets 5150'ed. >> chair fewer: thank you. supervisor mar? >> supervisor mar: thank you, chair fewer. yeah. i just had a few points and -- or questions about housing --
11:59 am
or the affordable housing priority area, as well. and more specifically around whether we can include the distribution of affordable housing projects and -- and -- and dollars among the different districts in san francisco as another subissue. and -- yeah, and performance evaluation. and i'm just raising this because the board recently had received reports from the -- first from the planning department around the housing balance that -- the housing balance report. then, also, more recently from the mayor's office of housing, the housing preference programs. i think within the discussion of those reports among the board, i think it was really highlighted how certain districts, particularly on the west side, have not received the same level of investment in affordable housing programs as other districts, and -- and
12:00 pm
when it comes to housing preferences and -- and the -- we've created a preference for -- a neighborhood preference for access to affordable housing, that really means that residents in my district and district four and other -- and i think more specifically district one and district seven did not have access to the housing preference because there were no preferable affordable housing projects in our district. so i guess the question is can you also include -- >> yeah, we can include those. >> supervisor mar: okay. thank you. >> chair fewer: thank you. i was also going to say about geographic cal equity in district funds, but housing homeless funds. and then, i would like to go to public safety and follow up on our discussion that we had some depth last year about the


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