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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  March 27, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> jose? >> ok, ready? 5-4-3-2, here we go! [cheers and applause] good job. (bagpipes). >> so good morning. welcome to the annual raising of the irish flag out in front of city hall. my name is shawn elsburns. i am the mayor's chief of staff and it is my great honor to welcome you all today.
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pair operatoso without further s get this programme off, not just with the mayor but more importantly, the grand marshall of the 2019 st. patrick's day parade, mayor london reed. [cheers and applause] >> hello, everyone! i am so excited and honored to be here to raise the flag on behalf of the irish american citizens the city and county of san francisco. we celebrate our heritage only the way that san francisco knows how to do, fun, exciting. it is just really great to see all of you wearing your signature green today. as we honor ireland's national day, st. patrick's day, we want to make sure that all the way in
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ireland, lord mayor, that they know that we are going to challenge you to be the best celebration of a st. patrick's day anywhere. i know they say that we have a best and largest parade west of the mississippi, but we're trying to have the best and largest parade anywhere. but thank you, we have the lord mayor who is here with us today and thank you so much for joining us. (apprize). and also the council general of ireland, thank you for being here. liam frost and der space mcphilpott, thank you. our elected family joining us today, our treasurer, jose cesnaros. our city attorney who keeps everything running, dennis harrara and our incredible members of the board of
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supervisor, supervisor katherine stephanie and supervisor gordon marr and supervisor matt hainey and thank you to those here from law enforcement, from the sheriff's office and police department and the fire department. ouincluding our fire chief, joae hayes-white. the irish community has really an incredible history as we know here in san francisco. starting with our first mayor, john geary, who served san francisco proudly, along with others who continue to follow and today, as we celebrate, we also pay ho ma goin thoughage ho longer with us.
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we know there are so many incredible leaders that are not with us today. i share this honor with them and i know many of their family members are here, as well. so i am looking forward here in san francisco as we raise the flag, as we celebrate during our st. patrick's day, the luncheon and so many incredible traditions that honor the rich history of san francisco and the people who help to make so many incredible things possible. when i think about our irish community, how wonderful the water tastes in san francisco, because of michael osheanessy who was an engineering master in terms of what he was able to create with our heshy dam and so
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many people who helped to build san francisco and make it the incredible city that we know it is today. and so i wanted to do something special to honor the irish american community here in san francisco and also to just remember that so many of the folks that are here with us today, families have immigrated from ireland and our sister city cork, ireland which is a sister city relationship. it's a relationship of friendship, community and so many other incredible things today and so on behalf of the city and county on san francisco, i would like to present the lord mayor of cork, islanderireland, declaring the f march heritage day in the city and county of san francisco. [cheers and applause]
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and i'm looking forward to my own visit to cork fairly soon with a delegation of so many people. i wanted to present for the work that liam frost does with the united irish society to continue to maintain and improve on this relationship, i wanted to present you with the certificate, as well, liam. [cheers and applause] path we muswe must honor or elde
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we came from and how much work we have to ensure for a better future of the next generation, derr philpott. [cheers and applause] so again, thank you to all of our incredible leaders and community that's joining us here today. it's going to be a great time in san francisco. the sun is out today. so enjoy this wonderful day today. we have performances. we have more speeches and it's just a good time in san francisco. thank you for the incredible honor of not only serving as your mayor, but serving as this year's grand marshall for the st. patrick's day parade. thank you all so much.
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first up we have celtic voices who are lead by mary mce yorver. mary, come on forward. [cheers and applause]
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[ ♪ ] [ ♪ ] >> thank you, mary, thank you celtic voices. next we have words from ireland. we have our council children, robert odriscoll and it's always a pleasure to be joined by councillor odriscoll. today it's a special honor, he became a father eight days ago and he's here to join us. welcome. >> on behalf of everything, welcome home to san francisco and city hall.
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(applause). my name is robert odriscoll as introduced and it's my great honor to be here for this remarkable occasion, celebrating the irish history here in this fair city. we've got a busy programme. we have three small short things to say. first, i want to say a huge congratulations to irish society. it's the 108th year for this parade, the longest running parade west of the mississippi and every year it's better and bert. whabetter. i love the focus on the people in the community, all of the the people who make the irish here a special community. the honorary grand marshals and this is an incredible bunch of people who made an enormous contribution and it's important they're remembered and i want to pay tribute to everything they do on celebrating our heritage
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here, not just today but also my new favorite, k kennedy day. so thank you very much, l iriamr all of your leadership. but the big job of the parade today is, of course, the grand measuregrandmarshal and the thet be any more fitting. women breaking barrier. it's fitting for a couple of different reasons but for me in ireland this year, we're celebrating 100 years of the first irish woman to be an irish minister and constance m absolute markovicwas one who br, rather it was lady gregory, each
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one of them broke barriers in a male-dominated world and imagine in ireland, and i think that not only do women breaking barriers in 1919 in ireland but there's a huge number of women breaking barriers here. i think about kay kennedy who brought equal work and sister mary bosel and mary cowland who has been recognized for balancing the books. right through to today to chief hayes' wife. but also when i look across the irish organizations, i see irish women lead in our community and celine kenity, valerie mcgrue,
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josephine brogan and kathleen manning. [ laughter ] our women lead in san francisco and mayor, that is a tradition in which you're honored with this award over the next couple of days and thank you for being a part of our celebration. (applause). so when i think of st. patrick's day from my perspective day, it's about celebrating the heritage of the city and as shawn just mentioned, my wife, keva gave birth to our baby boy eight days ago. he is cuwan ray. that means bay or harbour. he's going to be from san francisco, no matter where he goes and i wanted to give him a
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name. our term here are four years so in about two years we'll leave and ten year's time i'm expecting for him to say, rober? where am i from? i will say, son, you are from one of the greatest cities in the world, a city made great by irish and irish americans who work with all of these other people to build this very special place, an irish community as i said brought the water, designed the streets and that protected those streets in times of difficult and have lead
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this city in all walks of life. i would say son, you are dam lucklucky to be an irish san franciscan. >> next up, we have a performance, our mayor, grand marshal is known for bringing people together and see around corners and she knew you don't just pick one school of dance from san francisco, you better have both. so today we're going to start with the murphy school of dance. [cheers and applause]
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[cheers and applause] >> thank you, murphy's school of
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dance. before i bring up our next speaker, i want to do an introduction. last wednesday our rose of tr ilee was announced. i would like you all to see hello to brooklyn quinn. [cheers and applause] our next speaker, our president, mr. liam frost. >> thank you, shawn. i want to welcome everybody to the 168th st. patrick's day season. i like that the mayor reffed to this march as being the irish friendship month. this is what the united irish society has been pushing and working for, to make this a st. patrick's day season rather than just the st. patrick's day for
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the parade. as you know, we have the parade and we also have the visits to the assisted living homes like the va, the veteran's administration and st. anne's and last week, after our grand marsha alsl dinner and are happo have a grand marhsal happy go to all of the event. we appreciate the mayor taking her time to get there. thank you, mayor. [cheers and applause] we also thank the mayor for hosting this flag raising, so again we're thanking the mayor for that, as well as her aide, anthony moren and mark chandler and then the united irish society volunteered kevin
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birmingham for setting all this up. i want to thank all three of them. then the after-reception is being hosted by matt supervisors matt hainey and supervisor katherine stephanie and i want to thank them, as well as their staff of adrienne roach, bill ring and my good friend, marty constance markovic. marty coyne. this is not an easy thing and even though she could not be here because she had to leave the city, i want to thank cancel leakathleen manning and her fam. [cheers and applause] and then cancel lean, lik kathl,
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you're dealing with city agencies and i want to thank those agency. sometimes there could be red tape involved but every year people in the different organizations, different departments step up and make it a lot easier for us. so i would like to thank the sfmta and ed risken and his staff and stacie catalo, chief joanne hayes and her staff, chief bill scott and his staff at the traffic station or excuse me traffic division northern and central. to be able to this on for 168 years, about 168 years ago, people got together in a room and decide decided to celebrater irish heritage. i want to thank every one of
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you. i appreciate it and i know that if we continue to do this, the little ones will be carrying our torch for another 168 years. thank you. [cheers and applause] and i always all over this, thank my wife. this is a very busy time of year for me and i have to thank my wife and i just left for a couple of days to go skiing right in the middle of this and left my wife at home to handle the phone calls. so even though she's not here today, i would like a round of applause for my lovely wife, mary. [cheers and applause] this is the season to be irish and i invite everybody to be irish during this season as we celebrate women breaking barriers. thank you. [cheers and applause] i would like to call up crystal carlo who is representing the board and the volunteer's irish
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society. most are in the corner and they're the ones that do all of the work, all of the different events and i get to come up here and take all of the applause but they're the ones doing the applause and chris will present the mayor with a gift from us and it's a frame that we're hoping to get a good picture while she's in the parade to be able to in that parade. so thank you, mayor. [cheers and applause] and now i would like to invite the family, julia fitzgerald up to except a practice cl proclamm the mayor.
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next i would like to invite sheamus mcginn.i.s. sheamus canning accepting on behalf of the mcginiss family. next up, i would like the jordan family to come up. this is jerry and tim. we were neighbors growing up. i hung up with their older brother, john, but it's very nice to be able to come up here and honor mr. jordan, as he
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was known to me. (applause). i would like to invite up my cousin, michael and joann joanne and my second cousins, if they would come up here. for my uncle barney, what a true hero he was in my life, for those of you who know the story and it's very cool to be up here to be able to my uncle.
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there was one more honorary grand marshal but her family couldn't make it today, mary callahan and we want to give a round of applause to mary. [cheers and applause] >> and again, i would like to close my remarks with thanking you all for coming out here. in has been going on for 168 years. i know john moyland just celebrated his 90th birthday, so he's been out here for a few. [cheers and applause] >> and it's becausema because me him, people like you teaching the little ones it's all about the community, inviting
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everybody else to come in here. i know my good friend susie loft agrees with me and i'm happy to see her here. happy st. patrick's day. >> i'm still holding mary callahan's certificate. if she were here, i think we all know what we would do right now and rest assured i will not do that. but we have the treasurer here. jose, why don't you take this certificate and display it in the treasurer's office in honour of mary. [cheers and applause] >> we will proudly display mary's certificate in the treasurer's office in her honor. >> are you going to sing? >> no, i'm not going to sing. [ laughter ] >> i think we ail know that a big party in the irish society is a big part of our community and really is a foundation is
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the san francisco court sister city committee and that committee for years has been lead by the former president of the irish society, mr. dermott philpott. >> thank you, madam mayor, lord mayor finish. finn. >> my cochair is right here, jim hurley, one of the best. we have our executive committee as well, represented by the people who work extremely hard to keep the cork city going and it was established by mayor tinesteifinestein. i think today being the
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international women's day, that it's only appropriate the star of san francisco, mayor breed, should be grand marshal of this year's parade and we congratulate you and thank you. [cheers and applause] >> the cork sister city is one of the oldest cities san francisco has and through the years it's been successful in getting the two communities together, swapping information on school, homelessness, building, everything like that and we will continue to do so. i appreciate and thank you for the opportunity of promoting it. thank you very much, mr. mayor. >> mr. president, i thought you would going do this so i'll do this, on behalf of mr. philpott, i would like the mayor of cork to address the group. [cheers and applause]
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members of the san francisco cork, sister city's committee, lead by dermott and jim and president of the united irish society, a few words. (speakerring foreig(speaking fo. so on behalf of the people of cork and the people of ireland to thank you all for the great work you're doing in keeping the irish legacy alive here in america. we have received a fantastic welcome from the mayor and her
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officials and everybody we engaged with here and we're privileged to be able to say that we're spending time here and we can guarantee that the efforts in san francisco will be promoted in cork and i suppose places like new york and chicago get a lot of press other than ireland but i've been hugely impressed by the depth of irishness here in the city, something going on for generations and i think you all deserve a great recognition for what you're doing. it's great to see the younger generation here, the tradition of irish dancing maintained and i think the future is very safe for the irish community in san francisco. i was going to say that most nationalities have a day of -- national day of celebration. i was going to say we have a week but no, we have a month as announced by the nea mayor and that's great news to bring to ireland. ireland is a huge country and events like st. patrick's day
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help to keep the message and that deep root alive. we look no further than san francisco for evidence of that enduring relationship and we look at our michael shaugnessy from yor cork. the bonds between cork and san francisco has survived famine, fire and floods and earthquakes. this is to the resilience of the people in san francisco and that's something we mark and commemorate as we approach our st. patrick's day celebrations. and we all stand on the shoulders of giant, myself included. i follow in the tradition of lord mayor. this is 232 years old and number of lor mayors down through the
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years died in office and wearing this chain and i know we think about people like mayor ed lee and a great friend and i've met him on numerous occasions when he traveled to cork. so we stand on the shoulders of greatness and it's important to remember the people that came before us. it was great to meet mayor breed yesterday and she's doing a fantastic job. we look forward to seeing her roll out her vision for san francisco in the years ahead and it's think it's in safe hands and that tr tradition will be carried on and i would like to wish you all the best for that. [cheers and applause] just finally, a word, we thank you you as a city forests and plans to mark the history of immigration from ireland and america. we wouldn't be standing here but for that and i think those plans are great and we look forward to seeing them rolled out.
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our ancestors came from sea to shining sea as well. they had great ambition and came at very difficult times and have difficult circumstances. it's important to remember those people who came before us and the roots that they planted here which are flowering and growing so strong. i wish you a happy and fun-filled st. patrick's day and as they say in irish, united we stand. [cheers and applause] >> lor mire, thank you folord mr being here. i would like to recognize lor supervisor safye.
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so now, as i said, you can't have one irish dance company without the other. we are now going to be joined by the weeland irish company and i was going to say older but those of you who might remember, i wish the anne heeley dance cup was here but the wheelin dance company. [♪] [ ♪ ]
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[♪] [ ♪ [cheers and applause]
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>> thank you. i would like to invite a representative from the wheel in dance school and if the pipers are here, the mayor has a certificate of honor for you. murphies, wheelin, mary, irish pipers, come on down! [cheers and applause]
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>> miss odriscoll, let's give you the irish piper's certificate. i don't see them here so why don't you take it. ok, everyone, thank you so very,
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very much for coming. this does include - conclude --o ahead. >> i wanted to thank each and everyone of you for being here, the dignitaries, the community, the performers and in honor of irish american heritage friendship month in the city and county of san francisco, we are going to light city hall green tonight. [cheers and applause] oh, what the hell, we're going to light city hall green next week, too. thank you all so much for being here and enjoy the food, enjoy the drink and have a good time here today and thank you again for coming. [ ♪ ] -
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>> shop & dine in the 49 promotes local businesses and challenges resident to do their
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showing up and dining within the 49 square miles of san francisco by supporting local services within the neighborhood we help san francisco remain unique successful and vibrant so where will you shop & dine in the 49 san francisco owes must of the charm to the unique characterization of each corridor has a distinction permanent our neighbors are the economic engine of the city. >> if we could a afford the lot by these we'll not to have the kind of store in the future the kids will eat from some restaurants chinatown has phobia one of the best the most unique neighborhood shopping areas of san francisco. >> chinatown is one of the
8:49 pm
oldest chinatown in the state we need to be able allergies the people and that's the reason chinatown is showing more of the people will the traditional thepg. >> north beach is i know one of the last little italian community. >> one of the last neighborhood that hadn't changed a whole lot and san francisco community so strong and the sense of partnership with businesses as well and i just love north beach community old school italian comfort and love that is what italians are all about we need people to come here and shop here so we can keep this going not only us but, of
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course, everything else in the community i think local businesses the small ones and coffee shops are unique in their own way that is the characteristic of the neighborhood i peace officer prefer it is local character you have to support them. >> really notice the port this community we really need to kind of really shop locally and support the communityly live in it is more economic for people to survive here. >> i came down to treasure island to look for a we've got a long ways to go. ring i just got married and didn't want something on line
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i've met artists and local business owners they need money to go out and shop this is important to short them i think you get better things. >> definitely supporting the local community always good is it interesting to find things i never knew existed or see that that way. >> i think that is really great that san francisco seize the vails of small business and creates the shop & dine in the 49 to support businesses make people all the residents and visitors realize had cool things are made and produced in san
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>> this is one place you can always count on to give you what you had before and remind you of what your san francisco history used to be. >> we hear that all the time, people bring their kids here and their grandparents brought them here and down the line. >> even though people move away, whenever they come back to the city, they make it here. and they tell us that. >> you're going to get something made fresh, made by hand and made with quality products and something that's very, very good. ♪ >> the legacy bars and restaurants was something that was begun by san francisco simply to recognize and draw attention to the establishments. it really provides for san
8:53 pm
francisco's unique character. ♪ >> and that morphed into a request that we work with the city to develop a legacy business registration. >> i'm michael cirocco and the owner of an area bakery. ♪ the bakery started in 191. my grandfather came over from italy and opened it up then. it is a small operation. it's not big. so everything is kind of quality that way. so i see every piece and cut every piece that comes in and out of that oven. >> i'm leslie cirocco-mitchell, a fourth generation baker here with my family. ♪ so we get up pretty early in
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the morning. i usually start baking around 5:00. and then you just start doing rounds of dough. loaves. >> my mom and sister basically handle the front and then i have my nephew james helps and then my two daughters and my wife come in and we actually do the baking. after that, my mom and my sister stay and sell the product, retail it. ♪ you know, i don't really think about it. but then when i -- sometimes when i go places and i look and see places put up, oh this is our 50th anniversary and everything and we've been over 100 and that is when it kind of hits me. you know, that geez, we've been here a long time. [applause] ♪ >> a lot of people might ask why our legacy business is important. we all have our own stories to
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tell about our ancestry. our lineage and i'll use one example of tommy's joint. tommy's joint is a place that my husband went to as a child and he's a fourth generation san franciscan. it's a place we can still go to today with our children or grandchildren and share the stories of what was san francisco like back in the 1950s. >> i'm the general manager at tommy's joint. people mostly recognize tommy's joint for its murals on the outside of the building. very bright blue. you drive down and see what it is. they know the building. tommy's is a san francisco hoffa, which is a german-style presenting food. we have five different carved meats and we carve it by hand
8:56 pm
at the station. you prefer it to be carved whether you like your brisket fatty or want it lean. you want your pastrami to be very lean. you can say i want that piece of corn beef and want it cut, you know, very thick and i want it with some sauerkraut. tell the guys how you want to prepare it and they will do it right in front of you. san francisco's a place that's changing restaurants, except for tommy's joint. tommy's joint has been the same since it opened and that is important. san francisco in general that we don't lose a grip of what san francisco's came from. tommy's is a place that you'll always recognize whenever you lock in the door. you'll see the same staff, the same bartender and have the same meal and that is great. that's important.
8:57 pm
♪ >> the service that san francisco heritage offers to the legacy businesses is to help them with that application process, to make sure that they really recognize about them what it is that makes them so special here in san francisco. ♪ so we'll help them with that application process if, in fact, the board of supervisors does recognize them as a legacy business, then that does entitle them to certain financial benefits from the city of san francisco. but i say really, more importantly, it really brings them public recognition that this is a business in san francisco that has history and that is unique to san francisco.
8:58 pm
>> it started in june of 1953. ♪ and we make everything from scratch. everything. we started a you -- we started a off with 12 flavors and mango fruits from the philippines and then started trying them one by one and the family had a whole new clientele. the business really boomed after that. >> i think that the flavors we make reflect the diversity of san francisco. we were really surprised about the legacy project but we were thrilled to be a part of it. businesses come and go in the city.
8:59 pm
pretty tough for businesss to stay here because it is so expensive and there's so much competition. so for us who have been here all these years and still be popular and to be recognized by the city has been really a huge honor. >> we got a phone call from a woman who was 91 and she wanted to know if the mitchells still owned it and she was so happy that we were still involved, still the owners. she was our customer in 1953. and she still comes in. but she was just making sure that we were still around and it just makes us feel, you know, very proud that we're carrying on our father's legacy. and that we mean so much to so many people. ♪ >> it provides a perspective.
9:00 pm
and i think if you only looked at it in the here and now, you're missing the context. for me, legacy businesses, legacy bars and restaurants are really about setting the context for how we come to be where we are today. >> i just think it's part of san francisco. people like to see familiar stuff. at least i know i do. >> in the 1950s, you could see a picture of tommy's joint and looks exactly the same. we haven't change add thing. >> i remember one lady saying, you know, i've been eating this ice cream since before i was born. and i thought, wow! we have, too. ♪