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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  March 28, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> shop and dine in the 49 promotes local businesses and challenges residents to do their business in the 49 square files of san francisco. we help san francisco remain unique, successful and right vi. so where will you shop and dine in the 49? >> i'm one of three owners here in san francisco and we provide
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mostly live music entertainment and we have food, the type of food that we have a mexican food and it's not a big menu, but we did it with love. like ribeye tacos and quesadillas and fries. for latinos, it brings families together and if we can bring that family to your business, you're gold. tonight we have russelling for e community. >> we have a ten-person limb elimination match. we have a full-size ring with barside food and drink. we ended up getting wrestling here with puoillo del mar. we're hope og get families to
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join us. we've done a drag queen bingo and we're trying to be a diverse kind of club, trying different things. this is a great part of town and there's a bunch of shops, a variety of stores and ethnic restaurants. there's a popular little shop that all of the kids like to hanhang out at. we have a great breakfast spot call brick fast at tiffanies. some of the older businesses are refurbished and newer businesses are coming in and it's exciting. >> we even have our own brewery for fdr, ferment, drink repeat. it's in the san francisco garden district and four beautiful muellermixer ura alsomurals. >> it's important to shop local because it's kind of like a circle of life, if you will. we hire local people.
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local people spend their money at our businesses and those local mean that wor people willr money as well. i hope people shop locally. [ ♪ ] >> welcome to a refill week. welcome to everyone joining us at chase centre and in b.c. sports bay area, we are on t.v. today, so thank you very much. we are from one '07 seven the bone. thank you. paul and i have been radio partners in the bay area for over 30 years and over those 30 years, we have had the
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opportunity to make a living by playing and listening to some of the greatest artists of all time that is what brings us to state the -- to the stage day for the press conference. the act, the chase centre and the warriors will be announcing has been a big part of the bone for many, many years. and we are set to announce today the first event ever to be held at chase centre, the wire stretch out new home right here in san francisco. -- the warriors new home in san francisco. >> not only will it be home to the six time nba champion, the golden state warriors, but it will be a local destination for some of the best acts and events in the world, and it will play host to over 200 events a year, and with activation throughout the district every single day. it will be a great centre and we
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will have a great time with this venue. for the first time ever, san francisco will have the opportunity to have the best talent to come and play right here in the city. >> the first person we would like to bring to the podium is the man who has a vision of building a first-class world-class entertainment and sports venue and san francisco. when he first bought the team after 2010. in 2014 they bought the property and it is the first the first privately financed, privately owned project stadium or arena to be built on privately owned land and in the country. the first time that will be done in the modern sports arena. as we mentioned, joe has always had an incredible vision for the
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city of san francisco and the golden state warriors, and even before purchasing this land, it was a joe who wanted to make sure if venue of this stature was built right here in the city >> by the way, today's announcement is another step in making that dream a reality, also, i do want to add on a personal note, he is a great guy and pretty cool. he told us that we are one of his favourite f.m. shows and he has been in the studio with several times over the past 30 years, and the first time we met him was when he first bought the team. he gave me a pair of tickets to the game, and he called that in as a favour to the m.c. of the event. this guy is shrewd. let's welcome joe way come. [applause] >> you said it all, i don't know what else i can say. i might as well throw these away thank you, everybody, welcome to chase centre.
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what i like about this is this is a practice because it is not ready for five months, you get to see most of it here today and it feels really good to see this much here today to say welcome to chase centre. i want to keep practising that line. we started this process when we bought the team and it has been seven years of looking at arenas across the country. we had another site in san francisco originally selected. we met a little opposition, and we decided to pivot, and we bought this land in mission bay. i think it was one of the greatest strokes of luck that we ever had this site is so fantastic, i thank you will all agree. it is amazing sight. you see the skyline, it is tremendous. i will tell you all so that we have done pretty well on the
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basketball side of things. we built a pretty good team. that has been a lot of hard work but this, i can assure you, was, and is much harder, maybe, peter guber and i like to talk about it along with rick and the rest of the staff, maybe the hardest thing that we have individually and collectively ever done. it is an amazing thing the fact that we have this thing ready to go today, and we will have a state-of-the-art complex for the first time, as you guys said in san francisco, in it maybe ever, of over 12,000 seats, a major sports entertainment venue which is really quite an accomplishment and something that will be a legacy for everyone in the city for decades to come. and a represents a transition for us as an organization. we are not just a sports team. we say that a little bit a mock because we are a pretty good sports team. we are not just a sports team
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anymore. all of us have realized for years, i realized today and all the work that we have spent, we are an entertainment organization. we want to be just as good at that as we have been at the sports side of things. we want to deliver world-class ask for all right here at this venue for decades to come. [applause] it is not just inside this arena but outside the sabrina. we intend to have events there day and night, all kinds of events. i am looking for three and three basketball, i don't know about you guys, i might even play, and then, of course, on the park, there will be a lot of grass there, the mayor tells me, but it will be there, and that park will be a beautiful five and a half acre park next to the arena on the water and we will have a lot of activities there as well. the activation of this site will
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low people away when it is finally said and done. here we are, 172 days. we are counting them down, are we not? 172 days away from our opening event at chase centre. we were are announcing what that is today and we will have announcements the rest of this week. we will have announcements in the succeeding weeks and months and we will have quite a scheduled to go. i want to close by doing something i need to do which is to think rick wells, he told me not to do this. [laughter]. [applause]. >> i'm sorry, i have to do this. he has put in an unbelievable amount of time. i don't even know, hundreds, thousands of meetings around the city and given his heart and soul to getting this arena built that is hard because he is running a business over in oakland. i also want to thank my partner who is not here today, but really is inspiration for everything we are doing here. he has tremendous entertainment genes, i want to thank him, but
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most of all, i want to thank some of the people in this audience who have worked tirelessly for five years on this project. it is an immense amount of work when you're running a business and running a basketball team. by the way, you are not getting paid anymore -- maybe a little more, you are running this, building this, this edifice, this whole building and everything that goes along with it, so i want to thank everyone for all their great efforts for what they put into this. thank you. with that, we will move on as you all know, a project of this stature, in order to get it done right, it takes a lot of hard work. a lot of planning and it starts at city hall. that's why i would like to introduce our 45th the mayor. she is a native of san francisco , a true san francisco mayor. a proud graduate of galileo high
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school. she got her masters degree at the university of san francisco. mayor london breach. [cheers and applause]. >> hello, everyone. i don't know about you, but i cannot wait until the chase center is open. this is an incredible opportunity for our city, not just because the championship warriors are going to be playing here, but because for the first time in a long time, we have a top entertainment destination in the city and county of san francisco. [applause] as we prepare for a fall opening , i want to be clear, we are working tirelessly with a number of city departments, as you know, rick, to make sure that we don't have a nightmare in the neighborhood when people are trying to get here for the concert, when they're trying to get here for the game, we are
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going to be ready and prepared with all of our city departments to make sure that your visitor experience to the chase center is one that will make you happy and you can be proud of. yes, it will take a lot of work, but we are committed to making sure that the chase center is successful in our city. i also want to take this time to acknowledge how much of the warriors are committed to the city and county of san francisco they didn't just set up to build the world-class chase center. they focused on becoming a part of the community. whether it is participating in our city build program and making sure that local residents have access to work at the chase center. it is making sure that small businesses and restaurants and vendors in the new chase center, it is an absolutely amazing partnership, one that i am so proud of. one that i know people will continue once the chase center is open. i'm committed to continuing an incredible working relationship with this incredible team, and
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we will have a good time here in san francisco. i also have one complaint. when rick wells came to me with his black hair, at one point, i said okay, rick, i will support this project when i was on the board of supervisors, but i have one request. beyoncé has to do the opening concert he will be announcing the first concert, and needless to say, unfortunately, it will not be beyoncé, but i have a commitment that eventually she will be here, and i want to make sure i am front and center here is the good news. we have an incredible local talented artist that will be headlining at the chase center. rick will make that announcement , but i have to tell you, they are just as good as beyoncé, but don't tell beyonce
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i said that because i still love her, thank you all so much for being here today. i am so excited about what this is going to do to make san francisco. it is already a world-class city , it is an incredible city, but this is really going to take us over the top. we are going to be a championship winning city once the warrior start bringing those rings right here to san francisco. thank you all so much and have a wonderful day. >> thank you, mayor, by the way, i want to say, i didn't realize there be so many t.v. cameras today. if i had known that, i would've started my diet four months ago. the only thing that this next gentleman has not done during his career, and it has been over 50 years in the nba, his book an opening act at the new sports and entertainment arena, but now he has done that.
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let's introduce the man who has done everything in his hall of fame career, the warrior president and chief operating officer, rick wells. [applause] >> what a day. every time we schedule an event around this arena, we get a day like this. mayor breed, thank you for being here today. i knew we would take a shot at beyoncé, but at least you didn't mention your favorite nba player , lebron james. [laughter] all right? >> but we do feel -- thank you for that focus. you have taken it upon yourself to make sure every city department is laser focused on successful opening for chase center, thank you for being here today, but thank you for what you were doing every day. we can't have an event that even addresses chase center without also remembering the late mayor, deadly. seven years ago, we were standing out on the 3032,
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accepting merely's invitation to bring the warriors back to san francisco. merely will not be with us when we cut that ribbon, but without his inspiration, without his guidance, we wouldn't be sitting here today. thank you, merely -- mayor lee. [applause] i have to give a shout out to the warriors ownership. we have some other of our ownership groups here today. there's only one word for them, it is fearless. who in the world would be crazy enough to build a world-class sports entertainment arena, privately financed, in the city of san francisco? right, nobody would do that you will not meet peter today, we got a test over the weekend with peter standing in front of the taj mahal at sunrise. i think right about now, he is approaching base camp at mount everest, so basically, it is a
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typical monday morning for peter guber. i want to welcome our naming rights partner. the building behind us will be known as the chase center for least the next 20 years, in your partnership is extraordinary. i want to also welcome our founding partners as well as our -- as our other partners who have made unbelievable contributions to make to -- to make today possible. a special shout out to the 1400 men and women who come to work here every day to build with their two hands. chase center under the direction of morgan and clark. it is one of the most inspiring projects to go and talk to the workers who come to work here every day who have such pride and what they have doing here. from live nation, baba real,
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jody goodman, and matt pretop. and i would like to thank greg and cherrie for being here, part of another plan of entertainment they will be bringing amazing events to chase center. joe talked about the process. san francisco equals process, i think they are synonymous. so there are a couple of whites we can approach it, and the direction from joe and peter was we would embrace this process, and here we are today, six months from opening chase center , and i can tell you, there are way too many people to think. thousands of people, virtually everyone in city government has touched this project, private citizens who participated in community meetings. it has been an unbelievable outpouring of help for us, a few criticisms as well. i think as is the case usually in san francisco, the result is a better project, and one we will be incredibly proud to open
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their three, in particular, i do need to think, first is a ucsf, our neighbor across the street. ucsf and the chancellor have been great partners and helped guide us through this process. the mission bay citizens advisory committee, our chair, they have been with us every step of the way from the very first public meeting until today and oci i, our executive director is here with us today. i think all of you may have spent more time with us than your family over the last four years, but we thank you for everything you continue to do. here we are. it is the first day of revealed week, and reveal week is going to give it just a peek at the types of acts that will be gracing chase center and our first year of operations. today's announcement must -- it is just the beginning. he was the much, much more. it will be a weekly event. beyoncé may not have made the first week, but i am guessing
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sometime. , in the next year, she will be making her appearance here today we're here to answer the question that we have been asked more than any other over the last few months, what will the first concert in chase center be we wanted to do something that would be unique to the bay area, something that would only happen here, and nowhere else in the world. so with that drumroll... [laughter]. >> right on cue. here we go. twenty years ago, there was a historic collaboration between two iconic forces in music. there was an album recorded over two days in berkeley right across the bay in april of 1999. that album went on to win the grammy that year for best rock instrumental performance. we are proud to announce that on friday evening, september 5th,
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2019, the first ever concert at chase center will be metallica and the san francisco symphony. [cheers and applause] they will reunite and perform together with a special appearance by music and music director and conductor celebrating their 20th anniversary of the grammy award-winning album, symphony and metallica, or s. and and for those of you in the know pick metallica is one of the most influential and successful bands , having sold over 125 million albums and played to millions of fans on every continent. for nearly 40 years, the band
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has had a special relationship with san francisco. on march 7th 1999, metallica was inducted into the san francisco hall of fame and willie brown proclaimed that day the official metallica day. it is among to be one of the most artistically innovative, the recipient of 15 grammy awards, the san francisco tiffany presents more than 220 concerts and presentations annually, and it -- in its home of davies symphony hall, the bay area, entering nationally and internationally. the san francisco music director has led the orchestra to new heights for the past 24 years and is constantly pushing the boundaries of what a symphony arcus truck and be in the 21st century. now another surprise. with us here today, please welcome to the stage from metallica, and from the san
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francisco symphony these amazing artists. [applause]. [♪] [♪]
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[♪] [♪]
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[♪] >> it is way past my bedtime. we have a question and answer period with our performers for that first show. once again, let's hear it from metallica and the assistant -- and the san francisco orchestra. my question is to larsen. i have to ask you, what does it mean to play back in the bay area, and specifically here in san francisco? >> it has been obviously having been based here for 37 years, 36 years, it is great to be back
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and celebrating this pick the last couple of appearances we have done in the greater bay area and we have played at the ballpark down the street. i believe it has been renamed in the last couple of months, that was a couple of that was a couple two and three years ago and the year or two before that we played at the thoughts -- fox theatre in oakland. and what we love about playing at home in san francisco couple of years before that, we played at rasputin's record store in berkeley. and every day we plate someplace different. every appearance has a different flavour appeared to be part of the celebrations is obviously amazing, and the fact that san francisco finally has a world-class arena is an amazing thing, no disrespect to the palace, but where we have played many times back in its heyday, but it is nice they have a
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facility right here in san francisco itself. so the fact that we have been invited by the organization to be part of this opening-night is an amazing thing, and as somebody who has championed san francisco for 35 years, it makes us incredibly proud. >> it is funny you mention the cow palace and you're opening chase center with the san francisco symphony. the last time the warriors played on this side of the bay in a game of any import was actually at the cow palace when they won the world championship in the spring of 75 beating the washington bullets i am a san francisco native so i remember everything that happens in daly city. >> to larson and james, obviously you have done this before, but what is the difference in what is it like, a
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rock band of your reputation performing with the san francisco symphony? >> their snort -- there's more people on stage, that's for sure and there is real musicians on stage. [laughter] and we are a lot more nervous. it adds to the power, it adds to the opportunities for dynamics, for creating moods with the music, bringing people in, walls of sound, all kinds of great opportunities added by having a symphony along with you, along for the ride. it is a beautiful opportunity. we are super proud that there is still cool things like this on the horizon for us and we are still able to explore and have some fun. >> i have a question for michael mike, on the other hand, how does the symphony orchestra come from a band like metallica, how
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do you prepare for that? >> that was two questions. how does it happen to happen? >> how do you come to play there >> i think nat king cole had a big hit in the 1950s which is -- [singing] >> i think it was something like that. >> well, that was fantastic. [applause]. >> it was an unexpected surprise my own experience, i have done quite a lot of big shows from the sydney opera house that has been -- and i worked quite a
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number of places with george martin back in my london days with various bands. it is really about the wall of the sound of this, and it is very much what we hoped in a scarily creative conversation we were just having, the three of us, is to explore some questions of how the many different families of instruments that are in the orchestra, many different sounds and textures and brass, and winds, and percussion, and all of these things can be used and be used as a multilayered dialogue which is what metallica 's music is all about. >> that is a good question too because when you think of the symphony, obviously the beautiful music created by the san francisco symphony, what is your rock collection look like at home? >> i have a lot of selenite, quartz, fluorite, i was really into it when i was a teenager.
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>> i will ask lars and james. what does your symphonic collection look like? >> it is the full circle. >> i have s. and m. >> this will be the first event at chase center. >> yes, the symphony and metallica. [laughter]. >> you are talking about symphony and metallica? >> absolutely. >> b.s. and i am room is something else. >> that's where you warm up. >> i am getting the wrapup signal already. >> we are just getting started. [laughter]. >> i would like to say that what happens to me is joshua calls up and says there is a concert of the symphony. come over, michael is conducting this thing, and i show up, and every time, it is an incredibly enriching experience, and to celebrate the final year of michael's incredible residency in san francisco, 25 years plus,
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was a kickoff that we are finally doing a creative project together, not just with the symphony and with the orchestra, but with michael himself, and what michael was alluding to, we have been standing backstage in the greenroom and throwing ideas at each other. the next six months we have the work cut out for us, but it will be a very special evening, and it will be a very different evening than it was in berkeley in 1999, and so that part is also really exciting. >> i am getting the wrapup sign here, so thank you to lars, james, and mike for being with us today. we look forward to seeing you and other band members, kirk, and robert, we hope to see them here. >> so do we. [laughter]. >> we hope they show up. [laughter] >> here in september we hope. >> thank you to everybody for joining us here today, not only here in person, but also on in b.c. sports bay area and on chase online.
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stay tuned because all week, it is reveal week. this is a simply the first event of a week's worth of revealed by the warriors in chase center. there will be a different reveal every day this week, so please join us for each day to know what will be going on and the initial events here at chase center, and have a great afternoon. thank you for being here. >> a reminder, tune into chase all week. have a great afternoon, everyone thank you for coming out. [applause] >> my name is amanda
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[inaudible] over see the girls sports program. when i came to san francisco and studied recreation and parks and towerism and after i graduated i moved to candlestick park and grain r gain adlot of experience work with the san francisco 49 and [inaudible] be agfemale in a vore sports dynamic facility. i coached volo ball on the side and as candle stick closed down the city had me move in92 too [inaudible] >> immediate interaction and response when you work with kids. i think that is what
2:39 pm
drives other people to do this. what drew me to come to [inaudible] to begin with for me to stay. i use today work in advertising as a media buyer and it wasn't fulfilling enough and i found a opportunity to be a writing coach. the moment [inaudible] you to take advantage of how you change and inspire a child by the words you say and actions you do. >> you have a 30 different programs for girls through rec and park and fast ball, soft ball and volley ball. i started the first volley ball league and very proud what i have done with that. being a leader for girls is passion and showing to be confident and being ambiggish and strong person. [inaudible] for about 5 years. programs offered
2:40 pm
thraw thirty-three rec and park and oversee thg prms about a year. other than the programs we offer we offer summer camp squz do [inaudible] during the summer and that is something i wherei have been able to shine in my role. >> couple years we started the civic center socking league and what an amazing opportunity it was and is it for kid in the neighborhood who come together every friday in the civic center plaza on green grass to run and play. you otonly see soccer and poetry but also see books t. is a really promoting literacy to our kid and giving them to tools to make it work at home. real fortunate to see the [inaudible] grow. >> girls get pressureed with society and i know that is obvious, but we see it every
2:41 pm
day, magazines, commercials the idea what a woman should look like but i like to be a strong female role for it goals that play sports because a lot of times they don't see someone strong in a female role with something connected with sports and athleticism and i love i can bring that to the table. >> soccer, poetry, community service. we now have field of dreams. we are [inaudible] all over the bay area and excited to be share our mission with other schools across the bay to really build the confidence and character of kids when they go out to play and close their eyes and think, why was [inaudible] we want to make sure-i want to make sure they remember me and remember the other folks who [inaudible] >> get out there and do it. who cares about what anybody else says. there will be poopal people that come up and want to wreck your ideas. that
2:42 pm
happen today eme when i went to candle stick part and wanted to [inaudible] people told me no left and right. whether you go out for something you are passionate about our something you want to grow in and feel people will say no. go out and get it done. i can be the strong leader female and i love that. i'm nicole and lindsey, i like the fresh air. when we
2:43 pm
sign up, it's always so gratifying. we want to be here. so i'm very excite ied to be here today. >> your volunteerism is appreciated most definitely. >> last year we were able to do 6,000 hours volunteering. without that we can't survive. volunteering is really important because we can't do this. it's important to understand and a concept of
2:44 pm
learning how to take care of this park. we have almost a 160 acres in the district 10 area. >> it's fun to come out here. >> we have a park. it's better to take some of the stuff off the fences so people can look at the park. >> the street, every time, our friends. >> i think everybody should give back. we are very fortunate. we are successful with the company and it's time to give back. it's a great place for us. the weather is nice. no rain. beautiful san
2:45 pm
francisco. >> it's a great way to be able to have fun and give back and walk away with a great feeling. for more opportunities we have volunteering every single day of the week. get in touch with the parks and recreation center so come >> my name tom hewitt. first of all, i would like to welcome everyone to come to this fair. this safety fair, we trying to educate the public regarding how to prepare themselves during and after the earthquake and then to protect themselves for next 72 hours. >> hi. my name's ed sweeney.
2:46 pm
i'm the director of services at department of building inspection, and we put together a great fair for the city of san francisco to come down and meet all the experts. we've got engineers, architects. we have builders, we have government agencies. >> well, we have four specific workshops. we have the accessible business entrance. >> my name is leah, and i am the assistant manager with the department of small business. i am leading the new accessibility ordinance that helps existing owners better comply with existing access laws. so all buildings that have places of public accommodation in san francisco, they must
2:47 pm
comply with this ordinance. >> the a.d.e. was setup by the board of supervisors, and the ordinance was passed about a year ago. >> one of the biggest updates that we have is that the deadlines were extended, so all of the deadlines were extended by six months. >> and it's really to help the public, the business community to be specific, to cut down on the amount of drive by lawsuits. >> so on this workshop, we're going to be covering what the compliance looks like, what business examiand property owne need to know how to comply with the ordinance. we'll also talk about the departments that are involved, including the office of small business, department of building inspection, planning department, as well as the mayor's office on disability. >> hi. i'm marselle, and i manage a team at the building department.
2:48 pm
today, we'll cover the meaning of a.d.u.s, more commonly known as accessory dwelling units. we'll talk about the code and permitting processes, and we'll also talk about legalizing existing dwelling units that are currently unwarranted. >> this is the department of building inspection's residential remodelling workshop. my name is senior electrical inspector cheryl rose, and at this workshop, we're going to be answering questions such as do i need an electrical permit when i'm upgrading my dwelling, when do i need to have planning involved in a residential remodel, and what's involved with the coerce process? we're going to also be reviewing inspection process, and the permitting process for residential remodel in san francisco.
2:49 pm
there's always questions that need answers. it's a mystery to the general public what goes on in construction, and the more we can clarify the process, the more involved the consumer can be and feel comfortable with the contractors they're working with and the product they're getting in the results. if you have questions that aren't addressed in this workshop, you're always welcome to come up to the third floor of 1660 mission street, and we're happy to discuss it with you and find out what you need to do. >> the program is very successful. the last piece is already 60% in compliance. >> well, we have a very important day coming up. it's sept 15. last four has to be compliance, which means that the level four people that have to register with us and give us a basic indication of how they're going to deal with their seismic issues on their building.
2:50 pm
>> i'm francis zamora, and i'm with the san francisco department of emergency management, and today we talked about how to prepare for emergencies in san francisco. and so that's really importantiimportant. in san francisco, it's no secret. we live in earthquake country. there's a big chance we will be involved in a major earthquake in the next 30 years, but we don't have to be afraid. these are going to be your first responders outside of the police officers, paramedics, first responders, these are going to be the people that come to your aid first. by getting to know your neighbors, you're going to know who needs help and who can help in case of an emergency. one of the great ways to do that is for signing7for nert, san francisco neighborhood emergency response team. it teaches you how to take care of yourself, your loved ones,
2:51 pm
and your neighborhood in the case of an emergency. information is just as important as water and food in an emergency. san francisco has an emergency text message alert system, called text sf. if there's some kind of an emergency happening in san francisco or your neighborhood, it could be a police action, a big fire, a tsunami or an earthquake. all you have to do is text your citizenship code to 888777, and your mobile phone is automatically registered for alert sf. >> my name is fernando juarez, and i'm a fire captain with the san francisco fire department. we have a hire extinguisher training system. you want to pull the pin, stand
2:52 pm
at least 8 feet away, aim it at the base. if you're too close, the conical laser that comes out, it's too small, and the fire won't go out on the screen. if you step back, the conical shape on the screen is bigger, and it will take the fire go out faster. so it can tell when you're too close. >> my name is alicia wu, and i'm the director of a san francisco based nonprofit. since 2015, we go out to the public, to the community and provide training in different topics. today we're doing c.p.r., controlling external feeding and how to do perfect communications
2:53 pm
in each topic, and also, i hope that they can bring it home and start gathering all the supplies for themselves to. >> on any given day in san francisco, we're very well resourced in terms of public safety professionals, but we all know in the event of a large scale disaster, it will be hours and days before the public safety professionals can get to you, so we encourage people to have that plan in place, be proactive. there's websites. we have a wonderful website called it tells you how to prepare yourself, your family, your pets, your home, your workplace. we can't emphasize enough how important it is to be
2:54 pm
>> hi, i'm corn field and welcome to doing building san francisco, we are doing a special series, called stay safe, how you can stay in your home safely and comfortable, and we know that an earthquake is coming and there are things that you can do to reduce the effects of the earthquake on your home. let's take a look at that. >> here at the spur urban center on mission street in san francisco talking about staying in your home after an earthquake. i have guests today, pat buscavich and his dog, harvey and david, and both structural engineers and we want to talk about things that you might do before an earthquake to your home to make it more likely that your home will be ha bitable after an earthquake, what should we do? both structural and maybe even important non-structural things. >> you hear about how to prepare an earthquake kit and
2:55 pm
brace your book shelves and water tank and that is important. what you have to be careful is make sure that you are not going the easy things to make yourself feel better. if you have a bad structure, a bad building, then you need to be looking at that and everything that you do to keep your collectables in place is small and compared. if you have taken care of your structure, then there is a lot of stuff that you can do in your house that is non-structural and your chimney and water tank. >> let's talk about what the structural things might be. >> and he is exactly right. you don't want to make the deck chairs safe on the titanic, it is going down, you are going down, you have to make sure that your house is safe. there are basic things that you need to do including bracing the water heater, not just because of fire hazard but because of the water source and the damage, but basic things are installing anchor bolts, and adding plywood and strapping your beams to column
2:56 pm
and posts to footings and foundations are really easy things to do and most contractors can do the building department is set up to approve this work, and these are things that every home owner should do, and it is a little harder because you have to get a building permit and hire a contractor. but you want to be able to after a big earthquake to climb in bed that night and pull the covers up and say i don't have to worry about going to a government shelter. >> that is the main focus that it is great to have an earthquake kit to be able to bug out for 72 hours. here is a better idea, stay in your own home and in order to do that you have to be make sure that your structure is okay. if you have a house, the easy things to do with the wood construction is feasible. if you have a renter or you live in a concrete building, you need to talk to the building own , and make sure they have done their due diligence and find out what the deficiencies are. >> when i have looked at
2:57 pm
damaged buildings,vy seen that a little bit of investment in time and money and structural work provides great dividends. >> especially if it is the wood frame, typical house that you can do the things that i was talking about, the anchor and the plywood in the first garage area, you know if you refinanced in the last three years, get some of that savings and it is a really good investment. and the other thing that i try to tell people, earthquake insurance is not the solution to the shelter in place, if there is a big earthquake and your building is damaged, you are not in your house, you may be somewhere else, if you work in the city, it is going to be really hard to commute from sonoma, you want to do what is necessary so that your house is retrofitted and a couple of years of earthquake premium could get you to a level that you could be in the house after a significant earthquake and it may have damage and there is still a shelter in place where you are at home and you are not worried for the government taking care of you and you are living in a place where you can go to work and you want to have
2:58 pm
your wood frame house is really easy to get to that level. on top of the wood frame house, i mean every wood frame house in the west half of the city have a water tank and the water tank fall over because they are gas fired and start fires. and that is something that you could do for yourself, and for your neighbors and for the whole city is make sure that your water tank is braced. >> if you look at the studies that are predicting on fires, we are going to have a lot of fires and for every water tank that is braced there is a potential of one less fire that the fire department is going to have to fight and we don't want to have any more fires than we need to. so bracing the water heater is the first thing that you want to do. >> and so easy, and you go on-line and you google, earthquake, water and heater and you google the sites where you can find the details and you can put them out there on the hardware store and you can hire a small contract tore do that for you. that is a couple of hundred bucks, the best investment. if you are in other types of
2:59 pm
building it is complicated. if you are in a high-rise building you just can't anchor your building down because there are no anchor bolts, but at that point, the tenant should be asking questions of the owner's and the managers about earthquake preparedness >> and don't take the easy answer, oh, our building is safe it was designed to code. that is not the right answer, ask the tough questions and see if you can get a report that has been given to you. >> what is the right question? will i be able to stay in my home after the expected earthquake? is that a good question to ask? >> yeah, you may be more specific if you talk to the owner, if it is not a recent building, if it is ten or 20 years old see if they had an inspection done and there you will have a written before that will tell you all about the structure. >> thanks, pat. >> thanks, harvey. and thanks david for joining us and thank you for joining us on
3:00 pm
>> good morning. today is wednesday, march 20, 2019. this is the regular meeting of the abatement appeals board. i would like to remind everyone to please turnoff all electronic devices. the first item on the agenda is roll call. [ro [roll cal [roll call] >> clerk: we have a quorum. the next item is item b, the oath. will all parties giving testimony today please stand and