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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  March 31, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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there's been some efficiencies added. lott items in the strategic plan are depending on funding. we've addressed needs related to e.m.s. we talk about alternative destinations in the strategic plan, expanding e.m.s.6. we've been very successful so far in those efforts. there's a number of changing federal programs with regards to alternative destinations. you may have heard there's been some changes by medicare. there's been pilot programs with the department is looking at participating in with regards to reimbursement for transporting patients to other care facilities. danother one of the highlights was to improve radio and
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dispatch systems. that is winding down over the next year or so. just as that's winding down, we're in the initial stages of the city computer aid dispatch cad project. that is headed by d.e.m. we are very active participant in that. we'll be long the way member of the steering committee and technical and operational support. upgrading the current system to something to take advantage of today's technologies to improve overall delivery of service and response. on the fire prevention on the investigation side, some of the goals from the strategic plan is to evaluate staffing levels. we've done that in the past couple of years mainly surrounding the initiatives put forth by the mayor's office be it community development, street changes, a.d.u.s.
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related to that are the analysis and the work the bureau is putting in as part of the overall transition to the one-stop permit centre for the city. the goal is a make much more efficient process for the end user. there's a lot of planning that is going to that, be it work flow and technology. we're very much part of those discussions. on the community programs of partnership side, as we've discussed at previous meetings, increase community outreach and
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education. there's been great collaboration on outreach. there's been much more work with other agencies as chief cochrane mentioned. partnering with other federal, state and local agencies as well as internally well police department and other city agencies. we have made a lot of progress on internal communications as well mainly surrounding technologies and ways of communicating staff both on and off duty. we've increased our social media presence both education but also information. those are efforts that continue and we're continuing to expand. health and william, th -- welln, the goal is to build on existing resources as well as expand it.
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we proud the additional training and working currently on mental health insurance contract that is in progress. we received a number of awards through h.h.s. city agency for number of grants and exercise equipment, additional training, nutritional information. we tried to provide that to department as well. we brought on hygienist to help with the safety and policy procedures. from an infrastructure perspective, one of the initiatives was to secure or expand revenue generation and funding alternatives. we have ilindicated funding in. we've explored a number of other supplemental funding programs
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via reimbursements on the e.m.s. said. those initiatives continue. we're looking at expanding and establishing a grants committee department wide which would help in the vetting projects and the information grants department wade. we're reevaluating our fleet program as part of the program budget process. we have streamlined the
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specification development to make the most efficient vehicle that fit our need. technology wise, we tried to expand the tools available to first responders. be it tablet or application available. tools become more available that will continue those efforts for sure. we're working close with department of technology on infrastructure and improving our overall network from security perspective but also from a performance perspective. finally only recruitment staffing and training, we've expanded the scope of the recruitment committee and a member assigned to ar recruitmet efforts. we've tried to level those to special events. they work very much and hand in hand for training and staffing, we're viewing staffing levels both on the e.m.s. side as part
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of the budget. in the strategic plan it talks about training, availability for members just for carrier advancement for professional development. i think we've started it with the agreement with city college. we're looking to expand that as we go further tooff variety -- offer variety of training. we're providing training and current day training for the department internally. there's been a number of in-house training whether it's props development, training equipment development. we'll continue to address the unique needs of the city talking about elevators and those kinds
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of things. they've been very resourceful providing great training. expanding that through the scope not only the current facility but hopefullies a you said, new facility. as we go through the tricks will be discussing with chief nicholson about the strategic plan and forming some workers at the plant. happy to answer any questions. >> president nakajo: thank you very much. chief nicholson. >> we are open to questions now. >> president nakajo: thank you very much, chief. at this particular point, commissioner cleaveland.
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>> commissioner cleaveland: des to have very good and vibrant strategic plan. you giving us a good update on the fair departments. is there something you can give us in written form and provide your report to the commissioner so we can have time to further study and digest it and compare it to the strategic plan that was put together about 30 years ago? i had a question on the a. -- alternative destination. is that something we can move forward on? do we have to have medicare and -- do we have to have state and federal sanction to take somebody to an alternative place in the hospital? >> i are defer to the chief on this question.
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>> it's a pilot project now. ipatients will be able to be transported to facility that's more appropriate through medical needs. most critical will go to one type of facility maybe to a secondary facility for other. it's still just pilot project that hasn't launched yet. we are interested becoming part of that pilot project but we haven't thought of the applications for it yet. >> when you talk about pilot project, is it 1001 polk street? >> that all that is has to get approved. there need to be state approval, federal approval. there's lot of other moving
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parts. >> commissioner cleaveland: it's not easy. we're working on that. it's part of the e.m.s.6, is that part of that? >> they'll be part of that. i'm working on this idea. >> commissioner cleaveland: once we do that, we can take some the pressure off hospitals. interesting, we can 24 them to a place more appropriate. you want to give another shot out to our p.i.o. officer. i think our department is doing a good job researching out to a community from day one. we needed to reach out to the community in big way in terms of
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fire prevention. i applaud our fire marshal and poa officers. grant writer, what's the status on the grant write? do we have one on board? >> not at this time. we're still reviewing some applications. we're looking at opening it up for a longer period. not closing it out. open it occupy to see if there's any quest -- question. we're evaluating opening it up for additional application. >> can we steal one of them from the police department? >> i know they have union
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tomorrow. for professional development for amoebas of the cit -- members oe college. we can make that part of being a fire fighting in the city and county of san francisco. you can pursue your education. i think it will be great. >> it came up a number of times in the strategic development of the strategic plan.
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>> thank you very much. >> president nakajo: i forgot to ask public comment on the police report? we'll continue with questions from commissioners. commissioner alioto veronese. >> commissioner veronese: i'm happy to be the other half of the insinuation to see if they want it work here the fire department. it we talked about this after the last meeting, we need specific people it have done grant writing. it's been almost year now sinces
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it. >> i agree. we were proved and able move. we went down a variety of path surfacer outreach for interests. we're evaluating that as wellly to see if there were avenues of additional >> does this allows for direct recruiting? >> many financia have we considd doing recruit? >> i don't think we focused on any activities is -- they want
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new ceo of the company and they look for them. maybe we should stur - -- just putting it out to the willing gotten us to where we are. >> we have done that for other civilian classifications. other job board and left leth -- >> thank you sop for the work you're doing. >> commissioner veronese: i appreciate your partnership and your office's participation. chief cochran on the drone, do we have estimated date when we'll see drone flaying?
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you know this question was coming right? >> i don't have the the exact date. we did meet with the city attorney. she did give us additional language. that should be given to 2 prior to the next meeting. then it goes to cl -- it's getting closer. >> commissioner veronese: thank you for your help than peer support. chief nil olson. is there a date when station 5 penned. we're looking at ribbon cutting on april april 17th.
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>> commissioner veronese: statir right? engine 5 has been up at station 38? >> correct. they've been at station 6. don't station 38 have als as all? >> yes. >> it make made a hole. >> engine 38 is typically b.l.s.
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when we returned jane five to stakes six, we made agent 38. >> commissioner veronese: have we learned anything from that experience? we plan on keeping a.l.s. at 32. it goal goal of every engine are we going to the qrv model? >> these things all up for dugs now. eir don't have exact which way we're doing and spoon.
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ohio i wander. it require change and funds. >> you seen ramping up of a.l.s. companies. every engine has the same make-up of employees. same level of service. >> commissioner veronese: it opens up opportunities for people to go from station 49 to engines? if we open up more of those spots? >> yes. >> commissioner veronese: thanks chief. >> did we conclude our discussions agreement with the port on station 35? >> we're moving along on it. yes.
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>> commissioner veronese: final comment will be on your selection on battalion chief wharf. one issue who we will have on the fire.
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>> commissioner veronese: one quick follow-up question for mrg mentioned about the historic vehicles in the strategic plan. is there any possibility that we can work some language into our strategic plan that can come back and be adopted by the commission that would speak to the care of our heritage of the fire department? >> i don't remember any language in the current strategic plan dealing with taking care of our technique vehicles. i do not believe specifically, dealing with technique apparatus. there's a section regarding facilities. i think that can be kind of
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umbrella to determine the needs of the department both operational storage of current vehicle. z hardema hard -- >> commissioner hardeman: it might be good to work up language that speak to the protection of the historic apparatus fire engine and trucks. >> president nakajo: thank you very much. >> commissioner hardeman: congrt chief. that was good to give you a chance to feel part of the team early on.
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you got the budget there waiting to be finalized and presented. i know supposed to be meeting with supervisor peskin and safai. we'll be meeting in april after the details. are you free for time to work on that? strategic plan, there's no hurry on that. seem like you've been requested to move that along. i don't see any speed needed in my personal opinion. >> i'm not questioning whoever told you to do it. >> i think strategic plan -- those two things are very much related. budget and strategic plan. all the initiatives we discussed, they've tied directly to lot of the things that have been identified in the strategic
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plan. it's kind of always going on just like our budget. it's related to the budget. we're working with the mayor's office on a number of initiatives that what requests are. we should have some additional clarity over the next couple of months leading up to the mayor's budget submitting to the board. we will be meeting with the mayor's office with the supervisors as well and through the budget process. we'll keep the commission updated. we do appreciate the support of the commission and initiative to reach out to lot of the supervisors. >> commissioner hardeman: thank you. >> president nakajo: thank you very much. chief nicholson, not any questions, some acknowledgements
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in terms your choice and selection in -- congratulations in they weres -- terms of this endeavor. i want to thank chief mark gonzalez for all of the years and dedication he provided for this department. truly dedication, truly hard work. i know you love this department, chief. we appreciate everything you've done for this department as well i enjoyed your lineup tonight. good job in terms of that as well. i know that made some references i want to acknowledge chief rivera talked about the depot. we have personnel director or person in charge of that.
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i think that's an outstanding job in terms all the request that comes to that department. i appreciate everything that occurred, strategic development update. director corso something that came out of the interview. every one of those candidate interviews was of great substance and great information. what it did for us, bring us up to core in that strategic plan. it's based on that development of where we are, what we're doing and it's a great tool. thank you very much director corso for that. thank you very much chief. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> president nakajo: madam
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secretary. [agenda item read] >> president nakajo: at this particular agenda item on commissioner's report is there anything to report? >> commissioner hardeman: [indig good meeting. we're talking about the guardians of the technique that we have. last year, missmoker i came back from san diego and i was criticizing san francisco. san francisco does have a museum. they have museum out of station 10. you didn't have a rite right to criticize our museum. it didn't come out right. my point was that san diego has such huge museum, so many
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historic vehicles in it. that's what i would like to see. i didn't want -- i've been good saying that -- [indiscernible] it would be nice to have dedicated face for -- space for 10 or 12 vehicles. i like to acknowledge kelly. she was fantastic. whenever you need to get some information, we have the secretary. we have to talk to chief liaison and kelly was always interest and information helping out the commissioners weekend, one time on a saturday night, she got gac
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tgac, back to me. i felt so bad. she was fantastic. we talk about the budget
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already. we want to be prepared. i'm prepared to meet with the supervisors. i'm sure commissioner peskin will be delighted to meet with me. that was it. thank you. >> president nakajo: thank you very much. vice president covington. >> vice president covington: th. i really would like to echo
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commissioner hardeman's statements regarding the art of fire event last saturday at the palace. we were by commissioner veronese. it was nice it see so many members of the department turn out and honorees that received white helmets and to meet them was very good. people were very excited to see the photograph that he took. very talented man. lot of us miss him very much. i knew him in another context and also met him again when i joined the fire commission. it was a really wonderful evening. we need these opportunities to
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get together and just to have a good time. i know the retirement of our current chief of the department, we will be gathering once again with music and fanfare and all of that. i look forward to it. thank you all very much. >> president nakajo: thank you. commissioner veronese. >> commissioner veronese: you want to thank the individuals who participated in the pier support on tuesday. thank you chief for that. it was a fruitful meeting. i think we're slowly making progress. i think that in the next two or three months we should have pretty good outline what a good pier support unit should look like. the commission and new chief and everybody under her can consider if there's resources exist and
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how we can go after them. these are small steps but good steps. thank you for participating in that. hats to tony stefani who gave a wonderful event. this is an issue that's important to you and the department. i'm hoping if you haven't seen the video, hoping they'll show you video of you and the shaving cream. i thought that was a great video. the other video that they put together, i don't know if it's available online, i encourage everybody to go take a look at it. it's pretty good piece they did about cancer and the fire department. hats off to tony, great job. i'm sure there's a ton of money
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for the cause. also to andrea cowan, she did an amazing job. she was the executive director of the event. really a tremendous job. she comes from a language line of firefighters as well. i'm hoping this commission can look at that issue and do something significant and pushing departments nationwide forward. thanks a lot. >> president nakajo: thank you very much commissioner veronese.
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at this point, madam secretary. item 7 please. [agenda item read] >> president nakajo: did i take public comment on the commissioner report? i will ask for public comment for the commission report? public comment is closed. we are agenda item 7 for the next and future fire commission meeting. inknow we have scheduled a presentation by the fire reserves at the next fire exhibition. >> i confirmed that with command buckley. >> president nakajo: thank you very much. i want top thank you for postponing your resolution until
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they did the research and investigate some issues and questions in terms that resolution that you were proposing. at this point, vice president covington? >> vice president covington: th. just as a follow-up to some of the discussions we've had. i think we need an update on the memorandum of understanding between the department and the guardians of the city. we've been going around this. three out of the five commissioners this evening mentioned the technique apparatus. we need to see if there has been any movement in terms of the cooperative agreement. memorandum of understanding. >> president nakajo: thank you very much. we'll take that under
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consideration. in terms of the guardians the city. >> commissioner hardeman: chief, it's fantastic in this video. by brought it up couple of months ago on station five. in order to show that, chief nicholson, it's about five minutes long. it came on again. it's just a great thing. it would be really good for the audience to see it. they're not going to bother on it. i can't believe they sit through us every meeting like they do. it will be good thing to expose rest of san francisco.
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they like watching this. they did good job. we showed that the new station, how fantastic it's being built and the compl complications andw wonderful it is. hopefully, maybe the first meeting in april if we haven't gone to the grand opening yet. we can see it. i'll leave it in the hands of the president and acting chief to decide. >> president nakajo: thank you very much. we'll take that under consideration. only other thing that i have, thank you for waiting until after you come back from vacation for your resolution on
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24th. i think it's appropriate that all resolutions have the full attendance of all commissioners on items that are very important for us. for myself, commissioners, we have new e.m.s. director. i'm not quite sure if allful us met the new e.m.s. director. i'm not sure if you're aware there's another effort for hiring with dispatchers. i thought as some point, accordingly if we can agendize that, we might be able to request a new director of the e.m.s. to come give us an update is. having said that, you call for public comment on item 7. seeing none, public comment is closed. at this point. i'll entertain adjourn by the memory of bob terito.
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thank you very much chief nickelson. i'll take a motion for adjournment. thank you very much. this meeting adjourned. >> thank you all for being here so early in the morning. and, i've got to tell you, we're here early because the fire commission has a meeting at 9:0:00 a.m., so
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this is the best time. nothing is more important to me in the city than public safety. and as a former fire commissioner, i've worked closely with the department on issues impacting our city. as a former supervisor, i saw how critical the department is in responding to fires and emergencies in the district. and as mayor, i see every day the important role that the department plays in keeping our city safe. and i know how critical this department is when a disaster strikes. we have some amazing men and women who go out every single day to protect our residents and to do the hard work. they run towards the danger. these men and women deserve a leader who has seen what they've seen, who have fought those same fires. who knows what all of them are going through on a day-to-day basis.
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and i am pleased to announce that i have chosen a leader for the department that has done all of that and more. it is my honor to announce that the next fire chief for the city and county of san francisco will be deputy chief janine nicholson. [applause] [applause] >> chief nicholson is a dedicated public servant and a tremendous leader and has put her heart into san francisco and the fire department. she has been a firefighter, a paramedic, a lieutenant, a captain, a battalion chief and deputy chief. she will be the second woman to lead this department after chief joanne hayes white, and
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the first lgbt fire chief in our city's history. [applause] >> she has survived being burned in a fire in 2009. she has survived breast cancer. she has been on the frontline fighting fires, and she has saved lives as a paramedic. she has done the complicated work as a deputy chief to manage multiple divisions. this woman is tough. this woman is resilient. this woman is a leader. and i am confident that she will lead the department on day one. before bring up deputy chief nicholson to the podium, i want to take this opportunity to recognize our current fire chief, joanne hayes white for her years of service to the city and county of san francisco. [applause]
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>> thank you, chief, for not only your work as chief over the years, but also your support during this really challenging transition. and i also would like to thank all of the members of our fire commission. we actually have a quorum here today. the number of interviews that they had to do is the number of interviews i never would want to do for any position. but they were absolutely amazing. president nicoshi, and commissioners, thank you so much for your commitment and the countless hours you spent to help us make the right choice for our next fire chief. i also want to thank so many of the men and women in the department, again, for your role, for your
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patience, and all of the work that you continue to do to make sure that our department is one of the best in the country. and, i see that tom o'connor is here. i didn't know you would be here? did you fly back from l.a. -- or d.c.? you didn't leave? i want to thank tom o'connor for being here, who was the executive director of the local 798 union. i know sean buford is in d.c. and couldn't be with us. i see sherman tilman with the black firefighters -- so many people who played a role in helping to make this selection. and the former fire commissioner, thank you so much for being here. this was a very difficult decision to make, and i also want to thank all of the candidates who applied, as well as so many candidates who put countless hours into just really doing the work so
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that we could vet everyone and make the right decision here. thank you to our elected officials who are here, including the only supervisor who showed up this morning, supervisor walton. [applause] >> treasurer jose, and our city attorney, dennis. we have so many incredible leaders in our city. and now as we move forward to address what we know are serious challenges that we face as a city with public safety, i know we're going to be in good hands with our next fire chief. ladies and gentlemen, deputy chief janine nicholson. fla[applause] >> good morning, san francisco. i warned the mayor this morning that i'm a hugger, and she didn't want a hug.
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just give me the stiff arm. i'm good with that. i can respect boundaries. so good morning, everyone. first of all, i'd like to thank mayor breed for this incredible, incredible opportunity and honor. thank you so much. thank you chief hayes white for bringing me into your command staff. and thank you to all of my colleagues, all of you. i am excited to work for the breed administration, which is one of bold new ideas. i am honored to be able to continue to serve the citizens of san francisco. i am extremely humbled to lead this department and all of our firefighters, e.m.t.s, paramedics, investigators, inspectors, and civilians. one of the things i love about the fire department is that it is always a team effort.
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i appreciate the hard work you do every single day. 24/7, 365. you are my family. i love this city and this department, and i love being of service. i vow to work hard, to continue to carry out the mission and vision of the san francisco fire department, and to keep moving us forward in a positive way. thank you, all. and, mayor breed, again, with humility and determination, i accept. now let's get back to work. [applause] >> short and sweet, just the way we like it in the morning. i also want to take this opportunity to recognize our police chief, bill
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scott, who is here, and our sheriff, vicki hennessey. thank you both for joining us this morning. at this time, i would like to give our chief, joanne hayes white, an opportunity to say a few words. >> thank you, mayor breed. good morning, everyone. this will be even shorter and much sweeter. i'm thrilled to be here. i wanted to acknowledge mayor breed for her emphasis always and prioritization of public safety of first responders and the critical role that they play in our city. so thank you for that. and i'm also here to offer my heartiest congratulations to janine nicholson. she has worked diligently in over 25 years with the san francisco fire department. she gets the importance of teamwork, which is what we're all about. within our department and working with other city agencies. and i was really proud last year to promote her to deputy chief of of administration, where i think on top of her
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excellent career, she got a taste of what it is like to work and juggle different priorities. and you shined in that role. so i wholeheartedly endorse mayor breed's selection. and i wanted to acknowledge the fire commission and the panel that worked to select our new fire chief. we both guarantee, chief nicholson and i, a very smooth transition. i'm here working and i'll finish strong. i know nothing different. the next five to se six weeks will be a period of transition. chief nicholson and i will be working shoulder to shoulder to make sure this city is protected and safe. and that's what we commit to, and that's what the city deserves. thank you very much. and also to the command staff, everybody stand up that is here, that actually works in the fire department. tom sherman, olivia -- this is part of the team. thank you very much. deputy chief gonzales over
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there. and thank you to chief scott and sheriff hennessey and other department heads that are here as well. good morning, and have a great day. >> thank you, chief. and the folks who actually, again, did a lot of the heavy lifting, with the countless numbers of interviews was our fire commission, starting with president king cleveland -- when king cleveland served as president, and steve nicoshio carrying on that legacy. i wanted to ask our president of the san francisco fire commissioner, steve, to say a few words, please. [applause] >> thank you very much, mayor breed. we, on behalf of the fire commission, and cleveland commissioner, and covington commission, and commissioner hartiman, express our support.
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congratulations, chief nicholson. at this point, as well, we want to thank and appreciate the 15 years of service that joanne hayes white has served this great city. we are looking forward to working together to accomplish what we need to do. we are the fire department, we save lives, we respond to emergencies. we ensure that the buildings in san francisco are safe, and we make sure that our duties and staff are well-kept. thank you very much, mayor breed, for this. congratulations, and as we say, let's get working. thank you. [applause] >> all right. that concludes our press conference. there will be a swearing in at a later date. you all will be invited. i'm really excited about this, along with so many other incredible things happening in san francisco. thank you all for taking your morning to be here.
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and, again, congratulations to our new fire chief. and we will be happy to take questions on the side from the press. that concludes the press conference today. thank you. [applause]is meeting of the
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board of directors. will you please call the roll, ms. boomer? [roll call] >> you have a quorum. >> chairman: thank you very much.
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>> please silence you cell phones and all electronic equipment. please be advised that the ringing of cell phones and other electronic devices are prohibited at the meeting. any person responsible for one going off may be asked to leave the room. cell phones set on vibrate cause microphone interference so the board respectfully require requests ty be turn off. >> chairman: is there any public comment on the march 4 speaking comments. >> i do not have a speaking card. >> chairwoman: that is closed. all those in favor say yea. >> yea. >> item five, communications, mr. chair, i have none. item six, introduction of new or unfinished business by board members. >> chairman: i will give other board members a chance to weigh in if they have new or unfinished business of their own. but as some of