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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  April 6, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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going, i'm just wondering what is the resources. >> i will have to get back to you with a specific number. >> i have a follow up question to this. which is some of this is durable. you don't need to sit down and talk about tacos and talk about public awareness. the other thing i would like you to tell us, those are some costs, so what would a campaign like this look like going forward? >> that's an excellent question. going forward, we've spoken with p.u.c. staff just to talk about the principle, but because they are having this big event in april where they get to, you know, announce really that they've enrolled so
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much of the city -- they don't want to rebrand. there's been a brand that's been incredibly effective. we are look to do this. they would need to trek the princip -- tweak the principle ads. the question is the cost of available budget. we haven't heard any definitive numbers at this point, it's all theoretical. >> yes. >> hi. program manager, communications and community engagement. just to answer your question, commissioner wan, i believe it was a two-month fly for the campaign, i believe it was 200,000. so that was the time for engaging our agency, the media buy, creative services, research, testing -- so our
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time was separate from that, but that was for the entire campaign. >> any other questions? if not, do we have any public comment on this item? mr. brooks? >> hello. eric brooks again, san francisco clean energy advocates. excuse me. getting over that cold, and californians for energy choice. this is really good. the tacos and the garlic fries, that's really good. the funding for the next round of this -- and hopefully, there'll be funding for the next round of this. i've got a done of key messages, the key thing that i saw that was missing on the bus line, but it's really crucial. the sfpuc is this same problem
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in its marketing. cleanpowersf has to be just as big as the word tacos and probably just as noticeable, probably in green because people need to be able to go to their phone, open their phone, and tap in that's a simple thing that will make this more effective. the other thing that's really techie that's really crucial, even on on-line ads and other places where people can interact with their cell phone with the marketing, is put the like q.r. code up on the ad. you've seen them for cryptocurrency, it's not just the bars, it's the little scrambled thing when you get on amtrak. put those things on each ad so
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when somebody's reading the paper or they're on the bus, they see the ad, there's a q.r. code that says use your phone to track this app and sign up. >> thank you. any other comments? if not, we'll go onto the next item. thank you. >> clerk: the next item is item eight, director's report. the explanatory document is the director's report. this item is for discussion. >> and before we have our director give the report, i just wanted to point out that something very, very cool happened because she was listed -- let me get the proper title here. to director debbie raphael was added to the list of the
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world's 100 most influential people in climate policy, and this prestigious group includes post francis, paris mayor, al gore, congress woman alexandra ocasio-cortez, and the list goes on. but we are so proud of your work. [applause] >> the work, the recognition that people who are -- who are in this area, i just watched when we had the global climate summit in san francisco, and when you said you were a member of this commission, commission on the environment, they were just like do you know debbie raphael? it's just a wonderful
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indication for our city. it's embraced with heart and feeling and such deep commitment, to thank you. [applause] >> oh, yeah. when i saw that, at first, i thought it was a gimmick that they wanted money out of me or something, and then, i realized that apolitical was something in the u.k. there were two cities on the list, copenhagen and san francisco. i do agree, president bermejo, that it speaks to the world what san francisco is doing, just like all the people that are listed, it's so much beyond all individuals, it's what they do collectively. it's getting late, and my list
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of what's on here is so incredibly inspiring, so i'm just going to go quickly because i want to call some things out. i want to say congratulations to commissioner wan, and her award was such a kick to see it and so much fun to read about your history. we've had some milestones, the electric vehicle working group, that we've been working on this 1.5 years. this is going before the mayor for her review and decision. i'm going to be meeting with the mayor the day after tomorrow to talk about our environmental agenda, so this will be one thing on the list of many things that i will be talking about with the mayor. just so you know, the zero rollout, we are making incredible progress on that.
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no our green business awards, i definitely want to thank commissioners wan and an, who came. i know everybody was not able to make it, but it was phenomenal, don't you agree? yeah, it was amazing. we recognized more than 100 certified green businesses. that's more than we ever recognized. today, he had a deep honor being invited by the rec and park department. they do something once a year called rec park university where they give a conference experience to line staff who normally wouldn't get to go to conferences, and so they asked me to come talk about zero 8100 roots, and the energy that i caught from the people in the audience was phenomenal and just made me so proud of how deep our commitment is and city staff to do what they can for climate. mike is not here anymore but was so fascinated to your question, commissioner wald, about examples of working on
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energy efficiency with p.u.c. we actually had a very interesting meeting with barbara hale and mike hiyams t talk about the future, either through the funding charges which p.u.c. will have to apply for? it's labor intensive and we're committed to working with them. it's also committed to exploring revenues with cleanpowersf. once after enrollment expands, they should have more revenue, and we gave them some options for energy plans that they could help us fund. lastly, i want to remind you that earth day breakfast is not happening this year. the mayor made the decision that she didn't want to focus on one event, but a month of service, a month of action.
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so we have been reimagining our earth day celebrations, so we are having an s.f. month of climate action. we'll be launching that on april 1, with the mayor, along with other announcements, so look for that, we'll give you more information once we have it. there will be a month of opportunities for all of us to participate, from planting trees to putting solar in to cleaning up the city. we're launching a website around climate action that people can do. it's also movies and lectures. there's so much going on in the city in april. we will let you know just like we did with gcas what some opportunities are for you to represent the city in april. and then, of course on april 24, which i hope you all have on your calendars, that is a closing reception, it is an evening reception in the green room where we will be celebrating a month of action and based on the work that you have done, the first ever
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mayor's environmental service award. so we will be launching that and mayor breed will give the first inaugural service award which we hope will be an annual event. we've given her a list of potential candidates, so we'll be working with her on that. so i'm very excited. it's been exhausting and exhilarating. i want to give a shout out to those who have been working so hard. and i want to end the meeting with an introduction. i hate to do this to giana, but i will because it'll put context to you. this is the new tamar. >> oh. >> oh, welcome. >> yes. i'm giana.
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this is my second day working for the department of environment? i am super honored and grateful to be joining such a strong team and to be picking up where tamar left off and hopefully to be taking the environmental education to the next level? i'm an irmt environmental educationo -- i'm an environmental educator, and it's exciting to educate the next level of environmental educators. thank you for having me. >> welcome. [applause] >> any questions regarding the director's report? any public comment? hearing none, next item. >> clerk: the next item is item nine, committee reports. this item is for discussion. president bermejo, we received a request to table the item
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from a commissioner. is there any objection? >> okay. sounds like a plan. >> due to the lateness of the hour, and that was 1.5 hours ago. >> i guess we ask for public comment on tabling the item? is there any comment? okay. next item. >> clerk: the next item is item ten, announcements. this item is for discussion. >> any public comment? okay. thank you. no public comment? then. >> clerk: the next item is item 11, new business, the speaker is charles sheehan, new business and policy advisor. >> thank you, commissioners. i'll be brief. the next policy commission is on april 8. we're still working on a policy commissions meeting which will be sometime in may, and the next date is may 28 for that meeting. we are looking to bring you a
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presentation about our carpool pilot program as well as some things that our director alluded to regarding electric vehicles and our work with the city and other city departments on the promotion of electric vehicles within the city. so stay tuned, that will be a very substantive agenda topic that we're hoping to bring to you. >> okay. thank you. any comment? any public comment? >> yes, i do -- i know it's late, but i -- there's something that was brought up by one of the public commenters on an earlier item that i really think did warrant a future agenda item for the commission. and that is this idea of building for transit density. the commenter made the comment that senator wiener's sb-50 would increase transit use and
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increase affordable housing, and nothing to be more opposite than the truth -- from the truth. the reality is that those -- legislation like that has been repeatedly used to build market rate housing. and if you look at the legislation and unpack it, you will see that most of the housing that will be built is market rate. so market rate and luxury house, if you look at the numbers that have been crunched, the people at those income levels do not use transit, they drive cars because they're wealthy enough not to use transit. so when you build a building and it's only got ten to 15% or sometimes unfortunately even less affordable housing in it, you're not serving the transit center that you're building the building next to, you're just increasing car jams in city
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centers. another huge problem with this legislation is that it specifically targets, specifically targets places that are -- already have transit centers that have transit -- accessible transit nearby, and if you look at the news reports about this legislation, you will see that there are suburban mayors and supervisors and city council members who have said boy, we're not going to build transit now if that passes because if we do, they're going to come in and take over our city and build super high-rises because the legislation allows them to do that without us having a say locally. so it's actually -- this kind of legislation, unless it has incredibly high amounts of low-income and middle working class housing, those people do ride transit when they're next to it. if it doesn't have really high levels of that kind of housing, it actually makes the situation worse. and then, to top it off, it --
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the amount of market rate and luxury housing gentrifies the area, and they use a car to get into the city and create even more emissions. i think it would be good for this commission to have a really lengthy hearing about how transit density actually works and how to actually get it to happen. thanks. >> thank you. okay. next item. >> clerk: the next item is item 12, adjournment. the time is 8:23 p.m. . >> we are adjourned.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> the san francisco playground's hitsvery dates back to 1927 when the area where the present playground and center is today was purchased by the city for $27,000. in the 1950s, the sen consider was expanded by then mayor robinson and the old gym was built. thanks to the passage of the 2008 clean and safe
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neighborhood parks bond, the sunset playground has undergone extensive renovation to its four acres of fields, courts, play grounds, community rooms, and historic gymnasium. >> here we are. 60 years and $14 million later, and we have got this beautiful, brand-new rec center completely accessible to the entire neighborhood. >> the new rec center houses multi-purpose rooms for all kinds of activities including basketball, line dancing, playing ping-pong and arts can crafts. >> you can use it for whatever you want to do, you can do it here. >> on friday, november 16, the dedication and ribbon cutting took place at the sunset playground and recreation center, celebrating its renovation. it was raining, but the rain clearly did not dampen the spirits of the dignitaries, community members and children in attendance.
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[cheering and applauding] ♪ >> madam clerk, will you please call the role? >> thank you, mr. president. (calling role).
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mr. president, all members are present. >> thank you. leads and gentlemen, will you please join me in the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag to the united states of america, to the republic which it stands, one nation under god, with liberty and justice for all.
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i were like to acknowledge the staff at ffng who record each of the meetings and make the transcripts available to the public online. madam clerk, are there any communications? >> i have none to report, mr. president. >> colleagues, today we are approving the minutes from the february 26, 2019 board meeting. are there any changes to these meeting minutes? i see none. can i have a motion to approve the minutes as presented? motion by secur secure supervisd seconded and those minutes will be approved after public comment. madam clerk, can you please read the consent agenda? >> items one through nine, these items are considered to be routine if a member objects, an
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item may be removed. >> colleagues, would anyone like to sever any items from the consent agenda? >> madam clerk, can you call role on items 1-9. (calling role). there are 11 ayes. >> these ordinance pass nancy. madam clerk, let's go to the regular agenda.
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>> item 10 an ordinance to amend the planning code, to require all projects to use the state density poe new bonus law on ane footage regardless of environmental application date and to affirm the determination and make the appropriate findings. this item has an eight-vote threshold pursuant to 4.105 to approve. >> supervisor peskin, any comments? >> i would, and thank you, mr. president, colleagues. i have distributed to all of you findings that needed to be incorporated into the subject ordinance. they are set forth on pages 2-6 and section 101.1, findings and findings relative to various elements of the general plan. and i would like to move those findings and add them to the ordinance. >> do we have a second?
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seconded by supervisor safyae. the ordinance is amended nancy anunanimously. this ordinance passes unanimously on first reading. madam clerk, please call the next item. >> item 11 is an ordinance to amend the business and tax regulation's code to add provisions to the homeless grocery seat tax and make conforming non-substantive changes. >> can we have the same housing call? the ordinance passes on first reading unanimously. madam clerk, please calls 12 and 13 together. >> item 12 is a resolution to approve a lease agreement between the treasure island development authority and treasure island enterprises. for the management of the treasure island marina for
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66-year term and annual-based representative of 90,000 and adopt the appropriate findings and item 13 approves a lease agreement between the treasure island development authority and sailing centre for a 66-year term and minimum annual base rent of 10,000 and adopt the appropriate findings. >> colleagues, the same house in-call? >> these resolutions are adopted unanimously. >> resolution to authorize the sheriff's office to enter so a third agreement to enter into the monitoring programme, to approve rules and regulations with a three-year month extension now through july 31, 2019 and 466,000 increase amount
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for a total 2.4 million and to approve evidence of financial responsibility as demonstrated by the programme administrator lca for the 2019 calendar year. >> this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call item number 15. >> item 15 is a resolution to authorize the general manager of the public utilities commission to execute amendment number 4 to an agreement with black and veach corporation for a new total of nine years through march 9, 2020 and to increase the agreement for a total not to exceed 72.8 million for a continued construction management services for the calaveris dam replacement project. >> without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, the next item. >> item 16 is a resolution to
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retroactively authorize the park department to expend a trust for public land grant for 521,000 to conduct a feasibility study and concept design for improvements to the eugenel. friend centre. >> supervisor peskin? >> not to sound like a broken record but the retroactive stuff, i didn't see an email from rec and park which the others have been doing of late. i was wondering if the mayor's office or somebody from rec and park or supervisor hainey has an answer to that.
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>> this is beverly with rec and park. understandably this is a retroactive right for grants combined from the trust republican land and we understand there is a new protocol we've move forward on and this was an exception before we had moved forward on it. >> thank you. >> colleague, can we take this same house in call? this resolution is adopteds unanimously. madam clerk, item number 17. >> item 17 is a resolution to authorize the office of the treasurer and tax collector to accept and expend a $150,000 grant from the workers' lab to design and pilot a worker's fund at the san francisco airport from may 1, 2019 through june 20, 2020? >> this same house in call? this resolution is moved unanimously. >> item 18 to adjust the union square park recreation and open
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space fee from 4 dollar 4 dollae the appropriate findings. >> colleagues, can we take this same in-house call? the ordinance passed on first reading unanimously. madam clerk, please call the next item? >> resolution that declares a climate emergency, item. 19, in san francisco and requests accelerated action to address the climate crisis and limit global warming to 1.5° celsius. >> colleagues, same house in call? this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, the next item? >> item 20 is a resolution to determine that the transfer of a 21 off sale general beer, and liquor license will serve the public convenience of the city and requesting that the california department of
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alcoholic beverage control impose the issuance of this license. >> colleagues, same house, same call? >> without objection, this is adopted unanimously. madam clerk? >> item 21, the require the department of resources to require implicit biased training, heads and members of city boards and commissions if they be current to complete this training by december 31, 2019 and if newly appointed to complete the training of 60 days of assuming office. >> supervisor stephanie. >> thank you, president. colleague, i would like to thank supervisors ronan, mar and recommending it out of the rule's committee. this legislation will ensure the leaders of our city including all commissioners and department heads which does include all elected, learn about implicit biased to reflect on onl only .
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we know this can be an inclusive workplace and city. this is pervasive and all possess them. implicit bias can affect workplaces and organize and result in unintentional discrimination. i took this two-day course on biased and believe that building education into our institutions is absolutely imperative. schools should teach it, workplaces should offer training and leer leaders should think at it when making cree decision. m. they want to participate in an in-house training to provide as an all-day worse. city commissioners will take an online training to have the opportunity to take the full day in-person training, as well. i want to thank my legislative aid who worked through some of
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the issues that came up and i want to thanhope to have your s. >> thank you for your leadership, i would like to be added as a cosponsor. >> ok, colleagues, can we take this item, same house, same call? without objection, this is passed in first reading. item number 22, madam clerk. >> a motion to reappoint sabrina hernandez,michael interio to the golden gate bridge highway and transportation district. >> colleague, can we take this same house, same call? without objection, this is called unanimously. madam clerk, next item? >> item 23 a motion to amend the rules of order of the board of supervisors by striking rule 3.23.29 to remove the budget and
9:34 am
finance select committee on federal policy changes. mr. president, pursuant to board rule 3.261, this item requires a vote threshold for approval. >> thank you. colleagues, can we take this, same house, same call? without objection, this motion is approved unanimously. madam clerk, please call item number 24. >> item 24 is a motion to amend the board rules by making clarifying amendments to 3.26. rules, committee and rule 3.30, and by adding 3.31 to establish joint city and school, this item also has an eight-vote threshold to rule 3.26.1. >> colleagues, i am truly looking forward to establishing the joint city school district,
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city college select committee. i want to make sure that we indicated that the board moves that the chair of this committee will be a board supervisor. i am proud to share that. i have asked and assigned supervisor matt hainey to be the chair of this committee once formed. as such, i would like a motion to amend the motion to add the language to clarify that the chair of the joint city school district and select committee would be a member of the board of supervisors. can i have a second? seconded by supervisor stephanie. and without objection, the motion is amended. supervisor marr? >> thank you, president. first of all, i want to thank you for making the creation of this joint education select committee a priority.
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supporting our public schools and expanding access to city college is of high importance to my constituents and so many across our city and this committee will help enhance our board's commitment to public education. currently, i'm working with the sfusd and city college to expand city college courses to serve the diverse educational needs of the sunset district and other westside residents. we'll be expanding dual enrollment courses at lincoln high school this fall and creating a win-win-win situation for sfusd students and parents. so this collaborative process i have had with city college and the school district highlights just the kind of examples of important work that can happen with the support of the select committee and how valuable to have the committee so thank you so much and thank you to supervisor hainey for leading this effort. >> supervisor hainey? >> thank you, president.
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i wanted to thank you for prioritizing this committee and bringing it back. i actually had the opportunity to serve on it when it existed in the prior iteration as a school board commissioner and there are so many issues as supervisor marr just outlined. where not just two institutions which was the prior iteration where it was sfusd in the city but actually these three institutions working together, aligning our workforce development goals, our pipeline goals for jobs. i just think there's so many things we'll be able to talk about and collaborate and partner because of the existence of this committee. so i'm very gratefu grateful toe assigned as the chair and looking forward to having anybody who wants to sit in and be a part of it. i think we'll be able to do great things there. so i want to this on your radar, as well.
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if there are issues that come up, if you all would things forward for hearings or other things for us to here in this committee, i'm very excited to welcome that and thank you again, president. >> thank you. supervisor walton. >> i want to thank you, president, for bringing this committee back in effect. i was disappointed when it was suspended. i think there is such much that josepoverlaps and the city and d and it's something to allow us to be unified and adding city college as a part of the joint committee, i think is just the icing on the cake. so i look forward to doing the work together. thank you. >> thank you. supervisor fiore. >> yes, thank you, president. i want to say thank you for putting this forward. i served on the joint committee
9:39 am
between this sfusd and the county of san francisco for four years so i know this committee very well and always thought that city college should be a part of the conversation and so i want to thank you and i look forward to hearing what's happening at this committee and also how these three institutions can add to the work and support each other. thank you. >> thank you. i also want to say just that this committee is very important and considering that a few years ago we also created another body to see how we could coordinate services for our children and families throughout the city. we're talking about living in the home or at school or graduating and going to city college, we're talking about the same person.
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so there's no reason we don't work together. a few years ago, the people actk to create our children, our families council in which they met quickly and did a lot of work in the first few years but more recently, it has not been as robust as i would like to see it. maybe this joint committee could be a stimulus to this council to get something together because the cochairs of the council are supposed to be the mayor and the superintendent of school. so hopefully we'll see ac activation. this is approved unanimously. clerk? >> appointings rosa chen to the
9:41 am
committee for a term ending february 21, 2021. >> colleague, can we take the same house in call? this motion approved unanimously. madam clerk? >> item 26 is a motio motion to repoint melissa mendoza to the bicycle committee. >> this motion is approved unanimously. it's not quite 2:30, so madam clerk, can we jump over to roll call 32. supervisor walton, you're first to introduce new business. >> thank you, president and madam clerk. today i'm making the request for legislation on illegal dumping in san francisco. we know illegal dumps has been prevalent in our neighborhoods.
9:42 am
from march 13, 2016 we had 18,034 requests for illegal dumps and illegal dumping is especially rampant in the industrial parts in district parted and my office has been working with public works, sfpd to eliminate illegal dumping and to stop people from putting their trash and debris on our streets and sidewalks. aside from how it looks aesthically, it is also costing us millions of dollars to address illegal dumping and this is something that needs to be curtailed and stopped. so i'm going to be introducing and requesting formal legislation to request fines for illegal dumping and putting trash and debris on streets, remove business licenses and vehicles from contractors who
9:43 am
dump on our streets. and with that said, we need the entire community to come together as we work to curtail illegal dumping in our streets and in our neighborhoods. this is a major problem that should not exist. we should not be treating streets and communities as dumping grounds. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor walton. supervisor yi. >> thank you. colleagues, today i am in memorium to a friend, francisco ping shae. he was known for his tireless spirit. he was born in 1933 in china and was a graduate of the sujou university. he came to san francisco as a journalist for the daily central news and fell in love with the city he would call home for the rest of his life. his career lead him to becoming
9:44 am
the secretary at the chinese consulate general for the republic of china and editor for a number of newspapers when his other par passion came calling. in 1982, he realized his dream of becoming a professional chef. i didn't know this, but he opened a hunon village restaurants, one of the first in san francisco and the united states. he introduced new spicey fresh flavours to a new audience and forever transformed the scene for the chinese cuisine. francisco wanted to share it's love for cooking by teaching classes at city college and offer demonstrations to whoever wanted to learn. he was known tor tireless
9:45 am
advocacy also heavily involved with engaging and uplifting chinese american community. he was one of the founders and a long-time director of the chinese international school, a chinese dual language and one of the first in the united states serving pre-kindergarten through eighth grade and serves on the boards of the chinese chamber of commerce, self-help for the elderly, chinatown economic development task force and promoted san francisco internationally as a member of the san francisco shanghai sister committee and as a former cochair of the taipai city committee. francisco was active as a member of the california commission on asian and pacific islanders american affairs. advising the governor and
9:46 am
legislature on issues affecting the islander communities. a member of the california world trade commission, a member of the california transportation as advisory board and a board member of the california acupuncture board regulating the practice of acupuncture and asian medicine in the state. as if that wasn't enough, he was president of the u.s., china and preservation confucius foundation to promote relationships between the united states and the pacific rim. francisco was instrumental in shaping the political careers of many local leaders, including then president to the board of supervisors angela alio and over the years, francisco became well-known as a prolific
9:47 am
fundraiser and a community relation's consultant on a local, state and national level working with congressman mike honda, former california greg davis, formal state senator john burton and former san francisco mayor willie brown, jr., among many others. he was a mainstream for many political complains. and civic causes. what i loved most is the way he brought positivity to the work and people around him. i will miss running into him here at city hall or out in the field where he could outpace anyone out there volunteering or canvassing. francisco is survived by his wife of over 50 years, ivy shae
9:48 am
and his son thomas su-shae and alexander shae and daughter, as you know is francis shae who is also an equally energetic workhorse in the community. so i believe both leo, thomas, and francis are here today in the chamber. i want to thank you for sharing your father with us. our hearts and prayers are with your family during this time. not supervisor peskin. >> thank you, president. i wanted to add my words about francisco. i met him in late '90'snes's ins restaurant on washington street,
9:49 am
upstairs with the chinese club would meet and a few years later i ran for supervisor, when was one of the first folks to support me and many years later when i came out of my hiatus, he dragged me down and me on chinese radio, even though i wasn't supported by certain people at those times and he was totally his own person and i just wanted to express my sorrow to his daughter, francis. supervisor fiore? >> yes, president, i would like to add my condolences and sympathies to the shae family. i met francis do francis franci. he was a sharp dresser and he came up to me and approached me. and we had been friends ever since. my husband also, so fund of
9:50 am
francisco, i think. he has been so kind and generous to me and he actually had no reason or purpose, actually, to be so kind and generous to me. kind of barely knew me but kind of took me under his wing. i have to say what i loved most about francisco besides his smile was that he was political without the nastiness of politics. he was completely independent. and he felt -- what he felt was good for the community, and then he would sand up for it and i have to commend him for that and also, i want to say that he was a wonderful community volunteer. mainly supporting and representing chinatown and i also went to his radio show with my limited chinese language skills and felt completely at home with him. many times he had come to my office with visiting delegations from china and i was so pleased
9:51 am
to accommodate him and i just want to say, we have experienced a great loss with the passing of francisco shae. i don't think there will be another personality or person like him in san francisco. these types of people are so rare in our world and in the community that i think of politics and san francisco politics, he was a loyal friend, again, kind and generous and he will be sorely missed, not only by me and my husband but i think the whole san francisco community. >> thank you for your word. supervisor ronan. >> i didn't have the pleasure of working very closely with francisco but every single time i saw him at a political event or in the halls of city hall, he would give me the warmest smile and a big hug and tell me to
9:52 am
keep fighting and working hard and it was just such a highlight every time i ran into him. and, of course, he had a hand in raising francis shae, my beloved colleague for so many years, former legislative aide and someone who we all work with and respect so profoundly. he is the super star that everyone remembers and appreciates so well. i just wanted to offer my sincere condolences to the entire family, especially during this time of grief and just let you know that francisco meant a lot to all of us and to the ci city. >> thank you. supervisor mendelman. >> thank you, president yi. a lot like of us, i loved
9:53 am
francisco and was very sad to hear of his death. i had met him in 2003 when i was volunteering on a mayoral campaign and i remember this hyperactive, extremely energetic man walking susan up clement street introducing her to all of the merchants and i remember thinking if i ever ran for office myself, i wanted to have this guy on my side. sure enough in 2010, when i ran for the board of supervisors the first time, francisco was there from the beginning and was a tremendous support to me throughout that campaign, which i did not win. but when i came back and tried it again in 2018, he was there again. he was incredibly loyal and ec liceclectic in his political tas but he was as others have said
9:54 am
incredibly independent. i remember going for a run in the spring of last year and passing this adorable house on 30th street that -- i mean, it was just adorably decorated but it had signs and i was trying to wrap my brain around who could this possibly be and figured out at some point that was francisco. so it was an honour to represent francisco for a short period of time and i want to join my colleagues in expressing my condolenceses to francis and the family. >> supervisor marr. >> thank you, president. i wanted to join you and our colleagues in this honouring and recognition in the memory of francisco. i had the great pleasure of knowing francisco for many years.
9:55 am
actually originally through different political campaigns and and i have always been so amazed and inspired by the energy and just the zest for life that he seemed to embody and, also, as i got to know him more, just really impressed by the wide range of work that he had done, you know, outside of politics, but really for the achievechinese community and soy important issues in our city. so yeah, i just wanted to add my deep condolences to francis and the family and just express my strongest appreciation for all that francisco did for our city, in the chinese community, especially. thank you. >> supervisor prong. >> yes, first time i met him, i was with my first boss at city
9:56 am
hall and i was a legislative aid. we were at some event and he was talking to me about being a legislative aid. i thought, how does he know all? he knew, like, these dark, deep secrets that we all kept near to us and tha then when i found out was francis' dad, i laughed so hard. i said, ok, you're an insider. but he never told me he was francis' dad when he was telling me all this stuff. one thing i knew about him that he was community first and he was a true san francisco advocate and activist. and it was hard to hear that he had he passed away and condolences to francis and her family. just want to say thank you for letting your father be that person that was always from upfront fighting the fight and we will always remember him.
9:57 am
supervisor hainey. >> thank you, president. i also want to share my condolences with francis and the shae family. your father was clearly somebody who had a huge influence on people in this chamber and across san francisco an san frat to thank you for sharing him with us and all for that i know you will continue to do to continue his legacy as supervisor said, there are rare individuals that are larger than life who have such an impact during their time here and we know they will always be with us and francisco was one of those people. so my condolences to you and the shae family. >> supervisor. >> thank you, president. i was absolutely taken aback today. i thought we were honouring -- giving, actually, a certificate of honour and commendation for
9:58 am
life achievement. i'm really, really sorry to francis and the family for your loss. your father, as yo you know, was such a pleasant, warm person that we all loved. i remember the first time meeting him when francis was working for fiona. he started talking to me about being a chef and about politics and he started talking to me about all of the different things that he knew about san francisco and chinatown and he queried me on my interest on running for interest. i was, like, who is this guy and why does he know so much? [ laughter ] >> it was just really refreshing. as everyone has said, he constantly had a wonderful smile and wonderful energy and so, i think everyone at a loss today, a loss for all of you, a loss for the city and what a kind, gentle man he was and my deepest condolenceses to your family and to all of us.
9:59 am
thank you, president. >> supervisor walton? >> oftentimes we wonder where people get their spirit and sense of advocacy and sometimes we actually get to see actually where that comes from and i did get the opportunity to meet your father. i didn't know him well, but i do know where you get your spirit and dedication for serving and fighting for community. i just want to send my condolences to you, francis, and your entire family. our prayers are with you. >> thank you. as you see, the to the shae fa, he's well respected in this chamber. i would like the entire board of supervisors in closing today's meeting in memory of francis coast.
10:00 am
francisco. so on march 15, a young lady, madam cordiva was struck by a car out for a walk with her mother on john mire drive crossing the crosswalk. madeline and her mother were severely injured. madeline succumbed to -- to her ri