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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  April 6, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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share? great, wonderful. my name is sarah lee. i'm one of the community advocates for the asian law caucus and here with others in support of the resolution that would be decided today to support the community who has been targeted for detention and deportation with the last round of raids happening in march. yesterday there was a community member s.f. resident detained by ice. family members will be sharing behind me. as you know, these deportations have been happening for decades and across the country and i want to share local jurisdictions and governors have a role to play in stopping the deportation. the community member that got detained already requested a pardon from the governor and asked the santa clara d.a. to vacate his conviction.
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i was with his family yesterday when ice arrested him. i know survivors of the khmer rouge and there's other cambodian members who are turning the grief into action. we hope for those who are supporting the resolution we can partner with us in the next steps to talk to the governor and call the governor and to also speak on behalf of king's family especially with the d.a. of santa clara. behind me are organizations and family members who will share more. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors.
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i'm a genocide survivor and i teach cambodian language and culture for free to anyone interested. our american refugees came here at kids and often live in poor neighborhoods and some end up in places that were not good for them. they already served their time and became productive citizens and have built families with kids. most cambodians are buddhist. we praise those who have changed for the better. however, the deportation does the opposite. it breaks our families and community a part which is also against our american value. if this were to happen to you or to your loved one, would you be willing to go? if not, then please stop this
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deportation practice. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker. >> thank you, i'm a mental health advocate. i'm a second generation cambodian and here with a heavy heart. i'm asking for your support for the crisis inflected on our cambodian community and ice is dshsz -- i.c.e. is breaking up our community and our elders are survivors of genocide and it's difficult to speak about the suffering and those deported were born in camps and born and raised in trauma. they witnessed mass murder,
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starvation and torture of our people. once they resettled in america they were raised in poor and violent neighborhoods already impacted by drug war and violence and sex trafficking and they had to survive. we were told we were the lucky ones. we had to hide our pain because our parents had suffered enough and told to man up and not cry and show emotion. part of the survival was committing crimes. of those detained have paid for the crimes. and many have years of transformation. during the khmer rouge they targeted our advocate and free thinkers and it's taken years to stand up and tell our story. we may never receive justice from the genocide but we can speak up now to protect our families. please support our loved ones
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from being detained. please speak to governor newsom and demand pardons to keep us in our homes and with our families. >> next speaker. >> hi, everyone. i'm part of the community under attack right now. i came here when i was 3 years old and i consider myself a native. families are being torn a part. kids won't have their families anymore and i want to reach out to everyone for help and i support. peace out, everyone. thanks. >> hi, i live in the bay view
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and i actually work for a division center and i'm a case manager and a want talk about this and wasn't to bring awareness about what happened yesterday with my family which was ripped apart because my partner was taken into custody i i.c.e. i want you to know that king is a productive citizen. he has changed completely since his release in 2001. he has been a family oriented man. a workaholic and a buddhist and we give to the community all the time and he's always been a generous donator. so i feel like we are taking somebody back that has been a
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moral citizen and a great son to his mom to the left of me. she was in tears yesterday. i was a wreck. last night was really rough because our son was screaming and crying for his dad and throwing tantrums and i don't want to have this continuing on. i'm living in constant fear because i do have a really medical problem. i have a very difficult -- i have a dilemma having medical issues and i have a heart condition and i'll be a patient of dialysis soon. i'm having a lot of depression and my partner has been my rock. he has been there to help me and sees me through things and helps me emotionally and physically. i don't want to have any more separation. please stand by us and have this
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resolution pass. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> i'm tina fey. i work for a nonprofit for 14 years helping the community. now i'm asking the community to help me because i'm supporting king who was detained by i.c.e. yesterday. it affects me at work and people working with me. my co-worker helps us so much. i work all the time because i'm the only person who supports the family and he take her in and out of the hospital and i'm the survivor of khmer rouge because i was little and it was hard and he grew up here so he doesn't know anything about back home and we help us and we cried so hard last night and my mom
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prayed and said now we don't have anybody to help us because i work all the time. i cannot help my mom. he's the one who take her to the hospital when she gets sick in an emergency and he comes over and take her. that's all i got to say. we love him to death and will fight to get him back. >> thank you, next speaker. >> hi. i'm a family member of king hen and i'll be read letter on behalf of karen lewis the vice president of all sure seafood. king has been an amazing employer since september 2002. i can't believe it's been 16 years. he's a model employee. i wish over the years he could have passed his great work ethic to the employees that have come an gone over the years.
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besides being a great employee, he's a great son, boyfriend, co-worker and friend and amazing with his son, caden and brings him by the office and show him off. he's such a proud dad. they have such a close bond. king spends what little time he has working with his family always telling us he is going visit his mom or siblings on saturdays. we have grown as a company over the last 34 years and it's having employees such as king that has attributed to our success. i many many times he asked for vacation check just to send money to his temple or to help others in need. he has such a kind heart for those in need. he like so many of us has made mistakes an has truly learned
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and paying it forward. he's a rock to his family and our company and has been there for good and bad days for his partner and he still finds time to come to work. he has worked late nights to make life better with her illnesses he take her to work and watches him all day and goes back to work at night. he is truly turned his life around. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> i work here in san francisco as a worker. i am one of the person that introduced my friends because it impacted my family and i want to make sure i do something to help my family and south east asian
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community. i'm glad you're able to support this. i'm grateful. it's heartbreaking for me to see this is happening so rapidly and fast. my cousin's already been deported before the whole massive deportation. he's doing well but i don't want to see any more of our community impacted by this and many families are being separated. the cause we're fighting for to keep families together. i hope you support this. we truly appreciate it. thank you for your time.
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>> thank you. next speaker. >> yesterday they took my son and he hasn't done anything wrong since all of prison. he's been doing good things. i beg you and ask you to help my son. that is all. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> tom gilberti. president trump is bankrupting this nation morally and financially. what a shame. lorrence getti made it to 100
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years last weekend and spoke on being on convoys in worldwide war 2 and 170 ships leaving and 75 arriving. it's a war effort. it's a sacrifice. what can we do for global climate change? in effort of that waiver super rail speed and sacramento to tracy san francisco silicon valley financed by silicon valley and financed by all of those who are still wealthy in this state. in another world war ii effort we had gm stopping car production and turning to tanks.
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why went we say we will not build another gasoline engine in this country? california added 3% to the global climate change in the wrong direction. it put more carbon in the air. we need to do something. change the rivers of our poison and freeways. could it be the swarms of these little killer bees the ubers and lyfts that parade through our cities fuming and fuming so somebody can get a two-minute ride? wow. we need a change of planning. thank you. >> thank you. any other public comments? >> i wanted to say some city resolutions have been disappointingly uneven and some city projects have been brought to my mind the number of terms
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and ideas and concepts such as years overdue, grossly over budget. tremendous cost overruns. slippery slope. lack of oversight. closed end. not to extent. inadequate public advocacy and the concept it brings to my mind is clientelism. you study political science i think. >> any other public comments? seeing none-like is now closed. seeing none public comment is now closed. okay. please call the committee reference calendar for items 35 through 37 out of order.
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>> items 35 through 37 and a supervisor may require a resolution to go to committee. mr. president, you asked me to call specifically items 35 through 37. >> through 41. >> clerk: 35 through 41 were just called. >> supervisor peskin. would i like to sever? >> sever item 35, please. >> supervisor walton. >> supervisor peskin beat me to the punch. >> i would like it sever item 40. for the rest of the items, which would be 36, 37, 38, 39 and 41. can we take these same house,
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same call? okay. no objection. then these motions pass. pass unanimously. supervisor peskin. >> i will defer to the maker of the resolution that is item number 35 and would like to follow him. >> thank you, supervisor peskin. this issue and this attack on our southeast asian community was brought to my attention by a friend of mine. i actually didn't have ann idea of what trump was up to and so one, my heart goes out to the families that have been affected by this attack on our immigrant community. also, to the entire southeast asian community. i just want to say a few things and one, i want to thank my colleagues, president yee,
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supervisor ronin and haney and supervisor fewer and brown and supervisor safai for co-sponsoring the resolution urging the trump administration to stop the deportation of the formerly reincarcerated individuals. between 1975 to the early 1990s the united states accepted hundreds of thousands of southeast asians escaping war and genocide of cambodia. california is home to nearly a million southeast asians originate from cambodia, vietnam, laos and most settled in cities like san francisco, san josé, fresno, long beach and los angeles. the southeast asian immigrant were typically placed in the
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poorest parts of these communities with inadequate financial support and many of these individuals and their children languish in severe poverty. in particular, cambodian
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recently ruth learned she was suffering from kidney and heart failure and may not survive for long. on april 1, yesterday, as stated, mr. hen surrendered to i.c.e. for deportation. he is currently detained. if he is deported he will be leaving his dying wife and a 3-year-old child. mr. hen is seeking a pardon from governor newsom and also asking the santa clara district attorney's office to join a motion to vacate his plea. either action will allow him to re-open his deportation or the and allow him to stay in the united states. the trump administration been breaking up families as a sanctuary city, we must stand up for the rights of our immigrant
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community and uphold our sanctuary city policy. i would also like to request to send a copy of this resolution to governor newsom and to the santa clara district attorney's office in support of pardoning mr. hen and others in a similar situation as him. i only wish we could personally do more for the family in the southeast asian community. i wish we could reverse the order to deport. i wish i could personally remove trump from office and personally erase hate. we will stand with our immigrant community and stand against this injustice and hopefully we are successful in getting a pardon from the governor's office so we can re-open this and fight hard so mr. hen can remain in the united states as well as other southeast asian immigrants
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suffering from the same plight. >> thank you. supervisor peskin. >> thank you, supervisor yee. the reason i initially severed this is to be added as a co-sponsor. in 1996 when this pass was and and subsequently questioned by the government of cambodia is the year i actually went to cambodia and went all around cambodia which is one of the most incredible countries in the world. a country we illegally bombed and created one of the largest humanitari humanitarian crises that happened at the hands of our nation. they are the kindest most wonderful people and when you
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break it, you buy it. and as a result we have many cambodian neighbors who are integral to our society and to members of mr. hen's family, my heart goes out to you. as technical matter, through the president to supervisor walton, i think what you said is we need another further resolve this resolution should be communicated to the governor to the state of california. a former member of this body and former mayor of san francisco. we might even want to follow-up with a resolution which i think we have madame clerk, until noon tomorrow urging the governor to issue said pardon so the deportation case can be re-opened and i would be happy to work with supervisor walton to do that. i salutal -- salute all of you
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and you would like to be added as a co-sponsor. >> supervisor stefani. >> thank you, president yee. i'd also like to be added as a co-sponsor and so sorry to hear what your family is going through and a want to thank supervisor walton for bringing this forward. >> i'd like to also be added as a co-sponsor. >> okay. with no objection, same house, same call. >> clerk: mr. president, i should call the item first for the record. item 35 is a resolution to respectfully urge the trump administration to stop the massive deportation of rehabilitation rehabilitationed formerly incarcerated asian national. >> same house, same call. the resolution is passed unanimously. madame clerk, call item 40.
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>> clerk: item 40. supervisors convene in closed session on april 16, 2019, at 4:00 p.m., pursuant to california government code, section 54957.6, and san francisco administrative code, section 67.10(e), to confer with the mayor's office and the department of human resources regarding negotiations with labor unions representing city employees . >> we have a different house. supervisor pechgin has left tthe walton is absent. supervisor yee. >> aye. >> clerk: supervisor fewer. aye. supervisor haney.
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aye. m mendelman, aye. supervisor ronin. there are 10 ayes. the >> the motion is approved. can i ask we rescind the vote for 41? is that any objection? seconded by supervisor peskin. with no objection, we'll rescind the vote. >> clerk: shall i read the item.
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>> was requested for closed session on labor negotiation april 16 to be scheduled for 4:00 p.m. can we have a motion to amend the motion to include the 4:00 p.m. time. >> so moved. >> motion made by supervisor peskin. is there a second? seconded by supervisor mandelman. let's are roll call because the house has changed. >> clerk: [roll call]
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>> commissioner: so we'll take a roll call. we're amending to include the 4:00 p.m. time for item 41 which is the pg&e litigation. roll call, please. >> clerk: on the amendment to add -- >> i want clarification. i read out it would be april 16. is april 16 or april 9. >> clerk: april 9. >> i'm not talking about changing the day. i'm only talking about to include the 4:00 p.m. time. thank you. could i have a roll call on the
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amendment? >> clerk: on the amendment. [roll call] there are 11 ayes. >> great. colleagues can we take this item as amended, same house, same call. without objection this resolution is adopted unanimously. >> clerk: closed session. >> commissioner: here we go. item 34. okay. colleagues, we are now not in
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closed session. >> clerk: i'll read item 34. scheduled to a motion approved march 5,2019. a motion which authorize the board of supervisors to convene a closed session for the purpose of conferring with or receiving advice regarding existing get gation in the matters of the tax measures adopted by the voters in the june 5 municipal selection. public comment was satisfied in a previous meeting and today. >> members of the public. we ask you exit the chamber and sheriff please lock the dock behind them and
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>> we're back in open session. the board finds it's in the best interest that the board not disclose this closed session deliberations? motion made by fewer, and seconded by supervisor haney. then without objection, we will not disclose our closed session deliberations. >> madame clerk, please read the in memoriams. >> today's meeting is you a adjourned on behalf of supervisor peskin for the late ray antonio, for president yee for the late calvert jang. on a motion made by president yee and on behalf of the entire board of supervisors for the late ms. madeleine co-tava.
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and are the made by president and the board of supervisors for the late mr. francisco shai. >> okay, that brings us to the end of the agenda. madame clerk, any further business >> that concludes our business for today. >> we are adjourned. thank you.
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good morning. thank you all for being here and i'm happy to be join bid supervisor from district ten and our new director of the department of public health. also here are the people from my office working tirelessly to help protect another generation of san francisco youth from becoming addicted to ecigarettes. that has been lead my chief deputy and chief of strategic advocacy, sarah eeisneburg. in december, the u.s. surgeon general, jerome adams, issued a warning of the epidemic of ecigarette use and called this
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a cause of great concern. know the risks, take action, protect our kids. he was absolutely correct and we're heeding that warning. today we are taking action to protect our young people. the steps we are taking are necessary and all the more urgent because another arm of the federal government has failed to do its job. the food and drug administration is the entity responsible for revealing new tobacco products to determine whether they are appropriate for the protection of public health. by law, before a new tobacco product goes to market, the fda is supposed to conduct a review to evaluate risks and benefits of the product on the population as a whole. that's common sense. if the fda determines this poses a threat to public health, it should never hit the shelves. inexplicably, in the case of ecigarettes,s that has not happened. despite the fact in 2016, the
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fda deemed this a product subject to the jurisdiction. these products were on the street even though the premarket reviews have never been done. in fact, fda has given the ecigarette industry a pass. for no clear reason, they have given the nicotine companies until 2022 to apply for a premarket review. the result is that millions of children are already addicted to ecigarettes and millions more will follow if we don't act. until recently, we had made great strides in reducing youth tobacco use. the percentage of youth was an all-time low in 2017. there had been a generation of success, kid wer kids were gettf of nicotine. but last year, according to the centre for disease control and prevention, tobacco use among youth rose for the first time since the 1990s.
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this dramatic reversal is directly attributable to the nation-wide surge in ecigarette use by talents. adolescentses. the use in 2016 increased 14% and 4.9 million america students reported they were using tobacco products up from 3.6 million students in 2016. use of ecigarettes increased by 27% for high school students and 48% for middle school students. nearly five million american students were using tobacco products. that's a generation of kids, addicted kids facing lung cancer and heart disease and thousands will likely die of preventible diseases if we don't act and that's not high perso hyperbole.
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tobacco kills more than 480,000 people a year. that's more than aids, alcohol, car accidents, illegal drugs, murders and suicides combined. that is why we're acting now to reverse the tide of ecigarettes. let's be clear, they're product is addiction. they're in the business of getting people addicted or keeping them addicted. a relatively small number of adults may switch switc from ant useful to turn another generation of kids into addicts and it's up to a government like san francisco to protect our children and today we are announcing we're taking four concrete step. first, san francisco along with the city of chicago and the city of new york sent a letter to the fda that demands that the fda do
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it's job. we are jointly telling fda to immediately conduct the required public health review of ecigarettes that by law was supposed to happen before these products were on the market. a companion letter includes a rey for the fda to turn over records to my servic office so n francisco can determine if we need to take legal action if they don't take the public required health review. second, we can't wait on the fda to act. so in coordination and partnership with supervisor walton and i want to thank him for his leadership and vision on this issue, we are introducing today ground-breaking legislation at the board of supervisors to prohibit the sale in san francisco of any ecigarettes that has not undergone pre-fda market review. my ecigarette that has not received fda premarket review
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cannot be sold at a store in san francisco or bought online and shipped to a san francisco address. this is not an outright ban on ecigarettes. it's a prohibition against any ecigarettes. so far none have been through the review process required by law. this is a prudent step to know the health and safety implications of products sold here. if the fda has an not approved it and reviewed it, it shouldn't be sold in san francisco. third, on a more local level, we're introducing a separate piece of legislation today, again in card natio in coordinah supervisor walton. this would protect the sale and
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manufacture of all products including in sanfrancisco, including port property. fourth, my office as part of our review of juuls, operations sent notice to juul seeking an explanation for why juul holds a license when it maintains it does not engage in sale or cigarette products on the premises. san francisco has never been afraid to leave and we're not afraid to do so when the health and lives of our children are on the line. with that, i would like to turn it over to supervisor walton, who has been a fearless partner and visionary leader both on the school board and now on protecting our city's youth. >> first, i want to thank the city attorney for his fierce leadership on this. i am really sick and tired of the predatory practices for our young people where people are
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tryintrying to set them up for d habits for a lifetime. this has to stop and ecigarettes are contributing that. when we passed prop 10 in 19198, which wa1998go out and educate t preventing tobacco use, preventing nicotine addiction and we showed record numbers that we were able to do that and accomplish that. and now we have more predatory practices going after our young people and this, again, has to stop. so i want to thank the city attorney for his leadership on this. as you know we're going to be announcing legislation at this afternoon's meeting. you've heard a lot of the data in terms of the change and shifts from winning people off tobacco to having more and more young people using tobacco and nicotine products. i want to say this, that ecigarettes have been targeting our young people with their colours and their flavours and
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enticing adolescentses and this is pulling them forked nicotine addiction. we have people addicted to nicotine who would never have smoked a cigarette had it not been for the attractive products that target our young people. so we can see and understand why it's so important to make sure that if things are not approved by the fda, if products have not been given the stamp of approval by the government, then we know they're not safe and until the fda does that, we have to make sure that these products are not sold in our stores here in san francisco. the city has already enacted ordinance 140-117 prohibiting retail establishments from selling flavoured tobacco products. ecigarettes are flavoured nicotine products. nicotine is what addicts all of our young people and addicts everybody. it is the addictive chemical in
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tobacco and nicotine and the effect of nicotine is what we have to combat as well. until the fda rules on approval of ecigarettes, we need to prohibit all sales for anyone under the age of 21 and anyone here in the city and we need to make sure that we have a ban on selling products, vaping products on any city property here in san francisco. what juul is doing is irresponsible and claimed to not be a part of the tobacco industry. i meant with them and they swore up and down they were not connected to the tobacco industry and a week and a half later, they merged with a tobacco company. therefore, not only are they not truthful but irresponsibly focused and working to addict young people on nicotine products so they will be long-time users of nicotine products to make a profit and harm their health.
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we won't stand for that and that's why we'll fight har in san francisco to avoid predatory products to our young people. i want to thank you all for coming out and we will combat this towards our young people. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor walton. i would like to ask our new director of the department of public health, dr. grant kofax to say a few words, as well. >> well, thank you. i just want to reiterate this is a major step forward for public health in san francisco, continuing the leadership that san francisco has historically shown in addressing major public health issues. i want to offer my gratitude to city attorney herarra and we know this has been reiterated in the remarks today, that mechanic teethat nicotineaddiction is das damaging affecdamaging effects s
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brain and it's attracting a whole different generation the youth to nicotine. we know that tobacco is the greatest cause of preventible deaths in this country. ecigarettes are responsible for the increasing levels of tobacco use that we're seeing in youth. we know that we need to do better. we need to turn this epidemic around. ecigarettes are a gateway drug to tobacco use and that has been shown in numerous studies. so we're here not only addressing the numerous affects being addicted to a substance, the direct effects on nicotine but taking a major step in that gateway from ecigarettes addiction. this is going to save hundreds, if not thousands of lives in san francisco and is a major step
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forward in breaking this epidemic. again, i'm grateful from the health department's perspective. this is a move in the right direction and major policy advance and the health department is very supportive of that. thank you. >> thank you, dr. kolfax and with that, we're happy to take any questions anybody has. >> is won't happens to the establishments that has the products on the shelves? do they take them down? >> we have to go through the legislative process and i have every confidence that supervisor walton will sheppard this legislation through as quickly as possible. once that legislation passes and works with the final product, then, yeah, until such time as the fda gave its premarket
1:49 pm
review and approval, there would not be allowed in either a hard brick and mortar store the sale of distribution manufacturer of ecigarettes and you wouldn't send it online until one or the other products had received the premarket review by the fda. >> so would this be two months, six months? >> it will be introduced today and we'll be working hard with colleagues to make sure this becomes law. when it does become law, it will take affect 30 days after this is complete. with that said, we'll be working hard to move as fast as possible. i can give you a better answer and response in a couple of weeks. >> why do you all think that the federal government has given a pass to ecigarettes so far and what is the power in strength in numbers? san francisco and chicago all
1:50 pm
pleading with the ftda to crack down on this. >> i can't answer for the fda but it's pretty darn expoliticcable they have failed to act. the tobacco control act was passed in 2009 and in 2016, the fda said that these products were subject to fda jurisdiction. yet, they said that they didn't have to first file their premarket review until 2018. and then they extended that to 2022. in the meantime, we've known that ecigarettes, we're talking about 15 years with no premarket review for a product that we know is addicting our kids, a whole other generation of kids to a deleterious drug threatening public health and safety. it is inexplicable and
1:51 pm
inexcusable to me that the fda has failed to act. the fact that we got chicago and new york to sign this letter in no time should be a message to the federal government that municipalities and localities are not going to tolerate this and we're going to act as quickly as we can to protect our young people. i have no doubt that as a result of today as action, both that letter and legislation, you will see other jurisdictions step up to demand action from the federal government. if we can't expect that the fda will protect the health and safety of our young people, then i don't know what the function of the fda really is. so hopefully they'll get the message. >> in terms of targeting juuls, would this grandfather them in? will they continue do what they do there. >> good question.
1:52 pm
under the terms of their -- they have a sublease down at the port and they have said that they are not manufacturing, distributing, doing anything through that facility. at this point, we don't have any evidence that they are in violation of the terms of their lease agreement. but that's why i sent the insmith demantheinspection demae it's areas they havit's curioust doing any sale on property. if i find they're in violation, i would take action of breaking the terms of their lease. but the legislation that supervisor walton is championing with respect to what is occurring on port property will enshire we will never have a similar circumstance that we have a company like this operatinoperating on similar pr.
1:53 pm
>> this should be a message to juul or any other corporation that thinks they can come into san francisco and operate in accordance that is against our values here as a city and so, this legislation is going to be focused, of course, and making sure this never happens again on any city property but it's also a warning to juul. it's also a statement to juul that we don't want them here. we don't want them in our city and so we're going to be fighting to make sure that we figure out and learn if there's anything that they're doing that is not in accordance with san francisco laws and regulations. >> would you eventually want to see juul leave the city? >> i would like for them to have been gone yesterday. we have been clear about that and our neighbors have been clear about that and we definitely would like for them to conduct business somewhere else. >> so excuse me, when the city signed a contract with juul, did they not know what the company did or why did they enter into a contract with the company?
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>> the city didn't enter into a contract. there's a massive lease developer at pier 70 that had a lease with another tenant and as part of that, there was a sublease between juul and that tenant and under the terms of the agreement that we had with master developer, there were certain rights that were given up by the city unless there was certain milestones and square footage. so we didn't know about it and weren't aware about it but it has been a lesson learned about how it is that the city engages with massive developers. i can assure you and i'm supervisor walton will, as well, this is a circumstance that will not happen again. >> any other questions? >> thank you very much.
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