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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  April 8, 2019 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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colleagues, meets determination of exemption is afired. -- affirmed. >> item 31 say resolution to approve and authorize a second amendment to the existing permit with another planet entertainment for the production of the annual outside lands festival to extend to 2031 and modify permissions related to the fee, outreach and other similar matters and to affirm the ceqa determination. >> supervisor fewer thank you, president yee. colleagues i want to say and to my constituents and to the people and everyone in san
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francisco i know the outside lands festival say rock concert and sometimes loud. my district has been extremely patient and tolerant and i heard overwhelmingly from so many constituents they adore this festival. i live eight homes from the park and i understand the compromise we're making the weekend in august so people from all over the world can come to san francisco and also san franciscans can hear world class music in a world class city. i just wanted to mention about the 10-year extension. i've been persuaded a 10-year extension is necessary for another planet which is the last independent producer of the shows in the united states or in the world.
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they needed this extension to be able to book all the events and the talent ahead of time and it take years and years before the actual event and they need to lock these entertainers down. i wanted to explain many -- some of the supervisors asked me why a 10-year and not a 5-year extension. after speaking the producers, i am convinced 10-year extension is needed in order for them to continue this festival. thank you very much for your consideration. >> supervisor mar. >> thank you, supervisor yee. i'm glad to co-sponsor this resolution along with supervisor fewer. i want to thank dana ketham and another planet entertainment for working hard and negotiate great benefits package to ensure an
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event benefits us. i believe benefits on public lands should benefit the public and i generates $3.3 million in rent payment and community benefits and more. outside lands producers have done a lot to be good neighbors as evidenced by the public comments attracting 60,000 san franciscans and local restaurants and provides jobs and giving local talent a platform. i would urge organizers to go above and beyond the contract requirement to work with us on refining the mitigation measures and continue to respond to community concerns. especially around sound impacts as good neighbors should. thank you so much. >> okay. colleagues, can we take the same house, same call? seeing no objection the item
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passes. it passes unanimously. madame clerk, let's go back to roll call for introductions. >> clerk: thank you, mr. president. supervisor brown we left off with you. >> excuse me a second. if my colleagues don't mind for me to complete my thought. i want to honor the young lady that passed away. >> it's my honor to speak on your behalf in this instance. >> we'd like to end the meeting in memoriam of madeline kativa. she was struck by a car while crossing in a crosswalk.
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madeline and her mother were severely injured. madeline sum succumbed to the impacts last week. it won't be the same for all their classmates and soccer teammates all attending service for madeline this morning. madeline was only 14 years old. he had a bright future ahead of her. in honor of her life and her family, i would like this board to close today's meeting in her memory. may we never forget madeline and our commitment to ensure no one has to endure this kind of nightmare and an ask the public to please slow down when they drive. the rest i submit. >> thank you. supervisor brown. you're up next.
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>> thank you. colleagues, current california law regulates predatory practices on loans up to $2500. those regulations cap interest rates on consumer loans below $2500 at 36% per year. yet interest rates on consumer loans on principal amounts over $2500 are not capped. so today i'm introduce resolution in support of assembly bill 539 to put a cap of 36% annual interest rate on all consumer installment loans between $2500 and $10,000. the last regulation on loans between $2500 and and 10$10,000 led to some lenders longer at 200% interest. the supreme court ruled in august 2018, current uncapped
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interest rates on consumer loans over $2500 are unduly oppressive and harsh. each year high-cost lenders make more than 350,000 loans totalling $1.1 billion. 33% of folks taking the high-cost loans are unable to pay them poch when borrowers are unable to pay off the loans it can be disastrous. borrowing against the pink slip on your car is difficult but having the car repossessed can be difficult and areas without access to public transportation or other meth offs getting to work. a.b. a39 is the result of a destruction to strike a christmas between lenders and --
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between lenders and consumer advocated by allowing interest of up to 36% up to $10,000 is arguably still too high. a.b.539 goes a long way in ensuring equitable treatment for low-income individual and families. a.b.539 is support california for economic justice and bay area legal aid, california labor federation, african methodist and the california catholic conference of conference and our treasurer and the office of financial empowerment of san francisco. i hope my colleagues will join me today as sponsors of my resolution of supporting for a major step forward in protecting folks from those who take advantage of the most vulnerable. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor brown. supervisor fewer. >> the --
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>> thank you, madame clerk. i introduced a measure on public housing and homelessness and we're working on presentations and digging into the funding strategies and gaps and opportunities for each of the issues. colleagues, even if you are not on the budget commit you're welcomed to join us for the topic-based hearings. in addition i'm calling for a hearing on the practice of assigning city-owned vehicles for personal use and the budget impacts of this practice. several months ago i request the budget and legislative analyst conduct a report on the issue and it had been flagged the usage may be out of alignment with the city's administrative code. the code provoid vides -- provides for 130 city owned vehicles if there's a criteria
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including an employee being on call and focussing on emergency response. however, the analysts found 247 city-owned vehicles across 14 departments are assigned for personal use. more than double what's accounted for in theoid. -- accounted for on the road. i am calling for a hearing on the matter at the budget and finance committee to understand the criteria and justification for each of these vehicles and ensuring we are preventing any abuse of this practice. and today i am requesting the city attorney create a fund capping 50% of all future excess education and revenue augmentation fund money resourced. -- received. i joined the bond planning meeting and we receive the news the bond capacity has grown by $200 million and that could mean
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a housing bond of $500 million. while this is fantastic news, we know the need is far greater. there's a significant missing gap for existing affordable missing projects in the mayor's office pipeline which i understand is estimated to be at at least $300 million and that's just for projects currently in the queue. while the production of new affordable housing is an urgent need we need to prioritize the preservation of existing affordable housing a critical need given the statistic in the housing balance report for every two new affordable units built we're losing one rent controlled unit. any deposit into the affordable housing production and preservation fund should be split into two funding categories. production of new 100% affordable housing and two, small site acquisition and
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preservation of existing housing as permanently affordable. i look forward to discussing this legislation with my colleagues as drafted. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor fewer. supervisor haney. >> thank you, madame clerk. i have two resolutions for intention of renewal and expansion of community benefit districts in district 6. the first is the tenderloin community benefit district was established in 2005 unanimously by this board and they'll be coming back to extend for another 5 -- 15 years. i'm a resident and appreciate the work they do. they have since their formation removed annually 3,600,000 pounds of trash from the tenderloin streets and picked up
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6,000 discarded needles. they've also taken on the responsibility of ensuring better public safety in our community. they have a safe passage program which is hugely popular and helps to make sure especially young people and children and families have a safe route to school in the morning and after school. and they're taking on greater responsibilities as it comes to public safety. they are also concern o -- one thing wasn't to share they're planning to expand on their parts of the tenderloin including along poke street or ferrell street not part of the cbd and it will extend the c.b.d. area as well as increasing some of the budget. they already have gone out and received over 30% and so they're well on their way and have very strong support among both property owners and residents in the tenderloin. the second one is the civic
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center c.b.d. renewal and expansion. this is something i'm introducing with mayor breed and supervisor brown who we share the civic center c.b.d. it's set to sunset in 2021. it was formed in 2011 for a 10-year term. they're coming back for renewal. i'm very excited to work with mayor breed and supervisor brown to move this forward. the civic center is where we are now and interesting and challenged area with city and county owned parcels and focussed on cleaning and safety as others have and public space activation and have been close partner in our successes around civic center and activating civic center for everyone to use in a safe, clean and inclusive
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way. the rest i submit. >> thank you. supervisor mandelman. >> i submit. >> clerk: supervisor peskin. >> thank you. i will submit all my legislation but would like to adjourn today's meeting in the memory of the late great ray and antonio who passed march 24age -- 24th at the age of 71 and began in 1968 and inlisted in the united states marine corps and served as a corporal after being honorably discharged in 1970 he returned to serve the san francisco community with the commission organization of san francisco and filipino mission organization and filipino english language center and protested against minority discrimination and corporate hiring practices and help youths gain access to economic
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opportunities. i knew ray in this role as a successful union leader when he became a muni transit operator and subsequently a representative for the transit workers union local 250a and worked liz way from recording secretary tock the first filipino secretary. he had been involved in every aspect of the day-to-day activities of the local and was committed to effective representation and protection of rights of all union members and negotiate the terms of the joint labor management committee on issues and played a leading role to construct uniowned restroom facilities for operators which was huge at the time. and as president he even re-organized internal programs that addressed the health and well being of transit operators and their families.
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his lifelong focus on workers' health and a safe work environment led to the conception of the muni stress study. the largest and longest longitudinal st. health study of -- study of health for workers and was involved in the local 250a when it was at its best. he was known, loved and respected by those who worked with him and will be missed by everybody who knew him. he is survived by his wife maryanne and his children and seven grandchildren. the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor. supervisor roana >> this is a technical stop to cutting our ties to pg&e and
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bringing clean power to san francisco. it's no secret i've been fed up with pg&e and i know my colleagues are aware and they've cost out delays and equipment failures caused repeated shut and an explosion in my district and their disregard for public safety precipitate the most dangerous wildfire in california. i've pushed and prodded for accountability meanwhile the situation continues to worsen. they filed for bankruptcy and they seem unable to fill the ceo position. they announced the intention to replace the majority of their board of directors but continue to postpone and between pg&e's corporate obligation to shareholders and the brankruptc
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courts san francisco customers are now at the bottom of the pecking order. it puts san francisco at risk. it's time to break this tie and create green renewable publicly-owned system. in january mayor breed order the study the steps to public power and that evaluation is underway. the charter establishes a clear role for the board of supervisors in make determination the public interest and necessity demand the transition to public power and requiring us to request a report to evaluate our options. this resolution will enable us to receive this report before the end of may and i look forward to working with all of you with community partners and mayor and sfpuc. taking ownership of our power not small task but is a real
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opportunity to make our grid smaller and safer and easier to protect and sustain and make decision energy sources an uses that can make the difference between climate ca cast -- catastrophe and i hope you join me in this resolution. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor. supervisor safai. >> submit. >> clerk: thank you. supervisor stefani. >> i'm calling for a hearing on food insecurity primarily among low-income women and minorities and access to food is a reality for too many neighbors. lack of income is a primary driver. 25% of san francisco's children, about 25,000 kids live in households earning below 200% of
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the federal poverty line and earn less than $20,000 for a family of three. there's ma programs to ensure ending foot insecurity the school bunch program and at risk super program and summer lunch program and child and dault care food program. despite the programs, food insecurity remains high among low-income families and those pregnant. in a survey of pregnant w.i.c. clients 60% have problems in accessing food. in another survey, families in san francisco participating in w.i.c., 60% were food insecure. in discussing the issues wedge the non-profit providers, i
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learned of a story of a pregnant woman who only had enough money to buy one hamburger for her children to split and we can do better and federal nutrition programs have seen a decline in participation because the current administration has increase the barriers to access these programs. our community-based food programs are at capacity with limited ability to expand to meet the growing need. in 2013 the san francisco board of supervisors passed a regulation that food is a right and the city and county of san francisco commit all san franciscans are food secure and hungry free by 2020. since then and despite significant public and private
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investments in programs to produce food insecurity the economic conditions that contribute to food insecurity have been exacerbated. as the cost of living has increased, more san franciscans struggle to afford basic needs. we're not on track to making san francisco food secure and hunger free by 2020. we need a plan to bring focus and collective resources together to develop city wide programs and policy and funding to address this pressing need. i want to thank the homeless prenatal program who's food security working group brought this to my attention and a look forward to hearing from our department in public health and community partner how to better address food insecurity issues in san francisco and get back on track to meeting our goal of a food secure and hunger-free city. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor. mr. president. that concludes the introduction of new business. >> okay. thank you. colleagues, madame clerk, let's go to public comment.
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>> clerk: at this time the public may address the entire board of supervisors for up to two minutes on matters within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board to include the board meeting minutes, item 34, the closed session and specifically whether or not the board should convene in closed session to discuss the existing litigation and tax measures adopted by the june 5th municipal elections and items 35 through 41 on the adoption without reference to commit calendar. public comment is not allowed when an item has previously been subject to public comment at a board committee and pursuant to the rules direct your remarks to the board as a whole and speakers using interpretation assistance will be given twice the amount and if you would like it display a document on the overhead projector specify that
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to sfgtv. >> first speaker, please. >> the library does not allow folks who own more than $10 to borrow anything, those 15,786 under 18 persons all or
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certainly most of them are unable to borrow any books or other materials. they're also restrict from requesting materials from other library systems using link plus or interin -- or interlibrary. that should be unacceptable in san francisco. there's other people who can't afford to pay fees and who are also adult or seniors unable likewise to borrow. the library is coming to you at a budget time with a proposal to quit charging fines. we certainly agree with that and when they proposed only dealing with fines going forward, we worked on an educational campaign and other things.
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they expanded to get rid of fines on the books. that's also good. we ask you to insist before approving anything they also look at fees which negatively harm libraries. >> thank you, next speaker. >> i'm christy scarvano and spoke in opposition to a wall and i learned further details with the proposal. i'm alarmed by what i've heard. particularly the fact the state recognizes in order to keep the area around the center safe, police will patrol the streets four times a day directly in front of my building. i think of the harmful images my son will see when he looks out the window or what he encounters
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going school or hearing profanity outside the window. i can't risk raising my child in such an environment knowing he'd be exposed daily to what the h.s.h. could expect if the center is build. i've been told by a san francisco police officer they currently do not have enough officers to regularly patrol the existing navigation centers already in place. supporters of the proposal who say it will all be fine, they are largely millennials an people who live outside of district 6. 10 years ago, that might have been me but not today. not as a mother. i am one of the countless parents who cannot take this risk on my own child. i've already made the choice to live in this current environment to raise my son. the city is forcing families out with this proposal. there's been no due diligence on the neighborhood and you're ignoring the demands of sit
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distance around the seawall. board of supervisors it's up to you to ensure the necessary due diligence is performed to understand what the lasting effects could be on centers like this on your voting constituents before it is too late. >> next speaker. >> i spoke about the fast prac track process to built the center on the see wall and we invited supervisor haney and we took a one-our walk and we know -- one-hour walk and know he will not find more than 10 homeless people. we don't have an emergency in south beach and because of the great work the city is doing emily cohen said last night the
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hopeless population in the city has remained steady. we've had a serious problem for many years but we don't have a sudden emergency. for any leader to use the excuse of an emergency to bypass existing laws is executive overreach and undemocratic. related, the mayor continues to dismiss our legitimate concerns. this weekend i read all of the controller offices reports that was written after the mission and they talked about drug use and the encampmented and concludes increasing capacity compromises the model and is unsustainable without more affordable housing. i summarized these points here. in the words of the controller. the mayor's office has not
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addressed the concerns and the mayor herself won't meet with us. i respectfully request all of you to join supervisor hany to urge the mayor to come to our community meeting tomorrow. thank you. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon. many of you know about the taxi industry and what it's going through. this is the sheet that the person who purchased me medal anfor $250,000 and the daily gross income and daily expenses which are if you deduct all the expenses from $200 it remains $13 after eight or nine hours a shift.
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we are quartering you guys before to please buy back the medallions and nothing is working for the taxi industry. everyone feels the taxi industry is unwanted. our humble request is to look at the fact sheet and if somebody has any doubt i can challenge him. i will prove each and every single expense that is over here. sfmta is not working for us. that's why we keep coming back and forth. we got a lollipop about six months ago. we went back to the sfmta and what they basically did is they
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divided four on one side, another on one side. no concrete efforts to increase the income of the taxi driver and as you have mentioned, we are mentioning the children are in the food deficit and we're on the brink and if we're taking home only $13 for nine hours a shift. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i bought a medallion. >> clerk: please speak directly in the microphone. >> i bought a medallion from m.t.a., $250,000. i did not make any money now. it's all gone to the uber and
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lyft. our request is very simple and we are begging of you, please bring justin and give us our money back. we're not engaged with the uber or lyft. we just need our money back and we cannot make any money. yesterday i worked like 12 hours and i go home like with $23. last week i worked seven days. i go like a whole week about $330. please, we cannot pay our loan. take our medallion back. that's it. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> with the current situation with the expedited access to sfo
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that's the lollipop he was talking about. it's not working. it's a joke, plain and simple. we're still barely making it. what can i say. it's just not working. the time to do something about uber and lyft and for the taxi industry was before the c.u.p. took over the regulations. at this point you guys have just pass the buck on to them saying you can't do anything about it but when the moment was bright to do something you buried your head in the sand and requested it doesn't exist maybe at the request of city lead perpsz maybe some of you here. who knows. nonetheless, it's not working. there's not been a medallion sale in year. it's worth nothing. the value is zero. there are rules and regulations in place contracts with the credit union and so on and so
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forth called the exit mechanism which says you guys will buy back the medallions if the program is a failure. it is a failure. it is dead as a door nail. there's nothing that will revive it. they're not even worth the $125,000 yet alone, $250,000. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> i purchased the medallion and they're not a commodity because as the ride sharing and my question is why are you reluctant to pay us back. we're trapped.
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the policies destroyed our business and they remain unchanged. the ride sharing vehicle existence is what worked for you. you have given comfort to your public and made our lives miserable. don't you realize we paid for these medallions. the price was escalated from zero to $250,000. you have no regret for that. what kind of challenge is that. medallions deprive us, please. we are not in that position to pay medallion payments. it's made our life terrible and sold to us these medallions. never offered us for free. as for our situation is concerned, we're not able to make medallion payments. you'll have to take considerable steps to solve this problem.
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you should disclose your decisions about the medallion and we are waiting eagerly. we cannot sustain ourselves in the taxi business anymore. my two options. the price of medallion and reduce it and i spoke to the bank. [chime] >> thank you. next speaker. >> i live from the proposed homeless shelter. swirling around the project lately and most have been a lot
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of rumors and false information. and it mostly comes from people who don't live in district 6 have provided. it has been used by people waging a p.r. battle and feed false narrative to the media that anyone who disagrees with them is an elite with a black heart and no soul. i live in a b.m.r. yeah, some of my neighbors do have no soul, but i also am proud to share the neighborhood with any number of affordable how fast how fast -- housing
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development and the trans bay channel. i need your help or i can't do this alone. she night -- might have gotten a more positive response. instead she has blindsided us and our supervisor and continued to assist district 6 carry a disproportionate amount of burden of dealing with the project more so than any other district in the city. if people want to give -- because i said so is not good governing policy. it only works for a parent. and mayor london breed is not mine. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon, everybody. i don't know how to speaker as a speaker but i didn't want to but have to because of my circumstances. we are suffering with this medallion and you beautiful people need to help us out.
3:41 am
i have five kids. i get up at night and start crying what is my kid's future. we work hard. we serve this beautiful city. we don't deserve that. please, put yourself into my position and think for a few minutes and everybody knows what's going on with our situation. everybody's aware of that. i wouldably would humbly request humanitarian request and i appreciate that and i thank you for my heart. thank you so much. >> thank you. i'm a taxi driver 949. before it was okay. but after it's a big issue for the medallion.
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$250,000 i bought the medallion. i was living here and pay the payment $2400 and $1600 i pay here and now i live here and share somebody and the big issue and reduce the price or take the medallion back. we are doing like a big issue, please. solve the problem and you know. i don't need to explain. everybody explains. god bless you. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker. >> i'm a resident of district 6. i live near the proposed embarcadero navigation center. we all have to acknowledge a
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homeless problem in the city. i've been physically accosted by the homeless and i've had to dodged syringes and i can call and they pick them up and it helps with cleanliness and safety. the concern about the proposed navigation center starts on the fast tracking plan and the changes you approved on the legislation. secondly, it's two times the size of any other navigation center. if you look at report number 4 from the controller they want small and the intimate to keep the same rules. with the large center the program rules will not work. it's also the first one in a high-density residential area and the others are in commercial industrial mixes. unfortunately, the residents there have the same habits a lot of people do, smoking and substance abuse. they're not allowed to do that in the navigation center so a 225 bed facility sends a percentage out to the nearby
3:44 am
neighborhood to pursue their habit. the controller said more beds slows the exists. 14% from the department of homeless report gets permit housing. 54% go back to the neighborhood, 225 back into the neighborhood. the location and size. there's concerned on the additional load of case workers to transport people to where the facility is. the perception is your minds are made up and people will litigate that. that's not good for any of us. we need a solution that helps the homeless and works inside the community. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. good evening, members of the board. i'm a student of san francisco state university. i lived in san francisco the past three years. it's come to my attention the city may consider an effective ban on the sale of e-cigarettes
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in an attempt to curb under age use of the products. in june of 2016 the state of california raised the smoking age to 21 in an attempt to do the same thing. this past june, san francisco went a step further banning the sale of flavored vape and tobacco products. now less than i year later we're here deliberating banning the products altogether and punishing legal smokers such as myself. that's the solution to this? i hope no one in this chamber is in favor of kids smoking vape. i'm not. i'm a big brother. i have a little says sister but for me if i didn't have this option i'd be spoking daily like i did for four years before the product was available. while it's not apart of your lifestyle, it's part of mine along with other san francisco residents and i genuinely believe they improved my quality of life as well as health. i have seen the press release.
3:46 am
there's a lot of scrutiny against jule in particular and i like the product. i work in san francisco at a popular restaurant. people are choosing this instead of cigarettes. i don't see that as a bad thing. considering they're paying taxes to this city and offering job opportunities, i think it's a shame we're trying to send a message it's something we don't appreciate here. i just want to close out by saying once again i hope you reconsider the proposal and repercussions so the community and industry of the community and small businesses throughout the city that rely on the sale of these product for income. have a good rest of your evening. thank you. >> next speaker. >> hi, everybody. i'm a resident of the city. i'm driving since 1993 and
3:47 am
medallion number 316 and they sold us the medallions at $250,000. everybody knows what's going on in the city. i don't know why the city's not helping us. sfmta cannot help us and we can shoot ourselves in front of you guys and nobody can get in trouble for that. i'm not a happy to work anymore for the taxi cab because i'm not fit to work. and sfmta told us before we bring the medallion back and we're not able to work for the taxi cab and we give you money back. sfmta i don't know why they
3:48 am
don't mention to us and all cab drivers. i make a request for city of san francisco and supervisors of san francisco, please, help us and get our money back and whatever you want to have commission or tags we can give to you. our life is not happy. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi, i'm a 30 years a driver. are you guys listening to these people or sleeping? i'm not happy either. i'm up to here. i am here eight, nine years fighting for them. what you guys are doing? you are afraid for something? this city is poor? the last time here i asked you if you don't have any money go
3:49 am
to the bond issue. issue the bond. these people are suffering. your guys are helping to these guys die. the heart attack. we're not able to do it. i'm 66 years old. i want to get retired. i already paid my dues. these gentlemen have many years and i don't know what is the problem. he cannot work anymore. my brother, my friend, you have to put something in your body to release yourself and you have to sit behind a cab. i am up to in here. i tell you, part by part. see what is the money we make.
3:50 am
this say -- is a sickness. it's shame on you guys. total gross income. 247b. -- $200. federal credit union fee, $40. one day. please, listen, airport fee, $30. the $25. taxi insurance, $20 another one. credit card fee. it's a rip poch another $20. >> thank you. . next speaker, please. >> is this america? no. >> if i had to pick between the neighbors of the navigation center and the taxi cab drivers who are about to wind you have living in the navigation center i think i'd try to help the taxi
3:51 am
cab drivers. i dough -- did you know what the definition needs but i don't the the national name of the twitter tax break ordinance but it was at a tenderloin people's congress meeting last night and an understand the tax break will expire and there's some talk about if there should be something done about it. if it should be extended. i want to assure you the track people and i think it's a widely held belief, the loss of the tax benefit from the tax break more than offsets any value we get from the neighborhood. it's like when you get a sock at the holidays or something. what we need is a comprehensive approach to matching the needs of the neighborhood with the available resources and that whole process with the c.a.c., it falls so far below that standard. i want to really urge you,
3:52 am
whatever you do, don't continue it in it's current form. thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> in light of amarvin gaye he was in the fillmore at one time so i'm going to do something special for y'all. this is actually what you call copyrighted yours truly ace on the case. these words have value. he's talking about mercy, mercy, mercy. come on and listen to this. ♪ oh, mercy, mercy, me ♪ oh, things aren't what they used to be on the fillmore street ♪
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♪ where did all black business go ♪ ♪ chicago's gone ♪ and now they want to take the addition y'all ♪ ♪ we won't let them y'all ♪ walk down the street ♪ this is for you all on 30th street ♪ ♪ don't repeat what they've done to the fillmore street ♪ ♪ mercy, mercy, me ♪ oh things aren't what they used to be on the fillmore street ♪ ♪ where did all black business go ♪ ♪ you better watch my brand new tv show ♪ i just wanted to give you a sample of the creativity from the fillmore you get the politician queen b and you get me a-c-e.
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lord have mercy. look what they've done to the fillmore street. it's marvin gaye, y'all. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. this is for item 35. sit okay i and a few others can share? great, wonderful. my name is sarah lee. i'm one of the community advocates for the asian law caucus and here with others in support of the resolution that would be decided today to support the community who has been targeted for detention and deportation with the last round of raids happening in march.
3:55 am
yesterday there was a community member s.f. resident detained by ice. family members will be sharing behind me. as you know, these deportations have been happening for decades and across the country and i want to share local jurisdictions and governors have a role to play in stopping the deportation. the community member that got detained already requested a pardon from the governor and asked the santa clara d.a. to vacate his conviction. i was with his family yesterday when ice arrested him. i know survivors of the khmer
3:56 am
rouge and there's other cambodian members who are turning the grief into action. we hope for those who are supporting the resolution we can partner with us in the next steps to talk to the governor and call the governor and to also speak on behalf of king's family especially with the d.a. of santa clara. behind me are organizations and family members who will share more. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm a genocide survivor and i teach cambodian language and culture for free to anyone interested. our american refugees came here
3:57 am
at kids and often live in poor neighborhoods and some end up in places that were not good for them. they already served their time and became productive citizens and have built families with kids. most cambodians are buddhist. we praise those who have changed for the better. however, the deportation does the opposite. it breaks our families and community a part which is also against our american value. if this were to happen to you or to your loved one, would you be willing to go? if not, then please stop this deportation practice. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker. >> thank you, i'm a mental health advocate. i'm a second generation cambodian and here with a heavy heart. i'm asking for your support for
3:58 am
the crisis inflected on our cambodian community and ice is dshsz -- i.c.e. is breaking up our community and our elders are survivors of genocide and it's difficult to speak about the suffering and those deported were born in camps and born and raised in trauma. they witnessed mass murder, starvation and torture of our people. once they resettled in america they were raised in poor and violent neighborhoods already impacted by drug war and violence and sex trafficking and they had to survive. we were told we were the lucky ones. we had to hide our pain because
3:59 am
our parents had suffered enough and told to man up and not cry and show emotion. part of the survival was committing crimes. of those detained have paid for the crimes. and many have years of transformation. during the khmer rouge they targeted our advocate and free thinkers and it's taken years to stand up and tell our story. we may never receive justice from the genocide but we can speak up now to protect our families. please support our loved ones from being detained. please speak to governor newsom and demand pardons to keep us in our homes and with our families. >> next speaker. >> hi, everyone. i'm part of the community under attack right now.
4:00 am
i came here when i was 3 years old and i consider myself a native. families are being torn a part. kids won't have their families anymore and i want to reach out to everyone for help and i support. peace out, everyone. thanks. >> hi, i live in the bay view and i actually work for a division center and i'm a case manager and a want talk about this and wasn't to bring awareness about what happened yesterday with my family which was ripped apart because my partner was taken into