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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  April 14, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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many people and make so many feel happy and people that work here. it's been a great experience for me and a great experience for to totoby. >> it's been an extremely successful program, so the next time you are here, stop by and say hi. this is the regular meeting at the san francisco board of education. tonight is april 9th, 2019. roll call,. >> thank you. [roll call] >> thank you.
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>> thank you pick tonight, i would like to open this metre in honor of the great entrepreneur community metre and hit -- hip-hop recording artist who said, i spoke some things to the universe, and they appeared, i won't say it is worth -- i will say it is worth it, i will not say it is fair. section a, general information, number 1 is accessibility, information for the public, section b., opening items. approval of board minutes for the regular meeting of march 12 th, 2019. can i have a motion? >> so moved. >> second. >> roll call vote. >> thank you. [roll call]
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>> speaker cards for the regular agenda and for closed session are necessary if you wish to address the board of education. members of the public are reminded an individual can complete a speaker card prior to the item being called, and we have our executive assistant. members of the public have two minutes to address the board, and a time as set by the president. according to board rules and procedures, speaker cards will not be accepted for an item already before the board. number 2, superintendent's report. dr. matthews? >> thank you president cook. good evening, everyone. good evening, everyone, all right. spring is here and i'm excited for all of the opportunities ahead to celebrate our students
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pick next week we will be honouring six graduates who exemplify our graduate profile in our own unique way. this year's winners are janelle hernandez from abraham lincoln hernando, jah came tate from independent high school, rebecca kavanaugh from bridge in high school, ainsley sinead from balboa high school, is a new lynn from san francisco international high school, and joshua park from lowell high school. [applause] >> these six students and many more have demonstrated that they are ready to be their best, they are ready to create, they are ready to lead to, they are ready to think, learned, and grow, and ready for a career, and ready to tackle a changing world. they will receive a scholarship from sparks san francisco public schools, and from google to
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support them in their future learning endeavours after graduation. april is lgbt q. pride celebration month for san francisco unified. aligned with our mission, every day we provide each and every student the quality instruction and equitable support required to thrive in the 21st century, and in april, we celebrate the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning community to improve school climate and create safer schools , and promote respect for all members of school communities. this past wednesday, april 3rd , our school health program , lgbt q. support services hosted its sixth annual high sku -- high school g.s.a. stone wall, the next 50 years of resistance.
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over 130 students from 17 schools participated. the davis plant in partnership with the queer and trans advisory -- council. a group of seven high school youth leaders from across the district. g.s.a. day was supported by ten community partners, and a robust team of volunteers from school health programs, and pupil services. students participated in 12 different workshops, on topics ranging from trans history, art as empowerment, drag as activism , to safer sex and consent, and many, many more. a big san francisco unified school district thank you to that organization and youth leaders, and nicole, and. from school health programs. way to go. [applause] >> on wednesday, april 3rd across town, a group of 350 students from six san francisco unified school district high schools attended the very special hamilton event at the orpheum theatre.
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this is sponsored by guilder lerman institute to be eligible, all students must be involved in either u.s. history or government, and participate in a series of unique classroom lessons specifically developed about alexander hamilton. then the students submit to videos and projects in which they engage in spoken word, a wrap, singing, action, poetry, and music. about a dozen of those students performances were selected to be shown for all of the students in the morning of the show on the orpheum stage. this was in front of 2,000 students from all over the bay area. next, they had a question and answer session with actual cast members, and after lunch, the students were able to witness the actual tony award winning musical "hamilton."
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finally, the support for families with children with disabilities, information and resource fair is this saturday april 13th from 8:30 p.m. -- 8:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. on john o'connell high school. i hope all of you are there. this will be located at folsom street. this is that john o'connell high school from 8:30 a.m. until 3:3. this is a free conference for families with children with disabilities. the professionals who work with them, and for members of the community. there will be workshops, networking, opportunities, and resources available, and we will also have breakfast, lunch, and not to dinner, but limited childcare. this will be provided for all, we hope to see you all on april 13th at john o'connell for the children to disabilities information and resource fair. president cook, that ends my announcements for the evening. >> thank you, dr. matthews.
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number 3, students delegates report. >> thank you. the sac would like to motivate our peers to participate and demonstrate student voice through voter registration engagement at sfusd. we hope -- thank you for senator medina. >> on march 22nd, we hosted the 16th annual youth summit were student leaders from high schools all over san francisco participated on workshops and funds. it was help -- he was hoping to inspire what they learn to the summit for their own communities a special thank you to the team for doing an amazing job and for you helping the sac, and dr. matthews for speaking as well as our commissioners and general council for a cell up -- supporting student voice. we look forward to developing success. >> we would like to remind
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everyone about the student delegate campaign. next year's student delegate candidates already started their campaign. they are very excited to see our diverse candidates from schools across the city running for this important leadership position. all students are encouraged to vote and partake in the student voice vote. the link is... thank you to all of our sic his candidates for your dedication to voice as serving our constituents throughout our schools. we wish you all the best campaign run run. >> our next meeting will be on april 15th at 5:00 p.m. across the street. the sac is a public council and everyone is available to attend our meeting. if you would like to attend or make a presentation or like a copy of the agenda, contact our supervisor. thank you. >> thank you for that report. number 4, recognition and resolutions of commendation, there are none tonight.
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number 5, recognizing all valuable employees and awards, we have none tonight. number 6, public comment on non agenda items. please note that public comment is an opportunity for the board to hear from the community on matters within the board's jurisdiction. we ask you refrain from using employees are student names. if you have a complaint about employees, you may submit it to the supervisor in accordance with district policy. as a reminder, portables and california law do not allow us to respond to comments or attempt to answer questions during public comment time. of appropriate, the superintendent will ask staff to follow up with speakers. we have a few items that were not on agenda tonight. when you hear your name, please make your way to the podium. were you have two minutes. patrick parkes and peter.
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>> okay. my name is patrick, thank you for giving me the opportunity. i am here because for some reason, i thought the chronic -- i brought the chronicle newspaper, because i'm interested in the rainfall totals, they don't have it online, so i had to find it online. i figured i could go ahead and get the information i wanted, however i dropped the paper and opened it up and i saw something in there that struck me as odd. there were a bunch of obituaries about people living long lives.
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there was a picture of a young man, and from 2001 and 2019, next to it, and it didn't make any sense to me, i didn't want to read the obituary, because i thought it was maybe a skiing accident or a car accident, i was hoping that it was a skiing accident because that would provide information that he died doing something he loved doing. this young man took his own life and without any warning signs, he left behind a family that loved him. i cannot even imagine.
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no one understands why we have teenage suicide. i have never cried so much in my entire life. we work it out where we have 800 numbers, suicide prevention, warning signs, school teachers, and professionals, however, -- >> thank you, that was your two minutes. >> that's all i get? i didn't get to tell you -- >> that's it. >> can i ask for one more minute >> no, i'm sorry, we have to move on with the meeting. >> thank you. >> can you crest -- press the button? >> it is already on.
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>> okay. >> good evening, commissioners. i listened with interest your budget committee meeting last week where it was stated that enrolment in instrumental music is largely due to personality of the teachers, in the example was brought up of the cleveland school and other schools. i am the teacher at all three of those schools, and there is not even enrolment, but i would like you to open your minds to other reasons why that occurs other then the personality of the teacher, i really don't think i have a different personality on monday. having said that, i just want to give a little overview of arts curriculum. it is the same as all other curriculums. there are different competencies that need to be met to gain incompetence of art, music, dance, and drama and that applies to all cultures. and the pathways that you are talking about in your meetings,
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when i was hired, the way it was done as there was an elementary multiple arts textbook that all students were exposed to, lessons that had a a story, a dance, and artwork, and a song. and millet -- in middle school, they're allowed the choice of industrial arts and other things which was not allowed, i was not allowed to give the kids a grade in our thing. i'm not opposed to any of these ensembles that are talked about, they did exist prepeace at and then we have a $2 million and we are saying that it cannot be delivered. the children aren't allowed to come to class, is basically what i would like you to understand. and surgeon elementary schools and middle schools they are not allowed to take electives. that has been the case since i was hired. all those remedial programs that
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they are asked to take instead of those elected courses have not raised the test scores, same schools at the bottom there two years later. thank you. >> those are all the cards for general public comment. number 7, advisory committee reports and appointments to advisory committees. we have a report from the advisory council. >> good evening, super intendant and commissioners. i'm here for the parent advisory council, so our children, our families council developing an online directory of services providers to easily access information for resources that are available -- in late march
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videos were created to provide feedback for families on how to navigate the website. based on the years of stakeholder engagement with sfusd families, here are recommendations that were made to increase access and improve user experience. at the disability i come back to the site and increase its size. incorporate subtitles and closed captioning on the guided tour video, subtitles for the demo video, and chinese, spanish, arabic, to gallic and vietnamese , and closed caption for the demo video in english for the hearing impaired. translate the survey into spanish, chinese and to gallic, in arabic and vietnamese. change the education and search title to education and childcare
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and provide clear instructions for the beta testing session. at the next meeting, which is tomorrow, members will have the opportunity to complete the survey which will improve the basic function design and look and feel of the family website. it will also share the survey with community partners. next, promotes the online sfusd enrolment survey created by the educational placement centre. it is designed to show areas of improvement for the enrolment process and help understand how to make the process easier for families to compete success -- complete successfully. the survey is we will share the links. >> thanks. my name is sandy, the members of the forests are nearly done holding stakeholder engagement organizations for the
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accountability plan for the 1920 s school year. once we are completed, will develop a report of findings to share with the board of education on leaders to inform present -- budget discussions and decisions. we will highlight the major themes. we have heard across the conversations, and based on these findings, the district english learner committee will present the joint recommendation on tuesday may 28th at the board of education. would also like to note that we encourage everyone to attend the public briefing on the draft which is 422 -- 424 at franklin. this saturday, they say they will host the table of the information and resource and they are supported for the children with disabilities. this event is free and open to the public. it offers workshops and an opportunity to connect with
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others including family service providers and organizations available in the community. breakfast, lunch, and interpretation services are provided. in addition, limited childcare is available. the resource fair will be held at john o'connell high school. you can register and find more details online. the application process is still open and we are very -- recruiting new members for the next school year, applications are due and available on our website in english, spanish, and chinese. they are due this friday, april 12th, 2019. the next meeting is tomorrow, wednesday, april 10th from 5:45 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. p.m. all meetings are open to the public.
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>> i would like to add we also have childcare available at the meetings. any questions? >> i was just asking dr. matthews, he said limited, you said limited, i don't know if it is limited and age are limited in capacity, if somebody could answer that question, do we know? >> from my understanding, it is limited in capacity. >> what capacity? >> i'm not sure the exact capacity, but i did speak to someone today and it may actually already be full. they were trying to get it. >> so if we find out exactly, we will follow and make an announcement later. >> i know the coordinator of the pack organization had a family emergency today. she asked if there are any follow-up question she will get them to you and i will get them to her. we will follow-up to the answer to that. >> other questions or comments from commissioners?
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>> let's see, seven b., are there any appointments to the advisory committees by board members? >> i would like to appoint lee what wu to the public education enrichment fund. >> okay. , section c. consent calendar. and i have a motion and a second on the consent calendar? >> so moved. >> second. >> it looks like we don't have any public comment on the consent calendar. any items withdrawn or corrected by the superintendent? >> none tonight. >> any items removed by first reading by the board. >> any items severed by the
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board of superintendent for discussion and vote? okay, roll call vote on the consent calendar. >> thank you. [roll call] >> thank you. can't discussion and vote on the consent calendar for separate consideration. there are none tonight. section e., proposal for action. we have board policy 6-1, high school graduation requirements. this is moved and seconded at a prior board meeting, and we have a committee report from the vice president. >> it was heard in the rules committee and sent to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> dr. matthews, you have a designation to read into the record.
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>> we are asking the board to approve board policy which amends high school graduation requirements to comply with changes to california law. >> thank you. we don't have any public speakers signed up for this item any comments from the board? roll call vote, please. >> thank you. [roll call] >> number 2, superintendent proposal 191, community proposed , naming the gym at the middle school after raymond's. this is moved and seconded on january 29th, 2019. let's see, the committee reported at a previous meeting.
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dr. matthews, you have a designation for the record. >> yes, this assistant superintendent. >> hello, good evening. and support of the gym at the middle school after raymond pons where as raymond pons taught from 1968 until 2003 as a meth, social science in physical education teacher, and during his time at the site because -- he created numerous opportunities for students with historically marginalized backgrounds. to experience the city, and to the world as their classroom. from leading trips to egypt, and to south america, and to the shakespeare festivals, he was a man of his word, he was a man of the community, he is still committed today. therefore be it resolved during this naming process that the middle school school community has abided by the sfusd board
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naming of the facility policy 7310, and be it further resolved the name change is established during the 2018 and 2019 school year, and that district staff will work with the middle school community. hello, okay. to design and install signage for the gym as well as a plaque commemorating the teaching career of raymond palms at the school. >> thank you. >> we do have two speakers outside for public comments. make your way to the public -- for the -- to the podium. you have two minutes. >> hello. good evening. i'm so excited to be here today and got goosebumps when we were able to tell you about ray. he is such a special part of our
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community and has been for many years, and we are so thrilled to have this opportunity to honor him in this way at our school site. like she said, he taught social studies, taught science, but most people, including the president, know him as a coach know him as a teacher. is a place where he was often seen within the gymnasium. and currently, it is just our gymnasium, but i think it would be an honor for us to be able to honor his memory and he is still with us today, but to be able to honor what he was able to do for so many of our students, not only as a teacher for over 35 years, but as a substitute teacher, he came back for more, and even went on for a decade after that to be able to coach numerous teams, and we still have him involved in our community as well, hoping to plan various activities. we have a group you all voted into be able to go to oregon to see the shakespeare festival and we have a lot of students who will be going there later this month, and he is the reason that
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that happened, and so i just want to express to all of you how wonderful this would be to be able to honor this man who has meant so much to the community and still does. >> good afternoon, my name is norm, and i had the opportunity. >> one second. let me reset your time. go ahead. >> i had the opportunity to work with ray during the ten years that i was working at the school my daughter was in one of his pe classes. he mentor to me and how to be one of the folks that accompanied the students in those various trips to create a lake. he was my roommate, as a matter of fact. i have a poem here, some of you all heard it the last time, but
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i'm going to read it again because ray is still this kind of educator. being this kind of educator, loving your village, means you are going to be loving somebody else's children, probably too much for their own good. that is is a double-edged blade that cuts a swath and a leather. -- and a sliver. a blessing and a curse, like a field of fellow rose and planting only one. forever vacillating don't let anyone throw sand on your smooth finish. you are here to make a difference in somebody's lives. unless you create a well-designed survey to quantify or qualify or even classify what difference you make, you only come to know, it makes no difference. your light is going to sign it shine, it will cause a shade and so wet. you are already a shining light in your village.
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state lit, and ray was that example for me, as a retired person, the oldest guy in the community accompanying the students. he has provided that long-term learning opportunity and i think to be commemorated with having commemorated the gymnasium -- gymnasium named after him and it would be a wonderful tribute. thank you. >> thank you. do we have any comments from the board? i would just say i got into a fight one time, and i was losing , and he stopped it. [laughter] roll call vote, please. [roll call]
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>> six time mac. >> congratulations. [cheers and applause] >> number 3, superintendent proposal, another community name change for the auditorium. this is moved and seconded on january 29th, 2019 and the committee reported it at a previous meeting. dr. matthews, do you have a designated reader? >> yes. our chief of education.
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>> good evening, commissioners. this is on behalf of lisa reynolds more. she worked in sfusd for over 30 years. she was a parent, teacher, in principle. her heart and commitment was to do the students and families in the bayview community. well we mourn her loss, we are grateful that i was district board has allowed us to honor her in her memory in this way. be it resolved that the san francisco board of education accepts the early education proposal to name the 20 cook street auditorium to the lisa reynolds more auditorium. >> thank you. we have a few speakers signed up for this item. when you hear your name, you will have two minutes. eli horan,...
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>> good evening, commissioners. my name is eli, i am an early education individual with the san francisco unified school district, and lisa was my mom's baby sister. she passed away about three years ago. i'm very honored to be standing here to ask for the proposal to name this building after her. leaves that was -- lisa was more than just an educator. she was a mentor to many people, and she was a second mother to a lot of students. she was a tremendous asset on the bayview community where she served for many years, and her legacy still touches generations
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of people in the community, and our personal family. she is truly missed, and i think this will be a lasting legacy for this to go through, and we really miss her and the work that you have done. i really think she deserves this honor. i want to thank you. thank you very much. [applause] >> good evening, commissioners, so excited to stand here and to accept this honor of having the auditorium of 20. i said i wasn't going to cry, i just got emotional, but to know lisa was amazing. i worked with her for ten years with dr. charles drew, and when i sit in the auditorium, i am going to be moved, but it is such an honor to be able to
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honor her. she epitomized what it meant for children and for families. this will be a sweet dedication to her. thank you so much for the honor. [applause] >> good evening, dr. matthews, commissioners, i am in support of naming 20 cook street auditorium after lisa more reynolds. when it comes to early childhood department, it is one of -- our program is one of the best programs in the city, she worked for many years, our program gives children the path that leads to college and career. and i don't -- i know i don't have to explain to you what the research says about early childhood development, but this is why i am so proud tonight
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that 20 cook street auditorium is being named after an early childhood educator who was dedicated to our program as a parent, as a teacher, as an administrator. that is a real commitment. i am very excited about this, and i know she is looking down and saying, well, because as you know, we don't get many, you know, things named after someone in our department, so i am really excited that you are honouring her, and i just want to say thank you. [applause] >> beautiful comments. thank you to all of you. any other comments from the board? roll call, please. >> thank you.
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>> number 4. [applause] >> number 4 is superintendent's proposal. authorization to grant alternatives or deny the renewal petition of gateway high school. [cheers and applause] >> this is moved and seconded on february 12th, 2019. the committee report was given at a previous meeting. dr. matthews, do you have a designate to be the recommendation into the record? >> we have our director of policy and planning in charter schools, mr. michael davis. [applause] >> thank you, dr. matthews. i am here to present the
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recommendation regarding gateway high school, charge of renewal petition, authorization to grant or deny the renewal petition for gateway high school. whereas, pursuant to california education code, section 47, gateway public schools inc. submitted a petition for renewal of gateway high school charter school to the san francisco unified school district, and whereas pursuant to the california education code sections 47605 and 607, and title v of the california code regulations, the board of education in the district received the renewal petition on february 12th, 2019, and whereas the timelines for review as required by law, and whereas the board of education sherbrooke -- out request the level of public support for the charter school and review the petition and all information received with respect to a petition including supporting
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documentation, and whereas a district superintendent and district staff have completed a review of the petition and issued a report and recommendation to the board of education regarding the review of the petition, therefore be it resolved that the board of education so grant the petition subject to the requirements by law. we also have a board report that was issued after the review. we found that the review of the charter school's academic performance indicate the data support a finding that gateway high schools performance is at least equal to the sfusd schools that the students would otherwise attend, as defining on the academic performance. as far as the review of the remainder of the petition, the
6:40 am
staff founds that the admissions requirement section of the petition did not include the timeline of the application and enrolment process, and that section should be amended. that amendment was submitted to us on march 6th, 2019. for a people suspension and expulsion, that section had an incorrect view definition of firearm on page 69 that said that the definition of firearms should not include an antique firearm. we ask that this be removed, and the gateway submitted a revision for that section on march 11th , 2019. >> is that it? >> okay. >> we do have several speakers. everyone is allowed two minutes
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to speak, you -- so when you hear your name called, because we have several speakers, i will call the names of ones. if i miss you, i'm sorry, but i will try and get through all the speakers and get to the next people. so if you could line up as you hear your name called. we will just stop there and i will call the next names later. >> good evening, commissioners. my name is tony rogers, i am the principal. this is my first year on gateway
6:42 am
the young boy that i grew up with in 1976, we had diversity, but that diversity was met with intolerance, marginalization, hatred, and indifference, and sometimes it was very physical for some of us, and for me, the young person i really took on, dr. can's i have a dream speech was my manifesto -- dr. king's, "i have a dream" speech was my manifesto. not any kind of qualification. i hadn't education -- i became a teacher and i became an administrator. this is my 30th year in education, and gateway embodies so many of the best practices that i've seen as a teacher in missouri and in richmond in oakland and berkeley, and most
6:43 am
important thing is i see young and black men being included in these forces, and their voice helps to drive an instruction at our school, and student voices in general drive that around schools, and it is such a restorative community, and when students make a mistake, it is an event to incubate growth and change. our school is a personification of what is good. it holds student charge at dreams. it is the answer to ancestor's prayers. it is an amazing home thank you. [applause] >> hello, i am the director a partnership, the gateway. my role is to create bridges and
6:44 am
break down barriers between the community and our students. i focus on creating access to high-impact intership jobs, college readiness, and enrichment opportunities about gateway high school and gateway middle school. we operate as a community school , partnering with organizations around san francisco to built -- offer built in opportunities and support to give students and parents of resources and tools they need to learn and grow. we all know the opportunity gap is real, and a significant effect on students, so i gateway we seek to eliminate it as much as possible. we believe a school that works in partnership with the community best serves everybody. with this in mind, gately public schools strives to close the opportunity gap by providing students with access to quality, real world learning opportunities, both within our school walls and beyond. many of these transformative learning experiences are made
6:45 am
possible through community partnerships, working collaboratively with the community to bring a world of opportunity to our students. gateway high school partners with them who provide an on-site workforce development coordinator who works directly with students and families, as well as provides paid work and internship experiences, specialist for students with these issues. we also have a intership program i gateway high school for students who earn credit while interning at a wide variety of offices across san francisco, including nearby and city hall. i gateway it -- i gateway middle , we partners with goat -- girls who code and volunteer instructors to bring the valuable skills of coding directly to our school. as you can see, we have a passion and commitment to our students, community, and creating positive change within. gateway is an organization that i'm proud to work for, and witnessed tangible results of each and every day. thank you. [applause]
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>> before you get started, are they too close to the microphone it might be kind of muffled. thank you. hi, i am a freshman i gateway high school. thank you for having me here. i'm excited to talk about why i love gateway. gateway is a small school where the teachers are able to truly give time to their students to understand who we are. for example, at gateway, there is a strong sense of community, which makes me feel accepted. for example, there are many clubs such as the g.s.a., the bsu, ace, and the the asian pacific islander student union. at gateway, there is a place where everyone. the teachers at gateway are all amazing.
6:47 am
every teacher i have encountered is friendly and supportive, and the space they create a safe and welcoming. something i find extremely important is how every teacher accommodates every student. they listen to our feedback, they're flexible about adjusting to our needs, and they make me feel like my values are acknowledged. i also love the education at gateway. the subjects we learn are important to me, for example, we learn in depth about internalized and interpersonal and institutional racism. and seminar class where we learn about our personal health and well-being, we are taught self advocacy and growth mindsets. i feel fortunate to get a good education here. gateway provides many opportunities and resources to help ensure that we are all productive and prepared. for example, gateway offers many jobs and internships. gateway works hard to prepare us for college and support us all the way. i know that my teachers believe
6:48 am
in me and i know they have high expectations. knowing that the teachers believe in me helps motivate me to do my very best. gateway pushes me to the next level with things like embedded honors, that anyone can take for an added challenge. to summarize, i'm proud to be at gateway. i may only be a freshman, but i am excited and looking forward to the rest of my years at gateway. [applause] >> hello, everybody. my name is miley francis. i'm a senior gateway high school and they always -- also attended the gateway middle school. i think as a senior, i have been able to grow along with gateway and it has given me a perspective of understanding how not only i have grown as individuals, but how might screw the school has grown. i found gateway has supported me
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through everything i have set my mind to do, and two other students as well. starting off at gateway as a ninth grader, you come in from middle school as being kind of scared. high school is kind of where you are growing as yourself are growing as who you are, and i think it's important to turn the support and community you need as best as you can, just being able to grow through ninth and 11th and 12th grade allows me to grow through my college years and throughout my life as well. just being able to understand how classes and a.p. bio that i'm taking this year, and how my faculty a supporting me and taking those classes, and many of my other students have helped me by supporting me. the communities so amazing, and i think that it is hard for me to understand how outside of college, how we can really just take our alumni and take the connections you make in high school with us. i made so many friends, i have
6:50 am
known somebody teachers who have helped me, and just being able to understand how gateway itself will grow without meat leaving next year, i think is amazing to know how school itself can just -- i'm sorry, how a school can just grow over 20 years. i think that it is gateway touch a 20th anniversary. knowing i will leave next year gives me hope that renewing this charger will allow students to grow as leaders, as to wherever they want to be outside of the school. thank you, guys. [applause] >> thank you for having me here today. my name is -- i am eight gateway high school alumni. [applause] we support each other academically and personally, when the community at gateway faces an issue, the students
6:51 am
show solidarity between each other. our community has marched, advocated, and helps basis to discuss issues that have impacted us positively or negatively. like, for example, we address the gun violence events that happened in 2018. and parts of the communities helping teachers and students appreciate and hold each other accountable in order to maintain the healthy relationships and our academic environment.
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>> my name is cynthia i'm the parent of a 10 grader at gateway high school. there are so many reasons i love this school. my daughter game through gateway middle and a gave a version of this speech when we renewed the charter a bunch of years. i love that gateway as an ak differently supports students who are ethnically and social logically diverse. the love the teachers treat them ak active participants in their own learning and development. both of my different daughters thrive with the school and for my oldest who is in college in boston, to thrive in the world. what i'm here to highlight is how odd and appreciative i am of the amount of energy gateway puts into including parents in all level of school inner actions. currently, i am the co-chair of the parent sewization and i'm on the gateway board as a parent representative. i helped with school events. i've attended parent information event. i'm spoken with councillors and
6:54 am
advisers and teachers about my daughter. usually initiated by me. i was asked to sit on a parent panel when they were looking for a new principal and i will updated about upcoming events and opportunities for my kid to participate in and outside of the school. thank you, rachel. we have an online parent community. we have a news letter. we have power schools many of it's ridiculous how much the school wants us to be included in the conversation. the irony of all this, is that while i acknowledge and appreciate the effort and the outreach, i also feel that the day-to-day running of the school is already so closely in line with my own values, that instead of feeling a need to be heard, more often, i feel like i could say anything but i don't find i have much to say. [applause]
6:55 am
[ speaking spanish ] i have two daughters. one that graduated last year and is already in college and enrolled in 11th grade. i look for a good school for my two daughters. a good school with teachers and honours classes. gateway is a great choice because they offer honors course and prepare them for college. >> olga has participated in sports like soccer. she has good grades, thanks to her effort and the help of the teachers.
6:56 am
>> since my daughters have attended gateway, eight years ago, i feel welcome and respected at school. >> i have a lot of communication with the teachers and staff. she speaks our language and would receive all the bilingual communication we need. [applause] >> hi, everybody. i'm jeff. i've been teaching for 15 years and my last 10 at gateway. i've been on the leadership team for the last seven years. when i think of what inspires me to keep teaching, it starts with gateway collaborative culture and its commitment to improving educational equity. i really think these qualities in our professional development, which i've been lucky enough to
6:57 am
help develop over the last few years on the leadership team. and when our staff and students a few years back noticed issues around grading, when we noticed patterns of racial inequity we embarked on a reform process with our grading. and i've seen a bold shift in our school culture around grading because our staff worked together to decide a direction, engage together and it's been a incredible shift to watch. it was a bold plan. what seemed bold became shared belief and shared commitment because of how much we collaborate. and now i'm watching that happen with a process around our non cognitive skills and developing student agency and this work is driven by staff and students as well as our deep commitment to equity. when we look at students' discuss, we notice deep racial patterns of oppression, privilege, and opportunity reproduced much again. and in order to, i'm happy to be
6:58 am
at a school that doesn't shy away from what part we can play in undoing those patterns. i'm super proud and grateful to work with a staff who lanes into that work and collab rates on that work and works tirelessly to do so and i conned be more proud and happy to be part of them. i want to thank you for supporting gateway in prior years and i thank you. >> good evening, i'm a buyology teacher at gateway high school. i have a note from a student that says i'm grateful for ms. thomas because she is the best ideology teacher every. it was special to get this phote four years ago but it's special to know after taking three years
6:59 am
of science with me, this student is studying nursing in college. this note is one tiny example of the benefits created by the tight-knit community that we have here at gateway. five years ago, i came to gateway as a brand new teachers and i was looking for a place that valued that sense of community. gateway's community is possible because of the support that it provides its teachers to grow professionally. and this support allows to us get to know our students as learners and as human beings. over the past five years, gateway has suppose sorted my professional growth through new teacher coaching, providing me with opportunities to be a mentor myself, and supporting me as a member of the holly hawk fellowship at stanford university and gateway's board of trustees. i'm fortunate to work at a school that provides me with the support i need so i can focus on getting to know my students and what helps them learn. thank you to gateway support and sense of community, i hope that i'll continue to meet future
7:00 am
nurses, doctors and scientists for many years to come. i hope you will vote yes to renew gateway high school's charter and support a san francisco school that is truly part of our community, supporting teachers to thrive and grow and helping a diverse group of students realize their potential. thank you. [applause] >> hello, dr. matthews and sfsud staff. my name is carry march and i'm a second generation product of the schools. i was an sfusd teacher for nine years. some of you have seen me at this podium before. i spent eight of them as a special educator health educator at i.s.a. before that school was closed. last year i was a district special educator working at gateway. in my time in the district, i was an active member of my ubc and served for a year as isa's
7:01 am
union building rep. i was part of the creation of


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