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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  April 16, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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being retained to keep the character defining features to keep the standards and the finding was it met the standards and is the certificate of appropriate was granted. >> supervisor: the garden came before what was the historic preservation commission. and it was determined it wasn't historic. >> i can't speak to whether there was a formal determination but we have a historic structures assessment done at the time it was used as the background technical document for that 1998 case. it focuses on project changes to the administration building and it does determine that the land and garden and garden house were not historic.
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the certificate of appropriateness were granted. >> supervisor: it allowed alterations to be made and they were made? >> yes. >> the other thing in regard to the rear yard modification argument, the attorney for the appellants mentioned there was no year yard modification. it's my understanding there was based on lou -- how it came out of the planning commission. how was the rear yard modification decided? >> we weren't a party to the approvals in terms of the variances and didn't bring the planner but if the question is was the variance legal, i think
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the zoning administrator has the letter ready to approve this variance but hasn't issued it yet pending this appeal. >> so it's going to the appropriate channels though. >> correct. >> supervisor: that concludes my questions, president yee. >> i don't see anybody else on the roster and i'll invite members of the public in opposition to come forward. you'll have up to two minutes to speak. i see none. thank you very much. there are no speakers for this.
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i will close the comment for now. okay. so i'll invite the appellant to present the rebuttal argument. you'll have up to three minutes. >> thank you. honorable members of the board. it's to remind everyone it's a matter of law we're talking about right now. as i previously stated, a class 32 categorical exemption cannot being used. the planning department still has not addressed the fact that 3620 buchanan project is on this specific list complied as the guidelines as it states a categorical exemption shall not be used for a project located on a site included on any list complied pursuant to section 65962.5. this project is on this list.
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as the planning department has already stated, they have been in discussions with dtsb about the hazardous waste materials on the site. the department itself has produced substantial evidence into the record this is the case. the materials are also included in the planning department's memo as well as in the subsequent appeal letter we have provided to the board. this is clearly an exception to the exemption and the planning department cannot apply this categorical exemption. with 1598 bay street and the fact it too was also on the list, yes, someone could have challenged that categorical exemption as well. no one did. the statute of limitations has passed. the categorical exemption is presumptively valid and the lawyer that was otherwise
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representing 1598 bay regarding the entitlements on that project here they are today to also represent 3620 buchanan street. i'm not part of that law firm. i have been brought here to otherwise challenge the ceqa appeal. the matter at hand is clear, an exemption to the examination applies and the review whether an e.i.r. and the board of supervisors must affirm this appeal. thank you. >> supervisor: i have a question. >> supervisor: supervisor. >> 1598 bay street resourced a cad -- cat x and is therefore now a condominium complex and it's there, correct? >> that's correct.
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>> supervisor: you're saying just because it wasn't challenged, that makes no difference to this appeal right now? >> that's right. >> supervisor: and did the developer of 1598 bay street at that time when cat x was an appropriate volunteer for additional environmental review and asked for a negative mitigated declaration or volunteer environmental review since the cat x is not appropriate? >> at that time, 1598 bay, they went through the process of the planning department provides to them. went through and and talked about the work plan and otherwise conducted appropriate remediation of the hazardous substances. >> supervisor: pursuant to categorical exemption. >> that is correct. >> supervisor: thank you. >> supervisor: okay. thank you.
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this public hearing item 30 has been held and closed. we'll now reconvene as board of supervisor. we now have items, 31, 32 and 33 before us. do you have final remarks? >> i want to thank the presenters who came out and the neighbors who came tout express their concerns. i take these appeals very seriously. we hear ceqa appeals and i'd like to address the three concerns raised by appellants today. first in regard to the hazardous waste something when i started to read the appeal concern med
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greatly. the project site is located on or adjacent to a former manufactured gas plant and gasoline service station which may pose a risk to the construction of the project and neighbors and residents. after looking into the issue and how the risk could be remediated i'm confident the california toxic substances of controls regulatory oversight of the remediation would ensure any residual contamination would not have a significant affect on the environment and residents and neighbors. in fact, as noted by the planning department, that same categorical assumption was given to the development at 1958 bay street. the property owned by the appellant. the clean up of that property was also overseen by dpsc and there's been no violations or complaints about the cleanup on that site. i have no reason to believe the
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cleanup at 3620 buchanan street would be any different and therefore pose any. -- any risk. i take the hazardous waste and safety of my constituency have usually -- very seriously. there's a website that tracks the transparency in the process. i don't believe the environmental clean up is substantially different in the property and does appear to meet the same standards for the categorical exemption granted to bay street. with regard to the historic resource, the appellant, again, looking at this, the appellant makes a claim the demolition of the garden house and portion of the adjacent patio would cause a change in the significance of
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the historic resource. consistent with ceqa the planning department reviewed the house and under the secretary of interior standards and found neither met the standards for potential individual eligibility or contributory status and found demolition of the garden house and apportion of the adjacent garden patio would not cause a change in the significance of the neighboring historic resource. with regard to the spacial relationship between the source and subject property was evaluated internally by department design staff and with review from both the architectural review committee of the historic preservation commission and the historic preservation itself at two separate public hearings. h.p.c. found the amount of existing garden patio that would remain as part of the proposed project over 50 feet of distance
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between the subject property and historic resource would provide necessary relieve between the new construction and historic resource such the setting would not be impacted which i think is extremely important. after full review, the h.p.c. granted a certificate of appropriateness affirming the planning department's findings that the historic resource would not be negatively impacted. i take that very seriously and what came up today and the hearing in 1998, this is where i had issues. in 1998, the garden received a certificate of appropriateness and was not found to be historic and was allowed to be altered and underwent alterations. i think solidifies the decision. i can't get around it.
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under the substantial significance standard, i am a lawyer, i do not believe i have enough evidence before me to say the planning department got it wrong and the architectural review committee got it wrong or the historic preservation commission got it wrong. i'm not convinced and finally with regard to the rear yard modificationsprocess of granting it. if the modification is given, and i understand it's on hold because of this, the project is considered code complaints and consistent with the requirements of the planning code. the modification for this project will be possibly approved by the zoning administrator. it does not change the zoning. in this case if the rear yard
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modification is granted it does not mean the project is not consistent with the underlying zoning. it includes the option of requesting a rear yard modification. issue would be resolved through a conditional use appeal as it is related to the building permit. if this was a conditional use appeal, i certainly believe this topic, this year yard modification issues would deserve a modification and one i'd participate in. additionally if the subject property had required a zoning change for example, increasing the height or density through a special use district, i believe we would need to have a discussion around ceqa implications. so as we sit here today, the rear yard modification is not within the scope of ceqa because the underlying zoning has not changed. again, i want to thank everyone who came out. these are not easy.
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especially when you see the concerns and have a body of law before you and have facts and evidence before you and you have to weigh that against what the law tells you. and for me, i feel like based on the facts that i've read, i've read the entire pact and presented today, i agree with the determination as the a categorical exemption and i would like to move it forward and table items 32 and 33. >> supervisor: okay. is there a second? seconded by supervisor walton. we have a motion to approve item 32 with the planning department's determination and table items 32 and 33. can we have a roll call on this?
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>> clerk: [roll call] . >> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> supervisor: a vote of 11 ayes the item 32 is proved and item 32 and 33 are tabled. [gavel] . >> supervisor: i believe now it's 4:02, so what i'd like to do is go to our 4:00 special order.
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madam clerk, can you call item 36. >> clerk: scheduled pursuant tie motion that the board of supervisors convene in closed session today, april 16, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. to confer with the mayor's office and department of ume human resources with negotiations with labor unions representing city employees. >> supervisor: colleagues, we have not taken public comment on this item since we haven't had our general public comment session so if there's any public comments on this item to convene in closed session please come forward and you have two minutes to make a statement. >> you didn't give us enough information on the labor negotiations?
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are you talking about labor and employment that's done by city employees, i have a great deal to talk about. first of all, you've got over -- >> supervisor: excuse me. the comments should be about the closed session itself. >> it should be in closed session i take it you're talking about the labor of employees working for the city and should be out in the open to give input to show how you got a set of labor that's being performed by city employees that's not getting the annuity plan or retirement plan and other sets of employees getting annuity plan, local coverage and retirement plan. that's preferential treatment and violation of the unequal pay act. it should be in the pon to the public could give input and for people like myself to stand up for the people working 40 hours a week and don't know if they'll get hired and permanent status and have been working for 5, 10,
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15 and 25 years. so it should be out in the open and i object to you doing things behind closed doors. that's scandalous activity. you're violating the due process. equal protection under the law where the public can have input on what you're talking about behind closed doors making these backyard closed door deals. work for the community not yourselves. >> supervisor: okay. any other public comment on convening the closed session? seeing none, then public comment on this item is closed. right now we'll go into closed session so members of the public we ask you exit the chamber and the sheriff, please lock the door behind them. we'll re-open the chamber after closed session. and we'll allow the public to come back in to continue our agenda.
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okay. okay. >> okay. may i have a motion to file the hearing on labor negotiations? motion made by supervisor ronen, and seconded by supervisor fewer. is everybody here? can i take this in-house? with no objection, the item is filed. may i have a motion that the board finds that it is in the best interests of the public that the board elect not to disclose this closed session deliberations, made by supervisor fewer, seconded by supervisor mandelman. then can we take this house in-call? the motion passes. madam clerk, i believe we were on roll call when we went into our special
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sessions. so i believe, also, that it's probably supervisor fewer's turn. >> that's correct, mr. president. supervisor fewer? >> thank you, madam clark. food and dining establishments have become synonymous with the identity of san francisco. and they're also destinations and anchors on our merchant corridors. titled "some patients, bay area restauran restauranteurs" brings some of the challenges and road blocks they face to finally opening a restaurant. i'm calling for a hearing to take a hollergi holistic look at the climate of the restaurants in san francisco, and what they experience in navigating business in the city. it is in seeking assistance and approaching a city
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department about the permitting processes. there is d.b.i., d.b.w., planning, and the treasure and tax and office of small business is a very realtime factor that impacts the restaurant that is trying to start up, sustain, or revamp operations. i would like the departments to put the work they're doing to support the needs of the restaurant industry, especially around permits streamlining, targeting programs, to meet the needs of operators of food establishments. i would like to recognize supervisor braun tha supervisor brown. by clarifying definitions of restaurant use regarding liquor license types, reducing delays in costs for restaurants that want to offer entertainment by eliminating the creative inspections, and supporting open-air food service by
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restaurants by lining local health code with state rerequirements. these stream-lining efforts will make a big difference. i look forward to working with my colleagues, the goldengate restaurant association, and to elevate the experience of the restauranteurs. now i have in memorium for a mrs. eileen chow arlene chow, wd away on april 12, 2019, at the age of 97 in san francisco. a pioneering chinese-american bilingual education teacher, she helped breach the public and chinese systems. she helped thousands of immigrants become u.s. citizens by tutoring them on the citizenship exams. she was a teacher and vice
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president of the historic hip woe school. by earning her degrees at the university of san francisco at the age of 60, mrs. chow served as a professional in the san francisco unified school district for nearly 40 years, helping teachers in the classroom, and helping principals mediate and helping solve problems. retiring in her 80s. she created a chinese language teaching system that appeals to both americaamerican-born and chinese-born students. in the 1990s, she helped develop programs where students would earn full foreign language equivalentcy.
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she taught at the as asian woman's research centre. under the umbrella of child associates, employment and immigration -- articl articlarlene chow continued teaching students until she required at the age of 94. 96. perhaps her most outstanding student is her son, and my dear friend, christopher. who won ortory championships in middle school and high school. he became the first asian on-air television reporter. mrs. chow, in 1921, in the district of quong dong china
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was commi politically active with accomodations from then governors ronald reagan and pete wilson. as a young woman during world war ii, she supported chinese war relief efforts by performing with her friends at various fundraising events. she has been honored by the california state senate, dindianne feinstein, as a woman warrior in education, and the government asian woman's research center for community service. she is survived by her husband of 74 years, james w.chow, and her daughters stephanie and lisa, and her son christopher, and granddaughters cheryl, jennifer, kathryn, and great grandsons matthew, adine, owen, william, alex and, jr.
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the memorial will start at 10:30 a.m. at ashley mcmullen in san francisco. may you rest in peace, mrs. chow. >> thank you, supervisor. supervisor haney. >> colleagues, today i'm introducing an ordinance along with supervisor wal ton, mar, and ronen, called "navigating homelessness together." there are 7500 people experiencing homelessness in our city. more than 4,000 of our neighbors are in sheltered every night. there are significant populations of people experiencing homelessness all over the city. we have a city-wide crisis and what we need is a city-wide solution. we need to keep more people from becoming homeless, more supportive housing, more
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mental health care, and more navigation centres to get people off the streets and connected to the services they need. we know that the city, through our mayor, has already committed to building a thousand new shelter beds by 2020. so today i'm introducing a plan to address one part of the puzzle, along with supervisors ronen, walton, and mar. it will do two things: one, make a commitment to build navigation centers all across the city in every supervisor district in the next two and a half years. secondly, it will standardize the process for choosing sites, and make sure it works for the community they're in. each community has its own challenges when it comes to homelessness, whether that be greater population of seniors experiencing homelessness, greater populations of transgender and transgender non-conforming individuals
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who face discrimination at shelters. i recognize wil there cannot be one solution that will work for everyone. the ordinance makes room for population specific navigation centers that maintain a high standard for providing services for their clients. they are low barrier for entry shelters, and social service programs and aid and moving homeless people off the streets into stable housing work when the model is done right. it was clear that our shelter system was broken. the pieces of what make a navigation center successful include allowing pets, partners, and possessions, to create an environment where people want to come off the streets. half of the people entering the shelters exit and become reunified with family or friends through the
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"homeward bound" program. we have opened just eight sites, two of which have closed. districts 6, 9, and 10, which are also home to a large majority of the housing beds. several of my colleagues have expressed their dedication to finding sites and shelters in their neighborhoods, often spending countless hours scouring sites and employing city agencies to work with them. this is not only a call to action and a commitment from us, it is calling on the mayor's office, the department of homelessness, and the department of public works to step up and find sites around the city to get people off the streets. mayor breed, in her state of the city address called for every neighborhood to step up and be part of the solution. the department of homelessness' own website has a headline that reads "every neighborhood." it is time we put those words into action. mayors in other cities like los angeles and d.c.,
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have put forward plans to open a shelter or their version of a navigation center in every council district. if you're a resident living close to one of those cities, you can go online and read about the city-wide plan to have shelters in every neighborhood and know you're part of a bigger solution. another key part of this ordinance is the steacialt establishment of fair share criteria. the last few weeks i have attended over a dozen meetings in south beach, where there is a proposed navigation center that i support. and i am continuously asked, why is this site being chosen, how is it chosen, what else was considered, and the answer hasn't been entirely clear. asking the department of homelessness to create clear criteria can ensure that all stakeholders can be on the same page. the chamber of commerce did
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a poll, and 77% said they would support having shelters in their community. so let's do it. let's make sure we have navigation centers in every district. let's make sure we have city-wide solutions, and i'm committed to working with all of my colleagues, understanding the distiller different realities with respect to each of your districts, and to make sure what we put forward at the end of the day reflect your goals and your needs. i submit the rest. >> supervisor mandelman. >> thank you, madam clerk. i'm requesting that we adjourn today's meeting in memory of ernie aston. he passed after a battle with m.s.a. this past sunday, per ernie's request, hundreds of
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us marched to the corner of castro and market, where families and friends shared memories of his kindness and whit. he was born in 1947, and lived his entire life in the eureka valley neighborhood. he grew up helping his grandfather at the family store, and told the story of dropping bolts through the ceiling at 5:15 castro machine to install the famous button machine at the age of five. as flocks of newcomers, many of them gay men and lesbians, came to the neighborhood in the '70s, ernie and his family welcomed the newcomers. and he became sought after to replace some of the architecture to restore the neighborhood. they took over ownership of clippers. the two of them continued to
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make cliffs an anchor institution of the castro community. their warm welcoming environmental and skill staff made the store the beloved business it remains today. cliff's has received numerous awards, as a registered san francisco legacy business. despite the countless hours he poured into cliff's, he and martha travelled the world to witness af witness astronomical events. and he had a recording student in his home on hartford street, where artists like carlos santana, and guitarist monte montros recorded. ernie is survived by his wife of 50 years, mornin martha and his children and grandchildren and great
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grandson. his legacy lives on in the many satisfied, quite frequently delighted, costumers that visit cliff's on castro street every day. >> thank you, supervisor. supervisor mar? >> submit. >> thank you. supervisor peskin? >> i would just like to wish jane morrison a happy 99th birthday tomorrow, april 17th. the rest i will submit. >> thank you, supervisor. viewrvsupervisor ronen? >> thank you. first, president yee, i had to ask permission of supervisor brown if we can adjourn today's meeting on behalf of the full board for jessica a alba. if we can make that motion. >> that would be fine. >> great. thank you. second, today i'm introducing a resolution about mental health parity and patient access at kaise
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kaiser permanente. and thank you to the national union of health care workers for working with my office. san francisco is facing a crisis upon treating mental illness. san francisco general hospital is located in the mission, and my office receives regular calls from residents and small businesses who need to respond to untreated health patients released from hospitals. we must do more to increase availability of services and ensure we are coordinated with each other across departments and agencies. and we must ensure we are providing early treatment. when we don't treat people early on, they can end up trapped in the cycle that involves homelessness, hurting themselves or others. we need early treatment, and private hospitals must be a partner in providing these critical services. state and federal regulations exist that
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health providers, like the city of san francisco and kaiser, hold on par with medical care. unfortunately, kaiserdoes nodoes not meet this. lack of timely access increases the chance not just of suicide, but in some cases has contributed to patients taking their own lives because they didn't need -- receive the help they needed in time. there is no excuse for this tragic and preventable situation. kaiser has been cited multiple times for failing to provide timely health care for their members. despite this, kaiser has done little to rectify this situation, and understaffing remains so severe that thousands of patients are
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referred to outside therapists. they often cannot access patients' charts, and have dul difficulty coordinating patient care. [please stand by]
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>> supervisor safai: over the last few years, the sfmta has made a push to reduce the number of parking attendants. not exactly sure where those cuts will end, so today we're calling for a hearing for the sfmta to come and present how many parking attendants have been cut over the last few years. there's a lot of concern about security and safety in those
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parking garages. if you all remember, a lot of cars and individuals have had their cars broken into as well as criminal activity taking place. people have had crimes reported, and assaults and so on. so we'd like to know what the current staffing is at those parking garages, what the staffing is over the last three years, and what the plans are going forward. we understand that there's cash, and automated recovery system, but we believe that having people present at these parking garages is an important duty for our city and for our citizens, so we'd like the sfmta to come and report on the land use and transportation committee on the status of the situation and the rest i miss. >> clerk: thank you. supervisor stefani? thank you. supervisor walton. >> supervisor walton: in the words of supervisor peskin, i
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have nothing to submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor. president yee? >> president yee: submit. >> clerk: okay. mr. president, that concludes the introduction of new business. >> president yee: okay. then, thank you, colleagues. let's go -- madam clerk, let just go straight into public comment. >> clerk: at this time, the public may address the board on any items to the board. direct your remarks to the board as a whole. if you're using interpretation assistance, you'll get twice the amount of time. and if you have a document you'd like to project, place it on the projector and take it off the projector when you'd
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like to return to the meeting. >> i object to this meeting. the numbers that you projected, 7, 8,000 homeless people in san francisco, there's 2,000 more than that. building navigation centers is nothing more than a true and incorrect way to navigate around housing the people that's on the street. for example, i've already demonstrated when newsom says 500 million is going to be allocated towards homeless people. i've demonstrating that this $12.7 billion has been projected by the council of economics -- why did the light cutoff? must be spent to house all the homeless people in california.
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i don't know why the viewer cutoff. >> clerk: sfg tv? >> can we put my time back? >> clerk: just one moment, mr. wright. >> i get back about seven minutes of my time -- seven seconds, i mean. now we've got to make these dots -- i know this is the zoom on the dot here. so at any rate, the council of economics projected that there would need to be $12.7 billion in order to house all the
8:43 pm
homeless people in not only the city and county of san francisco but the overall state of california because you're avoiding nothing but avoiding the problem by building a navigation center. mountain view is building 144 unit apartment building complex for $56 million. that's less than the amount of money that it takes to build a navigation center. you take one building like that and building nine of them, because the money that you're spending, you can building a 500 unit apartment complex and house approximately 1,296 people. >> president yee: thank you. next speaker, please.
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>> a deviivine sentence is in lips of the king. his mouth transgreth not judgment. i'm 62. the harbinger by jonathan kahn, it's a very unique book. i've highly recommended to the hayward police department because i work there. god is above everything. he did have one small mistake here. he thinks that 2008 is the sabbath here. it's actually the sixth year in the sabbatical cycle, but besides that, it's quite interesting. when jesus went into the
8:45 pm
synagogue where he had been brought up, he unrolled the scroll of isaiah. he sat down, he told them that day that the scripture was fulfilled in their ears. this passover will be 8,430 days from the jubilee year. i am speculating that that is the day of vengeance of our god. i really am. i was saying this for 14 months. so all i can say is repentand believe in jesus christ or you are doomed, okay? even at this late date, it's not too late.
8:46 pm
>> my name is ellen zhou. you give over $16 million to d.b.i. d.b.i. knows they are to comply with sunshine law by produce public record organization. he has used her position not to comply with sunshine law. i request the public record in august 2008. she failed to produce. i was forced to file central complaint 2018. she even went to far to redact the other city department to protect their information. she believed that they came above the law.
8:47 pm
they believe that they can only lead to -- [inaudible] >> he and his teams have claimed to have a connection with d.b.i. after three sunshine hearings, and sunshine task force issued an order 920 against the d.b.i. march 2019, after order, she still not produce the record nor did she respond to my e-mail for those records, finally, sunshine ordinance i sent her e-mail asking her to make every effort to respond in timely manner. they will request a bigger budget. he should not support them while they have violations of law. and they use the money to pay overtime attending the sunshine hearing. you should use the money for programs like housing and
8:48 pm
homeless. thank you. >> good afternoon, board president yee and members of the board. my name is ron grope and i'm the president of kaiser permane permanente in the san francisco area. we continue to bargain with the national union of health care workers in good faith and expect fully to reach a resolution. during this process, we have provided accurate and truthful information about our health care services and the status of contract negotiations with f.h.w. but these facts are not reflected in the resolution. as drafts, it contains significant miss --
8:49 pm
mischaracterizations of our services. we have not been notified of an open-ended strike. we are worried that publicizing within this resolution could cause some of our members not to seek care. these are the facts. alongside or therapists, kiefr permanente has been on -- kay's kaiser permanente has been on the path to be the best provider in the nation. we don't think there is any provider do not more than we are to advance mental health services in the united states. we have hired over 500 therapists, increasing our staff by 30%. we are the highest paid mental health providers in california with our psychologists earning
8:50 pm
138,000 and the majority of our social workers earning 111. we are offering age increases. >> president yee: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm here again. as you guys -- everybody knows about our businesses, it's totally lost -- i mean uber and lyft has taken our business. and i swear to god, honestly, i'm tortured. i -- my god issaicing because i don't have any release. i work in a row seven days to build some money to pay my gait and pay my companies. so why we are stuck with this? we pay the mortgage. we -- as you guys know, we -- we're just like our family, we don't have time with our
8:51 pm
family. we're losing relationships with our families, our kids, and plus our friends. we just like coming into the work, go home, sleep, come back to the work. so i will hope -- respectfully says, sfmta should buy the medallion, so we can work out with the benefit and we don't have the tortured life. we are the most city, san francisco the most beautiful and most popular city and most multicultural city, and most friendly city. how many people have stroke? how many have heart attack, and how many people went through suicide? so thank you so much. we need this, and we want to get out of the rut we started in. thank you.
8:52 pm
>> president yee: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i am driving a taxi for 30 years in san francisco, and this is not a new study. most of you know we keep coming back and forth for more than a year now, but our solutions have not been solved, and we are falling down and down with our income. and the taxes that are being imposed on taxi, we are paying on a daily basis about $100 to the city, to the sfmta. by the name of airport fee, by the name of company's color scheme. we are bleeding everywhere, and you guys are sitting right here, doing nothing, nothing whatsoever. sfmta is not capable of buying back, and they are not capable
8:53 pm
of addressing the real problems. you are talking about setting up more navigation systems for the homeless peoples, but you don't talk about the prevention of the homelessness. here, we are 700 taxi driver families at the brink of the homelessness. is there anyone, the conscience tells him that we should do something to address this issue? i hope some of you should take it seriously and look into that one. and i want to show you one shot that shows the total income and the expenses of a taxi driver on a daily basis if you don't mind. you can take a snapshot of this one. so this is the total.
8:54 pm
the very light, the orange one is the 13 to $15 -- >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm talking about specific issues. medallio medallions here ruined our taxi business. city government function supposed to protect our taxi business, but they didn't. if don't want to protect our taxi business then fund money to us. it is unbelievable.
8:55 pm
san francisco committed socio discrimination with us. [inaudible] >> we never take money with us when we die. give up your cleverness, good peoples, remember the lord. we want you to take the step on this moral issue. despite our medallion payments, we paid this to you to get best days of your lives. so you sow, so shall you reap. you sold us medallion to bail out san francisco from bankruptcy. now we need our money to get out of bankruptcy. your medallions are worthless. by them back at 75 -- buy them back at 75,000 or give the money to us. thank you. >> clerk: thank you. next speaker, please.
8:56 pm
>> good afternoon. my name is cindy martin wolf. i am the matter of nicolle alva, and if you would indulge me, i had'd like you to see a o of what she's actually like. she's a mother, and a member of the community in san francisco. she has been for a number of years since she came down from redding. there has been a serious injustice on behalf of the san francisco police department on behalf of my daughter. i was there the very day after, when she went to the hospital. the detectives came to see me three days later to tell me they had so many phone calls, hundreds because they were going to do an investigation
8:57 pm
because they had decided not to do one. they went to the scene of the crime. they had been told by the two adults in the house, they didn't ask for identification. they were false names. one was a parolee who was on the run, and they left them there before the police could go back and force them out, at which time you could hardly enter because the smell of bleach was so strong. now they tell me they're going to go in and do an investigation and enter the crime scene. i asked them if that's the protocol for san francisco police department, and they says yes. they were told it was a suicide so that's what they had assumed, and i think that's very trojic because our young point of impact are being murdered by these young men, and that we can only have
8:58 pm
insult to injury by what's happening with our police department. thank you so very much. [applause] >> president yee: thank you. next speaker. >> good morning. my name is morningstar rally. i have worked within the san francisco since 1997. we know that supervisor brown provided a statement earlier, but i'm just going to read it again? san francisco -- the city of san francisco is number ten in the nation for missing and murdered indigenous women cases. there are 17 here in san francisco. the state of california is number six for urban cities and number five overall across the state. we have taken this issue to sacramento, to the capital,
8:59 pm
where they have told us that the data was too anecdotal. jessica is my sister, she will always be my sister, and i never dreamed i would be here today, advocating on behalf of her. as an organization headquartered in northern california, we are disturbed and outraged by the response of the murder of jessica alba. there are thousands of children across indian country who have been forced to grow up without their mothers without counseling or programming to
9:00 pm
deal with this loss. jessica was a member here of the bay area native community and she was indigenous to northern california. she is now one of the 135 missing and murdered indigenous women cases that we have identified across the state. [applause] >> president yee: thank you. next speaker. >> my name is sarah alba, and i am jessica alba's sister. now that we laid her to rest yesterday, we will be her voice. i believe with everything in me that my sister did not kill herself. i know my sister and i know she would do anything in this world to protect her children. she fought with every moment since they were born for these chil,