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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  April 17, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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we're hoping that we have an announcement for you all soon that would potentially be like a program investment around soundproofing. so they could be a good candidate for that as well. that's kind of the game plan with the cafe. >> commissioner tan: thanks. have you guys been able to pinpoint who's complaining all the time? >> no. in fact, this last complaint was -- it came anonymously. it didn't state the name. i thought it was makeout room. >> commissioner tan: there's someone around there that likes to be anonymous and keeps reporting things. i love all those spaces, i want to make sure there's a peaceful
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compromise between them. if that person is watching, please make yourself known. i don't know we want to put any of these businesses out of business. we want to make sure people are comfortable and happy. >> it did have some good ripple effect this last one because i did the inspector to stop by makeout room. we don't have a sound limit set for them. they're going to get a sound limit set. we looked into revolution cafe's p.o.e. they need a door person. we'll follow up with that. cobba22 needs to get a permit. we have motions in action. >> commissioner tan: great. i think keep up the good work. you're being thorough about the follow-up. thank you. >> commissioner falzon: good evening. i wanted to applaud the
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management the following places as well as the good work of the commission. i want to reverse engineer tonight and acknowledge places that did not get complaints and have been getting complaints. that's jones brick and mortar and hue. i want to thank the individual and getting them to motivated to step up their game little bit. working in a positive direction. i want to acknowledge that. thank you. >> i will keep the inspection part fairly brief. i want to give you guys some updates on second half of this report. dorian is on page 4. they are coming into compliance by applying for an p.o.e. they are permitted but must go through section 311 neighborhood notification. we didn't get in far until they had their yellow signs posted.
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that bou brought out lot of concerned neighbors. one of the things that was mentioned was outdoor speakers on the front that was affixed to the venue and then just proud management. we did have inspector stop by. they had speakers. they were playing music from the front. they are now having those off all time. they were not having entertainment. i wanted to let know we're seeing them as a hearing once they finish their neighborhood notification. you'll see that. moving on to the next page. we didn't receive a complaint from norah lounge. come to find out, they were closed after further investigation. it was not in fact them.
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for the rock, we had them revise their security plan based on incidents that occurred. director weiland and the inspector stopped by to check on compliance. they were in compliance and have been the last four times they've been checked on. i wanted to mention hugh. we recently revised their permit. we had an inspector stop by this past weekend. they are in com in compliant. we currently are allowing entertainment in the mezzanine and lobby. that's been granted all
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clearances. the inspectors are finalizing their rooftops. as far as notice of violations, we issued n.o.v. to the bar. nothing for jones brick and mortar. we added independent to this list. we have found that lot of the complaints coming can't really determine where it's coming from. we've established changes that need to be made with both and we are going to be sound testing and issuing new sound limits for both venues. revolution cafe has been added to the list. that is all. >> any additional questions or
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comments. >> commissioner tan: just quick question for dorian. are they coming in for l.p. or p.o.e. >> p.o.e. entertainment they have is burlesque show that happens after 10:00 p.m. >> commissioner tan: thank you. >> vice president caminong: tha. any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. next item on the agenda is agenda item number 5. police department comments and questions. we see no officers present. let's move on to item number 6. next hearing possible action regarding applications for permits under the jurisdiction of the entertainment commission. >> i will be introducing this one tonight. first item on the regular agenda
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is onetime outdoor amplified sound permit for the screening of the 1993 film of the "joy luck club." you like to continue this item to the may 7th commission hearing. >> i move to continue. >> second. [roll call] >> it's me again. >> deputy director will be introducing the permit. >> only permit application is
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permit for rs4109. rs9109 is a coffee shop that host community gatherings. the applicants have an extended l.l.p. permit and applying for p.o.e. in orderly to extend their hours. many of the events they book have entertainment past 11:00 p.m. they don't plan to change their operation. if would allow private events rentals to occupy the space later if desired. in your file, you'll find the neighborhood outreach they conducted. this includes 665 signatures, 63 signatures from patrons, seven letters of support. they had strong social media support and flier they distributed 125 copies of to neighboring business
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director weiland and i spoke with the applicants and representative for concerns. we successful in reaching an agreement however in the staff representation applicant like hours of operation sunday to thursday until midnight and friday and saturday to 2:00 a.m. with option to extend 2:00 a.m. sunday through thursday 12 times a year.
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i think it's important to clarify the operations of r.s.9. fore109. they are record shop that host private or ticketed events with live music. if they did not have entertainment, their shop closes by 8:00 p.m. their liquor license only allows beer or cidar. tenderloin station approved this permit with no added condition. >> good evening commissioners. i own the tenderloin base record store which i opened in 2013. our name is cryptic.
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it means record store. most people just call us r.s. for short. we hold performance license which were granted in 2016. since obtaining the license, we have a number of events within our business. many people always ask me why would i open record store at this time. people tend to think it's a difficult business to run and the growth to success seems hardly tangible. that is very true. it is extremely difficult to run a record store in today's market. i never wanted to open just a record store. rs94109 is a space for us to thrive in and community to gather. one of the few remaining spaces for truly independent contemporary music.
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these events not only the lifeblood of keeping our store alive but they have a dna to what makes our business such an asset to the community and the arts. if we're granted our place of entertainment license, we will continue these events but at level that would have the most rewarding impact on the san francisco arts community. we hold two kinds of events. instore, artist performance and the rentals. we hope the support we received through signatures and the letters of support represents just how much the arts community is wanting it. this support is something we're beyond grateful for and we hope that you'll give us the chance to accomplish what we have plan for. thank you for your time. >> commissioner falzon: good evening.
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just in the approximate, i know prepared lot of things, with regard to revenue, how much of your revenue would you guess is based on record sales and events? >> she might know the answer to that little better than i do. this is my partner. >> commissioner falzon: welcome. just an estimate. >> i would say that it's about 50-50 depending on the season, depending on the weather. sometimes events are the same and it allows them to make monthly, small business. >> commissioner falzon: i get it. >> most of the money we do events is from rental. when we do our artist shows, we're paying our artist. we fly them out internationally or have an artist play. that's not where the money comes from. the money comes from the
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rentals. the way we can keep doing artist because we sell alcohol. >> commissioner falzon: what is the concern of the neighbors? >> the concern of the neighbors would be noise, i think that's the ultimate concern. they are concerned with people drinking outside or kind of congregating outside. the top priority will be noise. >> commissioner falzon: okay. just in case any of the complaincomplaintants here. you have a condition to requires you to prevent loitering. other thing, empty space really welcomes problematic people loitering. lively place has actually added safety to the neighborhood. what about -- is there a man on
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site? >> we have another staff member who is a manager. it's either me, white knee or noah. >> commissioner falzon: in the event this is moving forward, would you be opposed to a condition that might ask you to have a phone number available to reach you >> we would provide monthly calendar of with again events. >> commissioner falzon: great. i want to state just a few conditions that you have on your liquor license i think might
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help put the community at ease. one of them you don't have an off sale privilege. meaning you can't sell alcohol to go. your license does allow that. that was actually taken away which is more restrictive. you have a condition about litter, loitering and lighting graduatgraffiti and noise. just having a liquor longs alone offers lot of resource for both the city as an agency for the commission, police department and the alcoholic beverage control and whatever we decide to do tonight. lastly, just a thought, you might want to think about, i'm going little bit off point. i feel obligated. the type of license you currently have, you might want to explore having private events with that. you can be in a gray area. >> are you speaking for liquor license? >> commissioner falzon: i'm referring to your type 40 liquor license. it's not designed for that
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purpose. there's a fix to that. >> we've relied on outside caters with separate liquor licenses for private events. >> commissioner lee: can you explain how is your sound system? what kind of sound system do you have? are you using it from the l.o.p. from the beginning? have you enhanced any? i want to get to the noise situation. >> win we first opened our store in 2013, we had a rather large sound system. there was a moment when i worked with steven, he was very loud. at that time, just opened the business. we really had no idea how the policies worked and how things worked in the city. i was 24 years old.
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we worked with steven and we end up downgrading our sound system. that was about 2015 or 2016 when we got our performance license. since then, we got a limiter, which is a crossover. within it, we can dial in exactly what levels or sounds not pass. that's the only thing we've done to the sound system. we haven't added anything since the downgrade. it consist of mid-range to top speakers. then set of basements. >> commissioner lee: you set a limit at all? do we have a sound check on this one? >> yes, they do have a limit. >> commissioner lee: you set your limit to that? >> yes. i offer to neighbors that which
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i also done with steven, he turned up the sound system to a point he can hear it. it was fairly loud and he was okay with it. i cranked it to a point where it was very loud. and he could hear it. we gauged that. >> commissioner lee: sound inspector will give you a limit. >> i'm happy to do that. it might be something you might like and something you might won't. i want to know the what kind of soundproofing do you have now? >> no soun soundproofing. there's events in that space before. there's been no soundproofing. we've looked into soundproofing. it was like $50,000 or $60,000. lay i.d. what about just
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curtains? >> whiffers told -- which i was, to stop from basing there's travel base you need. there's possibility making it sound better inside. >> commissioner lee: the curtain have to have two layers in order to absorb any kind of sound. those are important to get your sound limit up. what about at the door? do you have air lock? >> yes. we're right on the street. as soon as door opens the street is exposed. >> commissioner lee: do you plan
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to have a doorman or guard? >> we always do. in our l.o.p., we do have a requirement of having security guard for every event that goes past 8:00 p.m. >> commissioner lee: all right. that's all the questions i have. >> one thing we've noticed over the last year is the ambient noise in the neighborhood have gotten extensively loud with other changes. we're also have not done any events this year. probably billion six or seven events in the last eight or nine months. i have the dates for those. we're wondering if some of the sound issues are related to us or pass memory of us or future needs. trying to look into that and find solutions. >> commissioner lee: when the sound inspector goes out, he'll
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measure the outside level and inside. what happens is base and there's people in the building i assume? >> yes. >> commissioner lee: base travels. if you don't have any insulation in the ceiling to catch that -- newer buildings have the problem. there was some clubs that the castro on market that it was just jazz music. the base was going to the fourth floor. they had to shut down their operations after a while. they were getting too many complaints. the thing is wh what we tray too is get you going where you don't have the these operational complaints. it's nerve wrecking to turn it up and turn it down. we can get you to a level and soundproof where you don't impact your neighbors. that's why we're here. >> we're also very excited to hear about the possible grant to places that need soundproofing.
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we love to have apply for that. we love to do whatever we can soundproofing within our budget. >> commissioner lee: there's some things. you can go online and type in soundproofing and there's some z-channels you can do on your own and try that first and see if it works. it depends on the music you're playing. if you're playing -- it's going to be harder to put that in. you're playing hip hop, it's probably less problems with the base. it depends on the music you're playing. >> very true. >> commissioner tan: i have two questions. can you explain to us why you are interested in going to like a full place of entertainment if you already have a limited live
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permit? i get the concept that you're trying to do. why now and why expand hours? >> i think when we first start started, when we first were obtaining performance licenses we had a different thought of what our customers would have wanted. we thought it was held to 10:00 p.m. we soon realized it's the climate at best. our clients and customers wanted more. we had the ability it bring out some amazing artists. at that time, we were applying for the onetime permit unti until 12:00 a.m. it was nearly $500 to do those events. we were losing money. main reason was is, san francisco needs more spaces like this. we want to provide people the
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opportunity to see some of those artists that we want to bring in at our space. just give you guys example, we don't do that much as whitney mentioned. what we like to do is bring out an artist usually international and play with someone local. for example, we have this artist, he's from the u.k., he plays big. he does anything from experiment stuff to more like electronic music. he came and performed and it was amazing. people couldn't believe they will see this in this environment. that's the stuff we love to do. on the other side of it, the reason why i want to extend is private rental. we laws so much revenue because we can't extend to 12 for people's parties. they don't want to end 10:00tor
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11:00. they want to go to 12:00. that's another reason why. that's our bread and butter. we do well only records but private ren tells i it will -- s is keeping us alive. >> commissioner tan: i'm curious with your single event permits or your regular operations with your live performance space, have you had complaints from your neighbors? if so, what was the nature? >> here is what was shocking. over the last year, i haven't gotten a call or complaints from a neighbor. last hearing we had to postpone to now, it was just a few days before when i found out our neighbors were complaining. as soon as i found out, i reached o out and we sat down ad
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talked. there was a time when someone called 311. we weren't open that night. besaids that, there wasn't a direct complaint. >> i can speak to the complaint the. there were no complaints that were received in the last nine months. however, with the caveat that there was one for rs94109 and
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the inspector responded in realtime, rs94109 was closed. it turned out to be kung fu the neighboring bar. >> i want to note that they've had an l.l.p. since 2016 but they also have consistently applied for onetime event to extend to like 2:00 a.m. they've done dozens of those. they are allowed to do 12 a year. we haven't been receiving complaints. eights somethin -- italy sometho note. >> commissioner tan: we live in a culture of fear sometimes. let's not try things because we're afraid of things happening. part of what i do up here is look at the evidence and the data is. if you're telling me and if i'm hearing from staff that we haven't had tons of complaints
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and you've been doing this as an actor, that's the data i'm using. i want to say, this type of business is important for our city and important for the tenderloin. i think we're here to try to figure out what's the right balance. i do commend you for taking that risk. it sounds like you might have bigger dreams having occupancy 49 people. you might need a new space at some point. i do think it's a huge risk that people take to start businesses in parts of town that people don't want to go to, especially
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at night. thank you for answering my questions. >> commissioner perez: thank you for coming in. i see that you had some considerable amount of neighborhood outreach based on the packet i seen here including outreach the supervisor. i'm looking at the signatures from your neighbors. my question for you is, what is your current policy and procedure to handle complaints from neighbors moving forward? >> to be honest, the connection between us and t.h.c. hasn't been the best as far as communication has gone. we've been in connection with dan, which is the manager we knew. i think over the last few
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months, other people are involved. one i haven't done the best job in figuring out who to stay connected with. moving forward, i want to make a big commitment on being very active with telling t.h.c. what events we'll have and making sure neighborhood contact person has my contact. whoever needs it can have my contact. >> commissioner perez: can you explain your procedure if there's a complaint in realtime? what's the process resolving that complaint? >> i would give them our three numbers. if they call me the day during the event, i would have me or whitney or staff turn down the
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music. if it's a day after, i love to meet with them for coffee and discuss ways to move forward on those issues. i think the best thing we can do is respond right away. i will be willing to meet with them in person. >> commissioner perez: you have your decibel limit set by the inspector, you should be fine. would you commit having a manager on site when doing special events so somebody can sponsored? >> -- respond? >> they'll have the numbers to the three people who will be at the event.
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>> commissioner perez: thank you very much. >> commissioner thomas: question for staff. one time event permits. that have been issued in the last year or so. how many of them were sunday through thursday as opposed to friday or saturday? >> i don't have that data with me. >> i think all of them were friday or saturday night. there may have been one rare sunday that was related to like a special something happening in town. most of them that would go past midnight would be only on friday and saturday. >> commissioner thomas: i understand that the compromise that's been negotiated with t.h.c. would allow friday and saturday but not other days of the week. is that something acceptable with you?
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>> most of the events that want to go to midnight during the week is a private rental. it's somebody who rent the space who don't want to close the door at 11:00 and pay $450 to stay open extra hours. during the week it would be until midnight almost all the time. we have events. sometimes there's a special festival coming in town in early may. they've asked us to do an event on thursday. that would be after midnight. that would be the only time we've ever done anything on the week after midnight. >> we have the ability to apply and go on a sunday through thursday past 12:00. we're going to be working on the festival. they do events for a week long.
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it's mainly electronic and experiment with stuff and performance stuff. they want to do it thursday night. we define to lose that -- we dot want to lose that opportunity. we want to be able to use our space. >> it terms of the request that events sunday through thursday and at 11:00, is that a general practice okay with you? are >> lot of private rentals want to go to 12:00. we lose lot of opportunities. there's people who say okay, we just go to 11:00. there's revenue we lose bauds o- because of that.
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most of our shows always has been on friday or saturday. it's not a concern of us wanting to share that. >> commissioner thomas: you talked about how in the last year there's been kind of a shift on your block. can you tell us little bit about that? i'm not familiar with what businesses are there now at this point? >> we are in the block between geary and o'farrell. there has been the bar that was couple doors down from us that changed ownership. it went from a sleepy bar to much louder bar especially on thursday and friday and saturday night. we observed the activity. we at the time, that one complaint came that they thought it was us, they came out and it wasn't. we were closed.
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there's a question i think for us around making sure wanting to be in communication with the neighbors. when they call us, they can get us quickly, we can say we're closed or yes it is us and we'll respond. there's a sense that we're not 100% certain that it is noise is us. we've noticed lot of congregation on the block. the gangway didn't have people out front. i taken video variety of hours in the morning.
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>> commissioner perez: correct me if i'm wrong, my understanding is that, we're talking about the live entertainment portion of your business. after the live entertainment is done, you can still open your business with ipods. you want to make sure that's clear. it doesn't mean that you have to close your doors when live entertainment ends. you can do some other type of music as long as it's not live entertainment. right? >> you'll right about -- you're right about that. i want to drive the point that, there's a reason i started store. it's not like i didn't want a store that's like a record store, bar that stays open until
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12:00. i think that's a great business to have. i wanted it start this unique community space as an amazing event. for me to open up again after event ends is to have people there. it's not really what i want to do. record store closes at 8:00. we're not doing a show we don't go past that. >> i ask that you guys keep this brief because we like to move into public comment. go ahead. >> you're across the street? >> across the street is the e-century. >> you're between o'farrell. there's a park there. >> there's a park. >> there's another bar on the
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corner. >> that's a great -- it's picking up that neighborhood. i think i can understand why you doing this without any soundproofing. i'm sure that the neighbors are feeling it. once you get your permit with us, we can put that under control. >> commissioner falzon: we can go to public comment. i'm ready. >> vice president caminong: i'm opening up for public comment. if you don't mind lining up on the side. we can go ahead and begin.
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>> noise makes it much harder for us to navigate through our neighborhood. one our major concerns there are eight establishments including the coffee shop that serve alcohol and let out at 2:00 a.m. less than a block away. there have been an increase in crime in our area including a robbery and a murder of two of our tenants in the past six months. when we first heard about the coffee shop wanting to have live entertainment after hours we were totally against it. 27 people saned a petition in opposition. since that time, we have been meeting with them and have spoken to the people on the committee and have come up with a proposal. we agreed to sunday through
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thursday 11:00 p.m. and friday, saturdays until 2:00 a.m. we do not agree to the 12:00 extra days extension to 2:00 a.m. throughout the year. we insist they provide their own security. we signed a petition. this is because we want to work with them, -- we want to work with the coffee shop. i wanted to submit that. thank you for taking the time to hear us out. hope when you make your decision, you will take us into consideration. >> vice president caminong: tha. >> good evening. i'm lindsey i'm community
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organizer. we stand in support of the proposal. you want to say what a really informative and inspiring process this has been. it's really great to see all of these tenants from the heartland in here. if you all want to stand up as well as other tenants and other buildings throughout the tenderloin who come together in support of the heartland. we've learned a lot about entertainment commission how you work. i want to thank kaitlyn and maggie for that. we learned about what the permit is and how the process works and fomenter. and enforcement. we're looking forward to working with them in the future. that being said, the heartland feels a compromise is limited to 11:00 p.m. on weekday nights.
6:44 am
there are lot of physical and mental capabilities that make them extra sensitive to vibration and noise. there are number of tenants in work full time jobs including steve. we're in interested working together to make sure it's a viable thing. this has been a true community-led effort. thank you so much for your time.
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>> good evening commissioners. for the past 12 years, i lived about 200 feet from this location. i spoken with residents above the business and friends with some of them. i spoken with the owner and whitney. i understand the conflicts that are involved here. you have a challenge. you have a difference of need to place of entertainment that wants to be profitable and at the needs of residents. these residents, please note are living in an s.r.o. with case management and form of supportive housing. many of them are formally homeless, number of them from recovery from mental health and rebuilding their lives. noise for them impacts them some ways more harshly than your average san francisco resident.
6:46 am
here's a challenge. the question is when you have this resident need for quiet enjoyment of their home versus a business that wants to thrive. how do you deal with that? if you're on 11th street place of entertainment and new people are moving in, they know they're moving into an entertainment district. here, you have a place long established, heartland hotel managed by tenderloin housing, an emerging business wants to expand their hours. given that, i think you might put some weight unnetted of the residents for having right quiet enjoyment of their home. support the tenderloin housing proposal. i think it's a good compromise. i think it still allows the business to make a profit. you hope you will consider this proposal and needs of the
6:47 am
residents who live right above. thank you for your time. >> it's david elliott lewis. thank you. >> vice president caminong: pub. commissioners. >> i want to make a comment. larkin and gary, we understand the neighborhood. i go to a lot of those bars on the corner. lot of them, unfortunately, don't have permits. with the permit, we can control the venue. the thing we're also running into is lot of empty storefronts. to have a record store trying to pay the rent or use the entertainment, the limited line was set up. but at the same time, they have to be responsible.
6:48 am
i understand he doesn't have any soundproofing. i think we're going to have to work on that. he still has a few more things to have to go to with the building inspection department just >> giv to give you guys more education. it doesn't really start right away. there's a thai restaurant on the corner that has karaoke. there's more activity coming in the neighborhood. hopeful well their security and eye on the street, it will help your seniors and some of the disable people. we try to be a mediator and help both ends. responsible owners do care about their neighbors. i want to give you that peace of
6:49 am
mind. >> commissioner thomas: i want to say first of all, thank you to everyone from the heartland hotel for showing up and being part of it process. i appreciate that you're here and you're participating. secondly, i hear their concerns about the noise after yo 11:00. especially given the lack of soundproofing in this vee venue. you want to provide the folks who living in the heartland hotel with protection from sound. i know that we've got a grant program coming down the road that will provide exactly these kinds of grants to smaller venues to do the soundproofing that authorize is financially out of reach.
6:50 am
i'm interested in potentially moving forward with the 11:00 p.m. on sunday through thursday and then sort of seeing to move them to the front of the line with the soundproofing grant and come back and have this conversation again once we can ensure that the venue can do a better job of protecting the building residents from unwanted noise and sound and disturbance. i know that's not kind of kicking the can down the road a bit. i really want to make sure that we're protecting the residents of the heartland and we're listening to them.
6:51 am
>> i talked to both party about the soundproofing, you cannot condition a permit around soundproofing. you can condition around time place and manner. looking at limiting hours, if that's a big concern -- they do have a sound limit attached to the permit already that complies with the city code. >> basically you're saying, a full p.o.e. has to do a sound check. what i'm saying, he even the law says there's some ambient outside? >> we've already set a sound limit because they have that for
6:52 am
their l.l.p. they like to do another reading to see if anything changed. we're happy to do that. >> they can increase their sound. >> this could be a conditional grant based on soundproofing. >> they have have all their inspections approved. this is just going to be the final -- this is it. >> they have all their sign off. i have all them in hand. >> commissioner falzon: i think the first comment i want to make what we're experiencing tonight is exactly why this commission exist. i really want to applaud the heartland as well as this applicant. i think the best thing going on
6:53 am
sheer that you guys did work collaboratively to find a solution. you didn't get 100% there but the fact that everyone was willing it talk and work it out to the extent 2 could, is a really good thing. one of my favorite sound bites if you're expecting government to solve your problems, you'll be sadly -- you won't be happy. you guys got out 90% down the road. here's where i stand. i 100% concur with commissioner thomas. here's my thought. i want this venue to be sustainable. the last thing we want is a place that's struggling. then they make bad decisions. it means more problems for neighbors and other businesses. that said, i think what commissioner thomas is proposing is reasonable. i would prefer also to remove the floating days and i would
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say this, i would like to grow into it. i would be very receptive say six months revisiting the floating days. i'm leaning towards commissioner thomas's direction as well as couple of minor thoughts. there's always a manager on site and to commissioner perez's that there's always a cell phone number available to the community. >> can i make one more clarification. we kind of came into what we thought was a gray area in terms of the floating days because of the fact that we have a onetime event permit that people can utilize to extend hours. that's something that they've been using within their l.l.p. if you allow until 11:00 p.m.
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sundays through thursdays they can still apply for onetime. i think you should consider that. you should consider both options. the city attorney said if you don't put that caveat in there, they can still apply for onetime and it's essentially the director giving approval for something that the commission did not want. i don't want to have that clash because we could find ourselves with an appeal. >> i appreciate that clarity. with that information, i would actually recommend that we do prohibit the one days until we reconvene in six toes and see how this is going with the community. >> you should say with no exceptions to extend. >> if you were making a motion,
6:56 am
commissioner falzon, i would second it. >> commissioner falzon: that is my motion. >> are you all okay with conditions one through three? these are the -- all security will wear clothing identifying them as security. the >> z >> i have question. this issue of one time permits comes up every now and then.
6:57 am
people saying it becomes cost prohibited and it makes sense to get a full p.o.e. what is the process to revisit our fee structure? is there a process? do we set that fee? this is more of a larger policy question around -- you want to think about what's the incentive to come into a p.o.e. when you want a more graduated system than what we have now. >> it would be a legislative change essentially. it would have to be approved by the board. it's something that i'm willing to look at. although it is our bread and butter in terms of cost recovery. we don't have surplus of funds at all annually. we just cover our basic needs in the office. but it is something i like to visit for not only our office but every other city agency that permits brick and mortar as well
6:58 am
as outdoor events. i'm open to it. i think there's possibility for a waiver especially for like a nonprofit that wants to obtain an entertainment permit. >> something that's like three times a year and something that's like every single night. 365 days a year. >> we never know what you all are approve. that would be kind of hard. >> commissioner tan: i said earlier, i try to base my decisions on data and i would encourage you -- it might be that you never had a phone number to call or you didn't know where that noise was coming from. please report and contact the folks here in the room that are running the business and report it to 311 or even call the police if you really feel like it's that bothersome. that information is really
6:59 am
helpful for us because otherwise, it feels like maybe you're just scared and if they are doing fine. they seem like a very respectful business operator. i'm sitting here with this. if there's been no complaints and you're just scared, new things can be scary. that is one thing. i do support kind of the conditions that are being express by this motion. i would encourage you all to tray to speak up more and let us know when something is not working out. that's all i have to say for now. >> do the neighbors know about the good neighbor policy? they've seen it? >> the permit applicant is asking to speak. it's up to you guys whether you want to hear from them again?
7:00 am
>> i'm good with that. you can come up. >> i want to thank you guys for coming. other thing is, one, i feel like i need to say this. one we are compromising in our own proposal. a normal p.o.e. goes to 2:00 a.m. every day of the week. if our proposal, we are compromising. the other thing is, i feel like now we're being penalized because l.l.p. works go to 12:0g which we have. now getting the p.o.e., now we can't do that? it seems like there's a bit of -- we're trying to go the route of the le l legit route. now we can't extend at all going for p.o.e. affiant it no