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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  April 18, 2019 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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april 16th, 2019 treasure island develop metal 30 and infrastructure community meeting item number 1 is called to order [roll call]. >> we do have a quorum. >> okay. it is another meeting of the treasure island infrastructure and infrastructure committee. again we would like to thank all of you that are in the audience, and those that are watching remotely, so we are glad to have you here today. thank you, by. >> item number 2 his general public comment. >> are there any public comments items that are not on the agenda , seeing none. >> item number 3, consent agenda iiia, approving the minutes of the march 19th, 2019 meeting. >> okay.
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>> i moved to approve it. >> it has been moved and i second the motion. all in favor? i. thank you, past. >> item number 4, townhomes and flats design update. >> sarah from wilson media will present on the other projects being proposed are talked about
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tonight. they complete the neighborhood that we are calling for. we have an amenity building which will be a beautiful clubhouse for all of the residents of the homeowners association, and then a courtyard town have a
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northwesterly view towards the golden gate bridge. let me just see what is going on here. oh, boy. one moment, i have another copy with me, let me try plugging that in. >> it maybe asked. hold on just one minute. let us try and sort this out,
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thank you. >> i'm in room 416 of treasure island and we are having media issues. i try to tried to log out and switch seats, and it has logged everything out, and the presentation is no longer working, but the live feed seems to be on. yes.
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>> okay. , okay, thank you. >> so these images we saw last night, so i will move ahead to the townhomes. just to orient ourselves, mccullough road is to the north here, it connects the offramp of the bay bridge to treasure island road, and treasure island then would be off to our upper left here. this is the intersection of the road and mccullough road, and off europe wayne a we will have a private drive with three-story townhomes on the north side of north side of the street and south side at this location, and then we have two buildings that
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will be stacked flat, so these are four-story buildings. each floor has two units per floor with a penthouse on top, and then we have more three-story townhomes toward the podium entry, and a beautiful turnaround plaza that kind of terminates the road at the podium. this is a view looking from hilltop park down on before why neighborhood. as you can see, all of these townhomes will have beautiful views of treasure island, the bay bridge, and east bay. we will go through a couple of their prototypical building types. this is our traditional four unit three-story townhome building. we are trying to maximize the views and really provide an indoor-outdoor living experience
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for all of the residents. grand terraces, beautiful balconies with french doors that open up onto the view and connect to you with nature. the materials of the buildings will be stucco, a painted thin brick, and some accents of metal panel and stone. we are varying all of the garage doors along the street to provide more of a single-family home feel and make each unit feel very individual. these are a bit hard to read, but the units are approximately 3,000 square feet. they're mostly three-bedroom, three and a half bath. typically, depending on the topography, you enter from your garage, to living, kitchen, dining, primarily, there are a few cases where you will enter to a master suite and go up one
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level to the living, kitchen, and dining, and then we have a floor with, you know, usually two bedroom suites to provide the three bedrooms total. and then these units all have rooftop terraces as well. most of the units on this parcel also have individual elevators, so we are really looking to provide aging in place and allowing people to stay in these homes forever. the stacked flats building, as i mentioned, are four-story. this provides a very unique experience where you take an elevator from the parking garage to your floor, and the elevator opens right into your unit so there is no corridor, nothing, it really feels very much like a single-family home even though you are in a building with seven
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other neighbours. again, huge terraces with gorgeous views and a lot of fenestration and doors opening up to nature. similar material pallet with stucco, metal panel and a little bit of stone at the base. the two buildings are connected, and will be permitted as one, so you enter the garage, the first story garage off the private road four, and enter your elevator to go up to your unit. all of the living and kitchen and dining are in the corners, again, with the sliding doors that just open out, so it is very much indoor outdoor living experience.
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the three why townhomes are also a unique product type. we are building them around a central courtyard, so we called these the courtyard units. very modest front door along signal road. this is looking down on the parcel -- actually, this is looking down on one why from the hilltop park. this is looking at three from hilltop park. single-story along single road where you pull into a garage, and then have sort of a portal entry that takes you down a set of stairs to a lower courtyard level. all of these units have just spectacular views of the city skyline and the bay bridge. and elevation looking from -- looking back at the hillside, and looking east at the backs of
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the homes, so again, these have cascading terraces, grand terraces on each level to capture the views. we have a community stair that runs between the two buildings, and disconnects hilltop park all the way down to the water tank access trail and provides ferocity to the neighborhood and allows a beautiful trail network to intersect with the residential neighborhoods for everyone to enjoy. same material pallet. the stucco, metal panel, painted brick and stone, and again, on these units, on the lowest level , you have your master suite with a grand terrace and sitting room, and then above that, you have your living, kitchen, and dining that is on this lower courtyard level, and
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an in law suite underneath the garage on the street level, so wonderful for a larger family or to be used as a guesthouse. master suite, this is the lowest level. the clubhouse, i should have mentioned too, the other night, but our design architect for all of the residential is hard howard ten, and we are working with bde architects is our executive architect. on the amenity building, we are working with darling as our design architect to provide a little bit of variety to the island, and we've gone a little more, you know, classic modern, if you will, on the townhomes, and we have gone, you know, for more, a real modern look with darling for the clubhouse.
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the design idea behind the clubhouse is sort of these floating volumes, and to provide strata from the lowest level, which has a small and locker room and steam rooms and sauna, to a fitness level, and entry at grade, and then above that is the social space with a lounge, library, private dining. so the lowest level -- the materials are very solid and representative of the earth, and then we move to a really activated ground plane at grade, to a more airy and social space with lots of spacing above. so this is the corner view, showing the back of the fitness
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centre. we have been working quite a bit with planning on this to provide both activation at the street and allowing people at the park to be able to see activity within the building, and also provide some screening and some privacy for those using the space, and especially at the yoga and pilates studios at the corner here. to be able to provide a serene environment from the interior, but also activate the street from the exterior. this is a view looking back east at the building. we have an expensive pool deck with a lap pool, a hot tub, and the whole social fireplace gathering area. looking at the plans, actually, i will start at the reception, you come in at the street level into a reception area, you head into a vestibule that has an all
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glass façades are you immediately get a few out across the pool deck to the city. the fitness centre, as i was describing, and yoga studio. all of this has a lower garden area. both the sauna and the studio look out into this so that we are anticipating this will be more of a zen -like garden. again, a full regulation length lap pool, deck, we have added a hot tub, and fireplace seating area. on the top level, again, you come up the stairs, we have a game room with large screen t.v. , pool tables, et cetera for parties, a lounge and bar area for social gatherings and a library for a bit more of a contemplative space. private dining to the east with a full catering kitchen and then some phone booths in the back so
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if anyone makes -- needs to take a call while at the party their quiet spaces as well. and then going back down to the lowest level, we have a his and hers locker room and steam so they have separate steam rooms and sauna rooms. there's also a stair that connects you to the outside say don't have to go in through the front door to get to the locker rooms or to access the fitness. you can come in the side entry as well. here we have a very significant grade change from the road at the top down to the tank access road. to give you a sense of scale, the drop from the road to the private road three is about 70 feet, so the buildings are in filling the old water tank, and
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so these buildings are only one story at grade on the road and they drop down seven stories to meet grade at private road three it off possess a unique experience where we have the stacked flats on the top level that are very similar to the other flats, and then we've lined the lower level at the street with two story townhomes. we are really able to provide multiple product types. buildings eight and nine a are very similar to the stacked flats on four, and all of the other buildings are the three story townhomes. the front buildings, one, two, three, of double height living spaces, so you come in to the mezzanine level, and you look out to the sweeping views down into your living space. we then are also providing a few
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single-family home lots as well on the site to allow full diversity of housing types. this is looking down mccullough road and up into one of the private drives on one. looking back up the hill. the grades are quite significant , and this was a whole discussion, actually, with the fire department. we could into loop the roads to provide the right turning truck because the grades in the turns were so steep, so we have truck turnarounds for fire, so we have used those areas to celebrate views and create plazas so that they are making more of a public space rather than having it read as a utilitarian truck turnaround. here are some views looking at the stacked flats, and this gives you a sense of the terrace
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of the hillside. very similar to the south of france or to italy where you just have buildings cascading down the hillside. same material pallets. these units especially will have quite a bit of glazing on the west façade, so we are also exploring different sustainable techniques with glass, whether we do photo chromatic, or we do shades or something, to kind of help with solar heat gain and with glare, but i think it will offer a really exciting opportunity to design the glass to be able to allow for views and also keep the solar heat gain down. all of these buildings are elevator -- have elevators as well. a similar layout where you have
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living, kitchen, dining on one floor, a master suite level, and then a floor of bedrooms and bathrooms. this is exemplary of what the view would be from your terrace looking out, and again, you have sweeping views of the city skyline and frontal views of the golden gate bridge. the three and four townhome parcels, we are anticipating starting construction on those in november of this year, so we will start all the grading work then, and stan january and february start the building construction. those buildings are anywhere from 11 months to 14 months of construction, so a bit shorter of a time period on the podium by about a year, and our goal is to really be able to sell a complete neighborhood when we
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begin. so the townhomes adjacent to the podium will be constructed first , and then it will open at the same time and be ready for sale at the same time as the podium so that we have a complete neighborhood, and we are bringing the amenity building on within a few months of those first homes, so we will have basically all of the community spaces available to residents from day one. >> thank you. >> yes. >> okay. thank you so much. that was an extensive, comprehensive presentation, it really shows we are moving forward here. i am going to go to my commissioners to ask questions, but basically, we can come back to that. i would like to have a presentation on the types of materials we are using for the
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buildings, and i know you mentioned quite a few during your presentation. i was looking at the roofing, and maybe another discussion, we would like to -- i could not tell what types of roofing there is. they seem to be generally flat, and how we are treating that. so with that in mind, we will come back to that, let's see here. >> i have a few questions and then i have some comments, but are you going to be designing these standards? tell me about the sustainability issues with the building. >> yes. the podium project is being billed to greenpoint rated standards, and all of the homes are gold standard at least. we maybe able to exceed that. we are providing solar pv everywhere. we are -- we will be charging
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ready all of the townhomes, and i can go ahead and answer the roof questions, too, because it also applies, but all of our roofs are the cool roofs. it is a light coloured material, where people are looking down on the roofs below, we putting a light coloured ballast. so we are really -- we are treating the roof as a fifth façade so that it is both aesthetically beautiful and also is -- doesn't provide a lot of heat gain, and then all of the rooftop terraces are clad with pavers, so it is a very intentionally designed space, but, yes, a lead for gold on the homes and green foot rated on the podium. >> thank you for that. and then can you tell us a little bit about any issues that you have encountered at the planning department?
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i understand with the fire department. >> the planning department has actually been a fabulous partner with us. i would say our biggest design challenges have been to maintain the view, to keep everything underneath the view cone, we have had some challenges with how we interpret height measurement, because of the significant grade change, it is impossible to have 25 feet on one side and 35 feet on another because the grades are too steep , which i don't think were realized when the design for development was written, so we worked with the planning department to interpret the height measurement the same as you would anywhere in the city from back of curb up, so we've gone from back of curb up 35 feet, and stepped back 1-1, so it allows the envelope to be
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more flexible if we take it from the street and not from the building edge. so all of our buildings comply with the height with that interpretation, so we worked with john ram to develop that, or to confirm, really how we were doing it, and they've really been wonderful. they are, of course, most concerned about how we are activating the street friends and how we are designing for the public realm with a lot of street trees and gracious planting. there's been an active conversation about the retaining walls on one because we do have to have retaining walls, but we are, you know, collectively working on the most elegant, you know, execution possible for those and heavily planted so that it really feels like a beautiful space, you know, and use it as a good design
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opportunity. >> i would just say that i appreciate your update on the design of the buildings on yerba buena island. i would say, from my viewpoint, you, as the private developer, are most motivated to build what you can best market for the highest amount, and from our end , what i'm interested in is really the public realm, and in fact we hope you are enormously successful because certainly the income that will come, the fees that will be paid, are the revenue source, which we will have to depend on for doing the public realm development. >> absolutely. >> the things that are important to us, of course, the open space in the parks. i understand we are going to have a report today on that. it is also about the public
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access, the public infrastructure, which is important far -- for the safety of the residents who will be there, including the utilities, the water, the stormwater systems. we want them to be absolutely the cutting edge in technology now, and so i'm very glad to see that you've incorporated those sustainable elements into your design for the private homes, because that is in keeping with our goals for the islands, but we really are about between yerba buena and treasure island to, about building a whole community, a diverse community. this developments on yerba buena island represents the market rate, represents the high end, but in fact, we are building a whole range at treasure island as well. >> absolutely. >> to the extent that you're successful, we will then be able to really do what is the public
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charge of motivation here, which is to build affordable housing. all the more power to you. i certainly am not going to get involved in your decisions about colours and, you know, cladding, i think that is your decision as the private developer to make, and you will be motivated to build these as beautifully as you can given the type of markets that you are trying to persuade to buy, and it is a new community at treasure island, so it is a tremendous challenge, i understand that because we are building a whole new neighborhood, not all of the amenities are yet going to be there when the yerba buena island side is finished, but hopefully, together with treasure island development authority and u.s. the private developer, we will be able to build out the whole community.
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thank you for your update today. >> so -- >> thank you. first of all, i really appreciate the sensitivity and trying to preserve the hilltop views, that is definitely a long-term public goods that we would be very interested in preserving, and also in the design sensitivity around stepping retaining walls and minimizing them, and making sure it is a pleasant environment, sort of a related question about the street design, i recall that there are minimum sidewalk dimensions as part of this, i'm wondering whether or not that is fully complied with for this part of the developments because of the limitations around the turning radius that you had mentioned. >> yes. so we are 100% compliance with
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the design for development. i can tell you that. on the private drives, typically we have on one for instance, we have a sidewalk and pedestrian zone on one side of the street, and then the driveway entry on the other for safety so that we have a beautiful pedestrian experience without people having to worry about cars backing in and out of their driveways. it also allows us to provide more landscaping along the street to do that. we are calling in as many street trees as we can. we will have, you know, again, all along the retaining wall, we will have planting beds, vines growing on the walls, trees, we are really putting a lot of effort into the landscape, especially, feeling that that will make the islands. >> can you remind me how wide is the minimum sidewalk here? >> i will have to double check.
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it says -- i don't know if it is 4 feet or 5 feet, but on the private drives, we are either four or 5 feet. i know we are 8 feet at the podium entry where we anticipate a bit more foot traffic, and the roadways are 22 feet wide, typically on the private drives, and i will have to look at the public streets. >> and i thank you already said this, but just to confirm, the clubhouse is intended to be accessed by everyone of the occupants including the midrise tower, right? >> absolutely. we have shared amenities in both the clubhouse and the podium, so everyone living on yerba buena will have the opportunity to utilize both. >> okay. given the nature and well-thought-out amounts of amenities, i do still have some
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concerns around the resulting h.o.a. fees for the b.m.r. residents. i would just encourage you to hopefully be able to provide at least a heads up to our consultant on the islands so that they can help the residents plan for that expense, and then, you curious about the rendering, or the perspective that you provided demonstrating that there would be of use preserve from hilltop. i'm just wondering where that point is taken from. >> as a follow-up, let me pull the diagrams from their design for development and i will send them to you. essentially, it is at the highest point on hilltop park in the middle of the hilltop park. that is the viewpoint. >> i think that my concern and main question here is really, is there anywhere on hilltop park where the views would be obstructed. >> nowhere. >> thank you. >> absolutely.
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>> any more questions? it is very interesting, back to the spa, jim, it is very interesting, so you have the women separate and then you have the men's, right? >> yes. >> for the shower and the locker rooms are separate. >> sometimes i get it and sometimes it is the trend, it is very interesting. i was counting the number of those restaurants, for what we have established here at this committee here, is that in all the facilities throughout, the development of yerba buena and treasure island, we are inkling towards making sure that we have enough, more restrooms for female gender than any of the male, so we want to be
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consistent with that. treasure island and yerba buena development wants to set that precedent for development in san francisco. if you go to the mainland or wherever, there is a huge need to have those amenities. >> absolutely. >> bear that in mind. okay. any questions from the audience? seeing none, again, i think this is moving forwards. i appreciate you today to give us this updates. thank you. thing on the agenda, please. >> item five, step phase i application amendment for yerba buena island park. >> martin wiggins, we will present on this, and we have copies of the sub phase application booklets. i forgot to bring from the office this morning but i will forward them to all of the board members. >> okay.
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, thank you. >> good morning, members of the committee. i'm here to provide an update on the amendment to sub phase one, and this is the some phase application. the revisions to the sub phase application pertained to several of the parks, so i will run through what those revisions are . excuse me. just an overview of the park system, i think everyone is familiar with hilltop park. taking the western and eastern peaks and turning it into public space as a park. there is also wrapping around the edges of the island trail system, which i will talk more about. there is the beach parked towards the northern tip, is
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this a pointer, too? there we go. i'm right-handed, but i'm trying to point at beach park up at the top, and then there is, within the trail system, a dog park around here. said there have been revisions to hilltop park to the location and design of the dog park, and to a stair at beach park, and lastly there have been developments of the trail system that were not originally included in the application and have now been developed. so those will be the four revisions that i will run through. starting with hilltop park, the revisions to the design here, the main one i will point out is the east hilltop, it used to have a loop road, so there was
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a vehicular access up to the peak, a parking area, and a drive back down. as the adjacent parcel was being developed, the grading of the road had to change, and so the grading was depressed down, and so this drive became a too steep to comply with regulations, so it has been turned -- change to a turnaround right here. that resulted in a redesign of the eastern hilltop to respond to that circular geometry, because there's also a circular existing water tank and what -- and one of the goals of the landscape architect is to register some of the history of the site. they change this into a round shape to further reflect that history and to use as the water tank, and so they have taken the opportunity to create a promenade along the edge to
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further allow people to take in the views. one other changes that the dog park used to be located in about this area near the intersection of signal road and yerba buena island drive, as the design was developed, we found it was a very steep hillside, and it was a bit challenging to place the dog park there, so it has been relocated across the way to the north, and i will show you some details of that design. one other change is that we used to have several layers of pathways, so you might have two or three different ways to move through the park, and we have received feedback from s.f. department of the environment, reminding us that excessive hardscape areas are somewhat incompatible with habitat preservation and creation, so we taken the opportunity to pare back some of the hardscape paving, and have more habitat
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areas. those are the remaining revisions and i will run through some renderings now. this is a view looking to the east of the western hilltop, so you can see the sculpture that will be located here, it is quite striking. really not too much has changed over here. i think we have refined the design of the elevated walkway, but i think it will be a rather dramatic experience from the saddle area where there is a shuttle drop-off to ascend up to the remnants of the water tank here, and i think it will have a mount olympus feel when you arrive up there and get those views. this is back at the east hilltop, so what was a rectangular plaza has now been turned to circular, and this is
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that perimeter walkway and promenade that is now there. and this is the adjacent smaller overlook next to that. it is directly above the bay bridge, so there are the views. i will move next to beach park. at beach park, the design of the landscape around this area has not changed in a notable way, however, the old design contemplated keeping the existing stair from this upper terrace down to the beach, and what we found is that stair is not compliant and is a challenge to rehabilitate, and so we are proposing to provide a new air, wider, and more
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compliant stairway. so this is a view from the beach looking up. they would be several intermediate landing points to provide an opportunity to rest and look at the views, and then a wood decking with a wood cladding on the railing here, which i think helps to blend into the hillside a bit more, it is not just a steel and concrete stairway. next, the trail system has been developed, and as you can hopefully see in yellow and blue, the trails course throughout the island, doing their best to work with the topography, and provide a multitude of routes. the trails are all going to be compacted earth, with minimal other improvements, ice so i think it is akin to trails you might see at the presidio going along the cliffs they are, or in other areas where you are
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traversing steep topography, so there will be some cable guardrails or curbs where they are needed, and otherwise a pretty minimal trail system, and there is also a substantial plan for native habitat restoration as some of these areas will be going through areas that were previously roadways, so the relocated mccullough drive will be taking the opportunity to try and establish native habitat and those disturbed areas. my apologies, it is tough to see on the screen, but there are several trails that we have identified. there's the hilltop loop, which runs you just around the high point of the island, there is a stair trail that runs you through some of the private parcels that sarah was talking about, and that is a real exercise right there to go up and down the stairs, and then there is the islands loop in yellow, which takes a wider route up to the top of the islands, and then back down on
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the south, and we have the potential of a virtual out to torpedo point. along the way, there will be moments to pause and look at some unique views, and so this is one along the western side of the trails where there will be a clearing and some simple rustic seating and abuse back to the city, with that, i will jump into the dog park. this is the new location of the dog park. is a little bit of a flatter area. we still have some grades change, what it provides the ability to have a bigger and longer area for dogs to run. so you will enter from yerba buena island road on the south. this is next to some parallel parking brake here. go through the double gate, there will be doggy bags and a water fountain with dog and
12:45 am
human level water, and then you can move around a slope to walk her down some stairs to a lower plaza with seating, and then the larger triangular area is the dog run which will be gravel, but will have under drains in it to help clear out the dog waste, and also irrigation couplers to help spray down and clean it. there's a few scrambles of boulders, so we found a lot of boulders while excavating for road construction on the island , so we have saved those boulders and plan to reintegrate them into the site. and the planting here is minimal. there's a few trees for shade, but then the rest of the planting is outside of the fencing, just because the plants have a tough time looking good and doing well in a dog run. here is just a view of what you would see if you were inside.
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we do have one low retaining wall, the gravel dog run, the boulder scrambles with trees embedded in them, and with that i was going to give an update on the schedules. so the dog park, we are at 100% design development level right now at the sub phase level, we would like to move directly into construction documents later this year. and then obtain our permit around the end of the year and start construction, and hopefully the dog park would be open summer of 2020. we would like to go as fast as we can and start open up some of these spaces. the beach park, similarly, we are looking to move into construction documents. we may pause on the permit here because we have limited access to the site in 2020 while the causeway geotechnical work is
12:47 am
being done, so we may not be able to start construction until the beginning of 2021, it is clicked on here, but it is about, hopefully about eight months construction. the summer and fall of 2021 we would hope the beach park would be open, and last -- is it last sorry, i'm going to go back. the dog park schedule is also the trails schedule. we would hope to start work on those soon. lastly, hilltop park, we are moving into c.d. right now, hoping for an approval of the sub phase amendment soon, and then we would be going in for permits later this year, and ideally would break ground january 2020, and to be open in july of 2020, with at the eastern hilltop, and on the western hilltop, if it can go at the same time, it will. we may have some logistics
12:48 am
issues with the building of the road that wraps around the park they need to be down and out of the way, and so the western hilltop maybe a few months behind, but if we can work out the logistics, we would get them both built in early 2020 and open in the summer. that is it. i will take any questions. >> okay. i hope you feel better, you struggle through, but the content was excellent. again, we are moving forward with the use of applications. just a general observation here , and we have said this before, you know, the diversity , it is extremely a very important. let's try to be sensitive when we look at some of these figures and the plans, and also that's. let's make sure it is reflective of just about everybody. we see a lot of people that may not be here and they're looking at all of this, in san francisco now, because we don't
12:49 am
need to argue for that, is that whatever we come out, it is a city that is diverse. i want to be able to look at this presentation, because then it really shows who we are planning for it, so this is very great. i am going to open up for the commissioners to comment, and then we will go back to the schedule. >> thank you. as i've said before, the most important part of this whole project on treasure island is the public realm, and the space in the parks, it is very gratifying to see these plans come about. i have a question or two, but then i would like to make some comments as well. the dog park, it is for dogs, so it is wonderful that you are providing a dog park, and i think that was something which was also requested by some of the residents in treasure
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island, but what about a children's playground? have we forgotten all about children in the parks? i don't see any place specifically for children, and given that you are going to have some units which are three and four bedrooms, surely there will be some families living on yerba buena island. what is the thinking behind that? >> there's plans for several children's playground spaces on treasure island. on yerba buena island, and i wasn't here at the time, but i think there is some high-level potential incongruities with the public trust and making sure that we have a regional destination for everyone, often times playgrounds can be interpreted as a local feature, or benefit for the local community, and so early on, there may have been, at
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high-level, if you'd incompatibility there. i think this opportunities for interpretive elements, maybe not a traditional quote unquote playground, but opportunities with some of the salvaged and found elements here for there to be interpretive play. >> -- >> there is not an actual playground planned on yerba buena island right now. >> i certainly would urge you to look at how children would use this open space at yerba buena island. not just for the families who are living there, but also as a place where people can come to, and certainly i know when my children were young, we went to different parts of san francisco to experience those parks, and certainly, maybe through art, maybe as you say through interpretive materials, you could design things which
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are able to allow children to climb or to explore, so i would like to ask you, and to ask your superstar landscape architect to look at that issue , and if it's not just playground -- playgrounds don't have to be just play structures , you know, it can be in many different forms, but he certainly would like for you to look at that as an amenity for the people who are living right on yerba buena island but also for others who maybe coming. >> absolutely. >> i would just say that overall, the plans that you have for the parks is actually quite superb. the hilltop park, and especially with the sculpture, is going to be really a
12:53 am
destination for people to come, and particularly during the time of the solstice when that sculpture is going to have a shadow that will fall and will be marked in stone, i think that is going to become certainly a gathering place during the solstice, and the other thing is that i was just recently on clipper cove as part of the blitz information gathering that the academy of sciences and our authority sponsored, and what a wonderful , wonderful amenity that is. it's very protected cove, the beach, and the native habitat that is there, so very happy to see that you are providing access to that cove through a series of stairways and trails. i think that's really very important, and finally, i would
12:54 am
like to say that the trails are one of the wonderful aspects of san francisco when you think of the trails such as lands and, but also all the staircases that are sprinkled throughout san francisco. this will fall right into that pattern, which is so special to our city, which you don't find elsewhere, so i'm really happy to see that you are considering the trails and considering ways in which people can explore the native habitat that is there and go from the beachside up all the way to the summit of the hill. thank you very much for that. >> thank you. just to follow back on the children's playground, one of the takeaways of the educational tour to brooklyn park, and to dominion park,
12:55 am
they had a children's playground there. we have so much diversity of those in fact that there were some that we identify with kids -- those are the kind of things we would like to maximize for treasure island and yerba buena island. i think -- i don't care what city you are, it brings families together, and we just wanted to make sure that the islands also are very welcoming there will be a lot of children coming from the mainland and those who live there who want to have fun. wherever you have children, you'll attract adults, so i want to accentuate that because that was one of the takeaways from our visit to new york. do we have the schedule for the police and the fire? what we're doing right now is that all of these other entities, because we know things are going to be coming online very soon, 2021. what is the schedule for all of
12:56 am
these other agencies, the police, and the fire department to submit their work. can we bring them back here so they can tell us where they are ? >> the fire station, as you know, we have a fully staffed fire station on the island today. they anticipate continuing to operate that facility until the new police and fire station is constructed. i will reconfirm the timeline for that to be delivered. we have had meetings, and we need to have follow-up conversations with police operations on how they may ramp up staffing between now and the time that the new police
12:57 am
station is constructed. >> yeah, and i think it's important. let's tell them, you know, the fire department, and i know sometimes have their own opinion on the agenda that may preempt building, but let's give this information to them now and see where they are so we can start moving everybody along at the same pace. [please stand by]
12:58 am
>> chairwoman: thank you very much. are there anymore comments? again, nice to see you, sir, and see you again. >> item number six, fiscal year 2019/2020 budget. >> so, directors, you have our draft -- current draft
12:59 am
of our budget documents with you. >> i do have mine with me, but i looked at it last night, and i have questions. >> there are copies there with the power point today as well. okay. okay. thank you. >> just kind of recapping what we discussed at our march meeting, our currents fiscal year revenues will be less than projected. our commercial revenues were a little under projections this year, which is unusual for us. for the past several years, commercial revenues have exceeded projections.
1:00 am
but we had a vacancy in hangar three for a good part of the year. the net residential income will be a little bit below estimates, although, we recently had a resolution of an issue, a question with the assessor recorder's office on participatory property tax assessment that is going to allow the release of some funds that are being held in reserve. our expenditures will be within budget, but total expenses will exceed current fiscal year revenues, which was anticipated in our budget for 2019, fiscal year 2019. but we will be drawing upon prior year reserves to balance current year budget, and