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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  April 19, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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to be a representative of my district. i appreciate the hours he dedicated to mentor me. we will miss him very, very much. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker. >> good morning, commissioners, ladies and gentlemen. i am robert ellis from the omi community action organization. i want to congratulate all of the honorees today. the solution to my problem is simple. it concerns the merced heights renovation program. my situation is the clubhouse, the renovation of the clubhouse to make the park more for the aging and disability people who
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are not being provided for means renovation of the clubhouse. making the clubhouse more accessible for the aging and disability people so they can have programs of their own, which they do not have at all right now. one more item that i have. i don't know if it is on the agenda. the dog parks up there in the area. i think there is a rumor that they want to make the merced heights part of the dog park. we have two dog parks in the area within a few blocks of each other. we don't need a dog park in with senior citizens with disabilities. my request more specifically is to make the clubhouse more accessible, the park more accessible to senior citizens
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and people with disabilities. we need a place to have our gatherings and relations, too. thank you very much for your time. >> we have time for one more speaker. >> good morning, commissioners. i am bud's wife who recently spoke about the encroachment on bruno hill. i wasn't going to speak today. i don't have any speech prepared. there were some things i wanted to bring up. back in december -- this isn't going to work. back in december 2017 is when we initially wrote rec park either november or december of 2017 because of the encroachment, and
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i just want to show you a picture of the fence that these individuals built. it separate sepit is on -- it ic park property. that tree had sketching put on by the property owners. we wrote and they were very gracious and understood the problem. i felt assured they were going to take action and they did communicate with the city attorney's office. they issued notices to the property owners, required the property owners to remove
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fencing. remove what they put on the tree. they did remove what they put on the tree, but what happened. they were to remove it by november. we were told to be patient. we were as patient as we could be. then all of a sudden -- sorry about this. all of a sudden we found out that the fence was reduced to 4. the gate is still tall. you can see first down the gate. this is still someone's private backyard. they have, i believe, are in someone's private backyard. they are not the only ones who did this. there are other property owners. we had requests from public
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works and rec park and hillary row nan's office. they asked for support. there is an e-mail from rec park saying there are several property owners encroaching on to rec park property. this is public open space, you know. it is wrong. i just wanted to say this is wrong. >> thank you very much. >> we are at time for general public comment. this will be continued to item 10 if anyone else would like to make general public comment. we are now on item 5. the consent calendar. anyone with public comment on the consent calendar? if so please come up now. >> go ahead, ken. then we have someone else. >> overhead, please.
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>> i am here to make a couple comments, if i may, about item f on the concept calendar. i am with the centennial committee. we have over the past year organized several coul studies e end of the great war. that didn't come to pass. the committee then approached the department about establishing some signage for hero's grove. it is ironic here we are at the weekend prior to the return in april 23rd of 1919 of the 363rd. it was a tremendous out pooring from the city that led to the bond that made possible the war memorial, veterans building and
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opera house. the committee found support for establishing signage at the hero's grove that was first proposed to this commission just after the arrival of the 363rd in 1919 that resulted in the first tree planted memorial day of 1919. our plan is to establish signage at the eastern end of hero's grove, which was the first tree planted on memorial day. mr. mic chairren didn't like redwood trees. now we have a stand 100 years old. our committee proposed contributing two smaller boulders within the grove itself
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that are more interpretive the list it was dedicated in 1919. this year we plan to rededicate the grove and for the first time have signage to identify the park. a grove in the park that many, many people do not know even exists, and i'm hopeful from now on there will be some direction and interpretive signage. that is the plan from our committee.
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>> speaking spanish. speaking spanish.
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>> good morning. i am the father of alex. this is my second visit with you here. i want to say i am thankful for you guys helping us. it is a long road. many times we didn't know where
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it would end. we finally see the light. this is finally happening. my son died in 2014 in march, and now five years later in march it has been five years later and a little bit after march. i still go the hill to pray and say our father for my son. there is a little dog that visits me. i go there every day. i will go there soon with a memorial there. good morning again. i am alex's mom. usually i don't speak because i get emotional. today i am. i just am grateful that we are finally here after five years. i want to thank you guys so much. >> please express to them our gratitude for coming here today. thank you. >> if i could say a quick little
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thing. i want to say that, you know, it has been a long battle. i want to celebrate the rent -- relentlessness. it is a hard a long journey for them. wwe are the police and the criminal courts have failed them you helped to bring justice. i thank you guys for that. >> thank you. [applause.] >> good morning. today is a historic day because today you are approving the first ever memorial, an international caliber memorial to be dedicated to a victim of a police killing. we thank you, the community thanks you and i thank you for these words that will be on the
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plaque against the violence and injustice of 59 bullets, family and grassroots community arose as a movement to promote the positive spirit and to defend the honor of a be loved young man who was killed by the police. i mourn for alex. this place will be a place of peace. it will be a place of inspiration, educational field trips and love. thank you. >> thank you. [applause.] >> is there anyone else to comment on the consent calendar? seeing none. richard. come on up.
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>> good morning. i am looking at the balboa park renovation. i should be speaking about it in general public comment. there is something that they are working on the walkway to other parts around the area, i thought it would be of interest for me to bring in whether it be chain link around different corners so people would know there is a part that has to do with the main entrance to the pool area, and i thought if people know ahead of time and see the corners like chain-link fences, corners of it, then everybody knows it is dog play area. i was standing there waiting around looking at the people
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looking at the soccer game. there wasn't too many people at the dog play area. this is not quite the right time to talk about it. there is something that might be able to be done considering there the other construction around thattic area. thank you. >> thank you. [please stand by]
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(in progress). >> we are now on item six, the san francisco zoo. >> i'm going to give folks a mint t minute to exit the roo, and then we'll...
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>> okay -- oh, no, wait a minute. i thought they were -- okay, we're ready to move forward. >> okay. >> chairwoman: or not? >> thank you, commissioners. we also have a power point accompanying this reporter. i'd like to start my report recapping our zoofest celebration, and thank you, commissioner harrison, for your comments about zoofest, and thank you commissioner minucommissionermcdonald for at.
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this was a great event. we particularly highlighted our 90th anniversary. we had 400 people in attendance. we celebrated our long time board member ted oaks and his wife, and we celebrated tonya peterson's 10 years at the zoo. and we had supervisor yee issue commendations, and mayor breed declared zoo day on april 12th, so it was a great event. one of the highlights in the next slide was our live auction and our animal nameings. namings. they raised about $200,000 for animal care and conservation of the species in the wild. and we're hoping that the sumattran tiger will breed soon, since there are only about 400 left in the entire world. his new name is is princeton.
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in april, we are recognizing many spring breaks and families coming to the zoo, with a special discountediscount for family reunions, for anyone who books ahead of time to come to the zoo. we pride ourselves on being affordable and accessible, and this is another way to do that. we have our first orangutan coming in many, manys years many, many years. this syears is anine-year-old m. and there are only about 50,000 lester in th,000 left in. we're hoping he will become the patriarch at the zoo himself. i was pleased to hear about general manager ginsburg comment about the support for families with disabilities. on march 30th, we welcome that same organization to the zoo
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for family access day. as i mentioned our joint zoo presentation earlier, we really pride ourselves in providing accessible facilities for people with special needs. and for the family's access day, we created an early opening to reduce sensory stimulation, for those with needs in that area, and our area designed for people with visual disabilities was available to them. pomroy works with adults and children with disabilities. because of our next door neighbor, we invite pomroy participants to come to the zoo. it includes veterans, make a wish participants, first responders, as our zoo mobile, which goes out to many community groups. i wanted to finish up with
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"earth day." we will be celebrating earth day at the zoo this year. we have partners like ecology, muni, and others sharing what they're doing in that area. i'm hoping it is indeed a earth day celebration, and not a 4/20 celebration. i'm taking off my zoo hat and putting on my tennis coalition hat, and thanks to commissioner doll and aly andall of the other who's made that work. >> chairwoman: is there anyone else who would like to be heard? >> good morning, again. last month tonya peterson, the executive director at the zoo, spoke about the breeding. the sumatra tiger, and the fellow who is going to be doing the breeding, his looks like a young,
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healthy animal. i think he'll be out of quarantine soon -- i'm not sure. but i had kind of second thoughts about it, and i couldn't help but recollect at a different time, they had all of the noise to attack, carbon dioxide gas going into the lockup and the breeding. i wanted to add it wasn't here, it was somewhere in the southwest. with this type of breeding, i was hoping to decrease any accidental mauling over the tiger breeding. that to be included if something, if possible, a temperature grade. i think women know more about it than men do. and doing the graphing, and possibly to project a better access to breeding temperature and the time when the breeding actually happens. when the breeding actually
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-- it's something that is animal husbandry, and when i look at it, it doesn't have much to do with embriology -- these are wild animals. i haven't come up with a way, to attach on it -- i don't know if you can put a temperature gauge on her, but if it works, you might still prevent the killing that happened not too long ago in the southwest. i'm just hoping we can get some way of measuring the receptive of our female sumatra tiger. thank you. >> chairwoman: is there anyone else who would like to make public comment on item number six. seeing none, the public comment is closed. commissioners, this was discussion only. we're now on item 7, the
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echo centre at herring park, approval of memorandum of understanding. >> good morning. my name is brenda, and i'm with the volunteer division with the recreation and parks department. i just want to say that we did present this on the april 4th operations committee meeting, and at that time we hadn't received approval from the port commission, and so we are here on the general calendar to present present ando over the m.l.u. >> so like we're proposing to enter an m.l.u. with the port, the eco-center is located in the southeast sector of san francisco, in district 10, inside of a park called parents head park.
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the eco-center is a special facility because completely off the grid. it has solar powers, it has a waste water treatment plant inside that treats its own water. it is a really cool environmental, sustainable building, that serves as a community classroom. and it actually was constructed about nine years ago, and it was opened to the public in 2010, in april, which is why we'll be celebrating earth day event on sunday, the 21st. it was advocated by the literacy for environmental justice, approved by san francisco. rec and park will be operating the program, and has been operating programs at herrington park since 2010. we actually have several programs there. and i'm going to slide over -- actually, can i use this mic? okay. actually, i'm going to backtrack here. the m.l.u. agreement terms that we have is with the
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port, which is to continue to provide public access hours, at least five days a week, including one weekend day, track and record visitors and usage of the facility, and send monthly reports to the port, work with community stakeholders and develop programming and events that interest the bay view hunter's community. and provide two staff to provide operation of the building. and stored the landscape area adjacent to the eco-center. provide our own services to keep it clean to the public. and share it with the hunter's bay community organization to use for community workshops, and provide free programs at the eco-center to local communities, and over all events. like i said, we have been working at herrington park for about nine years, from a work order from the port. and we've averaged about
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3,200 hours of service. we served about 9,000 youth, and facilitated over 80,000 total hours. and with this proposal being at the eco-center, we expect to increase our stewardship along about 2% the first year. and so a lot of those programs that we do, our green program, which is an internship program for high school students, and we hire students from the southeast sector. we have our youth stewardship program, and we're in our 2n 22nd year. and it is a dual program where you provide interchips for adults. so we hire about five to six s.c.a. interns to run the program. and so we're serving two different avenues. and we have our youth development collaboration, and we work with more structured programs through the j.v.k.
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vocational service program. we've been placing interns throughout the park for years, and we also have an arts collaborative, literacy collaborative students from downtown high that come out and dive deep into the education and resttation arestorationat herrington park. and we have national coastal cleanup day. we work with a lot of corporate groups and non-profits to come and restore the land and learn about the birds and the history of herring tonton park. and we've had healthy walks at herrington park for the lost four years. so we're already involved at the eco-center, so it is not a big change for us to come over here. it will be a natural ral fit fofitto come here and work h the programs to continue to expand the opportunities for district 10. so there are four new
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activities that we do plan to implement our first year. one of them is sunday engagement program. it might just be the weekend program over all. and so that's an opportunity for us to engage with public users to learn about birds and nests, and we'll have some specimens. it is more like a mobile museum we plan to take on to the trail. we're going to be conducting surveys to get a real understanding of what brings them to the park, so we can use that information to develop programs and build different events that will help, or that meet their interests. we're currently actually implementing a third public saturday workday through our newest partnership with the probation enrichment program. and this summer we'll be hosting our summer camp from the joelia rec center from 10:00 to 1:00. a lot of this work is made possible through our
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partnerships. and we'll continued with our partnerships and build relationships with the organizations that are serving the population we want to reach. the port has been a huge supporter for years, and the green usage is in collaboration with the port. they have supported literacy program, and so justice is a staple in district 10. and they help us a lot with the work scope and understanding of some of the wetlands' features. a.p.r. has been a big supporter in helping to recruit youth, and we'll be working a lot with them in developing new programs at the eco-center. the student conservation association has been a supporter and why we have interns serving in our youth stewardship program. the parks alliance has been big supporters for both of our programs, and parks in general. and that's our green usage
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program. thank you for your time. and that concludes my presentation. >> thank you very much. >> chairwoman: do we have any public comment on this item? come on up. >> good morning, commissioners. my name is carol bock, i'm the environmental affairs manager for the port of san francisco. and i am here to urge you to support execution of this memorandum of understanding with the port. i made an informational presentation in march and they voted on april 9th in favor of staff executing the memorandum of understanding. we have worked with rec and park staff for almost 10 years at herring's head park, and we are just 100% confident, and also what we've heard from our contingents, since this agreement was proposed, has supported that confidence that rec and
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park is really the best entity to make the -- to get the best public benefit that the eco-center facility has to offer. i'm really excited about working with them, and the opportunities that are presented by having them be able to bring all of the work that they've done outside into the park and expand it into this unique facilitymenfacility. thank you. >> thank you. >> chairwoman: next speaker. >> good morning, commissioners, general manager ginsburg, good morning. >> chairman: can i get you to speak into the mic. >> does my clock start over? >> chairwoman: yes, but you need to speak into the mic. >> can you hear me now? >> yes. >> good morning. my name is kirk rhymes, and i'm with the program
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in san francisco. i'm also a district 10 resident. and for the past six years, i've been very much involved in the eco-center. for the interest of time, i want to be short and brief and to the point because the eco-center has a lot of history with my community. there are thousand linear feet away t-a community, a commm trying to engage in in this space. i'm in support because i hope that the opportunities and histories and relationships that have been promised will be fulfilled. i'm very much looking forward to working with our p.d. in doing this as a resident and as the a.p.r. i. program manager. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> chairwoman: next speaker. >> good morning commissioners. my name is jackie flynn, i'm the executive director
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at the a.philip randolph institute in san francisco. the eco-center is a hub for innovation and education for all. it was a commitment to the bay view hunter's point community that has suffered enormously from ahs of neglect and planned racism. the eco-center was a programs and commitment to environmental and social justice, through education, retaining our history, engaging the community, creating local and green jobs, and a space for life-inspiring students. for the last six years, my team at apri, has worked hundreds of hours, poured in sweat, equity and love into the eco-center. our hope is we get to see the vision of our supervisor sofia maxwell, green actions' marie harrison, and tessy ester from hunter's view, who fought tirelessly to
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provide social justice to our community. so we are in support of the transition and m.o. u., and we're committed to continuing to be a community partner. i want to take a moment to think folks, like kim kiefer, who is not year, alongside brenda, one of the biggest green users' fans. phil, you're so genuine when you provide opportunities for our community, and i recenter appreciate. and also thank carol bott from the port because we have worked on this for years. i'm very much happy to see the efforts of leadership. so in closing, we're hopeful with the right leadership, our community can fulfill this commitment together. i thank you guys very much. >> thank you very much. >> chairwoman: is there anyone else who would like to make public comment on this item? being none, complic public commt
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is closed. >> mr. ginsburg, did you want to weigh in on that? >> very briefly. it is mostly gratitude, beginning with carol and elaine forbes and the port for your long-standing partnership along the southern waterfront, and your confidence and faith in us. we really appreciate that. it is very meaningful. to brenda, for your initiative and drive and really taking green agers, and our stewardship of the eco-center to the next level. this has been a real passion project for you, and that's very obvious, and that's why we have the right person at the helm. and, just lastly, to jackie and curt, but to the community more broadly, thank you for your trust in us as well. and we are very humble and aware of the important history of this site and both the actual and
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symbolic promise of environmental justice that this building holds. and we will do our best, in partnership with you, to make good on our commitments. >> thank you. the chair would entertain a motion? >> moved. >> seconded. >> all those in favor? >> yea. >> so moved. >> chairwoman: we're now on item 8, the synthetic turf replacement project. >> good morning, commissioners, an i'm general manager dan morrow with the capital improvement division. i'd like to read the agenda for the record and then i'll go into a little more detail on why i'm here. what i'm requesting today is discussion and possible action to authorize the rec and park department to negotiate a construction contract with the silver
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sympathetic turf replacement project, as required under the san francisco administration code 6.23c, subparagraph two. i have a clerical error, it is actually 6.23, not 02. about a week and a half ago, i came to the capital committee and gave a brief discussion only on this item, to replace some worn-out, sympathetic turf at these facilities, with new synthetic turf, and do some upgrades, replacing fencing, fixing the bleechers, adding a drinking fountain, and making some a.d.a. im movementimprovements that are necessary. we didn't have bids in at that pointer. we weratthe point. we were waiting for the bid period to close, which was the following day.
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unfortunately, we only received one bid as a part of that process, and it was substantially higher than our budget for the construction work. with that we scratched our heads a little and tried to figure out what our next steps were. we went to the city public works office, and we saw when you receive one bid over the estimate or no bids, it affords the department to move forward with a negotiation process with a qualified contractor. as part of that process, it also requires that we get the general manager's approval to move forward before we ask for your permission. so in your packages, jewel you'll see a letter that commissioner ginsburg signed. my goal is to move forward, find a competent contractor, and negotiate a bid price that is lower than the bid we received. and more in tune with the project budget that we've identified for the project. with that said, we obviously stretched the
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time out a little bit here because once that negotiation process takes place, i'll have to come back to you for the standard process of a contract approval process. so my goal is to enter isn't a negotiation scenario, get a price that is reasonable and appropriate for the project, and then come back to you, hopefully next month, with a proposal to award a construction contract. what that may mean is the construction duration may shift a little at our first project, we were anticipating starting that on june 1st, and completing in october. but because of this sequence of events, we'll probably have to push that construction process to july and negotiate a shorter construction window for that particular project. coleman will follow that, and start construction in december and finish in april-ish. i'm happy to answer any questions. >> commissioner harrison.
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>> today we're voting on to allow you to go into the negotiations process? >> yes. the administration code allows us to negotiate with either the bidding contractor who submitted the bid, see if we can get to an appropriate place, or go to another contractor who meets the qualifications of the original bid process. >> and then you'll come back to us? >> and then we'll come back to you with a name and number and a contract request award. >> secondly, as i mentioned at the capital committee the other day, i want to thank you and congratulate for you due diligence and finding a new in-fill on this turf. it has been kind of a touchy subject for a while. thank you for your work. >> i have a question, but let's do public comment first? >> chairwoman: is there any public comment on this item? >> richard? [laughter] >> good morning. i had a little chat with
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mr. amar earlier, and i concluded that it is good for the commission to approve of the right to negotiate. that is not the main gift of whagistof what i want to talk about. it is the use of the legal ballpark -- i was hoping that they would be able to find a way varying the size of the ball field. i want to introduce women's softball, so that's recreation and a larger field than the little leaguers. so of such planning, is there a way you can make adjustments, where it is used by both the little guys and little gals and women's softball? i think it is just adding on different pieces of synthetic turf and moving
6:43 am
the bags around,and then there will be a higher degree of recreational usage of such area. other than that, i like the idea they're going to have good stuff in there. it is not that black rubber thing that i didn't like. it was -- that's about it. i hope they can get that softball-sized, and maybe some of the gals here might want to swing a bat. i think you'll get better park usage because there be league guys on most of the weekends. >> thank you. >> chairwoman: is there anyone else who would like to make public comment? being none, public comment is closed. >> thank you. >> i just wanted to say i'm glad that we did this demonstration, that our experiment worked, and that we have some options to the traditional sympathetic field. and so the question i
6:44 am
wanted to ask is that going forward, i know it has been pretty standard procedure that we replace our fields,lik, like every 10 years? that will continued to be the case for both fields? >> the lifecycle for these fields is approximately eight to 10 years. i think we have some experience with the fields lasting a little longer than that, but, yeah, we do expect to have the same lifecycle with this alternate in-fill. commissioner, it has been a long road on this program. as you'll recall, what we said when conversations about the original in-fill material caused concern, we said, (a) we stood by the date tan the belief thadata and the beliefthat the .
6:45 am
we knew this technology was going to evolve over time, and alternate in-fills were just beginning, but we didn't want to just jump in. we didn't want to be the ones to go out and purchase them not knowing how -- you know, how resilient they were going to be. and now we have enough experience, and a lot of the manufacturers are also using alternate in-fills, and this is the way of the future. you have to remember, these fields don't require any water, don't require any herbicides, much lower maintenance costs. and more importantly, in a dense city like hours, they afford more opportunities for play. it's that simple. >> having lots of family members that play soccer, i personally want to express my appreciation and thanks for this special effort. >> thank you. >> dan, the cost, or the bid, seems so much higher than the budget.
6:46 am
[laughter] >> with that experience that we're getting of getting better products, we don't seem to be getting better prices. what's happening there? >> um...i'm still scratching my head a little bit on this one. not to get into the weeds on this, there are a few contractors out there that have the experience on putting synthetic turf fields in. it requires kind of a unique skill set and some experience doing it. some of our standard contractors in the city that do terrific work in our park system, don't have the experience to do the section of synthetic turf that is required. it is not just the green stuff. the more important element is the base below that. and getting that correct and the drainage and the material correct is the backbone of the system. with that, as part of the outreach process, i talked to and did some outreach to four or five different contractors we worked in the past, a lot of them in the bay area, and lot of
6:47 am
them are not city contractors. little interest from some, and little response from others. i think folks are two busy. so we only ended up with one bid on this. since receiving the bid, we sat down with the architect and the contractor and tried to line crawl through where the deviation was. we found some items -- and i'll use this at one example. we had some minimal painting work out there on some concrete walls, painting from our standard khaki green to a more bright and joyful color. the contractor wanted half a million dollars to do painting. and that's after the contractor reaching out to 15 different painting subcontractors, and only receiving one bid from them. so that is an example of why their bid was higher than anticipated. it's just a difficult climate right now with
6:48 am
subcontractor it'ss, and the local hiring goals, which increased some of the bid prices. i'm hoping looking at different subcontractors and doing a little more outreach, we can hone in on a price we can afford and get this project moving. >> good luck. i don't see any other questions. entertain a motion. >> motion to approve. >> seconded. >> all those in favor, so moved. thank you. >> chairwoman: as mentioned at the beginning of the meeting, item nine is off calendar. item 10, is there anyone here who wishes to make general public comment that did not comment on item four. come on up. >> thank you commissioners. thank you, general manager. this is my first public comment. i'm a resident of pratr pratrao
6:49 am
hill. my family lives across from jackson park, on arkansas street. my child goes to live oak school, and i have an office on 17th street, next to the parkside. so i spent 24 hours a day around jackson park, to be honest. i'm also a coach in the sfydl, and my child plays there as well, and i'm a coach in the junior warriors, and we play soccer as well, but not through the city directly. we love jackson park. we love everything about it. we love hearing the softball players come at the end of the day. today we'll have our windows open, it is a beautiful day, and we'll hear the sounds of the game coming in. but it needs some love and care. it is a park that is a little closed off to the residents of the neighborhood, there are big fences that surround it. we can't quite use it as a park. it is a baseball field, a
6:50 am
softball field. i love hearing about the plans to renovate it, to put some t.l.c. into the park. we're hoping you support that. there has been a lot of development in our neighborhood over the past five years, there are some, i think, 30,000 units opening within a two-mile radius of the park, and we don't have really any unprogrammed space to hang out in that is not devoted to sports, which, again, i love, i'm also a softball player. what i'm hoping is that the commissioner will support the full funding for the park that is going forward. and that's that. >> thank you for coming to see us. >> thank you for having me. have a good day. >> chairwoman: is there anyone else who would like to make jen publi general public comment? seeing none, this item is closed. item 11, commissioners, any public comment?
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>> defense attorney: public comment is closed. item 12, new business agenda setting? public comment? being none, it is closed. item 13, communications? any public comment. being none, public comment is closed. item 14 is a adjournment. >> moved and seconded. >> seconded. >> thank you very much. >> chairwoman: thank you, commissioner
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>> (clapping.) >> in san francisco the medical examiner performs the function of investigating medical and legal that occurs with the city and county of san francisco from a variety of circumstances in san francisco there is approximately 5 thousand deaths annually i'm christopher director for the chief mr. chairman the chief my best testimony a at the hall of justice on 870 drooint street that is dramatically updated and not sufficient for the medical chairman facility i've charles program manager public works should a earthquake of a major are proportion occurs we'll not continue to perform the services or otherwise inhabit the building before the earthquake. >> we're in a facility that
6:53 am
was designs for a department that functions and in the mid 60s and friends scientific has significantly changed we've had significant problems with storage capacity for evidence items of property and also personal protective if you're doing a job on a daily basis current little storage for prirjs are frirnlsz we're in an aging facility the total project cost forever ever commercial is $65 million the funding was brought by a vote of go bond approved by the voters and the locations is in the neighborhood the awarded contract in 2013 and the i'm the executive director we broke ground in november 2015
6:54 am
and that started with the demolition of existing facility we moved into the foundation and january so pile foundation and then with second construction of the new facility. >> one of the ways that we keep our project on time on budget and we're having quality to have regular meeting and the variety of meetings with construction process meeting as well as cost of control meeting and i'm a project manager for public works the office of chief commercial we want walk the project site when we sign up and also with a contractor insinuates for a change over we need to verify what or what was instead of. >> the building is 42 feet tall so it is two stories and 46 thousand square feet roughly
6:55 am
we're that's a great question to be on time and budget have the roof complete a the exterior moving with the site work. >> and as you can see we've got a lot of the interior finishes installed. >> in an effort of an differentiate the facility that designed to work for 72 hours. >> not taking into account there was a lot of structural updates made into this building not seen in other construction throughout san francisco or other barriers we have friday morning examiners from 8 to one public comment monday to friday because of air circulation we literally have to shut the doors and so the autopsy is done without staffing being able to come and go or exit the space and literally lock down the autopsy in the new facility we have bio build one door opens
6:56 am
and closed behind you you can gown up and go through a second seizures of doors that has its own independent air supply and now in the exterior opt space having that middle space have greater flexibility of staff as they move in and out of the area. >> in the current facility investigative unit has small tiny, tiny place in the area of the new facility is almost doubled in all divisions from the current facility and the new facility. >> the planning we have here gives them the opportunity to have the pool needs to complete theirs jobs in a much more streamlined fashion. >> we're looking forward to
6:57 am
have secured parking to minimize the egress of you know visiting and the members of the public but really to minimize the investigators remaining remains from our advancing and so the facility. >> we have a new visitors area we're building that is a little bit more friendly to families. >> one thing you may notice in the room no windows there is no natural light not good for most autopsy but in the new facility at new hall we made that an objective they want to insure we were able to look up in the middle of exam and see the sky and see natural lights. >> that's one of the things the architect did to draw in as much light as possible.
6:58 am
>> we have staff here onsite we insure the design of the new design enables the investigators and other investigators skiefksz to consider to house on site this meant we needed to design and plan for locker room facilities and shower rooms the ability to sleep. >> third of the construction going into the building has been by contributions of small businesses. >> part of the project is also inclusive to the sidewalk have all new sidewalks and new curve cuts and landscaping around the building we'll have a syrup in front of the building and rain guardian. >> the medical examiner's office has been a several if in their contributions of the understanding the exception and needs. >> it's a building that the chief medical examiner has been
6:59 am
looking forward to quite a few of the. >> it is extremely valuable contribution to the, neighborhood address san francisco as a whole. >> the building will allow is to have greater very much and serve the city and county of san francisco and the neighboring sustainability mission, even though the bikes are very minimal energy use. it still matters where the energy comes from and also part of the mission in sustainability is how we run everything, run our business. so having the lights come on with clean energy is important to us as well. we heard about cleanpowersf and
7:00 am
learned they had commercial rates and signed up for that. it was super easy to sign up. our bookkeeper signed up online, it was like 15 minutes. nothing has changed, except now we have cleaner energy. it's an easy way to align your environmental proclivities and goals around climate change and it's so easy that it's hard to not want to do it, and it doesn't really add anything to the bill. >> ladies and gentlemen, the chair has called the meeting to order. please turn off the electronic devices and they interfere in the room. stand for the pledge of allegiance. i pledge of allegiance to the