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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  April 19, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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transportation to this tennis center so that young kids like the ones behind me can have access to a world renowned center in our city right here in golden gate park. this is made possible yes, because the genre russ voters here -- voters support the park fund and we make every dollar count. to get the projects done faster, we rely on the support of contributors. mr. toby is here. he is an incredible contributor to this project. i want to acknowledge him and his family foundation and the incredible support of lisa and doug goldman who continue to support mr. and mrs. goldman who continue to support incredible projects all over the city.
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thank you to the corrett foundation. those were major contributions and there are so many other people whether you gave $5 or $5 million, every dollar that you gave made this project possible and you all should be proud for your contributions. i want be to thank each and every one of the tennis folks in the room. there are so many tennis people who make sure we protect the tennis courts in our city. that is so important. like i said, even though i tried and i wasn't that great the fact is i had a place to try. that is what counts because you never know when you are going to basically create the neck serena williams or anyone else. we have to make sure those opportunities exist. thank you all for being here today. we are breaking ground today.
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i hope to see you back in 2020 when we open this brand-new incredible facility. [applause.] >> our next speaker ties to the theme that we have come a long way because to get this project before supervisor breed. we had to go through her chief of staff and her chief of staff looked at the project and said, i like it. >> 10 years later the chief of staff represents this piece of golden gate park. it is my honor and pleasure. >> thank you everyone for coming today. it was interesting because just before this this morning i was participating in the elementary school and the city wide bike and roll day walk and roll day.
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i was at rosa parks this morning talking to the kids. we were talking about one of the kids started talking about tennis. i said i am going to the golden gate park tennis courts they are building new ones. he said i love tennis. i thought it was so cute because he said i play over there. was is amazing about these courts is they are open to everyone. unlike supervisor -- sorry -- mayor breed. old habits diehard. unlike mayor breed i have played here. these are great courts. what is amazing when you play here you meet people from all over the city. a lot of people come and bring friends that aren't from the city. it is really a social, it is social here and you meet all kinds of people. what is going to happen after
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they are built? not only are we going to have the best tennis courts in the country, that is amazing. when you think about that, we will have the most state-of-the-art, best tennis court in the country. that is exciting for the tennis community and everyone else. like may or breed, i -- mayor breed, i haven't played pickleball. i challenge mayor breed to a game of pickleball. i have constituents that really care about it. i challenge you to a game of pickleball. all right everyone. thank you for coming. (applause). >> yes we heard from people who know and love district five. this is a national project. our goal is to have the best public tennis facility in the
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country. there was one member of the board, although he doesn't represent district five. she is a serious tennis player. when we briefed him about the project. he is like i am in whatever you need. i will be there and help lead the effort at the board of supervisors. i will show up. when it opens, i am playing. it is my pleasure to introduce the supervisor. >> this means so much to me today because i think unlike any sport and i challenge anyone to tell me differently. tennis is a sport you can play almost to the day that you die. my grandfather got me on the courts when i was six years old in the cold of winter taught me how to hold a tennis racket. i have been playing ever since. he played until he was the 996 years
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-- 96 years old. when they brought this to me and i want be to shout out to the tennis coalition and the folks championing this on the ground. those are the folks doing the hard work. it was donors like gold men and toby who made this happen. i am proud to work with the may other who has led -- the mayor who has led so many parks projects. it is important to have something open to the public and is free. i want to give out a shout to lou, amazing tennis pro. my daughter came her for tennis summer camp last year and loved it. she and my son are tennis players and they are seven and
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nine. thank you to all the people that made this a reality. thank you. >> i have a lot of bosses in this job. obviously, this is my big boss. i have a second big boss who is fond of saying victory is proud. nothing could be truer than this effort. it is migrate plash -- it is a great pleasure to introduce the president of the park and rec department. >> what he forgot to tell you. victory has many parents. defeat is an orphan. this victory is everybody here can take credit for part of this. i have been at this for 10 years now. 10 years ago you would not have had this kind of help for public purpose. what has happened under the leadership of the mayor phil, the park alliance and a lot of
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other people they created an environment from the philanthropic community can contribute. it is important. to doug and lisa and to the co are. rett foundation and all people who participated in this and everybody who wrote a check or helped advance the ball we say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. i can't be wait for my daughter who plays tennis to come out and watch her play. thank you very much. [applause.] >> thank you mark. let's focus on the partnership. the spark was not government for the project. it was not me or the mayor. it was the tennis coalition of san francisco. it is the tennis coalition of san francisco advocating for public access to tennis equitable access and has been
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the steward of this site for decades and decades and decades. that was the true spark and true originator and creator of this project. i will give a special shout to dave martini. he was the first person to knock on my door 10 years ago and he would not take no for an answer. they are such a tremendous partner and the work is incredible. the journey we have gone on and a long with the tennis coalition is most rewarding. we have really figured it out together. this is like doubles where you actually know where your partner is on the court. we have played well together and it is migrate pleasure -- my pleasure to represent lois who
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is representing the tennis coalition today but more importantly has become my dear friend. [applause.] >> good morning honorable mayor supervisors and commissioners and all of you. i would like us to reflect how we got here. i don't mean if you took uber. how we got to this historic groundbreaking. i want to start with my own story. i am a woman of a certain age. i grew up long before title ix, and i never had a chance to pursue any sport seriously. when i retired i really wanted that job that i never had. i wanted to give it my all. this passion led me right here to these courts and to the past six years twice a week sometimes more this is where i am
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uplifted, where i am trying at last to learn this game correctly. i want to welcome each of you to my joy to my community, and surrounded by these magnificent trees my sanctuary. i know many of you feel exactly the same way. it was not quite four years ago that martha invited me to join her. she couldn't be here today. martha. (applause). >> she invited me to join her as could chair of the tennis coalition. her main focus is to assure this continues well into 21st century. we envisioned this public center affordable humming on all cylinders the bedrock of tennis
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in the epicenter geographically and recreationally of this city, golden gate chart. co-chairing that was delicious but daunting. i thankfully learned we stood on the shoulders of so many and walked beside so many others who share this dream. this morning i want to thank you you, dave martini for a second time who launched the tennis coalition. thank you larry dodge who helped us imagine what could be. i want to thank lisa and douglas goldman who started with this a foundational gift. i want to thank mayor breed who was an early supporter. of course, a thank you toted to "ted" toby who helped us see ways to
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closeout the fund-raising that brought us to this point today. [applause.] i want to thank my friend phil ginsburg and his extraordinary team at recreation and spark for finding us in the collaborators they needed. i want to thank my board members who were expert doing what we needed to do. i want to thank julie our one woman band and i want to thank so many of you who came to our community meetings, gave us your input and your gift. you wrote letters, lent support at the supervisor meetings the policymaking here in san francisco. that is some of how we all got here today. we begin a new chapter.
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for those who will soon discover that tennis is their passion and those not born who will enjoy this center as the san francisco heart beat of tennis to the 21st century. thank you also much. [applause.] >> so many stories. this is a public tennis facility. it is the spirit that will have a few different things. lou in so many ways you epitmize what public tennis is about. you have taken kids who learned to play on the courts you have taken them across the country to compete across the country. you had to go out and buy them lights because they weren't
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allowed to play unless they had a white shirt. you drove 70 miles to k-mart to make sure our kids could compete and they did an awesome awesome job. [applause.] >> we want this place to serve everyone kids of all ages. for the recreation and park department our heart beat is our children. i am so proud of the tennis learning center program that we have created that currently is in four different neighborhood parks partnering with four different elementary schools in which our instructors go to the schools meet with the teachers, understand the kids' homework, help with homework after school and introduce them to a brand-new sport every day five days a week that happens.
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the vision for this place is that those kids when they graduate from elementary school will come here for middle school. they will have their own dedicated classroom in the clubhouse where they will continue to get academic support and high school readiness and continue to learn and grow in the sport of tennis. we have an outstanding leader in the recreation and parks department that runs our tennis learning center program. i am so proud and humbled to introduce channing hill. [applause.] >> i am a bit nervous. i am better in the classroom than public speaking. i am per excited and emotional. this is something we started.
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we started this four years ago at the recreation center. i was trusted with linda anddallia. they decided i would be the best candidate to take it off the ground. we are here today, you know. i am excited. i wouldn't be here without my directors from my other sites. we work hard for these kids. we want to make sure they get the best opportunity they can get. when it comes to tennis i want to thank lou. without him there wouldn't be a tennis at the school program. we want to be there for the kids at the skills hosting parent workshops. as the parent of a four and-a-half-year-old i think it is important we are involved with the parents every day that they understand what is going on, they understand what questions to ask during the
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parent teacher conference. how to read their child's report card. i pressure my directors and staff to make sure we have those answers. to know we are going to come here for middle school portion and i have one of my kids who actually started with me four years ago. she is in fourth grade and coming to our middle school portion. this is a product what we can do. now we have her little brother attending the program. that shows how much we have done in our communities. we also have up to 30 children on all four sites. all of our other locations are wait listed. that shows what we are doing in these children's lives. thank you. [applause.]
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>> i will say a few thank yous and we will get this project going. president buhl we have many parents. i need to thank a few of them. i need to thank doug and lisa goldman, the the toby family annan and martha.. martha is a heart beat for the project. she couldn't be here today. i know it is crushing here. she will have decades to enjoy it. i want to thank the support we have gotten from the electives in addition to mayors and supervisors. gary mccoy is here representing nancy pelosi's office. the state trash treasure's --
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the state treasure's office is here. i know the commander is here. i know that captain bailey is here. thank you sfpd for ongoing partnership to keep the parks safe and to help us guide our kids in parks and activities. you were there every way. our city attorney is here. i don't know if ann is here. dennis and his wife are a member of the parks alliance board and big tennis champion and instrumental to make this happen. to every person here. i see so many donors and addvo cats all all deserve a profound thank you. [applause.]
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the last set of thank yous and i can see the mayor telling me to get off the mic. finally it is my own staff. it is a a long journey. i am proud of your efforts. our project manager will deliver this. thank you ream. david is here. the facility manager is here claudia. our director of property management who worked in lock step with the tennis coalition to make sure we will have chosen an operator to make this place hum and is going to preserve the fundamental value of access and
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equity. lisa is here. our manager, recreation manager who is a guiding light and has been a strong and information protector and advocate for the idea of tennis, linda barnard. lou, you get one more shoutout. why we are referencing lou. he is no longer with us but a shout out to phil sleeper. many of you know phil. lastly, i believe we are joined by several members of the parks recreation open state advisory committee. i thank you for guidance and partnership. you keep us right and honest and moving. thank you prozac. that is a name. now here we go. game set match to assist the
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mayor in the tennis count down. our wonderful leaders, elected officials and six representatives from the tennis learning and center program, and 10sfufd tennis players from george washington high school. if we can all gather and grab a piece of the net and please join us. everyone grab a piece of the net net. >> this net dropping. we are not using a sledgehammer there are matches tomorrow. we are going to do this rather than drop dirt on the courts. they are closing friday afternoon at 5:00 p.m. no questions asked. they are going down so that we
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can begin a new chapter of this. mayor please lead us in the countdown. then we are going to drop the net. >> five, four three two one. (applause). >> we will see you all to celebrate the 150th anniversary of golden gate park in late 2020. bring your rackets. [applause.]
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>> my name is amanda [inaudible] over see the girls sports program. when i came to san francisco and studied recreation and parks and towerism and after i graduated i moved to candlestick park and grain r gain adlot of experience work with the san francisco 49 and [inaudible] be
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agfemale in a vore sports dynamic facility. i coached volo ball on the side and as candle stick closed down the city had me move in92 too [inaudible] >> immediate interaction and response when you work with kids. i think that is what drives other people to do this. what drew me to come to [inaudible] to begin with for me to stay. i use today work in advertising as a media buyer and it wasn't fulfilling enough and i found a opportunity to be a writing coach. the moment [inaudible] you to take advantage of how you change and inspire a child by the words you say and actions you do. >> you have a 30 different programs for girls through rec and park and fast ball, soft
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ball and volley ball. i started the first volley ball league and very proud what i have done with that. being a leader for girls is passion and showing to be confident and being ambiggish and strong person. [inaudible] for about 5 years. programs offered thraw thirty-three rec and park and oversee thg prms about a year. other than the programs we offer we offer summer camp squz do [inaudible] during the summer and that is something i wherei have been able to shine in my role. >> couple years we started the civic center socking league and what an amazing opportunity it was and is it for kid in the neighborhood who come together every friday in the civic center plaza on green grass to run and play. you otonly see soccer and poetry but also see books t. is a really promoting
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literacy to our kid and giving them to tools to make it work at home. real fortunate to see the [inaudible] grow. >> girls get pressureed with society and i know that is obvious, but we see it every day, magazines, commercials the idea what a woman should look like but i like to be a strong female role for it goals that play sports because a lot of times they don't see someone strong in a female role with something connected with sports and athleticism and i love i can bring that to the table. >> soccer, poetry, community service. we now have field of dreams. we are [inaudible] all over the bay area and excited to be share our mission with other schools across the bay to really build the confidence and character of kids when they go out to play and close their
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eyes and think, why was [inaudible] we want to make sure-i want to make sure they remember me and remember the other folks who [inaudible] >> get out there and do it. who cares about what anybody else says. there will be poopal people that come up and want to wreck your ideas. that happen today eme when i went to candle stick part and wanted to [inaudible] people told me no left and right. whether you go out for something you are passionate about our something you want to grow in and feel people will say no. go out and get it done. i can be the strong leader female and i love that.
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>> good afternoon, everyone. this is the commission on community investment and infrastructure. the commission to the san francisco redevelopment agency, for tuesday, april 16th 2019. welcome to members of the public. madam secretary, please call the first item. >> the first order of business is item one. commission members please respond when i call your name. [roll call] >> all members of the commission are present. the next order of business is item two, announcements. the next regularly
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scheduled meeting will be held on may 7th, 2019, at 1 p.m. at city all room 116. and please silence all electronic devices during the meeting. the ringing of and use of cell phones and pagers and other electronic devices are prohibited at this time. the chair may order the removal from the meeting room any persons responsible for the ring of a cell phone pager or any other electronic device. please be advised, a member of the public has up to three minutes to make pertinent comments on each agenda item unless the commission adopts a shorter period. members of the public who wish to address the commission must fill out a completed card. item three report on actions taken at previous closed sessions meetings. if any. there are no reportable actions. the next order of business
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is item four, matters of unfinished business. there are no matters of unfinished business. the next order of business is item five, matters of new business consistently of consent and regular agenda. there are no consent agenda items. the next order of business is the regular agenda, item 5a, memoriallizing and commending the contributions of corin woods, founding member of the citizens advisory committee to the successor agency and to the city and county of san francisco. resolution 6-2019, mr. vice chair? >> thank you. at this moment, i want to take some time to honor an incredible individual who has lived a life of service and who -- i can't think of another person who has helped shape the
1:33 pm
city's landscape that ms. woods participated in those discussions and those meetings, especially the meetings we would have here. so i'm going to read a portion of the resolution, and my fellow commissioners will also read. whatasms. corrine woods, who passed away on april 1, 2019, is being remembered and honored for four decades of the city and county of san francisco. the successor to the city of san francisco and the city and county of san francisco. and whereas ms. woods was a resident of san francisco a long-time member of the mission creek harbor association and a resident of the commission creek floating home community. as ms. woods liked to referred to the community as houseboaters.
1:34 pm
houseboaters." >> thank you. ms. woods served on the mission bay citizen advisory committee for over two decades, since its inception in 1996 and served as a chair of the mission bay for 13 years. and whereas during her services as a chair of the mission bay c.a.c., ms. woods was sphrawment instrumental and shaping mission bay north and south redevelopment plan. she was a passionate affective person for the community vision, and green neighborhood that ultimately has become the grand mission bay. >> "whereas, in addition
1:35 pm
to her service on the mission bay c.a.c., she served on other community boards, including the mission creek, the harbor association, the mission creek conservancy, ucsf community advisory group, the transportation, the coordinating committee neighborhood parks, council, blue greenway project, mission bay ballpark. along with the transportation coordinating committee, the rail alignment and benefits citizens working group and technical advisory committee. the port of san francisco's central waterfront advisory group, the port's waterfront land use plan working group, and the port's piers 30
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through 32 citizens advisory committee. she also was involved in the community planning process for mission rock and pier 70. the major waterfront projects surrounding mission bay. and, whereas, her advocacy and community leadership were instrumental in conserving and increasing public access to the city's eastern waterfront and the creation of the city's only public boat launch at pier 52. and in shaping the development of mission bay, the blue greenway, mission rock, pier 70 the waterfront land use plan update, the san francisco giants' ballpark, and the golden state warriors
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arena and"... >> "whereas, ms. cor corrine woods is being honored. now therefore be it resolved the commission on community investment and infrastructure, in the city and county of san francisco on behalf of its past and present commissioners, executive directors, and employees expresses to the family, friends, and colleagues of ms. corrine woods, the agency's appreciation and admiration for the exceptional community service, dedication, and the many contributions rendered by ms. corrine woods to the agency and the city and county of san francisco, and that this resolution represents a token of the high regard in which ms. corrine woods
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is held by all. all." >> we also want to acknowledge this afternoon and honor corrine's family, her husband, pierre schneider, and those who have joined us today, many friends and we express our sympathy to all of you for this incredible loss. we're deeply grateful for your presence here today. madam director? >> thank you. and i would also like to acknowledge how special she was, and how important her passion and persistent dedication and wisdom have been to us as staff as well as commissioners. she inspired us and continues to inspire us. this commendation is long overdue. and on behalf of the agency and our commission, we would like to express our deepest respect and gratitude for her work and dedication. thank you so much for having her decades with us
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and moving the mission bay area, as well as the surrounding projects. with that, i would like to call on mark sluskin, the project manager for mission bay. i know you've worked very closely with her over the years. >> good afternoon, commissioners chair. >> is the speaker on? >> good afternoon, vice chair, commissioners. i'm the project manager for mission bay, and i had the pleasure of working with corrine the past three years i've been here at ocii. she was definitely an incredible person to work with. everything stated in the resolution, she is someone who cared deeply about her community. she worked endlessly to help improve community and the city. she also cared about the people within our community. and she cared about the people who worked here at the city and ocii.
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i know there are several people who want to speak, so i do want to keep it short. but i want to share a story. every now and then someone on my staff would send corrine an e-mail after hours. the next day i would get a phone call or an e-mail from corrine expressing her concern that my staff was working late. that really sums up corrine. while she was working tirelessly herself to make the community and the city a better place, she was expressing concern that nobody else was being overworked. she is just a kind person, and i'm deeply going to miss her. i think there are other people who want to say things as well. >> thank you. we would like to now open it for public comment. >> kathryn reilly. >> good afternoon, commissioners director. i'm kathryn reilly, former
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project manager for mission bay. i had the great honor to work with corrine woods for eight years. i'm going to miss her greatly. she was that one-of-a-kind type of person who had the mixture of smarts, problem solving, and a little mixture of a little crankiness and pushiness to keep things moving. she did all of this for the greater good. i think the commissioner mentioned the number of committees she was on. these were all hours she spent on her own time, and never got reimbursed, and did it not just for herself, but more importantly she really cared for the community as a whole. you see a lot of the reports on her in the news and at the port commission. she is not what you would call a nimbe. she understood that change is coming, so she focused her efforts in focusing out how to better that for the betterment of the community. she worked hard with developers and staff, pushing us, as she should, to get the best deals for
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the community. she held us responsibility afterwards to make sure everything that was promised to the community was given. she did not see staff and developers as enemies, but as partners. i know personally i always appreciated that i could call corrine and i could have an off-line conversation to kind of brainstorm for example, say when the warriors are coming, to get her ideas and how to structure that. one. things i also appreciated was her willingness to stand up and advocate for the project. your next item, affordable housing i remember when our affordable housing staff came in and were looking for tips on how to deal with them. it made it a lot easier that corrine would get up there and she would sit there and remind the community that affordable housing is one of those things that is part of the deal. it makes it a lot easier when you have someone for the community advocating for the project, and not just staff. finally, i consider corrine a personal friend.
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as mark said, she would get more upset if up if i was working over time or people were beating me up. so i really will miss her, both for what she did, but for me, personally, as her friend. as one favor to a friend, i want to say in the memory of corrine, it was very important to her about what happens to the park and the ongoing maintenance. i please ask you, for corrine's sake, do it in a way that they're well-maintained and are a benefit to the community forever. thank you so much. >> amy nishe. >> good afternoon, commissioners. good afternoon, commissioner sinh. i'm a former redevelopment staffer, it is wonderful to be back in this room with all of you. i was a redevelopment staffer from 1995 to 2012. i was, for about 10
1:44 pm
years -- i had the privilege of being the project manager for mission bay during the planning and initial development. i then had the even greater privilege to supervise the project managers, including the incredibly articulate kathryn reilly, who you just heard, and i got to know corrine very well. she was an incredibly smart and passionate person. she had an incredible memory. she used to tell me she used all of the mission bay developments as a balance to keep the houseboat from moving. and she did. she could recall anything and eventually find the document to prove what she knew. she had strong feelings about things. she was an incredible advocate. we certainly had our run-ins because we didn't always see things the same way, but she usually won anyway. but what i want to say most about cor corrine is that she was an advocate for the future. she did not have a calcified view of san francisco. i'm from the '60s, as
1:45 pm
she was. she embraced the future the future of mission bay and of the ballpark and pier 70, and the entire southeast of the community. and she really brought other community members along with her to embrace the future, to embrace change, to say the city is changing, let's be part theofit. let's help build this a great community for everybody. she did so much to make mission bay and other things happen. and she did so much to help me and the other staffers. i wanted to come today to honor her incredible contributions. thank you. >> thank you. >> mary mccue. >> good afternoon, executive director and commissioners, president bustos -- he's still president? i'm mary mccue, and i'm here today to honor corrine woods the. woods.
1:46 pm
and so many wonderful things have been said about her all of which are true. when all of us at m.j. management first came down there, there was just that one little park. and at first we were afraid of corrine. but i knew a lot about her and a lot about her work and a lot about her accomplishments. and she challenged us a lot at first, and as the team grew, she not only continued to challenge us in the right way, and using all of the tactics that she learned in the '60s but to move things forward. and not to keep thing static, and she wouldn't let us do it, either. i would start out by asking if new things were happening and we wanted to make changes, have you run this by corrine? after a while it was the staff would talk to me, and i would have a suggestion and they would say, well, we talked to
1:47 pm
corrine about that. and she agrees with this part but not that part. and what was more important and more touching for us is that while she challenged us, and appropriately so because we were the new people coming in when we first came there, she went from being a challenger to a protector and an advocate. and kind of getting to us as things were happening so that we would know in advance. and she came to trust and rely on us, and that was the greatest honor we had, to get something like that from corrine. i'm just here to pay that tribute and thank you for allowing me to speak. >> thank you. >> pedro arsin. >> mr. president, members of the community, colleagues and public, i am not going to add more to what has been el
1:48 pm
eloquently said about corrine. i just want to express my fortune for having had the opportunity to work with her and to honor her memory. my best recollection about her was her willingness to support the staff, as was aptly said by my colleagues. in spite of the difficulties sometimes with our colleagues in the city family repeating amy's words, she was an advocate for the future and also quoting kathryn, her support for her staff was invaluable. thank you very much, and my gratitude and honor for her memory. >> no more speaker cards?
1:49 pm
>> is there anyone in the public? okay. >> good afternoon vice chair and commissioners, i'm hilde myo. i want to add a few things to what people have said today. i had the pleasure of working with corrine starting in 2014. i was one of the many new faces at ocii, in the post-dissolution era. there had been a lot of change in the organization, and corrine is someone who was very patient with me as i worked with her as the interim project manager, and she invested to me. she took these changes in stride and continueded to believecontinued tobelieve in people and invest in people, which is really special and significant. the conscience of mission bay -- she was the continuity, and not to be too heavy, but she was the soul. i think she will continue
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to inspire our work. and i think her memory demands the best of us. so i'm just here to share my gratitude with peter and all of her friends and family for sharing her with us. and that we can continue to work to do our best in that spirit. thank you. >> thank you. is there anybody else in the public that would like to say anything. seeing none, i will close public comment. i will turn to my fellow commissioners for any comments. >> i would like to say i am so challenged. i didn't know her personally, but i heard of her. and just in hearing what you said, these were the things i heard, and that's the person standing for what's going on in mission bay. i'm challenged, as a
1:51 pm
representative for the people in bay view hunter's point for the commission, and for our residents, i'm challenged to live a life that would follow in those footsteps an advocate for the future. because the future is coming. we're here, the future is coming, the future is here, and there is more to come. and i'm just thankful for what you've shared. >> thank you, commissioner. >> i would just like to add to all of the comments. in my experience now six years as a commissioner, i learned quickly to seek corrine as the expert if you will, from the community that could not just educate me as a commissioner about all things mission bay, but also just that her -- i agree, her manner -- my
1:52 pm
experience with her is she was able to work almost seamlessly, from what i could see, with the community, with the developments that were coming, with the staff certainly. and then when i was her time to speak to the commission i mean, i found myself kind of hearing her speak early on and then just naturally wanting to hear from her, after hearing everyone, what did she have to say, and that very much guided my thinking. so i have to give her thanks for that. i mean i did have one nice moment with her at -- i think it was the groundbreaking for the hotel in mission bay. and she came up and she just chatted with me. and then for the first time i learned that she lived in a houseboat. and i'm, like, i see, okay, now this makes a lot of sense. so, yeah, that was a nice personal moment. thank you. >> thank you. >> i know ms. wood for the
1:53 pm
last 20 years. and every meeting she was there, and i'm going to miss her. >> they say there are two important dates in your life: one is the day you were born, and the other is the day you understood why. and i think ms. woods understood why she was born. she cared deeply about the community, didn't want anything for herself but it was always about others. and i think she relished in that sense of integrity integrity and, you know, she was unapologetic about doing the right thing. and i think she was an excellent role model for us, especially those of us on this commission. whenever there was -- whenever i knew there was a contentious item, i sort
1:54 pm
of would look to see if she showed up, because she was always level-headed. again, she had so much integrity, that you couldn't argue with her. and so she will be greatly missed, but i take such joy that we knew her. and i take a lot of joy knowing that you know, when we drive down third and we look at everything around, that she had a lot to do with that. and she has left her mark in his incredible city. and so i'm just grateful, grateful that, peter, you shared her time that she could have been with you. you shared her with the rest of the city, and that was a big sacrifice. but know that we appreciate that, and we understand that sacrifice
1:55 pm
that you married this woman who would change the course of so much and we just want to thank you for that. >> may i have a motion. >> commissioner sin singh? >> i second. >> commissioner members, please announce your vote. [vote] >> the vote is four yeas. >> thank you. >> the next order of business is agenda items 5b and 5c, related to the candlestick point pre-development loan agreement. they will be presented together but acted on separately. 5b, authorizing the executive director to
1:56 pm
extend the term of the exclusive negotiations agreement for the affordable rental housing at cadgedcandlestick north black "a," and bay view hunter's point redevelopment area discussion and action resolution 7-2019, and 5c, authorizing the executive director to extend the term of the exclusive negotiations agreement and predevelopment loan agreement for the affordable housing mixed use project at candlestick point south, block "a," and adopting the findings, discussion in action, resolution 8-2019. madam director? >> thank you. commissioners this item -- at the last submitting, i gave an overview of the status of candlestick point, and as a result of changes that we have to re-think and redesign the candlestick
1:57 pm
point area. as a result of the project, that the commission had to prove being delayed because of the changes. and i also mentioned that it would mean going forward through the fall, there will be approvals that come to you. so this is us coming for some type of relief on these agreements and reflecting that delay that is occurring in the candlestick point. with that, i'll turn it over to kim. >> thank you. good afternoon, members of the commission, i'm kim, a development specialist in ocii's housing division. i'm here this afternoon to request your approval to extend the terms of the exclusion negotiations agreements and predevelopment loan agreements for candlestick north, and candlestick
1:58 pm
south, cps11a. and they're located along extensions in candlestick point. according to the agreements for development in the area, the master developer is responsible for horizontal infrastructure at candlestick point, that includes streets, utilities, and other improvements. the improvements are to be made in phases, which are planned as larger phases and then broken down into subfashions.phases. this major phase has been delayed as a result of the withdrawal of the regional retail center's developer. cpn10a and 1a are among 11a plans are planned tob the first 100%
1:59 pm
affordable projects. following a request for proposals process, the commission approved non-profit developer teams for both sites and later approved exclusive nova scotianegotiations agreements for each project. since that time, the developers of cpa10a and 111a have worked to move forward. due to the delay, the projects have not been able to proceed under the previously planned timeline and the approved agreements are scheduled to expire. and just as a reminder, the cpn10a project consists of 156 affordable units in a wide range of sizes. it includes ground floor retail and a number of re residents amenities.
2:00 pm
the 11a includes 146 affordable units and a vairtdvariety of community spaces. provisions allow us to toll or pause the agreements due to the circumstances. however, the time remaining on the agreements will not be time for they to close on construction financing prior to their expiration. we seeking for the executive director to extend the agreements for up to 18 months once infrastructure is sufficiently under way to allow the projects to proceed. ocii staff anticipates that the commission will receive an update on potential revisions to candlestick one later this year, and that will be followed by infrastructure timelines and over all project schedules. once infrastructure is under way, the developers will initiate