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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  April 20, 2019 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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set of proposals. we are concerned about safety regarding the southbound traffic lane on davis between broadway and jackson. we are concerned about a spillover effect into davis quarry. we think bicyclists southbound on davis will not stop when they come to jackson. they will proceed straight ahead into and through davis court and out to the far side, and davis court is a you for safety purposes. it serves as a pedestrian walkway, it is a parking lot for service trucks and moving vans, and it is an outlet for a very large parking garage serving hundreds of gateway residents. we think that that spillover effect will create chaos there and for that reason, we ask you
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not to approve the southbound proposed bike lane on davis between battery and jackson. we want to thank m.t.a. for giving us a terrific public outreach presentation. we expressed our concern at that time and i think i saw on the m.t.a. m.t.a. rick website several days later that this needs further study and there was community opposition. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> kevin kale. is kevin here? matt rosina and theodore brown, last two speakers. >> hello. you do not solve one unprotected bike lane by adding a second unprotected bike lane. the place where kevin manning
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was killed, a few weeks later, a car jumped over the curb and took out the station, nothing has changed to that intersection i will speak through some details, but what i'm encouraged the board to do today is if you can break apart this project to approve the protected bike lane section they're talking about, the pedestrian bulb outs on the crosswalk improvements, but do not build unprotected bike lanes on sampson. the question you should ask staff, and first, also, there's nobody here from the bike community supporting this. why is this? this is a political project, and i hate to see our talented staff spends their time on this when it is not a solution to safety in our safety. this is to take pressure off the district three supervisor his office, not to take pressure off people who use bicycles on our streets. the questions you should ask, why do those bike lanes turn onto avis instead of going through the most dangerous
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section of battery, which is through the financial district? can you reduce the street to one carlene through traffic and keep two parking lanes, or could you remove one lane of parking and put in a protected bike lane? these are all possible, there's not even that may curb cuts in the area. also i worry about, you know, does not just his time, but the paint shop's time. we have projects across the city from here and mr. mcguire that they are understaffed. we're not getting posts on second street right now because the paint shop is behind. valencia is delayed because the paint shop is behind. i do not want the paint shop spending time on unprotected bike lanes. please reject that section of this project and demand protected bike lanes. we should never build unprotected bike lanes. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. theatre brown is the next speaker card. >> mr. chairman and members of the board, my name is theatre brown and i have lived in this
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neighborhood for 40 years. i had an office at 950 battery street for 15 years, and then i bought a building at lombard and montgomery street that i have owned for 25 years. i go up and down sampson street and battery at least three times a day. i really -- rarely see a bicycle ever there. there is never any bicycle on that, except when they have the bicycle race around levi strauss -- levi strauss, and that is why there is no bicycle people here supporting this because everybody would rather go down the embarcadero. it is a much better view. i mean, this is ridiculous because you will make these streets into one lane. they're already jammed. when i go back home and i go down battery street, many times i have to cut up broadway or another street over telegraph hill to get to my place because the traffic getting onto the bridge is backed up that far.
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in the mornings, it is backed up in the other direction. from sampson. in that building -- in the neighborhood -- neighborhood there are 1,000 units. 101 lombard and 111 chestnut. and in those units, the average age is over 70. i don't think those people are going to be using too many bicycles or too many scooters. in fact, when i see them, there is rarely any of them laying around on the sidewalk in front of my building at all, because that neighborhood is kind of isolated, and because of the hills, people don't want to use them. if you put a bike lane in this, it will change the street into one lane, and then they have a thing in here, there is a left turn only at sampson, there should be a left turn only at sampson and chestnut, there should be a separate -- a separate line for a left turn.
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>> thank you. we appreciate you coming down. do i have any more public comments? no, -- please come forward, his or. >> thank you, directors. >> please give us your name. >> my name is kevin call. i am a long-term resident in that area that mr. brown was just referring to north of broadway, and i believe representing the residents and workers of that area, and we are not in complete opposition of the plan, but we understand the
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pedestrian safety is important, and we understand a petty cab driver death is obviously unacceptable, but the proposed plan, it just seems to be severe over reaction when there are several traffic homing measures that can be taken short of the plan that seems to be proposed. it just doesn't seem to be completely well thought out. we want to make note and agree that the transit to combine bike and bicycle plans and municipal public transportation plans and traffic cars in a city this size , a city this small, it is not an easy task. we understand that, but we believe that the bike lane proposals by the thing that should be emphasized. the thing i want to pay close
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attention to is to focus your attention on item 13, 13 c., 13 c., a dedicated left turn lane both at battery, northbound training at chestnut and this one, sampson and battery southbound at broadway to eliminate the left turn lane. you need to retain, please, i plead with you, there are two through lanes. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. i'm sorry, your time is up. >> your time is up. thank you, we appreciate you coming down. >> move the cars, he will retain -- >> sera, your time is up. >> is there any more public comment? any more public comment? yes, one more, please come forward. if there's anyone else, line up along the side your?
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is ticking. >> good afternoon, folks and chairman, my name is joe, i live at 111 chestnut. i have written a letter to mr. gregor, and i think one of the most, the topic of great concern here is access into the neighborhood, our only access for 111 chestnut and 101 lombard and 240 lombard and 240 lombard into 20 lombard is either kearny street and around to francisco, up montgomery, and then down lombard, or turn right onto chestnut to go into 111. our egress points are lombard street only, now the most important thing to realize about
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this change that is being proposed is that sampson street in the afternoon is a transit corridor that feeds all western and northwestern bound traffic to the western part of the city and the golden gate bridge, presently there are two lanes of traffic on the streets that lead onto the embarcadero. the proposal here is to eliminate one of those two lanes that turns onto the embarcadero in order to create space for a bike lane and also to create space for a bike lane. that would limit our neighborhood access to a left hand turn only lane off of sampson. that is not problematic in and of itself accept for the fact that if there's only one lane of traffic heading onto the embarcadero, which is it a commuter care or door, it will
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back up any kind of space that it will have to get onto that. thank you. thank you very much. do i have any more public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. directors, anymore comments or questions? >> whose idea was this? where did it come from? who is supporting it? i have not heard that. >> the idea of this project came out of ongoing discussions between court staff and jay staff and district three supervisor's office. >> so bureaucrats have been talking together and saw this was the right way to go? >> the first thing we introduce this project was part of the embarcadero enhancement outreach last fall. it was, there is a lot of comments on the embarcadero plans that they weren't happening fast enough and there needed to be more actions. >> so it came from those three
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entities. >> we distilled comments that were more broad and general into this project. >> i have concerns because there isn't a wide support from the bicycle cyclist community that i have heard, i have not received any letters or e-mails. i've received a lot of opposition from the residents in terms of accessibility, which is why i asked, is this the result of a death, is this why we are moving quickly, or is it result of other factors? i don't know. >> i think it is an interesting case study in terms of where we are in the city with providing class two protected bike lanes. i think office -- our position is there is no harm in doing this. they're not taking anything away from anybody else, with respect to what's in front of you and the m.t.a. board, so again, i think this is trying to establish a new baseline of this is now the floor of what we can provide, and if we can provide this facility, we should. and then we have a much more robust engagement with the
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neighborhood, with the community around larger trade-offs and potentially bigger benefits from a protective facility. >> will you provide protection for this bike lane? witnesses testified that it currently proposes an unprotected bike lane. >> we are proposing a buffer zone, a 2-foot visual buffer between the travelling and the bike lane. there is no physical protection that will separate traffic from the bike lane with this proposal , again in the m.t.a. jurisdiction. >> so you guys have moderated how many bikes use these streets that we are proposing to change. >> we did learn a lot through our outreach. again, these retail oriented businesses, these creative take businesses that have consultancy shops along battery and sampson, several of them have their own bike share system and sonoma has several campuses, and people bike between them, which we didn't know about until we got
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into the project, but you do see use on these roads. it is not overwhelming and our number 1 priority in this area is the embarcadero, so we don't want to spend too much time away from the core priority, which is the embarcadero, the high injury network, but we saw this as an opportunity. i will point out that davis street in particular got repaved next week. our paint jobs have to go out there to put back a crosswalk, lift out a couple more lies to create some space for cyclists and for scooters. that is our position. >> thank you. >> thank you, director tory is torres. thank you. it is interesting, i completely hear what you are saying, and know that what i want on this board is we want to get faster to vision zero. we want to support staff so i intend to support this. i hear your point that there will be work done on the streets done anyway, let's make it incrementally safer right now
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and continue to do the work that will make the whole area much safer for cyclists going forward for the worries about davis court, i know that little block pretty well. i used to have a pretty regular bike route through there. can we keep an eye on that as this is implemented, and if that does become chaotic for the residents, because i could see how that could be a conflict point with the cars coming out of the garage and the cyclists start to use that more regularly if we can keep an eye on that if this does get approved and we do move forward, that would be great. also, i do want to point out that if we do have a lot of residents, over 70 living in that area, these changes are going to make it safer for pedestrians as well, correct, that is part of what we are going here to calm the whole area down and make it safer for our senior citizens who are chronologically gifted or seasoned and to our -- who we know are killed and injured by
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automobiles more frequently than almost anybody else in our city, so it will make it safer for all of our pedestrians. >> yes. with the introduction of more scooters, again, there is a population here that would be attracted to these services, so providing space on the streets that is dedicated for that activity opposed to being on the sidewalk certainly can't hurt. >> you will be interesting obviously, we will have our work cut out for us going forward doing outreach and bringing these buildings on board. it will be interesting as this happens, and then we move forward to even greater safety plans on the embarcadero, i'm sure it'll include outreach to the same people to find out what is the transportation demand management going on in those buildings, if that population is aging in place, which it sounds like they are, they probably will not be driving as much as a use too." be super helpful for them to have safer streets and have more
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options getting around that neighborhood, so if nobody else has any more questions, i will entertain a motion. >> was part of the outreach process exploit the concept of a parking protected bike lane which will not result in any loss of parking, but would create a barrier between vehicles and the bicyclists? >> we did do some initial investigations for a parking protected bike way, we did a walk-through with the fire departments to test the ability given the difficulties in meeting all of our needs together. there are some stretches, particularly on sampson that would need to have some hybrid parking removal or 24-hour load zones similar to what we implemented in the upper market corridor, but there's also a several locks where there were more complicated factors. it wasn't ruled out, but it was not a slamdunk either.
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>> can you just talk about next steps. if we approve this, are we continuing outreach to get parking protected bike lanes in their? i understand the focus is on the embarcadero. >> part of the benefit of having this project and more deeply engaging with residents in the neighborhood, as well as the workers as we now have their information and are able to fold them into the broader discussions around the waterfront. as we move forward with anything involving the embarcadero enhancement project, which we will soon be getting into connections as well, is just the corridor itself. we has -- we have this reservoir of stakeholders that we will tap into and engage as we move forward with the larger project. i will point out the port is still reviewing the proposals in front of them in regards to this project. it may move to a commission hearing or there maybe additional outreach that is
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necessary for them to approve that portion of the project, so we will continue to engage with the same stakeholders. >> okay. thank you. directors, what is your pleasure do i have a motion to approve? >> move to approve it. >> do i have a second? >> you can second it. >> i will second it. it sounds like we will need to do a roll call vote. [roll call] >> the motion carries. >> thank you very much. thank you, we appreciate you coming down. >> madame chair, item 14 and 15 you called -- you asked me to call the two together. item 14 is a presentation discussion for the plans for the chase center. item 15 is a mensa
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transportation code to expand the embarcadero special event parking area to include blocks in the vicinity of the chase center and approving various parking and traffic modifications. >> good. just a reminder, we are calling 14 and 15 together so the public and the board is aware of that. >> good afternoon. i am here with tom mcguire. we want to cover this exciting project. as we prepare for the chase center to open in september, the sfmta remains committed to ensuring that our transportation system functions as safely and reliably as possible, including in the area in and around the chase center. what i think is a really positive about this project is we have been involved from the absolute beginning, working on
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big picture issues like how we are going to move large numbers of people safely through the area, but also micro- issues like where are the operators going to use the restroom in between layovers and breaks? as with almost every trip in san francisco, one of the best ways to get to the chase center will be to take transit, and both our design of the transportation network that we are supporting the chase center, as well as communications is really emphasizing that point. we are encouraging people if they do need to go to mission bay for either a game day or any event, there'll be a lot of events at the center beyond just the basketball games, that they do take extra time and consider
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walking, biking, or transit as a mode. we have also developed a strong transit plan as well as the traffic management plan that we will need to make that transit plan successful to get people to and from the game. one of the centrepieces of that plan is to make sure that we have the infrastructure to support large crowds, both coming to and exiting the stadium, the platform that we have designed is very similar, tried and true to what we use for the giants games, and built on a lot of the lessons of that. it also includes two crossovers on one of the platform, and another crossover on -- behind the platform which will allow us to be more creative in how we serve the stadium, so for
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example, we have the possibility of lining up trains on both sides of the platform headed towards downtown. after the game so we can clear people very quickly. these crossovers allow us to have reliable service at all other times. for example, if we have a breakdown or any sort of impact on traffic, we will be able to go around something rather than having to turn back. so we're we are really excited about the increased flexibility that we have built into the platform design. the service plan itself will be a combination of both bus and rail, initially, taking trains from the munimobile metro metro system along the embarcadero to the stadium and then once the
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central subway opens up, that will also provide very quick and direct access. we estimate as quick as ten minutes downtown. munimobile also pays a unique role in the chase center in that every transit trip will start and end with the munimobile trip , unlike the giants stadium where a lot of people could take munimobile or the could walk to bart for the chase center, people going to bart will make munimobile connections, and so that is something that we are very proud of that we will be part of both the local as well as the regional transit to this area. the best system -- there will be two routes. one will be from 16th street b.r.t. station at mission, and it will express directly to the stadium. it will complement the 22
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fillmore which provides local access, and then the second will be in express routes that will make all of the future b.r.t. stops along than mass, and then once it gets to mission and 16 th, it will also express to the stadium. what that does is it allows people coming from the north art d., as well as from neighborhoods aggression hill and nob hill to have a direct bus connection into the stadium. we are trying as much as possible to promote the travel times, because want people to know that transbay will be a quick and reliable option. service was really designed looking at how people are trying to get from different
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destinations to the system, and we also -- sorry, i lost my train of thought. the best system and the rail system will work together for the larger events as well as the games. we will also be using all of third street headed northbound in front of the chase center to load and collect pedestrians, and we will be working together with our partners across the agency and across the city to make this event a success. one of the key pieces of that success is the enforcement of how we manage traffic.
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i will turn over the presentation to tom he will share with you some of those aspects. >> mr. maguire? >> thank you, julie. like julie said, while the focus of the transportation plan for the center is very clearly transit-oriented, we also, we are putting a ton of research and making sure we manage the traffic. our goals in managing the traffic -- >> our goals focus on making sure that munimobile continues to move reliably through the chase center area, and also to protect and support the surrounding neighborhoods from being too heavily impacted by the traffic. we will have up to 26 parking control officers controlling every intersection in the area. those are being funded by the warriors. they're focusing on traffic
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control, parking enforcement, and making sure that the pedestrians move safely through the large crowds of vehicles and buses in the area. this is a map that shows we published a map that had a drive to chase center. this map is important for one key reason, and that is because we are posting a way of finding signage. there are important traffic routes to and from the center. they are designed in a way that traffic flows do not impact the accessibility of the adjacent ucsf medical campus. we don't want a situation where emergency response times are impacted by how -- however much traffic does or doesn't come to the center. zooming in very closely to the arena itself, the block immediately adjacent to the arena will be almost completely restricted to vehicles, only
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transit emergency vehicles, paratransit, and pedestrians and cyclists will be allowed on these blocks, illinois, warriors way at 16th street, and there will also be potential vehicle access to certain locations controlled by parking control officers for those vehicles bound for the garage. coming further out, we will be using parking regulations. >> hold on a minute. [laughter] sorry about that. i'm sorry, mr. mcguire. >> so i will go fast. [laughter]. >> we want to make sure that fans understand there will not be a way to park on a residential street or park on a side street near any of these
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stadiums. we use the special event parking regulations around a tnt park, and that is what is shown in pink there and one of the actions we are asking you to approve is extend those regulations to the blue zone on the map which means that any resident permanent parking zone can't be used for faster drive up and find cheap parking.
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>> we're work with our colleagues at the port, and they can answer detailed questions but we're working with port to materialize ferry service north of the arena while we work in the long-term toward a 16th street ferry landing. as julie said, our goal with the arena is to work cooperatively with the warriors to get as many people to and from the arena by mass transit in sustainable modes and protect and enhance the quality of life in mission bay by reducing the traffic impacts. i would like to introduce my -- our colleague, peter bryant from the warriors, who will talk about the warriors, the role of the warriors we play in this
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plan. >> i'll keep this brief. i'm peter bryant. i just wanted to thank, really, all of the city departments, especially sfta. it has been a collaborative approach over the past two years working towards the planning of the opening of chase centre scheduled for september. not only with mta but the port, the mayor's office, sfpd, sf fire, in trying to protect our travel demand -- not protect but perfect, excuse me, the travel demand management programme that we're putting in place to obviously promote a transit first approach for our patron and guests and employees who will be working at the chase centre. it will result in a revision to the transportation management plan that was first adopted in december of 2015. we're hoping to have that document fully revised prior to
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our opening. the goal is this august of 2019. we'll have a revision to that document. we've been meeting wit local community groups, outreach to neighborhood, citizen advisory committees, working with local businessen and communicating all recommendations has been shared with they and we're this the process of beginning to roll out and perfect what would we believe would be a robust marketing and communication's plan to our patrons and ticket holders coming to the events. and i thank you very much. >> director torez. >> thank you, mr. bryant. the demographics of the warrior fanbase, where do most reside? >> so when we looked at the existing season ticket holder base, which is in the process of migrating, i believe -- i won't have the exact percentage, but it was about a 65% east bay.
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>> we're intrigued by the port of opportunity to create ferry service from the east bay because i think that would be an incredible opportunity to have a load on bard. this is for the existing ticket holder base and we angled as part of the analysis and when they looked at the existing ferry facilities, obviously not in mission bay but other areas, what they determined was they thought it was a good rider ridp from oakland alameda and south of south bay. they're look at those options to run service from larkspur. >> my other is a stem cell
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agency and we have an investment in mission bay. east bay is difficult sometimes for people to get over regularrery for healthcare, for appointments, else and is this a service that might be operating regularly or just during game times? >> david wants to answer it fully but right now the intent is event service and whether that expands beyond that is up for discussion. >> so the long-term facility at 16th street which we anticipate to the end of 2021 would include both service to events and commuter service. but we're looking at a temporary facility that would likely just serve events and games. >> so patients seeking healthcare could ostensibly use this to get to mission bay and hospitals there? >> in 2021, yes. >> excellent. >> thank you, director torez.
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>> is that the end of the presentation? questions, director? >> i guess i should have asked while you were both up. i had a question about, i know there is -- is there any opportunity for water taxi service? >> so as part of the planning and design entitlements for the mission bay ferry landing, we've entitled and designed and permitted a water taxi landing, but what we're finding is that the water taxis aren't where we're having success with the operators. they're operating a privately operated publically accessible ferry and so we are in discussions with them about how they can serve mission bay. in fact, tide line started operating service to pier 52 is
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a dock so they're met from berkley to pier one and a half and or to mission bay and back. >> thank you. >> this is such an important presentation because it's so important we get this right, this stadium was sort of sold to san francisco and it will be state of the art in terms of traffic management. and we haven't talked about this and where are we on the event tickets also being muni tickets to even encourage more people to take transit there. i don't know who wants to take that one. we should have had you sit closer upfront, huh? >> so with regards to bundling of a muni ticket with event tickets, we're working with your's and our departments internally to look at what the expected mode shares are and anticipated ridership and we
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hope to have that resolved in the next few weeks. and be able to hopefully announce something that will be great for everybody. >> and that's something that lives outside of what we are voting on today. >> correct. >> so just to clarify, although we're asking for approval today as the expansion of the special event parking regulations, but we thought it would be a good time which is why there's two different items to give you an overview so just so you could be aware and reminded because it was quite awhile ago we developed a transportation management plan. so you could be reminded of that, but you could flag other is you want us to focuissues tot working relationship with the warriors to get that in place. >> excellent. do i have any more questions from directors? no. >> any public comment.
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>> here comes mr. winer and we'll take a break after we vote. >> herbert rinehart. i would like to recommend another mode of transportation to the event. has anyone considered helicopters? i'm very serious about this because this could be a new mode of transportation to the event because other sources of transportation could become clogged. and this would be a new chance to provide a new motor transportation. the second thing is, i am not a warrior's or giant's fan. i won't be attending these events but i know one person who attended a giant's events and took him two and a half hours from the stadium to civic centre and swore he would never take muni again and this sha serv the as a warning to maybe this system work.
7:42 am
thank you. >> thank you. any more public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. if i don't have any more questions or comments from my directors, i'll entertain a motion to approve. all in favour aye and and hearing none, approved. we will take a brief five-minute break. >> this is 27 part of the reliability project. good evening. my name a jean long and the project manager for the transit reliability project. it is a muni ford and vision zero supporting project. the project goals are to improve the reliability of the 27 bryants and to enhance traffic safety for people walking alone its route. the project area focuses on the route north of market where the 27 experiences the most delay
7:43 am
and slowest travel times. during this development, muni16 strategy, the 27 bryant was identifies as a priority route. specific components to improve routes critical to lower incomes and community of colour. the 27 bryant is also one of ten slowest routes in the muni system with an average speed of four and a half mails per hour north of market. major sources of delay include general traffic congestion in the downtown area, stopping frequently as bus stops are located in every single stop. as you can see this image of the 227 turning from mason to ed yu, theeddie,the 27 has to make mule turns. in addition to reducing trans-delay issues, improving traffic safety for pedestrians walking along the route is a
7:44 am
operator for the 27 project in support of vision zero. over 75% of streets on the 27 bryant route north of market are on the high injury network. 241 injury collisions were reported within the project limits with 103 injury collisions involve ag pedestrian. involving a pedestrian. throughout the community engagement phase to winter of 2019, the project team spent extensive time in the tenderloin and knob hill to hear from stakeholders about their experience on the 27 bryant. to learn more from riders, we surveyed over 500 passengers on the 27 and conducted additional outreach in spanish and chinese toen sure that we were engaging with non-english speaking expects and partnered with sanfrancisco transit riders who lead a ride-walk audit with community members. we wanted to meet stakeholders
7:45 am
where they are so we held over 25 meetings, visited over 100 memerchants and participated in evented like sunday streets to interview committee members on why they take the 27 bryant. prior to the two openhouses and on the public hearing, over 70,000 letters were sent to residents and businesses along the route. as we develop solutions that meet committee goals and deliver the project priorities, the project team aimed to engage with stakeholders early and often to hear feedback for consideration. for example, the purpose of our first open house was to introduce the project to the community and hear feedback about the challenges we experience on the 27 and their opinions about possible improvements. some common themes emerge from the feedback which are presented here. reliable bus service is a top
7:46 am
priority and 27 moves too slowly and often not on time. we heard from many rider about the importance of specific stops. we also heard that the 27 stops too often. at the se second openhow we presented special improvements shaped by feedback received through previous rounds of outreach and we made several stop modifications to the proposal at locations near hospitals and schools in direct response to community feedback. as you can see, we're proposing a number of improvements to enhance transit reliability and safety. in other ford projects, these time savings have generated an increase in customer satisfaction. we are also proposing to simplify the 27 bryant based on collision data analysis, feedback from an operative focus group at wood's division and
7:47 am
field operations which are navigating the four turns from jones to mason. we heard that simplifying the route could improve safety since it minimizes the need for the bus to cut across multiple lanes. this was confirmed at bus test when we simulated the proposed route. we asked community stakeholders at the two openhouses about a possible reroute and we received positive responses from 27 riders that they would be receptive to the idea. the reroute, however, would also take the 27 off of oferrel electrill withthe garry. there was strong preference for the bryant stop to stay near the centre. the new bus zone would be about 200 feet from the senior centre. we also heard from merchants in the neighborhood they were concerned about a new bus zone in front of their business.
7:48 am
while we recognise the 27 bus rerouted half a block away, we want to address the challenges of the 27 bryant making difficult turns in congested conditions. this is why we proposing the recruit for safer operations in support of vision zero. in summary, the legislation before you includes proposals to improve transit rely and pedestrian safety along the bryant route and we're asking to consider these items. we hope implement service and incur management changes in the fall of 2019 pending a decision from the board today. full construction of sidewalk extensions and signal changes is anticipated to start in 2021. thank you for the mta board for considering today's proposal. >> thank you, miss language. long. any question or comments? no. public comment? >> yes, madam chair, first
7:49 am
speaker, . >> good afternoon. i'm with the you discover poke community district. my comments concern the 1600 block of jackson street which is where the terminus is and that's not a decision before you today. we just want to sort of it on the mta board's radar. so the community business district is not taking any condition on bus terminous. they would prefer for changes to the 1600 block of jackson street to be considered in conjunction with the 12 and proposed changes to the route 12.
7:50 am
this community is experiencing impact as a result of the extended construction which has in part caused the 12 to -- to be cited on the same block which is now sort of being a part of a switcheroo where the 12 is moved to the current 27 and the terminous is moved down the block and we want to emphasize the big picture. we would encourage the smta board to consider changes on that block in conjunction between the two routes because as we're hearing from residents and some of the businesses along that area, it's actually multiplying as a result of two bus termini for that block. thank you for the opportunity to speak. >> thank you.
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>> i've had some experience taking the 27. sometimes the bus is missing and sometimes i'd have to walk a long distance because of the bus missing. basically, i think this is the flaws of internal operations that have to address it. the removal of bus stops is just too convenient. especially when you remove bus stops at transfer points, so you have to walk an extra block to catch a bus that you may or may not get. as it whizs by, it leaves you stranded, waiting for minutes for the next one. now the other part about it is that you're excluding bus stops. so you'll have to walk a longer distance to catch the bus. now, this is going to create a great disservice to seniors and the disabled, a group you neglect in favour of the
7:52 am
bicyclists and i really think that the real solution is more buses on this run because there's a difficulty in frequency. you have to wait a very long time sometimes to get to 27. and that's going to and from in-bound and outbound. so i think that the plan should really be reexamined. the real secret is more buses because there's more need it runs to st. francis hospital, downtown area and south of market and it's really -- i really oppose this plan. and i do not live in the neighborhood, but i do take a
7:53 am
bus. >> thank you, mr. winer. >> next speaker. >> the last speak for this item. >> thank you so much. i just wanted to thank jean long for being so kind an invitational to me. my experience is something that i just wanted to mention. the 27 bryant is my lifeline from the mission back into my naked from city college up to vanesse back down into my neighborhood. it's a safer route. i was just looking up, i don't know how to describe hill grades and percentages and manual wheelchairs to people who don't come near that sort of lifestyle, but i really appreciate the stops, especially the one at bush and hyde because when i come back from city college, i go up to jackson within get to jackson, back into my naked.
7:54 am
neighborhood. i found this to be a lifeline from howard and market, that power station is essential for people of that income class or orientation, what choice is or makes them live there. it's such a lifeline to the hospital. i'm so grateful for that bus as bus drivers have been extraordinarily kind and friendly to wheelchair riders. it's is astonishing. i think because they are touched by the neighborhoods and they get to know the people. the last thing i would say, there's another specific bus rider and i can't speak for him, but he has a lesser quality wheelchair than i do. it's not people going up to glide church but people who have a standard of durable medical equipment wheelchairs that are absolute death traps. they're hard plastic wheels that are not meant for the city and he and his friends help him.
7:55 am
it is touching to watch to be pushed by his wonderful friends all of the time back and forth. all i have are my two guns to get me around that neighborhood. i reel am grateful for the stops and now that she's mentioned a lot about the routes turning a lot and going through a comly kateed path is givecomplicated,a lot. >> thank you for those kind words and the operators of that route. >> good afternoon. i'm with the san francisco transit riders. i'm here to compliment sfta on the upgrades of the 27 bryant. we want to lend our support and we're pleased to see flag stops and we have to see bus stops
7:56 am
consolidated where that makes sense and to have real bus stops established. we really appreciate the work with the community. they did do extensive work and for staying on track with the proposed silence. we were happy to be able to do a ride audit and work with staff so successfully to incorporate ruder input and we want to give an extra shout-out to jean long. she and rest of the staff have done a great job. so we look forward to partnering to reach out to riders, to build support for improvements. on a separate note, and i do want to bring to your attention, a project on the on the south of market on fifth street. the intention is to provide a two-way bicycle lane to support for safe and sustainable bike righting. it looks like the project proposals are removing a lane of traffic and the 27 bryant northbound will be in single lane with car traffic from fulsone into market. the bus will be delayed during
7:57 am
peak period which sounds light to me. it will negate gains in the route north of market. so it's totally counter to the first policy that makes transit worse. so i urge you to look into that other project booing planned an. but in meantime, we support this project. >> thank you, miss carter. any more public comment? >> no, seeing none, public comment is closed. directors, any comments, questions for miss long? >> i just want to say thanks for a great presentation and i like the map that shows the street grades in connection with the stop. i think that's helpful, makes it more legible using manual chairs and i appreciate you working with the community and i support the proposal and i'll move the item notice people want to talk
7:58 am
about it more. >> a motion? >> a second and all in favour, aye. >> hearing none, passes. miss long, thank you. as we heard, this is a soup porn right for people in that community and i know that's a dense neighborhood with a lot of children and pedestrians and not a lot of car ownerships and it's nice to make improvements to transit and walkability. thank you. >> madam chair, that concludes the business before you and we'll see you next tuesday at 9:00 a.m. for your special closed session. >> we are adjourned and thank you all very much.
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> good morning, everyone. this is the budget and finance meeting of april 17, 2019. i am sandra lee fewer, the chair of the committee. i'm joined by supervisor stefani, the vice chair, and we'll soon be joined by supervisor mandelman. the clerk is linda wong. and i would like to thank kaleena and korman of s.f. gov. >> please silence all cell
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