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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  April 22, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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restaurant in san francisco we're doing an average of $6,000 a year in donations and multiply that by one thousand that's a >> good morning. welcome to the san francisco seventh annual walk-to-work day. my name is jody. i an amexective director of walk san francisco. i am grateful for all of you know matter if you live in the
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city or commute in the city. thank you for walking the walk this morning. a huge thank you to the number of city officials who walked in all the way to city hall from all different areas of the city. (applause). supervisor fewer walked two and a half-miles from the richmond district. [applause.] supervisors brown and haney and mandelman as well as mayor breed. every day it is part of every a long journey. the ability of walking is so powerful. it makes us healthier, it is good for the air, climate. it connects us to each other,
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and it grounds us to our communities. today is purely a celebration of walking, and everyone who walks. the beauty it is all of us. at walk san francisco we firmly believe that san francisco can and should be the most walkable city in the united states. [applause.] we are not quite there yet. our major street like market where over a half million people per day walk is one of the most dangerous streets in the city. on average three people are hit each day across san francisco while walking. sadly, already this year we have lost six pedestrians and one person riding a bike from traffic violence on the streets. we are ready for things to change. [applause.] we are ready to end-all severe
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and fatal crashes in san francisco. we are ready for san francisco where everyone of every age and ability can get around safely and easily and affordably. we are ready to show the nation san francisco is putting people first and what it is possible to do when you chase that goal. i believe our city leaders here with me today are ready to commit for the vision for san francisco. one person committed is our mayor, london breed. (applause). she is a vision zero champion pushing the city to fix the most dangerous streets and fast because she understands that lives depend on it. she is pushing hard to bring
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quick fixes to our most deadliest streets and has taken a stand on some streets that usually don't get the treatment they need like sixth street and taylor street. [applause.] she has helped secure fundings for a major project we are working on now, better market street. [applause.] her leadership is saving lives. please join me in welcoming madam mayor breed. . >> thank you. first of all, i want to thank walk sf for not only coordinating today's walk-to-work day, but mor more importantly the advo cassie they do to make sure we are accountable to adjust the streets so people are safe when they walk and move around the
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city and county of san francisco. let's be clear. when we make improvements to add dedicated bike lanes, when we make improvements to do daylighting and the things that we know that changes the infrastructure of the streets, it is about public safety, it is about keeping people safe. we have to continue to remember all of the lives that we lost because we haven't moved fast enough. the seven people that we lost in our streets this year alone is seven people too many. we know that when we delay with bureaucracy, when we delay with process, we know that means the delay could involve losing another person, which is why these changes in what we need to do to make our city safer, more
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walkable, more livable for all of us is so critical. [applause.] i spend a lot of time all over san francisco, and often times, when i see in terms of elder ofl elderly people trying to get across the street. we need to make those changes as well. we need vehicles to slow down, and we will be stepping up enforcement in this city. [applause.] how we move people around is so critical, and what that means is there are people walking, biking, there are people driving, and the only way we are going to get to a better place where not one more life is lost is if we make sure that we look out for one another, we make these improvements, get people
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to slow down. there is tons of work to do, and i know this board of supervisors although we don't agree on everything. we "glee" the i agree the improo make san francisco safe is something we can agree on. we will get the job done. thank you all so much for walking to work today. [applause.] >> it is my honor to introduce board president another vision zero total champion. >> thank you. i want to say that we need to change the culture about walking in san francisco. walking is not a privilege to walk safely. walking should be a right to walk safely in san francisco. we need to change that culture. i want to thank walk sf not only walk sf but all departments
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involved to try to make our streets safe, whether it is enforcement, engineering, education. thank you for all of these departments that really are kicking it up for us. [applause.] i really -- it is not enough to walk one day and have a little rally. it is about doing things all year around, getting changes done. we need to join together. we need to tell the state to let us have automated speed enforcement. i don't know what is going on outside of san francisco, we want it here, we need to send a loud message to the legislators to say we need it. the other thing we are going to do, and i am writing to the legislature for a local ordinance to make it safer than it is now, i want the quarters
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to be daylighted. when you cross the street the cars can see you. i don't know why we are not doing this now. we need to do it now, not tomorrow. join me to make san francisco a safe place for pedestrians to walk. thank you very much. [applause.] >> district one supervisor. >> good morning, everyone. i just want to give a shout out to all of my folks in d one who walked with me this morning. in fact we made great time. we stopped for a doughnut. this is a great way to start the morning. you know, on a more somber note, i have had two fatalities in my district within one month of each other. seniors, older chinese women in crosswalks. ththe infrastructure is importa. people need to slow down and pay
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attention when they are driving. i have been telling my residents that all of the time. i want to give a shout sought to the san francisco police department for beefing up the traffic unit. it is about enforcement, also. we don't like a ticket. this is saving lives. deputy chief red mon is there. we have been working with the chief to bring enforcement to the streets. i think people are getting sloppy about driving. we have a lost of congestion. my husband and i are walkers. we walk all of the time. when i hear about another pedestrian being hit it could be me or any of us here. pay attention. let's walk off. let's keep ourselves healthy by walking. it is something everyone can appreciate that we can do. i want to say thank you for coming out today, especially many, many thanks to walk sf.
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thank you. >> district the five supervisor brown. >> thank you. i want to say this is a great birthday present. thank you everybody. it is my birthday. i don't know where are the balloons? i just want to say i think a lot of my colleagues and mayor breed have said how important it is to have the pedestrian safety in place so we can walk. i am a walker, and one of the things that i think when we are walking and anybody that is a walker, you will understand this. we have to train in san francisco to be walkers, safe walkers. when you step into the streets, first thing you do is catch the eye of the driver that stopped at the stop sign. make sure they are stopping. if they are turning, catch their eye. these are the things we
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shouldn't be worrying about. we should be able to step out when the light is green for us to go, and for me i want to talk about the positives of walking. i walk through parks from eight ash bury. i will walk through buena vista park. then to alamo square. as i walk through my district, one of the things i can say is walking makes you feel so good especially in a place like this. it is absolutely a booster of your mood. i want to make sure, though, as we move forward, you know, and i'm thinking about this because it is my birthday. we are getting older. seniors in the city we -- our count down lights don't give us enough time to get across. when we look at these things, look at ways to help people get
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through the city and walk through the city and be safe. thank you everyone for coming. >> supervisor of district 6. >> happy walk-to-work day! let me start out with a confession. i walk to work every day. i live just a few blocks from here on high street. i have the privilege of being able to walk to work every day to city hall. as supervissor brown said it is the right way to go to a building to have that time coming to work and also walking home each night. we left late last night and i was able to walk directly home a couple blocks from here. i want to thank all of the folks from district 6 who walked in today.
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a special shout out to save passage. it is an organization through the tl cbd. every day when i walk into work they are there. not just protecting me but looking out for all of the kids and families as they walk to and from school every day. this is a community effort. we have a lot of work to do. sadly there have been a number of pedestrians hit in district six a few blocks from here on golden gate and leavenworth a woman was struck and killed by a car, and unfortunately there were a number of others since then on the same street who have been hit. i want to say we can't wait. we need to make immediate changes now. we need to, first of all, deal with crosswalks, daylighting, slowing traffic, actually making real changes in the streets, getting past some of the one way
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streets and absolutely enforcing things around uber and lyft and other bad actors to keep everyone safe. thank you. we are in this together. let's keep people safe. thank you. [applause.] >> thank you. now, i would like to welcome supervisor of district 8. >> good morning everybody. so many politicians speaking. i will be brief. we had a fantastic district 8 walk. district 8 folks, make a little noise. we were joined from supervisor mar's office in district four and stephanie came with us as well, district two. i think all of the districts in san francisco there is no day late around this issue. we are committed to vision zero,
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we need to make the streets safer. we need more enforcement. i was pleased earlier this year to pass along the climate emergency resolution. we all know there is no strategy to get us to saving the world that does not get people out of their cars. it is absolutely essential that people bike, take public transportation and walk. we also know there are so many -- one death -- any death is one too many. any severe injury is one too many. i will say i think having a board led by someone the personal experience in norman yee. the survivors and friends of those who died or have been severely injured in the crashes are most effective advocates. it is meaningful and powerful to have that leadership in city hall. thanks everybody who walked this
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morning. [applause.] >> director of the sf m.t.a. please. . >> morning. happy walk-to-work day everybody. it is meant to be a time to remind us walking is the best form of transportation. it is the best way around the city. it is fun and enjoyable especially on a day like this. it is good for you in terms of personal health and health of the city. it is good in terms of congestion and emissions. it is the best way to get around, and we see as our charge in making sure that the streets are safe and inviterring so that people see walking as a more viable option for more trips, not just on walk-to-work day but throughout the year. to that end we are working closely and furiously with our partners at public health,
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public works. police and fire, planning and all of us working with community leaders and supporters to make the streets safer. the urgency from the mayor and board of supervisors is shared by the board of directors. we have the message from our city leaders that we need to do more and better and faster. i accept jody's challenge that we make san francisco the best walking city in the country. vision zero's goal is to eliminate traffic fatalities by 2024. every death is tragic. we are working to make the streets safer. we will help truly make us the best walking city in america. thank you for coming out.
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happy walk-to-work day. [applause.] >> i would like to welcome the director of the public works. >> good morning. walk-to-work day is one of my favorite events of the year. not only do i get to meet people i don't see all of the time we get to talk about what is going on in the city. more importantly it is very, very important that we embrace vision zero. the live ability of the city and making sure the sidewalks are safe. coming soon change is on better market street to bring a new streetscape will make walking better all over thety. we will make our city much more walkable for everyone. i am proud to be in partnership with sf walk. from public works we will do our part.
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thank you. [applause.] >> i want to congratulate you all. what a beautiful day. thank you walk sf and thank you communities for supporting what we do. my bosses are the 11 members of the board of supervisors. we have been working hard for about 30 years. we are really proud to distribute your voter approved sales tax fund and vehicle registration funds that go to to projects voters approved to improve safety. we are backing it so thank you, voters. also approving measure 3 funds for walking and biking, a partnership to make our streets safer. thank you very much. [applause.] >> before we close two quick
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things. i want to give another round of applause to all city leaders that walked today. [applause.] >> i would like to highlight sf police department deputy director, environment director, m.t.a. director and mtc commissioner and college board member for joining us this morning. [applause.] also from phil king's office. thank you. it takes a village. finally i would like to invite one person who understands safe streets in a deeply person way. jenny's mother stepped in a crosswalk in 2011 and was hit by speeding car.
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judy survived and she and her children eleven would lives forever changed. she is a founding member of the sf safe streets. it helps tell their stories. this group is made of survivors of loved ones kill by crashes on our streets. join me in welcoming jenny. [applause.] >> i am jenny. some of you may know me through my mother's story. iit is not easy to tell or hear. eigheight years after being hite was suicidal. she thinks her children are evil and plotting against her. we live in a state of fear and
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hopelessness. this is what a severe injury with can look like. there are more than 500 severe injuries on san francisco streets every year. when i share my story i hope people will understand and demand safe streets. today i want to say i am looking to each of you and the city leaders behind me to do everything in their power to end traffic violence on our streets. we are all pedestrians and all deserve straight streets. thank you. >> thank you it is a beautiful morning. i appreciate everybody coming out bright and early. thank you so much. have a wonderful walk-to-work day. [applause.] all right. on 5,
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2, 1 you innovation on or was on over 200 years they went through extensive innovations to the existing green new metal gates were installed our the perimeter 9 project is funded inform there are no 9 community opportunity and our capital improvement plan to the 2008 clean and safe
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neighborhood it allows the residents and park advocates like san franciscans to make the matching of the few minutes through the philanthropic dungeons and finished and finally able to pull on play on the number one green a celebration on october 7, 1901, a skoovlt for the st. anthony's formed a club and john then the superintendent the golden gate park laid out the bowling green are here sharing meditates a permanent green now and then was opened in 1902 during the course the 1906 san francisco earthquake that citywide much the city the greens were left that with an ellen surface and not readers necessarily 1911 it
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had the blowing e bowling that was formed in 1912 the parks commission paid laying down down green number 2 the san francisco lawn club was the first opened in the united states and the oldest on the west their registered as san francisco lark one 101 and ti it is not all fierce competition food and good ole friend of mine drive it members les lecturely challenge the stories some may be true some not memories of past winners is reversed presbyterian on the wall of champions. >> make sure you see the one in to the corner that's me and. >> no? not bingo or scrabble
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but the pare of today's competition two doreen and christen and beginninger against robert and others easing our opponents for the stair down is a pregame strategy even in lawn bowling. >> play ball. >> yes. >> almost. >> (clapping). >> the size of tennis ball the object of the game our control to so when the players on both sides are bold at any rate the
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complete ends you do do scoring it is you'll get within point lead for this bonus first of all, a jack can be moved and a or picked up to some other point or move the jack with i have a goal behind the just a second a lot of elements to the game. >> we're about a yard long. >> aim a were not player i'll play any weighed see on the inside in the goal is a minimum the latter side will make that arc in i'm right-hand side i play my for hand and to my left if i wanted to acre my respect i extend so it is arced to the right have to be able to pray both hands. >> (clapping.) who one.
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>> nice try and hi, i'm been play lawn bowling affair 10 years after he retired i needed something to do so i picked up this paper and in this paper i see in there play lawn bowling in san francisco golden gate park ever since then i've been trying to bowl i enjoy bowling a very good support and good experience most of you have of of all love the people's and have a lot of have a lot of few minutes in mr. mayor the san francisco play lawn bowling is in golden gate park we're sharing meadow for more information about the club
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>> good morning. we gather here today. welcome. we gather here on the 113th anniversary of the great earthquake to remember those lost. every year since the 190s -- 1920s would gather like today. several years ago once all of the survivors passed away, we pledged to be here to continue this rich tradition. as our native son summed up perfectly, san francisco is the ultimate survivor. now in a few minutes we will hear from some of our esteemed from san francisco. mayor london bead and the fire
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chief -- nay orlon -- mayor london breed and more. of course, let's not forget the 2019 survivor honoree donna. let's hear it for her. [applause.] >> that is right. these folks will tell us in a few minutes about preparation what to do and their preparation to get through the disaster such as 1906. a special thanks to the guardian of the city. give him a nice hand everybody. the guardians of the city are charged with preservation of the city emergency service history. thanks to the fire, police, department of emergency management and sheriff's department for continued suppo
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support. dave, of course, a personal friend is th the straw that stis the drink and sweeps up so no one sees the mess left behind. a hand for ron ross. he is a founder of the san francisco history association. ron is the second longest attendee after donna. this is his last wreath hanging. he is retiring after forming it is 1982. we also want to thank ed ruskin and the m.t.a. for the streetcar. to my good friend who is the performethe prfor making this h.
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a big hand for big lee. is the mayor here? >> you look great. you look fantastic. our mayor is here. she is a native daughter of the city who happens to be the mayor. the pride of the high school. a successful product of the inner city. please welcome our fine mayor, mayor london breed everybody. [applause.] >> mayor breed: thank you. good morning, everyone. now we know that if there were a woman mayor in 1906, this is how she would dress. i am here to celebrate history in san francisco because many of us who grew up here, we know that san francisco is earthquake territory. we grow up and learn from day one it is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when.
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in school we learn drills and the history of the city in terms of what happened during the 1906 earthquake, the loss of lives, loss of first responders, the destruction of our city, the challenges that exist there, but we also learn about the resilience of our city and how we bounce back, we rebuild, and we make sure that san francisco is better and stronger than ever. we continue to do that time and time again. i was here during the 1989 earthquake, and we rebuild. we also continue in this city to focus on emergency prepared necessary to ensure that our first responders have equipment and support they need. ensuring we put forth
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regulations for seismic safety for new development. ensuring that we make sure that every time a challenge comes our way, we come back stronger than ever. that is what being from san francisco is about. it is important today we remember our history. that we talk about the challenges that exist during 1906. we talk about the people and the folks that really help to rebuild san francisco. today marks the time in history, one where we have seen some of the photographs, some of the discovered footage of just really how amazing san francisco was and what happened during that time. we look at san francisco and hear about what a beautiful city it is and continues to be. i am really excited to be here to celebrate with guardians of the city who continue to protect that history. i am here and excited to be with
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so many of our first responders from the fire department, police department, department much emergency management. people ready to roll up their sleeves for the city. donna is dressed up just to remind us of an amazing lady who supported our fire department who helped build the tower, who contributed to san francisco, who continues to give of herself to ensure that we stick together, support one another through the challenging times and yes today during the good times as we celebrate. thank you all so much for being here this morning. what a happy and exciting occasion and what a great time to be from san francisco and to be your mayor. thank you, i am honored. [applause.]
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>> well, the mayor looking classy as ever upfront today. only to be equaled by our next guest. this guy is personifying big city politics. he wears his age so well. one of the best mayors ever in the town. mayor willy lewis brown. let's hear it for him, please. >> good morning to each and every one of you. were you pleased with what i chose for london to wear today? doesn't she look good? that is outrageous, outrages. she reminded me that the outfit she is wearing was my age.
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(laughter). i didn't like that either. we are here, obviously, we do this always as the mayor says to remind people who we really are, and believe me we have been doing this for so many years. when i was first running for mayor. he said something about a fountain. i had no idea what it was. it was no fountain. it was offensive and what have you. there was a fellow working for me named ed lee. i said if you want to keep your job, you get that god damn fountain working. he went on to be the mayor and the fountain still works. there is a guy assigned to do nothing except make sure that water is running if i pass that fountain. i love that.
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that reflects the ingennowty of this -- ingenuity of this city. when donna shows up and gets out dressed by london breed, you know there is a new generation, new day and new time. welcome to all of you to this year's celebration. thank you. [applause.] >> always a part of every historic occasion. fantastic. our next guest is within 15 days every timer. days of the retirement. she is tough, fair and tells a good story. welcome fire chief joanne hayes-white everybody. [applause.]
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>> good morning, everyone. thank you for being out here and preserving our rich history and tradition. i am grateful this will be my last time up here as chief of department. it is a phenomenal privilege and honor to sheriff as your chief for 15 years. today is about three things. we started this back a long time ago. now we are talking about 113 years commemoration. we commemorate those that suffered great losses and injury, including the fire chief in 1906, 113 years ago. we celebrate the city's resilience and use this to know about the important of disaster and emergency preparedness. all of the departments are working shoulder to shoulder to make sure we are ready when that challenge coming for us.
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thank you to all of you here this morning. thank you to the men and women of the san francisco fire department. you are here this morning. neighborhood emergency response team program is wonderful. to mayor willie brown and mayor london breed and someone to be celebrated every day all about preserving the city history. 45 years you have been doing this. thank you very much. also, i was given a picture. i will continue to carry with me. this is willy del monte. he died in 2016. i want be to honor him. the guardians of the city for wonderful work and big thank you to the fire commission president here with me over 25 years of service to our department. i would like to call you both
11:42 pm
up. i know we are on a tight timeline. our new fire chief will be taking the oath. i am proud of her. thank you very much. have a wonderful day. [applause.] >> the new chief following the old chief. it is going to be fantastic. it is funny. this guy has been on the job three years. he is a straight-shooter. his wife is also a member of guardians of the city, which is cool. welcome chief bill scott, please. >> good morning. it is hard to follow mayor breed
11:43 pm
and mayor brown so i want to echo a few things said. i want to thank everybody for being here. these are moments we can remind ourselves how this city comes together. san francisco has a rich illustrious history of rising to the occasion. in times like these, that is exactly what we do. i want to put a plug i for our program. we get by with volunteers. people come together and they work and they volunteer. thank you all for being here. i want to recognize the men and women of the san francisco police department standing on the perimeters. [applause.] >> i want to recognize our great sheriff and law enforcement partners and all of our san
11:44 pm
francisco sheriffs. this is the sheriff's last year at the celebration. i want to recognize vicky. give her a round of applause. thank you. >> chief scott, come on now, we are getting close. >> right now it is time to bring up a person that is really cool. she is the head of the department of emergency management. would you please welcome director maryelllen carol. >> it is wonderful to see everyone here. i want to thank mayor london breed for being here.
11:45 pm
you look amazing. i want to thank all of the others chief scott and vicky. all of you who have been wonderful mentors to me in my new position, and i am humbled to be here to share the stage. i am going to be quick. with the department of emergency management. what it does is around personal and community preparedness. a couple directives today. one is to go to it is a great website about how to be prepared. on this beautiful morning when everything is great for the next morning we might wake up and things are not so great. secondly, you can sign up for alerts with sf alert. text 888777, put in your zip code. we will senduallerts about all
11:46 pm
kinds of things that might help but particularly natural disasters so we can contact you. today if you are signed up we are doing a drill at 11:00 a.m. we are here for you. one of the most important things we the department of emergency management drew is to communicate with all of you in the event of anything happening. please sign up. thank you for being here. i will turn it back to bob. [applause.] >> all right. it is almost 5:11. i will put these folks on alert. the mayor, we are going to hang the wreath right after our minute of silence which is right now to remember those who perished and those who survived to rebuild san francisco. please, 30 seconds of silence
11:47 pm
right now. >> thank you. here is the sound of the siren. we will remember those who passed and for us to be ready for the future. [ sirens ] >> for those who perished and survived to rebuild san
11:48 pm
francisco, let us continue. if the mayor would gather up here on stage to hang the wreath everybody. >> we have very inexperienced wreath hangers, ladies and
11:49 pm
gentlemen. nice job. how about a nice hand for our wreath hangers. we are going to do a little singing. we will sing san francisco. do you want to start it with us? >> thank you for coming. here we go. one, two, three. ♪ it only takes a tiny corner of this great big world to find a place you love ♪ ♪ my home upon the hill, i love you still ♪ ♪ eye hav i have been aware bm back to tell you san francisco
11:50 pm
open your golden gates, you will meet no stranger ♪ ♪ san francisco here is your wandering no more ♪ ♪ other places make me love you best, tell me you are the heart of the golden west ♪ ♪ san francisco, bring me home again ♪ ♪ i'm coming home to go wandering no more ♪ (applause). >> fantastic for 5:15 in the morning. we are going to 20th and church. if you want you can be in this streetcar number one for the ride up to the golden hydrant. it is right over here. right here. look at that.
11:51 pm
right there. if you want to join us, please do. we would like to thank you for being here for this great day. we will see you next year, god willing. as a society we've basically failed big portion of our population if you think about the basics of food, shelter safety a lot of people don't have any of those i'm mr. cookie can't speak for all the things but i know say, i
11:52 pm
have ideas how we can address the food issue. >> open the door and walk through that don't just stand looking out. >> as they grew up in in a how would that had access to good food and our parent cooked this is how you feed yours this is not happening in our country this is a huge pleasure i'm david one of the co-founder so about four year ago we worked with the serviced and got to know the kid one of the things we figured out was that they didn't know how to cook. >> i heard about the cooking school through the larkin academy a. >> their noting no way to feed themselves so they're eating a
11:53 pm
lot of fast food and i usually eat whatever safeway is near my home a lot of hot food i was excited that i was eating lunch enough instead of what and eat. >> as i was inviting them over teaching them basic ways to fix good food they were so existed. >> particle learning the skills and the food they were really go it it turned into the is charity foundation i ran into my friend we were talking about this this do you want to run this charity foundations and she said, yes. >> i'm a co-found and executive director for the cooking project our best classes participation for 10 students are monday
11:54 pm
they're really fun their chief driven classes we have a different guest around the city they're our stand alone cola's we had a series or series still city of attorney's office style of classes our final are night life diners. >> santa barbara shall comes in and helps us show us things and this is one the owners they help us to socialize and i've been here about a year. >> we want to be sure to serve as many as we can. >> the san francisco cooking school is an amazing amazing partner. >> it is doing that in that space really elevates the space for the kids special for the chief that make it easy for them
11:55 pm
to come and it really makes the experience pretty special. >> i'm sutro sue set i'm a chief 2, 3, 4 san francisco. >> that's what those classes afford me the opportunity it breakdown the barriers and is this is not scary this is our choice about you many times this is a feel good what it is that you give them is an opportunity you have to make it seem like it's there for them for the taking show them it is their and they can do that. >> hi, i'm antonio the chief in san francisco. >> the majority of kids at that age in order to get them into food they need to see something simple and the evidence will show and easy to produce i want to make sure that people can do it with a bowl and spoon and
11:56 pm
burner and one pan. >> i like is the receipts that are simple and not feel like it's a burden to make foods the cohesives show something eased. >> i go for vera toilet so someone can't do it or its way out of their range we only use 6 ingredients i can afford 6 ingredient what good is showing you them something they can't use but the sovereignties what are you going to do more me you're not successful. >> we made a vegetable stir-fry indicators he'd ginger and onion that is really affordable how to
11:57 pm
balance it was easy to make the food we present i loved it if i having had access to a kitchen i'd cook more. >> some of us have never had a kitchen not taught how to cookie wasn't taught how to cook. >> i have a great appreciation for programs that teach kids food and cooking it is one of the healthiest positive things you can communicate to people that are very young. >> the more programs like the cooking project in general that can have a positive impact how our kids eat is really, really important i believe that everybody should venting to utilize the kitchen and meet other kids their age to
11:58 pm
identify they're not alone and their ways in which to pick yours up and move forward that. >> it is really important to me the opportunity exists and so i do everything in my power to keep it that. >> we'll have our new headquarters in the heart of the tenderloin at taylor and kushlg at the end of this summer 2014 we're really excited. >> a lot of the of the conditions in san francisco they have in the rest of the country so our goal to 257bd or expand out of the san francisco in los angeles and then after that who know. >> we'd never want to tell people want to do or eat only provide the skills and the tools in case that's something people are 2rrd in doing. >> you can't buy a box of
11:59 pm
psyche you have to put them in the right vein and direction with the right kids with a right place address time those kids don't have this you have to instill they can do it they're good enough now to finding out figure out and find the future
12:00 am
>> this is the meeting of the recreation and park commission. would the secretary please call the roll. (roll call). >> i am going to make a few announcements. we welcome everyone today. it is the april 18th meeting of the recreation and park commission. we would ask you to turn off sound producing devices that could go off during the meeting. we ask you take any secondary conversations outside in order for this meeting to proceed as efficiently as possible. commissioner