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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  April 26, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> ladies and gentlemen, the chair has called the meeting to order. please turn off the electronic devices and they interfere in the room. stand for the pledge of allegiance.
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i pledge of allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. if i may call roll. >> please. >> clerk: [roll call] >> clerk: commissioner hirsch, you have a quorum and with us is the department of police accountability. >> commissioner: thank you. welcome to the april 17, 2019 meeting of the san francisco police commission. we're meeting in the bay view district. i thank the bay view district for hosting us and the captain for hosting us tonight.
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we do appreciate it. we'll have a special report from the captain and staff. we don't have a very full agenda so we will allow three minutes for public comment and the end and we're ready for the first item. >> clerk: line item 1, chief's report. weekly crime trends and provide an overview of the trends and incidence. the chief's report will have a report on the incident and commission discussion will be limited to discuss whether to calendar the events for a future commission meeting. >> good evening, chief. >> good evening, commissioner hir
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hirsh. my report is short tonight. i have a couple crime trends and a couple significant incident. captain mathews will give the state of the bay view district he is the commanding officer and captain of bay view. to start with the crime trends for this week. overall part one, crimes were down 15%. and total volume we're down 16% year to date and homicides we're incident below where we were yed last year. we had a homicide last week. eight of the 10 homicides this year have been cleared. seven cleared by arrest and one was an exceptional clearance and two are still open. we're pleased with the clearance
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rate because 80% is pretty exceptional. so our investigators have done a really nice job on that thanks to the help of specializing on the gang task force and district captains and it's been a good collaborative team effort to make an accident in the homicides at least solving the ones we have so we're pleased with that. looking at gun violence, we are down 18% over 2018 which is also good news. in property crimes we're down 15% and auto burglaries are done 15% compared to last year and down 31% compared to this time 2017. that's also good news. i mention the homicide and i mentioned homicides for the year and it occurred in the
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tenderloin district on april 9. at 1:23 in the afternoon a victim was on the 300 block of eddie where he got into an argument with the property manager at that location. the victim was knocked unconscious and transported to a hospital. three days later on april 12, the victim died from his injuries. so that case is actually still open though we did make an arrest on that. we still have work to do and we're working with the prosecutors to see whether or not they will file that case. and the suspect is no longer in custody on that as well. we had a couple of incident this past week incident that garnered
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media attention. one an attempted kidnapping that occurred april 12 at 12:15 in the afternoon. it occurred at 17th and market street. a child was welcoming next to his mother, a 2-year-old mother, i might add, when our subject approached them from behind. the subject picked up the child and began to walk in the opposite direction. the mother ran after the subject, grabbed on to him and due to her screaming for help, the bystanders in the area gave assistance and gave chase for the suspect for several blocks until detaining until until police arrived. the subject is an australian residents and arrived in san francisco two days prior for a visit. he is in custody and that case has been filed by the district attorney's office. we were able to get good evidence. the case has been filed but the
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investigation is still ongoing. we don't have a motive at this point. seems like an isolated incident but it got a lot of attention, deservedly so and unfortunately no one was injured and the child was okay. we had another incident that got media attention. there was a series of swastikas painted in buena vista park, quote, no and the swastika sign and the park and there was graffiti that read no hate. it looked to be intended to be an anti-hate message however the swastikas were painted over by rec and park. we have not identified a suspect in that particular case.but it
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looks like from the totality of what was written it was supposed to be an an tie-hate message but we did take a report for the vandalism and sass ti can -- swastika but it get media attention. traffic again, we had not so good a week with our traffic, injury, collisions we had three versus pedestrian injuries during the week and one vehicle versus bicycle that resulted in serious injuries. we have stepped up our enforcement. as a said to the commission before on vision zero traffic, traffic violations and our traffic company along with our district station officers have been asked to focus on the issue. again we ask for the public's help in compliance with the rules of the road are helpful and we're asking the public to
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continue to not be distracted by your personal devices when you're driving. and we have a distracted driving campaign going this month as well we hope will make a difference in that regard. we're constantly working to realize our vision zero by 2024 but we've gotten off to a busy start with traffic collisions and injuries and deaths, 2019. we did a press conference this week with supervisor fewer and mandolin trying to get the message out to the public about traffic safety and to slow down and obey the rules of the road. hopefully our public awareness and education will make a difference in bringing the traffic collisions down and we'll continue to work on that. those are the highlights for the week. i just want to announce we have in the room members of our command staff along with i
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mentioned captain matthew and jeffery maddux in field operation zero and deputy chief moser and commander daryl fong from field operation zero. we'll be around if anyone wants to talk or engage after the meeting. we'll be here. that is my report to the commission. >> thank you. any questions of commissioners of the chief? hearing none we're ready for the next item. >> line item 1b, dpa director's report. it the be limited to a brief discretion of dpa activities and announcements and discussion will be limited to determining whether to calendar any of the issues raised for future commission meeting. >> so we have a number of updates. cases that we have that are open now are at 189 versus 159 this
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time last year. in terms of cases closed we're at 184 versus 137 this time last year. cases pending we're now at 291 versus 256. this time last year we had a longer number of case than in a hong -- long history. and the cases are past the 270-day mark which i tag and report on every week we're at 26. this time last year we were at 30. in terms of cases mediated, six versus five. five was last year. there was a lot going on last week mostly with mediation or not mediation, with budget
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meetings and the mayor's office and more meetings with our proposed conversations with the sheriff's department which i'll have more to share when i have more to share. right now we're all in negotiation. and we're monitors are finally here. i know it's a big deal for my staff. not until today did we get the dual monitors. it's something i've been working on for months but they're finally here. it seems like a small thing but it's a big deal and we've been trying to get the monitors for a long time. they just came in today. the staff is pretty excited about that and it comes at a time the sales force people are in our office. they're embed in our office and started this week doing the work to connect with our staff to help us finish planning the case
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management system. the other thing done this week is the budget report's been submitted to the mayor's office which i talked about earlier. we had a couple outreach events. i wanted to recognize and acknowledge on the 10th of this month, my staff went out to nine of the district station to deliver and make sure the brochure in the stations. this is something we hadn't done in the past that i put on my outreach team to make sure they're actually going to the stations to make sure the stations have what is there and the stations that have run out of brochures they're replenishing those things. also on that day, my staff gave a presentation to a group of community members at the golden gate valley library. it's a presentation my office developed along with the
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brochure. also on the 11th, my outreach staff met with and presented as the san francisco attorney's office victim's home presentation at the embarcadero center. also on the 16th, my staff participated at the terra bill station community meeting. we have an upcoming workshop in case folks are interested on tuesday april 23 at the san francisco main library and this one is geared for an audience of youth to talk about the know your rights brochure as it's being disseminated to the various community groups. and in case folks have questions about it, the outreach team is -- i have full-time staff doing some of the outreach coordination and implementation and i encourage a lot of the
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employees are at dpa participate in the outreach stuff as well which is how we handle a lot of the staffing. present in the audience today in casish use come up is my -- issues come up is my chief of staff and one of my lawyers and senior investigator steve ball in case anything comes up that is relevant for the community that we can answer questions for. that's it. >> what time is the workshop on the 23rd? the know you're rights presentation at the library? >> yeah. >> don't know. i have to let you know. i'll send an invite to all the commissioners so you guys have it. >> okay. any questions from commissioners? >> one. the monitors, what is their
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role? >> you know we have dual monitors and the reports came out it increases the efficiency up to 30%. we've never had them. part of the problem we couldn't order them because we didn't even have the hardware. our computers -- we didn't have. so i got computers. we got monitors. the new monitors are just now getting here so we can install them. we've had old monitors and single monitors until today. >> you mean physical computer? >> you're thinking something sophisticated like a monitor. no, we're now getting physical monitors into type and view the
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things. >> and i hear next you'll get key boards. >> and you're laughing but it's not funny. we did get key boards and i didn't even tell you about them because i didn't think you'd be that interested with it. it's going to make a big difference when we get the c.m.s. system. all of this is the foundation. we didn't have the hardware but it's a big deal for us to have. everybody's excited. >> can i ask a follow-up on that. you mentioned salesforce sin your office. the d.p.a. has purchased a c.m.s. system through salesforce. >> it's not through sees -- salesforce it's a subsidiary and they do the consult ing and we had a competitive bid but they're part of it. >> is this software consistent
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or specific? >> both. part of what they're to do is to create a system that interfaces both with external partners and for the public >> what do you use for case management right now. the green screen with little dots. >> we're still using them and again it was a complete reboot for the system for the agency when i got there and it's a lot of moving parts all happening at the same time. we didn't have the hardware. we didn't have the software. we didn't have the website. it's all coming.
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>> most my staff is excited to rush to it as well. >> any questions for director henderson? >> i wasn't sure what you were talking about. >> i got excited and i was talking louder. you'll see it all with the relaunch and we'll invite everybody in to come and see the new agency after we move. otherwise i would have invited you to come and see and look at the monitor but i figured i'd wait to unveil all of it when we move. >> next item. >> item 1c commissioner report.
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it will be limited to a brief discretion of activities and announcement and discussion limited to determine whether to calendar the issues raised for a future commission meeting commissioner report and report from each commissioner on status of assigned projects. >> commissioner: thank you. i've asked each commissioner tonight to give a very brief maybe a couple of minutes report on everything they're working on as commissioners because i think part of our responsibility is in addition to encouraging the department to have greater transparencies and have greater transparency ourselves. i think the public should know, if they care, what the commission is doing and what we're working on. i'm going try to make this either quarterly or semiannually a report so the public is kept abreast of what we're doing. as president i see it as my
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responsibility to keep the commission on track and moving forward with whatever our responsibilities are. and we're responsible for oversight of the department and for the dpa -- d.p.a. and policy matters as well as disciplinary matters. we take all three responsibilities seriously and that's what we're pursuing now. a lot of time is being spent the reform measures that have been under consideration and implementation for the last two years. that's going to remain a big responsibility for this commission going forward. i think into the foreseeable future. specifically as to what i do, i'm on the accountability executive sponsor working group where our primary focus is on transparency of the department and developing relationship between the d.p.a. and internal affairs. operations and communications.
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i'm also working on a charter amendment that will redefine and recreate the appeal process that an officer is entitled to go through when he or she is charged with misconduct and there's a discipline hearing. there was a court case that forced us to change what we're doing. we've drafted a charter amendment. it was approved unanimously by the commission and it's in city hall and the mayor's office will get it and it will go on to the balance and hopefully it will go to march. i've also worked on discipline matrix and we're finalizing that and we had a matrix that was about 25 years old. and so commissioner elias and i
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work the d.p.a. have worked on that and bring it to the commission some time in the next month or so for final approval and implementation. that also has to go to meet and confer because it's a mandatory subject of collective bargaining so the p.o.a. gets to negotiate over that as well. i'm working on the collaborative reform effort on may 1, we're going have a presentation by both the department and the private entity, hillard heinz which has been brought in as the subject matter expert and they'll give an update to the public that will probably take an hour or more with both groups. just letting us all know where they are and what they've done to date and where the reform process is currently and where it's going. and finally, i have a few cases assigned to me that are disciplinary matters and the way
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that works is a single commissioner is assigned the responsibility of overseeing the hearing process for disciplinary matter. so if an officer is charged with wrongdoing, one of the commissioners here will conduct the hearing and then the destination will be made by the body after the hearing's been conducted and each one of us has cases assigned to us. that's what i have to report. let's go down the line and start with commissioner hamasaki and have a full report. >> thank you, president hirsh. the matters i've been involved with recently on the commissioner i'm on the use of force working group though i've not had a meeting recently i've been able to attend. i have acted in two other -- one is a commission working group we formed relating to release
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reports to victims of domestic code violence. in my view we had a successful process. i think all sides came together and made positive contributions. perhaps not everybody left 100% happy but that's the nature of working groups and implementing reforms. so that process is now moving through our bulletin is moving through concurrence and hope to roll it out very shortly. i was also on the death and hard of hearing working group and on the scope of there's going to be a new general order, training to
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help train our officers in interacting with people deaf and hard of hearing and providing accommodation so that's hard of hearing individuals can communicate with law enforcement officers in the station and on the field. i'm also in a language access working group along with commissioner dejesus but i haven't had a chance to attend the meeting recently and then i've been working along with presidents hirsh, commissioner taylor on the d.o.j. reforms that have been a long process but as president hirsh just stated the first leg of the reform process there's progress
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made. it's been an extraordinarily heavy lift by the department and partners and a lot of the first section of the reform plan was spent putting in standards by which the reforms will be judged. so we'll hear more about that on the 1st. those the main issues i've been involved with. >> commissioner: thank you. i also have discipline cases i work on and i go to community events but i am the liaison with the early intervention system, e.i.s. system and on the recruitment committee. they're department of justice reform issues and on the recruitment committee looking
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into hiring and retention of police officers in san francisco and how to implement processes and we'll look at three languages in common use in the bay area and i also was a victim of crime and had to take care of business like get a car. so i'm working on the chief
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evaluation form and also on the website committee. we're remaking the website and of course i talked about community and discipline events. >> hi, everyone. i see some young people in the audience so i don't know if you know what the commission does. i'm going take a step back and explain that to you. the commission oversees and we're all private citizens and we set the policy for the san francisco police department and we also oversee discipline cases for individual officers when thigh -- they mess up. we have meetings in the evening and we have day jobs. so we have working groups and community efforts and part of what we're describing for you is what we do in addition to what we do here in these regular wednesday meetings.
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so as part of that i'm on the serious incident review board and also on the bias working group and there's a working group surrounding getting victims of domestic violence, elder abuse, access to police reports and we can get temporary restraining orders against abusers and it's also under d.g.o. 16 and we got agreement from a broad based community group and i'm on the use of force working group. that's dealing with officer uses of force. the body one camera working group. the firearms discharge review board and also stepping back a little bit there was an analysis, a report done by the united states department of justice assessing the san
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francisco police department generally and made a number of recommendations we're all working to implement. a lot of these go to the recommendation where's they found the department had work to do. on a collaborative working group start the department of justice and a lot of stakeholders in make sure we implement those recommendations. >> hello everyone. i'm on the bias working group and we're in the process of having it reviewed by the cal d.o.j. and i'm work the chief to get that done to resume the working group and hopefully have a draft ready for the commissioner to vote on and implement. i'm also working on revising the report and which is really important i think especially for us as commissioners and our efforts to be transparent and let the public know what exactly
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happened because in disciplinary proceedings the public is not privy and there's things we can share so the report is useful fot community to let them know the information we can share. i'm also working on a serious incident review board. we currently don't have one. we have a firearm discharge review board in instances where there's officer involved shooting and we're trying to expand that to include not only officer-involved shoot but other serious incident by the police department that create a board that reviews it similar to the firearm discharge review board and in addition i've worked on the charter amendment for the discipline and creating an appeals process that commissioner hirsh described as well as working on the
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disciplinary matrix. >> thank you. >> commissioner kind of stole my thunder a little bit. so d.j. brookter and i get to talk to some of the young people in the daily basis but this is another role i play for us here in the city and county of san francisco. i'm excited to see them here. i know they were nervous walking in today but now they know they're amongst friends. in terms of what i've been doing, focussing on community policing and engagement and spending time on various events an peace marches held. functions going on in china town. ensuring we look at how law enforcement is engaging communities and one thing we say with officers it's safety with respect to making sure we're implementing that. working on the president on
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president yee's staffing workforce group. i haven't met yet but i know there's meetings in the work and part of the crisis intervention training working group and looking at the training we utilize in crises situations and time and distance with officers and alternate for the bias working group we have and also the liaison to the department of police accountability and spend time with director henderson and a lot of what we're doing overlaps. it's been a pleasure working along side colleagues ensuring, one, we have alternates because we can't do all the work alone and making sure we do it together. it's what i've been working on and doing. >> commissioner: thank you. you can see we're all busy. we do more work away from the meetings than at the meetings and we do overlap but we also do our own things well. i thank everybody for that and we're ready nor next item.
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>> this is where the typically is invited for public comment. >> did we pass the agenda item because i want to add something to the agenda? >> clerk: before we move on some of you have maengs mentioned it before but i want to make sure we're adding the california family code section 6228 to an agenda and in the very near future as soon as we can. >> it will be early may. >> i believe may 8th meeting. >> thanks. >> clerk: the public is usually now invited to comment on line items 1a through 1c. this time under the circumstances of the meeting we encourage you wait until general public comment. and a couple other housekeeping items, the next presentation you'll see from captain mathews. there's copies of her pour point
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in the back and there were corrections made late however, they're back there and the one last thing is next week the police commission is dark and the following meeting for the police commission is going to be on may 1 at city hall in room 400 at 5:30 p.m. >> commissioner: thank you. thank you, captain for having us. >> my pleasure. good evening, commissioners, command staff and community. it's our pleasure to have you here. my secretary is kind enough to be working the power point for me. and we stre commanding officer in the evening on one side of the watch. >> we should probably turn around. i believe you have a copy each in front of you of the power
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point so it's optional if i'm talking too loud, let me know. >> it's good these happen now because usually it only happens in court. it's good to know it happens to other people as well. we went over this before the
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meeting. >> okay. we'll go ahead and get started. we're going to be discussing the district station facts an crime trends and strategies and traffic enforcement and community partnership and engagement and what we stand for. in terms of our district overview, it's broken up into six neighborhoods. p
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portrero hill and bay view heights. it's approximately 9.3 square miles and have 10 schools, one hospital, five public housing facilities and our overall population is roughly 72,739. the breakdown is asian pacific islander 36% and african american 28%, hispanic, 17%, other is 3% and white is 16%. you can see the bayview is a very diverse community. it's changed a lot over the years and i'm unfortunate enough to work with two outstanding supervisors. supervisor walton is the district 10 supervisor. he handles approximately 90% of
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the district. we work together quite a bit and attend meetings together and meet to discuss strategies to improve the district, to solve problems and then supervisor hilary ronen is the district 9 san francisco and her portion is bayview and we work with the monolingual community and in terms of dealing with community issues. my staffing is broken down to myself as the captain and three officers and two civilians on my captain staff. there are two lieutenants on day watch, four sergeants, 57 officers and two police service aids. on night watch there's two
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lieutenants, nine sergeant and 76 officers and two police service aide. then we have the station investigation team which consists of a lieutenant, five sergeants and two officers. under station investigations would be our plain-clothes une out and on the side you can see we have these in the corridor and the dog patch and potrero hill area. now, listed is a staffing demographics of the district. showing with supervisors. 18% of the district as far as the officers go are black.
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there are 15% white officers, 11% hispanic officers, 7% asian officers and 14% other. that's for supervisors. the see the break down on the right for 19% and you see the breakdown. wick languages it's two cantonese, two mandarin, two russian, 20 spanish. it doesn't mean we don't have others that speak languages but these are the officers certified as being translators for the police department.
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our four top concerns are violence and we focus on the hot spots meeting with our crime analyst unit to determine what areas have crimes that have peaked and then we work with the station in terms of my lieutenants the officers at lineup to come up with strategies how to address the crime that may arrive and work to reduce it with the community as well. other crimes would be focussed on our patrol areas. we have patrol officers assigned to sector cars each day that are out in the community managing a certain part of the district and they work in combination with
7:46 am
the community, with the plain clothes and housing to address crimes that arise. and homelessness. we work diligently with our unit to address homeless issues that arise in the bay view. for quality of life issues, we work with outside agencies such as the department of public health to come up with plans to address the needs and officer services for people in the community with quality of life and/or mental issues. listed is the breakdown of our part one crimes for the year. overall they're down 9%. the total violent crimes are down 15% and property crimes are down 8%.
7:47 am
our ought owe burglaries are down 30% in the district. for traffic enforcement, working on our focus on the five, as you can see, you condition look at the chart listed, in 2017 compared to 2018, 2017 we had a more aggressive approach i have added two officers and others and their goal is to work on traffic and work with officers on patrol they're encouraged to work on traffic enforcement to ensure the safety of the bayview
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community. this say picture from our partnership events. we have d.p.h. and brothers against guns and the healing circle present and there's a couple of church members. we were out in the community praying over an area where we've had a lot of violence occur and it was a combined event with the community. some of our partnerships include the boys and girls club, united players, bayview hunters point, ymca and sf safe awareness and brothers against guns and healing circle.
7:49 am
and much list of those we work with in the bayview. we have several monthly meetings but the ones i'd like to highlight are those litted here. i have a captains advisory board and there are 13 people in the community on the captains advisory board. we have community meeting the first monday of every month and the next one will be on tuesday may 1, 6:00 p.m. we have a bayview hill nursery association and they meet on the third wednesday of the month. the pe -- potrero dog committee
7:50 am
meets and that's to name a view. this is a picture of another engagement effort in the bay view and because our district is so big we want to go around to the different areas of the district to address our community. this was an event in the potrero portion at goat hill pizza. it was a pizza with a cop event which was a great event. we had pizza available. officers available. the community came by and had a slice of pizza and engaged us in conversation and asked questions about the community and district. it ways great event. and have a police hub and the purpose is to specifically work
7:51 am
with our monolingual community. in the bayview we have a large monolingual community roughly 38% and sometimes because of language barriers they only always report crime. they don't all feel comfortable coming into the police station. it's our responsibility to meet them where they are. two days a week they can come in to the police hub and do translation and give advice and talk to them about their concerns that may arise. operation genesis is a program that's gone on for the past six years. officer jason johnson now assigned to community engagement but initially worked in the bayview has a program that take children to ghana every year. they've gone the past six year
7:52 am
for 64 children that have been able to participate in this amazing trip. there's a total of 150 students that are involved in operation genesis. and not all of them obviously have gone on this trip but there are several events throughout the year they participate in. these are all students from the bay view and 96% of them have graduated high school. this program is doing great things in the community. this is a list of events we've done in the bayview. some have already occurred and some are coming up in the near future. next big event coming up will be our gun buyback next saturday
7:53 am
9:00 am to 12:p.m. in conjunction with this being gun violence prevention month. we understand there's a lot of people that won't want to give police their gun but there's people in the community who have a family member who that is no longer here or had an old gun in the closet or somebody's grandfather or someone who doesn't know what it do with the gun. we have an opportunity to turn the gun in and depending on what type of weapon it is, they'll be paid a stipend. this is no questions asked. this is done in less than five minutes. you basically pull up in your car and hand the officer the weapon. you're handed the stipend for turning in that weapon and drive away from the area. it's a great program.
7:54 am
we've partnered with grace cathedral and they've been kind enough to partner with us as well as the healing circle and mothers against guns. that's another great event and we had meet the beat. the officers passed out 350 donuts and coffee to the community. it was a rainy day but that did not deter the community from coming out and talking to the officers and myself and enjoy donut and some coffee and because it was in mendal plaza it ways great event because there's been a huge renovation in randal plaza and supervisor walton will be there as well as myself and there will be music. there'll activities. it will be a great opportunity
7:55 am
for everybody to come out and come to mandel plaza and see what is happening there every thursday, friday, saturday. it includes music and you can audition and sing and play instruments or you can just come and play games if you'd like it play checkers. if you would like to play dominoes or cards, it's just a great place to come be part of the community because the whole area has changed and it's a family friendly environment and if you're free come out around 4:30. this is showing more flyers and individuals for some great events we've had and the pizza with the cop event. we had dim sum with the cop event on san bruno avenue which was a great well attended event. i actually even ran into people
7:56 am
before i was in the department when i used to get my hair done on the san bruno avenue. it was well attended. everyone loved it and more important, it's officers getting involved with the community in different parts of the district. we did a bayview takeover and that event consists of me being able to send as many officers as i could spare to attend a church in the district. i held a church breakfast with the ministers in the district. one thing that came from the breakfast where we all got aquited was -- acquainted. they wanted parishioners to see
7:57 am
police officers not just when a crime occurred but wanted to fellowship with officers and have them come to their place of worship and engage them in a positive way. i sent several officers tout churches and the community loved it and appreciate the effort. then the prayer vig you'll we had cornerstone church took the lead and for the next six months i asked church to volunteer. cornerstone church was the first to step up and then five others stepped up for the next five months and what we're doing is we're picking an area where there's basketball -- been a history of community violence and praying over that community as church goers in the bayview.
7:58 am
it was well attend and we'll do it against next month and the information is listed in the bayview now's letter coming out. you'll be able to get information on the time, location and what church is taking the lead initiative in that prayer vigil. we had the first african american read day. that was in conjunction with black history month. we had officers that read and played games with the children and had a great time. the other events are powe toe --
7:59 am
potello area. we stand for public safety with crime reductions. our numbers are good and have decreased in terms of crime but any crime committed is too many crimes. earlier today at 10:00 at bayview station i had a meeting with the church ministers and their designee and had 46 churches participate to talk about crime in the bayview and how we can work together with sf safe and the captain of the burglary unit as well and our station assistant district attorney to work collectively,
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answer questions, give advice, set up appointments for different churches and work together and get on the same page. that's how we're working to reduce crime. it's not just the police going from call to call and being proactive. we want to engage the community. we want to reduce their concerns and fears and provide them with information so the community can help us to help them. regarding our homeless, the quality of life issues in the bayview and concerns, we're meeting regularly with hsoc and department of public health to address concerns we have two officers work full-time at bayview station assigned to homeless outreach. we're actively in the community every day addressing the community