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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  April 30, 2019 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> thank you, chair peskin, members of the committee. we can go to the laptop. very quickly, as the supervisor mentioned, we have been at this a while, and two prior resolutions were unanimously approved by the board. i -- i will outline them here on the slide. encourage the city to look at this area is an opportunity for housing development, and more particularly, after we did analysis on what could and could not go on that site for the resolution just last year, that sought very specifically to seek market rate housing at this location at 530 samson to leverage affordable housing at 772 pacific, which we acquired a couple of years ago. it is slated for affordable housing, but lacks funds to move forward as robustly as we would
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like. so quickly a little context on this site. it is important in that what we have in front of us, this conditional property exchange agreement is a little more than what we put out to the marketplace so the site itself is shown in red at the corner of sansome and washington. adjacent, a site that is highlighted in black, it is a privately owned parcel, it is an important parcel in that the developer that we are bringing forward to you today to be our partner on this has secured an option for that property and by including that property has given us a greater better urban form development for consideration. the area also shows the context
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-- that is a 16 story building, 22 stories kitty corner from the site, 22 stories also in the opposite direction, so 2022 stories seems to be a theme, and here we have the zoning at 200 feet or approximately 20 stories. let me review for you the process that brings us here today. back in january, we issued a prospectus that solicited those proposals for development of 530 sansome. four proposals were received. we did not -- we then headed team review those proposals, rank them, of those four, you see the four that were received and the bidders made them and the ranking. this was the more complex of the projects. this was the more robust in terms of gross square footage, and therefore, this also had the greatest yield to the city.
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to fold, one in terms of just straight revenue for the sale of the property, and two in terms of fees that would be generated by the project. let's talk a little bit specifically about the proposal in front of you. this would replace the fire station, that was one of our key drivers. we have an existing fire station , fairly robust, and it was built in the 1960s, but could use some further seismic strengthening, more importantly, it is a bit dysfunctional because the age of the facility, and so this new fire station will address health and safety issues that we have heard loud and clear from the members to make it more functional on the ground floor, and ensure that we provide for safe and efficient services to the neighborhood. >> i have to inject that it is not old enough to be historic. >> thank you. [laughter]
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>> the new fire station will be 22,572 gross square feet peak. it would be on four floors versus three, there will be two subterranean levels under the station and the adjacent residential mixed-use development. the first lower-level serving the fire department members, 18 spaces, which was the requirement that we put in the r.f.p., and then the lower-level serving the hotel and condominium, and that's a very small amount of 22 spaces, approximately in the current massing plan. what is proposed as related by the developed partner is a 200 room equinox hotel and an equinox health club, as well as 35 market rate condominiums. how would that look on the site? here is a cross-section looking vertically at the site. do you see the fire department in red with its facility, the one below level, the four levels above, on top of the station
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would be one level of improvements that would be privately owned that would be retained via cross easements. it is an extension of the health club that rises from the lobby up to the top of the fifth level then you see the hotel levels above that on the tower, in the residential above that. i want to quickly jog back to that map because sometimes is a little hard to get that perspective. so what's being proposed is a station physically moves from the corner of sansome to washington, to a midblock location. the fire department gets ready access off washington, with rear access to merchants for a smaller vehicle that can make that turning radius and allows the tower to be built on the corner with a fire station -- where the fire station is now. a different way of looking at it , this is in no means a design , this is simply massing, so this gives you a sense of
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what can be stacked on a property. you will see the fire department in red, the health club with the hotel above and to the condominiums above that, there's also a rooftop area that sits on the fifth level, a portion of that will be granted directly to the fire department for its use, for its continued use as they do on fire stations for training purposes. they will have access to that off washington on the fifth level, which would be one of the more extensive training opportunities from a fire station that are normally two or three stories at the most in height. so now when you talk about the agreement that is in the board file that is truly in front of you today. that is a conditional agreement, that means it is subject to further board of supervisors ratification post ceqa approval stood that occur. should not should that not occur to be a substantial modification that is unacceptable to either the developer or the city, this agreement simply goes away, and
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we take another run at developing the property. what this accomplishes, as i mentioned, is a new, more resilient, better functional fire station, the cost cap is $25.5 million. let me explain that a bit. what you're getting here is a privately delivered public asset the department of public works is working with me, of course, on this. this is very similar to the process we use with the expansion project of fire station one that was redeveloped as part of that project and delivered privately to the city pursuant to its specifications. we are following that process and frankly, learning from things that could have gone better on that project. we've already addressed those upfront here. we are getting better at this as we continue. the 25 by $5 million reflects the anticipated full cost of delivery of this fire station, and that is everything, soup to nuts, is my developer partner is
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here with us today who has said we were just short of noting the thread count on the linens for the beds, but it is very detailed in terms of the needs to be delivered beyond just the fire station itself. it will be a fully functional turnkey development. if we have cost savings, and we certainly will do everything we can to do that, let's say it is $24 million all in to develop the station, that $1.5 million gets paid to the safety at the close of escrow and is also applied to the affordable housing project at 772 pacific. inclusionary housing fees come from two sources, if you will. the housing linkage fee that is driven by the hotel, one by the inclusionary housing fee that is delivered by did 35,000 square footage of condominiums, and all told, that is approximately $9.1 million that will flow into the 772 civic affordable housing
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project. ted adams is here to address any questions you might have about that project and its timeline, but we have tried our best to sync up the timing of the permits that would be secured here, which triggers the payment of those fees and the readiness of 772 pacific to begin immediately thereafter. there's also a requirement of transferable development rights to address the f.a. are requirements on this site, that is a benefit to the city. the developer here will be paying the city for those transferable development rights estimated just over $3 million. lastly, because this is a development on formerly owned city property for housing purposes, you may recall that the board adopted an ordinance not too long ago that very specifically required such a development to add certain provisions. one prevailing wages, two, a car check requirement, and that will flow through to this development
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because it is happening on formerly owned city property for residential purposes, even if a portion of the property is or residential a residential and the after condition, so you will find that as a condition of the agreement in front of you today. what do we hear from the fire department. we may two presentations to the fire commission and we'll continue that dialogue during this design process. very strict specifications provided before we went out with this. i will thank deputy chief rivera , chief nicholson for some very hard work getting the specifications to a status that we were very comfortable with. seventy said yes, i will build that for you, and we could say yes, we will take that. also, i have to closely coordinate the construction start and the construction timeline to ensure that the logistics made sense of the temper a springing to other locations. to make sure it's safe delivery of services to the downtown area
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during construction, and bring them back to the finished site. and then lastly, there is a concern, and a valid one by the fire commission that we have very strict penalties for any delays, and that if there are financial penalties as a result, because the cost, the burden is on the fire department, those particular streams of revenue should go to the fire department we concur conceptually with that , also with -- we consulted with the city attorney with that and intent to count that as part of the ratification process once we get to that point post ceqa. what is next? after this, we will enter into that entitlement process. if ceqa approval is obtained, will be back right here with the ratification of the final agreement. there be several other ancillary documents around architectural, general contractor, associated cross easement rights, as you can see, this is very complicated, vertically
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integrated, there's a lot of adjustment that will flow from this. we will have all of those packages for the board, hopefully to consider on one very long day, but perhaps a bunch of them -- and that will be sometime in 2021. we would anticipate construction beginning by late 2021 and delivery into the new project in 2023. there are opportunities to accelerate that timeline. we will take advantage of those wherever we see them, but this is a conservative, realistic schedule to help you understand when this delivery would happen. i'm happy to answer any questions you might have. >> thank you. i think that was very thorough. this is obviously remarkably complicated, and i really appreciate your thoroughness. i'm actually amazed that we've gotten this far. i don't know if there any questions from committee members if not, mr. adams, is there anything you would like to add a relative to the 772 pacific avenue side?
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>> thank you, supervisor. i would only like to add that we are excited to see this project going forward, and its correlation with 772 pacific. obviously it is in our pipeline. we are anxious to getting it going and having semi- diked if -- identified funding through this project development is super exciting to us. it is not complete the gap commitment needed to, but it is a good step towards that. hopefully this will give us a project to work with. we are very excited. thank you. >> supervisor haney? >> so is there -- on 772, is there a plan for timeline on when that would break ground and what is the funding gap there? >> we are in a little bit of a reactive mode. we have to see if this project moves forward. we're in a position where we can adopt our timeline once we have funding identified and we can select a developer and move forward pretty expeditiously, so we will adopt our timeline to the identification of funding.
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the outstanding gap was given very early estimates. we still have approximately 15 to 17 million-dollar gap in addition to this $10 million. about $9.1 million that is identified here. this project and the fee that it generates as a complete picture, but it is a really important step forward. >> any other questions? question from you? >> no, i want to make a comment. i want us appreciate supervisor peskin. we had this conversation very early on, maybe a month or two into the election and we had a debate on the floor, and you took that debate and transitioned it to this particular property, resurrected something that he had been working on for almost a decade, and here we are, less then a year later, and we have a real opportunity to do something special, and we are not selling it as an opportunity for private investment, but we are really
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looking for it to maximize affordable housing. i just want to appreciate your leadership on that. >> thank you. any comments from fire? >> chief rivera, chief nicholson >> good afternoon, supervisors. chief janine nicholson, san francisco fire department. we have been working closely with john updike and with the developers to make sure that all our operational and logistical needs are met, and we are feeling really good about it and we support this project 100%. >> a new station 13 and new station 35, unbelievable. >> bring it. [laughter]. >> chief rivera, anything you want to add? >> assistant deputy chief tony rivera. i would like to add it has been a pretty good relationship with john updike and the team from
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related. i'm hoping that we will have a really great firehouse that will not only be able to help the citizens in the neighborhood to, but also bring us into the future. that firehouse should be replaced, and i think there's a great opportunity to see that come to fruition. >> thank you, tony. mr. wadey, anything you like to say on behalf of related? okay. why don't we open this up to public comment. other members of the public would like to speak on this item number 3? mr. wright? >> it sounds like a real good project, but it's just like the rest. the first speaker, s.f. viewer, please. the first speaker told me that they set the requirement medium at 60% of a.m.i., that's 48,000 $400 a year, said the lowest income that you accept to move
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in that apartment building complex, you have to make $48,400, that's 60% of a.m.i. that means everybody's income that is below that point cannot apply and be attendant in the building. this is a technique i have been demonstrating that is being used on every brand-new apartment building that comes out of the marital jaw office. it is a tracking device we discriminate against most vulnerable people who need housing, and by the same response, the income practice that is below this target that you are shooting for is a very same people that you campaigned that you wanted to help. by the same response, you are supposed to be incorporating rule for, ten-point to pertaining to redevelopment in the building a brand-new apartment building complexes which says, the community redevelopment law, at least 15%
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of all new and rehabilitated dwellings within the plant area by the project of the agency shall be affordable as the cost to persons a families a very low , and low-medium income, not less than 40% of the dwelling units required available for affordable housing cost persons and families a very low and low- moderate income should be available at affordable housing cost to very low and low income households. you said -- you are setting that income at 60% of the requirement and not fooling -- following this rule and regulation. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> supervisors, thank you. we caught wind of this project a little late.
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we have a long-standing organization agreement with the current property owner of the adjacent parcel 499 washington. on conversations with related earlier today and in good faith or discussions with them, and also the fact that the city will continue to review this project as it goes forward. we are ready to support this on the expectation that this project gives the same organizing guarantees that other hotel projects in the private sector as negotiated over the last couple of decades, so thank you. >> that shall come to pass, mr. lewis. are there any other members of the public here on this item number 3? seeing then, public comment is closed. supervisor haney? >> yeah, thank you. i just had a question. i think it is fantastic to be building additional hotel space as well, but the other three proposals, it looks like we are -- are all residential.
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is the main reason why this one was superior was because the benefits that it provided for the fire station in having the additional parcel? or is there anymore you can say about these other three proposals and what didn't meet the standards there? >> thank you, supervisor, a really good question. because there was already a not quite entitled project moving forward adjacent to the fire station site for a limited service hotel, to be fair to those people who are not able to pull off an assemblage process -- project, we compared how would this block move forward in terms of fee revenue with two separate projects versus one consolidated project, and, in fact, it did prove out our intuition which is the consolidated project -- because there is greater economies,
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there's greater gross square footage, even, though in terms of the parks and the whole was far greater. the revenue was higher and the fee revenue was higher with this proposal compared to the strict residential proposals tendered. they offered less money, and it delivered less affordable housing in lieu revenue. >> so less affordable housing in lieu revenue, but was it also less overall -- >> yes. >> well, affordable housing solution is 77 to pacific, so it is a question of how much inclusionary fee revenue each development would throw off. >> so none of the development have on site? >> no. that was not what our request was about, recognizing the difficulty, we were giving the developer to say, we have this fire station, you have to replace it with a brand-new,
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robust, resilient, seismically category four fire station. knowing that, no project would pencil appropriately, so that's why we tied it very smartly to a project that was in the queue, but lacked funds to move forward on pacific avenue. >> and by way of background, this board of supervisors purchased that site, thank you mr. updike for your help negotiating that deal, 2.5 years ago for the price of $5 million. >> that's a great deal. >> mr. updike, one quick question. again, thank you, supervisor peskin, thank you to the department of real estate, fire, everyone involved. i want to underscore a point mre hotel, again, this is my first opportunity to look at this,
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some really happy about that. i want to say for the record, it is a really important aspect, what about the health club and all the other things? because this is city property, will a card to check agreement to be part of the negotiated final outcome? >> as we understand, the card check issue applies to the hotel , the prevailing wage issue applies to the delivery of the project itself, so any aspect, contracting, subcontracting, that would apply, but i do not believe our legal analysis indicated a card check issue would flow to the health club. >> okay. we can certainly explore that further. >> we can tidy that up if that is an issue. >> that is an issue. this particular health club has been fighting card checks in san francisco at other locations, so i just want to say, for the record, it is important that the developer knows and those who
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are involved in the conversation , they are aware of that and that is something that is important to this board, board, that we would tighten it up. someone here, are you from related? oh, okay. mr. wadey? >> i just wanted to say, for the record, that that is something that is really important to this board. i think supervisor -- i think supervisor peskin and breed. just pay attention to the health club as well. you will be negotiating card check for the hotel, so make it as a point to underscore that for the health club, that would be imported -- important. >> so noted. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> colleagues, while this has been the subject of two previous resolutions as mr. updike stated , because of related timeframe to actually close escrow on the property next door
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, the future home of station 13, i am requesting that we send this to the board as a committee report for hearing tomorrow.
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>> and with that, i will turn it over to mr. corg circumstance. >> good afternoon, chair and supervisors. thank you for hearing this, as well. i'm the senior programme manager. the office workforce
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development. >> let me interrupt you. i have neglected my duty to say we've been introduced by supervisor normandy. if i turned my head to my left, i would have noticed that. >> i'm the office of economic and workforce development. i oversee an district on the county of san francisco. we're hearing the resolution to renew and expand the business improvement district. oewd to like to request two amendments to clarify typographical air. >> page 3, line 24 been should be page 10, line 15, read union business square district. >> this the oldest b i.d. and
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formed in 1999 for a duration of five years and renewed under legislation by chair peskin from 2004 to five 2005 and 200 2008 o 2009. this item authorize ballots. to the budget will have an assessment budget of 6,036,001le $8.88. the total will be $6,000,009,000,095. this will be the largest property base by assessment revenue in the county of san francisco. unfortunately, thi miss flood hs lost her voice. so with me is the director of public realm of the business
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district on the services, maps and vision for the renewed district. if there are no questions for staff, i would like to invite mr. silver to present on his presentation. >> if you, mr. corgus and i guess miss flood spoke to much on friday and lost her voice. i understand one of her other speakers for item number six is suffering from layer jointie communities. i won't keep too much of your time but wanted to go over a brief history of the union square bid and what we're all about, we're at 501-c4 founded in 1999 and we are currently 27
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blocks, about 622 parcels which makes up 1,000 storefronts. and, of course, being a bid by the property owners within our boundaries. currently our budget is about 3.7 million and i'll go over what we are proposing today. since inception we've raised $12 million. since 2010, those could be sponsorships, private funds, so on and so forth. we are bostonne boston bid govef directors and 50% have to be on behalf of property owners and 20% from businesses and elected by member. we're serving a ten-year term. and right now, we are proposing an additional ten-year term for our third renewal starting on
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july 1, 2019 and going through june 30 of 2029. right now we're proposing minimal changes to our boundaries. we're started back in 2017 and supervisor peskin was there since day one and we reached out to our member and have gone through this extensive community outreach process to ask the property owners, business and even residents what they would like to see in our district going forward and what kind of union square that the city would like to have in the future. based on a comprehensive survey with our property owners and stakeholders, there are 365 services again for cleaning, safety. our security camera programme will be enhanced and also, they've recognisedded the
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importance of public realm improvement and our choosing to invest in that, as well. so our appropriated assessment for this renewal will be 6 million. as i mentioned previously, we're proposing minimal boundary changes, as you can see to north of the district at bush and kerney, rounding out the district. what's a big change for this iteration of the bid is we're proposing two zones of assessment. zone one is clearly the core of the district, which is also, you see, the majority of the foot traffic, especially along powell, coming from the cable car turn-around. zone two is around the other areas of the district. in terms of the methodology, for this iteration of the bid we've gone with a fair and equitable assessment methodology that is based on the community benefit
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district in supervisor matt haney's be strict based on benefit point. so you can assume that as various land use ties residential properties, condominium properties and public properties, that they would assume various benefit points and those are directly related to the aesthetic, the cleanliness of the sidewalks, safety services that we provide and also the economic benefits to that. this is our proposed budget for our third renewal starting june 1, 2019. basbased on that extensive surv, we heard from that our businesses and our stakeholders, that they would want to see more cleaning, more safety services and certainly this budget reflects that at 74% of our budget dedicated towards cleaning and safety services.
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about 12% will be dedicated to public realm improvements, marketing events and advocacy and then, of course 14% for management and expenses. as i mentioned, our district will be divided between two zones of services. as you can see zone one will be investing in additional cleaning and safety services per day and your see the differences between the two. for example, cleaning ambassadors will be cleaning those businesses in zone one, four cleanings a day versus zone two and pressure washing will be done for those properties in zone one every week versus every weeks in zone two. all properties will receive services 24/7, 365, which is a crucial key to our organization going forward. and, of course, those folks will
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again from our security camera programme and so on. for our management plan, these are our current services that will also be giving as part of the iteration of the bid. for cleaning we address excessive trash and we work with to address legal dumping. we've removed hazardous waste like needles. we pressure-wash our situation and our businesses can call the dispatch line for any sort of sidewalk stains, et cetera. just some stats based on the calendar year of 2018, we removed over 572,000-pound of trash which is two full dumpsters a day if you think about that. and we also removed about 17,000 graffiti tags so they can be the
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slab stickers on the polls on the electrical poxes. we removed about 9,000 needles in 2018 and we for sure like to see that number go down. and in terms of safety, these are the services that we'll be providing for the management plan. we will address give panhandling. the primary role of the ambassadors is to observe, advicadvise and report so thesee the services we'll carry on for safety. also in the 2018 calendar year, we addressed quality life issues and that can be tresspass, drunken disorderly, and we pack a big punch. we make up less than 1% of the city's land mass but the general
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consumer goods are actually purchased right here in the heart of the city. also, 24% of the is ace transit tax comes from union square and we have 23,000 workers. together, our properties make about $6.2 billion in assessed property value. in adistinctiodecisionwe want tr peskin for making this a more vibrant lane and we access food, entertainment and public art and this is the the paparazzi dogs and it's instagram grammablables what we want in our city. last but not least, we do destination marketing and part of that was having winner walk on stockston.
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this brought 2.2 million visitors to union square during the holidays with a $47 million economic impact. so now that stockton has reopened, we're looking for a new home so we can continue that hollywood tradition in the bay area. holiday tradition. i want to thank you for your time. we're available for question. >> thank you. any questions from members or president xi? any members of the public who would like to testify on item number 4? if you'll line up to my left, your right, go ahead. >> hi, i'm don thomas and thank you, supervisor peskin and president xi. we've been involved with post and mason since 1986. we began to notice a difference
11:39 am
in this term that we use call clean and safe. having the block by block organization, the neighborhood street's team which is, i think, onwhich is one of the benefit's teams makes a difference. having 20 individuals that were previously homeless to now be gainfully end i employed is whan square means. we appreciate your support and we think clean and safe will make a difference for owners and guests and people that come to the union square area for the future. >> thank you. next peek, please. speaker, please. >> good afternoon. thank you very much for moving this item forward. supervisor peskin, you've been there from the beginning begin, as i have. i've been part of the bid from the very beginning and i don't want it to get lost in robbie's
11:40 am
presentation that we did extensive outreach and what the services and the enhancements that stakeholders union square and this is moving forward and it was the 24/7 camera monitoring, clean and safe dispatch. the zone one and zone two, zone one is going to be receiving double the services from the past with this new budget. this new budget is a 65% increase. so the members of the district overwhelmingly said we want more. it needs more and we're willing to pay for to get it. and so, i appreciate you moving this item forward and look forward to the next term of the union square i.d. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors, board president. i'm the general manager at the grand hyatt san francisco and i want to thank you for your time
11:41 am
and hearing about our requests. i am in support of the bid expansion and renewal. as the general manager of the hotel with colleagues from around the world, the clean and safety is of utmost importance and i have the unique scenario of living within the bid. i see union square early mornings, late in the evening and expansion of services are needed and there's nothing more important to myself regarding the safety of our colleagues and our guests and i encourage you to support this, thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors and thank you supervisor pekin for supporting the business district. i'm kelly powers and i'm the director of the hotel council and a board member of the improvement business district
11:42 am
and i enthusiastically support the bid renewal. the bid is important to the health and economic vibrancy of the hotel industry, our employees and that of the guests who stay if the hotels. the hotels work closely with the union square business improvement district to support programmes for clean and safe services that are greatly needed in our district from powerwashing, trash pick-ups to our ambassadors providing a welcomed atmosphere to the visitors that visit the union scarsquare area. these are critical services to the health and tourism industry in san francisco. i thank you for use consideration of supporting the renewal. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors and members of the lan use committee. my name is james goodie, the
11:43 am
chief financial office of trinity which owns several commercial buildings. trinity is a part of the business improvement district and one of the principles of trinity is on union boar squared of directors. i've been attending the bid renewal committee since june of last year and participated in the renewal process and have seen firsthand how well the organization is run, the caretables and visitors to union scare area and the thought that went into the renewal process. as a life-long bay area resident who lived in san francisco for over 20 years, i have spent an continue to spend a considerable amount of time both personally and professionally and in the union square area and have seen the changes that occur in the city and know the many challenges it faces. i would like to speak to one particular topic to the bid renewal today which is safety.
11:44 am
it is extremely important that the bid be able to continue to operate the surveillance system of 350 cameras and to increase the coverage from 60% of the district to 100% of the district. the renewal includes increased nighttime security and 24/7 dispatched services. the union square bid security services are a valuable tool keeping the area safe and protecting those that visit or work in the area. if the services were not renewed and expanded, union scare would not be a safe place. i would like to thank supervisor peskin and the other supervisors to hear this important item. please support the expansion of the bid. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, board. thank you for taking the time to hear this item on expansion and renewal of union square bid. my name a brandon davis. i'm the director of downtown
11:45 am
street's team and we support this renewal and expansion of union square bid. for those who aren't aware we run workforce development programmes, and at risk volunteevolunteer their time. the majority of what they're doing is removing debris, a meaningful daily activity and solution to homelessness and addressing cleanliness, safety and homelessness all at one. when we came to the city through years ago, outside of our seed funding, union scare bid was the first to invest if downtown street acetenyl since the and wn times over, remaining 1.2 million pounds of dedegree from this community, 48,000 needles, moved 47 into permanent housing and 69 and two employment for 90 days or more.
11:46 am
we would be unable to operate in the union scare community and we hope you'll renew this effort. >> thank you. necessity speaker work. and thank you for your work. >> this is casandra costello from sanfrancisco travel. good afternoon. union square is the heart of our city and a significant destination for our over 25 million visitors who come here every year. the visitors are spending over $10 billion and generating over $770 million in general fund taxes. it's important that union scare is safe and clean. as you heard earlier, the union scare is a flagship bid and sets the example for the other land-based cb d. they coul do a traffic job and y have an ambassador programme and their security camera programme, as well as one of the first to pilot the big belly garbage cans.
11:47 am
we're impressed how the bid can activate the public realm spaces. you've heard of the winter walk and thank you for the support of those efforts. we're pleased to see the proposed budget to expanded to $6 million. this will make a tangible difference on the streets and not only to visitors but people working in the district and people living in san francisco. so i would be happy to ask your your support for renewal to continue your work to beautify our city. >> thank you. next inspector, please. >> good afternoon. i ran here to support the bid renewal, literally. my name is kevin adler, the founder and ceo of miracle messages. we're a partner to the union scare bid. we're a nonprofit that helps people personsin experience homs reconnect to their loved ones. they record short video, audio and text messages to family and
11:48 am
friends and we have a network of volunteer digital detectives that help to deliver the messages to reunite them. union scare bid has been our first partner in san francisco and instead of giving you all of the numbers, i wanted to give you one story. so wayne cor nett had been on the streets for eight years and want dooring withouwandering wif hope. we had them record a message from wayne to his family. within three weeks, we found his niece jasmine who had been in san francisco wo wandering lookg for her uncle wayne. they were able to get reconnected. wayne is in the east bay after 18 years on the streets. that would not have happened without union scare bid and a few results from that, we've
11:49 am
given the first job to brian and beverly and are now living in the tenderloin. we received positive press from cbs and we started having inquiries from other city, counties and bids to expand this work. so in closing, i just wanted to express my sincere gratitude to the june square bid for the work we've done together and looking forward to expand on that into the new year. thank you. >> thank you so much. seeing no other members of the public, we will close public comments. sousupervisor ha h. >> this bid is in district 6 and looking password to partnering
11:50 am
with you moving forward and a lot of what you do is noticeable and impressive and i appreciate two quick questions. zone one and zone two approach and it's a new thing and i've been thinking about some of the things thinking about services and assessments in the other cbds in district six. is this something that the parcels themselves, the members that you serve have been largely supportive of. the only thing that i would flag here and ask about is there are parts of the bid area that are within district six that are in zone two that i would sort of view as higher need areas, some of the areas down along mason and taylor and sort of what has been the thinking there and providing some lesser services
11:51 am
to those areas. >> mr. silver? >> thank you for that question, supervisor. as i stated previously, when we embarked on our 18th month, expect outreach process, we began to look at zones of services thanks to our partner, who is right behind me who conducted our engineer's report. and through that very thorough process when we went out to those storieded and those property owners, part of what we have asked was if they prefer to be in zone one versus zone two or even have zones in general. having zones in general was an impact that our stakeholders and our property owners were supportive of. i'll go ahead to complete your question and turn it over to tim with mbs. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'll briefly answer your question or what your question
11:52 am
is about the use of zones is actually a very common thing. we researched about 20 bids all across the united states and i want to say 70% do use zones for various reasons. clearly with all of the outreach by the union square folks, there was a sense of the core and the other services and so the inner zone will pay essentially about 20% more than the folks in the other zone for the enhanced serviced and that's detailed in the engineer's report. >> i would like to add, soup store, that compared to current services right now, those properties and businesses in zone 2 will be receiving double compared to what we have now. >> wow, ok, thank you. but. >> pleasure. >> another quick thing, in some of the recent cbd renewals we brought forward, we had a
11:53 am
refusessereduced assessment lev. so in the outreach process, we're aware of two nonprofit owners within our district. but both residents and those nonprofits currently pay a lower rate in assessments and will continue to do so. as mentioned a lot of the big-bellied style trash cans. for the record, do you like this and are they working out? >> yes, we do. we started out with a pilot of five and then grew and expanded to -- right now we have 25 big bellies in our district. we hope that we can extend that in the future. although, it will take some
11:54 am
additional sponsorship revenue for byes and stakeholders to do that. but we are confident in the ability of that design of the big bellies have because it keeps folks from rummaging and spillage and our property owners are paying less from us having to keep going and then addressing those. >> some of the 25 are paid for by sponsorships, not out of your budget. >> we currently have a lease with the big bellies and then what we do to augment that cost is that we will do like a sponsorship and they do branding on the sides of the bins. >> got it, thank you. >> if there are no other questions from sou supervisors,l see you at the bay restoration area. (please stand by perform. by (.
11:55 am
11:56 am
>> it is really just to encourage the quality of life of our district, overall. our security ambassadors, we do those checks to see if those folks are okay and if they need certain services or not. >> is that happening now? are you saying you will increase that, or is this a lot of the safety services that you're talking about will just be competing or what is existing? >> the services we are promoting are happening currently, and will continue with the next iteration of the bed. >> okay. if there are no other questions from members, can we have a motion, previously described,
11:57 am
number 15 should be ten on page five line 16. we should replace north of tenderloin c.b.d. with union square b.i.d. motion to that effect made by supervisor safai and we'll take that without objection. we will take this item as amended to the full board without objection with positive recommendation. madame clerk, please read the next item. >> item five is a resolution declaring the intention of the board of supervisors to rename gilbert street to jeff adachi way. >> supervisor haney requested that the site and be continued. are there any members of the public who would like to testify on item number 5? >> good afternoon, jordan davis again. i didn't realize it would be continued but i just want to say that i was one of the many
11:58 am
people who was upset and worried about our future when jeff adachi past. and very supportive of this street renaming, but i want to say that this not one of those things that we can say one and done. we need to, as a safety, do better by our most vulnerable. we need to close juvenile hall and close 850 and reinvest in housing services and other life affirming programs that get to the root cause of transgressions we need to make sure that the public defender's office is adequately funded so our real-life -- real-life superheroes are not overworked and not paying -- not dying of heart attacks. street naming his are extremely powerful. once again i support this. if we don't do the work that transgender people are healthy, happy and free, it will not do justice to jeff's legacy.
11:59 am
pass this and do better. >> next speaker. >> i am going to speak now because i won't be able to come back when you next here this item. i have known and worked with jeff for many years. he supported me through the de-escalation training for the public defenders and the staff, which i did for over half his department. i really miss him, i am glad you're honoring him with this street name. i assume it will be approved unanimously, it will not be controversial, it will not be an issue, that department does amazing work. they save lives and thank you for honoring jeff. i'm sure his family will appreciate it. thank you, by. >> thank you, david. next speaker. >> committee members, senior disability action. i didn't know this is on the agenda, but i just want to go on the record as saying that jeff
12:00 pm
was good people, and jeff care deeply about the safety. i was very moved by his work and their sincere concern for the people of san francisco. you can only just say nothing but good things about him and positive things about him as a man, as a human being, as a person who believes injustice, and also as an artist much appreciation to him and his memory. >> thank you, sorry. see no other members of the public on this item, is there a motion to continue this one week motion made. we will take that without objection. madame clerk, next item, please. >> item number 6 is a hearing to receive presentations on the affordable housing resources for seniors, including but not limited to the existing portfolio