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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  April 30, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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(meeting in progress). >> we want to lift our heads high. thank you. >> chairman: the next speaker. >> good afternoon, my name is norma garcia, and i'm the director of policy for mission economic development agency. i am here to speak in
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favor of 190448 and request your support to support the resolution to support california senate bill sb686. sb686 would fund 20 neighborhoods across the state, including the mission promise neighbourhood. it formed in 2012 as a collaboration between the city of san francisco, the san francisco unified school district, and more than 20 based organizations, to bridge family economic security with student academic achievement in san francisco's mission district in the latino community. mission promise neighbourhood is based at five school district schools and three family resource centers, and connects thousands of families to services such as child care, pre-school, health care, housing, tax preparation, job training, and much more. over the past seven years, mission promise neighborhood has seen increased graduation rates, significant gains
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in kinder readiness, and accounaccountability in data sharing through our many partners. federal funding for the mission promised neighborhood and other neighborhoods is not assured. that's why we ask for your support for sb687 because686. thank you very much for your support. >> chairman: thank you. next speaker. >> president yee, and esteemed members of the board of supervisors. my name is freda asset, and i'm a proud san francisco native, and i ran the first non-partisan 5k, celebrating the number of women lacing up, getting physically active, and running for office, quite literally. and also, our event, importantly, elevates the importance of being healthy in mind and body
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to lead affectively. i'm here today with my fellow organizations to personally invite you to san francisco's first ever courage run on sunday, june 23rd, in golden gate park. whether your issue is gender parity, equal pay for equal works, health, housing, transportation, criminal justice, our civic efforts are ultra marathons. in response, we at encourage to run are creating a powerful space to pause and celebrate milestones along the way. it is one that truly celebrates women, cheers one another on to finish strong, and builds a vital set of skills for a strong inner game that strikingly embraces an athlete. because, let's face it, whether you're running a 5k or towards election day, it takes a lot of
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courage. join us in our growing coalition of more than 30 diverse national organizations that champion and train the next generation of civic leaders, as well as local leaders, emerge california, the bridge, women get it done, san francisco, and many more. all are welcome, no matter how you identify. all gender identities to physical capabilities. we invite you all to join us at the starting line on june 23rd. so let's bring on that courage. thanks so much. [buzzer] >> chairman: the next speaker. >> good afternoon board members. my name is shalan lu, and i'm with the chinese association based here in san francisco. i'm here to urge your support on supervisor mar's resolution to support the bay workers. i think it is perfect timing you honored small
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businesses this afternoon, and tomorrow is international workers day. we're at the perfect moment to take a moment to remember what are the sacrifices that immigrant workers who serve and drive the economy here in san francisco. too many times they're robbed of their rightful wages and respect at work. while the cafe is not located in san francisco, most of its employees live in san francisco, and one of its owners recently was able to purchase and take over running a restaurant in the sunset district here in our city. i wanted to share a few examples of some of the workers impacted by your support. awing, who lings with his mom, despite both working in the restaurant full-time. mr. lee, as a result of his lawoff, now lost his housing, and now has to drive to concorde six days a week for his low-paying new restaurant job. and a server who works two restaurant jobs seven days
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a week so she can afford for her daughter to continue studying chinese language and culture. so san francisco is a city that has long stood for workers and led the nation around, you know, setting the standards higher forory working people for our working people. so as workers are preparing to go and testify and relive their trauma so they can win their case in hearing in the next couple of weeks, having your support and knowing that the san francisco board of supervisors is at their backs is ever more important. so thank you so much for your support. >> chairman: thank you. next speaker. >> supervisors, ray hart, inspector san francisco, open government. know your rights under the sunshine ordinance. that admonition is printed on every copy of every agenda for every meeting for this board of supervisors. this might only seem ironic, but it is in fact belately hypocritical. thomas teaches willful
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ignorance of what one ought to know is a mortal sin. on the screen are the three dozen orders of determination i have gotten over the years for various issues related to one public. [audio shut off] >> by the way, remove the prejudicial introduction
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and use something fair. i have fought for over a decade to get what you actually say at a public meeting into the public record. it is amazing the length of time and the amount of energy that this city has expended trying to keep what i have to say out of the official record. nouyour clerk continues, after five determinations, to refuse to put it -- if you look at the ones that are on the screen, the six at the top are all boards and commissions that have put the 150-word summary in the minutes and have had no negative impact. [buzzer] >> chairman: thank you. next speaker. >> i have a tale of two
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tales. navigation systems have been in the news. drug users are allowed to be there, but they're not allowed to have the drugs or shoot the drugs there. so that means we're allowing a street -- a curable street existence for buy and sell, and a location to shoot up in the neighborhoods. this is basically not going to fly to help solve our problems. we know who does it. we know where to get them. but we don't know how to place them. another system may be safe injection sites, or may be even we can supply the drugs. now, if i was one of the 22,000 people in san francisco that had a home and a job and a drug addiction and i could handle it, i wouldn't sign up even if i got free
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drugs. but if i was down and out, hopeless and homeless, maybe i would. and maybe that would be the start of getting me some place where i could be normal. the next tale: the american dream, have a house in suburbia, coming to work in the city, jacket and tie, dresses. family, children, little legal dads and soccer moms, and every time we drive to san francisco, we are poisoning our children's future, our climate, our civilization. we're making rivers of poison for our freeways. we have to change, both locally, with our local drugs, and with the poison that big business has pushed on us for all of these years.
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[buzzer] >> thank you. >> chairman: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors, my name is david smith. i'm also a san francisco taxicab ma medallion holder. the reason why we're here is because going to the s.f. m.t.a. and the board of supervisors has just become a big waste of time. our situation is beyond a case of simple buyer's remorse. i mean, we cannot compete with venture capital uber and lyft. we can't subsidize cheap rides for people. the m.t.a. set the price that created this monster. and they agreed if the program were to fail or end, they would buy back the medallions and give us a prop "k"-earned medallions. obviously, this is not happening, and we're
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forced to fight uphill in order just to get anything. it is really sad. what can i say? we want the exit mechanism. it is in the rules and regulations of the m.t.a., and it is also in the contract between the san francisco federal credit union and the m.t.a. please, just get us out of this program. if we got into this situation with the market dictating the price like in other cities, like new york, it is somewhat understandable. but, once again, the m.t.a. created the price, they created the monster. [buzzer] >> how long do we have to beat the horse before we call it dead. it's dead. no one has bought a medallion, and the market has been open long enough to test the waters. it is not happening. it is not even worth $50,000. the longer we wait, the less it is worth. it is already worth
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nothing. we're minus zero at this point. thank you. >> chairman: thank you. next speaker. >> the legacy fund can have ovtime overtime, en encasig every business in the city. over the discretion of district supervisors. and law enforcement is understandably reticent about retrieving and impounding weapons, enforcing restraining orders at home addresses, and most home logs are of poor quality, and are easily defeated, and some can even trigger discharge if the weapon is loaded. so i'm unclear as to the supervisors' proposal. 27 of our schools are low
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performing. and nine are among the worst performing in california. according to state and local newspapers this past february. the programs should result in less money in the penal system, and the myriad of social services and subsidies. the city should provide quality education from all, and it should not prevent you, however, from taking into consideration strategic forecast of revenue downturn, the present economy notwithstanding. the city continues to provide counselling services for... [audio shut off]
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>> mr. president, i believe there is supervisor walton said 31 and 32 -- >> 33. >> i thought they said 31 through 33. >> just 31 and 3 3. >> let's take item number 32. >> and 34.
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>> and 34. >> on items 32 and 34, supervisor haney. > [roll call] >> there are 1 11 yeas. >> these two are adopted unanimously. >> item 30 is a resolution to recognize april 2019 as national donate live month in the city and county, and urging all san
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franciscans to register as organ and tissue donors when reapplying or renewing their driving licenses. >> this resolution recognizes april 2019 as national donate life month. urging all san franciscans to register as organ and tissue donors when applying or renewing their driver's license. we know this is vitally important, and there is a significant need in the community, especially for the asian-american, and african-american communities. more than 650 individuals are currently on the national organ transplant waiting list, and 22 patients die each day due to the shortage of donated organs. i hope we can get the word out to increase awareness around this issue. residents can sign up when renewing their driver's license. i personally just renewed my driver's license and
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also renewed my commitment as an organ donor and urge everyone to do the same. thank you to to the donor network for all of the work you're doing all year-round. >> thank you. i see to another names on the roster, and i'm not sure -- okay, can we take those names off. supervisor walton, were you going to speak on this item? >> no. >> okay. thank you. okay. thank you, supervisor fewer. with no objection, then this resolution is adopted. madam clerk, please call item 31. >> 3 1 is a resolution to support senate bill 686, which were enact the california promise neighborhoods act of 2019. >> okay. supervisor wal ton. >ton.>> i would like to propose a friendly amendment, on
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page 2, lines 19 and 20, and you all have a copy. after the words "successful model," i want to insert the language "include culturally appropriate agencies when expanding into more neighborhoods in our state." okay. >> so this motion to amend is seconded by supervisor ronan. can we take it without any objection? okay. can we take the same housing call as amended? seeing no objection, then this resolution is adopted as amended. okay. item number 33. >> item 33 is a motion to approve a final map, 9530820, residential unit, new condominium project,
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and to adopt the appropriate findings. >> thank you, president yee. colleagues, today i ask that we continue this item. no one has reached out to my office about any details of this project. and i was actually shocked to see this on the agenda. there i want to check in with public works and planning and all of the related parties of this project. >> second. >> there is a motion to continue the item. is there a second? >> second. >> seconded by supervisor haney. can we take this in house -- >> that will be until may 7th. >> continued to may 7th. can we take this same house in call? okay. then motion to continue passes. okay, that brings us to our last one, item number 35, madam clerk.
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>> item 35 is a motion to adopt findings in support of the board of supervisors' disapproval of the decision of the planning commission, regarding the conditional use authorization for the proposed project at 1052, through 106 1060 full sum fulsom street, and 190 to 194 full street. >> there is an order to recuse supervisor safai, who is not able to vote on this motion. >> is there a second? seconded by suf supervisor stefani. a roll call on the motion. [roll call]
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>> the motion passes. supervisor safai. supervisor peskin. >> thank you. i have circulated one additional whereas a finding, which would be inserted right before the move, that would be a new paragraph at page two, line nine, which is based on the record and testimony states: "whereas the planning commission did not have the benefit of a complete shadow study in the record before it at the time it issued its findings in support of the conditional use authorization, a fact confirmed by planning department staff at the planning commission hearing on december 30th, 2018. now, therefore be it, s it."
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so i would like to make a mobilization tmotion to insert . >> there is a motion made. is there a second? >> second. >> seconded by supervisor mar. can we take these -- this amendment, same house, same call? okay. so amendment passes without objection. so the motion -- can we take this item as amended, same house, same call? all right. with no objection, this motion is approved. okay. that brings us to...madam clerk, can you read the imperative agenda? >> yes, mr. president. on behalf of the president of the board, a resolution commending an honoring chief joanne hayes white for her outstanding as the
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san francisco fire chief of the city and county of san francisco. >> madam clerk, i need to confer with you a second. >> thank you, colleagues, for your patience. colleagues, we have an imperative item which requires the board to adopt to separate findings by eight votes, before unanimous adoption on the item itself. let's take the sunshine
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ordinance finding first. is there a motion that finds the resolution is purely commendatory for the -- >> it's purely commendatory. >> okay. so can i have a motion -- >> mr. president, i would move the brown act and sunshine purely commendatory findings. >> and also the brown act? >> city attorney, john gibner, because this is the first imperative item i think this board has considered, i think it is worth just a moment to talk about imperatives. generally, as you all know, state and local law requires that the board place on its agenda any
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item that you're going to vote on at any meeting. an imperative item is an item that the board adopts with no notices, meaning that no member of the public has an advanced opportunity to come and provide public comment on the item. the court will call for public comment on this item, but at this point in the meeting, only one member of the public is here. in order to qualify as an imperative item, as president yee mentioned, the board must vote by at least eight votes that the item is purely commend commendatory, and must vote with at least eight votes, that the board did not have notice of the need to pass this resolution by wednesday morning, the deadline for submitting a resolution to the clerk. those are both judgments for you to make about any imperative item. if you make both of those
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findings, the resolution -- the underlying resolution requires an anonymous vote. >> okay. so there was a motion for both those items. is there a second? >> second. >> seconded by supervisor walton. roll call, please. [roll call]
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>> we are getting to the end of the meeting so can you please read the in memoriam. supervisor peskin, again, did you want to speak? your name is on the roster. thank you. madame clerk? >> today's meeting will be adjourned in memory of the following beloved individual on behalf of supervisor mandelman, for the late ernest ernest chafaella. >> colleagues, that brings us to the end of our agenda. as her any further business before us today? >> that concludes our business for today. >> alrighty, we are adjourned. [♪] .
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>> shop and dine the 49 challenges residents to do they're shopping with the 49ers of san francisco by supporting the services within the feigned we help san francisco remain unique and successful and rib rant where will you shop the shop and dine the 49 i'm e jonl i provide sweets square feet potpie and peach cobbler and i started my business this is my baby
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i started out of high home and he would back for friends and coworkers they'll tell you hoa you need to open up a shop at the time he move forward book to the bayview and i thinks the t line was up i need have a shop on third street i live in bayview and i wanted to have my shop here in bayview a quality dessert shot shop in my neighborhood in any business is different everybody is in small banishes there are homemade recess pesz and ingredients from scratch we shop local because we have someone that is here in your city or your neighborhood that is provide you with is service with quality ingredients and quality products and need to be know that person the person behind the products it is not
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like okay. who . >> my name is dave, and i play defense. >> my name is mustafa, and i am a midfielder, but right now, i am trying to play as a goalkeeper, because they need a goalkeeper. >> soccer u.s.a. is a nonprofessional organization. we use sports, soccer in particular to engage communities that can benefit from quality programs in order to lift people up, helping to regain a sense of control in one's life. >> the san francisco recreation and park department and street soccer u.s.a. have been
8:34 pm
partners now for nearly a decade. street soccer shares our mission in using sport as a vehicle for youth development and for reaching people of all ages. rec and park has a team. >> i'm been playing soccer all my life. soccer is my life. >> i played in the streets when i was a kid. and i loved soccer back home. i joined street soccer here. it was the best club to join. it helps me out. >> the tenderloin soccer club started in the summer of 2016. we put one of our mini soccer pitches in one of our facilities there. the kids who kpriez the club team came out to utilize that space, and it was beautiful because they used it as an opportunity to express themselves in a place where they were free to do so, and it was a safe space, in a
8:35 pm
neighborhood that really isn't the most hospitalable to youth -- hospitable to youth playing in the streets. >> one day, i saw the coach and my friends because they went there to join the team before me. so i went up to the coach and asked, and they said oh, i've got a soccer team, and i joined, and they said yeah, it was he for everybody, and i joined, and it was the best experience ever. >> a lot of our programs, the kids are in the process of achieving citizenship. it's a pretty lengthy process. >> here, i am the only one with my dad. we were in the housing program, and we are trying to find housing. my sister, she's in my country,
8:36 pm
so i realize that i have a lot of opportunities here for getting good education to help her, you know? yeah. that's the -- one of the most important things that challenge me. >> my dad was over here, making some money because there was not a lot of jobs back home. i came here, finish elementary in san francisco. after that, i used to go back to my country, go to yemen, my country, and then back here. last time i went back was a couple years ago. >> i came here six months, i know nobody. now i have the team has a family, the coaches. amazing. >> i'm hoping for lifelong friendships, and i'm super inspired by what they've been able to achieve and want to continue to grow alongside them. >> i love my family, i love my team. they're just like a family.
8:37 pm
it's really nice. >> street soccer just received a five year grant from the department of children, youth and family, and this is an important inreflection point for street soccer u.s.a. because their work in our most important communities is now known beyond just san francisco recreation and park department, and together, we're going to continue to work with our city's most vulnerable kids and teach them to love the beautiful game. >> i want to tell everybody back home, i hope you all make it over here and join teams like this like street soccer u.s.a., and live your life. get a better life. >> right away, just be patient, and then, everything will be
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okay. >> the office of controllers whistle blower program is how city employees and recipient sound the alarm an fraud address wait in city government charitable complaints results in investigation that improves the efficiency of city government that. >> you can below the what if anything, by assess though the club program website arrest call 4147 or 311 and stating you wishing to file and complaint point controller's office the charitable program also accepts complaints by e-mail or 0 folk you can file a complaint or provide contact information seen
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by whistle blower investigates some examples of issues to be recorded to the whistle blower program face of misuse of city government money equipment supplies or materials exposure activities by city clez deficiencies the quality and delivery of city government services waste and inefficient government practices when you submit a complaint to the charitable online complaint form you'll receive a unique tracking number that inturgz to detector or determine in investigators need additional information by law the city employee that provide information to the whistle blower program are protected and an employer may not retaliate against an employee that is a whistle blower any employee that retaliates against another that employee is
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subjected up to including submittal employees that retaliate will personal be liable please visit the sf and information on reporting retaliation that when fraud is loudly to continue it jeopardizes the level of service that city government can provide in you hear or see any dishelicopter behavior boy an employee please report it to say whistle blower program more information and the whistle blower protections please seek www. >> we're here today because the let's play s.f. initiative is committed to building new opportunities for childhood creativity and play. let's play s.f. is a public-private partnership between recreation and park and the san francisco parks alliance
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give them a big round of applause. [applause]. >> which led to a citizen task force that unanimously recommended 13 playgrounds to be renovated all across the city as the first step in inspiring community creativity and wellness for 20,000 children. we are breaking ground today on not one, not two, not three, but five playgrounds. i skipped number 4, but 5 playgrounds. [applause]. >> we are breaking ground right here at panhandle, we are breaking ground at alice chalmers, at mclaren, in merced heights and in sergeant mccauley in the tenderloin. we are here today in the panhandle because these types of partnerships, in this kind of investment in parks takes leadership. we are joined today by not one, but two elected officials from
8:42 pm
this community, from this neighborhood. both of whom have served on the board of supervisors. one of whom has graduated to a different office. so it is my incredible pleasure to introduce our mayor, london breed, and we want to thank her for keeping equity. [cheers and applause]. >> we want to really thank her for keeping equity at the center of what we do here in parks, and what we do in our city. from playgrounds, to access to more open space, these are all incredibly vital to the health and welfare of all san franciscans, and we are so grateful for mayor breed charge at leadership. it is your turn at the microphone. >> thank you. thank you. welcome to the panhandle. you know, i am so excited to be here because this project specifically, and in this particular playgrounds right behind me, it has been a long
8:43 pm
time coming. this community has fought to really improve playgrounds throughout this district, and we are doing it one playground at a time. i grew up not too far from here in the western edition. i spent my whole childhood at margaret hayward playground, and i'm so excited because we just broke ground a few months ago, and that place is going to be transformed to something that's absolutely unbelievable, and will serve young people for generations to come. the work that recreation and parks department continues to do to invest in our recreational assets all over san francisco is critical to ensure that we have a healthy san francisco so that our kids grow up and stay have the opportunities to enjoy themselves in these incredible play structures. now we've spent a lot of time playing, but we also spent a lot
8:44 pm
of time messing around in the parks. you know what i mean, hanging out, talking, swimming on the swings, when the swing would break, we would figure out creative ways to put the swing back together again. we were resilient in our parks back then and we will continue to be resilient in our parks now this is an incredible opportunity made possible not just by the support of the parks department, but because the voters, time and time again, continue to support initiatives that allow for us to invest in these parks and playgrounds is why we are able to really transform parks all over san francisco in such an amazing way we do it also because of our private partners, and we are so grateful that the parks alliance and the work that they continue to do to fund raise more parks in san francisco is critical to our ability to do projects like this. i know that the family
8:45 pm
foundation is here today. thank you so much for your investment and so many incredible opportunities, as well as jeff here from the foundation who continues to really make these incredible investments. it means a lot, it is so great to have an incredible leader and phil ginsberg and the members of the commission who time and time again bridge those gaps with those partnerships, so that we can do everything we can in this city to make sure our recreation and parks space, our facilities, are the best anywhere, because we love our parks, whether it is running through them, whether it is playing basketball at them, whether it is swinging in the swing set, whether it is playing checkers like i used to do, i don't know if anyone still plays checkers, but i played checkers and chess in the recreation centers and monopoly. whatever it is, to ensure that
8:46 pm
these safe, great spaces are available to young people is so critical, and that is why san francisco is such an amazing place, and i am just so happy to be here. it is a long time coming." congratulations on this part here in the panhandle, and so many other recreational spaces that we know are going to be transformed so that these young folks can visit parks all over san francisco and have an amazing time. thank you all so much for being here. [cheers and applause]. >> our other district five champion has been an advocate and commute -- and community member in this neighborhood for 25 years. she is the heartbeat of district five and is continuously fighting for what's best for residents, families, and children. supervisor brown has worked hard to ensure that playground play is accessible for all ages and abilities. she has become one heck of a park champion. it is my privilege to introduce
8:47 pm
supervisor vallie brown. [cheers and applause]. >> thank you, thank you everyone for being here today. thank you to the donors, all the children that are here, because this is going to be -- you will be here in the next couple of years having a good time, but i also want to thank the neighborhood groups because i remember, as a legislative age going out and starting to talk to the neighbors about doing this. i remember some neighbors said you are going to take away our park? our playground? this is -- we use this all the time, but what was really amazing is how the haight-ashbury community, north of the panhandle community, we have lilo gail and charles here from north of the panhandle community, and others who said yes, let's do this. how can we help? and that is how we create these amazing parks. i've been around a long time. i've been a legislative aide and it has been so much fun to watch
8:48 pm
these different parks and recreation centers open up, like hamilton. hayes valley playgrounds. now the panhandle park. we are actually standing in one of the oldest parks in the city. this area of the park is 100 years old. isn't that amazing? and to think that it is beautiful, when i ride my bike through here on my way to work back and forth, i love seeing this park active. i love hearing the kids yell and scream and laugh. it actually brings me up, especially when i've had a hard day, and to have this park, into have the kind of playground that we will have is so amazing, and to be able to have kids get out, and we all know that when kids go out and they play, they are actually, they are smarter. they actually solve problems
8:49 pm
easier, they get their vitamin d , all the great things that you need to become an amazing adult, and we are going to see that from these kids who come and play. i want to thank everyone for coming today. it is atypical haight-ashbury day. we all have our jackets on, and thank you, and let's play. [cheers and applause]. >> the let's play initiative would not be possible without the incredible partnership with the san francisco parks alliance they help provide opportunities for all children to have safe, imaginative, welcoming places to play. through our partnership, and through their work, generous donors have contributed nearly $10 million towards our collective 14.5 million-dollar philanthropic goal. the recreation and park department simply could not have a better partner than all of the
8:50 pm
hard-working staff and board members in the san francisco parks alliance speaking on behalf of the san francisco parks alliance today is the chair of the board of directors, liz farrell. [applause]. >> thank you all for being here. on behalf of the parks alliance, i would like to thank me or breed for your support, and for being such a champion of parks and public spaces, and for continuing to make that a priority. thank you. thank you to our supervisors for your support, intercourse thank you to recreation and park, you without your partnership, let's play s.f. would not be possible. playgrounds are one of the most equitable things we have in our city. these playgrounds will help transform the lives of over 20,000 kids, and some of our most high need neighborhoods. playgrounds are a wonderful place for kids to create, play,
8:51 pm
and explorer, and as a mom of three kids myself, i know how important playgrounds are for both physical and mental health. i look forward to these playgrounds and all playgrounds in our city being a wonderful place for people of all ages and backgrounds to connect and celebrate what truly makes our city so great together. thank you. [applause]. >> all right, now you get the pleasure of hearing from two neighbors and community members. they are involved in organizations whose kids use this space every day. first up, i want to welcome rodney chin to the microphone. rodney has been a key panhandle community leader. he is involved in the ymca afterschool program at new elementary schools and the ymca has been a great partner in our system. together we worked to work to
8:52 pm
make sure our kids have healthy and safe places to play. rodney? [cheers and applause]. >> thank you. >> thank you, everybody. it is a great honor to be here today as a resident of the ymca, we let you know that we do run two afterschool programs in the panhandle area. new tradition school has over 200 kids in that school, and also the chinese immersion school which is here. so this panhandle playground falls right in the middle of both sections that we operate our programs in. it is so important for our kids and their families to have a place to come together and recreate together. growing up in san francisco, as a native san franciscan, and no current resident in d5, there are not very many places where kids can just come on their own and play it like i used to be able to do growing up. so this is a great place to bring family together, families
8:53 pm
feel safe, and just part of the community. we are so thankful that the parks alliance and the park and recreation departments have come up with this great plan for the panhandle. thank you very much. [applause]. >> and now you get to hear from a long time panhandle resident, father of new traditions and an elementary school student, and in his spare time, not only is either involved in the san francisco parks alliance, but he was actively involved in the community process to redesign this playground. welcome tim sieber. [cheers and applause]. >> longtime residents. i'm starting to feel like an o.g. here in the panhandle, i guess. it is really great to have all of you here today surrounded by friends and community members and folks i know from school and longtime neighbors. we have lilo gail and london breed and vallie brown, this is exciting. i'm really happy to see it, and
8:54 pm
drinking is incredible. if you haven't seen the plans, you really have to take a look at this, but it is already starting to come into shape here i have no doubts that the next generation is going to enjoy this park is not as we have. we have had events from pacific primary preschool going back a few years to new traditions, as was mentioned, to all kinds of gatherings of friends and students and what have you. i'm very excited to see this here, and very excited to have you all here today. [applause]. >> thank you, tim. before we get to the business at hand, we don't do this alone, there are a number of acknowledgements we want to make i want to start by thanking some of our additional elected leadership you're here today because of their incredible support, supervisor safai from district 11 is here, you might notice that he is one heck of a park advocates. you might notice two of the five are in his district.
8:55 pm
thank you for all of your work. i also want to acknowledge the vice president of the recreation and parks commission who has helped guide the entire let's play process, and has made sure that our funding is in place, and that the process has been transparent. it has had a significant amount of community input. thank you commissioner alan lowe [applause]. >> the mayor acknowledged a few special people who are here, but we could not have done this without our incredible, passionate donors who really care about kids and parks. so let me also acknowledge jeff farber, the chief executive director of the foundation. thank you, jeff. [applause]. >> jody pritzker. [applause] which one are we from? they have been incredibly generous neighbors and involved
8:56 pm
in not just this project, but also the tennis center project in golden gate park. thank you for all of your interest in parks. amy rubino, the director of the foundation family fund, thank you to amy. staff from san francisco for sports and recreation. thank you for your entire grapefruit stepping up here. anna, you have been amazing, i also want to acknowledge a captain from park station. [applause] i want to acknowledge jim elling from kaiser, they have been an incredible partner with us and supporting the playground, also present today our energy and robert from the parks and recreation open space advisory committee, thank you to prozac for all of your support and involvement. we have our construction and design team here. i want to thank contracting and
8:57 pm
rha landscape architecture. thank you for this. i also want to thank the city staff that's been involved in the design process. i saw albert from public works here. thank you for your incredible partnership. to my own team, to caribou prior to is not only involved in the panhandle project but hoping to drive the entire let's play initiative and our general of the let's play initiative who keeps his -- this whole thing moving, our director partnership , lisa branson. [applause] , and lastly, we have community representatives from all five of the sites here today, so again, let me run through and acknowledge the sights. thank you to steppingstones preschool and all of the kids for being here today. [cheers and applause]
8:58 pm
thank you, guys. here to break ground at merced heights, and i think we get to do a couple times, but edna james. one of the city charge of most enduring park advocates. aerial, the sports director of jamestown community center who will help me break ground and supervisor safai at allis chalmers right now. we have representatives from north the panhandle neighborhood association in addition to tim, and rodney. we have charles and lilo. thank you for being here. north of panhandle neighborhood. and then i always referenced anna who is also here representing the central city s.r.o. collaborative and sergeant john mcauley, thank you to all of you for being here and caring about kids and our playgrounds and our parks. let's break down -- ground and get these construction projects
8:59 pm
started, so the mayor will lead us in a countdown and what i would love is for aerial to join me in front of allis chalmers and supervisor safai, you get to hit both spots, liz farrell and the kids from steppingstones and captain bailey in front of the mclaren playground, edna and supervisor safai at merced heights, and then mayor breed, supervisor brown, kids from steppingstones, charles, tim, lilo here at panhandle, and commissioner lowe and anna g. at sergeant mcauley. >> everybody ready? let me just make sure. are you already? five, four, three, two, one.
9:00 pm
[cheers and applause] >> good morning. the meeting will come to order. this is april 24th, 2019 a gu