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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  May 1, 2019 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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turned over into more of a complete set of contract documents that emphasize performance outcomes rather than prescriptive pieces of equipment and layout. what that means, we have every opportunity between now and the issuance of the r.f.p. to think about what types of outcomes are important to the city. so whether that's maximizing energy efficiency or minimizing carbon footprint, two sides of the same coin, whether it's making allowances for specific access for staff training opportunities, those are all areas that we have the opportunity to develop and put into the contract bridging documents that the parties responding would be taking into account and obligated to provide. >> i guess this is a question for the city attorney. are there restrictions how we can do that?
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if we want to say the city and the utilities uses classifications represented by -- we want you to use the same unions, that labor workforce development programs that we have are aimed at preparing people for both public and private employment, and we want those programs to have access to these jobs as well as others. how do we make that happen? >> i think one way you've done that in the past is by putting particular projects under the p.u.c. existing p.l.a. >> okay. >> that would be an option for this contract, which the commission could approve, adding this contract to the p.l.a. and that would then go into the r.f.p. >> am i correct, typically we don't get to do that when we are awarding contracts.
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p.l.a. -- we don't have contracts that say you will be part of local 38. >> the p.l.a., i'm, i would defer to staff on the details what the p.l.a. says. generally requires the use of union labor. >> right. >> i don't know the specificity about the local. >> i think we have to build in that language right now the p.l.a. is only for construction and does not deal with operations. >> ok. >> can i ask, add one other thing. so, we are looking at the facility not just for people to come in and operate it, but a training facility for our own people. a lot of these types of small plants are actually going into a lot of developments in san francisco over the next 10 to 15 years, and we are going to have to create a strike team that knows how to operate these smaller plants, and this is a good opportunity to have like a
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training facility where we can put in the contract that they have to train our people and how to operate these types of facilities going forward in the future. so we don't have just a need for the small plant on treasure island, we have a need for a lot of the new developments in san francisco that will have plants of this size going in that we are negotiating, whether or not we are going to accept them and run them in the future. >> yeah, and i was wondering, even if they are just package plants, that would be available. but that's -- >> right. >> that's not what i'm primarily interested in. i guess the -- this item itself is fairly narrow. it says we want to use and we want to pursue a variance of the board of supervisors so we can use this kind of contract. i'm fine with that. but i want to make sure is that
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as we go down that road, assuming we get the variance, and we do the overall design, that we are -- we, p.u.c. staff and the commission itself are able to make sure that is consistent with our environmental objectives, the one water policy that we have adopted and take advantage of opportunities that are really pretty unusual starting from scratch for all of it to come up with a small community to design and build and run the way we think a community should be in this day and age. so, i would want to make sure that this commission is involved in the review and approval of those designs at a point when they can still influence things. and we don't typically approve r.f.p.s. i think something prior to an
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r.f.p. would be appropriate for us to review in this case. it's kind of unusual. and also to deal with the various labor issues throughout there. because it's important to us, it's important to the city, and we need to make sure we find out how we can do that, and matter of changing the p.l.a. for operating positions, i don't know what bucket of snakes that is, but if that's what it takes to get it down we should be thinking about it and talking to people about it. so i want to make sure as we go down this path that we have review and approval opportunities and they don't just sort of go on. >> i would like to echo particularly environmental components to see if we really could use that as a test bed. i know a lot of conversations over the years and sustaining planning in 2011 was done, which was probably the last time we
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even talked about this in-depth. as well as, i think it was also slated to be a clinton net 0 site at some point, and c40 has done work looking at treasure island, the same reasons lifted up, that it's a brand-new development and a lot of opportunity to showcase some of the work, not only at the p.u.c. but happening in other places and to look at water and energy and the things that are sweet spots, and also what does the carbon footprint look like, green infrastructure, sea level rise, resilient strategy be. so, what could be some key components that we could put into the r.f.p. to attract some of these great thinkers and doers around environmental resiliency and climate resiliency. >> we are putting out the design guidelines put out by tida for the project, and i agree. >> we do know somebody on the --
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>> on tida? >> on tida. some familiarity. >> stakeholder that we can bring in. >> there may be some opportunities for some real collaboration there. >> yeah. >> i would like to move the item. >> i'll second. >> president caen: public comments on this item. all those in favor? opposed? certainly had quite a bit of input. next item, please. >> item 15, approve a form allowing cleanpowersf customers
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to receive supergreen 100% renewable energy service under a multi-year service agreement. >> utility specialist with cleanpowersf, here to request your approval of a form agreement to allow cleanpowersf customers to enter multi-year green service. primary goal enable large commercial customers to enter into the agreement, but anticipate the agreement could be used more broadly for my customer who wants to demonstrate a commitment through green power and cleanpowersf. a little background. lead as you probably know is a widely used building certification system for green buildings. administered by the green building council and the latest version, v4, includes a green power and carbon offset category, allows up to two
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points to use 100% renewable green power, carbon offsets to cover a project's energy use. if you choose power, must be green certified and all the power within that mix should come online. cleanpowersf meets the requirements and they wondered if we could have an agreement to get the green points for new projects for services they are already getting. so the agreement presented to you today replaces our standard month to month service with the multi-year commitment. it offers no special pricing or cost protections, it's simply a term of 1 to 5 years that the customers select and upon completion of the term, return to the normal super green service. should the customer terminate early, we have structured a one-time fee that varies by rate class and is equal to one month
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average super green premium. we see this agreement as a really easy way to offer benefits to both customers and the cleanpowersf program. potentially adding additional value to the super green service they have, and for cleanpowersf, a good way to promote super green service, customer retention and satisfaction. there's little additional cost or administrative burden to offering this sort of agreement. and finally, we see this agreement as really laying a foundation for future product offerings. we are considering agreements that would be tied to specific renewable energy projects or ones that would offer special rates, and those agreements would have different terms and would be presented to the commission at that time, but we see this as a step in that direction and a straightforward agreement that allows us to provide some real value to customers asking for it. so with that, thank you, i'll take any questions. >> a couple.
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the lead requirement to get the couple points is about a five-year commitment? >> yes. >> for power? >> commissioner moran: looking at the agreement for the termination provisions, i understand the logic behind them, they look fairly gentle. and that a person, if they were not acting in good faith, could sign up for five years and then after they got their certification could say well, never mind. and the price for that would not be very high. so, and that would primarily be a lead concern, i would think. on the other hand, i don't want us offering a product that ends up being a sham. so, what i'm trying to figure out is if there is a way that we can either time limit this program or, and basically monitor any kind of termination history that we have, and give
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us the opportunity if it looks as though people are exiting prematurely, that we can change the offering in an appropriate way. within this program as it's laid out, is that something that would be subject to review and revision as far as new offerings of contracts as we go forward? the individual contracts would be for five years, i assume. but if in year two of this program we decided we don't like it anymore, we would have the authority to terminate or change the program? question mark. >> the question is yes and we can bring it back to the commission. bring reporting on customer participation and activity on a regular basis so that the commission understands how customers are behaving, that have signed up. and we can set a term to come back for reconsidering the form,
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too. if that's of interest. >> commissioner moran: i would like some routine reporting on this kind of thing that i expect there would not be a whole rash of activity that would need frequent reports but something frequent enough that keeps us on, stays in our mind that this is something we need to pay attention to. and you know, so if we had an annual report on that, that would be fine with me. i would also ask that if you start seeing activity, that is of concern or note in any particular way that you come back to us and inform us of that. >> absolutely. >> commissioner moran: the integrity of the program i'm most concerned about and i don't want it to be, i don't want us to be such good guys we get taken advantage of. that said, i think it's a great program. >> president caen: residential? >> we think this is really primarily to benefit commercial but for residential customer they may want to demonstrate a commitment to the program, they
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may want to kind of make a more formal commitment, like the p.r. value, the bragging rights for being clean energy over multiple years. >> vice president vietor: and what if the house sells? commercial, the commercial business sells. they have to pay their fee, i would imagine, but -- is there an opportunity to pass on the contract? via deed or what not, to the next homeowner? >> the agreement is with the account holder, so it would terminate at the time the business or a resident -- >> vice president vietor: and pay a fee. a lot of motivation for a homeowner to do it, besides a gold star. but -- >> commissioner moran: green sticker. >> vice president vietor: green sticker, gold star, same idea.
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especially if at some point people move relatively frequently, and then they would have to pay a fee to terminate. >> forgot to introduce myself, michael himmes, to be frank, i think you are right, we are not sure how much this will attract residential customers as is, aside from the -- for the reasons that miss almond just mentioned. there may be some residential customers that are very motivated, and exception to that, though, could be a multi-family building, which of course is residential, but you know, has a commercial purpose and they may want to receive lead certification potentially. but miss almond in her remarks mentioned we think this is kind of a first step. what we are trying to do is act quickly to respond to our
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customers' interests. our customers have told us that they would like to be super green customers, partly because they want the lead certification, stamp of approval for the buildings. so we think this is something that we can provide under the context of our existing super green offering, but one thing we would like to do that we have been talking about is a multi-year agreement that conveys additional benefits to customers like a fixed price for example, or i think as miss almond mentioned, associated with the specific project that gets developed as a result of their commitment. now, for that type of product i would anticipate we would have much more significant termination fees because we would be making a real multi-year commitment and fixing costs and making commitments on our end. but under this agreement, we are not necessarily changing our behavior or risk profile as it relates to the super green
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products. >> commissioner moran: and i think -- i think you are probably right about the single-family home. but multi-family developments, lord knows the permitting process is competitive in the city and if that's part of the mix to come before the permitting bodies and say no the only are we going to talk a good game, but here is a commitment. i think that there is real value for our office building, we have bragging rights that we use all the time about the nature of that. so i think there's real value here, even though it does not come out in rights or anything like that. >> vice president vietor: yeah, i think it would be nice to hear back from you in a few minutes, what the incentives should be to encourage the multi-year commitment. and you don't have to pay a bill every month or something, you know. you could -- and some people might like that, it's like they
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are taken care of for the year, one bill, right? because it's multi-year agreement or something that would make an incentive or whatever speaks to the people's desire, and part is the green star. it might be permitting question, it might be, you know, that you want to build, you want to see a project come to fruition in your neighborhood or in california, what have you. so, to understand for us to understand like what the incentives could or should be for this program, i think would be great. moving along. >> commissioner moran: let me just ask, i'll make a motion to amend the resolution to include annual reporting requirement. >> president caen: thank you. >> vice president vietor: i'll second the amendment. >> president caen: ok. public comments on the amendment? all those in favor? opposed? the motion carried.
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now we vote on the amendment -- excuse me, the resolution, that includes the new amendment. >> vice president vietor: i would like to move the resolution as amended. >> commissioner moran: second that. >> president caen: public comment? all those in favor? opposed? the motion carries. [please stand by]
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>> asking you to approve the project and adopt the mitigated negative declaration that is contained in here. it does not include funding that is part of the annual budget process that you see coming forward. so we recommend approval of the project as it is. >> second. >> comment on this? >> next item. item 17 i prove the selection of
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aecom technical services to provide construction management services for the proposed mountain tunnel improvement project, not to exceed $24.5 million. i would like to notice that the commission did receive two additional letters this morning, one from deputy agm of the contract administration bureau dated -- i'm sorry, that was from steve wing dated april 21 and one dated april 19 from ms. fine and there are companies in the public binder. >> good afternoon. assistant general manager for infrastructure. this contract would be for $24.5 million. it is for construction management services because we will have continue to have multiple shutdowns for mountain tunnel and construction to do repairs, add a shaft, do road work, slope stabilization work.
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we went through the interview, the rfp process had interviews and evaluated written proposals and the firms were ranked. and acom was the top ranked firm. epc responded shortly after, but staff feel pretty confident we should move forward with aecom. i can answer any questions. i also have the city attorney here who worked with us on the response. >> i read the letter and reviewed the materials and i'm ready to make a motion. i'll move the item. >> second it. >> thank you.
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comments on this item? seeing none. all those in favor? opposed? the motion carries. so, shall we read items to be covered in closed session? >> yes. item 20, is existing litigation, joseph versus city and county of san francisco. 21, existing litigation. 23, existing litigation, pacific gas and electric. 24, existing litigation, pacific gas and electric. are there any public comments on
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the items to be addressed during closed session? seeing none, may have a motion on whether to assert? >> i'll move to assert. >> second. >> president ye all /* we are going to take five-minute break. maybe eight minutes. >> [laughter]. the commission has now reconvened in open session. the announcement following the closed session is the following. item 20 was settled. items 21 through 26, no action. >> just to clarify on item 20, it was a recommendation to the board of supervisors, so there is not a final. >> recommendation to the board of supervisors. thank you. that's because of the amount of
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money, correct? >> correct. >> may have a motion regarding whether to disclose? >> move not to disclose. >> second. >> all those in favor? opposed? the last item, other new business. i have something to bring up. i was wondering why the commissioners have not gotten a raise -- [laughter] -- or, i don't know, how many years? and that's true of other commissioners that serve on commissions that have compensation. could somebody look into that? >> who? >> i think it's hard wired to the charter.
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>> i'll have to check if it's charter. >> i think the rate of compensation is the charter. by the way, which bargaining unit rcmp -- are you in? >> back in 1932, that was a special amount of money. >> it's in the charter? >> good try, ann. >> we'll research it and get back to you. >> okay. all right. any further business? seeing none. this meeting is adjourned at 3:45.
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>> good morning. we gather here today. welcome. we gather here on the 113th anniversary of the great earthquake to remember those lost. every year since the 190s -- 1920s would gather like today. several years ago once all of the survivors passed away, we pledged to be here to continue this rich tradition. as our native son summed up perfectly, san francisco is the ultimate survivor. now in a few minutes we will hear from some of our esteemed from san francisco. mayor london bead and the fire
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chief -- nay orlon -- mayor london breed and more. of course, let's not forget the 2019 survivor honoree donna. let's hear it for her. [applause.] >> that is right. these folks will tell us in a few minutes about preparation what to do and their preparation to get through the disaster such as 1906. a special thanks to the guardian of the city. give him a nice hand everybody. the guardians of the city are charged with preservation of the city emergency service history. thanks to the fire, police, department of emergency management and sheriff's department for continued suppo
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support. dave, of course, a personal friend is th the straw that stis the drink and sweeps up so no one sees the mess left behind. a hand for ron ross. he is a founder of the san francisco history association. ron is the second longest attendee after donna. this is his last wreath hanging. he is retiring after forming it is 1982. we also want to thank ed ruskin and the m.t.a. for the streetcar. to my good friend who is the performethe prfor making this h.
12:31 pm
a big hand for big lee. is the mayor here? >> you look great. you look fantastic. our mayor is here. she is a native daughter of the city who happens to be the mayor. the pride of the high school. a successful product of the inner city. please welcome our fine mayor, mayor london breed everybody. [applause.] >> mayor breed: thank you. good morning, everyone. now we know that if there were a woman mayor in 1906, this is how she would dress. i am here to celebrate history in san francisco because many of us who grew up here, we know that san francisco is earthquake territory. we grow up and learn from day one it is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when.
12:32 pm
in school we learn drills and the history of the city in terms of what happened during the 1906 earthquake, the loss of lives, loss of first responders, the destruction of our city, the challenges that exist there, but we also learn about the resilience of our city and how we bounce back, we rebuild, and we make sure that san francisco is better and stronger than ever. we continue to do that time and time again. i was here during the 1989 earthquake, and we rebuild. we also continue in this city to focus on emergency prepared necessary to ensure that our first responders have equipment and support they need. ensuring we put forth
12:33 pm
regulations for seismic safety for new development. ensuring that we make sure that every time a challenge comes our way, we come back stronger than ever. that is what being from san francisco is about. it is important today we remember our history. that we talk about the challenges that exist during 1906. we talk about the people and the folks that really help to rebuild san francisco. today marks the time in history, one where we have seen some of the photographs, some of the discovered footage of just really how amazing san francisco was and what happened during that time. we look at san francisco and hear about what a beautiful city it is and continues to be. i am really excited to be here to celebrate with guardians of the city who continue to protect that history. i am here and excited to be with
12:34 pm
so many of our first responders from the fire department, police department, department much emergency management. people ready to roll up their sleeves for the city. donna is dressed up just to remind us of an amazing lady who supported our fire department who helped build the tower, who contributed to san francisco, who continues to give of herself to ensure that we stick together, support one another through the challenging times and yes today during the good times as we celebrate. thank you all so much for being here this morning. what a happy and exciting occasion and what a great time to be from san francisco and to be your mayor. thank you, i am honored. [applause.] >> well, the mayor looking
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classy as ever upfront today. only to be equaled by our next guest. this guy is personifying big city politics. he wears his age so well. one of the best mayors ever in the town. mayor willy lewis brown. let's hear it for him, please. >> good morning to each and every one of you. were you pleased with what i chose for london to wear today? doesn't she look good? that is outrageous, outrages. she reminded me that the outfit she is wearing was my age. (laughter).
12:36 pm
i didn't like that either. we are here, obviously, we do this always as the mayor says to remind people who we really are, and believe me we have been doing this for so many years. when i was first running for mayor. he said something about a fountain. i had no idea what it was. it was no fountain. it was offensive and what have you. there was a fellow working for me named ed lee. i said if you want to keep your job, you get that god damn fountain working. he went on to be the mayor and the fountain still works. there is a guy assigned to do nothing except make sure that water is running if i pass that fountain. i love that.
12:37 pm
that reflects the ingennowty of this -- ingenuity of this city. when donna shows up and gets out dressed by london breed, you know there is a new generation, new day and new time. welcome to all of you to this year's celebration. thank you. [applause.] >> always a part of every historic occasion. fantastic. our next guest is within 15 days every timer. days of the retirement. she is tough, fair and tells a good story. welcome fire chief joanne hayes-white everybody. [applause.]
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>> good morning, everyone. thank you for being out here and preserving our rich history and tradition. i am grateful this will be my last time up here as chief of department. it is a phenomenal privilege and honor to sheriff as your chief for 15 years. today is about three things. we started this back a long time ago. now we are talking about 113 years commemoration. we commemorate those that suffered great losses and injury, including the fire chief in 1906, 113 years ago. we celebrate the city's resilience and use this to know about the important of disaster and emergency preparedness. all of the departments are working shoulder to shoulder to make sure we are ready when that challenge coming for us.
12:39 pm
thank you to all of you here this morning. thank you to the men and women of the san francisco fire department. you are here this morning. neighborhood emergency response team program is wonderful. to mayor willie brown and mayor london breed and someone to be celebrated every day all about preserving the city history. 45 years you have been doing this. thank you very much. also, i was given a picture. i will continue to carry with me. this is willy del monte. he died in 2016. i want be to honor him. the guardians of the city for wonderful work and big thank you to the fire commission president here with me over 25 years of service to our department. i would like to call you both
12:40 pm
up. i know we are on a tight timeline. our new fire chief will be taking the oath. i am proud of her. thank you very much. have a wonderful day. [applause.] >> the new chief following the old chief. it is going to be fantastic. it is funny. this guy has been on the job three years. he is a straight-shooter. his wife is also a member of guardians of the city, which is cool. welcome chief bill scott, please. >> good morning. it is hard to follow mayor breed
12:41 pm
and mayor brown so i want to echo a few things said. i want to thank everybody for being here. these are moments we can remind ourselves how this city comes together. san francisco has a rich illustrious history of rising to the occasion. in times like these, that is exactly what we do. i want to put a plug i for our program. we get by with volunteers. people come together and they work and they volunteer. thank you all for being here. i want to recognize the men and women of the san francisco police department standing on the perimeters. [applause.] >> i want to recognize our great sheriff and law enforcement partners and all of our san
12:42 pm
francisco sheriffs. this is the sheriff's last year at the celebration. i want to recognize vicky. give her a round of applause. thank you. >> chief scott, come on now, we are getting close. >> right now it is time to bring up a person that is really cool. she is the head of the department of emergency management. would you please welcome director maryelllen carol. >> it is wonderful to see everyone here. i want to thank mayor london breed for being here.
12:43 pm
you look amazing. i want to thank all of the others chief scott and vicky. all of you who have been wonderful mentors to me in my new position, and i am humbled to be here to share the stage. i am going to be quick. with the department of emergency management. what it does is around personal and community preparedness. a couple directives today. one is to go to it is a great website about how to be prepared. on this beautiful morning when everything is great for the next morning we might wake up and things are not so great. secondly, you can sign up for alerts with sf alert. text 888777, put in your zip code. we will senduallerts about all
12:44 pm
kinds of things that might help but particularly natural disasters so we can contact you. today if you are signed up we are doing a drill at 11:00 a.m. we are here for you. one of the most important things we the department of emergency management drew is to communicate with all of you in the event of anything happening. please sign up. thank you for being here. i will turn it back to bob. [applause.] >> all right. it is almost 5:11. i will put these folks on alert. the mayor, we are going to hang the wreath right after our minute of silence which is right now to remember those who perished and those who survived to rebuild san francisco. please, 30 seconds of silence
12:45 pm
right now. >> thank you. here is the sound of the siren. we will remember those who passed and for us to be ready for the future. [ sirens ] >> for those who perished and survived to rebuild san
12:46 pm
francisco, let us continue. if the mayor would gather up here on stage to hang the wreath everybody. >> we have very inexperienced wreath hangers, ladies and
12:47 pm
gentlemen. nice job. how about a nice hand for our wreath hangers. we are going to do a little singing. we will sing san francisco. do you want to start it with us? >> thank you for coming. here we go. one, two, three. ♪ it only takes a tiny corner of this great big world to find a place you love ♪ ♪ my home upon the hill, i love you still ♪ ♪ eye hav i have been aware bm back to tell you san francisco
12:48 pm
open your golden gates, you will meet no stranger ♪ ♪ san francisco here is your wandering no more ♪ ♪ other places make me love you best, tell me you are the heart of the golden west ♪ ♪ san francisco, bring me home again ♪ ♪ i'm coming home to go wandering no more ♪ (applause). >> fantastic for 5:15 in the morning. we are going to 20th and church. if you want you can be in this streetcar number one for the ride up to the golden hydrant. it is right over here. right here. look at that.
12:49 pm
right there. if you want to join us, please do. we would like to thank you for being here for this great day. we will see you next year, god willing. >> it's great to see everyone kind of get together and prove, that you know, building our culture is something that can be reckoned with. >> i am desi, chair of economic
12:50 pm
development for soma filipinos. so that -- [ inaudible ] know that soma filipino exists, and it's also our economic platform, so we can start to build filipino businesses so we can start to build the cultural district. >> i studied the bok chase choy her achbl heritage, and i discovered this awesome bok choy. working at i-market is amazing. you've got all these amazing people coming out here to share
12:51 pm
one culture. >> when i heard that there was a market with, like, a lot of filipino food, it was like oh, wow, that's the closest thing i've got to home, so, like, i'm going to try everything. >> fried rice, and wings, and three different cliefz sliders. i haven't tried the adobe yet, but just smelling it yet brings back home and a ton of memories. >> the binca is made out of different ingredients, including cheese. but here, we put a twist on it. why not have nutella, rocky road, we have blue berry. we're not just limiting it to just the classic with salted egg and cheese.
12:52 pm
>> we try to cook food that you don't normally find from filipino food vendors, like the lichon, for example. it's something that it took years to come up with, to perfect, to get the skin just right, the flavor, and it's one of our most popular dishes, and people love it. this, it's kind of me trying to chase a dream that i had for a long time. when i got tired of the corporate world, i decided that i wanted to give it a try and see if people would actually like our food. i think it's a wonderful opportunity for the filipino culture to shine. everybody keeps saying filipino food is the next big thing. i think it's already big, and
12:53 pm
to have all of us here together, it's just -- it just blows my mind sometimes that there's so many of us bringing -- bringing filipino food to the city finally. >> i'm alex, the owner of the lumpia company. the food that i create is basically the filipino-american experience. i wasn't a chef to start with, but i literally love lumpia, but my food is my favorite foods i like to eat, put into my favorite filipino foods, put together. it's not based off of recipes i learned from my mom. maybe i learned the rolling technique from my mom, but the different things that i put in are just the different things that i like, and i like to think that i have good taste. well, the very first lumpia that i came out with that
12:54 pm
really build the lumpia -- it wasn't the poerk and shrimp shanghai, but my favorite thing after partying is that bakon cheese burger lumpia. there was a time in our generation where we didn't have our own place, our own feed to eat. before, i used to promote filipino gatherings to share the love. now, i'm taking the most exciting filipino appetizer and sharing it with other filipinos. >> it can happen in the san
12:55 pm
francisco mint, it can happen in a park, it can happen in a street park, it can happen in a tech campus. it's basically where we bring the hardware, the culture, the operating system. >> so right now, i'm eating something that brings me back to every filipino party from my childhood. it's really cool to be part of the community and reconnect with the neighborhood. >> one of our largest challenges in creating this cultural district when we compare ourselves to chinatown, japantown or little saigon, there's little communities there that act as place makers. when you enter into little philippines, you're like where are the businesses, and that's one of the challenges we're
12:56 pm
trying to solve. >> undercover love wouldn't be possible without the help of the mayor and all of our community partnerships out there. it costs approximately $60,000 for every event.
12:57 pm
undiscovered is a great tool for the cultural district to bring awareness by bringing the best parts of our culture which is food, music, the arts and being ativism all under one roof, and by seeing it all in this way, what it allows san franciscans to see is the dynamics of the filipino-american culture. i think in san francisco, we've kind of lost track of one of our values that makes san francisco unique with just empathy, love, of being acceptable of different people, the out liers, the crazy ones. we've become so focused onic maing money that we forgot about those that make our city and community unique. when people come to discover, i want them to rediscover the
12:58 pm
magic of what diversity and empathy can create. when you're positive and committed to using that energy,
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