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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  May 3, 2019 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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programs. at that summit, we also doubled down on san francisco's commitment to using 100% renewable energy by 2050 and be powered by 100% renewable electricity by 2030. that is a lot of numbers, i know [applause]. >> it means a great future for our environment. and to help us get there, i pledge to only build zero net carbon buildings by 2030 and 2d carbon ice all of our existing buildings by 2050. [applause] these are really bold commitments, but they are necessary. we are taking the action needed to get there. inmate, we will introduce an ordinance to transition private commercial buildings of 50,000 square feet and larger to 100%
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loop -- renewable electricity. [applause]. >> we're not only going -- we are not going to only do this all at once, we are going to start with our largest buildings by 2022, and phasing in smaller buildings over time. we need our largest buildings, which are some of the largest energy lead users to drive us to the 2030 goal of 100% renewable electricity citywide. we need more san francisco buildings to be just like st. francis hospital which is why we are here today. [applause] st. francis hospital is a super green hero, clean power s.f. super green customer powered by 100% renewable energy. if that is not raising the bar
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and setting a great example, i don't know what is. by the time that we are done, san francisco's downtown and the entire city will be powered by 100% renewable electricity. earlier this month, i was proud to announce that san francisco has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 30 6% below the 1990 level. and our goal is 25%. we exceeded our goal and we know that when we make significant investments in significant changes and working together, we can get to great things for our environment. this program will take us even further. with 100% renewable electricity, the largest electricity users can be zero carbon by fully electrifying and getting completely off natural gas. [applause].
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>> with 100% renewable electricity, our privately owned zero emission vehicles will truly be zero emissions. that is why today i am directing the department of the environment to convene a public private task force to examine how best to electrify san francisco's buildings. my all electric pass to zero emissions will be a collaborative one. we will work with our local businesses, our building owners, environmental group, labor, and community-based organizations and others. renewable electricity today is our path to in all electric zero emissions tomorrow. [applause]. >> now i know that we are all excited about what we're talking about here because this means a better and brighter and cleaner
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future for our planet, and we want everybody else to get excited as well, which is why the collaborative approach is so important in working with our partners to achieve this goal and that is so important. today's announcement is just one of the many exciting programs we have rolled out during the month of april to celebrate earth month. at the beginning of the month, i was proud to announce the largest and last major enrolment of our clean power s.f. program. the city's local renewable energy plan managed by the public utility's commission. by the end of earth month, we will have enrolled over 250,000 new customers. [applause]. >> which will bring us in total with 360,000 accounts throughout san francisco. when you combine all of these
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new residents and businesses that are powered by clean power s.f., with places like city hall and to the airport that are already served by clean power, the city meets 80% of the electricity demands in san francisco. that's 80% of the city receiving clean, renewable energy from local utility with public oversight. what an amazing accomplishment. [applause] just as important, we'll be taking the revenue from our clean power s.f. program and investing that back into the community and making sure that we continue to create incredible clean and green jobs in our safety, in our own communities, meaning more renewable energy projects, more well-paying jobs, right here in the city and county of san francisco. this has just been an amazing,
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amazing accomplishment for our city, and we know that working together this is why we have come so far. today we celebrate, but we know there is still more work to be done, and i, along with so many incredible environmental leaders and members of the board of supervisors are committed to getting the job done. our future and our planet depend on it. now i would like to introduce the district five supervisor who has been an environmental champion. supervisor vallie brown. [applause]. >> thank you, mayor breed, and happy earth day. when people say to me, what can i do to make a difference for our environment, i would say to them, start small, don't use plastic bags. refuse and reuse and refuse, or refuse and reuse. don't reuse, refuse.
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thank you. anyway, that is a little tongue twister, but i also say, you know, do small things like cleanup your neighborhood and clean up the ocean when we go to the beaches. those things can really make a difference, but one of the things that we also look at, we want to look at big things. right now we have been doing a pretty good job with cars. we have electric cars, gas efficient cars and that is half of our pollution, what you have to realize is the other half is coming from buildings. that was something that is really interesting. most people don't know that, so in february, i introduced legislation that was efficiency legislation where we will look at buildings, residential buildings to see how much they use. because if we don't know, how can we move forward on policy, but this particular legislation as a is a benchmark legislation because this actually helps us
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work for larger buildings. these larger buildings, they can create a lot of pollution, so having this legislation here today and bringing this forward, and having our different partners that actually pushed forward and want to have a clean building is so important. we have to think greener, and we have to think cleaner. thank you very much. [applause]. >> sorry, i forgot my amigo here next, as always, my partner in crime, and a lot of the legislation that i am doing for environmental is supervisor safai. >> thank you, everyone. it is an honor to be here today. i want to thank mayor breed for her leadership. it is not easy to tackle these issues. we make these announcements, we make these proclamations, and we say we are going to do these
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things, but a really takes bold, visionary leadership, and the mayor has stepped up from the moment she took office. we made an announcement last year that talked about cutting our waste by 2030. that was a very bold step. we put some legislation forward to talk about diverging our trash and sorting it from landfill. that was a very bold step and here we are today talking about cutting energy efficiency in half and a very aggressive manner. we are starting with large buildings, removing our way down to medium size buildings, then we will end up with those that are 50,000 square feet over the next decade. these are really aggressive moves outpacing many of the national goals that have been set, but in many ways, we are in a crisis. we learned at the paris accord that we have 12 years to really take aggressive steps to her first climate change. things that we are doing here in san francisco matter.
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the national sierra club for the great work they are doing, the local sierra club, our own department of environment and p.u.c., we are leaders on a national level when it comes to these steps. i just want to say, thank you, mayor breed, thank you supervisor brown for the great work you are doing. we will continue to fight each and every day to take bold steps it is now my honor to introduce jody vanhorn for the national sierra club to talk about the great work they are doing all over the united states. >> thank you. happy earth day. i want to thank mayor breed, the board of supervisors, the departments of the environment for giving us such a wonderful thing to celebrate on this earth day, and thank you also to my fellow environmentalists who came out today, in particular, the bay chapter of the sierra club, mother his upfront, and 350 s.f. bay area. my name is jody vanhorn and i am the director of the ready for
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100 campaign which works with cities and towns across the country to accelerate a just and equitable transition to 100% clean renewable energy. the pursuit of clean energy is no longer just an idea. it is a movement of students, businesses, faith leaders, mayors, and community members and hundreds of cities and towns across the country who are working to move away from fossil fuels towards an economy powered entirely by clean energy. since the ready for a campaign started in 2016, we have seen cities and towns take the lead in envisioning how a new energy future can look in this country. local communities are setting the bar for climate action where our federal administration has failed to act. today, four states and 120 cities across the united states are united in pursuit of that goal to be powered entirely by
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renewable sources of energy like wind and solar. nearly 70 million people or one in five americans lives in a place that is committed to transition to a future that is powered entirely by renewable energy. it is clear that the action we need to globally is being led locally. through actions like today's commitments by the city of san francisco, the clean energy transition is building from the bottom up. we are so grateful for our clean energy leaders like mayor breed who in september of last year as san francisco hosted the summit joined our mayors for 100% clean energy initiative. in doing so pledged to set an example for other mayors across the country by turning ambition into impact, just as she is doing today by establishing this important mandate for renewable energy use in commercial buildings. indeed, that is the whole reason for mayors for 100% clean energy we want city leaders to support
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one another and learn from each other so that we can replicate and catalyze bold actions to address climate change right now san francisco has long been a leader and has one of the most aggressive targets of any major city to achieve 100% community-wide clean energy by 2030. mayor breed's announcement shows the city is willing to turn ambition into measurable action to deliver on these goals. and mayor breed knows that setting a big target -- target is not enough. worries need to be backed up with action. as we have seen all around us from wildfires in california, to storms and floods i have ravaged other parts of the country, the effects of climate disruption are having profound effects. working together now to equitably address these threats to our families, to vulnerable communities, into future generations, is no longer a choice to be made, it is our only option. thank you to the city of san francisco, the department of the
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environment for recognizing that climate change is not just our obligation, but an opportunity to breathe clean air and live in a thriving communities for generations to come. happy earth day. thank you. [applause]. >> thank you, jody. my name is debbie and i am the director of the san francisco department of environment, and i'm thrilled and honored to be out here on this beautiful day joined by the sierra club, joined by mothers out front, joined by all the people of san francisco who care so deeply about this issue under the leadership of late -- mayor breed. our next speaker is really the reason why we are here today. so dr. david klein, the c.e.o. of this hospital understands that healthcare is not only about the health of the individual, it is about the health of the community and of the planet. and under his leadership, and his willingness to take a step
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forward, he said, i know what we need to do, we need to show the world what is possible and we will do that through the operation of our building. with this, let's welcome dr. klein. [applause]. >> thank you, debbie, and thank you mayor breed, we are so pleased to be here with you on earth day to address this very important topic. in december of 2017, our dignity held hospitals in san francisco, both st. francis and our sisters hospital became the first hospitals to sign up for clean power s.f. charge of super green at 100% renewable power. switching was as easy as a phone call. as a health system, dignity health is committed to reaching 35% renewable energy usage and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by the year 2020. these are goals that we are well on track to achieve thanks to the partnership with organizations like clean power,
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and the city of san francisco, in fact, i'm proud to report that by switching to super green 100% renewable power, our hospital now avoids more than 2 million pounds of carbon dioxide, and that is equivalent of about 218 cars driven for an entire year. a really remarkable number. [applause] thank you. a dignity health, we believe what is good for the planet is good for the patients. i do applaud the work of the mayor, the mayor's office, clean power s.f. and the many other partners towards sustainability in san francisco. thank you very much. [applause]. >> that concludes our press conference. thank you all so much for being here. i am so excited about the work that san francisco will continue to do to be a leader on really contributing to changing how
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people think about what we can do here locally to protect our environment. we know that people reach out to us from all over the world on our incredible environmental policies, and this just takes as a step further to reaching the goals where we can make sure that we have a cleaner, greener, planet -- cleaner, greener planet for future generations. thank you for being here today. [applause] >> when i open up the paper every day i'm just amazed at how many different environmental issues keep popping up. when i think about the planet i want to leave for my children and other generation, i think of
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what contribution i can make on a personal level to the environment. ♪ clean power sf is san francisco's key way of fighting climate change by renewable energy and offering it to san francisco customers. i'm from the san francisco public utilities commission. the program came about with state wide legislation in 2002 to enable people to take more control over supplies. i first heard of the program when the organization was advocating to launch clean power sf. what i'm most excited about, it's going to bring 100% renewable energy to my home and reinvest into renewable energy
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infrastructure and jobs. i had gone to a lot of street fairs and heard from the staff at the san francisco public utilities commission to sign up for clean power sf even before it launched. >> we learned about clean power sf because our sustainability team is always looking for clean operations. linkedin is the largest online network. there are about 530 million members using our site. in this san francisco office there's about 1400 employees working in roughly 400,000 square feet. >> after signing up for the program we heard about the san francisco program and learned they had commercial rates and signed up for that. i'm the co-owner of the new wheel electric bike shop. we opened this store in 2012 and
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the new wheel sells and services electric bikes. 11 people work here in san francisco and our store is about 2,000 square feet. electric bikes are fantastic for transportation in the city, they're clean and green and you get places faster than any other form of transportation. it amplifies the power, it doesn't replace it. it makes it easier to get places by bicycle and it's so enjoyable and environmentally friendly way to go and more convenient in san francisco. >> clean power sf requires two products, green, 40% renewable and competitively priced with pg and e. for those who want to fight climate change more, 100% renewable at $0.02 per kilawatt.
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>> i decided to go with the super greens, after finding it only to cost about $5 more a month to have super green, that's a no-brainer, i can do that. >> we were pleased that clean power sf offers the super green 100% for commercial entities like ours and residents for the city of san francisco. we were pleased with the package of services for linkedin and now encouraging our employees who have a residence in san francisco to sign on as well. >> clean power sf buys its power from renewable plants that feed the energy directly into the grid. >> there's a commitment to sustainability throughout the entire organization and this clean power opportunity reflects that. >> one of the wind farms we use
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is the shilo wind farm and that is large enough to be able to provide energy for up to 200,000 homes. >> our mission is sustainability, even though our bikes are minimal energy use, it still matters where the energy comes from and part of our mission in sustainability is how we run everything -- run our business. having the lights come on with clean energy is very important. >> the sunset reservoir has solar panels that take up about four city blocks covering the reservoir and the solar power generates energy for city resources and clean power sf for residents participating in the program. >> it was easy to sign up for the program, i went online to and i started getting pieces in the mail letting me know i was going to
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be switched over and it just happened. when i pay my bill, i still go to pg and e and i don't see any difference between now and a year ago. >> sign up online, just have your account number ready and it takes about two minutes and there's nothing to install. no lines are getting connected to your home. all the power goes through the existed power grid. >> we haven't had any problems with the switch over to clean power. >> it's super easy to sign up. our book keeper signed up online, it took about 15 minutes. nothing changed but now we have cleaner energy. >> we see clean power sf as a key strategy to meet renewable energy goal, we have a goal of 50% renewable energy by 2020. currently we have enrolled about 86,000 customers across the city. about 20% of what we hope to serve in the future and in the
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next two years we'll offer service to all san francisco electricity customers. >> an easy way to align your environmental responsibilities and goals around climate change and it's so easy that it's hard to not want to do it and it doesn't really add anything to the bill. >> joining clean power sf is one of the easiest ways to fight climate change, receiving cleaner energy at low and stable rates, you're helping to support a not for profit that helps influence the energy grid and produce more production. >> i would encourage any business to seriously convert to the clean sf service. it's good for environment, business and the community. >> you can sign up online our call and the great thing is, you'll have the peace of mind that you're doing your part in your household to help the environment. ♪
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♪ . >> let's get this party started. welcome to the golden gate park tennis center. good morning. i am phil ginsburg the manager of the san francisco recreation and parks department. it is my pleasure to welcome you here. you would think the bryan brothers answer arena were red -- serena were ready to play.
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this place has a buzz thanks to champions of tennis, golden gate park, our city. this facility is going to undergo a $27 million renovation starting almost today. it will transform this 125-year-old site, yes, we have been playing tennis since the 1890s. they have hosted billie jean king. so many more. this place is called the cradle of champions. one champion who i want to focus on is alice marble. an outspoken advocate for de segregation of american tennis. de segregation of this court
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came to the first african-american player to compete in the grand slam event in 1950. the tennis community continues to grow and she played here. [applause.] when we opened the doors on the lisa and doug goldman tennis center in late 2020, our department is going to continue to strive to provide more opportunities for active play, to continue to encourage the next generation so that they can become the next serena williams while providing more diverse recreation activities for everyone. thank you. when the new facility opens there is going to be an awesome mural in the new clubhouse which i will talk about in a second. it will say two simple words that will forever and will
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connect san francisco to the sport of tennis. those words are love all. [applause.] this new facility will have an expanded clubhouse with a play player's lounge, recroom and kitchen. lights to add 20,000 hours of play, a beautiful garden for socializing, watching the sport, relaxing, and this will be the future home of the tennis learning center program. some of our kids and staff are represented here with the mayor, which is our youth development program that provides tutoring, tennis instruction and youth development for our kids. this center will build a diverse range of players for the future from tennis to the growing sport of pickleball.
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and to the age-old we play the support of ping-pong. this project, this was the little engine that could. we weren't sure always we would get there but we got here. this project might just be 10 years old at least. i am going to introduce our mayor who had the privilege of working on this when she was supervisor. she has been a steadfast champion of this project, of parks in general, and most importantly, of making sure all of our kids have the opportunity to thrive both in the classroom and on the court. ladies and gentlemen, our mayor, london breed. (applause). >> mayor breed: the truth is i am not good at tennis. i am not great at ping-pong. i didn't know what pickleball
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was until i sponsored the legislation on the board of supervisors for this incredible project. the fact is when i was a kid growing up in san francisco i had access to our parks, and we had a tennis court, we had ping-pong in the rec center, we had basketball, incredible playgrounds, we were so lucky to walk across the street in the summer and participate in the free lunch program. because of this tremendous amount of support that we get from our recreation and parks department in san francisco, we provide an opportunity for young kids, for seniors, for communities to grow and thrive and enjoy the outdoors in such an incredible way. we do this not just with city resources, we do this because so many incredible people like the folks here today contribute financially to make projects like this incredible project a
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reality for those in san francisco. i am so excited what this will do to change lives all over the city. the thing that i want to highlight with the work that is going to be done with so many young people is the opportunity to provide transportation to this tennis center so that young kids like the ones behind me can have access to a world renowned center in our city right here in golden gate park. this is made possible, yes, because the genre russ voters here -- voters support the park fund and we make every dollar count. to get the projects done faster, we rely on the support of contributors. mr. toby is here. he is an incredible contributor
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to this project. i want to acknowledge him and his family foundation and the incredible support of lisa and doug goldman who continue to support mr. and mrs. goldman who continue to support incredible projects all over the city. thank you to the corrett foundation. those were major contributions, and there are so many other people, whether you gave $5 or $5 million, every dollar that you gave made this project possible and you all should be proud for your contributions. i want be to thank each and every one of the tennis folks in the room. there are so many tennis people who make sure we protect the tennis courts in our city. that is so important. like i said, even though i tried
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and i wasn't that great, the fact is i had a place to try. that is what counts because you never know when you are going to basically create the neck serena williams or anyone else. we have to make sure those opportunities exist. thank you all for being here today. we are breaking ground today. i hope to see you back in 2020 when we open this brand-new incredible facility. [applause.] >> our next speaker ties to the theme that we have come a long way because to get this project before supervisor breed. we had to go through her chief of staff, and her chief of staff looked at the project and said, i like it. >> 10 years later the chief of staff represents this piece of
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golden gate park. it is my honor and pleasure. >> thank you everyone for coming today. it was interesting because just before this this morning i was participating in the elementary school and the city wide bike and roll day, walk and roll day. i was at rosa parks this morning talking to the kids. we were talking about one of the kids started talking about tennis. i said i am going to the golden gate park tennis courts they are building new ones. he said i love tennis. i thought it was so cute because he said i play over there. was is amazing about these courts is they are open to everyone. unlike supervisor -- sorry -- mayor breed. old habits diehard.
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unlike mayor breed, i have played here. these are great courts. what is amazing when you play here you meet people from all over the city. a lot of people come and bring friends that aren't from the city. it is really a social, it is social here and you meet all kinds of people. what is going to happen after they are built? not only are we going to have the best tennis courts in the country, that is amazing. when you think about that, we will have the most state-of-the-art, best tennis court in the country. that is exciting for the tennis community and everyone else. like may or breed, i -- mayor breed, i haven't played pickleball. i challenge mayor breed to a game of pickleball. i have constituents that really care about it. i challenge you to a game of
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pickleball. all right everyone. thank you for coming. (applause). >> yes we heard from people who know and love district five. this is a national project. our goal is to have the best public tennis facility in the country. there was one member of the board, although he doesn't represent district five. she is a serious tennis player. when we briefed him about the project. he is like i am in whatever you need. i will be there and help lead the effort at the board of supervisors. i will show up. when it opens, i am playing. it is my pleasure to introduce the supervisor. >> this means so much to me today because i think unlike any sport and i challenge anyone to tell me differently.
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tennis is a sport you can play almost to the day that you die. my grandfather got me on the courts when i was six years old in the cold of winter, taught me how to hold a tennis racket. i have been playing ever since. he played until he was th 996 ys -- 96 years old. when they brought this to me and i want be to shout out to the tennis coalition and the folks championing this on the ground. those are the folks doing the hard work. it was donors like gold men and toby who made this happen. i am proud to work with the may other who has led -- the mayor who has led so many parks projects. it is important to have something open to the public and
4:38 am
is free. i want to give out a shout to lou, amazing tennis pro. my daughter came her for tennis summer camp last year and loved it. she and my son are tennis players and they are seven and nine. thank you to all the people that made this a reality. thank you. >> i have a lot of bosses in this job. obviously, this is my big boss. i have a second big boss who is fond of saying victory is proud. nothing could be truer than this effort. it is migrate plash -- it is a great pleasure to introduce the president of the park and rec department. >> what he forgot to tell you. victory has many parents.
4:39 am
defeat is an orphan. this victory is everybody here can take credit for part of this. i have been at this for 10 years now. 10 years ago you would not have had this kind of help for public purpose. what has happened under the leadership of the mayor, phil, the park alliance and a lot of other people they created an environment from the philanthropic community can contribute. it is important. to doug and lisa and to the co are. rett foundation and all people who participated in this and everybody who wrote a check or helped advance the ball we say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. i can't be wait for my daughter who plays tennis to come out and watch her play. thank you very much. [applause.] >> thank you, mark. let's focus on the partnership.
4:40 am
the spark was not government for the project. it was not me or the mayor. it was the tennis coalition of san francisco. it is the tennis coalition of san francisco advocating for public access to tennis, equitable access and has been the steward of this site for decades and decades and decades. that was the true spark and true originator and creator of this project. i will give a special shout to dave martini. he was the first person to knock on my door 10 years ago and he would not take no for an answer. they are such a tremendous partner and the work is incredible. the journey we have gone on and a long with the tennis coalition
4:41 am
is most rewarding. we have really figured it out together. this is like doubles where you actually know where your partner is on the court. we have played well together and it is migrate pleasure -- my pleasure to represent lois who is representing the tennis coalition today but more importantly has become my dear friend. [applause.] >> good morning, honorable mayor supervisors and commissioners and all of you. i would like us to reflect how we got here. i don't mean if you took uber. how we got to this historic groundbreaking. i want to start with my own story. i am a woman of a certain age. i grew up long before title ix, and i never had a chance to pursue any sport seriously.
4:42 am
when i retired, i really wanted that job that i never had. i wanted to give it my all. this passion led me right here to these courts and to the past six years twice a week sometimes more this is where i am uplifted, where i am trying at last to learn this game correctly. i want to welcome each of you to my joy, to my community, and surrounded by these magnificent trees, my sanctuary. i know many of you feel exactly the same way. it was not quite four years ago that martha invited me to join her. she couldn't be here today. martha. (applause). >> she invited me to join her as
4:43 am
could chair of the tennis coalition. her main focus is to assure this continues well into 21st century. we envisioned this public center affordable, humming on all cylinders the bedrock of tennis in the epicenter geographically and recreationally of this city, golden gate chart. co-chairing that was delicious but daunting. i thankfully learned we stood on the shoulders of so many and walked beside so many others who share this dream. this morning i want to thank y you, dave martini for a second time who launched the tennis coalition. thank you larry dodge who helped us imagine what could be. i want to thank lisa and douglas
4:44 am
goldman who started with this a foundational gift. i want to thank mayor breed who was an early supporter. of course, a thank you tote to "te" toby who helped us see ways to closeout the fund-raising that brought us to this point today. [applause.] i want to thank my friend phil ginsburg and his extraordinary team at recreation and spark for finding us in the collaborators they needed. i want to thank my board members who were expert doing what we needed to do. i want to thank julie our one woman band, and i want to thank so many of you who came to our
4:45 am
community meetings, gave us your input and your gift. you wrote letters, lent support at the supervisor meetings, the policymaking here in san francisco. that is some of how we all got here today. we begin a new chapter. for those who will soon discover that tennis is their passion and those not born who will enjoy this center as the san francisco heart beat of tennis to the 21st century. thank you also much. [applause.] >> so many stories. this is a public tennis facility. it is the spirit that will have a few different things. lou in so many ways you epitmize
4:46 am
what public tennis is about. you have taken kids who learned to play on the courts you have taken them across the country to compete across the country. you had to go out and buy them lights because they weren't allowed to play unless they had a white shirt. you drove 70 miles to k-mart to make sure our kids could compete and they did an awesome, awesome job. [applause.] >> we want this place to serve everyone, kids of all ages. for the recreation and park department our heart beat is our children. i am so proud of the tennis learning center program that we have created that currently is in four different neighborhood
4:47 am
parks partnering with four different elementary schools in which our instructors go to the schools, meet with the teachers, understand the kids' homework, help with homework after school and introduce them to a brand-new sport every day five days a week that happens. the vision for this place is that those kids when they graduate from elementary school will come here for middle school. they will have their own dedicated classroom in the clubhouse where they will continue to get academic support and high school readiness and continue to learn and grow in the sport of tennis. we have an outstanding leader in the recreation and parks department that runs our tennis learning center program. i am so proud and humbled to introduce channing hill. [applause.]
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>> i am a bit nervous. i am better in the classroom than public speaking. i am per excited and emotional. this is something we started. we started this four years ago at the recreation center. i was trusted with linda anddallia. they decided i would be the best candidate to take it off the ground. we are here today, you know. i am excited. i wouldn't be here without my directors from my other sites. we work hard for these kids. we want to make sure they get the best opportunity they can get. when it comes to tennis i want to thank lou. without him there wouldn't be a
4:49 am
tennis at the school program. we want to be there for the kids at the skills, hosting parent workshops. as the parent of a four and-a-half-year-old, i think it is important we are involved with the parents every day, that they understand what is going on, they understand what questions to ask during the parent teacher conference. how to read their child's report card. i pressure my directors and staff to make sure we have those answers. to know we are going to come here for middle school portion and i have one of my kids who actually started with me four years ago. she is in fourth grade and coming to our middle school portion. this is a product what we can do. now we have her little brother attending the program. that shows how much we have done in our communities. we also have up to 30 children on all four sites.
4:50 am
all of our other locations are wait listed. that shows what we are doing in these children's lives. thank you. [applause.] >> i will say a few thank yous and we will get this project going. president buhl we have many parents. i need to thank a few of them. i need to thank doug and lisa goldman, th the toby family annd martha.. martha is a heart beat for the project. she couldn't be here today. i know it is crushing here. she will have decades to enjoy
4:51 am
it. i want to thank the support we have gotten from the electives in addition to mayors and supervisors. gary mccoy is here representing nancy pelosi's office. the state trash treasure's -- the state treasure's office is here. i know the commander is here. i know that captain bailey is here. thank you sfpd for ongoing partnership to keep the parks safe, and to help us guide our kids in parks and activities. you were there every way. our city attorney is here. i don't know if ann is here. dennis and his wife are a member of the parks alliance board and
4:52 am
big tennis champion and instrumental to make this happen. to every person here. i see so many donors and addvo cats, all all deserve a profound thank you. [applause.] the last set of thank yous and i can see the mayor telling me to get off the mic. finally it is my own staff. it is a a long journey. i am proud of your efforts. our project manager will deliver this. thank you ream. david is here. the facility manager is here,
4:53 am
claudia. our director of property management who worked in lock step with the tennis coalition to make sure we will have chosen an operator to make this place hum and is going to preserve the fundamental value of access and equity. lisa is here. our manager, recreation manager who is a guiding light and has been a strong and information protector and advocate for the idea of tennis, linda barnard. lou, you get one more shoutout. why we are referencing lou. he is no longer with us but a shout out to phil sleeper. many of you know phil. lastly, i believe we are joined
4:54 am
by several members of the parks recreation open state advisory committee. i thank you for guidance and partnership. you keep us right and honest and moving. thank you, prozac. that is a name. now, here we go. game, set, match, to assist the mayor in the tennis count down. our wonderful leaders, elected officials and six representatives from the tennis learning and center program, and 10sfufd tennis players from george washington high school. if we can all gather and grab a piece of the net and please join us. everyone grab a piece of the n
4:55 am
net. >> this net dropping. we are not using a sledgehammer there are matches tomorrow. we are going to do this rather than drop dirt on the courts. they are closing friday afternoon at 5:00 p.m. no questions asked. they are going down so that we can begin a new chapter of this. mayor, please lead us in the countdown. then we are going to drop the net. >> five, four, three, two, one. (applause). >> we will see you all to celebrate the 150th anniversary
4:56 am
of golden gate park in late 2020. bring your rackets. [applause.] >> we broke ground in december of last year. we broke ground the day after sandy hook connecticut and had a moment of silence here. it's really great to see the silence that we experienced then and we've
4:57 am
experienced over the years in this playground is now filled with these voices. >> 321, okay. [ applause ] >> the park was kind of bleak. it was scary and over grown. we started to help maclaren park when we found there wasn't any money in the bond for this park maclaren. we spent time for funding. it was expensive to raise money for this and there were a lot of delays. a lot of it was just the mural, the sprinklers and we didn't have any grass. it was that bad. we worked on sprinkler heads and grass and we fixed everything. we worked hard collecting everything.
4:58 am
we had about 400 group members. every a little bit helped and now the park is busy all week. there is people with kids using the park and using strollers and now it's safer by utilizing it. >> maclaren park being the largest second park one of the best kept secrets. what's exciting about this activation in particular is that it's the first of many. it's also representation of our city coming together but not only on the bureaucratic side of things. but also our neighbors, neighbors helped this happen. we are thrilled that today we are seeing the fruition of all that work in this city's open space. >> when we got involved with this park there was a broken swing set and half of -- for
4:59 am
me, one thing i really like to point out to other groups is that when you are competing for funding in a hole on the ground, you need to articulate what you need for your park. i always point as this sight as a model for other communities. >> i hope we continue to work on the other empty pits that are here. there are still a lot of areas that need help at maclaren park. we hope grants and money will be available to continue to improve this park to make it shine. it's a really hidden jewel. a lot of people don't know it's here.
5:00 am
>> i will call the meeting to order. we will start with the pledge of allegiance. >> roll call, please.] [roll call]