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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  May 5, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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preservation, it's -- businesses like butter, you know, they have a real cherished legacy in san francisco for being there, you know, pioneering at times when it was really difficult to get ahead in entertainment in this town and unlike, i think, any -- while the educational process of learning about the legacy business registry has been extremely interesting. i've read so many different reports on all the different legacy businesses that were just so informative. i didn't come across any of it reflected anything about the cultural attributings of what house music and the electronic dance music has contributed to san francisco and where it all started. you know, a lot of people don't really realize how much of a role san francisco has played in that and the people who were involved in the early days of the ground breaking of electronic dance music and house and techno were involved in that and their association
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to butter, you know, as kind of a nauk lee you of where things have started. you know, the preservation of butter and other bars that will hopefully follow in its footsteps to attain this legacy status, i hope, will preserve that. such as the castro cultural district. you know, butter on its own is a small little cultural district in itself when it comes to the preservation of the house music that's been such a part of it and continues to be such a part of it. not just kitchy fun stuff that we do there to draw an audience, but also the essence of the cultural movement that was behind butter that shaped the foundation of the entertainment commission through different protests against the san francisco police department at the time, you know, and when the war on dance was a major thing. and butter's contribution to drinks such as the creation of
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the vodka red bull. you know, the starter butter is a global beverage that people take for granted. believe it or not, it started here and we created it. that's part of what we did. i wanted to thank you for your support and thank you to supervisor haney's office for their sponsorship and, of course, rich who i have yet to meet for polishing up my proposal. >> right here. >> oh, this guy. thank you. he's awesome. so thank you very much again. and i appreciate your support. >> thank you. >> for everything you do here. >> great. thank you. i have two more. >> my name is ron. i'm one of the owners of california choppers. we've been in business for approximately 44 years. we're probably the last harley shop in the city, even the dealerships moved to south san francisco. we do all we can to help the motorcycle industry and, like i say, we've been around for a long time and we built the
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business from nothing to what it is now. and we're in a really high rent district. we're down on 11th and howard and our rent doubled from last year and went from 9,000 to 20,000 in one year. that's a big jump. so it's tough down here, but we've been hanging on for over 40 years. and plan on going another ho -- 40 years so we wanded to thank you for the opportunity of becoming part of this program and we'll do the best we can. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> nikki yoshikawa and phil ashiza wax. >> hi, commissioners. again, my name is nikki. i'm a long-time san francisco resident and part of the japan town task force. as mentioned, soko -- and i wanted to say a few words of support for soko hardware, which is 94 years old. pretty incredible. and run through one family, the
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ashizawas. and as shelly mentioned in her presentation, soko hardware is more than just a hardware store. it carries -- you can find hard-to-find japanese woodworking tools, shrines, japanese cabinetry, knives, painted screens, paper lanterns, teapots and more. and interesting historical fact that you might have seen in the narrative is that soko hardware, you know, during world war ii, during the imprisonment years, the ashizawas had a friend who was able to help them store a lot of their merchandise and goods in the back of an old car dealership or a car dealership on van ness where it used to be located. when they returned from imprisonment camps, they were
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able to get that merchandise and open up within a good reasonable amount of time and so we're able to then supply a lot of the community in japan town with a lot of the goods to rebuild again. and continue with the business. so, you know, that is a really important historical fact that should be noted as well. right now the business is run by the third generation of the ashizawas who you'll hear from soon. just taking a quick look at some online reviews of soko hardware, i found some of these comments. i swear, if you are looking for a certain japanese item, look here first. or felt like a child in a candy store when i first visited soko hardware. soko hardware is one of my favorite places to shop in san francisco. we can't go to san francisco without coming here. some of the great reviews on a
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hardware store. people are very passionate about this store. from these current times of where it's harder and harder for small business to exist in the city, i really appreciate the efforts that these the long-time family-run businesses make to continue the business here. i really want to thank rick creelow and thank you for your consideration in putting soko hardware into the local legacy registry. thank you. >> hi. good afternoon. my name is phillip ashizawa, the owner of soko hardware. i want to thank the commission for considering soko for the legacy registry. i'm honored that members of the community felt highly enough about the hardware store to convince me to come in and apply for this registry. to me, soko is just what i do. i remember playing with my toys
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on the floor of the office to coming in to work after school and during summer vacations, after graduating college, working full time and then finally taking over the business. i'm actually very grateful to my parents and my grandparents who really did all the hard work. especially after the war when they were forced to abandon the store. but they were able to come back, start it up again and give me a livelihood. i want to thank you again and that is all i have to say. thank you. >> any other member of the public wish to speak? closed public comment. bring it back to the commission. commissioner john. >> first of all, i'd like to thank everyone who came to tell us your stories.
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they are extremely important to san francisco. they're really some of the things that tie the community together and here we have stories that go back almost a century. it's extremely important to all of us. once again, though, commissioners, we have really an astonishing variety of businesses and it is so thrilling to read the reports and to see what we have in this community that we might not immediately be aware of. so i really appreciate everything and move that these businesses be recommended for legacy status. >> commissioner pearlman? >> this is the warm and fuzzy part of our job here today. for those of you who are here
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from your businesses, this is the best part of what we do because we have listened to all the stories. we're up to 150 or so or more -- 250, rick? do you know what number we're at? >> 18 -- ok. close to 200 and we heard the 200 stories and they're all wonderful. and adding winnebago decorations to the story of san francisco is fantastic. all of these are worthy of support and just one quick story. i have shopped at the le beau knob hill market and i walked by it on sunday and for the first time we were walking up the street and noticed the roof garden and, you know, i drive up and down leavenworth street. i've been in the shop and never noticed it. and the next day we got the
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letter from commissioner moore, from catherine moore who talked about the roof garden. it was just like i've been looking at this for years and years and years, and there's always something new to learn about san francisco. thank you all. thank you all. >> commissioner? >> i learned some new things today. butter? what a story! who knew? that's fascinating, thank you. that's terrific. and alice, that neighborhood has changed so much. and i'm so heartened to hear about the existence of the natural resources. i wish i thought about it, of course my kids are 45 and over! but years ago. anyway, it is wonderful that you're there and california choppers, thank you for your courage and hanging in there. yeah. this is tough, but i'm glad
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[inaudible]. and, you know, soko hardware, i took my dad there, who's now deceased, many, many years ago and to show him japan town, to show him around and talk about the japanese presence in san francisco and their history and we went into soko hardware and we found a clock. it was the most beautiful clock with the little bamboo on the rim and the framing and i still have it in my [inaudible]. [laughter] heartily endorse the support of all the businesses and thank you, richard. i know you've been doing a lot of outreach. >> commissioner? >> i also want to thank all of you for applying for the legacy business and i think shelly, did you mention two of the six applicants are being considered even though they have not met
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their 30-year mark because of situations that -- >> yes. >> are very fra sdwroil their business? >> that's right. they're both involved in upcoming or recent lease negotiations that have put their businesses at risk of displacement. >> i hope that being considered for legacy business status can help those two particular businesses in particular and just all businesseses that rick and shelly have brought forward today and the other 180 businesses that you have shared with us. and i am disclosing that i cannot vote on one of the businesses, although i shop there often. it is the conflict of interest 500-feet rule. but i am in support of all the rest. thank you. >> commissioner black? >> so, we were talking earlier about how important diversity is in the city and here we have this really diverse, fabulous
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group of businesses. two completely different forms of transportation, but both of which are really necessary. a local market. a unique bar and restaurant. and i went on your website and your menu was a hoot. it's just great. the important health and child services is a critical need in this city and a 94-year-old store run by the same family. each of you has figured out a way to make your business provide goods and services to people in your neighborhood and the greater city and that is something that we love celebrating here. this is our happy time. of each hearing and congratulationss to all of you and good luck with lease negotiations and i hope that you can provide your goods and
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services for another 94 years. >> i have one comment or one question. and -- shall we? on the le beau market, the rooftop garden. so , as a space, how is the legacy -- how are we -- what happens as it evolves and the rooftop garden twoeer go away, what happens to the significance of the business and -- >> so, the program -- the legacy business registry program does not set any requirements that the business maintain the futures in any particular way. the program only requires a commitment to safeguard them. we don't have our city attorney
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here to speak to more interpretation around the language and the administrative code. and i didn't want to guess at what we would do if one feature were to be removed but the historic preservation commission did not have the same regulatory role in maintaining those features as the s.p.c. does in maintaining the the features of a landmark, for instance. we are actually currently seeking more advice from the city attorneys on how to identify and what the legal implications are of aye fiing these features which are both physical and tangible and intangible features. so does that answer your question? >> yes. it is safe to say, though, now that it's identified in the future over the evolution of the business and/or the
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property that it occupies happens, this would be identified as something that is of value to incorporate into any other future changes. >> yes. yes. that is true. we would be supportive of continuation of that activity in the space. yeah. mm-hmm. >> i second commissioner jonckh's motion. >> let's take all of these on exempt the one on which you can't vote. >> i will first call items 7a through e together and then recuse commissioner matsuda and take up the matter of 7f. >> thank you. >> commissioners, on the motion to adopt recommendations for approval for items 7a through e -- [roll call]
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that motion passes 6-0. and if we could have a motion to recuse commissioner matsuda from item 7f. >> i make a motion to excuse commissioner matsuda. >> second. >> thank you. on that motion to recuse commissioner matsuda -- [roll call] so moved, commissioners. that motions pas unanimously 6-0. if i could have a motion for item 7f. >> oh. i make a motion to recommend soko hardware for legacy status. >> second. >> very good, commissioners. on that motion to adopt recommendation for item 7f -- [roll call] so moved, commissioners. that motion passes unanimously. >> congratulations. >> thank you, everybody.
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>> after that, we're adjourned.. >> shop and dine the 49 promotes local businesses and changes san franciscans to do their shopping and dooipg within the 49 square miles by supporting local services within the neighborhood we help san francisco remain unique, successful and vibrant so where will you shop and dine the 49 hi in my mind a ms. medina
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[gavel] >> chair fewer: good morning everyone. the meet willing come to order. this is may 1, 2019 regular meeting of the budget and finance committee. i'm sandra lee fewer. i'm joined by supervisor walton and raphael mandelman.
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clerk, do you have any announcements. [announcements] >> chair fewer: thank you very much. colleagues may i have a motion to excuse supervisor stefani from this meeting? without objection, thank you very much. please call item number one. [agenda item read] >> chair fewer: thank you very much. we have the director of d.p.h. business office.
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>> we're here for this contract. this is a check-writing contract for the purpose of purchasing items that fall into categories which aren't feasible. set up contracts or issue timely reimbursements for items that are client need. approximately around 12 to 15 million payments annualing and over the past five years about 50,000 of that total is for the cost of the check fees. hr360 vendor received $22 per check. it's quite a small portion of the amount we're paying for. of the funding category bucket, the main bucket is for residential care facilities it's about $11 million annually. what that pays for is a patch woman who live in the residential board and care hom
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homes. we pay about 500 patches per month to about 58 separate operators. that average patch or the base patch we thought specialty is $22 per day. i like to come in main type -- it wouldn't work for licensed operators to enter intoth contract. the monitoring for this contract is of the vendor. what we monitor annually have vendor do with timely payment, correct reporting, charges the correct accounts. the items that are in here aren't programmed. they are not monitored separately. they are part of wherever they fall. like the residential care facilities is part of our unit, which is called transitions
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which goes out and checks on the well being of the clients that are living there. that's how that's monitored. then those are licensed facilities. we're getting ready to start the solicitation for this. we finished all our other behavioral health solicitation. we hope to get it in place no later than next july. we have 18-month extension request just in case. just in case hr360 isn't the selected vendor. it's very insurance if there's no gap. otherwise, we're in agreement with the budget legislative analyst report. >> chair fewer: thank you very much. colleagues any questions or comments? seeing none. could we please have report from
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the b.l.a.? >> good morning. yes, the board asked to approve the fourth amendment for check writing services by health right 360s. original contract was entered in 2009 with asian-american recovery services which merged into health right 360. this could extend the contract 18 months. the board did approved it through june 2019. our understanding is to allow for solicitation of a new vendor for the services. the contract amount over the 18-month extension period including a contingency is approximately $27 million. we consider that to be reasonable. there was just a difference
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between what the legislation says in terms of the contract increase and the actual increase that's needed under this legislation. >> chair fewer: are there any members of the public that like to comment. seeing none, public comment is closed. i like to make a motion to accept the amendment from the b.l.a. and if we can take that without objection. thank you. i move this with a positive recommendation amended to the full board. thank you very much. please call item 2. [agenda item read] >> chair fewer: thank you very
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much. >> good morning. i'm with the san francisco international airport. the item before you seeks your approval to award a new contract to bombardier transportation for the operation and maintenance of the airtrain system. the contract has original term of 10 years beginning july 1, 2019. the airport agrees with the budget analyst recommendation before you to amend the legislation to return to the board of supervisors if the airport exercises the option to extend the contract term for an additional five years. the contract has not exceed amount $219,541,698. the contract includes several capital asset replacement program tasks but will include customer satisfaction and airtrain reliability. it will replace vital components on each airtrain vehicle which
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will extend the operating life of the system. bombardier installed the current airtrain system and has provided the services to operate and maintain the airtrain since its opening in march of 2003. bombardier has met all obligations and maintained system availability rating above 99.6%. airtrain is a proprietary system operated by bombardier equipment. the office of contract administration waived the solicitation requirement for this contract under the administrative code. the original contract was the result of a competitive request for proposal process. in order to ensure that the airport was negotiated competitive and fair price for this new contract, a staff engaged a third party to review comparative costs for the annual operation of similar systems throughout the united states including systems operating at
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atlanta airport as well as denver and dallas fort worth. the review indicated that compared to these other contracts at similar airports, the current contract will have an annual saving of around $1.2 million. the pricing for this contract has been negotiated through the original 10-year term as well as the 5-year extension if that is exercised. the budget analyst has reviewed and approved made the recommendation that we return to you if we exercised the additional 5-year option which we agree to. i would be happen to answer questions. >> chair fewer: any questions. let's hear from the budget analyst please. >> the board of supervisors ask to approve new contract with bombardier for airtrain operation and maintenance. this is a soul source contract because of the proprietary nature of the airtrain. there was a third party
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assessment by the engineering reasonableness of the cost of the contract. we showed the contract budget for the first 10 years on page 9 fable 1 of our report. it's $200 million for the base contract. there are annual increases in each year of about 3%. there's also a capital project component on page 10, table 2 which is about $18 million in capital improvements to the contract. we recommend an amend to clarify that the 5-year extension will be subject to board of supervisors approval. >> chair fewer: thank you very much. are there members of the public it like to comment on item number 2? seeing none, public comment is closed. i like to approve the amendment from the b.l.a. if we can take that without objection. move to full board as amended.
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thank you very much. item 3 please. [agenda item read] >> chair fewer: thank you very much. >> thank you chair and. i'm with the airport. the item before you seeks your approval for an amendment to an existing special city store lease with air sun joint venture in terminal three. the proposed amendment will extend the term approximately one year and eight months through december of 2020 to accommodate construction projects. the airport can terminate the lease early with the 6-months notice if in is necessary. the original lease was result of
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a 2009 competitive request for proposal process and was approved by the board of supervisors. the current rent associated with the lease is either the greater of a current $194,000 minimum annual guarantee or percentage rent formula with the mag adjusted annually based on the c.p.i. the tent nantes is paying on the mag rent. the b.l.a. recommended approval of the modification. >> chair fewer: any comments or questions? seeing none. let's hear from the b.l.a. >> this is a concession lease in terminal three at the airport. board is asked to approve for extend it for 18 months which would put it beyond the 10 years of the original agreement in the
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r.f.p. understanding is the extension is because of construction in the terminal. there will be new solicitation process prior to the terminate nation of the lease. -- termination of the lease. we showed the minimum guaranteed rent to be paid under this lease in table 1 of the report and we recommend approval. >> supervisor safai: any members of the public like to comment on item number three? public comment is closed. you like to make a motion to move to the full board with positive recommendation. thank you very much. please call item 4 and 5 together. [agenda item read]
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>> chair fewer: thank you very much. we have the director of real estate here. >> good morning chair fewer, supervisor walton, supervisor mandelman. i'm the director of real estate. i have with me jamie from the office of public finance who will speak to you as part of this presentation going to the details of the c.o.p. financing. i'm seeking your recommendation for the two resolutions before you. it would authorize the purchase of real property located at 814 through 820 bryant street and 476th street.
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gained lots are approximately 24,000 square feet with a single use mcdonald's building consisting approximately 2000 square feet. do we have the slides? thank you. the purchase price is $11,520,000 or $480 per square foot. with transaction cost and site preparation, the acquisition cost is not to exceed $12 million. in january 2016 the board of supervisors gave oral direction to the real estate division to negotiate the acquisition of some of the parcels on this block which is adjacent to the h.o.j. and anticipation of a future rebuilding of the hall of
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justice. you can see in this slide here, the acquisition that is currently before you is outlined in red. in june 2016, the board of supervisors approved the acquisition of 456 street of $2.4 million. with the acquisition of this current site combined with the prior acquisition we would now have a development site. long-term use of the site is replacement of administrative building to consolidate criminal justice functions currently decamped from the hall of justice in lease space or those that have been relocated to the east wing of the hall of justice. i would like to thank mayor breed, along with the cot sponsors, supervisor haney and supervisor peskin and support in
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this legislation. i like to thank the b.l.a. for their hard work and recommendation. with the review appraisal and approval of the c.o.p.s that the b.l.a. will support this tumitem item. with chapter 23 there was an appraisal and review appraisal and both confirmed that the purchase prices at or below market value. like to turn it over to jamie who will walk you through the c.o.p.s. >> thank you. good morning supervisors. as mentioned in addition to authorization to acquire the bryant street and sixth street properties. it authorizes the execution and certificates of participation and commercial paper notes to finance the cost of the acquisition as well as costs demolition and site preparation
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work. also before you today item 5 to you a compan-- appropriating ths the certificates and commercial paper note in order to finance the acquisition and site work as just described by the director of real estate. the certificates will finance the 11.5 million in acquisition costs and approximately 19,000 in closing fees. director of real estate estimates $642,000 will be used for demolition. the total approximate budget is $12 million which will makes up the entire not to exceed project budget. the certificates and commercial paper notes are expected to be executed and delivered in the not to exceed $16 million which is sufficient to fully pay the costs the $12 million project but also include additional $3.5 million for delivery costs associateassociated with the isf
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the certificates and commercial paper notes. the not to exceed authorization and appropriation amount also includes 465 thousand dollars contingency for such issuance costs to allow for market fluctuations in the market conditions during the final sale of the certificates. the current plan of finance using the city's commercial paper program which was established in 2010, to finance the initial project cost. the office of public finance uses commercial paper as an interim financing tool which will be paid for by the issuance of the certificates of participation. in order to use commercial paper as an interim financing tool, the board of supervisors must first authorize a long-term repayment source. based on an approximate 5% of all interest costs on a $16 million certificate of participation, office of public
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finance estimates maximum annual debt service will be approximately $1.23 million per year for a term of 20 years. the incremental debt service associated with the certificates are assumed in recently adopted 10-year capital plan and complies with the city's policy of limiting the general fund debt service payments at or below 3.25% of the general fundiefunddiscretionary revenue. in order it use the city's commercial paper program, the office of public finance will return to board of supervisors prior to the final sale of the certificates of participation to seek the board's approval of all related financing documents. including lease agreements, trust agreements, notices of sale, continuing disclosure certificates and preliminary official statement which closes the city financial information
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to investors. at that time, our office will present on the current interest rate market anticipate the structure and discussed proposed city-owned asset. i'm available to answer any questions related to the financing. >> chair fewer: any comments or questions? supervisor walton. >> supervisor walton: quick question. if this approve, will we be able to purchase by the may time line? >> thank you supervisor. the answer is yes. we have negotiated with the sellers to give us little bit of flexibility. we're prepared to deposit $1 million into escrow in may. that along with the approval of the board of supervisors will buy us some time to finalize the transaction. if we need to go past may date,
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we have flexibility. >> chair fewer: i wanted to know whether or not -- i see on this map that we are purchasing the surrounding area of current hall of justice. i'm sorry, there's no page number on here. >> i think that's page 3. >> chair fewer: that's correct. we're hoping to consolidate the functions of the hall of justice and the personnel into one site together that is the plan. this is the acquisition part of that. is that correct? >> thank-- that's correct. this acquisition gives us more flexibility than we had before. instead of having to relocate and rebuild on the existing hall of justice site, we're growing the pie little bit. that give us swing space to
11:43 pm
build a larger and better hall of justice facility. it give us flexibility to shuffle personnel around during the construction period. >> chair fewer: i see there are other sites also that round out this whole block. are those other parcels that are adjacent to what you are requesting funding for? are any of those other lots available? >> can we pull up the slide? yes as i stated previously, outlined in green is a site currently owned by the city outlined-ioutlined in red is tht acquisition. if you look to the right of the red, you see two parcels. one is the credit union and the other is an s.r.o.
11:44 pm
those are not site sites that ae contemplated part of the h.o.j. rebuild. you will see one parcel that is represented by a long building that is just above the green box. that is a site that we have had often with discussions with the property owner. if we can resolve our negotiations successfully, we might acquire that site. however, with this acquisition, acquiring that last site is not required. we have a developable site. we can move forward with this site with or without that last building. >> chair fewer: i'm thinking it might be prudent to see how much property we can actually buy in that area. if it's for sale. i get there's an s.r.o. there. i believe it's not the sheriff's credit union but it's the police credit union there. i'm a member there.
11:45 pm
>> i mess smoke. >> chair fewer: that's fine. s.r.o. site is not for sale either? >> to acquire the s.r.o. who require significant amount of relocation expenses because of the residents there. also the politics of displacing low income units made that site less desirable. >> chair fewer: that parcel on the side adjacent to the green what it used for? >> we have been in communications with the owner. i don't want to go into details on public television. they have been reluctant in the past, we hope that renewed
11:46 pm
efforts will bear fruit. >> chair fewer: all the properties being actually in central soma and western soma is the last place we were able to purchase land. >> i concur. >> chair fewer: any comments or questions? can we hear from the b.l.a. please? >> yes, supervisors. item number 5 actually approves the acquisition of the two parcels adjacent to the hall of justice. item 4 approves appropriations of the funds. if you look at page 18 table 2, it shows the acquisition cost up to $12 million and the total cost for the certificates of participation up to $16 million. she explained the process.
11:47 pm
she explained the board would need to approve subsequent legislation associated with selling the certificates of participation. the city does have a debt policy. there's a limit of 3.25% of discretionary general fund revenue for outstanding debt. that does not include general obligation bond debt. it would be within that policy. when we wrote the report, we have not received the appraisal review. we did receive the appraisal review last night. it does confirm the purchase praise of this property at $11.5 million. i believe the board approved the capital plan yesterday. we recommend approval. >> chair fewer: thank you very much any members of the public like to comment on item 4 or 5? good morning mr. wright. >> i don't have any objections, i want to highlight that this is
11:48 pm
the person that you want to talk to as far as property owned about the city in order to build affordable housing pertaining to my demonstrations where apartment buildings is being built for $56 million which is the lowest rate out of all buildings of the developers that's building businesses in san francisco. supervisor walton and we did a comparison and contrast on the projects that he's working on and we came up with a total of $66 million saving by using the idea of a developer on a project that's being built in mountain view and same type of result took place when we looked at another apartment building complex that was being built in san mateo. i would like to point that out,
11:49 pm
any land available you can consult with the director here to take care of the homeless problem and housing people in low income and very low income brackets. >> chair fewer: thank you very much. any other public comment. public comment is now closed. i like to make a motion to prove items 4 and 5 to the board with a positive recommendation. can we take that without objection? yes, thank you very much. please call item 6. [agenda item read] >> chair fewer: we have pat mulligan. director of office of labor centre enforcement. >> thank you supervisor fewer
11:50 pm
mandelman and walton. this is the annual submittal before the board of supervisors for approval of prevailing page provisions. this includes the approximately 63 classifications identified with about 200 subclassifications. it includes the 10 classifications that are unique to the city and county of san francisco. some changes in this year's submittal you may have noticed, it's thinner. we consolidated some of the information to make it more consistent with both the california department of industrial relations and united states department of labor. also with that, we were able to in the same manner that the state and fed does it, we're able -- we were able to post rates that may come available in the future. say if they come online next year or year after, based on what collective bargaining agreements we have available to
11:51 pm
us. >> chair fewer: thank you mr. mulligan. colleagues no questions? could we have a b.l.a. report please? >> this is the annual approval by the board of supervisors of the prevailing wage rates. the board has discretion to approve these rates or other rates they may be necessary. page 22 of our report shows the classifications and contract services that would be covered by the prevailing wage rate as we always say in our report. the actual fiscal impact is a unknown because we don't know the impact any of these rate increases would have on specific contracts. they only have impact on the contracts come up to bid. attempt attachment 2 gives genel summary how the wage and benefits will be revised under the prevailing wage rates.
11:52 pm
we consider approval to be policy matter for the board. >> chair fewer: thank you very much. any comments? any public comment. any members like to speak on this item? hello mr. wright. >> this flows with my previous demonstration pertaining to the exempt employees who work for the city and county of san francisco from 5 up to 25 years that's doing the same type of work as the coworkers but yet know don't get medical benefits, annuity and retirement plan. as far as this prevailing wages is concerned, it's the same type of situation. you doing the same type of work as other people that's employed by the city but not making the same amount of money. you want to point out that, that's a violation of federal law pertaining to employment discrimination law title 7 of the united states of america's
11:53 pm
code service. the u.s. attorney general's and the lawyers edition. that's federal law pertaining to the 2000e-series, unequal pay act violation. will be in violation of constitutional law too pertaining to the 14th amendment pertaining to due process and equal protection under the law. that's not equal protection by having a set of employees do the same work and have one set get paid more money than the other set when they doing same type of work and same amount of hours per week. it flows with my early demonstrations and derivative. i move to have you incorporate it and have prevailing wages granted. >> chair fewer: thank you very much mr. wright. mr. mark gleeson, you like to give public comment?
11:54 pm
>> good morning supervisors. mark gleason with teamsters joint coun counsel 7. great appreciation for everybody who worked on this projects. we want to extend our appreciation, thank you so much. >> chair fewer: thank you very much mr. gleason. mr. mulligan, i have one question for you. pertaining to 21c, is this legislatiowill apply to parking attendants? >> it will apply to parking attendants and workers on parking structures both in the city and county of san francisco
11:55 pm
proper and s.f.o. >> chair fewer: thank you very much. seeing no comments or questions. i move this with a positive -- oh. public comment is closed. i like to move to the board with a positive recommendation. thaethank you very much. do we have any other items before us today? >> there are no other items. >> chair fewer: this meeting is adjourned. better.
11:56 pm
san francisco department of environment is a place where climate hits the street. we know that we don't have all the answers. we need to support our local champions, our local community to find creative solutions and innovations that help us get to zero waste. >> zero waste is sending nothing to landfill or incineration, using reuse and recovery and prevention as ways to achieve zero waste. the grant program is a grant program specifically for nonprofits in san francisco to divert material from landfill. it's important to find the san francisco produce market because there's a lot of edible food
11:57 pm
that can be diverted and they need positions to capture that food and focus on food recovery. >> san francisco produce market is a resource that connects farmers and their produce with businesses in the bay area. i think it's a basic human right to have access to healthy foods, and all of this food here is available. it's a matter of creating the infrastructure, creating jobs, and the system whereby none of this goes to waste. since the beginning of our program in july 2016 to date, we've donated over 1 million pounds of produce to our community partners, and that's resulted in over 900,000 meals to people in our community, which we're very proud of.
11:58 pm
>> carolyn at the san francisco produce market texts with old produce that's available. the produce is always excellent. we get things like broccoli, brussels sprouts, bell peppers. everything that we use is nice and fresh, so when our clients get it, they really enjoy it, and it's important to me to feel good about what i do, and working in programs such as this really provides that for me. it's helping people. that's what it's really about, and i really enjoy that. >> the work at the produce market for me representing the intersection between environment and community, and when we are working at that intersection, when we are using our resources and our passion and our energy to heal the planet and feed the people, nothing gets better than
11:59 pm
12:00 am
>> good afternoon and welcome to the april 30th, 2019 regular meeting of the san francisco board of supervisors. madame clerk, please call the roll. >> thank you, mr. president. [roll call]