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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  May 7, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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i've been in the business for the past 30 years. when they implemented their new rules of banning certain types of medallions while restricting another class from the airport pick-up, it created chaos that disrupted the whole industry. the drivers could not compete saw their opportunity to make a leave living striliving strip a. we asked for a hearing and our appeal was rejected. they said prop a effectively eliminated all due process rights previously afforded to taxi permit holders. they have abused their authority. if sfpa will withhold their
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meeting, he has to go to supreme court and fight millions of dollars. he have o exposed millions of peoples. drivers borrowed 250,000 to buy a medallion and now that no money can be made, man have mane foreclosed on medallions. can one of the supervisors help us right a ballot initiative, sustaining checks and balances missing in prop a. we need to two simple housekeeping rules but we need your help to restore stability to the taxi industry. thank you. oh, i have what i want to distribute to the board of supervisors. if you can help, please feel
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free to call us. >> thank you. (speaking foreign language). >> my wife and i had a store in china town and we know rose pak really well. she was a bully and take advantage and if you don't listen, she will retaliate. speaking foreign language (.
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>> everybody know she not a good person and all hate her but afraid of oh pending her. now that she dead, a lot of people afraid of standing up to expose her crimes because they're afraid her remaining allies will retaliate. (speaking foreign language). >> in the china top web have a lot of merchants against naming the new subway station after rose pak and we hope more and
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more people in chinatown can walk out from the terror created by her. i was afraid before, too, but then i thought i would be living in the united states to so many years, i should take advantage of the freedom of speech. only when be ge get rid of feare can live a better life. (speaking foreign language) be.
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>> i give expect, during the chinese new year a few years ago, streets were closed and there was a parking lot that we rented to do the business. (speaking foreign language). at the very moment we were shown the programme on mtv and rose pak did not like it. (speaking foreign language).
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she would not let us continue our business so we had a lot of floss our business. loss in our business. thank you. next speaker, please. pai(speaking foreign language). >> supervisors, my name is holana lee and i live in the tenth district and i'm here to
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stop naming the chinatown district after rose pak and do not use her name of any subject in san francisco for streets or any kind of architecture. (speaking foreign language). >> to me, the name represents terror and hatred, discriminates and violence. her name remind me of i was attacked in 2012. (speaking foreign language).
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on june 16, 2012, in chinatown between grant avenue and washington street, a red shirt chinese old man use a wooden plank to attack me and another girl. i had head surgery and i was bruised. (speaking foreign language). this incident is one of the many violent attacks in chinatown. planned and organized and strategized by rose pak and targeting practitioners into instigate a hatred and discriminate in our freedom
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beliefs. (speaking foreign language). use rose pak's name to name the san francisco new subway station is ashame pu. i suggest using chinatown as a name, please no rose pak. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm going to talk about the medallion issue. intentionally allowed uber lyft seemed political. (inaudible).
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>> this are offering cheap fares that made our taxis infamous. that's why the public dis-taintedisdainedfrom us. city government and executives have consensus with uber lyft and there's to doubt we have productive years of life in taxi business. that time will never come back into our life. we have paid our whole life savings, the best days of our life and mta has given us the worst days of our life. (inaudible).
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they are pushing to bankruptcy and us in debt. (inaudible). >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> they sell medallion to us for $250. the taxi industry already die. and we are begging of you,
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please talk to the people and give us our money back. i sit two hours here, park my cab in the parking lot, i have to pay $30. i waste my two hours here. i will keep coming, keep coming until they don't get my money. we cannot make our payment. so please talk with them and give us our money back. it's very simple. they give us medallions because there is no business, so why we pay them money? thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello. thank you.
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i have a 949 medallion and i bought the me da medallion for $250,000. so many people in the i have so much clout and everybody is upset about that and please take back my medallion and appreciate it and thank you, judge and supervisors. you listen to us every tuesday. so we lose the time and we know it's a big issue. and give notice to mta. they should have to listen, you know. our life is just like the fish living in the sea, in the water is happy but when you take out on the sand somewhere and you
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know, same like taxi drivers in sanfrancisco. we have the same situation like fish. my english very poor so next time i will bring a translator. thank you, god bless. >> thank you, sir. >> good afternoon. thank you. i'm again here today about the taxi medallion and believe me, we were hit hard like that tsunami. uber and lyft has taken everything from us. we don't want to bother you. but i know you have a power. this issue is nothing four you. you solve big issue bigger than big but for this small issue, it has ta taken the life of our fay and issues.
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that's a lot of paw money for ud we cannot make it. we're paying $4,000 and uber and lyft, we still paying the same thing and where we get this money and how we bring it up what they're paying. we're slave. so please, do it as soon as you can do it. were need mercy and justice. we depend on you. and we hope that you are the only hope you have and otherwise we be pawning from here to here. so we family and kids and everybody should be happy. we want to see new life. i been years and we get in trouble and i know you fights feeguys feelfor us.
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thank you, god bless you. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> hi, everybody. i'm making a request to the supervisor of san francisco. we did make a mistake by the medallion. we believe the mta and we are in big trouble. we would like to -- in the supervisor can take for us and give us a favour and take the medallion back and we can have our money back. we don't want to -- medallion can take my life. sousupervisors of san francisco take metal-i metal medallion aws
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before. i'm not able to drive and my health is not healthy like 15 years ago. in 2014, i my name on the list, take about three or four months to sell the medallion and it never happened since then. we making better service and no money. i wish the supervisor of san francisco take care of us, please. thank you very pitch. >> thank you for your comments.
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>> next speaker, please. >> 30 year driver. i look into you your guy's faced i don't know your reaction. guilty, the previous supervisor. they forced us, forced me to buy the medallion. we do it for their rule. i wait almost 18 years. i have a van and they force me to buy the medallion. they say do it. i did it. they force us to buy the medallion. this is a crime. they have to get punish and these poor people coming in
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here, your fight guys have to ct your own mistake. this is america. your mistake is wrong. give them their money back and say to them, sorry, because some last week, the week before, months ago, and they wanted -- last tuesday i was in here, in the cab for four hours. the temperature was 120°. four hours in the cab. please, you want to talk to each one of them and they keep your guys in the dark. mta keep your guys in the dark. you don't know what's going on because i know your guys. swear to god, you your guys dont know. this is a joke. it's foolish. it's robbery.
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>> mr. president, the speaker's time has concluded. >> next speaker, please. >> i've been a taxi driver for 30 years. they are speaking their chinatown name for the chinatown station and mr. peskin is the architect of that one, too, and for the taxi, also. we hope that whatever the midst takemistakes happened in the pa, nothing is working.
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absolutely nothing is working. neither the airport, neither the city. they follow your instructions. all we wish is our money back. we have served -- most of us have served more than 25 to 30 years, the city of san francisco. don't us into the way that one day you could say, ok, wait a minute, we are not them. do something practically. it is wonderful to see that how you were honoring the asian society over here and we wish, also, the same kind of treatment that you are giving to the others. why is there a different kind of
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treatment, different for the taxi driver and different for the others. we are also a part of the community. and i request you, thank you very much. please do something and don't ignore it. thank you. >> nextthank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm only coming -- >> sir, speak directly into the microphone so we can hear you. >> good evening, soup stores su. i have medallion 206. i'm coming here about the same issue of my other friends. i'm glad to see you, take this medallion back and give us our money back. this is unfair, because uber and
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lyft is doing the same job. we pay $250,000. if you give us this money back, i think maybe i'm glad to spend that money for my kid's educations and other things what they need. i really have to say, please, do something and to the fair job in this matter and le take this medallion back and give us our money back for our own family. thank you. >> thank you, sir. next speaker, please. >> my name is marcello, i'm a career cab driver, full-time driver almost 31 years and i think it's about time for this board and the city to consider a measure to buy those medallions
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back. it's very clear the mta has abused its power and they implemented the medallion sale's programme. they made millions of dollars on the backs of cab drivers at the same time and they say of the industry. they have turned us into a cash cow. you've heard from my colleagues. they have struggling and even the most vulnerable and the elderly me da medallion holdersl of the under thallof us, we ared just as some of my colleagues mentioned before, i would like to urge you to sponsor a ballot initiative before the june 18th, deadline to some checks and balance on prop a of
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2007. as i age, i don't think i should be forced to operate my medallion. it's a public safety issue. and in this country, in this democratic form of government, i strongly believe we should not be stripped of our rights to due process at the board of appeals. so i urge some of you or all of you to amend proposition a of 2007. it's very clear the mta has failed us in the industry, in the riding public. i sure hope you will consider it. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. today i came here just, you know, want to impress our whole family, really, about names the
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subway station after rose pak. we strongly against this. because our family came here in 2014 for a free life here. my husband, he was persecuted in china nearly eight years while he was in college three. so be get benefit from the meditation and we cannot give up. we want free life so our family, my mother-in-law, my husband and i came here. we won't have free life medication and also, we also enjoy the good life here during the past five years. my daughter told me, mommy, don't worry, my teacher told us america is a free country. we can live our free life here and we can do our medication
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free here, but when we hear the news that chinatown station will name after rose pak, we badly hurt. all the chinese community know what really rose pak is and she had very close relation with chinese communist party and she conspired with ccp to persecute the following practitioners in san francisco. those rose pak passed away, when they chose percen persecution ad followers fet exposed to the world. rose pas will be condemned by public. if the state was named after rose pak, the reputation of san francisco city -- >> thank you.
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>> good afternoon. i want my opinion about rose pak in the subway station. first let me ask, where the subway station is. of course, it's in united. in america. and who is rose pak? depends on and based on a lot of evidence and what they said, what they -- depends on a lot of evidence and rule examples. we can say rose pak, just a spy
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and china conscience it means the chinese party will have more influence and control over the san francisco community. do you allow the party influence or control the san francisco community? no, of course not. so please do not name rose pak
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as any public facilities. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. >> hello soup stores. i'm chris kitzy. i've been a practitioner since 2010 and most of you just know the chinese but gong has practiced all over the world in well over 1 hi 100 countries. people of all backgrounds and races, formally of all religions are practitioner. i was touched when i heard how they handled themselves in china about live organ harvesting.
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when i heard of rose pak, the first thought i thought, embarrassment. i'm embarrassed because when i had an office in chinatown chini would help a lot of foreign tourists. we have blessed. we have one of the most beautiful cities in the world and foreign tourists come and the first thing they ask, who is rose pak. they will go to the wikipedia page and see bruce lee born in chinatown and amy tong who had authors made, wonderful movies. what are people going to think when they see rose pak with nothing after their name and the perperson above it is listed asa criminal. that's my concern, it's
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embarrassing for our city. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. (speaking foreign language). >> i've been living in san francisco for five years and i want to give you feedback today. (speaking foreign language). >> naming a station after rose pak not only hurt the heart of many people who have their own belief and bring a lot of anxiety and concern to the businesses. i discover from social media,
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especially the chat, that many chinese people have a different understanding about this name. they just take rose pak as a park, as a rose park. (speaking foreign language. i stay in china many years, and it's similar to how ccp got standing in china. through winning the welfare for the poor people as her power-base to seek her power.
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then use the power of the city hall to come back and threaten the common people. (speaking foreign language). >> similar to chinese government's officials, when they're alive, they're powerful and when they die, everything fall apart. and they're sorry that the supervisor peskin left before i speak but i want to say that the way he's taking will not win the heart of the chinese americans. rather it will create bad feeling in them.
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so i think as elected officials, how to name a station if chinatown, you should listen to people living in chinatown, not about few buddies by your side. (speaking foreign language). >> add you know nowmany businest their voice. (speaking foreign language). >> i just wish you official can really listen to the true voice of the chinese americans. this is how to pack themselves in a brilliant way.
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(speaking foreign language). but in reality, it's the common people who know the fact and they will express their opinion. thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> i work as a scientist at the california department of public health in richmond campers. as a public agent edge, my work is a soul purpose is to serve the public interest. i understand and i thank the city of san francisco to build
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this subway station for chinatown. i think subway station will benefit the whole community in chinatown and those in san francisco and the bay area and even related to visitors. but the devils are in the details. rose pak is a very controversial figure, as you just heard from previous commentators. they name rose pak as the subway station will cause a lot of dissertations and a lot of chinese groups and chinese communities. i think these defeat the purpose of the subway station, to
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benefit the whole chinese community, so i think some commentators, they have better proposal, lack of naming chinatown as the subway station or founding father as the subway station. that's more acceptable to the most chinese groups and that's a better choice, just for your concern. >> next speaker, please. >> good evening, supervisors. anandrew lokavia. honourable members, my name is rubin david goodman. i was born in oakland, we didn't buy our house on colby street until i was an infant less than
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six months old. i think the sentiment of the chinese merchants and the chinese community is overwhelming that our subway station should be named the chinatown subway station. we ar are a major tourist city d we have people visiting from all over the world and it's very important that it be easy for them to find places in san francisco. they may be here only a day or two. they need to find chinatown. they don't need to be confused about who rose pak may or may not have been. i want to honor my son, michael joshua-goodman. he went to gratten elementary school or lincoln high school where he was the spirit director. he nowly in kansas city,
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missouri, working for the transit system and born on may 8 of 1982, full moon in may, and i was unanimouslie unanimously end that was a great honor and thank you very much. >> thank you, are goodman. next speaker, please.
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>> i was born in 1950 and my father had a new television and what i don't remember was the first three years of bombing korea into oblivion and i don't remembeaprogressive president ws selected and you wanted to give some of the beaucoup land. same happened in iran. they said let's make a new deal and give some of the oil in iran, let's give that back to
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some of the people and they gave them the shaw. here we are in 1967, we had the gulf of tonken and vietnam to follow and what happens after that? we get angola, which i never really figured out and now we've got the past three years of bombing yemin into the backwards states and now we have an upset with iran. we have just pulled the plug on their financial strategies, in their life and we're sending military crew over there and we've got venezuela who we don't like and let's start a revolution there.
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we have change and here in our city right here, people are asking the city for chin chinato be chinatown and taxis to earn a living. >> next speaker, please. >> good evening. san francisco supervisors. my name is mary chen and here i would like to play th from yesterday's rally.
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>> try it again. (speaking foreign language). >> he said i'm a business owner from chinatown. my shop is located at 914 grand street. regarding the name of the subway, i believe that our
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chinatown is a historical site and famous place for tourists. if the subway station is named after rose pak, visitors and foreigners will be confused and not clear where this station is for -- this station is for and how many chinatowns are there. (speaking foreign language).
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>> therefore chinatown is chinatown and chinatown belongs only to chinatown and does not belong to rose pak. therefore i object to name the chinatown subway station after rose pak because chinatown is a monument of more than 100 years and it is the rule of overseas chinese people. you can often see in chinatown people hold parades in chinatown chinatown. so our route is chinatown. so chinatown station should not have the name of rose pak, no
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matter how much credit she had for chinatown. actually, i don't know what she really did for chinatown. this is what the media and politicians say. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. >> increasenext speaker, please. (speaking foreign language). >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm an attorney in human rights in china. china and now i'm a permanent resident of the united states.
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(speaking foreign language). >> i love the kind-hearted of san francisco. >> i don't want the beautiful name of san francisco to be tainted. >> my son is a u.s. military person. he's giving his share to the
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freedom and democracy of this country. i wish you do not name the system after rose pak. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i believe my colleague, he showed anexponential growth curve. democracy, the way it works, you
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win some and you lose some and i've been on the side that loses a lot. it doesn't win that much but we win sometimes. and i don't know about the dispostion of this particular issue, but i just hope that we don't lose these people. any other members who would like to address the board? please step up to the podium. please come to the podium. >> greetings, ladies and gentlemen. i came from china. (speaking foreign language). >> i know something terrible is happening in china right now. this is harvesting the organ of
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the practitioner and sold them for profit. this is what is happening, doing on still. going on still. >> rose pak went to china to receive an organ transplant surgery. participating in the prosecution by the communist regime. i object to the naming of the subway station with her name. her name brings pain. (speaking foreign language). >> so please, consider this and don't name the station after her name. thank you. >> thank you. thank you for your comments.
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mr. president. >> thank you very much. i see no more speaker for public comments, so public comment is now closed. i think we're really coming to an end. madam clerk, please call for adoption well committee agenda. >> items 32 through 34 were introduced for adoption without reference for committee and a unanimous vote is required for first reading an alternatively any supervisor may require a resolution to go to committee. >> i woulsupervisor marr. >> actually, never mind. >> soup storsupervisor mandelma. >> i request item number 33.
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>> soucould i ask to be added to item number 33. >> supervisor marr again. are you on or off? >> i just wanted to sever item 34? >> 34? ok. before i ask for a vote, i would like to -- is there a motion to excuse sou supervisor peskin? >> motions made b we will excuse supervisor peskin. >> item 32 a motion tor amend a residential unit and condominium project at 515 mayor pose street and adopt the appropriate
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findings. on item 32, supervisor? (roll call). >> there are ten ayes. >> ok, thank you. >> please call item 33. >> a resolution to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the completion of the transcontinental railroad and to declare may 10, 2019 and every may 10th every thereafter as
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constitutional railroad. >> this is the completion of the transcontinental railroad. it was one of the most innovative engineering accomplishments in th of the 19h 19th century, but moreover, it is who built this railroad that we must recognise. the transcontinental railroad relies heavily on human labor, civil war veterans, irish american, african-american, native americans, latter day saints and chinese. by 1867, the chinese workers compromised of 80% of the railroad workforce in the west and consisted of almost 90s 90%f the workforce. the chinese railroad workers took on the lowliest and most
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dangerous task and paid less than their white coworkers with no provisions for housing and were also ban from manage roles. this resulted in the deaths of 1200 chinese railroad workers. afterren during mistreatment and horrible work conditions they organized a strike against the central pacific railroad demanding higher wages, making one of the largest labor strikes against any employer. on may 10, 1869 laborers of the pacific railroad from the west and the union pacific railroad of the east converged at pro measurepromitory submit and hamn
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the last spike. the contribution of chinese railroad workers has been overlooked or minimized, even as recent as 1969. and then transportation secretary declared that the only americans could have built this railroad, known full well that cheese werchinese were excludedm becoming citizens. so today i hope as a board, we will rightfully recognise that on may 10, as transcontinental chinese worker's day in san francisco. by honouring the transcontinental workers, we
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inspire providing dignity, equal opportunity and civil rights and equality to working people everywhere. this week there will be a commemorative trip to utah to honor the 150 years of history. i want to thank the community members like steven lee and chinese railroad workers project who have made it their life's work to ensure that this history is never forgotten. we won't be able to join them in utah, but we hope you will know we are over there in spirit. i want to thank my cosponsors, supervisor furer, marr, walton, safaye and brown for their support. there are some amendments that i
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distribute to reorder the clauses and add more historical facts to the resolution. i hope we can stand together to make this day of honor possible. supervisor walton? >> thank you president, yi. yi. i was going to be asked to be a cosponsor but i have a clarification, though. does this mean we get to take the day off on may 10th? >> i will allow you to take your day off. thank you, supervisor walton. supervisor haney? >> thank you, president. and thank you for this resolution. i also just wanted to ask to be added as a cosponsor. >> thank you very much. >> so with no other comments, then, can i have a motion to amend? is there a second? seconded by