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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  May 9, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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. >> good morning.
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the meeting will come to order welcome to the may 9th meeting of the public safety and neighborhood services. i am the chair of the committee. we expect to be joined. our clerk is john carol. i want to thank sfgovtv for staffing this meeting. >> please silence cell phones. your completed speaker cards should be submitted to the clerk. items today will appear on the may 21st supervisor's agenda. >> please call the first a tem. >> a hearing to consider the premise-to-premise transfer of a type-21 off-sale general beer, wine and distilled spirits liquor license to dalda's inc.
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doing business as dalda's market. >> i am from the san francisco police department. they applied for a type-21 license. if approved they would be allowed to sell the beer, wine and distilled spirits. they are located in 176 which is a high crime area. 125.01, a high saturation area. tenderloin station has no opposition. they approve one sales service and consumption of the alcoholic beverages between 8:00 a.m. and 12 a each day of the week. the petitioner shall be ponce ie responsible for obtaining the area of litter adjacent to the premises.
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petitioner shall actively monitor the area under their control to prevent loitering as depicted on abc 253 form. no noise permitted or audible at any nearby residence. i would like to note the applicant may first the applicant has not agreed to the above listed recommended conditions. >> thank you. could we hear from the applica applicant. >> mr. chair, supervisors. i am here today with my client who owns dalda's market at 200 eddy street. he is in the tenderloin neighborhood development committee building which is being rehabbed soon. there is a brand-new building across taylor street on the
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other corner, and through two or three year process, and it is in your pocket, i think i handed out the letter. it goes through the whole process. there were many, many public meetings. he is a community leader. when the north market cbd business district was formed in 2008 he was treasure until 2012. he got a certificate of honor in 2011 in recognition of volunteering in that tenderloin community. he is a fixture. his store is well loved. it is never a problem. tndc put him through rigorous screening. what the neighborhood wanted was a larger healthier community market. you will hear from a couple of
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persons who will testify today but we will talk about his standing in the community and his commitment to build a larger community market with healthier food for the neighborhood. dalda's itself at 200 is well managed without problems since 2007. he was a manager at a local seven 11 store. he knows how to operate a store. i have a client across the street b be piano. i said i am working on daldas. i love that guy. he loans people on the last of the month because they don't have money to the last day. what we are asks is that the
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full board make a determination under california business professions code 239.58 that public need and convenience of the citizens of san francisco would be served by allowing transfer of the liquor license to the new location at 168-186 eddy street. we thank you for your consideration of this request. if you have any questions my client is here and i would love to answer anything you have got. >> i don't see any comments or questions from colleagues. i am trying to wrap my head around the conditions that were recommended but not accepted. >> it is funny. i went to the abc. have you heard from planning? what about conditions. i haven't gotten the conditions from the police. i said i will put it on the record my client is fine with the conditions. typically the way it works as you know, it is the abc that
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sets the conditions. they will, i think is alu will send it up to the alcohol beverage control and she will hand them to us. we will sign, they will go in the file along with the pcn requirement needed. there are certain thinks needed. one is pcn and signed conditions. we are fine with the conditions. we just the first time i ever saw them was the other day when i got an e-mail from john carol and i went down to talk to the investigator at abc. >> i want to add a couple things. thank you, supervisors. we have been working in the neighborhood community for almost 12 years, and we got an opportunity to set up the store which is staff is here, and this
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is our third year in helping with the produce and some having healthier options, but right now we have larger scale, more convenient for the local residents which is more option of produce and healthier need to have, and adding alcohol which is we want to have one stop shopping for the convenience of the customers. then in the jurisdictions, i was asking mr. hark. at 8:00. we open at 7:00. we have been working with the pilot program started two years ago through cbd to sell alcohol before 7:00 and close at midnight which is already in
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place so if you guys can help us to start at 7:00 a.m. to midnight, we would appreciate it for the convenience of the customers when they stop. they have one stop shopping for everything. thank you. >> if i could add. i believe this market was the first market to join the coalition of healthy markets. their current conditionsal them to sell alcohol until 2:00 a.m. every day. they voluntary relinquished that back to 12:00 a.m. now they start at 7-m. they can sell airline bottles. they don't want to sell airline bottles because that is purchased by alcoholics and trashes the streets. my client has shown good faith that he really does want to build a healthier environment in the tenderloin. he is the perfect person to open this market. >> thank you.
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the pd would like to come up and clarify. >> thank you for letting me come back up. aou doesn't set the conditions. they are set by abc. we make the recommendations based on our investigation into the premise. i faxed these on march 13th of this year. they have had the conditions since march 13th. i don't know what the hold up is getting those signed or agreed upon. when they send that over they say 7:00 a.m. or 1:00 a.m. we go from there. it is a negotiation. we figure out wha what makes see and is best for the city. i haven't her correspondence from them and that is why we are here with no signed conditions. >> it appears there is a
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disagreement. >> it sounds like there is. it would have been nice to know we could have hashed this out before we came here today. >> it is unusual for us to have an application where the conditions have not been approved. i understand we have been pushing to get these before the committee within the 90 day requirement that my colleagues on the board want us to deal with them. this is unusual. clerk carol. >> one quickky t quick question. your first condition indicates the hours 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. was that 12:00 a.m.? >> my apologies. yes. >> i will correct that. >> thank you both. supervisor walton. >> you asked my questions in my follow-up. i wanted clarification. it seems like the discrepancy of the start time to sell alcohol.
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>> supervisor stephanie. >> do we know if district 6 supervisor's position on this? >> we were aware, my office was aware of this sort of weirdness around not having agreed upon conditions and we did mention it to the district 6 supervisor this might need continued to get this worked out. >> one more thing. when you mention the word that the airline bottles or whatever are purchased by alcoholics. we talk about words matter. there are a lot of alcoholics in recovery. more appropriate is those suffering from addiction. it has a negative connotation. we are trying to de stigmatize mental illness and substance abuse disorders. the word alcoholic has a negative connotation when there are a lot of alcoholics recovering.
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it is important that words matter when we are talking about these things that are so sensitive to what is happening in the city and county of san francisco. >> thank you. now, we will go to public comment. are there any members of the public to testify? i have four cards. i will call people. michael, alexander and john and anybody else who wants to speak on your right side of the room. speakers have two minutes. state your first and last name and speak direct three t to leoo directly to the microphone. no applause is permitted. in the interest of time speakers are to avoid repetition of previous statements. good morning. >> good morning. thank you. i am shelly dire.
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i am the program supervisor with the neighborhood development corporation and i am to speak in support of dalda's moving to the new market space. they have been a healthy corner store since 2015 and have been successful in the program. some of the big successes over the past few years. they are not selling any alcohol on credit. they reduced the selling area of alcohol by 20% since they have been in the program. they are a true staple in the community. they are participating in community engagement such as every first friday a better lower eddy street campaign event. the staff and bill is very supportive of the event supporting us in taste tests or community engagement. they are a staple.
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many residents wanted to see dalda's moving to the new space. we are excited about them move goes to that space. they have a lot of healthy signage to promote the healthy items available in the corner store. they are an outstanding participant and have two phases every design. this have a refrigeration case selling produce. they are distributing 1600 units of produce every month and we would love to see them continue to contribute in that capacity. >> next speaker. >> good morning, thank you for the opportunity to speak. i am gabriel. i live and work and study here for 20 years. i am a business own bener and
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part of the healthy program and lead consultant. in 2015 we developed the criteria for stores in the program. one of the criteria i remember was reputation of the store and business owner in the community. since then he has contributed to make it bigger and better for the store owners. i really support that his license is approved. the news when the store in the new space i understand the stays he gave to alcohol sales will be 10% less the space will be bigger for healthy food and affordable prices. with low margins we need to understand the store to be sustainable and profitable. thank you. >> next speaker. >> hello. i am john mccormick. i work with healthy corner store
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coalition. i want to speak on behalf of bill. as you all know, the tenderloin does not have a full access grocery store. there isn't an abundance of healthy food in the neighborhood. the corner store coalition seeks to change that. we have five corner stores in the coalition that are in the tenderloin, and dalda's is one of the corner stores that is the best community serving, one of the best in terms of keeping the produce fresh, and, you know, i am not just saying that. i go in there a couple times each week. i see how bill interacts with the community. i see how his staff interact with the community. it is positive and warm. him and his staff are sort of
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like in the community and having this legal license transfer across the street would continue to add more of that healthy produce and more of that great access to vegetables and fruits that we strive to get to the neighborhood. that much stronger so we are hoping that this application gets approved to increase the health of the neighborhood. thank you for your time. >> thank you. next speaker. >> i am alexander goldman. planning and policy manager at neighborhood development. the healthy corner store is part of the space that they are moving from. tnc is for a while hoping to expand access to healthy food in the tenderloin. that is why we are working with
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the coalition. as part of building the new building at eddy and taylor where dalda's is moving we talked to over 200 residents in the community, did interactive surveys. it was a great example of community planning. what the community said they wanted a place to buy healthy affordable food. we had a town hall kind of to summarize and get more feedback. at the town hall a bunch of community members started chanting bill, bill, bill. it was just like a remarkable example what the best of community planning can be and the best of community development can be. it is a testament to dalda's presence in the neighborhood. we have looked at the financial agreements and agree that the store would not be financially viable without the sale of alcohol.
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we want to limit the amount of substances in the community, however, this is part of doing business. we are really happy to support the transfer. the liquor license i am excited to get more healthy produce in the community. >> next speaker. >> i am dan williams. i am across the street and down a bit on taylor from bill and dalda's. i spend a lot of time there. it feels like 24 hours a day at times. a lot of my time there is in the evening to the night. i can definitely speak to those tough operations around the alcohol sales. bill is not only a model entrepreneur, a model corner store operator, a model employer, but he is a great steward of his space and i think
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we all know on eddy and placings in the tenderloin the sidewalk space is challenging. the way bill managed not only the inside of the store but the street around if store is helpful as my patrons go in and out. from one entrepreneur to another, this man needs raised up and held as a model. just one neighbor to another, he is a fantastic person to have. i am absolutely in support of this. >> next speaker. >> i also have the overhead. the corner store analysis was
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done in 2007, and i was part of the 33 person advisory committee. i am michael nolty the executive director for district 6. the site is in the north to market special use district, which is the planning code, which governs is alcohol licenses that are off sale alcohol licenses. there was mentioned that the eddy and taylor development retail space there was 40% of the people that were surveyed wanted to have this store there when they were surveyed, what would go in that location. again, we are talking about the
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eddy and taylor street project. back in 2008, gavin newsome created the ordinance and i want to point out the owner was recognized by the mayor for being an outstanding citizen and community - community partner. they are recognized for the north to market community benefit district. >> thank you. any other members of the public who would like to speak on this item?
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>> i just wanted to say we passed a thing that outlawed menthol in cigarettes. it is used to open up people's throats, vicks for a long time is used to open up kids' lungs when they have trouble breathing. at the moment that is not a product we can access when we were a kid. that is why these stores are more important to be open when we need alcohol around for things like, you know, finding alternatives to that. there are other things that can be used. things like menthol have done a lot to keep people healthy with asthma and other things aggravated by smog. iit is a a problem in the commuy people not being able to get
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vicks vaporub. this is an alternative to get this in the area that needs it. >> any other members of the public to speak on this item? >> 50% of me wants to approve it and 50% of me does not want to. people are addicted to alcohol. it is perpetuated excesses drinks in the neighborhood. by the same response, with the services that every department in the city wants to provide you can't provide to the people who need help because the homeless are out in the street. that is why i am striving to build the apartment houses instead of navigation centers. you can only stay there 60 days.
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then you are right back on the street. after you experience that transaction several times you realize you are wasting your time and you don't want to go there. by building those two towers like i said where you house 1926 people who you are trying to help, they are building the apartments where you can give them services nowhere to see them because they are housed. you don't have to run around like a chick wenwith his head cut off trying to find them. the other 50% of me he has a constitutional right to have a license to sell liquor like in the areas that are predominantly white that don't have this problem. the neighborhood has that question before you today. it is a decision where you have
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to weigh both ends of the scale, the intoxication of the most alcohol people, 99cents thinking they are getting a good deal or his constitutional right to have a liquor license to sell. >> any other members of the public to speak on the item before i close public comment. public comment is now closed. soon per visor walton. >> i want to ask the police department and store owner if we can get a guarantee these conditions will be worked out prior to the alcohol sales. >> we absolutely agree this is
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the only thing my client was requesting was an hour earlier time. i will commit to the alu and inspector we can work it out. we have no problems with the other things. we have shown good faith. we have backed off what is allowed under the current license to take it back two hours. we will work it out, and i would say in support of the abc, i have worked there 30, 40 years down there and i have never seen it busier. this town is crazy with churning of alcohol licenses, they are swapped. i met with gertie today. they are probably sitting somewhere. i will commit right now to
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living with whatever the two of us agree to. hopefully we can agree to it this week. >> we will be able to agree on something this week. we will get it taken care of and get it signed. as long as abc is in the office and allows the transaction to happen. we will come to an agreement on the hours. >> colleagues. it is unusual not to have agreed upon conditions by this point as we are considering this. i think we have a few options. we could continue this for two weeks until the 23rd. i am not seeing colleagues having any desire not to make findings of public convenience a necessity. i am hung up on the paperwork.
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we can continue to the 23rd and by that time it sounds like people think it would be worked out with agreed upon conditions and we could make the finding. we could, i suppose, forward without recommendation to the full board and assuming that in fact these issues have been worked out, the full board could pass the resolution finding the means of necessity. do those seem reasonable to the own? all right. i don't know, i would probably continue to the 23rd would be my inclination. it is not strong. i am happy to be persuaded. >> to the applicant would a two week continuance be a burden in any way?
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>> again, it might be a burden more to the persons moving to the store because they get a 20% discount on products. i think the tndc hopes to get this. the people are moving in, trying to get the ground floor done. a two week delay would be $4,000 worth of benefit to that building they wouldn't have in two weeks. if we could, send it up unrecommended with a notice if it is not -- if the conditions aren't signed prior to the 2 21t when it goes to the full board take it off th the calendar. we will work it out this way. >> i want to mention one thing.
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the hours we are recommending are only limiting the sales of alcohol. they could open at 6:00 a.m. and sell the produce and milk and cheese. we are just limiting the alcohol from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. we are not preventing them from operating. >> i tend to think that is reasonable and this should be worked out before it gets to us. i think we should continue this for a couple weeks. >> i am going to make a motion we continue this item until the may 23rd regular meeting. can we take that without objection? >> all right. we have done that. thank you. mr. clerk, are there any more items before us today? >> clerk: no further business. >> all right. then we are adjourned. thank you.
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in this san francisco office, there are about 1400 employees. and they're working in roughly 400,000 square feet. we were especially pleased that cleanpowersf offers the super green 100% clean energy, not only for commercial entities like ours, but also for residents of the city of san francisco. we were pleased with the package of services they offered and we're now encouraging our employees who have residence in san francisco to sign on as
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well. we didn't have any interruption of service or any problems with the switch over to cleanpowersf. this clean power opportunity reflects that. i would encourage any large business in san francisco to seriously consider converting and upgrading to the cleanpowersf service. it's good for the environment, it's good for business and it's good for the community. shop and dine in the 49 promotes local businesses and challenges residents to do their shopping and dining within the 49 square miles of san francisco. by supporting local services within our neighborhoods, we help san francisco remain unique, successful, and vibrant. so where will you shop and dine in the 49? >> my name is ray behr.
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i am the owner of chief plus. it's a destination specialty foods store, and it's also a corner grocery store, as well. we call it cheese plus because there's a lot of additions in addition to cheese here. from fresh flowers, to wine, past a, chocolate, our dining area and espresso bar. you can have a casual meeting if you want to. it's a real community gathering place. what makes little polk unique, i think, first of all, it's a great pedestrian street. there's people out and about all day, meeting this neighbor and coming out and supporting the businesses. the businesses here are almost all exclusively independent owned small businesses. it harkens back to supporting local. polk street doesn't look like
6:36 pm
anywhere u.s.a. it has its own businesses and personality. we have clothing stores to gallerys, to personal service stores, where you can get your hsus repaired, luggage repaired. there's a music studio across the street. it's raily a diverse and unique offering on this really great street. i think san franciscans should shop local as much as they can because they can discover things that they may not be familiar with. again, the marketplace is changing, and, you know, you look at a screen, and you click a mouse, and you order something, and it shows up, but to have a tangible experience, to be able to come in to taste things, to see things, to smell things, all those things, it's
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>> i went through a lot of struggles in my life, and i am blessed to be part of this. i am familiar with what people are going through to relate and empathy and compassion to their struggle so they can see i came out of the struggle, it gives them hope to come up and do something positive. ♪ ♪ i am a community ambassador.
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we work a lot with homeless, visitors, a lot of people in the area. >> what i like doing is posting up at hotspots to let people see visibility. they ask you questions, ask you directions, they might have a question about what services are available. checking in, you guys. >> wellness check. we walk by to see any individual, you know may be sitting on the sidewalk, we make sure they are okay, alive. you never know. somebody might walk by and they are laying there for hours. you never know if they are alive.
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we let them know we are in the area and we are here to promote safety, and if they have somebody that is, you know, hanging around that they don't want to call the police on, they don't have to call the police. they can call us. we can direct them to the services they might need. >> we do the three one one to keep the city neighborhoods clean. there are people dumping, waste on the ground and needles on the ground. it is unsafe for children and adults to commute through the streets. when we see them we take a picture dispatch to 311. they give us a tracking number and they come later on to pick it up. we take pride. when we come back later in the day and we see the loose trash or debris is picked up it makes you feel good about what you are doing. >> it makes you feel did about
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escorting kids and having them feel safe walking to the play area and back. the stuff we do as ambassadors makes us feel proud to help keep the city clean, helping the residents. >> you can see the community ambassadors. i used to be on the streets. i didn't think i could become a community ambassador. it was too far out there for me to grab, you know. doing this job makes me feel good. because i came from where a lot of them are, homeless and on the street, i feel like i can give them hope because i was once there. i am not afraid to tell them i used to be here. i used to be like this, you know. i have compassion for people that are on the streets like the
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homeless and people that are caught up with their addiction because now, i feel like i can give them hope. it reminds you every day of where i used to be and where i am at now.
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>> i'm warren corn field and we are doing a series called stay safe, we are going to talk about staying in your home after an earthquake and taking
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care of your pet's needs. ♪ >> here we are at the spur urban ken center and we are in this little house that was built to show what it is like in san francisco after an earthquake. we are very pleased to have with us today, pat brown from the department of animal care and control and her friend oreo. >> hi. >> lauren. >> could you tell us what it would take after an earthquake or some other emergency when you are in your home and maybe no power or water for a little while. what it would take for you and oreo to be comfortable and safe at home. >> just as you would prepare for your own needs should an earthquake or a disaster event occur, you need to prepare for your pets. and i have brought with me
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today, some of the things that i have put in my disaster kit to prepare for my animal's needs to make sure that i am ready should something happen and i need to shelter at home. >> what are some of the things that people should have in their home after an earthquake or other emergency to help take care of their tasks and take care of themselves. >> i took the liberty of bringing you some examples. it includes a first aid kit for your pet and you can also use it for yourself and extra meds for your pets. and water container that will not tip over. we have got both food, wet food and dry food for your pet. and disposable food container. and water, and your vet records. in addition, we have a collar and some toys.
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>> yeah. to keep oreo busy. >> he needs toys and this is san francisco being a fruity city and come on oreo. this is your dinner, it is patte style chicken dinner with our foody seen here. >> what they say now is that you should have at least a gallon of water and i think that a gallon of water is small amount, i think that maybe more like two gallons of water would be good for you and your pet. >> does the city of animal control or any other agency help you with your pet after an emergency. >> there is a coalition of ngos, non-governmental organizations led by the department of animal care and control to do disaster planning for pets and that includes the san francisco spca. the paws group, the vet sos, pets unlimited. and we all have gotten together
6:49 pm
and have been getting together for over four or five years now to talk about how we can educate the public about being prepared for a disaster as it involves your pets. >> a lot of services. i understand that if you have to leave your home, we are encouraging people to take their pets with them. >> absolutely. we think that that is a lesson that we concerned from karina, if you are being evacuated you should take your pet with you. i have a carrier, and you need to have a carrier that you can fit your pet in comfortably and you need to take your pet with you when you were evacuated. >> i am going to thank you very much for joining us and bringing oreo today. and i am go
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all electronic devices. the time is 9:00. item one, roll call. president stephen a. nakajo. vice president francee covington. >> commissioner joe alioto veronese